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  1. New High End Trading Forum Rules and Guidelines (Please Read Before Posting)
  2. HOF Autos FT/FS
  3. Ben Roethlisberger SPA Gold auto /25
  4. Ponder 1/1 Sketch Card...testing waters...
  5. Any Jet Fans
  6. 2010 Gridiron Gear Complete set FT!
  7. 2008 Exquisite Adrian Peterson Auto Ft - 1/5
  8. WTT for 08 Matt Forte End Zone Cards
  9. Wtt moreno au patch /10
  10. Looking For Tebow!
  11. Looking for Tom Brady Auto, Aaron Rodgers auto, other rare cards
  12. Blaine Gabbert 1/1 from Topps Chrome (Some Great player auto)
  13. $215 PayPal to Spend!!(1-4 cards)
  14. 2010 Exquisite Tim Tebow/ Sam Bradford dual on card auto RC /10
  15. LF High End Seau, Gates, Fouts...
  16. Any High End MJD's Floating Around?
  17. 05-06 SIDNEY CROSBY young guns r/c BGS 9.5 for highend football/baseball
  18. Sam Bradford National Treasures RAP FT, maybe FS
  19. Chris Johnson RC Auto FT
  20. Mixing It Up
  21. ap card and tebow card for sale or trade
  22. High End Trade List w/Scans
  23. 2011 Triple Threads Auto Jsy x3 Cam Newton Locker Blaine Gabbert /18
  24. LF Philip Rivers Playoff Contenders RC auto
  25. Trading this Tom Brady auto /25
  26. FT/FS - Sam Bradford National Treasures RC Auto Patch
  27. Anyone Like VEREEN High End?
  28. WTTF Mid High End RC Autos Exq, NT, SPA, & Contenders
  29. Tons of High-End Football and Basketball available !!
  30. Trading this Matt Ryan RC auto
  31. Matt Ryan RC Auto FT plus a few others
  32. High End back from BGS FT/FS
  33. Absolute Spectrum Megatron/5 3 color auto
  34. Many High End FT! Old GU,High End Autos, All Sorts of Great Stuff!!!
  35. WTTF Flacco and Stafford
  36. looking for JIM KELLY autos/patches
  37. FT: 1/1 Dual Shield Autos
  38. Rivers + Roethlisberger dual jsy rc auto /25 bgs 9 FT
  39. Tom brady 3 time superbowl stuff for trade
  40. AARON RODGERS 2005 Topps Finest RC Auto #1/1!!!!
  41. FT: Julio Jones SPA RPA /299
  42. Malcolm Floyd Dual Patch auto /5 FT
  43. Mccoy / Bradford duel auto /25 FT
  44. FS - Aaron Rodgers Contenders MINT 9
  45. Hobby Boxes FT Fot High End
  46. Johnny Unitas National Treasures Patch 01/19
  47. 1996 Ray Lewis Bowmans best atomic refractor BGS 9
  48. "Bullet" Bob Hayes, Jim Ringo Cut auto's FT
  49. LTTF Triple threads auto jerseys! Quite a bit of highend available
  50. Brady RC BGS 9.5 FT
  51. Fitz 2004 sp authentic auto 3 color ft/fs
  52. High End dalton and tebow FT, looking for Brady RCs or HOFers
  53. Highend FT Unitas Dalton Manning Locker Durant Pujols Hamilton+
  54. Looking to trade some of my basketball for Cam newton
  55. Peyton Manning Sweet Spot auto FT
  56. Have this Calvin Johnson rc auto and Jake locker auto for trade!
  57. Cowboys Auto Patch lot 1/1 emmitt,witten,demarco
  58. Couple High End things for Trade:)
  59. Cam newton rc auto for trade
  60. A.J. Green bowman chrome 3 color patch auto for trade /10
  61. LF: Ryan Mathews : Lebron/Griffin For Trade
  62. Very HIGH END PC items FT - Looking for Specific Contenders
  63. Buying Patches - $100 to spend
  64. UNREAL SP Rookie Letterman Panel !! FS/FT
  65. For trade Megatron auto /5, triple threads triple auto
  66. Davy Jones Pop Century Auto /5 FT For Football!!!!
  67. Eric Decker Exquisite
  68. High End Rookie Autos FT: Newton/Nicks/AJ/Locker/Blount/Demarco/Dez/Ponder and more
  69. Ft/fs:2010/10/10 j.best rc au/patch
  70. TTT rice/young/motana, TTT peyton/brady/elway, ruth, dimaggio cut, aaron, mays ft/fs
  71. Looking to Trade Down on This Andrew Luck Auto
  72. 2011 Limited Cam Newton 3 color Phenoms /199 for trade for Peyton Manning
  73. Anyone Trading Highend...
  74. 2008 Matt Flynn RC Autos FT
  75. 1958 mantle/aaron, whitey ford for football rookies
  76. Updated hi end scans--let's deal!!
  77. Highend for trade
  78. Im Looking For High End Romo Autos RCs And Patches
  79. LF Aaron Rodgers Ultimate rc auto /99 or other high end QB rc autos
  80. Looking for Dalton, Cam Newton, locker and more!
  81. WTT:Matt Ryan NT BGS 9.5/10 RC/99
  82. 2005 Contenders Frank Gore AU RC BGS 9 w/ 10 Auto
  83. Anyone looking for Sam Bradford or Josh Freeman? Throwing these out there
  84. Emmitt Smith Pro Line Auto Jersey for Aaron Rodgers
  85. Looking to trade for a ray lewis auto or patch
  86. anybody hiding the topps magic randy moss auto & dual auto
  88. Bring me your aj green
  89. Huge want list! Pay top dollar!
  90. Hi end darrelle Revis money ready
  91. High end stuff here for trade cam newton and more!
  92. Bryce Harper 2011 bowman auto ft for football!
  93. WTTF 2011 Playbook patch auto's
  94. Cousin wants Cam Newton.... has this F/T
  95. Peyton Manning Topps Supreme Auto /55
  96. Jordan AUTO Focus FT/FS
  97. Looking to trade these up for somthing beter
  98. looking for jordy nelson mirror emerald!
  99. wtb 2011 revis Superfractor
  100. 1 last attempt at a Can auto, HTG bucket open..
  101. Marshall Faulk SCORE TEAM 2000 Auto FT
  102. lebron n kobe patchs N autos for football
  103. cam newton available?
  104. 2010 topps chrome tim tebow auto rc ft
  105. high end trade thread lots for everyone 6/15/12
  106. HI end FT--Scans
  107. Peyton Manning SP Authentic RC /2000 FT For Aaron Rodgers RC Auto
  108. 1998 Bowman Peyton Manning Auto BGS 9.5 FT/FS
  109. Weighing my options any other rg3 autos out there
  110. Cam Newton Contenders Auto, Drew Brees NT Patch Auto 1/5
  111. Aaron Rodgers 2005 Leaf Certified MIRROR GOLD RC /25 for trade
  112. FT/FS 2007 Calvin Johnson Rookie Gridiron Gems /50
  113. Dallas Clark National Treasures 1/1 NFL Logo Shield Auto BGS 9 for sale !!
  114. FT for Football: Greg Maddux Ultimate Signatures!
  115. FS/FT 2001 Roger Staubach Auto SP Authentic Sign of the Times
  116. high end for trade
  117. Anyone have an Eli Manning RC Auto?
  118. looking to trade for Cam auto..
  119. Newton Rodgers Romo FT
  120. FS: Matt Ryan Darren McFadden Dual Auto /10
  121. Cam Newton RC auto for Dalton/Green
  122. Happy Fathers day thread--TRRRRADIN'!!!! Scans
  123. Cam Newton Contenders RC Auto for Trade
  124. HE Autos Jeff Gordon, Jeff Gordon/Jimmie Johnson/ Danica Patrick all /25s FS/FT
  125. Looking for Sanchez,Keller,Greene
  126. LTTF: Triple Threads autos and jerseys. Tons to trade highend available!!
  127. Super high end Gronkowski Nike logo 1/1 BGS 9 10
  128. Anybody up for a Cam for Cam deal??
  129. FT/FS Drew Brees 2001 Rookie Pacific Auto 108/199
  130. Im looking to trade for m.lynch high end autos, lets see them!
  131. 2011 plates & patches jake locker laundry tag patch auto # 1/1
  132. Looking for highend ryan williams autos
  133. Deion Sanders Dual GU Auto #/25
  134. Trading: Brees, Rivers, Big Ben, Charles Woodson RC autos ...etc
  135. Some Sick Jets Cards Inside! Sanchez!
  136. anyone know how much this is worth
  137. GRADED Exquisite Tri-fold booklet for trade
  138. Highend FT Unitas Calvin D Murray Favre Manning AP Pujols McGwire +
  139. 2011 Platinum Jumbo Patch Refractor Auto 4/5 Mark Sanchez
  140. Hi End FT--Scans
  141. Matt Flynn 08 Leaf Limited Monikers RC/Auto /10
  142. WTB Derrick Thomas High End.
  143. Really would like to move this 2 card lot
  144. Maybe for Trader - 2011 Topps Prime Rookie Autographs Gold /50 Cam Newton BV 200
  145. Joe Namath 14K Gold Auto 10/10 fs/ft
  146. 200$ to drop on darrelle revis lowest numbered cards i can find
  147. looking for vincent brown treasure!
  148. Aaron Roger rc auto F/T LOOKING FOR LEBRON RC AUTO
  149. Cam newton #1/10 gold spotlight limited rc patch auto
  150. Dwyane Wade FT for Football
  151. Brian Urlacher National Treasures NFL Shield 1/1 FT!!
  152. Bucket is up for trade! Lots of highend
  153. Darren McFadden Rc SPX 2 CLR Auto /99
  154. Just got a Cam Newton Auto... now let me deal it... Dalton/Ponder/Shipley
  155. fs/ft: tony romo white whale 1/1 patch auto
  156. Looking to Trade This LeSean McCoy Exquisite!
  157. testing market on a couple very rare Cam Newtons
  158. Anybody want these.........
  159. I have this card im looking to trade it for football
  160. BGS BGS BGS trading for high end
  161. Demarco Murray Contenders x8
  162. Gale Sayers Gold Standard Auto Jersey /10 FT/FS
  163. Andy Dalton National Treasures Black Auto Patch /25 FT
  164. 2008 Chris Johnson Exquisite bgs 9 for trade!
  165. looking to trade some highend!!!!
  166. Doing a show this weekennd, so if u want 'em, come get 'em
  167. Fs/ft: 02 adam vinatieri-sb gold post auto
  168. Greg McElroy and Tyrod Taylor NT Platinum 1/1's FT
  169. Quad Autos Signed -Elway & Aikmen & Farve & Berger
  170. Any love for sammy ??
  171. 04-prime-signatures-favre-dan-marino-johnny-unitas-montana-elway-starr
  172. LF Kurt Warner autos I don't have
  173. Let's tradeTRADEtrade!
  174. Nobody collects Tom Brady?
  175. WTTF Brett Favre AUTO
  176. Some Shhhtuffff for trade
  177. Quick High End List - some pc added
  178. New Cards, Must Look!
  179. Eli Manning Exquiste Auto/Jersey 8/10 Book FT
  180. James harden national treasures gold rpa 13 breaks for football
  181. Small Wantlist Inside
  182. some SICKKKKK stuff for trade...
  183. Adrian Peterson Emerald Auto /5 FT/FS
  184. Mod please delete
  185. Looking To Trade For LOW End RG3 Auto!!!
  186. AJ Green Contenders and Julio Jones Certified RPA /25
  187. New hi end from the show, trade night...
  188. 2012 Steve Young Signa Cuts #1 of the 5 !!! NICE AUTO!
  189. Chris Johnson Logo 1/1
  190. 2011 Contenders Printing Plate Titus Young Auto 1/1... Trade or Sale
  191. Trading this stve nash for stafford or other highend
  192. Hahahahah you guys dont want to talk highend ((really !!!
  193. Huge want list . Got paypal! Looking to buy
  194. Lebron James Auto FT
  195. Huge Set Up For Trade!
  196. Looking for highend contenders, exquisite, treasure, and spa!
  197. Want to buy/trade for RG3 Upper Deck Letterman Auto
  198. A.J Green rookie jumbo patch auto /15 and LeSean McCoy Rookie prime materials 1/10
  199. Ken Griffey Jr 1/1 SPX
  200. High End 05-06 Auto's FS
  201. Emmitt Smith NT AU/JSY /10
  202. Highend Crosby Rookie year auto for football
  203. Mid/High Ft possibly MJ & Harper
  204. AJ Green Topps Chrome red refractor 9.5 ft
  205. Dan Marino 1999 Topps Auto FT
  206. Looking to move some of these higher end non pc cards
  207. Looking to make trades!
  208. Just Checking to see what is Out There
  209. FOR SALE Cam Newton Chrome Auto
  210. Brett Favre 2002 Absolute Memorabilia Signing Bonus Auto FT.
  211. Jim Thorpe 1/1 Cut Auto Tristar Obak
  212. TRRRRADIN"!!! HI end style---Scans
  213. Some sick cards inside.Sick Calvin Johnson, Newton,dalton,stafford,big ben, etc
  214. LF High End for Rivers, Stafford, or Newton
  215. Joe Namath auto FT
  216. *Eric Decker*Tim Tebow*Dameryius Thomas*
  217. Have a couple Highend cards Ft! (Sayers, P. Rivers, Newton)
  218. LeSean Mccoy 2009 Playoff National Treasures Rc Patch Autos For Sale/trade
  219. Trading this lot of (8) NT RPA's for 1 high end card
  220. TRading these for High End
  221. Looking to trade these high end cards. Brady auto will be toughest to get!
  222. Brandon Weeden 1/1 Auto
  223. Updated bucket! Looking to trade for exquisites, treasures, contenders, and spa!
  224. Some high end: Marino, Bradford, Tebow, Sanchez
  225. Trade night Saturday, so get my Hi end now before they are gone
  226. Taking Offers on this Aaron Rodgers Auto and Calvin Johnson 1/1!
  227. For trade, newton auto, brady auto, megatron auto, etc!!
  228. Highend FT Unitas Calvin D Murray P Manning AP +++
  229. 2012 Prestige Andrew Luck Passport On Card Auto
  230. Trading this Terry Bradshaw auto /10
  231. Cam Newton,brady,brees, rivers and more autos for trade. SCAN HEAVY!
  232. PC possibly FT for Tom Brady RCs!
  233. Tim Tebow Topps Chrome RC Auto FT
  234. Mike Singletary 2011 contenders black golden ticket ft/fs
  235. WTT: Matt Ryan Rc auto
  236. GOT SOME GREAT STUFF COMING IN!! Looking to trade
  237. Michael Jordan GRADED 9.5/10 Auto F/T/S... for football
  238. New Hi end from trade night--scans
  239. Calvin RC jersey auto /25
  240. WTB/WTTF: Exquisite, NT, SPA, & Contenders RC Autos Bucket Inside...
  241. Newton Auto RC /25 for Trade
  242. Some nice Autos and Patches F/T
  243. Eli rookie auto on the block
  244. Great stuff PLEASE LOOK! It will be worth it (I think)
  245. Cam newton supreme rc auto 155/175 fot trade
  246. Sanders, Newton, Brees, Brady, Rodgers, AP, etc for trade...VERY HIGH END!!
  247. Looking to buy Emmitt, Aikman, Favre, Rice, deion, Witten
  248. Really looking for Tom Brady patches,jerseys,and autos...I have high end to trade!
  249. FT: Terry Bradshaw auto /10 Topps Supreme
  250. Michael Jordan Auto For Trade
  251. Suh SPA RC ft
  252. High End Rookie Autos FT: Dalton/Newton/AJ/Demarco/Nicks/Maclin/Blount
  253. Peyton Manning Sweet Spot /15....WTTF Alex Smith
  254. Topps Chrome Red Refractor Auto /5 Shane Vereen
  255. what can i get for this
  256. Looking for Newton, Stafford, Manning, Brees, Vick, and the man TOM BRADY!
  257. Looking to Trade This Shady McCoy 1/1 AUTO!
  258. Have 700 to spend!!!
  259. Any high end marshaun lynch autos out there?
  260. Trading this 1/1 Aikman/Manning/Stafford
  261. Roger Staubach NT Patch/Auto /25
  262. Jake Locker Contenders variation SP auto FT
  263. Robert Griffin III Press Pass next level ink! Super nice card! FT/FS
  264. (2) '09 Exquisite Eight Patches /20
  265. New Stuff Check it out!!!!
  266. trading new prestige rg3 andrew luck auto's, locker,dalton,murray,stafford,richardson
  267. wtb/wttf 2003 Tony Romo Contenders Auto
  268. I will Trade these for Alex Smith...Manning, CJ, Ryan
  269. Its official in hospital looking to pick up some romo and lynch autos and patches.
  270. $300+ to spend - Looking for Josh Freeman and Locker
  271. Bradford finest dual JSY auto #'d /100 FT
  272. Newton brady rivers brees locker bryant bradford barry sanders etc!!! Lets trade!
  273. Walter Payton on card auto FT
  274. looking for hof football and baseball plus can add cash cmb thanks chad
  275. Taking Offers on this SICK Bears 8X Auto (5/5) - Dick Butkus/Cutler/Forte/McMahon
  276. Rodgers and Montana auto FT
  277. Updated Bucket (Dalton, Newton, Ponder, Dez and more...)
  278. WTTF Hall of Fame Autos
  279. Bryce Harper & Kirby Puckett GU Autos FT/FS
  280. Chris johnson rookie 2 color patch/auto for trade
  281. tt Favre 2002 Absolute Memorabilia Signing Bonus Auto FT
  282. Looking to make some highend deals! RGIII, Deion, Floyd 1/1, hill 1/1, and others
  283. Newton brady rivers brees barry sanders, etc!!!! Lets trade....cash and paypal too!
  284. Highend Ben Roethlisberger Rookie Autograph
  285. Trading Down on This SWEET Aaron Rodgers Auto!
  286. FT: Dwyane Wade RC Auto/GU Refractor
  287. Updated Hi end FT--scans
  288. I am looking to buy a nice Brian Urlacher 3-color JUMBO PATCH!
  289. $250 in paypal!! Plus autos of newton,megatron,mccoy,brady,brees,ryan,etc for trade!!
  290. Andrew Luck Prestige Draft Tickets Auto BGS 10 Pristine
  291. WTTF 2011 NT RPA /25 or /5
  292. 2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Printing Plates Cyan Robert Griffin III Auto 1/1
  293. Bradford, Tebow, Clausen Triple Auto /10 FT
  294. Hight FT/FS MJD, Emmitt Smith, Reggie Wayne, Jermey Maclin
  295. Trading This PenPals 8-Way Auto!
  296. Trading this Tom Brady auto /25
  297. HIGHEND For Trade
  298. FT 2011 Panini Fathers Day Black Parallel 2/5 Peyton Manning
  299. Trading this sick megatron patch auto and barry sanders letterman /5
  300. Looking to trade highend for highend or might sell also
  301. High End for Trade or Sale
  302. FT Big Ben Rookie Foundations Patch Auto /25--Favre "Happy 50th Topps" Red Auto /5
  303. FT: Autos of Brady, Brees, Newton, and MUCH MORE!!!!!!
  304. NEED an RG3 Auto NOW!!!
  305. High End FT: Tebow, Decker, Matt Ryan, CJ, Calvin Johnson, Gronk, MDJ, 1/1 Shields,
  306. Trading It! 2011 Contenders Newton BGS 8.5/10
  307. Looking For Any and All 2012 Spx rc patch autos /25
  308. FT: 2010 Contenders RC Auto Dez Bryant *white jersey*
  309. 2012 Topps Inception Michael Floyd Shield patch 1/1 ft/fs
  310. new high end for trade cam big ben reebok logo and much more
  311. Some trash for trade, for what? I don't know. Just need some goods/ diff cards
  312. Buying Cheapest Matthew Stafford Sp Authentic I Can Find
  313. Looking for Rivers SPA auto/RC/jer. Have high end to offer!
  314. FT: Austin Pettis reebok logo auto /10
  315. Trading for tons of players......LOTS OF HIGH END TO TRADE PLUS 170 IN PAYPAL!!!
  316. Some high end for trade
  317. BGS 2011 Topps Chrome Crystal Auto /50 Von Miller & Torrey Smith
  318. Bart starr 10/10 limited auto also have 5/10
  319. Looking for 2012 Football Rookie Autographs and Patches
  320. High End QUICKSALE Lot!!!
  321. Matthew Stafford RC Auto's FT: NT /99, Ultimate /99, Topps Finest /109, Contenders /5
  322. Trading 2004 SPA Eli Manning 3 Color Patch Auto # /299 It Is Mint
  323. 2012 Prestige or Inception Hits
  324. High end Rookie Autos FT: Newton/Dalton/AJ/Nicks/Maclin/Blount/Little and more!
  325. Three (3) Michael Vick Autos + Quinn/Russell RC Auto FT! Looking for all sports!
  326. High end trade thread! Brady logoman auto 1/1, 8 auto+
  327. Highend Brees & RG3 Rookie Autos FT/FS
  328. Any Terry Bradshaw Fans in the Building?
  329. Hi end FT---Scans!!!!
  330. Needs: Eli, Big Ben, Larry Fitz, Stafford, Tom Brady, Vick, Forte, and reebok patches
  331. 1999 Score 10th Ann. Reprint Auto John Elway
  332. Stafford Patch Auto /25 FT
  333. Tom brady auto from superbowl xxxv1 16x20 for trade
  334. Highend contenders auto ft
  335. Cam Newtons FT Supreme Auto 105/175 and Topps RR 5/10 Auto
  336. WTTF rare 2011 National Treasures
  337. Looking to Trade for Brady,Brees contenders auto or any Rodgers auto
  338. FS/FT: Super Nice RC auto/patch Lot
  339. 2011 Topps Chrome Cam Newton Gold Refractor # /50
  340. Philip Rivers 2004 Finest Gold Refractors #109 Serial #14/50 Auto
  341. $150 paypal available
  342. Tons of scans!!!! Lots of high end for trade!!!
  343. Bring some high end marshaun lynch!
  344. Huge PC Mailweek! (SCAN HEAVY!)
  345. Matt Ryan, Jamaal Charles, Sam Bradford FT/FS ...
  346. Anybody here go on youtube? Please PM or comment if you do! I have sick mystery packs
  347. Would Love To Make A Few Highend Trades!!!!!!!!!
  348. Christian Ponder 2011 Topps Supreme JUMBO Patch (3+ Color) Auto /10 RC FT
  349. I am back and have high end to trade!
  350. Tim Tebow RC Jersey AU /10 FT for Basketball
  351. Cam Newton auto
  352. Okay im pulling out tha gunns well only 6 cards ft/fs
  353. wanna make some trade,come inside!
  354. Reggie White 2004 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Auto #/92
  355. Wttf: Patriots-brady-gronkowski-hernandez-price-mallett + older players
  356. Looking To Trade These 2 RG3 Auto's SPX & Prestige
  357. 19 Multi Color Patches for sale or trade! Manning, Brady, etc!
  358. 2011 Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome AUTO FT
  359. FT: Andy Dalton Panini Limited Black Box 1/1 3 Color shoe auto - LF: Hockey
  360. 2008 Topps Triple Threads Gold #104 Joe Flacco JSY AU
  361. ONLY NEED 13 more 2011 Upper Deck College Legends Auto Buying or Trading
  362. Bigg ben rookie auto/jesry f/t
  363. 2011 tops platinum ricky stanzi gold auto #/10
  364. Arian Foster auto /10 and Newton auto /25 for trade!
  365. Newton Auto Patch /25 and Vereen Reebok Logo Auto /10 FS/FT
  366. 2009 Mike Wallace SP Authentics Auto/Patch
  367. Any Steeler Fans... A Couple Nice Ones Just Came In Today....
  368. Moving ALL of my Autos, Logomen, Patches and more !!
  369. High End Trading! Montana/Blackmon/Witten/AP/Newton/Shady/Flacco — SCANS OF COURSE!
  370. Trading High End Baseball for High End Football - Bryce Harper/McCutchen + More
  371. Crosby Young Gun for Trade Looking for Highend Ryan Mathews
  372. High end football for trade- Cam, Stafford, Ryan, AJ, Gronk, Big Ben
  373. RG 3 Auto /150 topps inception
  374. High End for Trade! Rodgers,Brady,Brees,Cam, etc!!! With Scans!
  375. 2012 Andrew Luck Inception Gold Patch Auto #25 FS/FT
  376. FS/FT: 2010 National Treasures Colt McCoy RPA Gold /25! BGS 9 with 10 Auto!
  377. People
  378. My High End F/T With Scans
  379. Does anyone have any BRANDON MARSHALL??
  380. Sid luckman auto up for trade
  381. Exquisite 2009 Emmit Smith/Barry Sanders Dual Auto /10 - FT for Baseball, Basketball
  382. Hi end trading from the show--scans
  383. Birthday gift to Myself, looking for one high end rookie!
  384. A Few Nice Cards FT!Big Ben, Sanchez, Deion, AP
  385. FT: Austin Pettis national treasures reebok logo auto /10
  386. ryan mathews 1/1 rc
  387. Wttf/wb 2007 topps chrome refractor mike vick card tc111 $$reward$$
  388. Looking To Trade This Johnny Unitas Auto For A Nice RG3 Or Andrew Luck Auto
  389. For Trade this 1/1 Donovan McNabb Printing Plate Auto Captain patch
  390. Very High End for Trade! I want to make some deals, so come on in! Brady,Rodgers,etc!
  391. Take This Aaron Rodgers Auto Off My Hands! I Don't Want IT!!!
  392. Few High Ends to see whats out there!
  393. A little high-end FT/FS
  394. Quad red ink photoshoot calvin/meachem/ginn/bowe !!!!!!
  395. Highend trading
  396. Philip Rivers Contenders BGS 9 w/10 auto FT/FS
  397. Looking for Cam Newton
  398. SP Chirography Quad auto of Calvin,Bowe,Meachem,Ginn
  399. Nice Jahvid Best for trade
  400. Trading Aj Green booklet #/25
  401. Cam Newton Topps Prime level VI BGS 8.5 FT
  402. FT: Austin Pettis reebok logo auto /10
  403. Some PC offered For Trade - HIGH END
  404. I need help with my 32 QB PC....I have 13 of the 32 starters!
  405. FT: SICK Quad auto...2009 Ultimate Tom Brady/Michael Phelps/Casper/Powell 1/5
  406. Looking for Mint High end Rookie PC cards, Huge List!
  407. headed to New York City
  408. Only 3 Trades on this website?? Come on I can do better than that!
  409. Matt Ryan
  410. FT: 84-85 Star MJ Rookie BGS 8.5 w/ strong subs
  411. WTTF Tim Tebow Quotable...
  412. Hi end FT--Scans
  413. Peyton Manning finest auto 2006 /25 fs/ft
  414. Taking Offers on this pair of Arian Foster autos!!
  415. who has high end ryan mathews rc auto?
  416. LF Matt Ryan Rookie
  417. anyone have any good justin blackmon or blaine gabbert stuff?!
  418. Ft: Patriots rookie's gronkowski + mallett's auto patches jersey cards
  419. Since Its Olympics Time Wanna Put One Of The Most Iconic Auto's Out There FT/FS
  420. 2004 SP Authentic RC Autos For Trade Roethlisberger/Eli/Rivers
  421. SP DUAL AUTO !!! 3/50 I have no use for this card... I know someone DOES!!!!
  422. Andrew Luck Inception auto /150
  423. FT 2012 Gypsy Queen Albert Pujols Angels On Card Auto
  424. Looking for RG3 Upper Deck Letterman Auto Letter "R"
  425. Tons of High end football for trade!!! Lots of scans...3 newton autos,brady,etc!!!
  426. 2 New Nice High End autos FT! RG3 and Larry Fitz.
  427. Looking to trade or sale my highend exquisite, treasures, contenders and sp authentic
  428. Trading high end!
  429. Jay Cutler Bowman Chrome Orange Auto bgs 9.5/10 FT
  430. An Aaron Rodgers rc auto
  431. Tom Brady Contenders Rookie Autograph FT/FS!
  432. Looking for a Tom Brady Contenders RC Auto
  433. Opening up some Tom Brady Cards...
  434. Looking for a Few High End RCs...
  435. bradford mccoy /25 FT
  436. Lets Trade - Multi Sports Here
  437. WTTF high end autos of p peterson,aj green,demarco murray,jake locker & julio jones
  438. Any Mantle Football Fans?
  439. 2009 National Treasures Matthew Stafford 3 Clr rpa /99 ft
  440. Looking to move up on these
  441. Colt mccoy 2010 rare material exquisite 1/10 rose bowl patch, helmet, laundry tag f/t
  442. 2005 Absolute Spectrum Gold Aaron Rodgers Rc Auto #D to 100
  443. Tom Brady RC Contender 8.5/10
  444. Highend Trading.... Luck, Green, Jim Kelly, Stallworth....
  445. Looking to Trade like Crazy! Tons of Highend Stuff for trade Peyton, Marino, Favre AP
  446. Okay I am ready to trade big time! 3 newton autos,luck auto,rodgers,brady,etc!!!
  447. Some High End For Trade
  448. Mid/High Multi Sport FT
  449. 2011 Panini Timeless Treasures Jerry Rice GU Auto /15 For Sale
  450. F/T Jermey Lin Auto (for cam newton auto or matt ryan)
  451. Looking to move this Locker patch/auto,and Cam/Locker dual patch for Gabbert autos i
  452. Arian Foster laundry tag patch auto 3/5 for trade!
  453. Ft/fs
  454. lets trade high end cam bradford ect scans
  455. Wttf: Patriots-superbowl relic's-gold post-tickets-auto's
  456. Taking offers on this Peyton Manning Auto 18/18!!
  457. High Ends Bradford, McCoy Autos Scan
  458. 6 QB Rookie Auto Roethlisberger Manning Rivers Schaub Losman McCown
  459. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III rc autos FT/FS!!!!
  460. FT/FS: Roethlisberger Contenders, Bradford SPA BGS 9.5
  461. Philip Rivers Contenders BGS 9.5/10 FT/FS
  462. Any interest in this mirror black master RC set?
  463. Matthew Stafford BGS 10 with 10 Auto FT
  464. patriots (gronks) FT
  465. Bigg ben & terry bradshaw dual auto/10 f/t-f/s
  466. Hobby Box OF 2012 Elite FTFor One High End Card
  467. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III rc autos FS only
  468. Rob Gronkowski National Treasures rc auto/patch FT/FS
  469. Looking to buy out high end $500+ card lots!
  470. Cam Newton Certified ft/fs with scans!!!!!!!
  471. FT/FS: 2012 Elite Inscriptions RG3, Luck, Weedan, Richardson
  472. Looking for Highend Julio Jones and AP Rookie Autos
  473. CAM NEWTON AUTO RC 2011 SP Authentic
  474. FT/FS-Last call on this 08 topps mayo terry bradshaw 1/1 printing plate
  475. Blaine Gabbert 2011 Limited Lettermen Worn Letter Patch (A) Autograph 2/7#d (1/1)RCFT
  476. Wtt: 2012 donruss elite rookie inscriptions red ink #1 andrew luck/30
  477. Added Over 100 New Cards! High End-Mid End-Low End! Photobucket Link Inside!
  478. Exquisite 6 player QB Booklet Ft
  479. Peyton Manning Auto /50 FT
  480. Anyone looking for a brady auto or brees auto or other high end autos in fact???
  481. Nice Mark Sanchez RC Patch and RC Auto/Patch
  482. Rice Auto Logo Patch /25 Brady 1/1 Redemption Rodgers Sweet Panel Auto Roeth SPA Gold
  483. $225 PayPal for 1 card
  484. Anybody have a Luck For Trade.... Griffin Auto PLUS $$$$$ for one
  485. Sunday trading - Newton,Dalton,Ponder,Shady etc.
  486. Kevin durant nt auto 10/10 ft
  487. 2011 refractors of Iowa Hawkeye Alumni clayborn, stanzi, ballard
  488. James harden treasure gold spa /25 for trade!
  489. Opening my bucket for a bit all cards FT
  490. 2010 Topps Platinum Ryan Mathews Superfractor # 1/1 Graded PSA 10
  491. Looking to trade Let me know if you can use anything.
  492. VERY Highend Personal Collection w/ Scans FS
  493. cam newton rc patch auto /10 3 color
  494. ABSURD 2009 Exquisite 8 Patch Payton/Sayers/Emmit/LT/Sanders/Bo/Alstott/Craig
  495. WTTF: Flacco contenders auto
  496. FT/FS Bart Starr Dual Auto /25 UD Mickey Mantle Autograph
  497. Aaron Rodgers Bowman Rookie Auto FT
  498. Cam Newton auto for trade!!!!!
  499. Looking to trade for Stafford rc autos. Who has any?
  500. LTB Titus Young
  501. Little different.... $3000 diamond watch for trade!!! Scans!!!!
  502. Trades? 2 $100 Autos, 1 $100 Triple Jersey and a 1/1. Flacco, Harrison, Bush, D-lo
  503. 1998 Collectors Edge Peyton Manning Rc Auto FT
  504. NFL and MLB Game Used FT
  505. Michael Jordan 07-08 Portraits SP auto FT!
  506. 2011 Toppss Five Star DeMarco Murray Jumbo Patch 1/1 For Sale
  507. 2012 donruss elite inscriptions #1 andrew luck rc auto red ink sp indy colts /30
  508. Andrew Luck auto /5 FT..Looking for HIGh end HOF autos only!!!
  509. Revis !!!!!!!
  510. Robert Griffin RG3 Silver Ink Inception Auto /25 For Trade
  511. WTTF a Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady Auto.
  512. Cam Newton 3 Clr Patch Auto Rookie FT/FS
  513. Andy Dalton Sweet Spot Ultimate Signatures SP Autograph RC FT
  514. Cam Newton Limited 3 color patch auto /199 FS/FT
  515. Some guy named Brett Fahvrah ffaahh FAVRE
  516. trading this hotttttttie jennifer lopez auto # /25 for football
  517. Hi end ft--some old, some new. Scans
  518. Vikings bomb: Ponder & peterson epic dual prime patch auto /5 fs/ft
  519. Looking to trade this Julio Jones crown die cut rc auto /10
  520. Starting to Focus on Collecting Boston Teams Cards/Memorabilia, LMK what you have!
  521. 2012 Elite Inscriptions ANDREW LUCK Red Ink Auto /30
  522. WTT: High End w/ Scans
  523. 2 high end mj and lebron auto cards for possible trade!
