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  1. New High End Trading Rules and Guidelines(Please Read Before Posting)NO SALE THREADS
  2. FS/FT Pippen Auto Lee Exquisite
  3. High end for sale!! check my bucket
  4. PayPal ready for....Dwight Howard Rc AUTOs!!!
  6. High ends for trade/sale!
  7. New Photobucket Account for 2011, wiped clear and reloaded, All must be moved out!
  8. Kobe Bryant Upper Deck Honor Roll BGS 9.5/10 ON CARD
  9. 3 CP3 and 1 Gerald Wallace autos for trade.
  10. John Wall - You got him? Bring him to me!
  12. FS: Blake Griffin Autos and Patches...putting on ebay soon
  13. Sweet AP Patch/Auto /50 FT for D. Rose
  14. Many Lebron James Autos FT
  15. Everybody do the JOHN WALL (auto jersey ft)
  16. National treasures Kobe for sale or trade
  17. KOBE Prestige Auto /49
  18. Looking for this Kobe Jersey Card... possible FINDERS FEE!!
  19. 03-04 SPGU Patch Auto Kobe Bryant /50 FT/FS
  20. Ft kobe bryant john stockton 08 exquisite dual auto
  21. Any High-End Kevin Durant or Dream Team Out There?
  22. 96-97 Skybox Autographics Scottie Pippen
  23. My LeBron auto FT
  24. FT: Wesley Johnson patch auto #d/10
  25. Jrue Holiday NT Dual Tag Auto /5
  26. FT:kevin durant spa 2/2 auto patch
  27. Durant,Lebron, Wade, Kobe, Westbrook, Duncan, and Ewing autos Available.
  28. FS/FT : Bosh/Garnett/Noah/Gallinari Auto/50
  29. Lebron Non Auto RCs - For Sale
  30. Steven Jackson 1/1 Logoshield ft/fs for BBall!
  31. Where's my trade/sale thread?
  32. LF: John Wall Timeless Treasures Autograph
  33. Carmelo Anthony Exquisite Limited Logos Jersey Auto #/50 ft/FS
  34. FT/FS 2004-05 SP Game Used Legendary Fabrics Autographs
  35. FS: Deron Williams UD Black Inscriptions & Chronology Auto Patch
  36. BUYING! Tonight Only. Blake Griffin, John Wall, Wilson Chandler, Derrick Rose Autos!
  37. Pippen Auto has to sell tonight to make up the Paypal I need!
  38. WTTF; blake griffin rc auto
  39. WTTF: Kobe chrome rc graded 9.5
  40. Long shot...any Wilt the Stilt rookies out there?
  41. Looking for Danny Granger Exquisite & Ultimate RC Autos
  42. What's a young brother got to do to get a KOBE AUTO???
  43. Derrick Rose SP Authentic 3 color patch auto FT
  44. Michael Jordan auto's for sale/trade
  45. Jordan, Johnson, James Triple Auto!
  46. WTTF for the following high end cards
  47. MID/HIGH-END FS! Durant/Rose/MJ/Kobe/KG + MORE!
  48. Lets trade!!!!
  49. Carmelo Auto Patch #3/5 FT
  50. Possibly FT/FS: Kobe Bryant E-X Credentials RC /499
  51. FS/FT Derrick Rose BGS 10 RC
  52. Kevin Durant 07-08 Topps Lettermen REFRACTOR RC #/99 FT/FS
  53. WTB these cards please help
  54. Be interested in High End Rc Refractor´s?
  55. High End Cards all 4 Sale COLLECTION MORE THAN 4400$
  56. Trading away Abdul Jabbar Auto
  57. 161$ for a D-Rose RC Auto, lmk
  58. LF Blake Griffin Crown Royale RC AU
  59. Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman Autograph for 600$
  60. Kobe and Durant autos FT/FS
  61. FS: Michael Beasley UD Black Auto Letterman
  63. kobe auto available for football
  64. Haven't traded much, trying to get back in. CMB!
  65. 09/10 Contenders Rc Auto Set FT/FS
  66. Steve Nash Limited Patch Auto #/5 FT/FS!
  67. Jordan Exquisite Auto Patch FT
  68. lot of high end for trade/sell
  69. Rare Rajon Rondo FS...SPx GOLD and Topps Chrome
  70. Sofort-Kaufen Kobe Bryant Autograph 01-02 Upper Deck Game Jerseys AU for SALE RAR
  71. WTB: 90's MJ autos and others - list inside
  72. Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, Bird, Durant and Howard Autos FT!!!
  73. looking for Jerry West RC
  74. Got some Paypal! Looking for Blakes or D.Rose!
  75. 2011 Panini Limited John Wall RC auto/Jersey BGS 9.5 FS
  76. Blake Griffins wanted
  77. Andre Iguodala wanted
  78. Quad Auto of super hot players for sale!
  79. Blake Griffin rookie auto/relic
  80. lebron trilogy auto ft/fs
  81. Looking to get some high end trades done.
  82. Trading, Kobe and josh smith
  83. High End Lot For Exquisite Rose RC Auto Patch
  84. 07-08 SPA Kobe Bryant Auto Patch FS
  85. Kevin Durant SPX RC auto
  86. Looking for a 07/08 sp authentic patch auto of durant
  87. SELLING INDIVIDUALLY! 08/09 Topps Treasury Mini Logoman 1/1's
  88. FS Kevin Durant Rookie Edition AU
  89. FT: Lebron Auto #/15 and Kobe Auto
  90. Fs / ft stephenson nba logo patch auto rc #'d 3/5
  91. $250 PayPal for Hi-End Lot - NEED BY FRIDAY!!!
  92. Evan Turner AUTO rc /25 $100 BV
  93. LTTF/LTB 2007-08 Ultimate Signatures
  94. LTTF/LTB 2009-10 Contenders Autos /25 /10
  95. 2003 Lebron RC Auto FT for Aaron Rodgers SPA or Exquisite RC
  96. 6- Way auto for sale, kobe, odom, bynum, pierce, rondo, garnett
  97. FS: Monta, KMartin, DeRozan, EGordon Exquisite/NT/HP RAP's
  98. MID/HIGH-END FS! New stuff added!
  99. Magic Johnson booklet auto FT /19
  100. Looking For Kobe or Lebron Auto... Can give high end in return
  101. HIGH-END FS with Prices!
  102. 09/10 Topps Chrome Blake Griffin Refractor /500 Available
  103. Trading Blake Griffin RC Autos for highend Eric Gordon Auto RC's
  104. Looking to Buy Eric Gordon and Westbrook SPA
  105. Needed help : anyone has B.Jennings Panini Threads Letter RC for trade / sell ??
  106. Michael Jordan Auto FT/FS
  107. (wanted) D-Rose Auto (280$ ready)
  108. $750 Paypal ready for any DERRICK ROSE Topps Chrome or Bowman Chrome RC's
  109. FS/FT: Kobe Auto, RC, LeBron auto, etc
  110. Nice Melo rc's for sell or trade
  111. Jordan exclusive auto and $ for HIGHEND Griffen RC AUTO or ROSE
  112. My first MJ auto! Looking for any 2003-04 Ultimate Collection Signatures!
  113. Any Highend Dwyane Wade Rc Autos Out There???
  114. WTTF: Blake Griffin auto
  115. FS: OJ Mayo Bowman Chrome RC Refractor Auto /50
  116. Looking for Jordan Auto, have Rose/Griffin/Kobe Ft
  117. Brandon Jennings national treasure auto, Iverson patch etc for trade!!!
  118. Rose autos for Jordan auto
  119. Josh Smith SPA Rookie Patch auto #9/10 FT/FS
  120. 09-10 Contenders Blake Griffin for best Rudy Gay I can get
  121. $100 PP for the best redemption I can get!