  524. LaDainian Tomlinson PSA GM MINT 10 SP Authentic ROOKIE
  525. FT: 2010 National Treasures Rob Gronkowski Gem BGS 9.5
  526. Exquisite AND Five Star ;)
  527. Ft/fs: 2008 joe flacco-rookie auto lettermen (l) of 41
  528. Trading Nice 3 Clr Stafford SP Authentic For Nice 2006 Jay Cutler SPA RC Auto /99
  529. Trade Some High Ends
  530. Jake Locker Red Chrome Auto BGS 10 (pristine) & Tebow Pristine Contenders FT/FS
  531. Stephen hill spx patch/auto #/25 *3 clr*- for russel wilson
  532. Looking to Trade for 2012 Colts Rookies
  533. huge lot coming in lots for trade
  534. $130 in Paypal waiting to be spent - I Want to Buy!!!!!!!
  535. RG3 Red Ink Auto #/10 Rookie Premiere Taking Offers
  536. 2010 NT Jahvid Best reebok logo auto /10- Make me an offer
  537. looking to do card/paypal for some highend auto's and patches
  538. any randy moss magic auto,magic dual auto or unique dual auto,or nice lawrence taylor
  539. Big Ben 1/1 Auto FS/FT! $125
  540. Want a Tom Brady Auto... ~$450 to spend
  541. WTB/TF BGS 9.5 Tom Brady SP Authentic rc /1250
  542. Trading My High-End Autos & 1/1 Logos for Signed Sports Memorabilia
  543. Looking for high end football cards in return for other high end hockey cards!
  544. Topps Rookie Patch Autos #ed to 10 - Cobb & Weeden
  545. 2009 NFL Rookie Premier Upper Deck Auto Football STAFFORD, SANCHEZ, MCCOY etc.
  546. Trading Michael Jordan Auto /5 for Andrew Luck Auto
  547. LF: Matt Ryan
  548. 2009 Bowman Sterling Mike Trout FT for Football!
  549. Want to trade 2 of my 3 sick Newton autos!
  550. Wttf: Patriots- tom brady auto/patch combo #
  551. Highend: Andrew Luck Red Ink Auto, Andy Dalton+Demarco Murray Contenders NO LOGO 9.5s
  552. Trading Extreme High End Basketball Durants Rose Exquisite for Paypal + Football !
  553. Robert Griffin III Auto Gold Status 18/24 up for trade...
  554. Austin pettis national treasures reebok logo patch auto /10
  555. Trent Richardson Topps Playmakers Auto
  556. Ft 2011 peyton manning parallel 2/5 rare
  557. FT 2012 Andrew Luck Elite Series Auto /99
  558. bradford mccoy /25 FT
  559. looking for higher end demarco murray,andrew luck,rg3 auto's and patches
  560. Fs-04 adam vinatieri-au/75
  561. FT/FS Aaron Rodgers RC auto, Locker SPA, AJ Green SPA, Calvin SPA and more!!
  562. Big Ben for hockey?
  563. Trading This David Wilson Gamer for Cards!
  564. High End Trading w/Scans!
  565. 2009 Topps Rookie Premiere Matt Stafford Red Ink Auto /10
  566. 1994 peter max john elway 24x36 full size poster painting! Ft/fs
  567. Tonight's search, trade me any 1/1!
  568. FS/FT Tony Romo sp authentic auto /1200 9.5 9
  569. Lttf/b Dez bryant & Flacco Contenders/SPA, Cam freshman fabrics auto, Green Auto
  570. Some Nice HighEnd Cards
  571. Last of my Football (AP RC AU/GU) for Luck AU...
  572. Joe montana & brett favre -auto -onix dream catchers -dm-jmbf -prss pass legends
  573. Looking for broncos derrick wolfe Auto!!!
  574. High end trading thread! Lets trade!
  575. WTB: Mike Vick
  576. 11-12 SPA Lebron James Holofx rookie auto 1/3 for RG3
  577. Looking for Brent Celek Shield! Have Paypal!
  578. Walter Payton RC Reprint Auto FT....
  579. F/T 6 way running back auto Peterson/Forte/Johnson/Parker/Bush/Addai /15
  580. Looking to trade these contenders auto
  581. Any Packers Fans Out There? Highend Reggie White & Rodgers Autos FT
  582. 2006 topps Alex Gordon Full version F/T
  583. 1100 paypal for Matt stafford exquisite!
  584. Aaron Rodgers Five Star2 color Patch auto for trade
  585. Trading my Carson Palmer USC Press Pass RC Auto
  586. Emmitt/lt dual ft
  587. Adrian Peterson 2007 SP Authentic Patch Auto /399 RC FT
  588. Jake Locker NT /99 Auto ! Torrey Smith NT /49 Auto ! Both RPA's!
  589. $350 PayPal to Spend
  590. Aaron Rodgers Rookie Auto 9.5 Gem Mint POP1
  591. I'm looking for a Tom Brady auto
  592. 2010 Bryce Harper AFLAC auto BGS 9.5 for football
  593. 2006-07 Exquisite Collection QUAD AUTO - M.Leinard/R.Bush/D.Jarrett/S.Smith 04/10
  594. barry sanders for sale
  595. A pair of 2007 spx stars for trade as a pair
  596. Ft/fs:2011-ryan mallett rookie letter auto's plus
  597. Ft/fs:2011-ryan mallett rookie letter auto's plus
  598. WTTF: Andrew Luck & RG3 Rookie autos! Any brand, any price range!
  599. Opening Up Some PC Football Cards (Tebow, Bradford, Romo, Stafford, Ryan, Sanchez!)
  600. Andrew Luck Auto Scans Auto Elite Inscriptions FT Blue ink
  601. $100 Paypal and 2 Bryce Harper autos for Football!!
  602. A few really nice tom brady pc's
  603. Putting these out there....
  604. NEW Hi end FT---Scans
  605. 1999 Retro Inkredible Walter Payton On Card Auto Clean And Bold
  606. Demarco Murray and Andy Dalton NO LOGO Contender's FT AS A PAIR!
  607. Ballers? $1,200 DLVD OBO: Sam Bradford 2CLR Tribute Red Auto 1/1
  608. Andy Luck Inception Auto /150 FS/FT
  609. Trying this again. Extreme High End Basketball FT/FS! Looking for Football!
  610. Anybody trading ??? Cards for trade
  611. Lots To trade so lets trade!!
  612. High End On Card Autos FT/Paypal - Young, Rice, Warner, Bo
  613. N-T-AP-RC-AU-GU-Manning-Patch
  614. Inception andrew luck auto # to 150 FT
  615. WTTF: Nick Foles, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Titus Young
  616. WTTF: High End QB autos!
  617. 220 paypal for a Tom Brady auto!
  618. Locker nt rpa /99
  619. I want a Tannehill Auto
  620. FS/FT: High end Rodgers, Montana, Bradford, Arian Foster, Flacco, CJ2k, Harper AFLAC
  621. Trading 2011 SPA Andy Dalton 3 Clr For 3 Clr Ryan Mallett SPA
  622. $500 PayPal to Spend on High/Mid End!
  623. Want to make some trades!
  624. Looking to Trade
  625. Some High-end FT
  626. WTT or Sell 1 of 1 Donruss Classics Timeless Triple Patch Card Bradshaw, Franco, Swan
  627. Passing The Torch Walter Payton Auto FT, Looking for a Jordan Auto
  628. Last Day to Trade for Awhile! Lets Make Some Deals!!!
  629. Matt Flynn Exquisite Rc Auto /150 Ft
  630. Drew Brees Bowman Chrome auto /25 FT
  631. LTB -- 2007 Topps Chrome Adrian Peterson Autograph
  632. Looking to sell a christian ponder auto'd football
  633. Brand new updated bucket..Alot of High $$$ ..Unitas, Rodgers, Polamalu, Harper & more
  634. A couple of High End FT
  635. 08 Topps Rookie Premiere Auto Quad Red Ink Ryan Flacco McFadden J Stewart /5
  636. Locker gold treasure , cam contenders auto, calvin johnson spa 3clr and much more!
  637. Super High End For Trade
  638. Need a locker national treasures and exquisite
  639. Looking to Purchase one nice card for $60 paypal before I leave!!
  640. AWESOME highend FT/FS...ruth, aaron, dimaggio, brady, montana
  641. Sick jamaal charles f/t
  642. 2 Super high end Mark Sanchez rookies FS or trade
  643. WTTF a Walter Payton auto
  644. Want these gone!! Need some new stuff!!
  645. Sam Bradford Spa Rpa Ft! Wicked Two Color.......pic inside
  646. $130 PayPal to Spend!
  647. LF Cam Newton Five Star Patch Auto Rookie #/199 Paypal Ready!
  648. looking to make some high end trades... maybe pc... bradford, peterson, suh
  649. Some High End-Mid End FT! Tons of Stuff! Bucket Link Inside!
  650. Tradenight tonight so if u want 'em, come get 'em Hi end--Scans
  651. Looking for 2001 SP Authentic Michael Vick Rookie Auto
  652. 2 Cam Newton patch auto RC's ft BGS 9/10 3 color
  653. im trading for or buying Johhny Unitas Patches, Autos Or G Used
  654. Any high end Schaub rookie autos for sale or trade?
  655. 2011 Exquisite Redemption Luck
  656. Looking for elite qb contenders, exquisite and spa/ cash or trade
  657. High End Multi sport list FT for football
  658. 2011 Christian Ponder SP Topps Chrome Refractor Auto
  659. My last two FB Cards for Trade
  660. Looking for High End Marino stuff. Autos, Patches, Low Numbered, Etc.
  661. Strasburg Rookie Auto For Trade For Andrew Luck And RG3
  662. High-End FT/FS: 2011 Prestige A.J. Green Rookie Letter Auto Redemption!!!
  663. Executive collection: Sam Bradford grail lot - Serious buyers only
  664. Couple high end baseball for football Ichiro Harper Autos
  665. 2011 Exquisite For Sale: AP - Ponder - McMahon
  666. Looking to trade Bradford for Ryan.
  667. tom brady rc auto FT
  668. Taking Offers on 2 Top WR 1/1 Rookies
  669. Looking to trade for Chris Johnson RC AUTOs
  670. FT/FS Locker gold treasure 2/25 4clr patch
  671. High End FT
  672. Larry bird magic johnson julius erving triple auto 7/8 ft
  673. Hi end FT---Scans
  674. High End FT....Daltons,AJ,Nicks,Newton,Maclin,Little,Mike Williams,Blount,Locker etc
  675. Durant Auto Beckett 9 mint for any Rodgers or Tom Brady auto
  676. Reggie Bush/Matt Leinart/Vince Young/Joseph Addai Quad auto /15 for sale or trade
  677. Unitas Auto/jsy Emmitt #/10 Joe Natham & Jamaal Charles Exquisite FT
  678. FT Derrick Rose Rookie Auto for high-end football
  679. High End Trading/Selling! Rodgers/Newton/Gronk/Brady/RG3/Elway!
  680. anyone interested in trading football for some nice baseball?
  681. Looking to trade PC items
  682. Trading up on the-1993 UD SP Derek Jeter and 2011 Donruss Elite Julio Jones AU GU /25
  683. Dwayne Allen SUPERFRACTOR 1/1 on-card auto FT/FS SCANS!
  684. brady, bradford + more
  685. Luck Finest Auto /10 ft
  686. Trade/Sale Beckett 9 Mint Drew Brees 10 Auto /5
  687. WTTF Jay Cutler RC Auto! PCMB!!!
  688. Looking to Trade Up-My Baseball for your Luck,Rodgers, or Romo card/s
  689. Trading baseball for luck rodgers or brady
  690. Charles Woodson Auto /5 !
  691. Elite Inscriptions RG3 And Andrew Luck Blue Auto's For Trade
  692. Looking to trade this High End dual of 2 HOFERS
  693. 3 2012 Vince Lombardi Jacket Cards For Trade/Sell
  694. Rgiii
  695. Highend Trading anyone?
  696. High & Mid-end updated....Aaron Rodgers auto, L. McCoy Rebok Laundry Tag, Elway RC's
  697. Ft 2011 exquisite demarco murray patch/auto rc /135
  698. Extreme High End Bball+Football FT!
  699. Lttf/b Von Miller, Torrey Smith NT+ Exquisite; Flacco Contenders, Cam Newton on card
  700. Sam Bradford auto for trade. Will accept football ot basketball.
  701. FT/S: griffin III, robert 2012 Score Signatures #368 redskins
  702. Looking to trade 2 high mj/lebron james autos! for high end football RC`S!
  703. Highend FT Stafford & Bradford NT Unitas Patch Auto Calvin's, Jumbo Patches +
  704. New Hi end FT--Scans...Luck, Montana, CJ
  705. Baseball HOF for a Nice Highend Football
  706. testing the waters on my marcus lattimore auto
  707. any have bryce harper or cam newton auto for trade
  708. Gonna give this the ole college try, BIG BEN FT! 07/10!
  709. the fine wine of INCEPTION, lucky you...
  710. I'm back and looking to trade!! Scans and 80 paypal to add!
  711. trading!!!!!!!!! andrew luck russell wilson rgIII weeden blackmon auto's
  712. Tom Brady Contenders Auto Ft....High End Cam or Bradford is what I want
  713. High End Trading! Moving on Thursday, so Give me some Eye Candy!
  714. Wttf/wtb any and all 2012 inception autos!!!!
  715. Incoming!!! Sam bradford nt/99 - showcasing full inner edge of rams horn!!!!!!!
  716. Highend ft..pics included and list.. Luck auto, Stafford auto/patch,Matt Ryan
  717. Picked up a few new HI end at the show--scans
  718. Jamaal Charles Exquisite RAP ft
  719. Aaron Rodgers Sweet Spot rookie /100
  720. Ray Rice Gold sterling /25 for Tannehill
  721. High End FT Brees RC AUTO, Triple Emmitt, Barry, Brown .. LTTF a few rookie auto's
  722. 2005 A. McCutchen AU RC - FT for Football
  723. Wtb Julio Jones & AJ Green Rc Auto
  724. Jets Fans Take a look Sanchez / Green Autos FT SPA/NT/Contenders/TTT
  725. 2010 ttt 6 qb g/u f/t
  726. High End Trading and a quick question!
  727. Brandon Jacobs 2008 NT NFL Logo Shield Patch Auto 1/1
  728. Peterson rookie spx f/t b4 the season starts
  729. Namath Auto and Manning Auto FT
  730. My Jordan & Kobe for your Brady, Payton, Manning and Brees
  731. Brady RG III tons of HOFers Autos and more FS
  732. Aaron Rodgers Exquisite RAP /199 FT
  733. Jake locker treasure gold 4clr, calvin johnson spa and more.
  734. High end Philip Rivers for trade.
  735. Highend Drew Brees For Trade
  736. Locker 1of1 FT
  737. Brand new high end cards in bucket for trade for your inception autos!!!!
  738. Bucket updated!!! Plenty of new high-end ft!~!!! Rg3, gronkowski rc autos!!!
  739. 2012 Finest Luck, Griffin, Tannehill Triple Auto/Jersey FOR 2000 Playoff Cont. Brady
  740. Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys Auto FT For High End
  741. Trading some nice High-end! Pics inside.
  742. 2003 Playoff Contenders Carson Palmer RC AU /36
  743. Im looking for a emmitt smith auto
  744. Looking To Do Some High End Trading! Tons Of Cards FT!
  745. Looking for Darren Mcfadden
  746. 2009 Topps Rookie Premiere Red Ink On Card Auto Matt Stafford Only 10 Made
  747. Looking For: Eric Berry & Peyton Manning 2012 Topps
  748. Plenty of new high-end for trade!!!!
  749. Help me get a 2011 Topps Chrome Superfractor Auto 1/1!
  750. Peyton green refrac auto 10/10f/t
  751. Anyone looking for a very sweet steelers dual auto >>>>>>>>>look here
  752. Trying to trade this Sanu Patch Auto
  753. Awesome ttt 6-Qb G/U Superbowl winners galore.
  754. Russell Wilson Finest Red Refractor Auto - For Trade or Sale
  755. WTTF Andrew Luck..Have baseball & fb tradelist Payton RG3 Dalton Weeden Rivers Marte
  756. Cutler and Marshall National Treasures RC autos FT
  757. Couple Highend FOr Trade!!!
  758. long shot but want to trade for a russel westbrook exquisite auto
  759. Couple Rarities FS/FT Looking for Cash Brady Jordan Julio Ryan Roeth Cutler Manning
  760. Hi end FT--Scans
  761. WTTF Any Rodgers or Brady or Rookie QB Auto... Check Bucket New Stuff
  762. Patriots Lot Autos/Patches FS
  763. Have FB to trade. Looking for Kurt Warner and Josh Hamilton high end.
  764. Freshly pulled RG3 jersey/auto
  765. 2 Elite Andrew Luck Inscriptons Auto's Red & Blue
  766. looking for JIM KELLY autos/patches
  767. WTT: My High End and Mid End for ULTRA High End
  768. Emmitt Smith Immortals auto jsy #/10 FT/FS
  769. 2 RG3 Elite blue inscriptions auto /40
  770. Lets Trade highend
  771. Jamaal Charles Exquisite Rc patch auto 3 color
  772. I want a tom brady auto!!
  773. Lets Trade!
  774. Looking for a highend Cutler & Alex Smith RC Autograph
  775. Full Set of Robert Griffin Promotional Heisman Voter Rookie cards FT/FS
  776. john elway rookie card
  777. peyton manning rare die cut rc /99
  778. NFL Logo Shields 1/1, Auto Patches, RC's FS or FT
  779. High end trading!!
  780. Matty Ice is in for a Huge Season! Check out these two 1/1's!
  781. FT/FS Jake Locker SPA Gold Auto BGS 9.5 Auto 10
  782. Roethlisberger rookie FT - looking for Legends autos
  783. Tom Brady Fleer Autographics Silver /250 - For Trade or Sale
  784. Nice Ryan Mallett SPA RC AUTO For trade
  785. Matt Ryan 1/1 Rebook patch sale/trade/value
  786. Demaryius Thomas Limited Jumbo Patch Auto Rookie 1/5
  787. Wicked Sam Bradford LCM Gold Auto /25 FT!
  788. BRYCE HARPER GAME WORN JERSEY w/ TEAM LOA for High End 1/1's, RC, Logos !!
  789. Looking to trade these for best looking Andrew Luck Auto
  790. 2 awesome ttt threads cards fpr trade. 6 qb and Jackie Robinson multi game used.
  791. 2010 SP Authentic Sam Bradford 2 color RPA BGS 9.5/10
  792. WTT Montana on Card Auto for Marino on card Auto
  793. Looking to trade!
  794. Wttf contenders qb autos.
  795. NEW Patriots High End Lot FS! BRADY, Gronk, Ridley
  796. Andy Dalton R&S Longevity /10 RC
  797. Looking to buy or trade for 2011 Upper Deck College Legends Autographs ONLY need 7
  798. 05 sp authentic Aaron Rodgers 2 Clr rpa /99 ft/fs
  799. Mike Trout for Aaron Rodgers!!
  800. NEW High enders in..MARIBO & ELWAY style..Looking for trades
  801. Dalton contenders (3) lockers contenders 9.5 and locker treasure for trade or sale
  802. I need a jeter auto anybody has one f/t ?
  803. 2011 Finest Shane Vereen Superfractor
  804. Extreme High End FT/FS! Looking to buy, sell and/or trade!
  805. Montana, Walter Payton, Baugh, Jim Brown autos and more for Unitas and Hank Aaron
  806. Looking for Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan Contenders
  807. Updated HI end FT---Scans
  808. 2010 ttt booklet f/t
  809. FT – Calvin Johnson RC Autos – NT & Contenders
  810. Christian ponder 2011 absolute jumbo jersey auto!!!!
  811. 60+ 1of1s for Trade
  812. Walter Payton / Matt Forte Exquisite dual multicolor patch /15 BGS 9.5!!!!!
  813. Lesean mccoy exquisite inscriptions SHADY rc auto /15
  814. F/S 2010 Topps Platinum Ryan Mathews R/C SUPERFRACTOR 1/1 PSA 10
  815. High End ft/s
  816. Updated high-end bucket!!! Brand new stuff from a show!!! Pcmb and let's trade!!!
  817. Trading my High End hockey for Baseball Star Autos or prospect autos & football stars
  818. $600 Paypal for ONE HIGHEND STUD CARD
  819. Darren Mcfadden Matt Ryan Dual Auto FT
  820. Wttf matt ryan & matthew stafford rc autos!!!
  821. FT: Andrew Luck Press Pass Auto /99
  822. Bobby Orr Ultimate Auto /25 For Trade For Football
  823. Trading!!!!
  824. Anyone got an RG3 auto under $200?
  825. Joe Montana 2002 Playoff Honors Honorable Signatures FT
  826. 2010 SPx Rookie Auto Jersey CJ Spiller 21/99
  827. ft/fs Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, RgIII,Weeden,Tannehill,Blackmo,Wilson Auto's
  828. Highend Scans FT NT's of Newton, Stafford, Bradford + Unitas Manning & More!!!
  829. Barry /10 Patch Auto, Brees SP RC Auto, Favre /10 and /50... and much more for trade
  830. Kendall Hunter jumbo patch for trade for high end basketball. Card is a beauty!
  831. Cam newton ft/fs
  832. Russell Wilson Momentum Relic/Auto #'d to 15 FT
  833. WTT: my Matt Ryan rc auto rookie!!!!
  834. RG3 Auto Jsy for trade
  835. Lets trade, my good stuff for yours!
  836. Jake Locker NT Laundry Tag Auto /25 and Lance Kendricks Exquisite /5 FT
  837. Brady, Rodgers, Stafford, Newton RC Autos For Highend Alex Smith
  838. Welker / Jacobs Dual auto
  839. 2005 Topps Pristine Aaron Rodgers Rookie Autograph /100
  840. High end available for trade- Brees Contenders, Cutler SPA, Big Ben and more
  841. LF Andrew Luck autos- Have multi-sport high-end for trade
  842. Cam Newton jersey/auto /10
  843. julio jones spa for trade and bradford rpa much more
  844. Buying/Tradind for High End Mikel Leshoure,Torrey Smith & Von Miller Autos.
  845. NT Calvin Johnson 5/5 FS/FT
  846. Got $250+ for best Matt Schaub RC Auto
  847. 2008 Topps Finest JOE FLACCO BGS 9.5 RC Auto /40!!!
  848. Inception Gold Ink Rg3 auto and Brady Inception 1/1 printing plate f/t
  849. Andy Dalton NT RPA /49 Ft!
  850. Andy Dalton SPA FT
  851. Brady contenders
  852. Bart Starr 2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Legacy Inscription Auto For Sale!
  853. FT - Aaron Rodgers Contenders RC Auto
  854. Looking to trade Let me know if you like anything
  855. 2001 SP Authentic Tiger Woods Autograph RC #/900 BGS 9.5 10 (for 1998 Peyton Manning)
  856. C.J. Spiller 3 Color National Treasures RC Auto #/99
  857. Dennis Rodman Limited Logos FT for Football
  858. Highend ft...McFadden, Lynch, Ryan/Flacco ...pics included
  859. FS/FT Cam Newton Auto's for Luck!
  860. Looking to trade up, will trade at premium
  861. 2012 RGIII Stars auto jersey # to 499
  862. WTTF/WTB Cam Newton Freshman Fabric dual auto
  863. FT: Thierry Henry 2012 Upper Deck National Convention Auto #'d/35
  864. Have these for trade for RGIII and/or Luck Autos!!!!
  865. High End National Treasures FT/FS! Cam, Locker, Stafford, Durant and more!
  867. Iphone 4 ft for highend.
  868. FT 2011 Cam Newton National Treasures RPA 3 Color Patch Auto Rc #/99 for best card
  869. FT SAM BRADFORD National Treasures RPA Logo Jersey Patch Auto Rc #/99 BGS 9 w 10 Auto
  870. FT 2009 MATTHEW STAFFORD National Treasures RPA Patch Auto Rc #/99
  871. Updated bucket!!! 30 new cards for trade!!! Its been a slow week, lets change it
  872. Lots of HI end FT---scans
  873. Any Eli Manning RC Autos FT?
  874. lookin to trade my jamaal charles exquisite
  875. WTTF: Matt Schaub High End RC Auto's
  876. Aaron Rodgers 4clr exquisite bgs 9
  877. WTTF Brady Auto
  878. LF High End Jake Locker! Newton and Green for Trade!
  879. Want to trade these!
  880. Russell Wilson Rookies & Stars Auto GU RC /25
  881. Want to upgrade my Brady Auto
  882. Wtt these high-end autos!!! Stafford, mccoy, ryan, t-rich, julio jones and more!!!
  883. WTTF/Buy: Super Bowl MVP autos
  884. LOOking for RYAN MALLETT AUTOS!!!!
  885. Cam Newton 2012 Rookies and stars /15
  886. FT/FS: Tim Tebow Exquisite RPAs
  887. Cam Newton UD Black Lustrous Signatures /35
  888. High end ft/s..AP, Lynch, Mcfadden, Mathews,Ryan, Rice
  889. Trading these two cards: Bradford, newton, locker, Gabbert
  890. High end FB ft for your High end BKB
  891. Does anyone have any highend jordan, lebron, brady, kobe, brees, rose, or jeter?
  892. FT-Pat Summitt Legendary Signatures- looking for FB in return.
  893. Out of the hobby, bucket for sale.
  894. AJ Green RC/Auto/jumbo patch 12/25 FS/FT SWEET
  895. Two high-end Roethlisberger rookies
  896. Matt Ryan Sweet Autos FT SPA/Contenders and More
  897. WTT 2001 UD Michael Vick Letterman Patches
  898. Looking To Move Some Highend Jordan,Trout,Mannings,Locker,Luck,RGIII,Dmac
  899. Anybody need a Dalton Crown Royale???
  900. Highend for Trade
  901. Highend Taiwan Jones FT 1/1 super refractor auto
  902. WTTF: Highend autos of Patrick Peterson and AJ Green....pc nft is FT tonight!
  903. A. Luck Rookies and Stars Jersey/Auto /499.... NICE!!!!!!!!!!
  904. FT/FS Jake Locker SPA GOLD Auto BGS 9.5 Auto 10
  905. Reggie Bush Auto 4/5 FT
  906. Jeter/Griffey Jr. Exquisite/20
  907. WTTF Rob Gronkowski National Treasures: Gronks FT for one!
  908. A. Luck R&S Jersey/Auto /499... NICE!!!
  909. Russell Wilson Prime Auto Level V !!
  910. wttf: Matt Ryan and Julio Jones
  911. 2011 Panini Gold Standard RPS Rookies 14K #258 Christian Ponder JERSEY AUTO /10
  912. Kobe for rg3
  913. WTTF a nice auto rcs of Matt Ryan, Trent Richardson ,and Mikel Leshoure
  914. Looking for HIGH bv cards
  915. Looking for this card.....
  916. Some Really Nice High Enders For Sale/Trade. Tebow Stafford Newton Bradford Murray
  917. Seeing if anyone is interested in a Cam Newton contenders auto
  918. DOES ANYONE HAVE A CAM NEWTON TOPPS CHROME AUTO!?!?!? please help have a luck auto FT
  919. Lets Trade! Stafford spa, Mccoy spa, Lynch exquisite, Rivers/eli dual auto rc, Brady
  920. Letting get some Highend trading going
  921. Wttf hot sp authentic rc autos!!! High-end ft!!
  922. Favre turkey red auto for trade who wants is ?
  923. Super highend come in!
  924. Tom Brady Contenders RC Auto & Round Numbers Dual Auto FT
  925. Anyone have a Tom Brady Contenders RC for sale $$$ Ready
  926. Both of these guys are 4-0 roddy & johnson
  927. Selling my whole bucket! need some cash! HIGH END!
  928. New 2012 Nike On Field Jersys FT For High End, Robert Griffin, Demaco Murray ECT
  929. Looking for....
  930. Some Super High End and Some Rare Cards FT/FS Ben Rice Peppers Ryan Staff Rodgers R
  931. looking for tom brady high end autograph cards
  932. Robert Griffun III Momentum Rpa /25 Ft!
  933. Anyone have a Manning Contenders FT?
  934. Looking for High-End 2012 Inception
  935. 1/1 CUT Auto Cliff Battles Boston Redskins NFL HOF & NCAA HOF
  936. 2000 Press Pass Tom Brady rookie Auto FT/FS
  937. Blaine Gabbert Topps Chrome Auto Rainbow FT/FS
  938. Pictures of Multi Sport High end ft.. will possibly sell also
  939. Kevin Durant National Treasures Auto 10/10!! ON CARD AUTO!
  940. Wtt my matt ryan, eli manning and more!!! L@@k!!!
  941. 2012 Momentum Fred Taylor auto /25 RARE HOF Auto For Trade
  942. Warrant for the arrest of greg mcelroy, buying all-reward if lead or sold a mcelory!
  943. 2012 Finest Andrew Luck Lucky Moments Auto /10 RC FS
  944. Im pretty sure no one has this card but me
  945. High End FT/FS! National Treasures, + High End Basketball
  946. HIGH END Basketball available - Durant, Griffin, DRose - Looking for Football QBs
  947. RG 3 For Sale or trade
  948. 2012 Topps Prime Doug Martin Level 1 Auto/Patch Book FT/FS
  949. WTTF Brady, Unitas, Walter Payton, and AP Autos
  950. FS: Cam Newton rc auto!
  951. Derrick Rose authentic jersey auto PSA AUTHENTICATED ABSOLUTE SICKNESS!
  952. Tim tebow 2011 limited patch auto /15
  953. dan marino fans best deal on web
  954. Looking for high end rc autos!
  955. UPDATED my photobucket......looking to make some trades HIGH-END
  956. Super High End Darrelle Revis For Sale
  957. WTTF: Contenders/SPa QB Autos ~Highend for trade w/Scans~
  958. Emmitt Smith Score BGS 9.5 Graded Rookie
  959. Demarco Murray Atomic Refractor rc auto /50 FT/FS
  960. Trading for Highend raiders!!
  961. Jake Locker NT Laundry Tag Auto /25 FT
  962. Cam newton finest auto 2clr patch rookie refractor /99
  963. John Elway Passing The Torch auto FT
  964. High end basketball and baseball for high end tom brady autograph cards!!
  965. High end FT! Scans inside!
  966. WTTF: Autos of Patrick Peterson,AJ,Julio,D Martin,Shady,Desean and others!
  967. Looking to make Highend Card/Cash Deals (Stafford, Rodgers, Brady, Eli..)
  968. WANTED: Ryan Mathews National Threasures / Exquiste
  969. 1/1 2010 Tebow/Thomas Superfractor Dual Patch FS/FT!!!
  970. Flacco Exq RPA Logo J.Rice Logo Staff SPA Rodgers Rare RC Au /50 Barry Percy Ryan 1/1
  971. Russell Wilson Prime Booklet auto jersey patch ball # 1/5
  972. need an andrew luck auto.. have nice stuff to trade
  973. Giving this away Calvin Johnson SPA PATCH AUTO!! Take a look!
  974. P. Manning /10 Auto FT!!
  975. Eli rookie spa gold & sp game used autos f/t -f/s
  976. Looking To Shake Up My Bucket, Highend QBs FT/FS Luck, Newton, Romo & Big Ben
  977. Jay Cutler SP Authentic, Big Ben Contenders, Brandon Marshall NT gold fs/ft
  978. Looking for some Matt Ryans
  979. Lots of NT fs or ft - Mainly 2011 /25, /99, reeboks
  980. LTTF Tim Tebow Jets auto
  981. Decided all my high end is for trade. 5 cards left Newton SPA BGS, Newton Cont. BGS +
  982. Tuesday Sales Thread Plenty of mid and high end stuff!
  983. FT/FS Ultra High End Basketball, Football, Baseball! UPDATED
  984. Anyone willing to trade down?
  985. WTT: A few high-end
  986. Looking to trade these Tebows
  987. My Walter Payton NT Cut /34 for LUCK
  988. WTB/™™™ 2000 Tom Brady Contenders or Crown Royale Auto
  989. WTT this 2011 Shirt Off My Back Dual Auto 3clr Jersey MJD and Blaine Gabbert 5/5
  990. Forte 1/1 NT autos
  991. 08 NT Cj2k and 2011 Topps Chrome Ryan Mallett 3clr patch auto ft
  992. Anyone trading a Luck or Griffin auto No Press Pass please
  993. Highend Scans For Trade Football & Baseball HOF'ers & Stars
  994. Highend Personal Collection Vault Scans For Trade Come Big Fellas
  995. High End SCANS Julio Dez Mallett Nicks
  996. Brady Contenders FT
  997. Sicky Icky Stafford Prime Patch Auto Jersey # 1/1 - 09/10
  998. FT Robert Griffin III RG3 Playoff Momentum Triple Patch Auto for Best Luck I can get
  999. NICE 2012 Topps Finest Ryan Tannehill & Michael Egnew dual auto patch rc 01/10 1/1!!!
  1000. High end QB's for trade- Luck, Cutler, Rodgers, Big Ben, Stafford
  1001. Wttf/wtb high-end autos of sam bradford, demaryius thomas & others!!! L@@k!!
  1002. looking for CAM AUTO! RGIII FT!
  1003. FT/FS Matt Ryan High End Sp Authentic Auto!
  1004. Looking For: Exquisite, National Treasures, SP Authentic Jumbo Patch Autos!
  1005. FT Ichiro Leaf Metal Draft Jersey Auto /99
  1006. Looking for High-End Matthew Stafford
  1007. multi sport Highend for trade/or sale..lets get some deals going
  1008. Want to make some trades!! New some new autos!
  1009. high end hof baseball for high end football. have ty cobb 1/1 gu, hornsby griffey
  1010. FT: Lynch Exq gold, Cam SPA and Legends Autos, Brady Rc, Gronk Exq, Bradshaw spa GOLD
  1011. Wes Welker Collection... MOSTLY RC'S
  1012. RG3 Nike Elite On Field Stitched Jerseys For Trade For High End
  1013. Looking To Trade This Michael Jordan SPA Auto For other highend
  1014. Rodgers 4 color exquisite bgs 9 anyone want it?
  1015. Lttf nice a.j. Green auto's/patches
  1016. Trading High End Cam newton autos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1017. Big Ben Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto f/t f/s
  1018. Looking To Buy Highend Eli Manning Matt Ryan Joe Flacco Rookie Auto's
  1019. RG3 PRESTIGE AUTO /299!!!y
  1020. 2011 Panini Gold Standard RPS Rookies 14K #258 Christian Ponder JSY AU/10
  1021. SSP High End Baseball FT! Looking for Tom Brady and other High End Pats!
  1022. 2012 Topps Finest Ryan Tannehill & Michael Egnew Dual Auto Jersey #01/10 1/1!!!!
  1023. looking for rg3 and luck rc auto
  1024. Michael Vick Signed Football FS/FT
  1025. Trade extremely rare 1998 Star Rubies Hakeem Olajuwon for your football stuff
  1026. Topps TX Super Bowl Ticket Auto Terry Bradshaw FT
  1027. Amazing bears cards FS/FT
  1028. wttf my super high end football for high end jordan inserts!!
  1029. Looking for Kurt Warner autos
  1030. Quick Sale - Ryan Mallett Topps Chrome RC Auto - Below eBay
  1031. New Highend For Trade - Brady Contenders RC Ticket Auto + More..
  1032. '99 Absolute Memobilia Auto'ed Barry Sander's Mini-helmet
  1033. Andrew Luck Elite Blue auto ft/fs
  1034. Multiple Ted Williams patches for Highend Football
  1035. My Young Money PC needs!
  1036. looking to make some trades today.. new stuff in bucket, Staubach, aikman, manning..
  1037. Looking to trade my troy aikman maruice jones drew dual auto from magic.
  1038. Highend Rivers, Eli, AP & Harvin FT/FS
  1039. Hate to say this, but I might have to put my Fred Jackson PC up for sale...
  1040. New Super High-end show pick-ups for trade!!! Come L@@K!!!
  1041. 2004 Spx R/C Eli & Peyton Manning Dual Jersey Auto # /25
  1042. Tom Brady 00 Contenders PSA 10 RC Auto Ft/fs for cash/paypal and super high end
  1044. CHECK MY PHOTOBUCKET anyone interested in anything ? im very new but love cards
  1045. Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor rc autos FT/FS for football!!!
  1046. Trading my high end bradford/tebow exquisite auto!
  1047. Looking to make some trades, all buckett sections open
  1048. Matt Ryan Auto,McCoy Laundry Tag #1/50,Suh Auto RC,Foles Topps Auto RC /90,Elway RC's
  1049. Jay Cutler National Treasures Lettermen FT
  1050. Want to make deals !
  1051. I'd love to acquire a Jerry Rice on-card auto...
  1052. Flacco SPA Brady 9.5 Griffin Cj Logo1/1 FT
  1053. Multi-Sport for trade... Mantle, Trout, Jeter, Cabrera, Manning, Starr, Bradshaw MORE
  1054. LeSean McCoy Exquisite patch auto rc #217/225 ft/s
  1055. Adrian Peterson stuff for sale
  1056. Baseball for good looking luck or rg3 autos
  1057. You want High End? I'll show you High End Scans...
  1058. Andrew Luck auto /99 and Calvin Johnson Auto Patch /25 ft/s
  1059. Bunch of High-End scans FT
  1060. Not a football collector so not sure what my son pulled
  1061. RG III auto jerseys
  1062. SUPER HIGH END FB 4 Sale/Trade: Eli, Flacco, RGIII, Wilson, Rodgers, Ryan, Schaub
  1063. Wttf my high end: Luck, rodgers, marino, brees, manning newton autos!!!!!
  1064. HighEnd ft(will also sell).. Lets get some deals going
  1065. Everybody needs a highend Tebow! Get his Exquisite here!
  1066. Luck auto, Kapernick auto /25, Tebow auto, Ponder auto, T. Smith auto, Cam jersey
  1067. Andrew Luck Slideshow Auto /50 Ft!
  1068. New HI end from today's show--scans
  1069. High End Football autos FT: Cam,Dalton,AJ,Harvin,Stafford,Mike Williams and Nicks
  1070. LF SPA or Contenders Eli Manning auto RC
  1071. Looking to trade This, Romo Rookie Auto
  1072. tom brady auto jersey /12 arod auto /15 FT
  1073. High End Trading! Foster,Megatron,Charles, and Manning bro's dual auto!
  1074. 4 high enders left. All for trade for any sports.
  1075. Super highend ft!
  1076. George Connor (Bears Hofer cut) Auto ft - willing to trade down
  1077. Bills Fans!!! Thar's GOLD on them thar cards!!!!
  1078. Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor rc auto FT/FS for football
  1079. Payton/Sanders 1999 Elite PTT BGS 9.5 FT/FS until Wednesday....
  1080. Wanted to trade high end with someone its been awhile.
  1081. Looking to grow my Patrick Willis PC
  1082. Looking to do some high end trading. Stafford, Freeman, Cam Newton, Bradford etc....
  1083. Matt Ryan "Matty Ice" BGS 9.5 Auto 10 FT Solid Subgrades!!!
  1084. Highend FOR TRADE
  1085. Searching for my white whale!!! Do you have it or a lead?
  1086. Lets make some deals. All mid-high end in my bucket. All sections open FT
  1087. Aaron Rodgers 4clr exquisite bgs 9 for sale or trade!
  1088. 2005 Finest Aaron Rodgers Autograph /299
  1089. FT: 2012 Momentum Team Threads AUTO PATCH Barry Sanders (3/5) [JUST PULLED TODAY!]
  1090. FT: 2012 Press Pass Legends Hall of Fame Edition Andrew Luck AUTO (1/5)
  1091. Midshipmen Heisman winners--Staubach/Bellino 1/1 auto ft
  1092. WTTF Brandon Marshall, Josh Freeman, Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford, AJ Green rc auto
  1093. 2001 Topps Chrome Albert Pujols Retrofractor FS/FT
  1094. WTTF Alex Smith Auto RC's
  1095. New high ends ft....scan heavy(part 1)
  1096. Inception Brandon Weeden NFL Jumbo Logo Shield # 1/1
  1097. Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor for Football. WILL TRADE DOWN CONSIDERABLY
  1098. Lookiing to trade Some Highend Pictures inside
  1099. New high ends ft....scan heavy(part 2)
  1100. Luck/Griffin Autos for TRADE
  1101. High End Hockey For High End Football
  1102. Andrew Luck/RG3 Dual Auto /25, RG3 Auto/Patch 9.5 /25 FS/FT!
  1103. 10/10 Tannehill/Miller/Egnew Sig/Relic, want Foster RC Sig or JJWatt RC Sig LowSerial
  1105. Putting this MJ auto out there
  1106. Newton RPA /15 FT
  1107. 2011 topps jake locker auto jersey 1 of 5 very nice
  1108. Bucket updated!! Lets make some trades!!
  1109. Ole matty ice f/t -- f/s
  1110. looking to trade my cam newtons and lasean mccoy rc auto 1/1 for andrew luck
  1111. A-johnson auto /5 f/t will trade down
  1112. Looking for a nice Richardson or AJ Green autograph, any Megatron fans?
  1113. LeSean "Shady" McCoy RPA #25/30 JERSEY # 1/1 FT
  1114. looking to trade these high end
  1115. Back and ready to trade for your high end.
  1116. Looking for a Matt Ryan Rookie auto
  1117. High end ft
  1118. T.r.a.d.i.n.g.
  1119. Hate that I have to do this! - Jim Brown, Earl Campbell, Doug Martin...
  1120. looking for JIM KELLY autos/patches
  1121. Looking for all RARE NT CARDS in both football and basketball !!! Plz read!!!
  1122. Demaryius Thomas Contenders Championship Ticket Auto 1/1 - BGS 9 - FS
  1123. 2012 Finest RGIII Hit!!!
  1124. Willing to Trade a HUGE 8 way auto down for a few big names
  1125. 2001 Tomlinson Rookie Photo Shoot Auto FT/FS
  1126. Thursday Night High End Trading....got Cam,Dalton,AJ,Nicks,Stafford,Harvin & More FT!
  1127. Looking to trade these high end....SCANS
  1128. Jim Kelly 10/10, Thurman Thomas 6/8 14K Gold AUTO's FT
  1129. Looking for Matt Ryan true RC Auto's
  1130. BUCKET OVERHAULED!!! super high-end for trade for the right cards! (scan-heavy)
  1131. finally got my Jimmy graham exquisite auto redeemer in
  1132. Tom Brady Contenders BGS 9 and more for trade
  1133. Calvin Johnson RC auto patch /25 ft/s
  1134. ** FT - '09 SPA GOLD M.STAFFORD/M.SANCHEZ/J.FREEMAN RC On-Card Auto /25 **
  1135. Looking to trade a few items(multi sport pics)
  1136. Tom Brady AU FS
  1137. Looking for RGIII and Andrew Luck from Rookies and Stars Rookie Materials Autos
  1138. Pulled this sweetie today
  1139. Using these 2 to add to my PC.....hopefully
  1140. Looking for VON MILLER AUTO!!!!
  1141. Looking for ANDREW LUCK Auto's, 1/1's and Unique Patches
  1142. Howard/Pujols/Cabrera for Luck
  1143. FT Highend Luck, RG3, Locker, Dalton, AJ, Newton, Sweetness, Barry Sanders, On and On
  1144. 2 sweet high end cards for Trade. Bradford And Murray
  1145. Peyton manning green refrctor auto 10/10 f/t-f/s
  1146. Highend Exquisite, Contenders, Certified 1/1 Quad & More!
  1147. Cam Newton Contenders rc autos FT/FS
  1148. WTTF Brandon Marshall, AJ Green, Demaryius Thomas, Josh Freeman, Rice, etc....
  1149. Platinum RG3 Blue Ref 3 clr AU/PATCH /25 BGS 9.5 FS/FT
  1150. OMFG my lucky PRISM case - and only half through opening!!!!!! MUST READ
  1151. Sam Bradford Contenders On Card SP Auto for Trade - LF Contenders TE Autos
  1153. Breaking up some PCs so Im trading my high end for Marino
  1154. Possibly FT: Michael Jordan PSA 8 Fleer RC
  1155. duo auto Andrew Luck/RG3 and Andrew Luck refractor auto sale/trade
  1156. FS/FT:2008 National Treasures Mark Sanchez RC Patch auto BGS 9.5 with 10 auto
  1157. Jake Locker National Treasures 5 Clr RPA Gold /49 Ft
  1158. Taking offers on this Locker
  1159. new too forums will send 1st two highend auto 4 trade BEST OFFER NO LOWBALLING VVHTG!
  1160. New High End: Stafford SPA, Demarco NT, Julio Gold, more come see SCANS
  1161. Some High-End FT!!!!!
  1162. WTTF Brandon Marshall, AJ Green, Torrey Smith, Demaryius Thomas, and Josh Freeman
  1163. absolutely monster luck bgs auto available....
  1164. havent made any trades in awhile, website is updated! lets make some deals!
  1165. Ft for fb Ichiro 2011 Leaf Metal Draft patch auto /99
  1166. FT/FS: Antonio Gates TTT White Whale Auto Jersey
  1167. Been long time since ive traded, so lets trade
  1168. Matthew Stafford SP Authentic rc autos FT/FS
  1169. Players and team lots
  1170. 2012 Prime Sigs Triple Auto Andrew Luck RgIII Trent Richardson 15 Made
  1171. John Elway Prime Signatures /5 Auto
  1172. LTTF RG3 Auto
  1173. Nick Foles Autos
  1174. New High End Cards FT
  1175. Andrew Luck Topps Prime Gold Rc Auto 26/75 FT
  1176. Luck auto .75, RGIII Letterman Auto, Dalton, More
  1177. Jordan Todman Topps Chrome RC 1/1
  1178. RGIII 4 TDS Today- UD Letterman Auto /45 FT
  1180. Topps Prime Level 5 Robert Griffen Auto
  1181. Andre Johnson Contenders RC AUTO /25, Patrick Willis Contenders RC Auto BGS 9!
  1182. Aaron Rodgers Topps Chrome Xfractor auto and more FT
  1183. luck autos, amazing aj green and more! FT
  1184. 2012 Topps Andrew Luck/RGIII Dual Auto /25 FS/FT
  1185. WTB: resale Lot
  1186. these Cards for a Gore Exquisite RC
  1188. Would sell or possibly trade this Auto booklet #/5
  1189. Looking for an Adrian Peterson RC Auto, Auto/Patch in good shape
  1190. HUGE MONDAY SALES THREAD, tons of mid-high end stuff.
  1191. RGIII inception Auto/50 FT
  1192. Rodgers Rookie Auto Cam Rookie Auto Torrey Smith Rookie Auto
  1193. Peyton Holo Gold Rc
  1194. 1/1 collectors check this legendary Ty Cobb!!!!
  1195. Any high end buckets for sale? BUYING OUT COLLECTIONS!
  1196. 2011 SP Authentic Auto Patch COLIN KAEPERNICK ROOKIE 3CLR FT
  1197. Cracked another box of Chrome today..GLAD I DID!
  1198. Manning Colts Triple, Pujols, Brees autos, Griffin 3-color patch FT/FS
  1199. Matthew Stafford National Treasures Gold rc auto "LIO" patch /25 FT!!!
  1200. Andrew Luck Premiere rc auto FT/FS BGS 9/9
  1201. Clayton Kershaw Signed Game Used 2007 Jersey for High End !!
  1202. Smith, Manning, Blackmon, Locker and more FT
  1203. 2005 Finest Printing Plate Magenta Aaron Rodgers Auto 1/1 bv$n/a
  1204. i have incoming blake griffin auto rc
  1205. RG3 Platinum patch auto /5 - Trading for Andrew Luck Chrome auto
  1206. Andrew Luck 2012 Leaf NFL Logo Shield Patch 1/1 !!!
  1207. 2012 Prime Sigs Pen Pals Andrew Luck Robert Griffin III Dual Auto
  1208. Looking to trade for Matt Ryan, RGIII or Luck
  1209. BLACK FRIDAY SALES THREAD lots of nice stuff, really need $
  1210. 2011 Contenders Holy Grail! Tyron Smith SSP Auto
  1211. National Treasures HOFer Auto/Jersey Cards for Trade
  1212. New high-end bucket...Pics inside...3 sports (BKB/FB/HK)
  1213. Sam Bradford National Treasures rc auto nice patch /99 FT/FS
  1214. 2012 Press Pass, Sports Town, Rookie Auto /25, Robert Griffin III
  1215. Looking to trade this Bryce Harper for Football
  1216. This High-End HOF Football dual auto for Basketball... SCAN!!!
  1217. Doug Martin Topps Chrome Auto 3 Color Patch /50 FT!!
  1218. Highend Scans PC Prices Included Unitas RG3 Manning Favre Rodgers AP Newton Stafford+
  1219. Any high end Kaepernick?
  1220. WTT: Andrew Luck Gold Refractor Die-Cut Auto 10/10 for High End Peyton Manning Auto
  1221. National Treasures HOFer Auto/Jersey cards for trade..
  1222. 2006 Bowman Chrome Jay Cutler Orange Refractor AU/25 BGS 9.5 (10)
  1223. Dan Marino / Archie Manning DUAL AUTO exquisite
  1224. WTTF Colin Kaepernick, Torrey Smith, AJ Green, Jake Locker, and Andrew Luck
  1225. ROBERT GRIFFEN lll topps prime 6 piece gu auto booklet 6/10
  1226. Kaepernick and Moss High End Cards Buying or Trading For
  1227. Andrew Luck Tall Boy Prism /50 FT
  1228. TRUE 1/1 LeSean McCoy Auto Gold Standard! FT/FS
  1229. Super high end for trade!!! Bring me all high end andrew luck stuff i don't have!!!!
  1230. FS or Trade...Martin, Ponder, Kaepernick, Luck Autos
  1231. I have plenty for everyone ... Take a Look!!!
  1232. Few mid/high FT scans
  1233. Montana RC PSA 9(oc) FT
  1234. 2-2011 ryan mallett lettermen autos
  1235. Luck/griffin/tannehill white whale for possible trade
  1236. Peyton Manning National Treasures timeline AFC Jersey Auto # 05/10 looking for offers
  1237. Testing the market on this pop 1 psa 10
  1238. Looking for 1997 Legends Redemptions
  1239. High End Super Cards Up For Trade!!!!
  1240. WTTF: High End of AJ, Julio, Doug Martin, RG3, Ray Rice, Trent Richardson,and others
  1241. Andrew Luck/Robert Griffin III/Trent Richardson Pen Pals auto FT/FS
  1242. 2011 Colin Kaepernick contenders auto ft/fs
  1243. whose trading??? High End FT
  1244. jay cutler spa rc auto jersey number 6/100 mint
  1245. Russell Wilson au/jsy FT
  1246. Andrew Luck Auto Patch /10, Matthew Stafford Auto /5, Bradford Gold Auto, Manning 9.5
  1247. Wtt ruth, mantle and dimaggio vintage gu for football autos
  1248. RG3 inception 3 color patch auto /25
  1249. Highend Available: Jordan PSA 8 RC, Harper BGS 9.5 Chrome Auto, MORE
  1250. Anybody have any high end Eric Berry FT/FS?
  1251. ELI Manning - looking to buy high end autos
  1252. 2001 Bowman Chrome Drew Brees RC Auto */25 BGS 9
  1253. Crazy Hit Cam, Dalton, Locker etc... Looking for Luck or RG3 only
  1254. Taking offers on this
  1255. Trading my basketball for your high end football
  1256. Luck here......
  1257. High End Cards FOR SALE/TRADE!!!
  1258. The n f l leading right now f/t -f/s you want him ?
  1259. Looking for RG3...Anyone like theese crosbys? Football for hockey?
  1260. Aaron Rodgers NT Auto 9/10,2007-08 Kevin Durant Hot Prospects auto FT/FS
  1261. 2004/05 SP Game Used Edition Lebron/Boozer dual gu auto FT
  1262. HighEnd bucket FT, Murray, AP,Kobe,Jeter,Griffey,Dalton and plenty more
  1263. Highend FT Lynch,Rodgers,Wison…
  1264. Rodgers Sweet Spot auto FT.
  1265. Buying Your Highend Football, Baseball, and Basketball
  1266. Spent to much on eBay! Need to move some items via cash/trade Super high end
  1267. A.J. Green Topps Magic Cut Auto only 5 made BV $175 for Trade
  1268. Continuation of Spent to much on eBay! Missed a few high enders that I'd like to put
  1269. Updated Bucket FT
  1270. Looking to Trade for RG3
  1271. Bored... guess I'll trade these.
  1272. Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer Sticker RC SGC 98 Rare Gem Mint FS/FT
  1273. Looking for Rare MILES AUSTIN BRING THEM HERE!
  1274. Looking for...
  1275. Will anyone trade me Luck and Fleener autos and chrome RC's?
  1276. anyone have an aldon smith contenders 2011 auto?
  1277. Looking to trade! Foles, Ridley, Marino, Murray
  1278. Actual Football Stuff FT/FS
  1279. Luck, RG3, Montana, Richardson FT
  1280. HOF Dual Autos FS/FT Marino/Namath/Montana/Young
  1281. Lets trade-scans inside
  1282. Andre johnson numbered to /5 before monday night get him here
  1283. ™™™: 2000 Tom Brady RC Contenders in Good Condition
  1284. looking for andrew luck auto rc
  1285. Have this Beauty for trade:)
  1286. A few nice ones FT Scans inside!
  1287. Manning Score RC Auto Buyback, Bradshaw Auto Patch Jersey #, Elway, Sanders Autos++
  1288. aaron rodgers absolute rc auto /249 wwt/wws or part trade part pp
  1289. Rodgers RC Auto Brady AUto FT
  1290. 2012 Platinum Robert Griffin III Blue Ref 3-Clr Auto/Patch #'ed /25 BGS 9.5/10 FS/FT
  1291. Maybe gonna Put this up for trade
  1292. Simon says >>>>>>>>highend
  1293. David Wilson BREAKOUT Game! Looking to Trade This 1/1 NOW!
  1294. Nolan ryan on card sp auto for football
  1295. First Trade thread in a while
  1296. Topps Finest Nick Foles Automic Rookie Die Cut Red Ref auto /ft or f/s
  1297. Josh Freeman Exquisite 3 color rc auto FT
  1298. Looking for High end Randall Cobb
  1299. Got my Beckett Order Back
  1300. Help Me get all 157 cards of Packers Safety Morgan Burnett!!
  1301. Highend Eli Manning available (Contenders & SPA)
  1302. Kaepernick SPAs FT Looking for any 9.5 AJ Green Autos
  1303. Andrew Luck Inception Auto /150
  1304. 2005 Bowman Printing Plates Magenta #112 AU Aaron Rodgers 1/1
  1305. trading up for mid-high end in your favor
  1306. Prestige Kyrie Irving Rc Auto for Football
  1307. LTTF a "NICE" Marino Auto
  1308. Few cards for trade:
  1309. Looking to trade this for an AJ Green SPa
  1310. Frank Gore Exquisite RC wanted
  1311. Wednesday Sales Thread - all prices at or below ebay
  1312. 2012 Prime Sigs Pen Pals Andrew Luck Robert Griffin III Dual Auto
  1313. selling demarcus ware nfl shield 1/1 national treasure
  1314. Adrian Peterson Panini Prime Signatures 1/1 Printing Plate auto
  1315. Anyone??
  1316. SUPER High end FT...Quad RC shield auto, PSA 10 NT rc autos...etc
  1317. Jim Brown 1997 Upper Deck Legends Sign of the Times Auto
  1318. HiGh EnD fOr TrAdE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scans !!!!
  1319. Looking for 06 & 07 National Treasures Jersey Number Prime Signatures
  1320. LF Tom Brady Contenders auto
  1321. Justin Blackmon Topps Auto SP
  1322. RG3 Playoff Momentum Auto Triple Jersey Patch Rc Robert Griffin III FOR BEST CARD(s)
  1323. FT: (2) Brandon Weeden Superfractor 1/1's AND MORE!! **--LOOK--**
  1324. 2012 demarcus ware topps chrome superfractor 1/1
  1325. Manning auto 5/5 FT
  1326. Josh Freeman Exquisite 3 color rc auto QUICK SALE
  1327. High End FS - Peterson/Kaepernick/Newton/Jared Allen
  1328. FT/FS Super high-end bucket! Need to move some stuff!! Brady Contenders, Jordan Auto.
  1329. Looking for high end colts have this
  1330. WTTF: Autos of Trent richardson, AP, Bo Jackson
  1331. 1/1 superfractor janoris jenkins ft
  1332. I'm Not Sure If Anybody Would Want This!!!!!!
  1333. Peyton told eli that it was his turn this year he won last year
  1334. Adrian Peterson SPA Nameplate Patch RC Autograph FS/FT
  1335. WTTF Higher end Adrian Peterson!!!!!!!!!
  1336. FT/FS: Luck / RG3 / Tannehill triple AUTO #/10
  1337. FT/FS John Elway Prime Signatures Auto /5 & Hines Ward Prime Signatures Auto /15
  1338. Tom brady auto. Ray lewis inscription auto aj green nt
  1339. Anyone still collect Cam? Will check your High End football lists and buckets FT.....
  1340. Colin Kaepernick Topps Chrome Atomic Ref Auto /50 FS
  1341. Peyton Manning Die Cut Auto /10!! For Trade!!
  1342. LTTF: Adrian Peterson RC AUTOS!! (really just spa, nt, exquisite or contenders)
  1343. Let's trade (or sell)- high end available here, come see
  1344. Five Star Quad Auto Bradford, Spiller, Gresham, Thomas f/s f/t
  1345. WTTF Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, JJ Watt, Andy Dalton, AJ Green
  1346. FT Colin Kaepernick 2011 Upper Deck College Legends Autographs BGS 9.5/10 Auto
  1347. Josh Freeman and Brandon Marshall rc autos FT
  1348. Kaepernick /5 Reebok Patch Auto FT Looking for AJ Green NT
  1349. need griffin strata auto.....
  1350. Testing the Waters: Tom Brady Au/Gu
  1351. All i want for Christmas is trades!
  1352. looking for cam newton auto rc
  1353. Multi-Sport! RG3, Pujols, Blake, Cabrera, J. Taylor, Butkus, Phelps, B. Posey, Martin
  1354. Anyone have a Marino auto FT on this site? lol.
  1355. 2010 TTT QB Booklet /27 f/t
  1356. LF Mid to high end stafford autos
  1357. Mr. recordbreaker, Calvin Johnson 2007 Topps Chrome SUPERFRACTOR auto FS/FT
  1358. HIGH END for Marino or Jordan Autos, or anything else that catches my eye
  1359. One very nice bart starr jesy/auto /10
  1360. Tons of new highend just added! Take a look! Only Available til January 1st!
  1361. FT/FS: Russell Wilson Prime Book auto #
  1362. Luck autos for trade
  1363. LF Aaron Rodgers auto
  1364. WTTF: Russell Wilson Autos
  1365. Brandon Weeden Leaf Ultimate Auto Auto 1/1 For Trade.
  1366. Looking To Trade Peyton For Luck!!
  1367. 2011 Gridiron Gear NFL Nation Jersey Auto Drew Brees 3/5 BGS 9
  1368. Complete 2008 Leaf Rookies & Stars set for trade $$$
  1369. WTTF Peyton Manning
  1370. High End Cards FT...looking for equal return...1/1s, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson
  1371. Have a Jerry Rice Shadow Box Auto FT!! Checking Buckets
  1372. does anyone wanna take a shot at this Tom Brady card
  1373. Ted Williams Century Legends Auto FT/FS
  1374. 2012 topps triple threads#ttardc-7 jennigs harvin best jeffrey wright broyles 6 auto
  1375. Anyone Feel Lucky Enough To Dace To DangeRuss Salsa?
  1376. Mike Zunino Refractor Auto FT for Football
  1377. Anyone need any of these High End Autos: Cam/AJ/Stafford/Dalton/Nicks/P Peterson.....
  1378. This card cannot be worth THAT much...
  1379. Tom Brady Auto/GU: Looking to Upgrade!
  1380. FT 2012 Prominence Peyton Manning auto /25
  1381. MVP AP contenders up for trade
  1382. 2011 Plates and Patches Aaron Rodgers #5/5
  1383. Once in a lifetime find...Barry Sanders/Red Grange 1/1 auto
  1384. Is it possible to trade for a Drew Brees auto RC with these?
  1385. Anyone Have Any?
  1386. 2012 Prime Sigs Triple Pen Pals Auto Andrew Luck Robert Griffin III Trent Richardson
  1387. 2012 Prime Andrew Luck Auto /260 FT/FS
  1388. Highend For Trade
  1389. FT Michael Jordan Bulls UNI Auto card #2/5!!!! Looking for some LUCK or RG3!!!!!!
  1390. WTB: Tony Romo Auto
  1391. Adrian Peterson RC year autos
  1392. Andrew Luck Prestige Autograph NFL Shield card FT/FS
  1393. Any Gronkowski/Hernandez Dual Auto's Out There?
  1394. 2003 ud pro/prospect Peyton Manning auto f/t
  1395. Bradford auto/5 fs/ft
  1396. Peyton Manning Die Cut Auto #D to 10
  1397. WTB: Tom Brady Auto
  1398. I got this sweet peyton back guys now who wants is ???
  1399. calvin johnson autograph patch /25 ft/s
  1400. FT 2009 Upper Deck Black Troy Aikman Auto #1/1
  1401. Robert Turbin Topps Chrome Gold AUto 1/10 F/T
  1402. FT/FS PenPals 8 auto Dalton, Ponder, Babbert, Locker, AJ, Jones, Baldwin, and Young
  1403. Kaepernick, Kobe Bryant and more FT
  1404. Phil Simms Rainbow with the 1/1
  1405. 2012 Elite Rookie Inscriptions Andrew Luck blue auto FT
  1406. 2012 Prime Sigs Pen Pals Andrew Luck Robert Griffin III Dual & Triple w/ TRich Auto
  1407. FT 2009 Panini National Convention Blake Griffin Auto
  1408. Wttf/wtb rg3!!
  1409. What can I get for this SICK Broncos card?
  1410. AP Patch Auto #/5 and other high end FT
  1411. Doug Martin auto 7/90
  1412. Robert Griffin III Auto /70 (RG3), Looking see about possible Luck Auto
  1413. Who will be my first trade of 2013? High end inside.
  1414. I am looking for a Russell Wilson Auto
  1415. Matt Ryan Darren McFadden Dual Rookie Auto /50 FT not FS
  1416. Adrian Peterson LCM Auto Quad GU RC Mirror Gold #25/25
  1417. Hi end scans FT
  1418. These two KOBE BRYANT PATCH cards for Adrian Peterson or RG 3 please... SCANS
  1419. Opening Up The PC: Brady Manning Riodgers Brees Jordan Rookies & Autos FS/FT
  1420. Highend Scans For Trade Unitas Manning Favre Calvin Newton Stafford Rodgers ++
  1421. NICE Robert Turbin Auto Patch Inception rc FT/FS
  1422. Haven't Traded in forever!!! HELP ME GET A TRADE DONE SOON!!!
  1423. FS/FT : Hines Ward Auto /15
  1424. Josh Freeman Exquisite Silver 4 color rc auto patch /25 FT/FS
  1425. CAM for Luck?
  1426. Looking for Denver Broncos!!!
  1427. I would Like to Trade/Buy A Russell Wilson auto TONIGHT!
  1428. Hakeem Olajuwon auto FT
  1429. Let's see if we can shake it up- bring out your best stuff for these please
  1430. FT:AP2K Sp Authentic
  1431. BigBen, Colston, Decker, Manning, Marino, Rivers, Sanders, Spiller, Thomas and MORE!
  1432. Trading Topp Strata Clear Cut Andrew Luck 18/55
  1433. Check my bucket out, AP, Kobe, 1/1s, Foster, Bradford, Honus Wagner, ++++ More
  1434. Peyton Manning Score Buyback Rc Autograph For Trade
  1435. Rg3, tom brady, ap2k all ft
  1436. Trying to move these
  1437. 2006 Ultimate Quad Auto FT (Bush/Sanders/Tomlinson/Johnson)
  1438. FT: Namath, Young, Stafford, Luck/Griffin/Tannehill
  1439. WTB Adrian Peterson Auot/Patch/Jersey
  1440. just looking for trade
  1441. Looking to trade Andrew Luck Clear Cut /55
  1442. PC for trade, Looking at Buckets
  1443. Looking for Byron Leftwich High End
  1444. 2007 National Treasures Adrian Peterson Auto Patch /99 FT
  1445. Strictly looking for Christian Ponder
  1446. 1982 Lawrence Taylor RC - BGS 9.5
  1447. 2010 topps triple threads Qb Booklet ( MVP's Galore) 17/27
  1448. Matt Schaub rc patch auto and others FT
  1449. Today Only: Taking Offers on Peyton Manning Contenders Rc Auto
  1450. Looking for T.Y. Hilton and Russell Wilson Auto cards
  1451. FS: Peyton Manning Autos and 1/1, Roethlisberger Chrome Auto/50 + more HOFs
  1452. Did I screw up?
  1453. Tynnahill R&S Slide Card/Auto FT
  1454. RG3 Absolute Auto /299 FT
  1455. WTB: high end Andre Johnson
  1456. Cristian Ponder /55 3 Clr Patch Auto FT
  1457. robert griffin iii and adrian peterson ft
  1458. Kaepernick/Newton/Ponder/Julio/Sterling/ Exquisite/Triple Threads Autos FT/FS
  1459. ft or fs 2012 gridiron gear andrew luck auto 31/99 rookie gridiron kings auto
  1460. 2005 Exquisite Unopened Football Box FT....++++ More
  1461. Topps Strata Andrew Luck auto Patch
  1462. rg3 auto /99
  1463. FT: Welker Contenders auto, Spiller NT Gold, Cam Legends, Lynch Exquisitie..etc
  1464. Trading RG3 Certified RC Dual Jersey AUTO--SCAN INSIDE--Lets Get A Deal Done
  1465. Bringing out the big guns for Russell Wilson
  1466. Trent Richardson Prestige Patch/Auto FT
  1467. Do You Need Bryce Harper's? Bring Me Your Tom Brady's
  1468. Jamaal Charles/Ray Rice/ Chris Johnson/Steve Slaton QUAD RP Auto FT/FS
  1469. 2011 Phil Simms Certified Emerald and 2011 Precision 1/1
  1470. 2010 Plates & Patches Sammy Baugh Cut Auto 26/63 (SCAN)
  1471. One of my PC's for one of your cards?
  1472. 2012 Topps Chrome #1 Andrew Luck Blue Refractor FT
  1473. 2010 Playoff Contenders Victor Cruz AutoFT!! Looking for one on one trade BV ONLY!!!