  122. 09/10 r&s blake griffin rc auto
  123. durant rc auto #'d 20 4 trade
  124. FT/S: 09/10 Panini HOF Bill Russell SP AU /99
  125. 07-08 Kobe RED Autographics FS/FT
  126. Selling Cheap to Buy a Box
  127. Trying to get my First Jordan Auto Have these for trade
  128. Michael Jordan Auto /35.
  129. Chris Paul 7 color Break patch auto #/15 FT
  130. Chris Paul 05-06 Exquisite RC AU/4 Clr Patch /99 F/S or F/T
  131. LF 2003/4 Extra Exquisite #/75
  132. FT - Blake, Rose Auto's - Sick Kobe Patches
  133. 2009-10 Blake Griffin Classics auto - FT/FS
  134. FT High End, Lebron, Wade, Pujols and More for your Derrick Rose
  135. $300 Paypal for Hi-End Lot - D Rose, Griffin, Lebron
  136. blake griffin rc patch auto for sale /trade
  137. (3) Kobe Bryant Autos FT
  138. Evan Turner Rookie Recruits auto /299
  139. TW D Rose Auto 1/48
  140. I need a Kobe Bryant Autograph!
  141. Kobe Bryant NT Patch Auto FS/FT
  142. Looking to buy Stephen Curry NT APR /99
  143. High end bucket in all sports!!
  144. WTB Blake Griffin Crown Royale Auto RC
  145. John Wall Auto FS/FT
  146. LF: 2009/10 National Treasures RPAs /99
  147. FS: Blake Griffin Certified Auto JSY! BGS 9.5! /399 & /50!
  148. FS Absolute RC Logoman(s)
  149. Incoming Blake Griffin auto Incoming
  150. looking to trade this CP3 Roy dual
  151. Triple rc f/t
  152. FS Michael Jordan Ultimate Collection Auto
  153. LF Griffin and Durant rc auto
  154. Looking to trade for some nice Griffin or K-Love RC autos!!
  155. Looking to trade Griffin Classics Auto for Griffin Crown Royal
  156. Blake Griffin Crown Royale for Trade
  157. High end stuff ft/fs: Jordan/bird/magic/duncan/drob/erving etc
  158. Kevin Love Bowman Chrome RC Auto FT
  159. SP Authentic Michael Jordan/Kobe dual auto #/25 FT
  160. Eric Gordon Collector's?
  161. Blake Griffin Rc Auto BGS 9 with 10 auto !!!
  162. Just came into a Michael Jordan Showcase Legacy Collection ROW 1....
  163. Looking for a high end lot
  164. Kevin Durant - Selling 4 Different RC AUTOs
  165. FT 06/07 Rudy Gay UD Black Autographs Flag Patch-Au 2/5
  166. FT:Kevin Garnett SP Authentic Letterman Auto 1/1
  167. WTT Melo Auto Patch /5 for a Blake Griffin Auto
  168. LF Deron Williams Exquisite RC Auto Patch
  169. 08-09 Chrome Youthquake Autographs
  170. INVENTORY CLEAROUT - Lots of High End F/S & F/T
  171. 1996-97 SP SPx Force Michael Jordan auto #/100 FS/FT
  172. Kobe bryant topps chrome RC
  173. WTB/WTTF 2009/10 Absolute Memrobilia RPMs
  174. Lebron Auto, Melo Auto Jersey /10, Nash Auto, And More FT!!
  175. Lets Trade!! Durant and Cp3
  176. Blake Griffin RC Auto /50 FS/FT!
  177. Austin Daye 1/1 Elite Status Auto FS
  178. Kobe / Pau Dual On Card Auto /50
  179. Russell Westbrook exquisite patch auto rc. FT
  180. FS/FT: Kevin Martin Exq RC & Beasley UD Black Letterman
  181. Updated high end bucket!!
  182. Priced to Sell: Kobe Auto, Big O Auto, Worthy Auto, E Gordon Auto
  183. LTB: Any Kobe EXQUISITE Auto. Paypal READY to go.
  184. Get it before ebay! Blake Griffin RC Auto!!!
  185. LaMarcus Aldridge rc patch auto 13/15 FT
  186. FT: SP GU Michael Jordan Bulls LOGO patch /35
  187. Any high-end Kevin Durant out there?
  188. LTTF Kevin Love Exquisite
  189. Looking to Buy or Trade for 08/09 UD Radiance Name Tag Autos
  190. FT~ John Wall Threads RC auto
  191. High-End Cards FS!! Magic, Lebron, Kobe, Jordan
  192. Allen Iverson Rare Pristine Auto bv $200 FT
  193. Russell Westbrook Autos FT for a Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose Auto!
  194. WTB - Durant and Blake Griffin Exquisites
  195. Michael Jordan 05-06 Trilogy Auto Focus Auto SP
  196. FT/FS: Evan Turner Prestige Expo Promo #2/3
  197. Anyone got MJ autos FT?
  198. Dual Magic Johnson Jabbar Auto & Kevin Love RC Auto Patch FT For FB
  199. Football High End, Looking for MJ, Kobe, and Lebron autos.
  200. WTB Scottie Pippen Classics auto - anybody got one?
  201. wanted to buy a kobe,wade,garnett auto
  202. looking to trade these blake griffin rookie autos!
  203. FT:Kevin Garnett SP Authentic Letterman Auto 1/1 for HOF Autos
  204. WTB Brandon Jennings Topps Chrome #/999 or #/500
  205. Lets Make Some High End Trades...Just About Everything F/T
  206. Looking for a Monta Ellis Exquisite RC
  207. Kevin Durant SPA Auto #2/2
  208. Russell Westbrook UD BLack gu rookie auto FT
  209. Rajon Rondo SPx Gold RC Auto Jersey /25 FS
  210. 4 Blake Griffin cards: RC auto, auto, and 2 patches
  211. Aldridge Exquisite RC Auto Patch /99 available
  212. FT: Michael Jordan Fleer 1/1 auto
  213. FT/FS: Blake (4) / Rose (1) - Auto's
  214. trading block: inscription auto, letter auto, quad/tag logo patch
  215. Looking For a Logoman/Logotag
  216. FS: 2007-2008 Bowman Sterling KEVIN DURANT Black X-Fractor numbered to 10 BGS 9
  217. TMAC Super Rave RC /50
  218. Blake Griffin RC Auto /25 for trade.....
  219. 2009-10 Absolute Memorabilia Blake Griffin RPM Auto
  220. Looking for high end RC AUTO of ROSE,JAMES, DURANT
  221. Have $180 paypal for Kobe or Durant Autograph!
  222. Fs derrick rose 08/09 exquisite rookie auto patch /99
  223. Any MJ Auto for High End Hockey Cards ?
  224. Looking to buy a Stephen Curry Exquisite Rookie Auto?
  225. Michael Jordan Bgs 8 Rookie Up For Trade/Sale
  226. Evans/Curry/Flynn Limited Tripple Rookie Auto /49 FT
  227. Updated High end Bucket!!! WTB or TRADE for highend auto rc rose,durant,pujols,james
  228. Michael Jordan Auto SP FT/FS
  229. MJ Fleer stickers rc BGS 8 w/ 2 9's
  230. F/S/T...Jrue Holiday NT RPA /99
  231. FS/T 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie BGS 8
  232. Taking offers!!!Griffin Certifies gold 15/25!!!
  233. I need a LeBron Auto!
  234. Looking for Hall of Fame Dream Team AUTOS & Patches
  235. Bring Me Your 08-09 Topps Rookie Photo Shoot AUTOs!!!
  236. seeing whats out there for this dejuan blair #/10 rc auto
  237. 99-00 Sp Authentic Sign of the Times Kobe Bryant Auto
  238. Taking offers! Kobe on card auto #to 49 from Panini Studio
  239. Blake Griffin FT for MJ auto
  240. Derrick Rose Skybox Ruby RC /50 + Bowman Gold RC /50
  241. High End F/S/T - Scans Included
  242. Kevin Love Auto FT
  243. tim tebow patch auto FT for bball
  244. WTB: LeBron James On card auto
  245. FS/T 09/10 Panini HOF Bill Russell On-Card AU SP /99
  246. James Harden collection for trade
  247. Lf - 06-07 exquisite scripted swatches
  248. LF Lebron auto for Durant rc refractor
  249. FS / FT Kobe Rcs Grated 10 or 9.5
  250. 07/08 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Kevin Durant /99 FS! $449 dlvd!