  1474. Luck/Floyd Sterling Dual Prism Ref Auto 6/15 fs or ft
  1475. High-end Russell Wilson FT!
  1476. TTT RG3/Luck dual Gold /9 FT/FS
  1477. 2012 Topps Platinum Andrew Luck Gold Ref Patch Auto /5 FT/FS
  1478. Taking Offers on RGIII Bowman Sterling Black Refractor auto and blue ref. jsy
  1479. WTT 2012 Bowman Sterling LaMichael James 1/1 AUTO RC GU Refractor
  1480. John Elway Auto, Julio Jones FT
  1481. Come LOOK!!
  1482. Looking to trade Kobe Bryant for Peyton Manning
  1483. For Trade: RG3 Camo AU, Steve Young AU, and Joe Montana AU
  1484. WTB Colin Kaepernick National Treasures or Exquisite rc auto!
  1485. I'M bored-BORED-bored,Let's trade-TRADE-trade!‘!‘!
  1486. FT/FS Take a look at my bucket....Longoria Cabrera HOFs Hamilton Pujols ++++++
  1487. Topps Prime Level V RGIII 16/50 Auto FT
  1488. Sterling Russell Wilson 3 clr patch auto /99 ft for basketball
  1489. Hi end-Luck/Floyd, Richardson/Blackmon, Locker, Matt Ryan Quad, and more
  1490. Trading this low print auto of RG3...only 2 exist!
  1491. WTB Toby Gerhart
  1492. 2012 Crown Royale Andrew Luck /249 Jersey Auto
  1493. WTT these High End Football Autos: Cam,Dalton,AJ, Martin,Kurt Warner,Stafford & more!
  1494. Brady Manning Luck Wilson Peterson Autos Patches & More FS/FT
  1495. FT:Knowshon Moreno/Beanie Wells 1/1 Exquisite Shield/auto
  1496. Looking to buy trent richardson autos!!
  1497. Looking for russell wilson!!!!!
  1498. Kirk cousins t plat 2/5 rookie auto ft
  1499. LF Kaepernick SPA 3 color patch auto
  1500. Andrew Luck Strata Auto Patch #/55 FT/FS
  1501. 2012 Topps Tallboy Russell Wilson Auto
  1502. Gonna try moving my Foles auto for a lot of 2011/2012 bowman auto baseball prospects
  1503. Any Flacco fans?
  1504. 2011 Topps Five Star Colin Kaepernick Booklet /35
  1505. FT 2011 Timeless Treasures Colin Kaepernick Auto /10,,
  1506. Taking trade offers on this Sick Ray Lewis/Ed Reed
  1507. K Cousins T Plat Rookie auto 2/5 WTTF C Kaepernick
  1508. No rookies today only one of the best hofer's that ever played f/t
  1510. Looking for Johnny U
  1511. AJ Green NT Auto 3 color patch FT
  1512. RG3 Gridiron Kings auto
  1513. Brady 1/1 Au Logo Calvin Con Luck BGS Rice Ult Flacco Exq
  1514. My Tom Brady RC auto for your Kevin Durant RC auto?
  1515. WTT Peyton Manning
  1516. Russell Wilson Crown Royale Silouhettes /25 and /349 Redemptions FT>
  1517. High End For Trade
  1518. Ryan tannehill 1/1 topps finest rc auto nfl football shield !!!
  1519. Sterling Russell Wilson 3 clr patch auto /99 ft for basketball
  1520. Wilson Black RPA FT
  1521. RGIII Strata Patch Auto FT
  1522. 2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck Black Refractor Auto 12/25 Trade or Sell
  1523. WTTF: Brady contenders
  1524. Bucket updated. Lets trade..
  1525. High-end FT!
  1526. LF: Brady/Montana Dual Auto
  1527. Tom Brady Contenders FT/FS
  1528. I want to trade my autos for your autos!!
  1529. Wilson and Luck / RG3 Pen Pals Auto for Elite Die Cut Autos
  1530. Trading high end Kaepernick, Peterson, CJ
  1531. WTT: Kaep for Kaep
  1532. Anyone?
  1533. F/T Griifin, Forte, Fleener, Julio Jones High end
  1534. Looking to trade this Calvin Johnson for some Kaepernick cards
  1535. SICK RC AJ Green's 1/1 Auto's!!
  1536. Kaepernick's Available For Trade (Contenders, Limited /10)
  1537. FT for Nice Kaepernick autos!
  1538. Everything on first page of bucket is FT
  1539. BUYING HIGH END: Looking to spend about $200 Whattya got?
  1540. FS/FT - BGS 9.5 Chrome Andrew Luck /50 Prism Tall Boy
  1541. Aaron Rodgers Ultimate rc auto /99 PSA 10 FS-FT
  1542. LaMicheal James AUTO 1/1 F/T
  1543. Ft:colin kaepernick 2011 topps chrome crystal atomic refractor rc auto sp /50
  1544. WTT rare Cam Newton auto for Andrew Luck Chrome auto base variation
  1545. matt ryan ttt immortals 1/1 triple patch f/t
  1546. Looking to sell this High end beast
  1547. Trading this for a comparable Favre auto
  1548. Andrew Luck Prestige auto BGS 9.5 with 10 auto ft/s
  1549. Kaepernick, Wilson, Gabbert, and Von Miller Donruss Elite Auto's
  1550. Looking for 49ers contenders and aaron rodgers chrome rookie
  1551. RGIII Crown Royale Silouhette patch auto FT.
  1552. High-end Football & Baseball- Ryan, King Felix, Trout, Foles, Harper & more F/T
  1553. anyone want this?
  1554. Hi end FT--Scans
  1555. FT: Crabtree/Nicks/Thomas/Harvin 1/1 Exquisite Shield/auto
  1556. Highend PC For Trade 2 Cases Unitas Favre RG3 Sanders Richardson ++
  1557. 1999 Score RC Reprint Derrick Thomas Auto BGS 8.5/10 For Trade
  1558. Trading Down !!! Nice Jim Kelly Auto /25 For Jordy Nelson !!!
  1559. HOF Baseball For your FOOTBALL, TAKE A LOOK!
  1561. Some High End (Luck, RG3) for Trade
  1562. Peyton Manning Contenders Auto RC BGS 8 9 Auto(Rare) Cutler SPA 9.5 10 Luck Au BGS
  1563. Kaepernick, Wilson, Luck, Newton Ft/Fs
  1564. High end list w/ scans
  1565. Can this lot get me a Brady?
  1566. Any Flacco fans?
  1567. Tom Brady 1/1 SUPERFRCATOR for trade
  1568. High End RG3 patch auto LOT
  1569. High End Autos FT: Who needs Cam,Stafford,Warner,AJ,Doug Martin, Dalton & More!
  1570. Kaepernick,Wilson, Favre,Megatron Ft/Fs
  1571. 2011 topps triple threads colin kaepernick auto / relic 27/90
  1572. Anybody Want This Flacco Stuff (Extremely High End)? Also Have Kaepernick's
  1573. LeSean McCoy RC NFL LOGO and REEBOK LOGO!!
  1574. Kaepernick Spa Rpa Redemption Ft......
  1575. lf: Ryan Mallett base CHROME ROOKIE AUTOS!!!
  1576. FS : 2011 Topps Triple Threads Triple Patch Auto 1/1 Tim Tebow, Von Miller, Moreno
  1577. My Flacco & Rice Super Bowl Thread! Logo highend for all!
  1578. Michael Jordan Signed 1997 Upper Deck Championship Journals Auto UDA /50 RARE
  1579. WTTF: Super Short Print Autos, 1/1's, including autos and patches!!!
  1580. Jake Locker Sweet Spot Auto FT
  1581. WTTF Lions
  1582. Rivers SPA Mint FT Need High End Kaepernick or HOF Autos
  1583. FS/FT 1958 Topps Jim Brown RC SGC 2.5 Good+
  1584. Sick Kaepernick Patch 7/10 His Jersey #!!!
  1585. Osweiler 1/3 TT Booklet FT
  1586. Few mid/high FT scans (Kaepernick, cam/green book, rg3 more)
  1587. Can i get just 1 trade done please
  1588. Rg3 luck montana and demarco 1/1 jersey patch autos ft!
  1589. Tom brady bowman chrome rookie (mint)
  1590. Anyone trading today?
  1591. New and old stuff up for trade!!!!!!!
  1592. WTTF: High End Brady RC...have Brady Auto, Sterling Arian, Cam Auto etc...
  1593. Getting back into the Game Osweiler Patch Auto and Favre Auto Beckett 9/10
  1594. New cards in the bucket - Take a look
  1595. Looking for Flacco/Ray Rice Exquisite RC's
  1596. Russell Wilson True 1/1 Patch AU
  1597. Topps Magic Refractor Auto /5 Spiller, Tomlinson and Sayers Ft
  1598. Trying to move this Boldin /5
  1599. nice 2010 ttt booklet QB booklet /27 f/t
  1600. 2003 Upepr deck pros/prospects Peyton Manning auto /50
  1601. I just updated my bucket and ready for trades...
  1602. 2012 Limited Tom Brady Platinum spotlight 1/1 ft/FS
  1603. FT: 2011 Colin Keapernick Contenders RC Auto
  1604. FS/FT: WALTER PAYTON 1998 Topps Stars Rookie Reprint Auto BGS 9.5 with 10 AU
  1605. Anybody Interested in this Kaepernick?
  1606. Kaep No Logo Contenders FT
  1607. Josh Freeman Exquisite Pirate Patch rc auto /99 FT
  1608. ft colin kaepernick topps inception green rc auto /50
  1609. BILLS fans; just got this
  1610. Shot in the Dark....Looking for a SPECIFIC Tom Brady Auto
  1611. Anyone have a topps triple threads montana/rice/young relic auto ft???
  1612. Trading HIGH END Baseball for RGIII & Alfred Morris
  1613. Favre Auto BGS 9.5/10 And Matt Ryan Auto/Shield Patch FT/FS
  1614. 2011 Five Star Cam Newton/ AJ Green Dual Patch Auto Book /15
  1615. FT:2006 bowman chrome red refractor 4/5 vernon davis
  1616. any roethlisberger autos? for my luck auto?
  1617. Kaepernick SP Authentic Rookie Auto Patch for Trade
  1618. Kaepernick's, Brady Contenders and more FT/FS
  1619. Colin Kaepernick 2011 RC Certified Mirror Gold Patch Auto 25/25
  1620. Ravens topps finest high end wanted $$$$$$$$$plz read
  1622. Looking for Randy Moss Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto
  1623. LF: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy AUTO RC
  1624. Looking for a couple of fair traders
  1625. WTTF High End Alex Smith RC Autos
  1626. 1/5 auto 2 color jersey hof thurman thomas
  1627. Flacco, Brees, Ingram 1/1, Foles 1/1, Calvin, Dez
  1628. High end FT---Scans
  1629. Bucket open for Russell Wilson auto
  1630. Sterling Box Topper Quad Rpa's 6/10, Russell Wilson, Osweiler, Pead and L.James Ft!
  1631. RGIII/Kendall wright dual jersey auto /25 ft!
  1632. Looking to deal some Baseball for your football
  1633. Looking for sick Bears cards
  1634. Highend FT w/ Scans Hobby Case Unitas AP Luck Griffin Rodgers Favre +
  1635. Highend Jordan SPx Auto & PMG Red FT/FS
  1636. Frank Gore Rookie Exquisite Auto/patch
  1637. Aaron Rodgers and Lebron FT
  1638. KAEPERNICK Contenders BGS 9.5/10
  1639. Cards FT
  1640. Case of '12 Hobby Topps Chrome Football Arriving SOON FT/FS or Ripping
  1641. Here's a few big ones..
  1642. Couple Higher Enders...
  1643. Tons of high end for trade- Emmitt, Luck, Russell Wilson, Brees, Manning and more
  1644. Looking for Topps Magic autos
  1645. Walter Payton 1992 Upper Deck Heroes Auto Chicago Bears UDA Holo /2800
  1646. Cam Newton & AJ Green Five Star Booklet Dual 2 Color Patch Auto /15 !!
  1647. Dimaggio cut for football
  1648. possibly trading/selling Tom Brady Contenders auto rc
  1649. Looking to trade my BGS 9 TOM BRADY CONTENDERS RC AUTO! L@@K!
  1650. 2003 SPx needs: Tom Brady & Peyton Manning
  1651. Bears Logo Shield- Knox
  1652. Still have this to move! High-end RUSSELL!
  1653. LF Chrome Graded Luck Auto
  1654. Steve Young Auto FT (SP)
  1655. Prizm Black 1/1 Carson Palmer
  1656. matt ryan true 1/1 immortals ttt
  1657. Calvin Johnson
  1658. RG3 Topps Prime Autograph Quad Jersey trading for high end baseball autographs PICS
  1659. Trading high-end Contenders,National Treasures, SPA's
  1660. WTT/WTS Peyton Manning autographs
  1661. New High End FT Check Out Scans
  1662. Looking to trade/sell these
  1663. FT Andrew Luck 2012 Certified NFL Shield Logo 1/1
  1664. FT/FS: Manning/Unitas Passing the Torch Dual - One of the Greatest Cards Ever Made
  1665. Peyton Manning 2010 Topps Tribute Auto/ Dual Relic 18/20 1/1
  1666. Tom Brady Contenders BGS 9 .5 from a gem 1/1 Logo Au Flacco Exquis Rice AJ Green NT
  1667. LF high-end Russell Wilson autos. Have this to offer.
  1668. Will trade anything for andrew luck contenders rc autos!!
  1669. FT Adrian Peterson R&S Patch Auto 01/20
  1670. FT Russell Wilson Sp Authentic Threads Auto /335
  1671. High-end Football & Baseball- Ryan, King Felix, Trout, Foles, Harper & more F/T
  1672. Colin Kaepernick 2011 UD Legends On Card Auto 49ers
  1673. Luck, RG3, and Russel wilson 2012 R&S Auto's - Trading all 3 for 1
  1674. FT/FS 2012 Pen Pals Triple Auto Andrew Luck/Robert Griffin III/Trent Richardson
  1675. Looking for David Wilson Autos
  1676. Possible trading the colts in the 2011/2012 limited group break.
  1677. Looking to move this Brady Contender
  1678. 1976 topps walter payton rookie ft/fs bvg8
  1679. New Hi end added---SCANS...
  1680. 49ers star Gold Standard AUTO 14K gold 8/10 WTTF
  1681. Anyone up for some high end trading?
  1682. alex gordon topps full version ft for Football
  1683. 2012 Contenders Andrew Luck ON CARD AUTO ... just seeing what might happen if ...
  1684. Brees, Richardson, Ponder, Mallett, and Flcco autos FS/FT
  1685. Knowshon Moreno Laundry Tag 1/1
  1686. FS/FT Jake Locker SP Authentic RC ON CARD GOLD Auto!
  1687. Want to Trade Steelers for Steelers!
  1688. High end cards ft
  1689. High End For Trade - Brady Ring of Honor, Manning Score Rc Auto Buyback, Nice List...
  1690. High-End Strata FT: Russell Wilson & Doug Martin
  1691. 2011 Andy Dalton HRX 4 of 10 AUTO Video Card
  1692. Trading Arron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick for Hockey!
  1693. Looking For Aaron Rogers Autos Check Out Scans And Bucket
  1694. Ronnie Lott Auto 1/1 FT
  1695. WTTF High End Autos of AJ Green,Doug Martin,Alfred Morris,Julio Jones & others
  1696. Ray Lewis 1999 SP Signature Edition On Card Auto RARE for sale great auto !
  1697. LaMichael James Topps Magic Mini Auto 9/10
  1698. HIGH END Steelers 1/1's FT
  1699. Wanted: Luck Contenders
  1700. 6 way book. Trading down on it.
  1701. FT: 2012 Topps Triple Threads Trent Richardson Authentic Hand Stamp Auto 13x18
  1702. Russell Wilson Contenders RC auto FT/FS - Looking for a packer auto in return
  1703. Hi end ft
  1704. LUCK RG3 Peyton Manning Doug Martin Demarco Decker Tannehill Rodgers Luckman FT
  1705. Cy Young 2013 Press Pass Platinum Cuts Signed Cut Auto 1/1 SICK L@@K
  1706. contenders robert griffin
  1707. Bucket updated- kaepernick contenders, rgIII, luck, Favre, Russell Wilson & more
  1708. Looing for2004 Eli RC auto's
  1709. FT 2008 Classics Cut Auto Sammy Baugh /10 BV $300
  1710. High End I've had too long, Let's make a deal today! Autos - Pujols, Elway Autos ++
  1711. What kind of Andrew Luck auto's can I get for any or all of these?
  1712. rg3 and Luck ft
  1713. Bradford Auto /5
  1714. 2012 Contenders Andrew Luck On Card Auto FT/FS
  1715. Tom Brady Contender Back again
  1716. Looking to sell Elway and Davis cards
  1717. RGIII, Luck, other high end autos for Bryce Harper auto
  1718. Highend Scans FT Unitas AP Brady Brees Favre +
  1719. Doug Martin Contenders Cracked Ice Auto 2/20 FT!
  1720. RGIII Topps Chrome Camo Refractor /105... looking for Peyton Manning!
  1721. Manning Legacy Archie/Eli/Peyton Triple auto /50 ft!
  1722. Russell Wilson auto 8/10 for trade
  1723. looking for triple threads sanu "who dey"
  1724. FT 1993 Derek Jeter SP BGS 8.5 for football
  1725. Super Nice High End FT
  1726. Bucket overhauled!!! check what i have and lets trade!!!!
  1727. High End 2011 Exquisite and 2012 SPx Football For Trade..MUST LOOK!!!
  1728. Luck /30 F/t
  1729. Tom brady bgs rookies FT
  1730. RG3 Topps Chrome Black ref auto FT/FS
  1731. anyone trading down on colin kaepernick auto rc
  1732. Really Nice Flacco/Rice Reebok patch Rookie
  1733. High End FT
  1734. Cam Newton Limited jumbo sick 3-color patch auto /10
  1735. Trent Richardson 2012 Playoff Contenders Rookie of The Year Auto #/10
  1736. Looking for 2012 sanu short print auto who dey!
  1737. Chargers Rivers Laundry Reebok Tag 4 your Dallas Cowboys
  1738. 2012 Sp Authentic Russell Wilson auto rookie patch #675/885 FT!!!
  1739. True 1/1 Jim Taylor gold standard Auto
  1740. Ndamukong Suh 2010 National Treasures Rc Auto Jersey Patch /99 FT
  1741. FS:Pair of 2008 Joe Flacco UD SP autos /999
  1742. Ft/fs trent richardson doug martin bowman sterling auto patch /99
  1743. FT/FS Walter Payton 1999 UD Powerdeck Auto/Jersey SWEETNESS!!!
  1744. Jake Locker Five Star Quad Relic Auto Book /25 FT/FS
  1745. Russell Wilson Contenders Platoff Ticket Auto /99 Redemption Ft!
  1746. LT tag, Curtis martin exq rare patch, ND Heisman dual auto For trade!!!
  1747. Rare hof cut autos and more ft, Grange,Bronko,AP,Rivers
  1748. FT: RGIII Contenders auto for '12 Certified needs and/or Russell Wilson
  1749. Want a 2007 sp authentic Calvin Johnson jersey auto!
  1750. Kaepernick 4 clr playbook patch/auto FT for Luck Crown /249
  1751. Mike trout 1/1 looking for football
  1752. DEZ BRYANT 2 card lot 1/1 and 1/10 2012
  1753. Kaepernick treasures 10/99 super sick
  1754. Russell Wilson Contenders Auto FT!!!
  1755. AP Crown Royale Auto /15 FT
  1756. RGIII Elite Aspirations #18/49 FT!
  1757. Andrew Luck contenders rookie ticket auto ft
  1758. Kaep RPA f/t.
  1759. Bradford Letterman Rc Auto FT
  1760. Russell Wilson au/jsy FT
  1761. Some highends ft/s
  1762. PSA 10 Dan Marino1999 SkyBox Molten Metal Perfect Fit Red 05/25
  1763. Looking to trade 98-99 Flair showcase basketball for football
  1764. Opened 11 boxes today some nice new stuff
  1766. Kaepernick auto ft/fs Mojo!!!!!!!
  1767. Aaron Rodgers National Treasures Auto #ed 09/10 FT
  1768. RG3 Rookie Materials auto and some mid-end
  1769. WTT: High End RG3 (2012 Absolute) for High End Russell Wilson
  1770. LF: NFL Logo Shields, Game Worn letters, Reebok Logo Patches
  1771. Bradord & Tebow College Booklet 4-Trade...
  1772. Bart Starr NT HOF Auto /50
  1773. looking for triple auto of Luck, Fleener, Hilton
  1774. Few mid/high FT scans Luck RG3 Tannehill more
  1775. High End Football FT: I got Autos of AJ,Dalton,Cam,Kurt Warner,Spiller,Doug Martin...
  1776. HIGH END Scans FT!
  1778. Verlander gold chrome auto for football
  1779. Looking for RG3...
  1780. BGS 9.5/10 Russell Wilson Red Ink Auto SP /40
  1781. WANTED!!! Alex Smith HIGH END RC AUTOS!!!
  1782. High End F/t
  1783. National Treasures Emmitt Smith & Barry Sanders BGS 9.5/10 For Trade
  1784. Colin Kaeperncik Contenders Auto RC for Trade.
  1785. FT: 2005 SP Authentic Aaron Rodgers 2CLR RPA BGS
  1786. Emmitt, RG3, and Brees Autos FT/FS
  1787. FT: Matt Ryan 2008 Playoff Contenders RC AUTO
  1788. RG3 for trade. Looking for basketball please...scans.
  1789. RG3 patch auto FT for Stafford or Calvin
  1790. 2012 Contenders Robert Griffin III Variation Auto SP/50 FS/FT
  1791. Trading 2 High Enders for Richardsons I need
  1792. RG3 Shadowbox Authentics
  1793. Trading this 9.5 Luck /40 Auto
  1794. Sean Spence Championship Ticket and Cracked Ice FS/FT
  1795. National Treasures Arian Foster 2 color Patch auto /5 FT/FS
  1796. Can i get a good trade??
  1797. Tony Dorsett Reprint Autograph
  1798. 2012 panini contenders michael brockers ssp? redemption
  1799. Russell Wilson auto /25 ft
  1800. Lttf: Canvas collection autos
  1801. Looking to trade or sell this Flacco auto/gu rc /60
  1802. manning/brady/elway triple auto, aaron auto, dimaggio cut/bat auto, ruth!!!! ft/fs
  1803. Some cards FT Cam and more
  1804. High end Luck FT/FS
  1805. Update High-End bucket: Manning, Luck, Brady, Harper, Megatron
  1806. Bring me High-End Aaron Hernandez!
  1807. Break of a lifetime! RG3 1/1 auto, luck patch auto, logo 1/1, stafford patch auto...
  1808. Looking for High End Luck Auto/ Have Griffins and Kapernick and Paypal
  1809. FT: 2012 Panini Prizm Gold Peyton Manning 10/10 BGS 9.5
  1810. Tillman Red Refractor Rookie Auto FS/FT
  1811. Easing back into collecting...have these two RG3 patch/autos FT/FS
  1812. 1958 topps jim brown rc for trade
  1813. any interest in this?????(HIgh end)
  1814. Adrian Peterson gold prizm fs/ft
  1815. 2011 Brett Favre Playbook Accolades auto #1/10
  1816. Skeeners Highend cards For Trade take a peek and lets trade
  1817. Ray Lewis, Unitas, Babe Ruth, Mantle, Jordan & more signed memorabilia for cards!
  1818. Might as well pull out a big gun, Calvin MEGATRON Johnson Jr SPA 3 Clr Auto Patch FT
  1819. Kirk Cousins Contenders Cracked Ice Auto 2/20 FT!
  1820. Nice High End Autos FT - Marino, Wilson, Brees, Emmitt
  1821. Johnny U & more for trade
  1822. trading whole bucket for
  1823. RG3 Crown Royale RPA Auto!!
  1824. LTTF high-end Russell Wilson autos
  1825. Russell Wilson Topps Chrome Refractor Auto F/T
  1826. Skeen's Highend For Trade CHeck them out
  1827. Plenty of nice autos FT....need the following autos of Doug martin,AJ Green and Julio
  1828. Tire Kicking A Couple Of Andrew Luck Autos-Scan
  1829. TONS of high end 1/1 Logos, autos, patches for trade !!
  1830. RG3 and Kaep FT/ Looking for Kobe RC, Luck and HOFers
  1831. Nice 4 clr Kaepernick Playbook /399 FT
  1832. 2008 Bowman Chrome Mike Giancarlo Stanton Gold Ref Auto /50 FT/FS
  1833. Putting This Luck Auto Up FT!!!
  1834. Looking to Trade/Sell This 2012 Contenders Michael Brockers Contenders RC auto SP!
  1835. Ft ryan mathews auto patch true 1/1
  1836. Trading this 10/10 BGS Andrew Luck and more looking for Rodgers
  1837. Jordan Auto P. Manning Prime Broncos Au Rice Auto Walter Payton Kobe Pop 2
  1838. Any Bucs fans? Josh Freeman 2009 Ultimate Triple Patch Auto /10 Rookie FT/FS
  1839. FT/FS: Unitas/Manning Elite Passing the Torch Dual
  1840. (2) Russell Wilson contenders rookie autos ft
  1841. Cowboys Fans come in ... Troy Aikman Auto Serial numbered 04 /08 For Trade
  1842. Stevan Ridley 2011 Absolute RPM Jumbo Patch Autograph #/10 (on-card)
  1843. High End Scans FT *** Andrew Luck 10/10 BGS POP 1 FT ***
  1844. RG3 III Autos & Luck Autos, Wilson for trade and more
  1845. luck absolute trip gu auto ft for nice hofer
  1846. AP, Grange,Bronko,DiMaggio,LT,Lebron,Jordan,Rice all FT
  1847. Luck Contender BGS 9/10
  1848. Trout 1/1 and other high end FT.
  1849. Any Steelers fans? Troy Polamalu Certified Mirror Gold Signatures Autograph /25 FT/FS
  1850. 2012 Sterling Russell Wilson Blue Ref 3 clr patch auto f/t for basketball
  1851. Topps Platinum Hexagraph Auto /10...TRich, Martin, Wilson, Pierce, James and Miller
  1852. 2012 Topps Mini Auto Doug Martin FT
  1853. High end cards for trade!! SCANS!
  1854. Luke Kuechly Gold Prizm /10
  1855. Looking to buy High End Ryan Malletts
  1856. Russell Wilson auto /10
  1857. 3 BGS Sweet cards for trade~
  1858. Michael Jordan Autos, 1/1 Logos, Tags, Autos, High End Pujols Brady Cy Young Auto FT!
  1859. Bryce Brown Contenders Cracked Ice auto /20 and regular auto
  1860. Bryce Harper Golden Moments auto for Trade
  1861. Pulling Out the Big Guns.....RG3 SHADOWBOX AUTO FT!!!! **LOOK**
  1862. FT: Any MJD fans out there? SCANS!
  1863. Any cowboy collectors want to swap cowboy for cowboy autos/patches/RCs?? Mid to high
  1864. Looking for Walter Payton 1/1's OR Panini jumbo prime patch # cards.
  1865. Looking for high end Percy Harvin rc autos
  1866. 2011 UD College Legends Barry Sanders OSU Auto SSP FT
  1867. High end Basketball for Football
  1868. Patrick Willis / A.J. Hawk / Jerod Mayo / Rolondo McClain 2010 EXQUISITE quad auto /5
  1869. Emmitt Smith NT Auto FT
  1870. Lots of new stuff posted
  1871. Lamichael James auto 1/1, Tannehill Contenders /99 auto FT
  1872. Have these 2 HOF auto's ft
  1873. RG3 1/1 auto equipment patch Fs/Ft
  1874. FT: 2010 Contenders Eric Decker Championship Ticket 1/1
  1875. Sick Platinum Patch/Auto #ed 3/5
  1876. 1961 Topps Football
  1877. Lets Trade! I need some new High End Autos!
  1878. Few high Enders ft
  1879. High End Scans FT Looking for a Rodgers
  1880. Jason Witten Contenders Auto FT
  1881. FT/FS randall cobb
  1882. Bo Jackson auto /10 FT
  1883. LeBron James SPA RC Auto - Looking for Football
  1884. Russell Wilson Strata Shadowbox Rookie Patch Auto /15 FT!
  1885. RG3 Surpreme auto /51, welker contenders rc auto/ luck...
  1886. HI end FT---lots of scans
  1887. VERY Highend cards available to tonight only!
  1888. WTTF/WTB: Falcons
  1889. Ben Roethlisberger /25 RC Auto Spectrum for trade... among others
  1890. WTT football and paypal for a Lebron James auto
  1891. New Stuff for Trade...... Lucks and more
  1892. FS: Russell Wilson Triple Threads 3/75 (jersey number)
  1893. new high end pulls luck, cam rg3
  1894. 2012 National Treasures Bat Knob Case Hit 1/1 Fs/Ft
  1895. Aaron Rodgers Sweet Spot RC auto FT/FS
  1896. Luck Prime Signatures auto, Manning auto /9, Woodson auto /25 FT/FS
  1897. WTB 2005 Leaf Limitied Material Monkier Autos
  1898. HIGH END Trading Over Here!!! **NICE STUFF INSIDE**
  1899. FS: JOHNNY MANZIEL AUTO - Mystery Redemption from Leaf Valiant, Cut Auto Sketch BGS
  1900. im looking for colin kaepernick auto rc
  1901. ANY INTEREST IN AN OTTO GRAHAM/DICK BUTKUS jsa signed wheaties box?
  1902. WTTF: Andrew Luck Autos
  1903. Sick cards for trade or sale! Check out my bucket and just message or comment
  1904. FT: A Bunch of High End FB- Marino, Elway, Eli, Peyton, Favre, Barry and others!
  1905. New Highend FT
  1906. for trade
  1907. rg3 and Luck ft
  1908. Looking to trade High End
  1909. Johnny Unitas 2001 Quantum Leaf auto #29/100 FT
  1910. Matthew Stafford Absolute RPM Jersey/Ball (Patch)/Jersey Autograph RC FT/FS
  1911. eli manning sweet spot auto for dan marino auto
  1912. LTTF RG3 Autos/Patches
  1913. 2011 ITG Mike Trout R/C 5 Color Batting Glove Patch Auto 1/1 FS/FT
  1914. Emmitt Smith Nat Treasures auto BGS 9, Witten Contenders auto, RG3 Lettermen auto
  1915. Trading this Brady Auto for highend
  1916. Matt Ryan Leaf Limited Patch (3+ Color) AUTO /99 RC FT/FS
  1917. FT Charles Woodson 2012 Playbook Auto 25/25
  1918. Rg3 autos! Logo patches! Gold Refractors! HOF autos! Luck! ft/fs
  1919. Poker night is canceled, let's trade.
  1920. wttf Russel Wilson, kaepernick, Luck chrome
  1921. Doug Martin Topps Chrome Blackauto /25, Peyton Manning TTT /9, Mark Ingram crown auto
  1922. A few Nice High Enders for trade:)
  1923. Robert Griffin III Contenders SP Rookie Ticket Auto Ft!
  1924. 2008 Adrian Peterson RC SPX triple jersey gold auto /99
  1925. * LTTF Andrew Luck RC Patch/Auto - Have ROBERT GRIFFIN III & NICK FOLES RC Autos FT *
  1926. Updated bucket after an eventful show today!!!
  1927. Rob Gronkowski JUMBO Patch (2 Color) AUTO /15 Rookie FT/FS
  1928. Robert Griffin III RG3 I want all the Topps Valor Cards!
  1929. HI END FT-Luck, Griffin, Elway, Ben etc. Lots of scans
  1930. Joe Montana Absolute Auto FT/FS
  1931. High end Billy Hamilton for Football.
  1932. Looking to TRADE HIGH END! RG3 Auto, Bo Jackson, Trent, Dougie, MORE!
  1933. 2012 playoff national treasures bob lilly 3gu color prime jersey card 14/15
  1934. FT:Adrian Peterson 2012 Absolute 3/10 auto game/event used
  1935. Trading Demaryius Thomas 1/1 Five Star RC Letter Patch Auto!!!!!!
  1936. Need a legitimate Rodgers Trade
  1937. 2008 Bowman Chrome Joe Flacco Orange Refractor RC 05/25! (1/1) Jersey # FT
  1938. 2012 Andrew Luck Panini Certified HRX Redemption Card FT #/40
  1939. Russell Wilson Triple Jersey Auto RC Ft / FS
  1940. Aaron Rodgers auto FS
  1941. WTT: High End Geno Smith 2013 Press Pass 1/25!!
  1942. 2012 topps chrome pink Nick Foles auto ft for Gabbert autos
  1943. Trades anyone???
  1944. Looking for Andrew Luck autos/patches. Check my pics.
  1945. $250 Paypal ready to be spent!
  1946. Looking For Andrew Luck Game Used And Autos
  1947. Barry Sanders + Emmitt Smith Dual Auto/Jersey for Willie Mays
  1948. New Cards up FT/FS
  1949. FT 2011 UD All Time Greats Lebron James Auto Book /5
  1950. 100 apple gift card for trade for Highend football!
  1951. FT 2012 limited RG3 phenom 3 COLOR patch auto
  1952. FT: Colin Kaepernick 2011 Totally Certified Gold 3-Clr Patch/Auto #210 10/25
  1953. my football for your basketball
  1954. FS/FT: 2012 Contenders Variation Andrew Luck RC Auto BGS 9.5/10
  1955. Adrian Peterson Autos FT..
  1956. Stan Musial 2011 Topps Heritage Player Sample Auto BGS Slabbed.
  1957. fielding offers for this tom brady auto/jersey redemption
  1958. FS/FT 2012 Topps Surpreme Doug Martin book 3/10
  1959. HI END FT-Luck, Rice, Elway, Ben etc. Lots of scans
  1960. Just uploaded over 100 new cards! Lebron/rose....all sports...please look
  1961. trading for tom brady or aaron rodgers
  1962. ***lagalaxyfan23's UPDATED Trade/Sale Mid/High End Thread!!!***
  1963. RG3 auto /70 for trade
  1964. Russell Wilson Auto
  1965. SHORT TIME ONLY...BABE RUTH signed auto photo with JSA ft/fs or high-end sportscards
  1966. Trading this Russell Wilson Contenders RC Auto for Brock Osweiler Cracked Ice /20
  1967. Rg3 SPA RPA /425 Redemotion FT/FS!
  1968. 2012 Panini Leaf R&S Robert Griffin III 3 Color Logo Patch Rc Auto 21/49 Bgs 9.5 10
  1969. Looking to trade Basketball for Football
  1970. want to see what's out there for this
  1971. A few High End available, would like to trade to trade up on these but am open offers
  1972. Deion Sanders & Friends FT/FS!!
  1973. dan marino auto/jersey for andrew luck auto
  1974. 1 Day Only! Michael Jordan 2003-04 UD Legends Auto #/90
  1975. monster update---harper/ichiro 1/1..tebow/ap/lebron/rose
  1976. dan marino auto/jersey for andrew luck auto or robert griffen auto/jersey
  1977. Pittsburgh Steelers Highend FT 1/1 BGS TTT Roethlisberger Polamalu
  1978. Russell Wilson Panini Black 3 color Patch Auto RC /25 For Trade.
  1979. FT: High-End Patches, 1/1's, Contenders
  1980. looking for video cards
  1981. LTTF: high end Jamarcus Russell
  1982. High end football- Julio Jones Chrome auto, Cousins contenders, wilson chrome ref 9.5
  1983. New High-End FT
  1984. Huge Highen Trade List Montana, Rice, Payton, Lebron Jordan and more
  1985. Where Are My Jake Locker Fans At? 1/1! FT/FS!
  1986. FT: New High End, Rose, Howe, Luck, Wilkins, Donovan!
  1987. FS:FT 2012 Prizm Robert Griffin III Auto /99 and Red Die Cut
  1988. ***Looking to Trade/Sell This ANDREW LUCK AUTO 1/1!!!***
  1989. FT: 1998 SP Authentic Peyton Manning Die Cut RC /500 BGS 9.5
  1990. Multi-Sport, Lebron auto, Wilson auto, Ripken TTT, Foster /5, Richardson pink auto
  1991. Sam Bradford/Jimmy Clausen Unrivaled dual auto /25
  1992. For Sale.... Or Trade
  1993. russell wilson auto jumbo gu ft
  1994. Terry Bradsaw 2003 SP Signature Edition AUTOGRAPH 40/100
  1995. Huge Multi-Sport Tradelist Darvish, Trout, Mays, Bird, RG3, Luck, Crosby, Eberle+++
  1996. High End For Trade- Wilson, Kaepernick, Megatron, Schaub
  1997. Russell Wilson Contenders Auto REDEEMED ft/fs
  1998. Cam Newton 2-Color Patch Rookie auto and Rookie Jersey Auto FT - scans
  1999. HUGE (HQ PICS) TRADE THREAD New Cards/Post, DOZENS of Mid & High end Football! WTTFBB
  2000. Looking for Russell Wilson Panini Black! Offering RGIII straight-up! L@@K!!!
  2001. 1/1 Exquisite quad logo
  2002. LTTF/Buy a Russell Wilson and RG3 Contenders autos
  2003. plenty of high end football FT...all i ask is that u have high end football in return
  2004. Any McNabb Collectors? REALLY nice lot!!!!
  2005. Looking to Trade Luck, TRich, RG3, Lebron, Crosby +
  2006. FT Doug Martin 15/15 Patch on card Auto NT
  2007. Hi end ft-luck, rgiii, manning, martin, rice...........
  2008. WTTF: Ryan Tannehill Auto/Patch RCs
  2009. 2012 Prizm Refractor Auto /99 AND Prizm Red Die Cut Robert Griffin III
  2010. WTTF Rey Maualuga 1/1 Cards
  2011. 09-10 Absolute LeBron James Triple 3c Patch /25 FT for football
  2012. Trading For an Aaron Rodgers or Reggie White
  2013. LTTF a Jim Thorpe game used or auto
  2014. High Enders for trade:)
  2015. Looking to trade for Kaepernick Topps chrome rookie SP or variation cards...
  2016. Graduating college in a few weeks. Going to have a ton of PayPal for Adrian Peterson!
  2017. 2 High-end Tom Brady's for Trade!
  2018. LTTF - Matthew Stafford,Mikel Leshoure,Demaryius Thomas and Cam Newton...
  2019. Looking for 2012 Topps Chrome Tallboy Chrome 1965 Auto of Russell Wilson #'d /15
  2020. 2012 National Treasures COBY FLEENER SHIELD AUTO 1/1
  2021. Trent Richardson Triple Threads Hand Stamp Auto FT #10?
  2022. Russell Wilson Playoff Rookie Ticket /99 FS/FT
  2023. Andrew Luck Patch Auto FT!!!
  2024. Drew Brees Graded Jersey Auto /5 FT for Reggie Bush autos
  2025. Lots of high end for trade- Brees Contenders, Martin NT shield and HOFers
  2026. Brandon Weeden Playbook Booklet Auto 15/25 EPIC PATCH
  2027. Sam Bradford Rookie Jersey/Auto /5, also Rookie 2-Color Patch/Auto /50 and more FT
  2028. tannehill treasures logo patch auto
  2029. Hank Aaron auto ft
  2030. Terry Bradshaw 2003 SP Signature Edition AUTO 40/100 Pittsburgh Steelers HOF
  2031. dan marino auto/jersey graded 9 with a 10 auto lookin 4 andrew luck or robert griffin
  2032. Mix of football and baseball mid-high end....let's make some deals.....
  2033. High End Ft...Palmer, Vick, Osweiller
  2034. LeBron James SP Authentic RC Autos - Looking for High End Football
  2035. Aaron Rodgers Auto Ft..
  2036. sick RG3 and luck swatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2037. FT: Barry Sanders Steve Young Trent Richardson & Bernard Pierce
  2038. Any Christian Ponder fans out there?
  2039. Just got this neon lamp and I don't need it so its up FT
  2040. 2012 National Treasures Nice Highend
  2041. Trying for a RG3, Luck or Russell Auto RC!! (Heavy Scans)
  2042. Cowboys Fans Check it out Demarco Murray Auto /25 /10
  2043. FT:FS 2012 Panini Prizm Robert Griffin AUTO /99
  2044. FT: 1998 SP Authentic Peyton Manning RC /2000 BGS 9.5
  2045. Trying to Diversify a Bit. Tom Brady RC Auto Mauer RC Auto Flacco Exquisite RC Auto L
  2046. Reggie Wayne gold standard reebok patch auto 1/2 sick card!!!
  2047. 2012 TTT Russell Wilson FT
  2048. wtt rg3 for russell wilson contenders
  2049. Trading Highend Football for Basketball
  2050. Looking to trade RG3, Kaepernick, Blackmon, Cam, Spiller, CJ, Precious Gem, etc Autos
  2051. FT: Sick 2012 National Treasures QUAD Superstar QB AUTO!!! ONLY TEN MADE!!!!
  2052. Hi end scans ft......
  2053. ~~~Trading Kaepernick for Lebron~~~
  2054. "Luck"y mail day
  2055. WTTF Highend auto rcs of these players from FB, BB, BBall, and Hockey
  2056. Andrew Luck Colts triple auto /10 & RG3 Playbook FT
  2057. High-End FS/FT
  2058. Luck Blackmon RG3 Josh Gordon Jim Brown 5 Star FT
  2059. 2009 Sterling Peyton Manning GU Auto BGS 9.5/10 Trade for Manning or Russell Wilson
  2060. Russell Wilson Chrome Tallboy Auto 1/15 FT
  2061. Page Updated! New stuff for trade....LUCK,Jackson, Manning and more
  2062. ~Colin Kaepernick Topps Chrome Crystal Atomic Rookie FT~
  2063. Tannehill HRX Video Card Auto Redemption /10 FT/FS
  2064. Recent Group Break Hits......./25 and /10.....HOFers
  2065. 2012 Five Star x2 - 2012 Playbook x2 FT SCANS
  2066. WTTF 2012 Prominence Field Plate Auto Andrew Luck
  2067. 2005 Bowman Aaron Rodgers auto BGS 9 with 10 auto
  2068. Nick Foles Prime Sigs NFL SHIELD LOGO 1/1 AUTO
  2069. Looking for Russell Wilson
  2070. Alfred Morris Contenders Auto FT!
  2071. Tom Brady RC's FT....Looking for Michael Jordan or Bryce Harper in return
  2072. Darrelle Revis RC AU FT
  2073. ***It's Official! Landed my HUGE PC Pickup! Need to Recoup Funds NOW! RESELLER LOT!**
  2074. Trading
  2075. Any High-End Tom Brady Auto's for sale?
  2076. Back In the Game, Looking For Julio Jones and Aj Green RC Highend!
  2077. High End FT/FS
  2078. FT: Brock Osweiler 1/1 Patch
  2079. Anyone want a 100 apple store gift card?
  2080. Arian Foster Sterling Black Ref RC Auto 23/25 JSY # FT/FS
  2081. Anybody still like this guy!!
  2082. One of the rarest Tom Brady rookies made..
  2083. FS/FT Tom Brady Contender BGS 9/10
  2084. HI END FT-Luck, Griffin, Elway, Manning, Ben etc.
  2085. Wanna trade???
  2086. Andre Johnson 1/1 Quad Patch FT/FS
  2087. FS/FT: All Time Greats Bo Jackson On Card Auto True 1/1
  2088. ***Looking to Trade/Sell/Buy EJ MANUEL!!!***
  2089. WTTF Aaron Rodgers Auto (high end f/t luck, AP, Tannehill, Barry Sanders, BO, & More
  2090. tony romo/miles austin dual 1/1 NFL Shield logo patch
  2091. Rg3 spa ft
  2092. HI END FT-Luck, Griffin, Elway, Ben etc. Lots of scans
  2093. Taking offers for this Russell Wilson
  2094. Bring me your Mannings!!!!
  2095. Haven't traded in years! CMB
  2096. High end for trade
  2097. Michael Floyd supreme true 1/1 for trade....
  2098. Super High End for Trade Walter Payton, Unitas, Jordan, also Davis, Bo, Dr. J
  2099. WTTF Peterson, Manning, and RG3 auto's
  2100. Jordan 86-87 Fleer RC BGS 9.5 FT/FS for cash nice high end LeBron Brady Manning Luck
  2101. WTTF Peterson, Manning, RG3, Braun, & Steph Curry auto's
  2102. May have hit my best pull. Gold tannehill video auto 1/1 14 k
  2103. Some Nice Cards FT: Green, Stafford, Deion, Wallace!
  2104. Cowboys Fans 1/1 auto FT
  2105. FS/FT: Looking to unload this Russell Wilson 3/25
  2106. HOF Patches and Autos for trade for Walter Payton!!
  2107. Looking for Peterson and Peyton Manning auto's
  2108. Walter Payton Reprint auto BGS 9.5, Red Grange NT cut auto FT/FS
  2109. WTTF: Robert Griffin Crown Royale Silhouette auto /249
  2110. High End Football: I got Autos of AJ/Kaep/Morris/Cam/Martin/Spiller/Warner & More!
  2111. im looking for colin kaepernick auto rc
  2112. Looking for Russell Wilson
  2113. Russell Wilson NT Booklet Redemption FT/FS
  2114. Walter Payton Auto FT/FS!!
  2115. WTTF AP, Peyton, RG3, Richardson, Martin auto's
  2116. Muhammad Ali GAI Auto Insc. "Aka Cassuis Clay" FT
  2117. Looking to trade up for a Luck auto. Sweet stuff up for grabs.
  2118. Barry Sanders 2012 Crown Royal Jersey Autograph #'d 19/20
  2119. WTB Tom Brady/Barry Sanders/Matthew Stafford autos.
  2120. high end FT- luck, rg3, wilson
  2121. Lookin for any Peterson, Doug Martin. Peyton Manning, Newton, Charles, & RG3 Auto's
  2122. WTTF High end auto rcs of Kaepernick,Doug Martin,Julio Jones, Osweiler++
  2123. FT/FS Walter Payton 1999 UD Powerdeck Auto/Jersey SWEETNESS!!!
  2124. tom brady rg3 luck and more trade thread
  2125. Luck Playbook
  2126. 2012 NT Ray Lewis Laundry Tag patch 1/1
  2127. Mid End- HIGH END Trading & Selling! >>>>>SCANS<<<<<
  2128. Ray Lewis BGS auto for trade
  2129. Drew rees RC and 1/1 ft/fs
  2130. ULTRA RARE Aaron Rodgers RC auto for trade! Bowmans best 1/1!
  2131. 2013 press pass auto FT/FS
  2132. Tom Brady Auto/Gu #1/1 Ft/Fs
  2133. Dimaggio dual cut auto/bat /20..hank aaron dual patch/bat auto /10 ft/fs
  2134. Andrew Luck Blue Wave variation FT
  2135. dan marino auto for trade
  2136. Tons of new High-End Autographs & 1/1 for Trade
  2137. Oscar Robertson 1961-62 Fleer RC BVG 7.5 for high end football
  2138. Any Texans Fans out there? Ben Tate Super Refractor Rookie Topps Finest #'d 1/1 FT
  2139. Kevin Durant 07-08 SP Authentic Auto 3 Clr Jersey RC for high end
  2140. Russell Wilson Contenders Auto f/t looking for........
  2141. all of these for a sweet andrew luck auto/jersey
  2142. Doug Martin 2012 Leaf Valiant Red 1/1
  2143. Looking for Limited RG3 base auto
  2144. Luck preview Cont /99 Jordan 2008-09 Skybox Precious Metal Gems Red RC for high end
  2145. Kirk Cousins Contenders Cracked Ice Auto /20 Bgs 9.5/10 Ft/Fs!
  2146. HI END FT .........Scans
  2147. Trading for 2011 Topps Finest Mosaic Auto /10 and 2012 Topps Finest Mosaic Auto /10
  2148. FT - RGIII Contenders RC Auto - BGS Graded
  2149. Trade list. Spiller, Dez, demaryius, Luck, bradford
  2150. Kirk Cousins Variation Contenders Auto for trade
  2151. Nice Highend for Trade
  2152. Luck and Martin Autos FT
  2153. Another Kevin Durant RC Rare Ultimate Collection Auto Jersey RC #/25 & Big O RC 7.5
  2154. 2005 Bowman Aaron Rodgers auto BGS 9 with 10 auto FT
  2155. Rob Gronkowski jumbo patch auto 15/15 FT for Reggie Bush
  2156. Russell Wilson autographics for adrian peterson!
  2157. 2012 panini playbook Accolades Antonio Gates 3/5
  2158. Looking for JJ Watt Autos!
  2159. FT: High-End Patches, Auto's, PSA 10 (POP 1's), 1/1's etc...
  2160. Robert Griffin III 2012 Upper Deck #249
  2161. FT Wilson, Dwyane Wade, and AP auto LOOKING for Ryan Tannehill and RG3 autos
  2162. My High End F/T
  2163. RGIII Book On Card Autograph /45 FT
  2164. High End FT/FS
  2165. FT: Andrew Luck 2012 Topps Platinum Gold Refractor Auto #ed 10/10
  2166. FT - Adrian Peterson Contenders RC Auto
  2167. Lookin for any AP and RG3 auto's
  2168. FT Trent Richardson National Treasures Gold RPA more++
  2169. i am looking for colin kaepernick auto rc
  2170. Trading up for Russell Wilson Auto
  2171. Any Leonard Hankerson Fans out there? Couple of nice extremely rare ones here FT/FS
  2172. 3 Card Russell Wilson Auto Lot Contenders & 2 Topps Chrome
  2173. FS/FT for Basketball: 2008 Exquisite Harris/Anderson/Mendenhall AU #/35
  2174. New High End FT: B. Osweiler, Alex Smith, R Wilson, T Romo, M Ryan, T. Polamalu Autos
  2175. HI END FT .........Scans
  2176. WTT my AP Patch Auto for a RG3 auto
  2177. Colin Kaeperick & Bryce Harper Psa graded Ft...
  2178. RG3 SPA, Osweiler Pristine, BoJax 1/1 For Trade
  2179. Some High End, Huge Bucket to Trade
  2180. RG3 and Russell Wilson Topps Strata Jumbo Patch On Card Rookie Autos!!! Any Takers?!?
  2181. I have 2 of these, Who wants one?
  2182. Nice Cards FT! RG3, Wilson, Deion, Bo, Green!
  2183. WTT High-end in Multiple sports for NFL HOFers and Ryan Tannehill; Pics inside!
  2184. Trading the best Ken Griffey Jr card in existence for Walter Payton
  2185. Rodgers autos, Larry Bird 1/1, B. Sanders auto, Montana 5-star, Wilson treasures, etc
  2186. Brady RC Auto FT
  2187. Dan Marino Sweet Spot Helmet Autograph /15 FT/FS
  2188. FS/FT: Tim Tebow 2010 Topps Triple Threads Triple Relic & Rookie Auto Ruby /10
  2189. Lets trade!! RG3, Brady, Wilson, favre, Wayne, Murray, Crabtree autos...etc ft
  2190. Looking for 2012 48 autos.
  2191. FT/FS Drew Brees Auto /50!!
  2192. Thinking Of Putting Together The Contenders Set Looking For RG3
  2193. Montana jer/au /25 FT
  2195. New stuff for trade
  2196. High-End Tradelist, Peyton Brees Luck Tanny T-Rich Foles Wilson Bradford more look!
  2197. Andrew Luck 5 Star Quad Patch Gold Auto RC Booklet /15 for Trade / Sale!
  2198. Tony Romo /5 2clr GU/AU
  2199. Lebron James Patch Auto FT NBA MVP!! Finals MVP!?!?!?
  2200. INSANE High End Trade List! 4 Sports, Ridiculous!
  2201. I have this sweet cj2k 3 color spa for trade
  2202. Aaron Rodgers Crown Auto 1/5 FT/FS
  2203. Looking to move Bryce Harper logo patch /5 for another high end card or paypal!!!
  2204. Mike Wallace NFL Logo Shield RC Auto 1/1 FT/FS!
  2205. 1998 Jordan Auto Lebron Chrome refractor Durant ult /25 rc Kobe Hornets au kyrie priz
  2206. Brett Favre 2012 National Treasures NFL's Greatest auto ft
  2207. Drew Brees FT/FS
  2208. Luck Crown Royale Patch Auto /49 & Luck/RG3 Magic Dual Auto /25 FS/FT
  2209. Highend Dalton Wilson Tannehill & Kaepernick FS/FT
  2210. WTTF Russel Wilson
  2211. FT: 2012 Contenders Russell Wilson RC Auto BGS 9.5/10
  2212. FT: 2011 Timeless Treasure Colin Kaepernick Gold #d 10/10
  2213. A few Nice High Enders for trade:)
  2214. Dominique Wilkins auto patch /10 ft for football
  2215. 1986-87 Fleer Sticker Jordan FT
  2216. FT Andrew Luck Crown Royale Purple Silhouette Patch Auto /25
  2217. Superfractor Auto FT
  2218. 2012 Contenders Andrew Luck R/C Auto f/t
  2219. Who says Retail sucks!!!
  2220. Multi-sport high end for trade. Looking for Tiger Woods autos.
  2221. FT/FS Thread: RG3, Brock Osweiler, Justin Blackmon, booklets, five star + More!
  2222. 2009 spx super scripts eight auto ft!
  2223. High end F/T with scans
  2224. looking for Alshon Jeffery GU/AU
  2225. 2012 National Treasures Ryan Tannehill Gold RPA #45/49 FS/ FT
  2226. TOPPS Supreme Ryan Tannehill booklet auto jersey 07/10
  2227. Jerry Rice Crown Royale auto jersey 3/5
  2228. $30.00 Dlvd for this LOT
  2229. WTB/™™™ Tannehill/Lamar Miller/AP
  2230. Bart Starr National Treasures HOF Signatures Auto FT/FS
  2231. Aaron Rodgers Auto Graded 9.5/10 For Trade or Sale
  2232. trading lebron autos for football
  2233. 3 rg3's for trade
  2234. I got High End Autos of Alfred Morris,Cam,AJ,Trich,Warner,Spiller,Stafford &Jim Brown
  2235. WTTF/WTB HOFers, Wilson, Luck, Griffin,Mantle, Ruth, ect
  2236. 1/1 RG3 Auto Printing Plate
  2237. FT Colin Kaepernick Prime Signatures 2011 01/49
  2238. Looking for some trades
  2239. Lebron, Unitas, RG3, Luck, Ray Lewis, Starr, Wilson, Greene, Blount FT/FS
  2240. Luck, Manning, Jackson, Ponder and more.....
  2241. looking to buy high end cards 100 dollars plus
  2242. will buy high end hankerson rookie auto patches
  2243. FT: 2010 TIM TEBOW exquisite gold auto/patch 5/10
  2244. Trading/selling 2012 andrew luck jumbo jersey auto /49
  2245. SICK High End F/T
  2246. Looking for an Andrew Luck 2012 Crown silo
  2247. FT/FS: 2012 Topps Magic Football Sealed 12 Box Case
  2248. Need rg3 auto for sons birthday!!!!!! Help!!!!
  2249. HI end FT-Marino, Luck, RGIII, Montana, Rice ETC....
  2250. tebow contenders psa gem mint 10
  2251. WTB Cam Newton Topps Chrome Auto Rookie!
  2252. pm me if u wanna trade in ur favor!!!up or down
  2253. 2011 Five Star Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl MVP on card auto /50
  2254. Looking for Denard Robinson and Montee Ball Autos!
  2255. I have a bunch to trade...Looking for Steelers and HOF/ Retired player autos
  2256. 3 huge cards for trade! Rodgers,luck,tebow!!
  2257. Andrew Luck Topps Chrome Pink BCA refractor auto BGS 9.5/10
  2259. Tannehill nt rookie patch auto #99/99!
  2260. FT: 2011 Topps Chrome Colin Kaepernick RC Auto Refractor 91/99
  2261. WTTF: Contenders & Chrome of Luck & RG3 - Trading Luck, RG3, Morris, Superfractor +++
  2262. LF for Johnny Unitas (no cuts) and/or Lebron RC autos. Mult-sport high-end & PP FT.
  2263. FT Colin Kaepernick Prime Signatures 2011 01/49 - Looking for Lebron/AP AU.
  2264. FT/FS: 2003-04 Lebron James Ultimate RC Auto 126/250 for Football!!!
  2265. Highend FT Scans A Peterson J Unitas D Brees Favre Marino B Sanders +
  2266. ***RG3 NT /99 Patch Auto FT/FS and more high-end inside Kaep Chrome Ref, Dalton NT***
  2267. Lts/LTT Ponder auto'd Football, and Carl Mecklenberg auto Hat
  2268. WTTF High End Autos of Russell Wilson,Hofers,Dougie,AJ,Julio,Cam,Kaep & More!
  2269. 2013 Johnny Manziel Art AU w/ Artist Signature
  2270. Andrew Luck RC Auto 9.5 FT for Romo Contenders or FS
  2271. Griffin spx & luck auto patch ft/s
  2272. Elway FT
  2273. LOOK - WTTF nothing peticular
  2274. FT LeBron James Chrome 9.5 & Auto for Football
  2275. WTTF Greg Little AND Other Browns Autos
  2276. Anyone interested in Tavon Austin patch auto from SPX # to 15
  2277. Anyone interested in John Elway Auto only 1st 15 had autographs books for $300
  2278. Bowman chrome Marcus Lattimore x-fractor auto FS/FT
  2279. P. Manning/Aikman/Stafford Triple gu/auto F/T
  2280. Luck, Rg3, Eli, Bo, Bettis, Buxton, Schmidt, Banks, Correa, Wilson, Martin, Moon, etc
  2281. Considering Offers on this Wilson 1/1
  2282. FT: Auto's of Bart Starr, Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning for HOF Auto's and RC's.
  2283. my trade thread =/
  2285. Looking To Trade Highend Style!!!!!!!
  2286. WTTF: Montee Ball
  2287. Looking to trade High End Andrew Luck BGS 10
  2288. New Pickups! RG3 Rc Autos, Romo, Big Ben, Kaepernick, Brady, Spiller Looking to trade
  2289. Hi end added FT--Cracked Ice, Kaep, Bradshaw, Earl /5 --Scans
  2290. 2012 Leaf RGIII Magenta Printing Plate!
  2291. Who wants to do some multi sport high end trading?
  2292. Multi sport highend ft/fs..
  2293. 1/1 Desean Jackson Patch Auto
  2294. Some high end FS/FT
  2295. Panini Promotional Cards
  2296. Alex Smith 05' SPA Triple G/U Auto #/15 FT
  2297. 2012 Panini Black Danny Coale and Bobby Rainey Printing plate Rc auto 1/1
  2298. Trading! Unitas Auto, Russell Wilson, Elway, Marino, Manning, Barry, and others!!
  2300. ndamukong suh 1/1 printing plate jersey fs!!!
  2301. FT Colin Kaepernick Prime Signatures 2011 01/49 - Looking for nice Lebron/AP AU.
  2302. 2013 Prestige 1/1 Desmond Trufant Auto RC Printing Plate
  2303. Hot stuff...HOF'ers..Auto's...baseball & football short mid-high end list..Just look!
  2304. Andrew luck sterling auto patch /99 fs or trade for a nice peterson.
  2305. Mickey Mantle Auto for Football
  2306. WTT this Manning auto jersey /15 for Luck auto
  2307. FT:Russell Wilson and Ryan Tannehill Exquisite Patch/auto
  2308. 2012 Jerry Rice Auto Patch Crown Royale
  2309. Luck Fabric of Game (piece of football) #1/10.....Looking for RGIII Patch
  2310. High End FT!!!!
  2311. Trading High End On Card GU Autographs Barry/Elway/Warner
  2312. 2012 Five Star Dante leffettit 1/1 cut signatures f/s or f/t
  2313. High End FT
  2314. Looking to upgrade my Tom Brady auto...AGAIN!
  2315. RG3 1/1 auto RC Leaf Printing Plate
  2316. Ali Auto FT
  2317. 7/7/13 High End Football Tradelist: Bringing out the Big Guns to see what i can get!
  2318. ***Looking to Trade/Sell Some Mid/High End!***
  2319. High-End Needs
  2320. FT Ray Rice 2012 Topps Supreme Laundry Tag 1/1
  2321. WTTF/WTB - Ryan Tannehill - Topps Chrome or Contenders 9.5/10
  2322. Elway Auto FT
  2323. Hot stuff...HOF'ers..Auto's...baseball & football short mid-high end list..
  2324. Looking for high end AJ Green auto's!!!
  2325. Joe Greene/LC Greenwood/Jack Ham 2009 SP Signature Triple Scripts 7/25
  2326. Trade
  2327. 1953 Topps Whitey Ford BVG 8.5 POP 1 for high end football!
  2328. Still got time to trade before Nats!! Lets deal!! Rg3, Brady, romo, kaep scans inside
  2329. FT for FB Super Sick Verlander/Bondermann Dual MLB Logo Auto 1/1
  2330. Couple Stafford Autos
  2331. Mike Giancarlo Stanton HIGHEND Chrome Auto for Andrew Luck
  2332. 2012 Panini Certified Andrew Luck Quad Relic Jersey shoe Ball Auto # 12/25 Jersey #
  2333. Updated Shhhtuffff for trade:)
  2334. New/Old Hi end FT--Scans
  2335. Aaron Rodgers 2005 Bowman Best Magenta Printing Plate Auto Rookie 1/1
  2336. Super HIGH HIGH END, let's trade. Sambo NT, Walter Payton Auto, Wilson 1/1, Tanny etc
  2337. Ultimate Deacon jones Merlin Olsen dual auto /15 ft on card autos
  2338. Manning/Tebow/Thomas All for trade
  2339. CY YOUNG 1/1 Cut Auto w/ inscription for trade!
  2340. WTTF Alex smith
  2341. FT: Andy Dalton RPA #25/25!
  2342. Trading this Cam 3 color patch auto
  2343. FT/FS: Aaron Rodgers 2005 Certified Mirror Gold RC Auto #ed 03/10
  2344. Joe Flacco Logo Patch Auto #ed 2/5 ft/fs
  2345. WTTF 2011 Topps Chrome Kaerpick Refractor Auto /99
  2346. Got some paypal and some nice cards for a peterson SPA!
  2347. Favre/Elway/Marino Triple Threads patch auto 1/9 FT/FS
  2348. confirmation from panini, about russell wilson
  2349. Any interest in a Russell Wilson Silver Prime Signature Auto /49
  2350. Mj on card auto /15 + more goodies
  2351. Any Help here??
  2352. jay cutler rookie auto for trade
  2353. Anyone have a Luck contenders auto FT? Plenty of high end Rodgers etc FT!
  2354. Drysdale Cut AutoJersey /10, Jeter SP CLEAN RC, Matt Ryan RC Auto /25, McCutchen Auto
  2355. WTTF: 2012 Elite Manning/Luck Dual Auto /20
  2356. Luck/RG3 Patch Auto Book /15 just arrived
  2357. 1/1 hank Aaron LCM cut auto for football!
  2358. some things for trade! come in!
  2359. Vince Lombardi 1/1 cut auto fs/ft
  2360. * Looking to Sell/Trade some Highend PC Items ( Contenders, NT, Limited + More ) *
  2361. any kaepernick contender or inception auto rc out there
  2362. Andrew Luck RC Jersey Auto Panini Black FT or FS
  2363. Peyton Manning SPA auto 9.5 for trade for an insert
  2364. Looking for high end peyton manning rookie year cards - will buy or trade
  2365. Highend Trading!!!!! looking for.......
  2366. Andrew Luck Graded 9.5/10 Auto /99 for trade!
  2367. Andrew Luck Graded 9.5/10 Auto /99 for trade!
  2368. RUSSELL, DOUG MARTIN, & T-RICH Autos FOR TRADE!!! Want List Inside:)
  2369. looking to buy expired upperdeck redemptions
  2370. rg3 autos ft and colin kap auto FT
  2371. Russell Wilson Prime Signatures Silver /49 FT/FS
  2372. Yasiel Puig, Bryce Harper & Mike Trout Signed GEM MINT Baseballs for High End!
  2373. Need kaepernick playbook RC for set
  2374. 2012 Panini Prizm Andrew Luck Rookie Impact Gold Numbered 08/10 FT
  2375. 2012 Topps Mini Autographs (Doug Martin, Trent Richardson) for Trade or Sale
  2376. 2012 Topps Magic Russell Wilson RC autograph
  2377. looking to move my rg3 upper deck star rookie auto
  2378. Ultimate High end Trade Thread! JORDAN,JETER,LUCK,TIGER+++
  2379. FT: Luck, Marino, Kelly, Newton, Elway, and Namath
  2380. Drew Brees FT/FS
  2381. Looking to buy rare 1998 manning rookies
  2382. FT/FS Highend Troy Polamalu 1/1's nfl logo's super bowl g/u auto's
  2383. ™™™/WTB A Rodgers, RGIII, and a Few others
  2384. WTT: RGIII AU for Luck or Kaepernick AU
  2385. Wilson, Sanders, and Sidney Crosby High-End For Trade
  2386. WTTF 2011 Topps Chrome Kaepernick Base Auto
  2387. trading cam newton , torrey smith , doug martin , brandon weedon for andrew luck
  2388. Highend FT
  2389. Barry Sanders on card auto FT
  2390. LF a kaep Auto, have wilsons ft
  2391. WWT: 2012 Panini Playbook Russell Wilson Gold Booklet /49
  2392. Peyton Manning Auto #18/18 for RG3 or Luck Auto
  2393. 2011 Contenders Variation Colin Kaepernick Auto SP No Logo
  2394. this cam newton auto/jersey rookie for the best ryan tannehill auto/jersey plus 60.00
  2395. FT: Bart Starr 3/5 Auto, Cam Newton /25 Auto, Paul Hornung 1/1
  2397. Matt Ryan Select RED RC Auto /25, Drysdale Cut Auto Booklet /10, Jeter SP RC & more
  2398. Need all highend cowboys
  2399. FT: E.J. Manuel Inception RPA /75 Nasty Patch
  2400. Some new Hi end added to the bucket.... Scans
  2401. Devin Hester 1/1s and low #ed 2006 Auto available
  2402. Looking for Chrome, NT, Topps Tall Boys, Contenders Autos of Luck & RGIII
  2403. Sayers 1/1 auto, Michael Floyd superfractor auto, Locker & Mallett NT, spiller rpa
  2404. Looking for Luck
  2405. High end ft/fs
  2406. Factory *Sealed* 2012 Topps Chrome Hobby Boxes for Trade ONLY
  2407. RGIII and Dalton autos ft/fs for baseball
  2408. Jordy Nelson Rookie Auto #5/5 BGS Mint 9 FT/FS
  2409. Any RGIII fans out there???
  2410. WTB 2011 Upper Deck College Legends Autographs
  2411. Allen Iverson signed/worn Detroit Pistons Answer XIIs & Reebok sleeve FT for FB
  2412. QB rc autos- Colin Kaepernick Exquisite logo RAP, Luck Contenders, RG3 FOTG FT
  2413. Robert Griffin III auto /25 FT for Luck only!
  2414. High End Wednesday Trading Anyone? Tiger,Jeter,Jordan,Crosby,Luck,RG3,1/1++
  2415. Anyone trade anymore? Have these HIGH END ft!
  2416. Few nice 1/1s for trade Fitzgerald, Verlander
  2417. ™™™/WTB 2010 National Treasures CJ Spiller RAP
  2418. RGIII FT--Scans
  2419. FT/FS Luck RG3 AP Sanders Sweetness Rice Rodgers Stafford Newton Ruth Mantle NASCAR
  2420. Considering trading some monsters.......
  2422. NEW HI END FT.......Scans
  2423. August High End Trading Thread: Scans of nice autos inside of Hofers,Stars & Rookies
  2424. Walter Payton Cuts & Aaron Rodgers Auto JSY FS/FT
  2425. Any AP Fans??
  2426. High End FT
  2427. Just in!!!!! Russell Wilson 3/25-jersey number FT
  2428. Ft/Fs 2012 Supreme Dual 2 Color Patch Auto Andrew Luck # 1/5
  2429. Lebron James 03-04 SPA PSA 10 for Trade
  2430. Luck & Griffin Five Star patch Book Auto /15
  2431. A Few High-End FT/FS!!
  2432. Wttf kaepernick on card rc autos!
  2433. 2 1/1 AP autos!