  251. 08/09 Exquisite Kevin Love RC!!!
  252. FT Kobe, Aldridge, & Pierce Autographs!
  253. Quick Sale: 2006/07 SPx Rajon Rondo RC Auto Jersey Gold /25
  254. Everything must go!
  255. Rose rookie autos for m.sanchez rookie autos.
  256. 1/5 Dominique Wilkins Auto
  257. Kevin Durant 08-09 Rookie Threads Auto FS
  258. Peterson SS AU, Lebron AU, Durant AU, Harper GU AU, all ft/fs!!!
  259. Looking for Jordan Auto Patches
  260. Anyone Know the SV or BV of this Lebron Auto?
  261. Looking for Durant Prmier RC auto and SPA patch auto
  262. Derrick Rose SP Authentic 3 color patch auto BGS 9.5 FT/FS
  263. Kobe Bryant Panini Threads Century Stars Auto /50 (on card)
  264. MID/HIGH-END FOR TRADE: Rondo RC, Wall, MJ GU, Nash, More!
  265. Looking to Trade Card[s]
  266. Russell Westbrook SPA RPA for Trade
  267. FS/FT HIGH END Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Lebron..
  268. Rondo SPx Gold RC Auto Jersey, KD Chronology RC Auto FS
  269. Blake Griffin Colossal Logoman 5/5
  270. WTT Finest Orange Border Test Refractor...
  271. FT: 08 UD Peyton Manning Auto/Patch #ed 4/5 for High-End Basketball
  272. FT SPA CJ auto patch and NT Rubio auto Rc /99
  273. I need help!! Anybody??
  274. All-Rookie Love, Magic, Bird Auto- testing waters...
  275. F/S F/T updated high end bucket!!! griffin , westbrook, Heyward
  276. Rajon Rondo 1/1, Lebron James 5/5
  277. Looking for a B. Jennings National Treasures RPA
  278. Michael Jordan Autograph /35
  279. Michael Jordan Logo Bulls Head Patch SWEET. FT
  280. Carmelo Anthony Bowman game used rookie FT/FS
  281. Carmelo Anthony game used AUTO FT/FS
  282. Kevin Durant auto for sale!
  283. FS: 2008 Topps Draft Auto Set - Derrick Rose
  284. Looking
  285. Just picked up a durant auto game used # 09/25
  286. FT/FS: Opening up PC: Rose, Blake, Durant
  287. Trading Mid-Highend...
  288. Lebron James Topps Chrome Black Refractor /500
  289. FS Kevin Durant Sweet Shot Rookie auto
  290. 2006-07 Rajon Rondo Topps Chrome Superfractor Rc Auto 1/1
  291. 2 Blake Griffin RC autos FS
  292. Larry Bird Autographed Ball!!
  293. F/s rose exq. Gold...send offers!!
  294. FS Kobe Bryant Topps Chrome Rookie
  295. Blake Griffin Contenders and Dwyane Wade SPX BGS 9.5 FS/FT
  296. F/s high end arod rc auto sp jumbo also vintage ryan rc
  297. Tebow Contenders FT for Basketball
  298. Does anyone have a Rondo Exquisite or Topps photoshoot auto?
  299. Blake griffin 2007 topps mcdonalds all american rc auto
  300. Melo is a Knick! Rare RC Auto FT
  301. Possibly trading these VERY HI-END FB Cards for a NICE BLAKE GRIFFIN
  302. Looking for CARMELO Anthony RC Higher End
  303. Eric Gordon skybox emerald auto SP
  304. Trading high end- derozan mcdonalds, beasley ud black,
  305. F/T - Blake Griffin RC Autos - Crown Royale/Classics/Contenders/Limited
  306. F/S/T - Russell Westbrook 08-09 SPA Red Foil RC AU BGS 9.5/10
  307. FT/S: 09/10 Elite Blake Griffin AU /499
  308. Blake Griffin NT Auto/Jersey /30 FT/FS
  309. Carmelo Anthony's need to GO!
  310. Bird, Magic, Westbrook Autos For Trade
  311. Trading These for Basketball.. Anyone?
  312. FS/FT: Lebron Chrome Refractor RC & Durant SP Rookie Ed Auto RC
  313. F/s westbrook sp rookie threads bgs10 pristine
  314. Melo auto /53
  315. LF: Kevin Durant SP Authentic Patch auto
  316. FS/FT: DH12 Auto Patch /25 & Aldridge Exq Auto Patch /15
  317. Looking for Kobe auto.
  318. Blake Griffin
  319. f/t Kobe Bryant Court Kings Portraits Auto /49
  320. FT/FS Magic Johnson Jersey/Auto /10
  321. bradford jsy auto /50 looking for durant westbrook or griffin
  322. Any interest in a chris paul bgs 9.5 spa rc auto?
  323. Russell Westbrook PSA 10 auto rookie ft/fs
  324. In the market for a Jordan Auto
  325. NEED 1 "Hi-End" Derrick Rose RC AUTO
  326. LF: Rose Blake Durant
  327. Kobe bryant topps chrome FT
  328. Fs: Michael jordan final floor auto/23! Olajuwon exquisite patch/auto & more
  329. Looking to buy D Rose RC Auto
  330. Looking For Lebron Auto Or Anything Nice Available!!
  331. FS: Blake & Rose
  332. Blake Griffin RC Auto /25 FT
  333. John Wall/Evan Turner Dual Auto /49 FT/FS
  334. FT: Bryce Harper Bowman Aflac Auto
  335. LF 07-08 UD Premier Penmanship Kobe Bryant
  336. FS:Gallinari Exquisite Lot! SCANS SCANS Nugget Fans!
  337. Some Basketball high-end
  338. FS/FT Aus of Durant, Rondo,Curry,Bill Russell, Kareem etc
  339. FT: Dwyane Wade 2006-07 Topps Trademark Moves Dunk Autographs Rainbow #SDU3 11/19
  340. FT/FS Blake NT jersey auto #/30, wade rc au jsy, lebron exquisite au patch
  341. WTB a lower end Derrick Rose Rookie Auto
  342. Want to buy Kobe 07-08 Chronology Stitches in Time
  344. LF Kevin Durant Premier rc auto /199
  345. Jodan Legacy GU /23 FT/FS
  346. FS ONLY: Blake Griffin RC autos and Pau Gasol 1/1
  347. Highend Peyton, Pujols, Brady, Namath, Heyward, Ryan F/T for Jordan auto.
  348. Michael Jordan auto ft
  349. Updated Bucket, looking for Blake Griffin
  350. FT: Lebron James UD Reflections Signatures #ed 15/20
  351. Kevin Durant Bowman Chrome Refractor
  352. LF Rookies and Stars Griffin and Wall Auto rookies
  353. Some High-end Cards FT!!!
  354. Blake Griffin RC Auto/ Durant RC Auto/ Kobe Prestige Redemption Auto
  355. LF kevin durant rc Xfractors OR refractors
  356. Wtb kobe bryant 96/97 topps chrome
  357. Want auto, patch of Bulls players such as MJ, Rose+Durant auto
  358. Topps Treasury Logoman 1/1's must go!
  359. D-Rose Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor /99 Available!!!
  360. Derrick Rose/Chris Paul Topps Signature Dual Auto /49 FT/FS
  361. F/s griffin gold jsy auto / westbrook auto jsy pristine 10
  362. LF: Jerry West Patch Auto
  363. F/s b.griffin rc auto jersey gold...only 25!!!
  364. R. Westbrook BGS 10 pristine rc auto!!! taking offers
  365. Ed Davis Topps McDonalds All-American RC Auto SUPER RARE
  366. WTB/WTTF James Harden National Treasures /99
  367. LeBron James On Card Auto SP FT
  368. Wanted: Tracy mcgrady autograph cards !!!!
  369. Alcindor RC, Bird RC, Dr J Multisport
  370. Last Chance before BGS Tomorrow! Blake Griffin Contenders
  371. Dr. J auto
  372. Looking for Higher End Autos for these players
  373. durant ud black auto ft
  374. Michael Jordan game used /23 FT
  375. Trading this Gerald Wallace 1/1 for football
  376. FT: John Wall Threads Auto RC #/399