  2434. RG3 exquisite patch auto Rc BGS 9.5 POP 1 come huge!!
  2435. Updated High End For Trade List! Trout/MJ/Rose/Luck/RG3/Crosby/Shields/Logoman/Autos
  2436. FT 1984 Topps USFL Set XRCs Young White Walker Kelly+++
  2437. Any Russell Wilson Collecotrs?
  2438. WTT:2012 SP Authentic SPECTRUM LaMichael James AUTO/ PATCH #'d 25/25...BV=$150.00
  2439. Who has an RG3 Treasures patch auto FT?
  2440. Time to trade!?
  2441. ttt
  2442. FT: 2012 Bowman Sterling Griffin Richardson Tannehill Blackmon Quad Auto /10
  2443. ***Looking to Trade/Sell Some NICE 1981 Topps Joe Montana RCs!***
  2444. ***Looking to Trade This Lot For 1-10 CARDS!***
  2445. High end RB's: Arian, Doug Martin,T-Rich,Lamar, DWils,Alfred, McCoy EXQ/NT/CONT 9.5's
  2446. Looking to trade this 2008 Exquisite Ray Rice patch auto!
  2447. RGIII, Wilson, Elway, Ryan, Namath, more FT. Scans
  2448. Luck topps five star auto patch /55 ft!!
  2449. FS: Russell Wilson Contender BGS 9.5/10
  2450. Taking offers and checking buckets for this NM Bird/Magic/Erving tri card Rookie!
  2451. Looking to trade russell Wilson contenders and cash for Andrew luck contenders!
  2452. Hi end FT--scans Luck, RGIII, Lacy, Manning, Namath+++++++
  2453. FT: 2010 National Treasures Sam Bradford Ram Head RPA /99
  2454. Andrew Luck 1/1 available for limited time
  2455. Sunday!! Sunday!! Sunday!! Anybody Trading???
  2456. Michael Irvin/Keyshawn Johnson/Jerry Rice Triple Auto /20!!
  2457. Nice Adrian Peterson Spotlight Rookie Auto FT
  2458. Anyone have Tom brady autos to trade?
  2459. Russell Wilson FT 3/25
  2460. Kevin Durant rookie auto for Romo/Russell Contenders or HIGH END FOOTBALL
  2461. 2 nice dual autos FT for FB Kyrie/Davis, Harper/Strasburg
  2462. WTTF These Guys...
  2463. Hi end FT Scans.............
  2464. HI end-UH OH...Guess what day it is....GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!!!!
  2465. WTT: 2012 Crown Royal RGIII Auto/3-color GU #/149
  2466. RARE panini MICHAEL FLOYD rc auto SP
  2467. Two Calvin Johnson RC autos and a Matthew Stafford Rc Auto FT
  2468. 2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck Pink Auto 47/75
  2469. looking to move this
  2470. Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Jerry Rice SP Authentic ON CARD AUTOS!!
  2471. seeing what offers i can get for this larry bird/magic johnson rookie incomming
  2472. larry bird/magic johnson rookie for trade
  2473. bring out some big guns OUT FT
  2474. wttf: 1 high end luck auto
  2475. Awesome ej manuel inception rpa /75
  2476. Ft/Fs Brandon Weeden 1/1 NFL Logo Shield Patch
  2477. Hi end FT Scans.............
  2478. Fs:ft 2012 panini elite rookie inscriptions green ink auto andrew luck! /10 9.5/10
  2479. FT: 2012 National Treasures NFL GEAR Trent Richardson Auto /10 COME LQQK
  2480. WTTF High End rc autos; Julio Jones, Matt Ryan,Matt Forte,Andrew Luck++++++++
  2481. kap, luck, stafford autos for trade. Looking for brady autos in return..
  2482. Looking for an AP Auto
  2483. Bill Walsh PSA/DNA encapsulated Ron mix platinum series auto
  2484. The Big Guns are up for trade! High End Galore!
  2485. Insane tannehill/miller dual patch auto book /5
  2486. High End Lesean Mccoy Desean Jackson 1/1 NFL Logo Shield For Trade
  2487. BGS Luck FT
  2488. FT High End A Rodgers L Mccoy D Jackson Blake Griffin Payton NFL Shields
  2489. trade sell trade/sell jay cutler spa rc jersey number auto
  2490. trade / sell aaron rodgers contenders rc auto 81/249
  2491. Geno Smith /88 Inception RPA For Trade!
  2492. Anyone want to trade for this Jordan?
  2493. Nice high end FT
  2494. Does anyone on here still trade high end autos? I got stars/hofers/top rookies FT
  2495. Johnny Unitas 2000 UD Game Jersey Greats AUTOGRAPH auto
  2496. Sick SP Authentic RGIII Letter Auto/Patch ftf... Baseball. Will trade down.
  2497. Upgrading my Brady's: NFL Logoshield w/ Auto
  2498. Friday Trade Thread- High, Mid End- Luck, Rg3, Wilson, Marino, Foster, SCAN HEAVY
  2499. Higher End Basketball FT For Football
  2500. Trading this Andrew Luck quad jrsy/auto, looking for something nice...
  2501. 2013 Topps Finest Prism Refractor SICK 3clr Jumbo Jersey auto Landry Jones #15/25 FT!
  2502. FT/FS: 2012 Topps Five Star Andrew Luck Trent Richardson RC dual on card auto /20
  2503. Low Numbered 2013 Rookies
  2504. Exquisite, Contenders, Five Star, NT For Trade
  2505. FS: Andrew Luck Crown Royale RPA, RG3 Jersey
  2506. 12-13 Panini Momentum RG3 Triple Patch/Auto #'d to 399
  2507. need Peyton Manning hi end
  2508. FT Andrew Luck 2012 Press Pass Auto /5
  2509. Lots and Lots of high end stuff ft....
  2510. looking for andrew luck auto/jersey
  2511. 2012/13 SPA Michael Jordan Auto FT for FB
  2512. have this cam newton rookie incomming ,, seeing what is out there for this
  2513. Russell Wilson SP Authentic RC Auto FT/FS
  2514. FS/FT Highend Peyton Manning Andrew luck Johhny Unitas CJ Spiller Romo
  2515. Ft/fs: Patriots for red sox-auto's-relic's-rookie's & retired
  2516. Skins fans look! High End Alfred Morris FT/FS
  2517. Tom Brady Auto FS/FT.
  2518. RG3 Crown Royale 3 Color Patch/Auto FT
  2519. Ft/fs high end football basketball baseball hockey
  2520. Rescanned everything! Still looking to make deals. Luck, Rg3, Wilson, Newton, Rodgers
  2521. Highend Multisport ft..Looking for eye catches but Matt Ryan is a plus
  2522. Kaepernick Rookie Autos FS Contenders, SPA, Prime Signatures, Topps Prime, PP Red /38
  2523. Trading for WALTER PAYTON: Payton, A.P., Brady, Deion, Cam, Turbin....
  2524. For Trade: Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Ref BGS 9.5/10 for Football
  2525. Peyton Manning Auto /10 FT
  2526. dan marino 2004 limited # 10/13 auto/jersey for trade
  2527. 2007 SPx Triple Patch/Auto Adrian Peterson /299
  2528. looking for a andrew luck and a tom brady auto/jersey
  2529. WTTF: mid-end Andrew Luck Auto (multi-sport - scan heavy)
  2530. Rg3 &Andrew Luck on card autos FT
  2531. College 4-Day Weekend! Looking to make some high end trades!
  2532. vince young 1/1 auto logo patch rebok jumbo topps sell or trade
  2533. Kaepernick 3-CLR SPA Graded 9.5w/10 Auto FT
  2534. CLay Matthews SPA BGS 9.5 FT - looking for bowman chrome baseball ...maybe cubs
  2535. buying high end bgs 9 cards
  2536. FS/FT: 2012 Contenders Brock Osweiler Cracked Ice BGS 9.5/10
  2537. Hi end FT--scans RGIII, Manning, Starr, Elway, Dalton, Cam++++++++++++
  2538. Geno Smith Donruss Elite Acetate Auto for trade
  2539. 1/1 Ben Roethlisberger Auto
  2540. pp here
  2541. couple of my nicer cards for sale rodgers auto--marino patch
  2542. Tom brady rcs ft..looking for high end michael jordan
  2543. 2000 contenders tom brady rc auto ft!
  2544. dan marino auto/jersey fopr trade
  2545. Looking for 2012 Panini Contenders Ryan Tannehill RC Auto
  2546. Matt Ryan Topps Chrome Auto FS
  2547. RG3 Finest 3 Color Patch Auto, couple others
  2548. Anyone interested in these high end cards?
  2549. New High End List
  2550. WTTF Cam Newton
  2551. Feel like trading? Time to mix things up a bit...
  2552. Last card needed for set please help.. 2012 Certified Immortals auto Lee Roy Jordan /
  2553. WTTF: All Priest Holmes Cards Base/Inserts/Rc's/Auto's/patches....ect...
  2554. Fishing.....Collect Giants.
  2555. Got some mid to high cards ft..lets get some deals going
  2556. Anyone need this Jordan?
  2557. Adrian Peterson rookie auto
  2558. Mirror black RC Master set FT
  2559. FT Andrew Luck 2012 Crown Royale Silhouette Patch Auto /99
  2560. Nice trade bait FT!! Looking for a nice AP and Vick Rc auto!! Scans inside
  2561. High end for trade Barry Sanders Ben Roethlisberger Auto's
  2562. Robert Griffin III Fabric of the game auto patch 6/15 FT
  2563. LTTF Cam Newton Chrome/Contenders RC Auto
  2564. 2011-12 Exquisite Dimensions Autograph Michael Jordan FT for High End FB
  2565. A few new Hi end FT. Scans
  2566. SUPER High End Thread- Wilson, Rg3, Tannehill, Calvin, Dez, Charles, NT EXQ CHROME CO
  2567. tom Brady Fleer RC Auto FS/FT
  2568. 2012 Five Star Booklet RYAN TANNENHILL/LAMAR MILLER #d /5!
  2569. 93-ted williams upperdeck au/521 for 2000-tom brady rookie auto
  2570. High end for trade mccoy roethlisberger julio kobe desean payton miller
  2571. 2012 Limited Doug Martin Lettermen Needed!!
  2572. FS/FT: 2012 Panini Father's Day Andrew Luck NFL Logo Shield Auto BGS 8.5 /5
  2573. Honestly, ALL I want is a Rusell Wilson Contenders
  2574. Real nice update---griffin and luck
  2575. Time to trade!!
  2576. 2009 threads clay matthews rookie auto platnium refractor /10
  2577. FT/FS Tyler Bray 2013 Platinum Military Camo Refractor Auto #/10
  2578. Few mid/high FT scans
  2579. Josh Freeman Exquisite
  2580. Crazy high end whitey ford for football!!
  2581. Tom Brady Rookie Auto For Trade For Elway BGS 9.5 RC, Luck Prime Sigs or Sam Bradford
  2582. On-Card Walter Payton Auto
  2583. Tannehill Crown Auto F/T
  2584. Rodgers/Smith dual rc auto /35 BGS 9.5 FT
  2585. loking for andrew luck auto/jersey or rg3 auto/jersey
  2586. Anybody like that bum Rodgers, Manning, R Wilson?
  2587. Tavon Austin Finest Prism Refractor Auto 5/5!!
  2588. WTTF/WTB 1/1s, Logo Patches, Hard To Find Autos, Highend Autos, Memorabilia
  2589. dolphins /colts tied at 17 at half time,, great game lets trade
  2590. Looking to trade high end!!I
  2591. Manning Contenders Luck Contenders Wilson Con Griffin Camo Au Brees /5 au Koufax au
  2592. aaron rodgers alex smith clayton benson quad rc auto /25 $400 sell or half and half
  2593. Elite Rookie Inscriptions Russell Wilson Blue Ink Auto!
  2594. cam Newton contenders Auto for trade
  2595. Emmitt Smith gold auto 1/10 triple patch FT
  2596. Looking for 2013 Platinum Frost Rookie Patch auto's #'d to 50!
  2597. WTTF: 2011 Topps Chrome Kaepernick Auto (Lacy Fans)
  2598. Prime Sigs Quad Auto 2/2 Favre/Marino/Manning/Elway FT/FS
  2599. Hi end FT. Scans
  2600. High end card
  2601. High end available- Brock Ice, Brees, Vereen, RG3, and more
  2602. High End for trade Desean Jackson 1/1 Brandon Weeden Sterling /36
  2603. 2012 Bowman Sterling Blue Refractors Andrew Luck 2-color Patch Auto /99 BGS 9
  2604. WTTF: 2011 Topps Chrome Kaepernick Auto
  2605. highend trich /5 playbook
  2606. HI END FT-Scans Luck, Marino, R Wilson, P&E Manning, Elway ++++
  2607. Pair of Kaepernick Autos for trade
  2608. RGIII crown royale 3-color jersey auto ft
  2609. FT Cam Newton Contenders
  2610. Wttf: 2000-tom brady combo's auto/relic or rookie auto ted williams auto/521
  2611. ONCE IN A LIFETIME Andrew Luck FT!!!
  2612. Matt Barkley R&S 5C RAP 1/1
  2613. FT/FS Highend/Hard To Find Autos, GU, and Memorbilia
  2614. Trading this 2005 Upper Deck UD Exclusive Spectrum #202 Aaron Rodgers #/10
  2615. Trading/Selling This Tebow!
  2616. 1/1 Auto/Patches/Game Used Letters/Shield DeSean J, Mallett, Jamaal Charles, McFadden
  2617. High End FT Brock Osweiler Alshon Jeffery Exquisite Auto Patch
  2618. Michael Jordan 1997 Legends Auto FT for football
  2619. Bob griffin 3 auto /25 for trade
  2620. * TRADING my High-End Josh Freeman RC Autos/RPA's (Exquisite, Chrome Ref, 1/1's, BGS)
  2621. Trent Richardson Contenders w/Nike Swoosh/125
  2622. Trading -- Luck NT - Manning Auto - President Cut - BGS Graded
  2623. Brock Osweiler 2012 Topps Tall Boy Mini Autograph RC FT/FS
  2624. High end football for trade only
  2625. Amazing Multi-Sport HIGH END For Trade Thread! Vintage/Autos/Patches/NT/ LQQK
  2626. FT: EJ Manuel 2013 Topps Rookie Premiere Auto #'d/90
  2627. come see come see
  2628. Luck, Stafford, Kapernick Autos for trade. Looking for brady auto in return
  2629. Looking for ej manuel high end card.. Will trade high end for his
  2630. High End Rickey Henderson auto FT for football!
  2631. BGS 9 Andy Dalton Crown Royal auto/2 color patch rc FT
  2632. 2 high end RG3 autos FT!
  2633. Does anyone trade high end anymore?
  2634. High End for Trade. RGIII Russell Wilson Brees Doug Martin Lamar Miller & MORE!
  2635. FT: 2012 National Treasures Brock Osweiler Shield Booklet RC Auto 1/1
  2636. geno smith #d/5 rc auto psa 10
  2637. RG3 Rc auto Target Exclusive auto /10 for trade
  2638. Was a good mailday friday
  2639. Rare 2012 sp authentic dan Marino sott sp 1:120000 packs
  2640. Anybody want to trade for this 2008 Exquisite Ray Rice Patch Auto???
  2641. Exquisite RPA Robert Griffin III for trade!!!!
  2642. High end for trade multi sport jordan cabrera jeffery gore jackson fitzgerald manu
  2643. 2012 Russell Wilson auto /25
  2644. have this dan marino auto/jersey scarce #/25 incomming
  2645. Just loaded up..Autos..patches..baseball & football..Drysdale Cut..Matt Ryan Auto /25
  2646. looking for andrew luck auto or robert griffen auto
  2647. Ryan Mallett 2011 Inception JUMBO NFL Logo Shield 1/1#d Rookie FT
  2648. sunday high end trading!
  2649. i have rg3 auto rc, i want brees auto rc
  2650. my main trade thread
  2651. Sickest card ever! 3 color patch auto/50 tavon austin
  2652. andrew luck octograph for sale! quick sale?
  2653. Matt Ryan auto lettermen rc #d 1/6,Shaq auto/jrsy,Green,Dalton lots more for a Lebron
  2654. Coming back home for the weekend, all high end is available! Luck, Kaep, Wilson, Rg3
  2655. HI END Trading ... Come on IN!
  2656. F/t 2010 Ryan Mathews Topps Platinum Superfractor # 1/1 psa 10
  2657. any rg3 fans
  2658. New HI end FT. Dez, Wilson, Rice, Brees ++
  2659. 2 Nice Robert Griffin Auto Patch for Trade
  2660. queen my dishes please...
  2661. Anyone like Russell Wilson Chrome? Got two for trade
  2662. FS: Russell Wilson Contender 9.5/10 BGS
  2663. RARE Peyton/Eli Dual Authentic signed helmet and more!!
  2664. 2001 Upper Deck Letterman Patches /50 Michael Vick
  2665. Kaep SPA FT
  2666. Jamaal Charles Topps Five Star Game Used Letter Patch 1/1 FT
  2667. A few nice Highend for trade
  2668. Adrian Peterson 2011 Leaf Limited "Limitless" 3 Color Patch/Auto 4/5
  2669. Manning Auto Tannehill au, Verlander Au Brees Au Wils Con RG3 Kobe Chrome 10
  2670. DeSean Jackson National Treasures Game Used Letter Patch 2/7#d (1/1) FT
  2671. HI end FT...Scans
  2672. WTTF High End Doug Martin, Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles, and Kaepernick
  2673. 2008/09 Sp Authentic Eric Gordon Recruiting Class Auto Letterman 1/1 for FB
  2674. Tavon Austin FS/FT!!
  2675. Looking to Sell or Trade this RGIII/Garcon Dual Auto for a Peyton Manning auto
  2676. Rare BGS Michael Jordan auto FT for Russell Wilson
  2677. RG3,Kaepernick,L.McCoy/Moreno Booklet,Martin,Foles,Blackmon Lots more FT ......
  2678. looking for dan marino autos
  2679. Andy Dalton/Bengal Fans? Dalton Phenoms GOLD 3 CLR RPA Auto /10 FS/FT
  2680. FT Highend Unitas, AP, Cam, Rice, Marino,RG3, Wilson, Witten, Tannehill, Baugh, Ect
  2681. 2011 Threads Kaepernick Letterman Auto
  2682. 2000 UD Graded Shaun Alexander BGS 9.5 gem mint 075/250
  2683. Russell Wilson Contender BGS 9.5/10
  2684. Gio Geno EJ n more FT
  2685. High End FT: R Wilson/AJ/Hofers/Dougie/Morris/Spiller/Cam/P Peterson/Warner & More!
  2686. Lacy Superfractor 1/1 au Brady Auto AP Au lombardi auto 1/1 Griffey UD 9.5 Koufax au
  2687. Ft/Fs 2012 Topps Supreme Andrew Luck Dual 2 Color Patch Auto # 1/5
  2688. Full case, 6 sealed 2013 Marvel Retro Boxes for trade!!
  2689. Ft/Fs 2013 Deandre Hopkins NFL Logo Shield Auto # 1/1
  2690. Rg3 prominence auto /25 ft
  2691. *VERY RARE*Dan Marino SPA Auto Short Print to only 7 Graded BGS 9.5 Auto 10 (POP1)
  2692. Kendall Wright 1/1 wanted..
  2693. Tom Brady/Brett Favre SPx dual Auto & Aaron Rodgers Auto FT
  2694. Any Non RC Brady auto?
  2695. Cam Newton RPA/15
  2696. Looking for Lebron AU -Joe Montana/15 AU and Kap 1/49 AURC
  2697. Looking for alshon jeffery/manti te'o high end
  2698. New HIGH END trade thread! Huge Multi Sport Thread!
  2699. russell wilson topps chrome auto ft
  2700. FT: Kaepernick Auto
  2701. 2010 dez bryant rookie auto playoff contenders bgs 10 w 10 auto
  2702. WTTF Brady auto
  2703. FS/FT: 2001 Contenders Drew Brees RC Auto
  2704. High end: Ft/fs
  2705. 2013 finest eddie lacy oncard auto /50
  2706. Looking for best offer for some silver coins & bars ive got
  2707. Trading down on this. Robert Griffin 3 Color Patch Auto #/15
  2708. Trading or selling Joe Montana 2010 National Treasures Patch auto #15/15 BGS 9.5 with
  2709. Mean Joe /20 Auto,Lattimore /25, Lacy Auto
  2710. I'm looking for, brees, kaep, luck or Wilson
  2711. New PC Brock Osweiler LTT/LTB
  2712. Sick foles f/t
  2713. Tom Brady Auto Ft..
  2714. LTTF 2001 Playoff Contenders Drew Brees auto BGS graded 8.5 or better.
  2715. Luck/RGIII/Marino/Manning/Elway/Rice/Eli/Rivers/Demarco/Tannyhill ++++++ Hi end FT
  2716. Alex Smith KC Chiefs Rookie auto
  2717. Kyrie Irving Flawless On Card Auto 4/15 Encased Never Been Touched!!
  2718. Aaron Rodgers Auto FT...
  2719. Silver coins & bars & items & jewelry to trade
  2720. FT Couple Late Night HOF Adds
  2721. FT Barry Sanders auto RATED 9.5 and AP auto #/25....check'em out
  2722. FT/FS Russell Wilson Rookie Auto Name Plate Patches 1/1s
  2723. Cam and Russell RC FT for.....
  2724. Looking for any highend cam newton or Patriots
  2725. LTB/LTTF Luck/RG3/Keenum/Cousins/Foles/Osweiler/Tannehill
  2726. Kaepernick Playbook 4 color patch auto rc FT
  2727. Two Walter Payton autos wilson kaepernick megaton etc
  2728. High end cards ft/fs...
  2729. LOOKING for Anything Cam Newton!
  2730. FT: Andrew Luck Black 2 color patch/auto rc #d/49
  2731. Andy Dalton AU, Case Keenum AUs FT
  2732. Need all dez bryant
  2733. Trading this RG3 for a Peyton Manning
  2734. Barry Sanders auto rated 9.5 FOR TRADE
  2735. Adrian Peterson player issue autographed rookie card
  2736. Trading The Best PC Collection Of...
  2737. Nice Cam Newton Lot FT
  2738. Looking to trade my jim kelly 1/1 for stuff
  2739. Mallett/Newton 04/25 topps supreme dual auto!
  2740. Lots of high end for trade!!! Geno, Luck, Wilson, Demaryius, Kaep, LeVeon, Tannehill
  2741. WTTF 56 Berra,Kaline,Feller
  2742. Alex Smith 1/1 bowmans best auto rc
  2743. Reggie Bush 2006 Bowman Crome Gold Refractor Auto #/50 RC BGS 9.5/10 FT
  2744. Trading Jason Witten, Mike Ditka, John Mackey, and Early Campbell
  2745. WTTF High End Autos of Hofers/Shady Mccoy/Cam/AJ green: Plenty FT....Hofers & Stars!
  2746. Alex Smith Bowmans Best 1/1 auto rc FT
  2747. FT 2013 Elite Peyton Manning Printing Plate 1/1
  2748. Bring me cam newton
  2749. Who wants this AP rookie auto?
  2750. High End Signed & Game Used Memorabilia for trade! LF High end NBA, NFL, MLB
  2751. Adrian Peterson 2009 Absolute Auto Patch 1/1 FT
  2752. 2013 Chrome EJ Manuel Auto SP Variation
  2753. Thanksgiving break! HIGH END FOR TRADE! W/ want list!
  2754. Lets Trade!! Kaepernick, AP, Marino, Wilson, Charles, Geno, Brees...etc...
  2755. Landry Jones Topps Chrome Gold Auto 10/10
  2756. Looking for a Johnny Unitas Auto
  2757. Rodgers SPA/99 and others looking for Brees rookie year autos!
  2758. Jim kelly 1/1 master works auto ft
  2759. wttf russell wilson auto
  2760. Looking To Trade For or Buy 1/1s, Logo Patches, Highend Autos
  2761. Randy Moss /25
  2762. Matt Barkley 2013 Topps Chrome 1969 variation autograph refractor SP
  2763. Anyone have a Tom Brady Contenders BGS 8.5 they'd trade/sell?
  2764. Desean Jackson 2012 Triple Threads 1/1 NFL Logo Shield Patch SICK
  2765. I have kaepernick auto rc for trade looking for
  2766. Looking to Trade High end Cowboys Fans LOOK !!
  2767. Upper deck Legends Johhny UNitas auto FT!
  2768. Fielding offers on my Case Keenum contenders variation sp auto
  2769. Highend for trade..
  2770. Multisport high end FT/FS Crosby Lemieux Malkin Pacman A Rodgers and more!
  2771. Jamaal Charles Exquisite Silver Holofoil Patch (3+ Color) Auto /75 RC FT/FS
  2772. Back from the show with some new HI end. All FT....
  2773. Highend Trading...Come On In!!!
  2774. Highend!! Dimaggio cut-bat auto, hank aaron patch-bat auto, tiger woods auto ft/fs
  2775. Looking for high end andrew luck rc auto or patch auto
  2776. high end for mj only
  2777. Looking for Jim Kelly autos, patches
  2778. FT Colin Kaepernick 2011 Gold Standard 3 color jersey auto
  2779. FT/s Matt Ryan SP authentic gold patch auto /25.. awsome patch
  2780. Time For Some Buying/Trading
  2781. HI end FT...Scans
  2782. couple high end for trade ... newton luck ect
  2783. MASSIVE Multi-Sport High End FT Thread! ALL NEW STUFF!
  2784. WTTF/WTB Emmitt Smith 2012 NT Greatest Signatures
  2785. Crown Royale RGIII Auto 3 color Patch! Eddie Lacy Finest Xfractor Auto 2 color Patch!
  2786. Few high end cards available
  2787. FS/FT: HIGH END STUFF. HOFers, CJ2K, LT, Elway, Rice
  2788. Aaron Rodgers Topps Reprint Auto #ed /25 FT
  2789. WTB DeAndre Hopkins
  2790. **PLAYOFF BOUND** Philip Rivers Bowman Chrome Gold Auto /50 and Sick SPA Patch Auto
  2791. Trading Tom Brady BGS 9 RC for Peyton Manning
  2792. Rg3 autograph full sized nfl jersey baylor
  2793. RG3 Auto.
  2794. Tom Brady 2011 Leaf Limited Limitless auto/gj #1/15 FT
  2795. Le'veon bell strata sick sick for trade
  2796. Something different Ludacris Universal Collector's Edition signed CD /100 Ft for FB
  2797. RG3 SSSP Rookie stuff
  2798. Robert Griffin III 11/12 Cup Crosby Tribute 6/10 Auto/Patch For Trade
  2799. Kenny Stills Lot Saints
  2800. Andrew Luck/Coby Fleener Booklet Dual Five Star On Card RPA 10/15
  2801. Multi sport highend ft/s..Lets get some deals going
  2802. High End RC Autos FT! Wilson, Morris, Glennon!
  2803. Hi end for the right card. Peyton manning luck
  2804. romo sp authentic rc auto
  2805. a few high enders in here and wants
  2806. Highend Scans FT
  2807. Andrew Luck National Treasures RPA FT
  2808. Looking for highend football & cash/paypal on this bill russell ok he has 11 rings
  2809. Aaron Rodgers 2005 Ultimate Collections Game Jersey Auto /25 9.5/10
  2810. Cam Newton High End RookIe Autos For Trade
  2811. Bucket updated and looking to trade!
  2812. Andre Johnson 2003 Leaf Limited Contenders Preview Ticket Auto #3/25 BGS 9.5/10
  2813. Hi end ft---scans
  2814. Adrian Peterson Exquisite Auto Gu 8/10 Nice Patch!!
  2815. FT '04 Ultimate John Elway Auto/Jsy /25
  2816. 2013 Topps Trippe Threads 1/1 and Booklet
  2817. 3 Highenders: Elway Ultimate 1/7 Auto, Michael Floyd Red Chrome /5 Auto BGS 9.5/10,RW
  2818. WTTF Chrome Luck Auto (Have Rodgers 1/1 Auto)
  2819. Any high end Marcus Lattimore's for trade? I've got some high end luck griffin geno
  2820. These two guys holds all six rings the steelers have all six
  2821. Trading For Lacy, Bernard, Allen, Ect
  2822. FS/FT 2012 Andrew Luck Topps Chrome 1984 refractor auto #7/15
  2823. Any marcus lattimore autos for trade?
  2824. 2013 TRIPLE THREADS 6 WAY BOOKLET FT FS!! message me offers
  2825. Michael Jordan & Kyrie Irving Autos FT for FB
  2826. Looking to buy a Joe Montana Auto....
  2827. Looking for 2001 Bowman Chrome Drew Brees RC auto (PLEASE HELP)
  2828. T.Y Hilton Topps Chrome Refractor Rainbow With Autos Lot
  2829. Andrew Luck 1957 TC Refractor Variation jersey auto /10
  2830. Gale Sayers 1/1 Auto
  2831. Few of my HIGH END F/T (scans)
  2832. Tavon Austin/Bailey/Lattimore/Patton Quad Patch Auto /5 + Alex Smith 1/1 Auto
  2833. kaepernick ft
  2834. 2010 Bowman Sterling Eric Decker 1/1 auto
  2835. Adrian Peterson Auto Patch
  2836. Anyone Want to Trade High end? I got au's of Hofers/Kaep/Cam/AJ/R Wilson & More!
  2837. Kaep RC/AU 01/49 Prime Signatures ON CARD FT
  2838. ATTN: New Orleans Saints Fans...2011 R&S Ingram Emerald Auto #d to 10 and BGS 9.5!!
  2839. FT THREAD: Kobe, Jeter, Lebron, Gretzky, Montana, Marino+++
  2840. looking for ap and calvin johnson rookies have lots to trade
  2841. Trades, trades, trades...where are all the trades???
  2842. Jim Brown Mirror Black Auto 1/1
  2843. Andrew Luck 2012 Panini Playoff Contenders Auto RC BGS 9.5s for Sale
  2844. Anybody got a '12 or '13 Peyton auto for some of this stuff? '54 Jackie Robinson +
  2845. Have this Matthew Stafford /10 3 color patch auto for trade. looking for
  2846. Aaron Rodgers Contenders Auto 9.5/9 FS/FT
  2847. Looking for Hof QBs, maybe RB
  2848. 5 card lot f/t looking for hofers in return
  2849. Vance McDonald White Whale Auto Triple Relic #1/1 FS/FT
  2850. 1994 Upper Deck Mickey Mantle on card auto FT for FB
  2851. Ej Manuel prime level 3 books ft
  2852. Andrew Luck Panini Pink auto / 5
  2853. Trading H/E basketball for any Calvin Johnson. Kobe Durant Wall
  2854. Tony Romo 1/1 for Peyton Manning of equal value
  2855. extremely rare calvin johnson ud trilogy supernova platinum patch #d 3/3
  2856. Luck, Kaep, Manning, Rodgers, RGIII, RWilson, Marino, Elway, Starr, Unitas++++++Scans
  2857. Anyone still collect RG3? HIGH END FT!
  2858. FT - CJ SPILLER Highend RC RPA! One of his BEST RCs! Five Star 3-Color RPA (OnCard)
  2859. 1959 WS Champion Dodgers Signed Ball For Trade!!
  2860. My Highend Trade
  2861. Drew bree's 1/1 printing plate auto
  2862. WTT for some SB QB Auto's....
  2863. Wttf 1999 sp signature auto #rl ray lewis
  2864. looking for peyton manning auto
  2865. Richard Sherman Contenders NFL ink auto #ed/2 ft
  2866. Russell Wilson Gridiron Gear auto triple gu ft
  2867. Russell Wilson Topps Platinum auto/patch black ref. #ed/125 ft
  2868. Eddie Lacy a Topps Strata blue auto/patch #ed/50 ft
  2869. kaepernick timeless treasures auto
  2870. Aaron Rodgers 1/1 Auto FS/FT
  2871. Calvin johnson rookie pc
  2872. Josh Gordon 2013 Prizm Gold Refractor #'d /10 FT/FS - Anybody?
  2873. 2010 Topps Unrivaled Sam Bradford / Ryan Mathews / Dez Bryant Triple Autograph RC /10
  2874. 2013 Finest Mariano Rivera 1993 Retro Baseballs Finest Refractor #'d 12/25
  2875. FS/FT Peyton Manning Rookie Autograph
  2876. Lots of new stuff for trade
  2877. Exquisite Dual 1/1 Auto Logoman for high end football
  2878. New stuff in the bucket, come check it out!
  2879. FT 2008 SP Authentic Matt Ryan Gold sick patch auto /25
  2880. My last 2 High End cards for now
  2881. The BIG One FT/FS...2011 NT Tom Brady NFL Equipment Logoshield Auto 1/1
  2882. Lttf Calvin Johnson auto and Barry Sanders auto...
  2883. triple auto for chrome
  2884. Eric reid cracked ice contenders no stars varition rookie auto #21 ft/fs!
  2885. Ft/fs cj spiller auto rc lot
  2886. mid to high end trade list
  2887. Looking To Trade...Anyone Else???
  2888. Looking for Marcus Allen rc bgs 9.5 or 10!
  2889. Anyone interested in trading down in your favor?
  2890. My Kaepernick Nat'l Treasures rc and Topps Letter auto RC for Bryce Harper...
  2891. Who's a New York Jets fan? Trading today?
  2892. 2011 Gold Standard Jared Allen Prime Patch/Auto #d to 5!!
  2893. FT ONLY -- Nick Foles Contenders Playoff Ticket Auto #/99 LIVE
  2894. Just hit this SICK auto in a break!
  2895. Looking for my Holy Grail---02 Contenders Julius Peppers Auto RC
  2896. 2005 SPX Dual Jersey Auto Peyton manning Brett favre # 18/25 Peytons Jrsy #
  2897. Robert Griffin III Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto PSA 10 FT
  2898. Manning, kareem abdul jabbar, bo jackson and more FT
  2899. FT 2005 Bowmans Best Aaron Rodgers Auto Printing Plate 1/1
  2900. FT Cordarrelle Patterson Prestige Printing Plate AU 1/1
  2901. WTTF Topps Chrome Eddie Lacy Auto
  2902. Geno Smith Contenders RC Auto Variation Redemption Card FT
  2903. Trading down on a few nice items. Take a look!
  2904. kicking around my high end Kaepernicks
  2905. FT Wilson Megatron RG3 Rivers Martin Griffin Westbrook George Messier Fuhr
  2906. Russell Wilson Topps Chrome Gold 8/10 BGS 9.5/10
  2907. romo spa + rw3 chrome auto and more ft
  2908. 2008 SP Authentic Matt Ryan Auto Patch with FALCON HEAD Patch Rookie SP /25
  2909. 09 Certified Josh Freemanc 4x Shoe Patch Ball /10 & Platinum Auto Patch /25 BGS 9
  2910. UD College Legends Aaron Rodgers super short print auto!!
  2911. Any Brock Osweiler Fans? You might like these
  2912. Another Sweet Hit out of TTT!!!
  2913. Need to Raise BIG TIME cash.........Get your Holy Grail! Manning/Luck/Rodgers/Unitas
  2914. Any Kaep fans???
  2915. HIGH END Multi-Sport Trade Thread! SCANS GALORE!!
  2916. FT: 2011 Topps Supreme Michael Vick AUTO Dual Relic 4 of 5
  2917. ft high end football basketball hockey baseball
  2918. 2013 panini black emmitt smith shadow box auto!
  2919. wtt luck wilson megatron
  2920. Looking to make some Trades!! New stuff added!!
  2921. 1928 Yankees, 1952 Yankees, 97 Yanks Team Signed Baseballs JSA Ruth Gehrig for trade!
  2922. F/T 2012 Nick Foles Contenders Base Auto
  2923. anyone have any ray lewis auto for trade
  2924. Updated Bucket Open For Trades! HIGH END!
  2925. Topps Museum
  2926. Buying and Trading For Autographed Memorabilia and Photos
  2927. Looking for baltimore colts
  2928. Anyone interested in 2013 Playbook Eddie Lacy Auto 1/5 or Clay Matthews auto 1/5
  2929. Russell Wilson 2012 Topps Chrome Gold 1984 Ref /75 BGS 9.5 and Blue Ref /199 BGS 9.5
  2930. Curtis Martin 1/1 Auto & Green Bay Tri Auto /15 FT
  2931. 2005 Aaron Rodgers contenders auto FT!
  2932. wttf finest camo base and autos
  2933. Want your High End Ace Sanders
  2934. any russell wilson auto/jersey rookies out there
  2935. CALVIN JOHNSON rookie AUTO/Jersey for trade-- Take a LOOK
  2936. Looking to Trade....Autos/GU/Patches
  2937. Bammmmmmmm! p. manning auto ina bronc uni FT!
  2938. RG3 Robert Griffin 2012 Gridiron Rookie Gridiron Gems BGS 9 w/ 10 Auto #'d /49
  2939. Matt Harvey Superfractor 1/1 RC BGS 9.5 For Trade!
  2940. I'm Looking for R.Wilson, C.Newton, C.Kaepernick, N.Foles, M.Crabtree and E.Lacy!!!!!
  2941. Sam Bradford NT RPA Gold /25
  2942. WTTF Topps Chrome Kaepernick, Wilson, and Luck Autos
  2943. Philip Rivers & Matt Scaub 2004 Finest Gold Refractor Autos /50 BGS 9/9.5 10 Auto
  2944. High End FT Kaepernick Romo Kobe Garnett Jackson Martin
  2945. I want to trade for an Eddie Lacy Auto
  2946. Kevin Durant Immaculate Patch Auto & Kobe Bryant Court Kings Auto FT for FB
  2947. Alot of stuff to trade
  2948. Montee Ball/Andre Ellington Ultimate Collection Dual Logo Patch auto #3/3 ft/fs
  2949. Looking to trade for one massive PC card I can hand down to my child when I die...
  2950. Looking to trade my tom brady rookie bgs 9!!!!
  2951. FT My Football for Basketball Manuel Lacy
  2952. 1928 Philadelphia PSA/DNA Baseball 10x Autos Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons +FT for football
  2953. Any High end Kendall Wrights out there FS or Trade
  2954. Looking for an RGIII or AP.
  2955. Robert Griffin III 11/12 Cup Crosby Tribute 6/10 Auto/Patch For Trade Or Sale
  2956. HIGH END Multi-Sport Trade Thread! Rodgers Contenders, RG3, Crosby +++
  2957. Joe & the mick for trade looking for brady autos and maybe others
  2958. FT: 2013 TTT Pigskin Triple Relic/Auto Wilson,Luck,RG3 1/1!!
  2959. need landry jones, ej manuel and robert woods red refractors to finish my rainbows!
  2960. 2012 Panini Crown Royale Blue Silhouette Russell Wilson Auto/Jersey/#ed 1/5
  2961. FS:FT RCR 9.5/10 ANDREW LUCK Prestige Draft Ticket & Rookie Materials /499
  2962. High End FT Kobe Garnett Profar Frazier Almora Ryan Jackson Hopkins Judge Martin
  2963. WTT: High End
  2964. 2 High Enders for trade(Emmitt Smith & Terrell Davis)
  2965. loong for kobe bryant auto, dan marino auto,
  2966. Ed Reed Five Star 2-CLR On Card Auto # 1/15 FT/FS
  2967. Hi end FT-Scans--Wilson, Kaep, Luck, RGIII, Elway, Marino, Namath, Unitas +++++++++
  2968. Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Carson palmer, Mark Sanchez autos FT
  2969. Looking for a 1958 Jim Brown, Paypal or Trade
  2970. colin kaepernick chrome variation auto 9.5 ft
  2971. WTTF Walter Payton RC
  2972. FT 2011 Leaf Army All American Sammy Watkins Auto
  2973. WTTF 2011 Topps Chrome Kaepernick Gold and Sepia
  2974. WTTF Chrome Luck and/or RGIII Auto
  2975. Looking to make some HIGH END trades!! Foles Chrome BGS, Barry Sanders 1/1,Manning,AP
  2976. If u Like Hofers/Stars/Top Rookie Autos then this is your thread: Nice Stuff FT!
  2977. Aaron Rodgers 2012 Prime Signatures Auto 1 of 1
  2978. New Stuff for trade
  2979. Eddie Lacy Topps Chrome Camo auto refractor /99
  2980. Want Rare Randy Moss cards - primarily '98 and '99
  2981. random trade thread
  2982. High End FT Frazier Gray Ryan Jackson Farve Kaepernick Johnson Martin Westbrook
  2983. AP Unrivaled Patch Auto
  2984. FS-FT Calvin Johnson Auto #d 5/5
  2985. Dr. J case hit auto /25 for football!!
  2986. rare PC jumbo patches ft
  2987. Andrew Luck Press Pass Fanefare Bronze Autograph /99#d Rookie
  2988. Andrew Luck Totally Certified Blue Auto/Jersey /99 FT For Highend Hockey bv-250.00
  2989. High End Card Trade! Need Brady auto! Have Russel Wilson!
  2990. 2011 Hines Ward 2/5 Absolute spectrum AUTO FT
  2991. Cam Absolute Auto RC FT for Andrew Luck, RG3, or Vintage graded
  2992. WTTF Jerry Rice
  2993. Rump Roast F/T
  2994. Russell Wilson 2012 Panini Black Friday Cracked Ice Auto Stated Print 5 FT
  2995. WTTF: Peyton Manning Autographed Card
  2996. Spectra signature materials gold - kaepernick /5 f/t
  2997. Hi end FT-Scans--Wilson, Kaep, Luck, RGIII, Elway, Marino, Namath, Unitas +++++++++
  2998. Trading RGIII Triple Threads Auto /25
  2999. Topps strata e.j. Manuel 4 color patch auto rivet # 4/5
  3000. Looking to trade these cards
  3001. 24 hr sale - high-end available - Wilson, Stafford, CJ, etc
  3002. Mid/High Multi-Sport For Trade
  3003. LF '12 Russell Wilson Treasures and Others
  3004. Mike Trout Bryce Harper and LeBron autos for Football!
  3005. T barkley strata rivet 4 color patch auto 2/5!!
  3006. Looking for Calvin Johnson Auto Rookies, Have Paypal and stuff
  3007. WTT Mathew Safford 2010 Gridiron Gear Auto/Prime 1/5
  3008. Multi sport highend ft
  3009. Looking for Manziel leaf metal auto
  3010. Peyton Manning Museum Collection Blue ink on card /25
  3011. 2009 SP Authentic #403 Matthew Stafford JSY AU/499 RC
  3012. emmitt smith auto # 2/5 graded mint 9 auto 10
  3013. High End Quick Sales Thread (possibly trade)
  3014. 2005 Ultimate Collection Peyton Manning auto
  3015. Manning, Elway, Starr autos ft
  3016. Topps five star cam newton rookie book for a Julio Jones Booklet or nice patch auto
  3017. High End Trading!! Trout, Brady, Rodgers, etc!!!
  3018. 2007 Topps Chrome Adrian Peterson Red Refractor # /139 Centered Sharp Corners & Edges
  3019. high end cards for trade
  3020. Emmiitt auto 2/5 FT
  3021. Ap rg3 all highend and more
  3022. Just Fishing......
  3023. FS/T Tim Tebow rc auto jersey numbered 1/1 lot
  3024. Looking for mike trout and derek jeter
  3025. FT/FS: 2012 Momentum Aaron Rodgers 3x Gu/Auto /10
  3026. Couple Highend AJ Green FT
  3027. Multi-Sport HIGHEND- MID-END FT
  3028. DeMarcus Ware Exquisite RC Auto FT
  3029. 2012 Prime Signatures Pen Pals Eight Auto For Trade
  3030. 1/1's and low numbered for sale or trade
  3031. FT: 2012 UD Lebron James Auto /5 looking for football
  3032. WTT/WTS: Panini Authentic Andrew Luck Autograph Game-Worn Cleats Limited Edition 1/1
  3033. ft or fs
  3034. WTTF 2011 Chrome Kaep Auto /25 and /50
  3035. Aldon smith BGS10 Sterling rc auto
  3036. Created a website for my cards & memorabilia! Everything FS/FT check it out
  3037. Peyton Manning 2013 National Treasures Century Auto black 08/10 FT
  3038. Some High End Cards FT/FS! Unitas, Elway, MORE!
  3039. Couple of 1/1's for Trade - Jordan Reed & Le'Veon Bell
  3040. F/t 2013 Topps triple Threads Eddie Lacy Montee Ball Dual Patch Auto Booklet # /18
  3041. Lost it all
  3042. WTTF/Buy Manning Contenders
  3043. 2012 Panini Playbook Tom Brady Green Auto /5
  3044. Russell Wilson SP Authentic patch auto ft- looking for baseball or basketball
  3045. looking for dan marino auto
  3046. Ray Rice Patch Auto /5 FT
  3047. Looking to trade or possible buy any of these sets need
  3048. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo EXQUISITE Triple Nike Logo Patch 7 Colors /25
  3049. Packers collectors!!!! Where u at??? Rodgers 5/10 FT
  3050. Peyton Manning & Andrew Luck rare autos
  3051. Trading a 2010 Contenders Tebow/Thomas Dual Auto 10/10 !!!!!
  3052. Weekday Trading! Scans!
  3053. andrew luck 4/5 auto
  3054. 2005 SPX Quad auto FT Vick/Ocho/LT/Jordan
  3055. Looking for Vick Contenders Auto RC
  3056. FS: '12 FS: Russell Wilson Panini Black 3clr Jsy Autograph
  3057. High-End Sales/Trade Thread. Luck, RG3, Foles, EJ Manuel, Kaep, Lebron
  3058. Sweet Steelers patch.
  3059. Elway Exquisite Auto, Russell Wilson Inception Auto, Matt Ryan Auto Patch /25
  3060. WTTF 12' NT NFL Greatest Signatures/Five Star Hofers/Shady Mccoy NT/Exquisite RPA's
  3061. FT Drew Brees RC Auto Contenders /50
  3062. must have for all joseph addai fans/collectors
  3063. Hi end FT-Scans--Rodgers, Emmitt, Wilson, Kaep, Luck, Elway, Marino, Starr, ++++++
  3064. Haven't done a deal here in a while....mid-high end inside for trade...
  3065. Ernie Davis Signed Notebook & Handwritten Pages of Notes with LOA For trade
  3066. Novarro Bowman Auto #9/25
  3067. 2013 Contenders Eddie Lacy Autograph RC for Drew Brees Autograph
  3068. FT 2012 Tools Triple Threads Luck, RG3, Tannehill 6 way auto jersey book
  3069. kobe bryant , andrew luck for trade
  3070. Selling Andrew Luck 4/5 SP Auto
  3071. Jerome Bettis Auto FT
  3072. FS/FT 1997 Tony Gonzalez Bowman's Best Preview Atomic Refractor BGS 9.5 POP 2!
  3073. National Treasures Peyton Manning
  3074. Some High End F/T
  3075. Updated bucket + Havent traded here in forever = COME IN HERE AND LETS DEAL
  3076. FT: Russell Wilson photo variation auto for NBA HOF autos
  3077. Kenny Stills National Treasures Hats off auto 3/6 CRAZY PATCH
  3078. looking for andrew luck autos , tom brady autos
  3079. Very rare andrew luck for trade or sale #ed/10
  3080. FT - Clyde Turner Cut 1/20
  3081. FS:FT 2013 National Treasures Peyton Manning National Treasures 1/1 Logo Shield Patch
  3082. QB RC Lot Russell Wilson, Luck, Kaepernick, RG3 Auto Patches FT/FS
  3083. Cordarelle patterson nt gold rpa /49
  3084. New Rookies to FT/FS for Falcons or others in my signature!
  3085. russell wilson 2013 topps chrome veteran auto ft possibly
  3086. Updated bucket "look"
  3087. Russell Wilson Limited Jumbo Jersey Number Autograph /49 BGS 9.5 RC
  3088. 01/49 2011 Prime Sigs Kaepernick RC/AU
  3089. Taking offers on this Jerry Rice
  3090. WTTF 2000 Fleer Showcase Tom Brady
  3091. new trade thread
  3092. Updated Bucket
  3093. John Elway National Treasures Patch Auto /30
  3094. Hi end TRRRRRRADIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3095. Arian Foster NT Tag Patch Auto 1/1 & Devier Posey NFL Logo Shield Auto 1/1
  3096. Clowney 2014 Press Pas Showound Class of 2014 Auto/10 FT
  3097. 2012 Topps Supreme Hakeem Nicks Victor Cruz 1/1!!!!!
  3098. Johnny manziel bgs 9.5 auto leaf purple refractor /15 ft/FS..
  3099. I need teddy bridgewater auto
  3100. Ernie Banks Canvas Collection Artist Auto 1/1 FT/FS....
  3101. Anyone Down For Some High End Trading on here? CMB as i have some nice stuff ft
  3102. FT 2012 Totally Certified Ryan Tannehill HRX video card
  3103. Looking for NY Giants!
  3104. DeSean Logo Shield 1/1, AJ Green 1/1, Arian Foster Auto Tag 1/1, NFL logo auto 1/1
  3105. Back on the boards! HIGH END TRADING ALL NIGHT!
  3106. Lacy/Martin/Morris triple patch/auto ##/27 FT/FS
  3107. EJ Manuel National Treasures Gold Rpa 2/49 FT
  3108. 2012/13 Fleer Retro Lebron James BGS 9.5/10 Auto FT for FB
  3109. AP 1000 Yd Red RefractorAuto #4/25, Lacy Auto #/75, EJ Chrome, C Patt, Gi Autos
  3110. KD and Bron on card autos for walter payton, Peyton manning and others!
  3111. Montana, Marino, Favre, Elway, Young, & Warner 2012 Triple Threads Auto /9
  3112. Tavon Austin Nat. Treasures NIKE LOGO 1/2 SWOOSH Auto BGS 9.5/10 WOW HIS BEST CARD
  3113. Couple Geno Smiths and Others Ft
  3114. High end trade anybody?
  3115. looking for stafford auto rc
  3116. Ftball, baseball! Mantle, Barry, Banks, Ripken, Mays, Thorpe, Marino, Lacy Bush,etc
  3117. Looking to swap High End stuff
  3118. Calvin Johnson 1/1 + more FT/FS
  3119. wttf or buy rare Adrian Peterson cards list inside
  3120. FT 2014 Leaf Trinity Jadeveon Clowney Patch Auto /10
  3121. Andrew Luck 4/5 Topps Magic for sale!
  3122. FT: Gameday Johnny Manziel Auto gold /25
  3123. FT 2010 National Treasures Jimmy Graham Gold Rc /25
  3124. Geno Smith NTs /25, /49 and /99 Ft
  3125. My Packers for your? Lacy & Cobb
  3126. Any Luck collectors?
  3127. Michael Jordan Bulls on-card for football
  3128. Any Merlin Olsen Fans out there?
  3129. Got this ARod/Eli Dual up for trade.....lmk what you got!!
  3130. WTT Joe Montana Supreme auto /25 for Andrew Luck or P Manning auto
  3131. High End Basketball and Baseball FT for Football
  3132. Anyone Interested in Thurman Thomas Auto?
  3133. Somebody's got to like this guy...
  3134. Few cards for trade..Peyton, Abreu more
  3135. Plenty of high end to trade! Scans!
  3136. Peyton (True) Game-Used Patch/AU /5 FT
  3137. 1999 walter payton upper deck black diamond jersey auto #34/34 psa 10--- sweetness!
  3138. 1962 Topps Baseball Complete Set FT MAYBE EX- NRMT NRMT-MT FOR HIGH END
  3139. Andrew Luck Auto /20 FT
  3140. nice stuff for trade
  3141. Very Nice Cam Newtons FS/FT
  3142. Highend FT: LeBron/Wade/Bosh 1/1, Manning/Brady/Rodgers, Silver Wave
  3143. 2013 Fleer Retro Andrew Luck Showcase Legacy 12/100
  3144. Knile Davis TTT Hog Wild auto/patch #1/1 FS/FT
  3145. FT 2014 Upper Deck Johnny Manziel Auto
  3146. 2013 Fleer Retro Jerry Rice SSP Auto
  3147. :P Wanna get rid of this Luck Auto
  3148. WTTF Chrome Luck and RGIII Auto
  3149. Russell Wilson 2012 Totally Certified "Green Emerald" rookie jersey & autograph (4/5)
  3150. Anyone like Demarco Murray? 2 Nice low #ed Autos for trade. 1 Sweet Patch
  3151. WTTF Chrome Autos
  3152. searching for tom brady auto cards...look at my bucket 1/1΄s low# cards
  3153. Cam Newton Contenders Rookie Auto FT
  3154. FT Tony Romo Crown Royale 1/1
  3155. Anyone interested in a AJ Mccarron trinity auto patch?
  3156. High End FT/FS
  3157. High end trading.
  3158. Updated bucket! "look"
  3159. Russell Wilson Limited Jumbo Jersey Number Autograph /49 BGS 9.5 RC
  3160. 2012 Panini Momentum Andrew Luck AUTO + TRIPLE RELIC ROOKIE #101 [#d 038/399]
  3161. panini playbooklets and joe namth gu
  3162. dez bryant auto /10 RC question
  3163. Updated HIGH END for trade
  3164. Looking to trade for the following.....
  3165. Lebron UDA auto and a few 1/1 (Trout, Paul, Gore) ft for FB
  3166. looking for high end jets stuff
  3167. WTTF/WTB: High End Luck (List Inside)
  3168. WTTF 2011 Chrome Kaepernick
  3169. check em out
  3170. Soccer pay dirt! Cristiano Ronaldo auto
  3171. Looking for some nice Julio Jones GU or Autos
  3172. Looking to trade this Andrew Luck auto..Before Ebay
  3173. FT: Blake Borltes 2014 Exquisite Auto XRC #/49
  3174. FT/FS 1/1 Revis Reebok Patch, 1/1 Tannehill Patch Auto, Kappernick Auto Jersey
  3175. Looking for Aaron Murray auto's
  3176. WTTF chrome kaep black or crystal auto
  3177. FT/FS 2014 SPX UD Premier Legends Bo Jackson Autograph Relic 3/3
  3178. Wilson Contenders Auto RC, Favre Auto & Adrian Peterson JSY Auto RC FS/FT
  3179. F/T Russell Wilson Contenders Auto Bowman Chrome & Prestige Johnny Manziel Auto's
  3180. 2010 Exquisite football Demaryius Thomas /75 auto rc FT!!!
  3181. Cam Newton 2011 Topps Supreme auto printing plate 1/1 for trade for baseball
  3182. Arian Foster Sterling rookie auto for trade for baseball
  3183. 2010 Topps Triple Threads C.J. Spiller XXIV Platinum 1/1 for trade for baseball
  3184. andrew luck topps chrome ref auto /25
  3185. looking for a few RG3 autos OR checking buckets cards for trade with scans
  3186. FT: 1957 Topps Mickey Mantle #95
  3187. Gio Bernard FT for Drew Brees
  3188. Troy Aikman auto /10
  3189. WTTF: Marcus Lattimore & Jeremy Maclin NT/Exq/Logo RPA stuff
  3190. LTB/TF High End Brett Favre Auto
  3191. Everything High End FT: I got Barry Sanders,Bo,Jim Brown,AJ Green,Starr,Elway & More!
  3192. 2005 Aaron Rodgers RC XFractor Auto + Base Chrome RC FS/FT
  3193. FT 2013 Panini Father's Day Andrew Luck Auto /5
  3194. R Wilson Rookie Sillouette /25 3 color AUTO FT
  3195. Chrome Von, Foles, Tannehill Autos FT
  3196. Robert Griffin III Gridiron Auto
  3197. Few high end ft/fs
  3198. 2012 Topps Andrew Luck 1965 Tall Boy Mini Auto
  3199. Ft: Cam newton timeless treasures rookie auto silver /25
  3200. 2012 Topps Finest T.Y. Hilton Superfractor patch auto 1/1 Graded 9.5 f/t
  3201. FT Jim Brown/Barry Sanders/Emmitt Smith Triple Auto
  3202. PSA 9 Mint Michael Jordan RC FT looking for Anything Awsome
  3203. FT: '07 Calvin Johnson Score Hot Rookie Inscription RC Auto SSP
  3204. WTTF 2011 Chrome Colin Kaepernick
  3205. Manziel Auto FT
  3206. Luck AP & Gore Rookies Patches Autos 1/1s & More FS/FT
  3207. Highend Nick Foles For Sale
  3208. Manziel Bowman Mini auto /99
  3209. Barry Sanders auto F/T
  3210. 2012 Five Star Quad Rookie Auto Luck RGIII Kendall Wright Blackmon /10
  3211. EX Signings of the Times Steve Young Auto /50
  3212. 2012 Topps Triple Threads 6 QB Booklet Auto MONTANA YOUNG ELWAY MARINO WARNER & FAVRE
  3213. High End Trade Thread
  3214. Peterson, Calvin and Rodgers, Allen Autos FT..
  3215. Looking to trade these bowman chrome baseball autos for luck/wilson/rg3 rc autos
  3216. 2012 Topps In The Name Relic Joe Flacco #1/1
  3217. cardinals/patrick Peterson fans??
  3218. johnny manziel auto for trade
  3219. Multisport Trading AP 1/1 Elway /7 Sandberg 1/1 Jerry West /15
  3220. Brock Lesnar Auto Shorts
  3221. The Champ Is Here!!!
  3222. SICK Patrick Peterson for trade
  3223. Few nice things for trade: Wilson, Luck, Rice, Sanders and more
  3224. BARRY SANDERS Wilson on field leather football SIGNED with COA from STEINER!
  3225. Hi end FT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3226. lf trade
  3227. WTT AP RC Auto and Vernon Davis Super
  3228. Staubach Rcs
  3229. looking to trade for dan marino auto
  3230. Ft: Multi sport high end!! Manziel,rg3,michael carter-williams, bc color, jordan ro!
  3231. Looking for anything Jayrone Elliott
  3232. Matthew Stafford RC ft/fs
  3233. Superfractor Auto FT
  3234. Lots of New stuff for trade...LUCK, Lacy, Green, Bridgewater
  3235. Few High end ft/fs
  3236. Looking for Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees Rookie Contenders autos (graded)
  3237. Texans fans? Ryan Mallett 2011 Inception NFL Logo/Shield Patch 1/1 FT
  3238. Shane Vereen Wanted! Shane Vereen Shane Vereen!!
  3239. Bring me high end cowboys
  3240. Griffey and Rivera Finest Greats Autos FT for Calvin Johnson
  3241. WTTF 2011 Topps Chrome Kaepernick SP Auto
  3242. WTTF Kelvin Benjamin autos
  3243. 2014 Topps HTA Jumbo 6 Box Case Sealed FT! Looking for other High-End....
  3244. High end hoops FT: Jordan, Reggie Jackson NT RPA, Waiters BGS 10, Lillard Prizm BGS
  3245. Have these FT for a nice Joe Montana auto
  3246. Matthew Stafford Contenders Rc Auto (on card) $109 dlvd
  3247. Blake bortles certified /25 taking offers
  3248. Brandin Cooks valiant honor guard black auto /5 FT, Looking for Geno Smith
  3249. FS/T high end Russell Wilson RC Auto including National Treasures /99
  3250. Bradford Auto /5 BGS 9.5 And Charles Woodson Auto /20
  3251. trade/sell johnny unitas 2000 ud game jersey /400 on card 375cv
  3252. Emmit Smith National Treasures Auto /17 BGS 9.5
  3253. WTT CAM, RG3 and Alex Smith RC Autos
  3254. Hot Matt Ryan RC Autos FT
  3255. Brees Auto Jersey /10 FT- Looking for Basketball or Baseball
  3256. Anyone trading up for Eddie Lacy?
  3257. Looking for 2009 Julien Edelman Exquisite RC Autos /99, /25
  3258. FT: Patch Autos of Hines Ward and Jerome Bettis
  3259. Trading some high end basketball for football!
  3260. Bring me demarco Murray rc autos
  3261. WTTf Chrome Kaep, Luck, Wilson Autos
  3262. Highend for trade. Lets make some Deals! Wilson, Favre, Rice (jerry), Sanders mor
  3263. WTTF 2011 Kaepernick Autos
  3264. Looking for FB: 13-14 SPA Canvas Collection Auto Michael Jordan
  3265. FT 2013 Bowman Sterling Manuel Smith Glennon Barkley Box Topper Patch Auto
  3266. looking to buy any high end Derek Carr autos
  3267. FS/T National Treasures RG3 ARP /99
  3268. Trade me KAEPERNICK Autos
  3269. Still looking for Earl Bennett items
  3270. FT: Panini Black Box 1/1 ADRIAN PETERSON
  3271. 2011/12 Sp Authentic Michael Jordan Home Court auto FT for FB
  3272. WTTF: Chiefs
  3273. New high end FT
  3274. FT Lacey gu auto ROOKIE, just pulled.....#/49
  3275. FT Russell Wilson gu/auto ROOKIe
  3276. FT: HIGH END AARON RODGERS!! 2005 Exquisite /25 & Contenders Rookie ticket 9/10
  3277. High End Contenders FT/FS
  3278. HIGH END SCANLIST of AU's of B Sanders,Starr,Elway,Bo,AJ,Bus,Young & More!
  3279. unitas auto cuts card cash deal..
  3280. Alshon Jeffery Rookie Collection For Sale. Pictures.
  3281. 2014 Tom Brady Lava Flow 1/1 FT
  3282. 2012 Topps Finest T.Y. Hilton 2 clr Super graded 9.5 f/t
  3283. 2008 Limited Monikers Jim Brown 2 clr patch auto. 1/25. Graded a 9.5
  3284. High End Trade Thread
  3285. FT: Aaron Rodgers Contenders Rookie Ticket 9/10
  3286. MULTISPORT Mid-High End BSB BSKB and FB. Looking for BASKETBALL
  3287. anyone have any demarco murray, ware, witten, or dez autos.
  3288. FT: Madison Bumgarner Word Series Relic for football
  3289. High End Multi-Sport FS: Emmitt, Kobe, Rodgers, Gretzky, Lombardi 1/1!
  3290. Multisport Highend FT Bridgewater Foles Lynch McGwire Gehrig
  3291. Peyton Manning 2013 Playbook Platinum Patch Booklet Auto #/25 For Sale
  3292. 49ers Fan! Marcus Lattimore Contenders Cracked Ice auto 3/21 for trade
  3293. FT/FS: 2010 Supreme Rob Gronkowski Triple Logo Patch 1/1
  3294. my trade thread =/
  3295. Andrew Luck Topps Chrome Rainbow Refractors Graded BGS GEM Mint 9.5
  3296. Exquisite Jerry Rice auto FT - LTTF a football auto of another HOF'er
  3297. Sammy Watkins Flair Showcase Row 0 Auto /15
  3298. Any Matty Ice or Johnny Football fans out there?
  3299. looking for andrew luck auto/ jersey rookie
  3300. LTTF: Osweiler/Mallett/Nassib
  3301. Any high end former spartans out there???
  3302. Huge Highend SCANS For Trade! Put the big girl panties on for this
  3303. looking to trade this 3/10 adruan peterson
  3304. Demarco Murray & Terrance Williams FT/FS
  3305. Some New Cards FT/FS
  3306. Kirk Cousins Topps Chrome Rainbow Refractor Set
  3307. Favre, Luck, Kaepernick, Cam, Manziel, A.J., Shady, Manziel Garoppolo, Lott - Loaded!
  3308. Matt Forte Contenders Rookie Auto Gem Mint
  3309. T.Y. Hilton Complete Topps Chrome Rainbow Set-Autos
  3310. Vikings Highend FT CPatt Bridgewater Allen Page Carter Autos Patches Rookies 1/1
  3311. Johnny Manziel-Mike Evans Dual patch 1/1 For Trade
  3312. looking for colts high end
  3313. 14 Inception 1/1 NIKE SWOOSH Allen Robinson
  3314. 2014 Prizm Carlos Hyde Black Finite 1/1 Auto and more FT
  3315. Nicest Andre Ellington RC auto out there!!!
  3316. Lots of Highend FS/FT Luck Wilson Kaepernick Watt Bridgewater & More
  3317. Luck, Wilson, Marino, Favre, Kaep, Newton, Watkins, Manziel, Dalton, more C'mon In
  3318. Zach Ertz fans?
  3319. Looking For Osweiler/Mallett/RG3
  3320. Trading Highend 1/1's Logo's All Kinds Of Stuff
  3321. MultiSport trade thread YES THERE IS MORE BESIDES BSKB. Opened PC!!
  3322. FS/FT 2012 Prestige Andrew Luck Auto #43/299 BGS 10. SICK
  3323. Eddie Lacy 2013 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor BGS 9.5/10 #74/75
  3324. Looking to trade some high end.
  3325. Few high end ft/fs
  3326. FT: 2014 Bowman Chrome Blue Auto JOHNNY MANZIEL PRISTINE 10/10
  3327. Tom Brady Gold RC #/500
  3328. Trading High End BGS Giovani Bernard, Rivers, Dalton and more!
  3329. Clay Matthews SPA RC auto BGS 9.5/10 auto FT. Looking for Exquisite/NT/SPA RPAs
  3330. Looking For Robert Griffin RG3
  3331. LTTF Osweiler
  3332. 2013 Topps Magic Andrew Luck Auto SP!!!! $$$$
  3333. brett favre spx auto 2004 must sell
  3334. 2008 NT Matt Forte/Chris Johnson Dual Reebok Logo Patch for Le'Veon Bell or Demaryius
  3335. looking for a nice peyton manning auto
  3336. Colin Kaepernick RC Auto #/25 & Teddy Bridgewater Inscription Auto #/15 Trading Down
  3337. Back on this site and looking to trade HIGH END! Scans of some sick stuff
  3338. FS/FT NICE Martellus Bennett /10 Prestige
  3339. kaepernick pulsar auto jersey /15 for trade bgs 9.5/10
  3340. 2013 cordarrelle patterson bowman sterling rc & auto & 1/1 one of one
  3341. FS/FT Richard Sherman Patch/Auto/10
  3342. looking for russell wilson auto, andrew luck auto, and dan marino auto
  3343. any saints fans looking for brandon cooks autos or kenny stills autos??
  3344. Higher End Cowboys FT
  3345. looking for vikings autos and gu/autos
  3346. Philip rivers contenders auto. Kyrie erving flawless
  3347. Prestige Extra Points Johnny Manziel
  3348. Demarco Murray kyrie irving and more
  3349. 2011 National Treasures Demarco Murray Star Logo Patch Black Auto
  3350. some saints patch autos for trade!!!!!!!!
  3351. (3) Jordan & (5) Kobe AU's FT for football
  3352. Luck Wilson Green Kaep Emmitt Murray Bridgewater Moss Rookies Patches & Autos FS/FT
  3353. TRUE 1/1 NIKE Swoosh B COOKS Saints
  3354. trading for the big 3 **scan heavy**
  3355. Tuesday Mid-High End Trade/Sales Thread....Big Ben, Demarco, Manziel, Rodgers etc....
  3356. looking to trade this rice auto
  3357. Few Highend FT Rodgers, Posey, Kyrie
  3358. High End Scans FT: Looking 4 Tradebait......nice stuff of hofers/stars/top rc's
  3359. FT: M.Lynch NT Virtuoso /25 AU - R.Sherman Contenders AU - B.Irvin NT /25 AU
  3360. Looking to pick up a few RG3 contenders autos. Lots of good stuff to trade.
  3361. Demarco Murray contenders lot
  3362. headed to card show
  3363. Manziel Prizm Auto FT
  3364. FT: John Elway Auto #/7 for Matt Ryan/Aaron Murray
  3365. Steve van buren 2007 national treasures cut auto 27/32 ft/fs
  3366. Looking to get some deals. Nice High End for trade Luck, Wilson, Brees, Kaepernick
  3367. Mark sanchez college tickett auto
  3368. High End Trading!
  3369. RG3 National Treasures Laundry Tag RPA /10 Graded BGS 9.5 Auto 10
  3370. Andrew Luck Absolute Jumbo RPA /25 on card Auto
  3371. im offering this for a andrew luck auto/jersey rookie or a tom brady auto
  3372. FT 2011 Topps Platinum Colin Kaepernick Gold Patch Auto Rc /10
  3373. my trade thread =/
  3374. Looking for JJ Watt Contenders
  3375. Let's deal!!! Barry auto, Emmanuel spa gold, rg3 spa, romo spa, Carr patch auto,
  3376. HOF & Current Stars Patches Autos & Rookies FT
  3377. LTTF a Nice Luck RPA
  3378. FT 2012 UD USA Football Jameis Winston Auto BGS 9
  3379. FT/FS Thread - NT, Chrome, Contenders, Prizm
  3380. WTTF 2011 Colin Kaepernick Autos
  3381. jerry rice auto/jersey for trade , looking for dan marino auto/jersey
  3382. RG3 SP Threads Rookie Jersey Auto /75 FT
  3383. FT: Drew Brees Contenders Bgs 9.5/10. /550
  3384. WTTF Niners Chrome and Contender Autos
  3385. aaron rodgers rc auto n more
  3386. Bortles Finest 1/1
  3387. A Very Nice Luck FT.. Looking for another Luck, Wilson or RG3
  3388. Emmitt auto's FT
  3389. TONS of DeMarco Murray FT....Contenders, National Treasures, Chrome, SPA
  3390. FT: '14 Flawless Jimmy Garoppolo Inscriptions RC Auto /10
  3391. WTT: John Elway Relic/Auto #/7 for Matt Ryan RC Patch/Auto
  3392. FT Kaep, Bortles, Teddy
  3393. WTTF Chrome Garoppolo Autos High End
  3394. Wilson, Manning, Kaep, Elway, Marino, Lacy, Emmitt, lots more Hi end FT. Scans
  3395. 2012 Prizm Peyton Manning Gold Refractor 8/10 FT ..