  377. Nice triple scripts for trade/parker/kidd/nash
  378. Need 4 More Deals for Semi-Star - Opening up the Bucket - ALL HIGH END F/T
  379. Russell Westbrook RC Auto /19 FT/FS
  380. WTB High-End of these guys!
  381. Buying all logomans and high end autos
  382. LF: Russell Westbrook 08/09 Exquisite RPA /225
  383. Have $168.21 in Paypal... Show me some good tradebait for Blake!
  384. FS $145.00 US takes this Garnett/Pierce/Allen # 5/5
  385. Need 04-05 SPGU Legendary Fabrics Autos
  386. Need Michael Jordan 3 colors patch
  387. Kevin love eric gordon ud black dual rc auto jsy fs + bonus
  388. Jordan Rare insert Price?
  389. -Wantlist-
  390. FS/FT 2010/11 Prestige Blake Griffin auto
  391. LeBron James On Card sp auto ft
  392. Looking to trade my LeBron auto for new Kobe auto
  393. Looking for 08/09 Exquisite Auto Buybacks
  394. Looking to purchase a D. Rose High end
  395. SP Authentic Complete Sets Available
  396. anyone has Richard Hamilton High end cards for trade?
  397. What is the Best Jordan I can get for this
  398. WTB or WTT for 08/09 Authentic PATCH AUTO
  399. F/s lebron autofocus rc bgs 9.5/griffen gold auto rc/westbrook auto pristine rc
  400. John Wall RC AUTO
  401. Blake Griffin Nation Treasures Auto /30 FT/FS
  402. looking for another tyreke evans national treasures patch auto!!!
  403. Lebron James PSA 10 SPX and SPA Rookies FS/FT
  404. Who has high end Kobe?
  405. $100PP for High End Carl Landry, Chase Budinger, Kyle Lowry, Mutombo...
  406. John Wall Contenders Redemption FS/FT
  407. Want to Buy Andrew Bynum Rookie Autos
  408. $150 Paypal for nicest One Card
  409. WTT Sidney Crosby YG RC For Durant or Griffin
  410. Looking For Derrick Rose RC Auto
  411. FS 2010-11 Prestige Blake Griffin Auto /99
  413. $200 Paypal so spend on a nice Rookie auto of Derrick Rose or Kevin Durant
  414. lebron james chrome rookie bgs 9.5 for trade
  415. Looking for High End Kobe Inserts/Autos
  416. Michael Jordan Rookie 86-87 Fleer
  417. For Sale or TRADE ... SPx Durant Auto... Carmelo bgs 9.5
  418. Following cards to trade for high end..
  419. Lebron ultimate auto / 25 with "gladiator" inscription
  420. 2008-09 Upper Deck EXQUISITE Lebron James AUTO INSCRIPTIONS #d 9/10
  421. Starting my basketball collection! My First buy!
  422. WTTF or WTB Nice Dirk RC's or Auto's
  423. FOR SALE MAgic Johnson AUTOGRAPH Topps
  424. Eric Gordon High End for sale?
  425. Kevin Love Highend Auto RC's FT/FS
  426. John Wall/Evan Turner Dual Auto /49 FS- $90
  427. $300 paypal for best rookie!
  428. 10-11 timeless treasures robin lopez jersey 1/1 for sale.
  429. Blake, Tyreke, Curry, Rondo, MJ GU, Derozan ALL FS!!!!
  430. 1/1 Michael Beasley UD Black Letter (worn) Auto rookie "A"
  431. tradeing for jordan got rose kobe peterson and more.
  432. rodney stuckey & randy foye high end?
  433. Panini Absolute with High end (D.Rose redemption auto jersey / patch out of 5)
  434. Kevin Durant RC AU
  436. Looking to move these HI$$ Durant RC autos for a MJ auto
  437. High End Bulls F/T - Rose & Pippen
  438. FS/FT RAJON RONDO 06-07 E-X Essential Credentials Now RC auto /67!!!
  439. KOBE prestige auto /49 2010/11 FS
  440. Derrick Rose/Chris Paul 08-09 Toppd Signature Dual Auto /49 FS!
  441. Derrick Rose Exquisite and SPX FT or FS
  442. Have up to 11k, looking for jordan autos
  443. High end John Wall auto / D.Howard / K.Love / D.Wilkins autos for sell
  444. FS: LeBron, Kobe, Rondo, Bird, Rose, Magic, Howard AUTOS!
  445. Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer #57 Rookie BGS 7
  446. FS/FT Durant and Lebron Autos!
  447. **Looking for JORDAN or LEBRON Auto's/Patch's!!**
  448. Lf jordan auto
  449. High-End cards For Sell!! Magic, Lebron, Jordan
  450. got alot of fb looking for a nice durant westbrook ogriffin or d rose
  451. WTTF: 10/11 Absolute Kevin Durant AU
  452. Kevin love 4 color exquisite patch auto /225
  453. 3 sport ft
  454. very nice Mj auto available for sale or trade
  455. LF: SP Recruiting Class Full Name OJ MAYO
  456. Derrick Rose Hot Prospects Patch Auto FT/FS
  457. Mike Krzyzewski GOTG Coaches Corner Auto 18/100
  458. Price on this Kobe Auto?
  459. AUTOS FOR SALE! LeBron, Kobe, Westbrook, Rondo
  460. Carmelo Anthony Exquisite Auto Patch Jordan Floor Wade Finest
  461. FS/FT: Al Jefferson Logoman tag/Amare/Gasol/Brand
  462. selling the ed davis pc
  463. LF Kobe auto 2003-04 / 2004-05 SP
  464. FS: Abdul-Jabbar Auto 1/5
  465. F/T - Dwight Howard & Chris Paul Exquisite 4 Color RPAs /99
  466. LF: Kevin Durant SP Authentic Patch Auto + Westbrook Rookie Cards
  467. Opening up MY PC for YOUR PC
  468. Bring me some nice Bulls auto or Patch cards.
  469. HIGH END fs
  470. Looking for 07-08 Chronology Derrick Rose RC #/99
  471. WTB/WTTF 97-98 jerseys
  472. Wtb these cards
  473. Lebron 08/09 feel the game FG-LJ
  474. Heaps of High End Cards! Kobe, LBJ, Howard, RPAs, Wade Autos!
  475. WTB: SP Authentic basketball RCs graded PSA 10
  476. Michael Jordan 2003-04 Ult Collection Auto BGS 9.5 Melo Exquis Wade Amare RC Au FS/FT
  477. LF Kobe Auto Will give high end in return
  478. Anyone selling 97 Metal Universe PMG (Precious Metal Gems) here??
  479. Rose, Westbrook, Montana, Ripken, Payton ... PSA
  480. Looking to trade for high end Derrick Rose autos...
  481. Jordan Auto
  482. FT: Brees - Rodgers Auto's for BBall!!!
  483. Tyreke Evans Contenders SP RC/Auto for Trade
  484. Testing the waters on this Pistol Pete Maravich 1/1 Logoman...
  485. high end for sale!
  486. FS: Derrick Rose, John Wall, Lebron, Marcus Thornton
  487. Looking for Blake Griffin, Have PayPal!
  488. MJ/Kobe Dual auto for trade for a MJ Exquisite Patch Auto
  489. Looking MJ Auto for Hockey High end
  490. Dwight Howard SP Authentic RC Auto
  491. Selling my Jordan 1/1 auto
  492. 05 UD Sp Signature Edition Carmelo Anthony Auto 5/15
  493. F/T - SP Signature Ed. Lebron James AU /40 LOOK!
  494. Rose Autos Available for Pippen Exquisite patch auto
  495. Looking for 09/10 NT James Harden RPA /99
  496. High end for trade!
  497. LF : Dwyane Wade 03-04 Ultimate Signatures AUTO
  498. Deron Williams Bowman Chrome Auto XFractor!
  499. Looking for a Kevin Durant SPA Patch AU
  500. WTTF/WTB 09/10 NT RPA's
  501. Possibly FS/FT - Rose Refractors/Ruby/Autos
  502. rodney stuckey high end?