  3396. Multi-Sport High Mid End for trade Marino, Brees, Peyton, Buxton, Bryant, Abreu, etc.
  3397. looking for namath autos
  3398. FS/FT Bo Jackson Auto's Patches
  3399. Two Kaepernick Exquisite autos for trade!
  3400. RARE STeeler Auto For TRADE
  3401. looking for dan marino auto/jersey , emmitt smith auto ,andrew luck auto/jersey
  3402. New Items F/T
  3403. Lots of High End FT
  3404. Odel Beckam jr Topps Chrome SP RC Auto /75 for Basketball
  3405. CMB for Trades Manziel Adams Marino Cooks +++
  3406. Ft 2000 tom brady rookies lrs psa 10 2000 bowman chrome refractor bgs 9.5
  3407. Brett Favre Auto F/T
  3408. Multi-Sport High Mid End for trade Rodgers, Montana, Manning, Mays, Luck, scan heavy!
  3409. Entire bucket ft/fs
  3410. High End: Wilson VAR, Demarco Chrome RPA, Kelvin Flawless, Calvin SPX/Ult, Dez Reebok
  3411. Dick Butkus auto & Brock Lesnar auto for trade
  3412. 2014 Topps Prime Odell Beckham Jr. Level 3 Prime Auto / Relic Booklet /15
  3413. My Biggest Ever High End For Trade Thread! MultiSport!!!
  3414. Have $100 to spend ....
  3415. Hello everyone I have Football. On Ebay but looking to enter the community. I LIKE
  3416. Robert griffin topps chrome pulsar auto
  3417. Johnny Unitas 1962 Topps #1 Hand Signed Auto Rare PSA/DNA
  3418. Le'Veon Bell 2013 Finest Atomic Refractor Die Cut Auto /10 BGS 9.5 w/10 auto FS RARE
  3419. Looking for JJ Watt RC Auto
  3420. Monster bgs lot here!
  3421. 2012 andrew luck contenders auto
  3422. FT - SSP Johnny Manziel on-card auto #'d 5/5
  3423. andrew luck rookie patch auto/25 for sale or trade
  3424. WTB PayPal for BGS RC Autos - List Inside
  3425. Robert griffin auto /50 tools chrome
  3426. FS/FT Demarco Murray Leaf Autographed Full size jersey
  3427. dez bryant contenders auto rookie white jersey variation bgs 9 with 10 auto ft/fs
  3428. Odell beckham sp authentic fx gold auto
  3429. Looking for Ty Detmer especially 1/1
  3430. Looking for Jay Novacek, especially 1/1
  3431. Odell beckham Flawless RPA /5 FT...
  3432. High End Football FT: I got Bart Starr, Barry Sanders, Bo, Peyton Manning & More!
  3433. Odell beckham super fx auto sp authentic
  3434. For Trade - Mid to High End - Brees/Marino/Wilson/Manning/Adams +++
  3435. Peyton Manning auto ft
  3436. 2012 Supreme Favre/Rodgers Dual Auto /25
  3437. Andrew Luck RC 6/10
  3438. 2014 Topps Triple Threads Mike Trout Jumbo Plus Relic Book & more FT for FB
  3439. Looking to trade
  3440. Johnny manziel autos & rc & more
  3441. BGS 9.5 Terrell Davis/Bo Jackson Museum
  3442. tom brady national treasures century marks black auto/10 bgs 9.5/10 for trade
  3443. Anyone have 2011 exquisite logo patch auto rc's?
  3444. 1976 Topps WALTER PAYTON Rookie BVG 9
  3445. Vintage high end football to trade
  3446. Griffey patch auto ft for football...
  3447. Jordan Matthews Contenders SB Ticket auto 1/1
  3448. Looking for High End Favre/Young/Elway/Unitas/Brown
  3449. High end hoops FT for FB: Durant x4 & P George & more to come
  3450. Lots of Hi end FT. Scans
  3451. Trading this Odell auto #/25 for an Andrew Luck RC auto.
  3452. Odell Beckham playbook auto /75 FT/FS
  3453. Joe Montana 2014 HOF Contenders Refractor Auto /50
  3454. Bart Starr auto bgs 10
  3455. Davante Adams packers contenders cracked ice rc auto under /22 $ or r wilson!
  3456. WTTF: Colin Kaepernick Rookie Auto
  3457. Lombardi '10 triple threads cut above 1/1 auto seat 9.5 gem card of a lifetime!!! Pic
  3458. Couple of Nicer things here for trade:
  3459. selling these few cards
  3460. FT 2013 Topps Museum Robert Griffin III NFL Logo Shield 1/1
  3461. Shopping this around.... what you got???
  3462. Who Wants to Trade some High End football? I have AU's of Peyton/B Sanders/AJ & More!
  3463. Got 2 cards for a Brady auto
  3464. Updated bucket "look"
  3465. Looking for luck contenders auto, ft Brady,both mannings, farve,Montana, and many mor
  3466. FS: 2012 Russell Wilson Crown Royale Silhouette RC Auto 89/149!
  3467. My pc clemente and jim kelly collections are up ft/fs
  3468. LTT 2011 Micheal Vick Topps Supreme 3-clr patch AUTO 4 of 5...For High-end Hockey Car
  3469. (Offering a finders fee)- Aaron Murray
  3470. lf some trades :)
  3471. Mid/Highend Trade Thread
  3472. Russel Wilson Topps finest rc auto/patch refractor /99 FT
  3473. Wttf 1965 topps joe Namath rc
  3474. Looking to trade High end stuff....Luck and others
  3475. Selling or Trading Odell Beckham Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographed Magenta Print
  3476. FS/FT Football and baseball, looking for Bears, Packers, Cubs, White Sox, Cardinals
  3477. Odell Beckham Contenders Variation Auto FT/FS
  3478. Super Bowl Trading!
  3479. PATS WIN so i celebrate with my super bowl promo pack...
  3480. brady auto rc contenders.. trade/pp deals pic coming
  3481. Brady flawless pats logo patch auto /5 ft only... And brady sp authentic psa 10 RC
  3482. Anyone looking to trade?
  3483. FS/FT/ Many new cards in my bucket
  3484. Aaron Rodgers Auto & Calvin Johson Auto FT.
  3485. Anyone have any 12' National Treasures NFL Greatest Signatures autos FT or FS?
  3486. 2013 Ultimate Signatures Patch Dual Andre Ellington Montee Ball 3/3
  3487. My Kaepernicks for trade List Inside
  3488. Johnny manziel flawless and Reggie wayne
  3489. Hi end ft. Scans..................
  3490. WTTF High End Bridgewater Auto
  3491. WTTF Bridgewater High End Autos
  3492. looking for tom brady auto, emmitt smith auto , have peyton manning broncos incomming
  3493. have this jerry rice auto/jersey for dan marino or odell beckham jr
  3494. 2014 Sterling Zach Mettenberger Superfractor Auto # 1/1
  3495. FT TC Lacy /15 Auto and TF Vernon Davis Super 1/1 Auto
  3496. Let's trade!! Brady, luck, Wilson, written, Brees, etc RCs and autos!!
  3497. new here anyone want
  3498. F/s or F/t
  3499. LeVeon Bell NT Shield RC auto 1/1
  3500. Wtb: Steelers hof
  3501. 2014 Topps Chrome mini Teddy Bridgewater Red refractor auto 5/5! Jersey #!!
  3502. Johnny Manziel Chrome mini 15/15
  3503. Looking for Odell Beckham Junior Auto---Tons of new hits
  3504. Why not? A high end trade thread
  3505. WTTF Brady auto..........
  3506. High end autos ft - Rodgers, Manning, Wilson, Kaep, Butkus, Montana, Emmitt & more!
  3507. Trading a Bowman Chrome Tom Brady RC for a Drew Brees Topps (or Bowman) Chrome RC
  3508. Plenty of HIGH-END and Mid End FT.... Finally UPDATED BUCKET!!!
  3509. Immaculate Tom Brady Patch Auto /10
  3510. Anyone interested in trading a Pro Elway Auto for a College Elway Auto?
  3511. Tom Brady Contenders RC auto BGS 9/10
  3512. 2 RARE Peyton Manning autos!
  3513. Bo Jackson 2013 Topps Five Star Auto Gold Variation 19/25 FT/FS.
  3514. looking to trade!
  3515. FT: Jordan Matthews Immaculate Majestic logo 5/5
  3516. High End FT...Luck, Wilson, Garoppolo, Bridgewater, Benjamin etc....
  3517. FT/FS Immaculate RPA, Helmet, Sick 1/1 patch
  3518. FT/FS Eli Manning Ultimate Quad Signature w Tittle and More
  3519. Jordy Nelson SPX Spectrum auto/patch/patch/football rc /25 ft
  3520. Updated Tradelist, lmk if like anything
  3521. My High-End Football FT
  3522. FS FT: Sammy Watkins Contenders Cracked Ice 7/22 BGS 9.5/10
  3523. Donte moncrief cracked ice auto ft or fs
  3524. LTTF Tom Brady AUTO will also pay paypal
  3525. FT/FS: 2011 Topps Five Star Shane Vereen Stevan Ridley Dual NFL Logoshield Auto 1/1
  3526. Who wants to get an RG3??
  3527. FT/FS Many new cards in my buckat
  3528. Any Derek Carr or Topps Chrome fans ?!
  3529. FT 2005 Finest Rodgers Auto and $500 PP
  3530. High End...Take a peek.
  3531. Favre Five Star On Card Auto /25 & Emmitt Smith Score Supplemental RC 9.5 FS/FT
  3532. Trading This Super Bowl Legends Ken Dawson /10 For Something Of Equal Value
  3533. My High-End Want List Cash/Trade
  3534. Odell Beckham Jr JSY Auto /20
  3535. ft: 2014 topps fire odell beckham jr auto onyx #1/25
  3536. FT 2012 Topps Supreme Andrew Luck Jersey Auto Book Rc /10
  3537. 2 hours to trade this Favre auto
  3538. Steelers Wheaton true 1/1 5* RPA book
  3539. FT Topps Finest Aaron Rodgers Auto /299 Mint
  3540. Sammy Evans Cooks Superfractor FT
  3541. Tirekicking this Michael Jordan auto for other High End
  3542. Odell Beckham Auto 6 Patch Book /10 F/T F/S
  3543. Anyone interested in a 2014 contenders Xavier Su'a-filo Super Bowl ticket true 1/1?
  3544. Jordan exquisite auto 23/23 BGS 9/10 ft for luck RC auto
  3545. Teddy Bridgewater 3/15
  3546. For Trade: 2014 National Convention Kobe Bryant Lava Flow 1/1
  3547. testing whats out there for this
  3548. High-end FT....Ali, Beckham,
  3549. Looking to get in a few trades!! Emmitt, Kaep, Russell, odell, Calvin, bradshaw, Eli
  3550. Odell beckham jr contenders cracked ice auto fs/ft
  3551. Marcus Mariota RC Auto 10/10
  3552. New High End FT... Odell, Luck, Teddy B, AJ Green
  3553. Looking to move a BGS 9, 07 Donruss Gridiron Kings Dan Marino Auto #d /25
  3554. Sam Bradford 2010 Playoff Contenders #232B AU/377* RC/face lft BGS 9.5
  3555. FT - 2005 Aaron Rodgers auto /100 - Putting feelers out on a making a deal
  3556. Odell Beckham autos patches FT. Chrome, Museum, Panini, Upper Deck
  3557. 2014 supreme six auto redemption /5 wilson, brees, rodgers, luck, manning, stafford
  3558. FT Topps Chrome Mini Teddy Red Auto 1/5!!!!
  3559. wttf a tom brady auto
  3560. Favre auto for a Manziel
  3561. Kelvin Benjamin Black Gold 1/1 FT.....
  3562. DeMarco Murray Green Crown Signatures Die-cut 5/5 looking for NICE Teddy's
  3563. andrew luck/ drew brees 2014 museum silver sigs /5 redemption
  3564. WTTF Flawless Greats Dual Patch Autographs--Base set only
  3565. 1/1 Andrew Luck 2013 Topps Supreme Auto Red
  3566. WTTF 1976 Payton RC - Mint
  3567. 2014 Topps Chrome Mini Derek Carr Black auto /25 for sale/trade
  3568. Looking for 2014 NT HOF AUTOS!
  3569. Tom Brady Contenders RC Auto Available
  3570. FT 2014 Contenders Odell Beckham Printing Plate Auto 1/1
  3571. Aaron Rodgers,Calvin Johnson Autos. FT..
  3572. Marino FT
  3573. Sammy Watkins Purple Wave Superfractor FT
  3574. It's been awhile for me in the high end section.....looking for some newer high end..
  3575. Anyone looking to trade down on any high end check me..I will trade in YOUR favor
  3576. Lebron exquisite football auto/49 BGS 9.5/10 ft...
  3577. Amari Cooper Upper Deck Letterman Auto #ed 08/15 FT
  3578. 2014 Topps Finest Uncut Sheet Redemption FT
  3579. Gronkowski Flawless Auto True 1/1 ft....
  3580. Andrew Luck Crown Royale Patch Auto Ft
  3581. The rest of my football/baseball cards fs/ft
  3582. 2014 National Treasures Pen Pals 8 Way Auto For Trade
  3583. 2014 RCs... Manziel, Evans, Bortles FT
  3584. Trout Harper Darvish TTT Auto GU, Buxton Chrome auto, Luck RG3 Wilson 6 way auto
  3585. FT 2012 Certified Andrew Luck Patch Auto /49 ++++
  3586. Hi End Manning, Rodgers, Emmitt, Barry, Elway, Montana, Unitas++ all FT Scans
  3587. Birthday Trading? High-end Multi-sport
  3588. WTT 2014 Topps Prime Eric Ebron 12/15
  3589. ttt
  3590. Couple Andrew Luck rookie autos FT check the scans!
  3591. Anyone interested in trading some FB for a couple nice Hockey cards? Crosby . Lemieux
  3592. LTTF Contenders Luck Auto
  3593. Rodgers Luck Wilson & Calvin Autos FS/FT
  3594. WTB/WTTF w/ money, football for 2003 Upper Deck SP Authentic Lebron James auto
  3595. Luck Rc Auto and Clowney Finest Patch/Auto #ed /25 FT
  3596. Jerick Mickinnon Topps Fire 1/1 Laundry Tag auto
  3597. FT Andrew Luck auto /5, Odell Beckham Contenders Auto 9.5 ++++
  3598. FS/FT: High End Jersey Autographs HOF
  3599. Brady and Romo Patch autos and Luck Valor RC auto FT
  3600. CJ SPILLER National Treasures autograph 1/4!!
  3601. Joe Flacco 1/1 Patch Auto
  3602. Eddie Lacy Museum Collection 1/1 NFL Shield
  3603. High End ANDREW LUCK FT
  3604. Everything FS/FT come look
  3605. High End Football Autos FT of Favre, Peyton, AJ, Marino, Bus, Namath, J Kelly & More!
  3606. WTB or Trade for Contenders RC Autos of Eli Manning/Big Ben
  3607. King Felix Hernandez logo patch auto ft for football
  3608. Ken Griffey Jr auto jersey FT for football
  3609. High End FT - Ali, Mantle, Monta Rice Young
  3610. Just picked up the other day, entertaining offers. (OBJ)
  3611. Tom Brady RC Auto & Julian Edelman Exquisite Auto /25
  3612. National Treasures FT - Beckham Jr, Garoppolo, West Tag 1/1
  3613. LTTF 2007 TC AP Auto
  3614. WTT For other Highend. Scans. Multisport
  3615. 2014 Topps Chrome Mini Odell Beckham Auto Red 2/5
  3616. High end FS/FT~ Wilson, Emmitt, Brees, Kobe, Jordan, Eli, Namath & more!
  3617. Tom Brady 2000 SPX RC PSA 9
  3618. Jimmy Garoppolo 1/1 Black Gold NFL Logo auto
  3619. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Contenders SSP /25 for trade for a nice Jordan Matthews
  3620. TONY GWYNN Quad patch auto 1/1! FT
  3621. amari cooper contenders draft red foil auto ssp.
  3622. FT/FS Manziel BGS 9.5/10 Chrome Mini Die Cut POP 1 15/15 Auto
  3623. Amari cooper leaf clear purple 1/1
  3624. Tom Brady Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket BGS 9 w/ 10 Auto
  3625. Looking to trade a Bridgewater booklet!
  3626. FT High End R.Lewis/R.Moss/A.Rodgers Autos
  3627. FT 2013 Museum Peyton/Demaryius dual auto /5
  3628. Tire Kicking This Lebron James 2010 UD World of Sports Auto SP Scan Inside
  3629. Teddy B jersey/auto RC
  3630. $400+ Available for JERRY RICE
  3631. buying high end rcs
  3632. Couple 2014 High End Cards!
  3633. FT 2013 Topps Supreme Bryce Harper/ Mike Trout Dual Auto /25
  3634. Jordan Matthews NT RPA FT/FS
  3635. Terrell Davis Buyback Auto
  3636. Finest Derek Carr Pulsar Au/5 BGS 10/10
  3637. Famous Jameis Winston auto...RARE Panini Rewards Special Issue ONLY 5 copies exist!
  3638. FS: Leaving Hobby, ALL FOR SALE (HIGH END)
  3639. OBJ auto /44
  3640. Looking to trade up with some mid-high end Multisport style
  3641. LF Johnny Unitas Cut Auto
  3642. 2006 Topps Troy Aikman HOF Auto
  3643. Cleveland Browns Fans Click Here
  3644. Trade my odell beckham 1/1 auto for your andrew luck rookie auto
  3645. Here's a few of my Hi-End cards Marino Beckham Manziel Watkins Sankey Carey
  3646. High End Multi Sport Lot Kobe/Griffey/Rice/Ray Lewis
  3647. looking for 08 national treasures college signature patches
  3648. FT Jeter auto.....looking for Luck, maybe others in return.......PIC INSIDE
  3649. 2014 Topps Chrome Mini Teddy Bridgewater Auto Red 5/5 Dual Jersey #
  3650. FS/FT Tom Brady /10 Auto
  3651. Stafford SP Authentic Super Patch RPA /99
  3652. Peyton manning flawless Emerald auto 5/5 ft...
  3653. Looking for the best 1 card offer for this Bortles Topps Chrome Tall Boy Auto /15
  3654. Barry Sanders FS/FT
  3655. NT 1/1 Davante Adams FT/FS
  3656. Odell Beckham Jr Triple threads auto
  3657. Small tradelist inside.
  3658. all these for farve auto..
  3659. Barry Sanders /25 Auto FS
  3660. Ken Strong SP Legendary Cuts auto, rare HOF auto for trade
  3661. Alex Wojciechowicz SP Legendary Cuts autograph, d1992
  3662. 3 High end cards
  3663. Andrew luck contenders rookie auto Psa 10 ft...
  3664. Winston, Musial/Harper dual, Jordan Ft
  3665. Lots Of High End Available!!! Manning,Flawless,Brady,Five Star,BGS 9.5s and more!
  3666. FS/FT High End Bridgewater, Kaep, Carr....
  3667. Anyone interested in trading for this Superfractor?
  3668. For trade AJ Green JSY AU RC /25
  3669. Looking to trade! 1/1 agholor inception nike patch logo, bridgewater silhouette!
  3670. Odell beckham jr flawless /25
  3671. Walter Payton super sigs /300, 1976 topps bgs 7.5
  3672. Teddy bridgewater black gold auto rookie patch nike swoosh a beauty numbered 4/5
  3673. a couple high end FT
  3674. Andrew luck gold refractor rc ft...
  3675. Marcus mariota topps 3 clr auto rookie patch numbered/50
  3676. Looking to trade for high end or sell- a bunch of high end available
  3677. 08 Topps Lettermen NAMEPLATE auto of Tom Brady...super rare, pic inside.
  3678. 2 big pulls last week for sale/trade
  3679. Multi sport FT/FS autos!! Looking to make some deals. *SCAN HEAVY*
  3680. Dez Bryant
  3681. Looking to trade
  3682. 2010 Exquisite Dez Bryant 2 Color Patch R/C Auto # 75/75 In Cowboys Uni
  3683. Barry sanders / Adrian Peterson dual auto passing the torch
  3684. Incredible Retail Pull Odell Beckham Topps Platinum Rc Purple Refractor Auto /25
  3685. Looking for some high-end Sam Bradfords
  3686. Marcus Mariota Auto /40 FT!! Looking for a Derek Jeter auto!
  3687. Mariota 2015 spectra neon pink /5 patch auto for basketball
  3688. Hi end Brady, Manning, Montana, Emmitt, Barry, lots more FT/FS. SCANS
  3689. FT: 1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck Autographs #EJ Edgerrin James /50 w/COA and sleeve
  3690. John Elway High end /7 for sale!
  3691. John Elway High end /7 for sale!
  3692. DEREK CARR jumbo nameplate PATCH! 7/10!!!
  3693. Andrew luck autos rc for trade or sale make offer
  3694. Some high end for sale or trade! Joe Montana Barry Sanders Dan Marino Jim Brown
  3696. Looking for a Barry Switzer Autograph...
  3697. Looking for high end Colin Kaepernick.
  3698. Tom Brady 09 Topps unique /10
  3699. tom brady mint contenders rc auto card/cash deal
  3700. Any Melvin Gordon collectors out there?
  3701. Marcus Mariota Auto /40 FT!! Looking for a Derek Jeter auto!
  3702. FT Nice 3 Card Martavis Bryant Auto Lot National Treasures & Contenders # /199
  3703. Russell Wilson RC War Room Auto/jsy 4/49
  3704. Mid/High tradelist scans
  3705. Barry Sanders patch auto /25 available FT (BGS 9/10 auto)
  3706. Want to Trade for Aaron Rodgers
  3707. Looking to Trade Antonio Brown NT rc auto /99
  3708. Nice high end cards for trade - scans below
  3709. High end Favre Manziel for trade! /18
  3710. Some high end for trade! Luck Auto, Jameis Winston and Mike Evans booklets
  3711. Seeking High End Randy Moss Cards
  3712. FT Jerry Rice Quad Logo Tag Patch for 1-2 HOF Basketball autos @ least look.
  3713. Cam Newton Certified 1/1 FT
  3714. Any interest in high end Beckham JR RC autos?
  3715. [Spending $200] >> Looking For Good Deals <<
  3716. Marcus Mariota patch auto topps finest /20
  3717. FINALLY!!!! Got around to UPDATING my bucket!!! Lets get some trades done!!!
  3718. brady ppt auto super bowl logo ball unitas r wilson osweiiler 9.5/10 card/cash deals
  3719. Beckham patch/auto's FT
  3720. Steelers Markus Wheaton 1/1 5* RPA book
  3721. Odell Beckham Jr Triple threads auto
  3722. *** Trading for JOE MONTANA ***
  3723. FT Jim Kelly Thurman Thomas Andre Reed Bruce Smith C.J. Spiller Auto and Patches
  3724. high end football (dez bryant russell wilson) for hockey!
  3725. Pulled some pc cards for trade
  3726. Looking to trade for a crazy bruins patch or patch auto
  3727. For TRADE Russell Wilson gu/auto ROOKIE take a look
  3728. Platinum Superfractor Auto, Devin Funchess Auto Patch/10, Stefon Diggs Platinum Auto
  3729. Bring me you BLAKE BORTLES or ALLEN ROBINSON
  3730. Looking to sell, possibly trade JJ Watt Contenders RC Auto
  3731. Todd Gurley 2015 Gridiron Kings Sketches & Swatches Laundry Tag Auto 1 of 1
  3732. 2011 Cam Newton Certified Freshman Fabric RC Jsy Auto 3/299 $100 dlvd
  3733. Wiggins BGS 10/10 RC auto ft for football...
  3734. r wilson 9.5/10 brock osweiler refractor lot topps chrome both 9.5/10
  3735. Looking to trade high end multisport auto's for high end MJ 90's inserts
  3736. aaron rodgers /alex smith quad rc auto contenders with benson and clayton 24/25
  3737. Nice Antonio Gates 1/1 for Sale!
  3738. Brett Favre 2015 topps chrome auto 1/5!!!!!
  3739. drew brees andrew luck dual auto 5/5 fs/ft
  3740. FT: Aaron Rodgers Rookie Auto
  3741. Couple of HIGH END Cards
  3742. TOM BRADY museum FRAMED AUTO /25 BGS 9/10 for sale
  3743. Marcus Mariota Contenders rookie auto
  3744. 2015 Topps Platinum Jamison Crowder 1/1 Auto RC SICK Patch!!!
  3745. Some High End Baseball FT for Calvin Johnson/Tom Brady
  3746. WTTF: NT RC Autos of Watt, Kuechly, Bowman and Haden
  3747. Looking for marcus allen rc bgs 9.5 or 10
  3748. Tom Brady 2000 Elite RC Die-Cut/500 BGS 9
  3749. FT: High End AU's of Starr, Marino, Favre, B Sanders, Elway, Bettis, Bradshaw, Odell & More!
  3750. FT ROOKIE Luck patch auto #/25 and a R Wilson gu/auto take a look
  3751. FT ROOKIE Luck patch auto #/25 and a R Wilson gu/auto take a look
  3752. FT: DeMarcus Ware 1/1 Patch Auto
  3753. Peyton Manning Flawless AUTO /10 Bgs 9.5 /10
  3754. FT 2012 Andrew Luck Topps Valor Auto 5/10
  3755. 2015 Panini Prizm Red Prizms Jameis Winston auto #01/99 FT
  3756. Amari Cooper Topps Chrome mini superfractor rookie 1/1
  3757. FT 2014 Supreme 6 Way RB Auto 5/5
  3758. FT --- Mariota Cracked - Rodgers Museum - Manning - Cut --
  3759. Looking for Eli Manning ring of honor autograph 2008 topps
  3760. Kicking the tires on this Winston Contenders Auto #/75
  3761. FT Farve and Manziel DUAL gu/auto #/18
  3762. Mid/high Trade List Barry, Peyton, Odell, MJ more FT
  3763. here are my mid odells looking for a luck auto FT
  3764. Huge Bucket update
  3765. contenders jameis winston autograph playoff ticket redemption /75
  3766. Any interest in this? Amari Cooper Playoff Contenders
  3767. FT/S: TOM BRADY CONTENDERS rc auto
  3768. Dez, Carr, Winston, Bortles, Smith, Gordon High ends!!! new :)
  3769. Huge bucket update!!!!!!
  3770. 1991 Marino error card w/ Chris Warren on back
  3771. Couple Wilsons, Mariotas for trade
  3772. tom brady 1/1 mirror black fs/ft
  3773. New high end FT--all scanned
  3774. 1998 Bowman Peyton Manning RC auto FS
  3775. WTTF Russell Wilson Contenders auto
  3776. Marcus Mariota Contenders auto Ft.
  3777. Hi-End Low #'ered Marino OBJ Watkins Carr Bush Wilson Luck Bortles Bridgewater Thomas Ray
  3778. COOPER BLACK GOLD 14 k GOLD 1/5 FT
  3779. Stephen Curry 2012-13 Totally Certified Black True 1/1
  3780. New Project can use some help....
  3781. High End Trading for Spectra HOF Autos
  3782. Anybody need Winston patch/auto's? 2/10, /99. FT
  3783. WTTF High end dez Bryant cards!!
  3784. High End FT for Brady and Le'Veon
  3785. Fresh hits! Winstons, Gurley, Duke Johnson Come make offers 1/1 :)
  3786. Elway /50 FT
  3787. Odell Beckham Jr auto RC plus $200 paypal for
  3788. FT 2015 Topps Definitive Todd Gurley, Arron Rodgers/Cobb dual..more
  3789. My best luck for your best odell
  3790. 2012 Andrew Luck auto FT
  3791. Lets make a deal J Winston patch/auto #/10 , Sayers/Tomlinson dual gu/auto #/10, Faulk #/5, Martin1
  3792. david johnson contenders Superbowl ticket 1/1 auto ticket
  3793. bridgewater rookie auto 4/5 flacco rookie jersey auto 15/60
  3794. FT Kobe Bird Durant Kareem West High End
  3795. Anyone interested in Cam Newton???
  3796. Todd Gurley Topps Supreme Auto Quad Relic 5/5 Ft
  3797. looking for steelers
  3798. Looking for trades
  3799. Montana Rice Young Triple Auto FT
  3800. Tom Brady 2015 Leaf Rookie & Stars Die Cut Black 1/1 FS
  3801. 2015 Topps Supreme Andrew Luck Auto green /10 FS
  3802. Just pulled this out of a NT BREAK
  3803. 2015 National Treasures Brett Favre Print plate patch 1/1
  3804. Sweet David Johnson Contenders Superbowl ticket auto ft
  3805. FT: High End AU's of Montana, Rice, Marino, B Sanders, Bus, Odell, Winston, Fouts, Bradshaw & More!
  3806. 2015 Supreme QUAD Auto Steelers Bradshaw Greene Harris Bettis #'d /7
  3807. 2015 Topps supreme Dan Marino Inscription book auto 5/5
  3808. Bar Cut 1 of 1 for any bears fan out there
  3809. Mid/High for trade
  3810. Wanted: Higher end Blake Bortles rookie autos
  3811. Kaline /10 Yelich /10
  3812. FT/FS steve young flawless /5 patch auto
  3813. High End for trade....Gurley auto, Wilson patch auto, LT/Sayers dual auto #/10 plus.....HOF galore!
  3814. WTTF Bryce Petty High-End...National Treasures, Definitive, Flawless, etc.
  3815. got these few up for trade
  3816. FT 2015 Immaculate ANDREW LUCK Acetate auto 23/49 FT
  3817. Added a HUGE mail week to the thread--Everything FT
  3818. Press Pass Fanfare autograph inscription?
  3819. Cowboys "Triple Threads" card TT-7
  3820. High End Trading
  3821. High End Trading Carr/Bortles and more..
  3822. Need to Clear space. Looking to sell.
  3823. New FT/FS thread! "Everytime I think I'm out...they pull me back in"
  3824. mariota auto 14/25
  3825. Added a few from trade night, yesterdays show--all FT
  3826. few cards fir trade,lmk if you like any,thanks!!
  3827. FS/FT Kevin White 2015 Contenders 1/1 Rookie Ink Auto Holofoil!!!!
  3828. FT 2015 immaculate Luck patch auto /5
  3829. Graded Basketball / Football for Sale/Trade. Jordans, 1/1s, Favre, etc.
  3830. Trade night, Group break--added a few hi end to the bucket. All FT
  3831. FT for fb Rare Andrew Wiggins Prizm Gold RC Auto /10
  3832. anyone interested in trading???? Luck, Manning, Gurley, Favre and more.
  3833. 2015 Todd Gurley Topps Supreme Gold auto 29/50
  3834. Marcus Mariota Topps Chrome Sepia Auto BGS 10
  3835. Peyton Manning Flawless Au/10 BGS 9.5/10
  3836. barry sanders auto ft/fs
  3837. 2016 Score Carson Wentz Showcase Rc Auto #ed 11/35!!!
  3838. Aaron rodgers exquisite rpa rc auto /199
  3839. trading for randy moss auto/nice nnamdi asomugha
  3840. 2016 Prestige Ezekiel Elliot Draft Day Autograph
  3841. Calvin Johnson rc auto
  3842. Looking for
  3843. Trading for a Mariota RPA!!!!
  3844. 1/1 Joe Namath Auto Printing Plate
  3845. Hi end FT--scans
  3846. Need to turn some quick cash for family crisis... Red Elliott and NT Roethlisberger 24/25 Auto
  3847. Mariota, watt, p. Manning, luck ft
  3848. Trout BC refractor 9.5/10 for high end football
  3849. Exquisite Hits FT/FS
  3850. Multi Sport trade list
  3851. Andrew luck auto /5 FT and 2 chrome hot box gold sepia cards /100
  3852. Andrew luck flawless & Immaculate ft for Tom Brady Only...
  3853. FOR TRADE Mid-High End & PC
  3854. FT 2005 Topps Tom Brady 50th Anniversary Auto
  3855. For trade
  3856. FINALLY!!!! Got around to UPDATING my bucket!!! Lets get some trades done!!!
  3857. WANTED: 1999 Edgerrin James high end, PayPal ready, willing to work out trades as well
  3858. 1999 Contenders Kurt Warner 9.5/10 & more for trade
  3859. FT: High end 1999 Edgerrin James - scans inside
  3860. FT Todd Gurley Rookie Ticket Auto
  3861. Couple of high end Jameis Winstons for trade
  3862. FT: Andrew Luck auto