  503. FS/T: Kevin Durant Auto
  504. Michael Jordan retro rookie auto /23 FT
  505. Michael Jordan retro rookie auto /23 FT
  506. WANTED - LeBron James RC Auto
  507. Blake Griffin Absolute RC Auto FS $145 Dlvd
  508. Magic Johnson & Larry Bird Auto
  509. LF - 08-09 SPA RC AU/Patches - Need Some Upgrades for My Set
  510. Updated Highend Bucket
  511. F/s f/t griffen gold auto and westbrook bgs 10 auto rc
  512. WTTF: High End Kobe
  513. Ultimate Quad Auto FT Jordan/Kobe/Lebron/Garnett
  514. Michael JORDAN ON CARD AUTO Canvas Chronology Silver
  515. MJ/Lebron Dual Auto BGS 9.5 ....COME BIG
  516. Looking to trade for LEBRON JAMES AUTO!
  518. LF 08-09 Exquisite Inscriptions Dual
  519. FS/FT: Lebron 06-07 Exquisite Auto patch 3 clr /100
  520. Anybody need this 05-06 SP GU Logo Man 1/1?
  521. Russell Westbrook- Autos, refractors, psa 10, bgs 9.5
  522. Blake Griffin Crown Royale Auto RC /399 FS
  523. Trading High END FB For Durant or Rose or Griffin RC AUTO
  524. anyone interested in a laptop only 2 months old pics inside!
  525. $500 PayPal for BEST D Rose RC AUTO!!!
  526. Looking for Durant, Westbrook, Griffin, Kobe, Lebron, D-wade
  527. Kevin Durant SP Authentic RPA for Trade
  528. Maurice Cheeks Chronology Stitches in Time 1/1 f/t
  529. $600 tonight for some nice rare card(s) for following players
  530. Derrick Rose auto,refractor,rc for trade
  531. My pc for your pc
  532. Kevin Durant RC AU ft
  533. Looking for Derrick Rose Topps Chrome Auto Have $650 to spend
  534. f/s Westbrook auto RC BGS10 Pristine!!!
  535. f/s James auto RC 03-04 auto focus glass BGS 9.5
  536. f/s Griffen mirror gold jersey auto RC
  537. Looking to trade for Lebron and Pujols Rookie stuff
  538. LF 2004-05 SP Game Used SIGnificance /100
  539. FT: High End Dean Smith AUTO!!!
  540. Dwight Howard National Treasures Logoman for sale
  541. High End Autos FT; Magic, Wall, Durant, etc
  542. WTT: Albert Pujols Auto Buyback for Lebron Auto
  543. F/S - First Batch of High End Cards
  544. FS w/ Prices: Nash Exquisites, John Wall 1/1 etc.
  545. My Highend Football For Your Highend Basketball!
  546. FS: Kevin Durant Auto
  547. Kicking the Tires on ALL of My High End Rose RC Autos
  548. Lebron BGS Pristine 10, Lebron 3 color auto /25 Looking for a Jordan auto
  549. FS/FT: JORDAN AUTO + BRADFORD NT Logo Auto rc /99
  550. FS/FT: JORDAN AUTO + BRADFORD NT Logo Auto rc /99
  551. FS high end cards
  553. Michael Jordan 07-08 Chronology Silver Ink Auto!
  554. Panini Absolute Eric Gordon auto jersey no.5 for sell / trade
  555. Trade + Paypal for D Rose
  556. Want Hockey for this Larry Bird/99 Auto
  558. Looking to see whats out there for this! Kareem Abdul Jabar Auto /10!
  559. FS: Rose Refractors and more
  560. LeBron SPx PSA 10 RC Auto Rose TC Jordan Auto Melo Exquis Bird Amare
  561. kevin durant ultimate rookie material auto ft/fs
  562. WTB - 07/08 Chronology Legends Auto #/99 or #/10
  563. LF: A Sick Blake Griffin
  564. Looking for Kobe
  565. LF stars & legends autographs
  566. FS/FT: Blake & Rose
  567. EXQUISITE: DWill Scripted Swatches + Pierce Number Pieces!
  568. Lf russell westbrook exquisite patch auto/225
  569. Michael jordan auto focus trilogy auto for trade / sale
  570. D.Rose Exquisite 8 FS or Trade
  571. Durant RC, Westbrook RC, and Wade- 3 high end AUTOS FT
  572. Open to moving one of my Durant Logomen
  573. 08-09 Exquisite Jumbo Patch Derrick Rose
  574. Have around $150 for Bulls card(s)
  575. bgs 10 pristine westbrook rc auto!!!!!f/s
  576. Lf: 2000 upper deck employee kobe bryant auto jersey #/300
  577. Derrick Rose Auto Ball For Sale!!!
  578. FS/FT: Lebron, Rose. Dwill, Jennings 1/1 Rc Auto
  579. Melo RC, Lebrons RC, Shaq RC and Beasley RC FT/FS
  580. 08-09 Topps Murad Set FS/FT
  581. Anyone have a kobe auto for trade/sale?
  582. Blake Griffin Rookie & Stars Auto
  583. looking for Kobe Bryant auto jersey (have a D.Rose quad auto for trade)
  584. 04-05 SPGU Kobe Bryant / LeBron James Dual Jersey #/100
  585. High-end Rose, Durant and Westbrook
  586. Looking for: Kevin Durant Exquisite RPA
  587. DWIGHT HOWARD Varsity Letters city name patch auto 1/3 made
  588. High end westbrook
  589. FT/FS Durant RC AU
  590. 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Sticker PSA 8 FS
  591. Courtney lee 1/1 Auto
  592. Any Dorrell Wright Fans out there?
  593. FS/FT: 06-07 Ultimate RC Patch Auto´s #25; 05-06 Topps Chrome RC Gold #99
  594. Kobe/Lebron UD Black auto patch
  595. ok..looking to trade
  596. Derrick Rose rookie jersey
  597. anyone got a larry bird auto?
  598. Lebron pristine BGS 10, Pujols, Brady, Peyton. Looking for Jordan auto.
  599. Chasing My White Whale.. Jordan, Kobe, Wall FS
  600. FT 1957-58 Topps Paul Arizin RC #10 BCCG 9
  601. FT: Walter Payton Autograph for Derrick Rose
  602. auto/GU FT Durant Ultimate, Westbrook Black & SPX RC, 1st DIRK Auto BGS !!!
  603. Tyler Hansbrough Timeless Treasures Logotag 1/1 RC Auto
  604. Roy/Aldridge/Garcia triple Rc auto /25 for trade
  605. Lebron/Carmelo Dual auto, Dual Jersey #'d 1/10
  606. LF: A Nice Jordan Auto
  607. magic johnson auto FT
  608. Looking for a John Wall Auto
  609. Looking to buy or trade Kobe Bryant auto jersey
  610. WTTF Jordan Auto
  611. Trading for 2009-10 national treasure patch autos!!!
  612. Lebron James Authentic Autographed Jersey UDA Framed
  613. michael joradn,derrick rose,exquisite,tag.....for sell/trade
  614. 08-09 Exquisite Inscriptions Kevin Garnett Auto /50 FS
  615. 09-10 UD A.Mourning Auto for sell or trade for Kobe auto
  616. Trading UD Durant Autos for Panini Durant Autos
  617. L/F 2010/11 Classics JOHN WALL Auto Rookie Card /199
  618. Anybody have a Luol Deng Exquisite RPA /99 FS/FT???
  619. fs/ft dennis rodman legacy karl malone spa auto
  620. Fs/ft:
  621. martell webster high end????
  622. 200-250 for best LeBron or Durant!
  623. FT: LeBron Ultimate RC Auto /250 BGS 9.5/10
  624. LF High-end Al Jefferson (UD Exquisite, Black etc.)
  625. DERRICK ROSE Hot Prospects Draft Day Postmarks AUTO #/50
  626. Lebron auto BGS pristine 10 FT
  627. Updated High End For Trade/For Sale List
  628. 49ers fan? Montana/Steve Young FT/FS for Bball
  629. 2007-2008 SP Authentic Rookie Master Set for Trade
  630. Any D Wade?
  631. LeBron James SP Authentic RC Auto for Trade
  632. LETS TRADE!!!! A couple of BIG DOGS inside with SCANS
  633. FS/FT Lebron James Auto Cav's Jersey w/Cavs COA
  634. LF High End Stephen Curry
  635. FT: B. Harper Aflac Auto for KOBE / JORDAN Auto
  636. Kevin Durant SP Authentic Rookie Patch Auto for Trade
  637. 3 super high end card FT. MUST SEE!!!!
  638. FS/FT: Monta Ellis Ultimate RAP /25
  639. Wilt Chamberlain Razor Auto 2/2 Up For Trade Scan
  640. Durant SPA ,3clr, MJ Chronology, Lebron 9.5 RC au
  641. Looking for Zo & Payton 90's inserts - Rare & HGT only
  642. 2 Kobe Autos For Trade
  643. 07-08 Jeff Green Triple Threads Sapphire Parallel TRUE 1/1 RC FT...Scan Inside
  644. anyone have a 05-06 Marvin Williams Exquisite RC Auto GU?
  645. Dwight Howard Exquisite 4 color patch auto rc BGS 9 FT
  646. Michael Jordan Gold Plated Silver
  647. PC cards FT/FS
  648. Rose Bowman Gold RC #/50 FT/FS
  649. Tom Brady Patch Auto for highend basketball
  650. WTTF/B: 09/10 Dream Team Pippen & Magic Autos
  651. WTTF Lebron Finest XRC
  652. High End Dwyane Wade AU Relic FT or FS
  654. Looking to Trade: Tyler Hansbrough Logotag Auto RC 1/1
  655. Looking to Trade This For a NICE Card
  656. high end ft!
  657. DRose/Lebron/Durant/Kobe autos
  659. LF LeBron Finest Rookie
  660. **Melo auto rc patch available**
  661. Lebron spa rc auto /500 ft // fs
  662. High End Jordan Exquisite Dual Auto FS/FT
  663. Kevin durant rookie auto/game used for trade for d rose/d williams/c paul rookie au/p
  664. lebron/kobe ultimate dual patch/10
  665. John Wall Timeless Rookie Auto FT
  666. incomming kobe bryant auto #5/5 for trade for football
  667. Lebron James & Michael Jordan FT for hockey
  668. Derrick Rose Auto BGS 9.5 FT/FS
  669. Couple High Ends (Scans) FT
  670. 2010 Limited Sam Bradford Spotlight Auto Patch Rc /25
  671. Stephen Curry PHENOMS /10 RC AUTO
  672. John Wall Donruss /299 RC AUTO
  673. Durant RC autos FS SPA patch au, Chronology, Ult
  674. 1972-73 Topps Julius Erving rc #195 FS/FT
  675. Michael Jordan cards..Incoming this week
  676. High end durants and race used and autos for trade for top rookie patch/autos etc..
  677. Derrick Rose Topps Draft Day Autograph #/100 FT
  678. Jordan/Lebron dual auto /15 BGS 9.5 ft/fs
  679. NT Kobe Black Mamba Auto FS/FT
  680. Entire Bucket FT/FS including Super High End to Low! New Amazing Pieces!
  681. Lebron James Ultimate Rc Sigs BGS 9.5 Rc Auto SCAN INSIDE!!!
  682. LeBron auto FT
  683. LF Clyde Drexler Auto or Patches!
  684. Selling my Hi-End AUTO Cards CHEAP
  685. Hi end buckett for fs/ft
  686. 2 derrick rose patch autos ft
  687. WTTF Stockton auto w/ this RARE Durant RC and Westbrook RC auto #'d to 69
  688. 2 On Card Kobe Bryant autos FS
  689. High End + Scans!
  690. Platinum National Treasures /5 for sale
  691. FS/FT 93-94 Hoops Bird/Magic pack pulled dual auto!
  692. 08-09 Topps Chrome Derrick Rose Auto RC BGS 9.5 FT/FS
  693. Rose/Westbrook/Mayo/Beasley Quad Auto /50 FT/FS!!
  694. Looking for 99-00 and older autographics autos
  695. Dirk Autos FT!!!
  696. Rose rc autos for sell for trade
  697. Tading this Sidney Crosby BV $120 for Bball, Baseball, or Fball
  698. FS/FT: New Pickups - Jordan, Rose, Blake Auto
  699. FT/FS: 2007-08 Chronology John Stockton Legends Auto /99
  700. FS/FT: Tiger Woods for basketball...
  701. Someone please rid me of this Jordan.
  702. Kevin durant logo tag 1/1 treasures!!!!!
  703. DURANT SP Authentic Auto Patch 1/1!
  704. 1996 topps finest kobe rookie psa 10 mint!
  705. KD and Griffin RC Autos FT
  706. Bryce Harper Auto Redemption Blue /250 $1200 OBO Possible Card/Cash Deal?
  707. FS/FT Jordan Fleer RC PSA 8 (Scratch free case)
  708. $265 Paypal For One Kevin Durant Card. Paypal Ready to Spend ASAP!
  709. High end bucket ft/fs
  710. WTB: Gary Payton PMG Red & Credentials #/23
  711. 08-09 Russell Westbrook Topps Chrome Youthquake Xref Auto/15 PSA 10
  712. Rare Derrick Rose Topps Autos FT/FS
  713. Blake Griffin Timeless Treasures Auto/Jersey 3/100
  714. WANTED: Kevin Durant Exqusite RPA /99
  715. Derrick Rose Auto BGS 9.5 FT/FS
  716. 2 D Rose RC Auto Jerseys FS/FT
  717. FT: 2010 Greats of the Game - Larry Bird Glory Days AU 02/10
  718. High-End Larry Johnson & Stephen Curry Auto's
  719. Durant Rc's For Trade High end
  720. FS: Taking offers on this Lebron James Certified Patch /5
  721. Possibly trading up with these for some basketball!!! High End!
  722. Blake Griffin 2 RC Autos, Panini Certified Auto 8 x 10
  723. WTTF Lebron auto
  724. Dirk Nowitzki Auto
  725. WTB: Nice Russell Westbrook Rookie AU or AU/GU For The PC
  726. FT/S: A couple KD autos
  727. WTB Blake Griffin RC Auto
  728. 2011 Bowman Best Bryce Harper Refractor 24/99 FS/FT
  729. LF: Lebron James Auto
  730. WTT my double J.Wall Timeless auto for another Wall/Rose/Durant/B.Griffin auto
  731. Anyone have a Upper Deck Kobe Patch Auto? No Panini
  732. 2008 Triple Threads Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, David Robinson Triple Auto Patch 1/1
  733. SICK 2006 Triple Threads Chris Duhon 3x Logo Patch Auto White Whale 1/1 For Sale !!
  734. taking offers on this rare griffin auto
  735. 1986 Jordan RC BGS 8.5, Dirk Legacy RC, Blake Griffin Auto RC, 86 Fleer Lot FS/FT
  736. Looking to buy any Lebron topps chrome rookies
  737. LOOKING FOR: High End Basketball!
  738. $100 to spend on 96-00 autographics!
  739. TRADING Rose, Griffin, Westbrook, Wade autos for RUDY GAY EXQUISITE Cards
  740. F/T for High End Basketball - 2003 UD Super patch Numbers /14
  741. Jordan Rookie Sticker and Second Year fs
  742. FS 08-09 SP red auto Michael Beasley
  743. FT/FS Kobe Bryant jumbo patch #/9
  744. Fs durant westbrook holiday
  745. Chris Bosh Ultimate Collection rc auto /25 3 color patch RC
  746. 86 Fleer Michael Jordan RC PSA 7 FS $400 paypal
  747. WTB: PSA 10/9 Basketball Hall of Famers Autos for my Set Registry
  748. Lets Trade!!! Duran, Kobe, Westbrook.... Scans inside
  749. Looking to trade for some nice mid-high end Cousins autos!
  750. TRADING FOR: Durants and Lebron - Have Grififn, DRose, Westbrook autos
  751. Michael Jordan Patch card Ft/FS
  752. Rose Bowman Gold /50 back up FT/FS
  753. WTB 03/04 Exquisite Limited Logos
  754. FS - Durant 2007 Topps Finest Rookie Refractor
  755. Sam Bradford Rare 1/5 RC Auto + more high end for Basketball
  756. Hard to find high end non-auto Lebron RCs FS/FT
  757. Taking Offers: Lebron/MJ/Melo/KG/Magic 5-auto
  758. WTTF RAW Topps chrome Kobe RC
  759. Payton, Bird, Rondo High end AU's for FT or FS
  760. High End Dwyane Wade AU Relic FT or FS
  761. Looking For BLAKE GRIFFIN 09/10 UD EXQUISITE ROOKIE RC /225 Cards
  762. Lot of Blake Griffin RC Autos
  763. FTT: 2011 UD North Carolina Brad Daugherty Auto #45 Rare SP
  764. Need Jordan 09/10 Exquisite Flashbacks Auto Patch
  765. Rose Bowman Chrome Auto BGS 9.5 WTT
  766. ruby,metal gems,exquisite,atomic auto.....high end for trade
  767. WTS/WTT: D.Rose/M.Beasley Auto
  768. FT Patrick Roy /5 Hardsigned Auto BGS9 (NHL) for Michael Jordan Auto
  769. Carmelo Anthony Exquisite auto patch for football
  770. Derrick Rose Auto BGS 9.5 FT/FS
  771. WTB: Westbrooks/Gordon/Holiday/G Hill/Bledsoe/R Anderson etc
  772. s nash 1/1 logo patch ttt
  773. New Auto's + Wade RC EX Essential Credentials!!!
  774. WTT my NT magic Johnson auto patch MINT!!
  775. LeBron James Ultimate Signatures ROOKIE AUTO 9.5
  776. WTB/T for Tony Parker Autos
  777. Jordan Auto LeBron Spx & Rcs Wade Rcs and Bosh RC Rose Auto Durant Melo Autos FS/FT
  778. 2010 SP 4 Star Signature: Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Garnett
  780. Pulled a John Wall Rookie Auto/Swatch
  781. LF: John Wall - Classics, Next Day Signature, Other Hi-End..
  782. Russell Westbrook UD Black Jumbo Auto FS
  783. Buying the cheapest Blake Griffin Classics on card rc auto.
  784. Looking for High End Jordan Inserts and Autos
  785. LF: high end oj mayo
  786. FT/FS Derrick Rose 08-09 Topps Signature BGS 9.5
  787. Trading: Kobe, Rose, Griffin, Westbrook FOR Durant, Lebron, Gay, Lawson
  788. Dwight Howard Exquisite "Superman" BGS 9.5
  790. $130 paypal to spend
  791. paypal for curry 09-10 panini limited auto
  792. Kevin Durant 07 Goudey Auto 9.5/10 WTT
  793. FS Lebron SP Authentic Rc Auto
  794. Dwight Howard Sp Authentic Auto Patch 12/25
  795. Opening Up High End PC For Trade
  796. LeBron James SPA RC Auto for Trade
  797. Derrick Rose UD Black Quad Rookie Auto FT
  798. ft/fs: 10-11 Timeless treasures Hakeem Olajuwon jersey auto 1/10
  800. FOR SALE: MJ UD Portriats & Lebron 16 x20
  801. Lebron James UD Blackauto ticket 26/50
  802. wtb rose durant mayo blake wall
  803. LeBron James SPx Auto Jersey RC PSA 10
  804. Lebron James SP AKA Auto bron 100/100
  805. Glen Dorsey Rookie Jersey for basketball
  806. MJ/Lebron/Carmelo/KG/Magic Auto #/10
  807. Chuck Liddell Card 7 of 50 for trade
  808. russell westbrook for sale or trade
  809. MJ Auto For trade!!! COME HUGE
  810. Taj Gibson Bill sharman School ties 12/99
  811. FS w/ Prices: Derrick Rose! Kobe Bryant! Kevin Garnett!
  812. Looking to buy a Kobe Auto
  813. Lebron topps chrome 9.5 ft for baseball
  814. Dwight howard Topps Auto FS
  815. LF Kevin Durant Topps Chrome RC's Paypal ready!
  816. Oscar Robertson 1961 Fleer RC
  817. durant sp auto
  818. lf kevin love exquisite rpa...
  819. WTB Cousins, Aminu or Bledsoe Tag or Logoman with or without Auto
  820. FT/FS: MJ Auto & 90's..Wade, Rose, Wall, Blake
  821. Trade feeler for Durant autos Rose auto and others
  822. $300 paypal to spend on some great deals!
  823. Multi-sports high end ft!!
  825. Looking for Chris Paul SPA patch auto RC /25
  826. Michael jordan patch for trade!
  827. Dirk Auto mebbe FT
  828. Just looking for some Durant autos
  829. Also might like some Chris paul patch or auto
  830. FS 2010-11 Threads Away Jersey Auto Kobe Bryant
  831. 08-09 Topps Orange Ref. Derrick Rose RC BGS 9.5 (HIGH SUBS)
  832. Russell Westbrook UDA Jersey FS
  833. 2 Nice Lebron Autos for John wall Drose Blake and durant
  834. Sweet Shot Kevin Durant Rookie Auto!!
  835. Trading Baseball/Football for a Scottie Pippin On Card Auto!
  836. Please Help me!!!
  837. WTB:Scottie Pippen
  838. Exquisite Lebron/Carmelo Dual Enshrinements auto FS
  839. Kobe, Griffin, D Rose FT
  840. Got 600 $, show me what you got
  841. Larry Bird Century Legends "Jersey of the Century" FT for FB
  842. 03-04 SP Signature Lebron James RC auto BGS 9.5/10
  843. Have $150 to spend, LF: Kobe, Durant, or Lebron Auto
  844. Putting this LeBron auto out there
  845. Moving: Durant Premier Quad RC Auto, Kareem Jsy Auto /10, More ++
  846. 08-09 Hardwood Derrick Rose RC Auto #'d 17/19 $295
  847. Michael Jordan Auto On Card ft/fs
  848. Tag Team Quad Collection for sale...
  849. Paypal 600$ to spend for Logoman or rare 1/1
  850. New High-End FT: MJ/Melo/Stock/more
  851. M. Jordan JSY BV$100, SICK AI PATCH, X2 Kidd Auto's # to 25, Westbrook RC/AUTO all FT
  852. Hi-End Basketball for Football
  853. looking for nice derrick rose rookie auto
  854. High end d-rose's and lebron ft
  856. Derrick Rose Auto BGS 9.5 FT/FS
  857. BGS 9.5 D-Wade Topps Pristine Uncommon Refractor FT....
  858. Kobe jsy/auto for trade...
  859. Looking to trade Marino for Jordan
  860. FS: Garnett & Pierce High End Autos
  861. FS/FT Tim Duncan Topps Big Game 05-06 All Star Relic Auto/111
  862. Dean Smith/Jordan Chronology Dual Auto
  863. Lookin for Chronology/Black/Premier/Exquisite Jordan auto
  864. FS/FT UD Premier Lebron James Auto Patch /5
  865. High-end 4 trade
  866. Trading my high end baseball for baseball,football,or basketball!
  867. For sale durant rc patch autos
  868. High end Derrick Rose FT
  869. Russell Westbrook/Jerryd Bayless Dual Photoshoot RED INK PSA 10
  870. Wilt Chamberlian Auto 2/2 and Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie BGS 8
  871. 07-08 SPX LeBron /Carmelo Duel Scripts auto
  872. Dwyane Wade Topps Treasury Mini Auto-Rare FT
  873. Looking for Jordan RC and Kobe Topps Chrome RC
  874. FS: For LAKER fans
  875. WTTF: National Treasures or Exquisite
  876. Lebron High end Autos FT- take your pick!
  877. FS: Derrick Rose Rc auto
  878. PC FOR SALE... Some High End Gems
  879. Kobe Bryant 1998-99 Stadium Club First Day Issue #170 166/200
  880. WTB: Derrick Rose
  881. Rose, Gordon, Bayless Exquisite Triple Auto FT
  882. Wanted: Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie, have PayPal ready...
  883. F/S F/T Lebron James auto focus glass RC!!!bgs 9.5
  884. Lebron James auto /23
  885. Back in the game. Looking for a trade.
  886. Magic and Dr. J FOR TRADE
  887. 2003-04 Lebron James Ultimate Collection Auto Rookie /250 FS/FT
  888. 2010-11 Classics Dual Patch Dennis Rodman Scottie Pippen /25
  889. Looking for Steve Nash Skybox Blue Auto RC or any high end nash auto
  890. Looking for Kobe Bryant 06/07 Exquisite Auto Patch /100
  891. FT baseball high end pc item, looking for basketball
  892. Looking for Ricky Rubio Auto
  893. WTB Dwyane Wade
  894. Want to trade this rose patch auto for an exquisite..
  895. 2003-04 Lebron James Auto RC autoglass ud/100 bgs9.5 f/s f/t
  896. FT/FS Rajon Rondo/Foye/lowry sp authentic 07-08 triple auto /10
  897. Houston TriStar Show Pickups - Goodbye, Wade Exquisite, Hello...
  898. RARE Kobe Inserts For Sell (Playmakers Theatre, Noyz Boyz, Credentials, Topps Chrome)
  899. Durant rc auto, Kobe auto & D Rose auto FT!
  900. FS: Michael Jordan Takeit2.Net
  901. 09-10 SPSE 4 Star Sigs Kobe Bryant Pau Gasol Kevin Garnett FT
  902. Highend Knicks RC Autos FT
  903. Alex Rodriguez MLB LOGO 1/1 FT/FS
  904. Lf: Anfernee hardaway 97-98 game jersey
  905. Yup, one more time.
  906. FT: LeBron James 03 Ultimate Collection Rookie Auto BGS 9.5
  907. Looking for Jordan 90's inserts, autos, game jersey!
  908. Looking for 1996-97 Topps Chrome Refractor Kobe Bryant Rookie
  909. Lebron James- On card auto FS
  910. High End Rookies and Autos FT/FS (Wilt)
  911. WTB: Lebron, Dwade and Bosh GU/AUTO's
  912. LeBron 06 07 Ultimate patch 3clr 23/25
  913. Exquisite + Other High End FT
  914. 1998-99 Skybox Thunder Noyz Boyz Jordan
  915. FS/Trade Everything in bucket AUs, GUs Durant Kobe Griffin
  916. Any high end jordan autos or jerseys out there? I got $$$$
  917. CP3 RC auto FT! will take any sport!
  918. new wants : 09-10 Panini National Treasures auto Rc patches
  919. Finally Got My Tax Refund in the Mail - TIME TO SPEND IT ON HIGH END
  920. FS/FT: 03-04 Lebron James SP Authentic AUTO RC
  921. Derrick Rose Auto #/10 and Lebron James auto #/23 FT or FS
  922. Marshall Faulk Game Used Autographed Helmet 1995-1996 Season for High End Basketball
  923. FS: Derrick Rose RC Auto
  924. Any High End Tracy McGrady?
  925. 1998/99 Penny Hardaway Topps Chrome Apparitions Refractor /100
  926. WTB Dwyane Wade, Carmelo, Dwight Howard High End
  927. 06-07 Exquisite DWIGHT HOWARD Scripted Swatches /25, 3 color patch
  928. LF Kobe auto or MJ auto
  929. Looking for 98-99/99-00 Jordan Game Jersey!!!
  930. High end cards for sale
  931. WTTF a Michael Jordan AUTO
  932. 90s redemption set FT
  933. ** High End MICHAEL JORDAN Cards!!!! **
  934. any shawn kemp fans
  935. FS/FT: Melo/Erving Quad Jersey, Dual Auto Ultimate /25
  936. FT/FS: Jordan Auto
  937. Lebron dual GU Auto #12/23
  938. Blake Griffin Crown Royale rc Auto FT/FS
  939. Lebron James Quad Jersey Auto /25 FS/FT
  940. Trade - Griffin Refractor Rookie for Kobe Chrome Rookie.
  941. 2009 Treasures "Dominique Wilkins Human Highlight Film" auto /25
  942. Michael Jordan Auto For Trade!!!
  943. FS/T: Two Durant Autos & One Bird Auto
  944. trading up with these two! LeBron Ultimate RC Auto BGS 9.5 and Sam Bradford RPM Auto
  945. looking to trade htg football for basketball
  946. Michael Jordan/Dominque dual auto FS/FT
  947. Gary Payton 03-04 Exquisite Noble Nameplates #01/25
  948. WANTED: Rudy Gay Exquisite RPA
  949. KOBE Auto For Sale 120dlvd! Anyone interested?
  950. FS-FT 06-07 signature style Nash
  951. Rose Exquisite Noble Nameplate /25 FT
  952. FS - Kobe Auto + Kobe Patch
  953. Trading this Gordon For High end Westbrook
  954. $250 to Spend on High End Cards!
  955. National Treasures RPA FT/FS
  956. HIGH END FT: Michael Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, Griffin, DRose, Westbrook Autos + Logomen!
  957. FS/FT: Blake Griffin Prestige RC Auto PSA 10
  958. looking for something unique! Highend! LeBron RC Auto 9.5, Bradford Auto, Bryce Harpe
  959. FT/fs 03-04 Chris Bosh Ultimate collection rc auto patch /25
  960. LF Michael Jordan 07-08 UD Black SP NBA All Star Logo Auto
  961. 2003-04 SPX FT....box for a card
  962. 07-08 UD SPX Jordan/Erving Dual auto....
  963. Joe Namath Exquisite Quad Patch Auto /5 FT for Bball
  964. Kobe Bryant Auto/25 FT/FS
  965. Blake Griffin Certified Patch Auto
  966. Derrick Rose dual GU Auto #6/8 for sale or trade
  967. couple high end football for basketball cards
  968. Highend Favre Patch AU + S Jackson Gold REF AU 9.5 FT for BBAll
  969. Michael Jordan RC PSA 8 Trading or Selling
  970. Kobe/Gasol Dual Auto /50 For Trade!!
  971. Platinum National Treasures /5 for sale
  972. The Good Stuff FT/FS
  973. 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan RC PSA 8
  974. FS/FT Michael Jordan Fleer RC BGS
  975. Kevin Durant UD Premier Quad Jersey/Auto /199
  976. Looking to buy $500-$800 budget or trade...see list
  977. Anyone interested? Totally Certified Blake Griffin HRX video card
  978. Jordan Flair Hotshot Insert RARE, HOT, for trade/sale
  979. WTB any 2003/04 Exquisite Limited Logos
  980. WANTED: Lebron James Limited Logos
  981. looking to buy auto's of RONDO,ROSE dont have to be rc's
  982. National Treasures RPA FT/FS
  983. High End Trade List- D Wade Autos, Dwight Howard SPx RC, LeBron UD Black Quad Patch
  984. HOF Cut #'ed 3/4 FT/FS
  985. Eric Gordon Bowman Chrome Red refractor auto
  986. FS/FT - Eric Gordon 07 08 Finest XRC Megenta Printing Plate Auto 1/1
  987. FT/FS: 06/07 Trilogy Triple Auto Pierce/Telfair/Jefferson (all Celtics) #2/3
  988. 07-08 UD Premier Dual Auto Durant/Melo /25
  989. FS/FT Blake Griffin NT Logoman 1/1
  990. Looking for a trade this weekend...
  991. Paypal Available: Jordan Auto
  992. Now Taking Offers 3 of 3 Triple Auto
  993. FS Blake Griffin Auto
  994. Kobe Byrant Patch Auto/ Blake Griffine Rc auto lot
  995. Bring me your HIGH END DURANTS
  996. Buying Blake Griffin Auto RC .....what you got?
  997. Updated bucket. Looking to make some trades/sales
  998. FS/FT Al Thornton Exquisite RAP Gold #/12
  999. John Wall Totally Certified gold patch auto /25 FS
  1000. 2 High-end Lebron Autos FS/FT --UD Premier Auto Jersey /50 & SP Authentic Auto Patch
  1001. Timeless Treasure Kevin Durant on card Auto
  1002. MJ takeit2.net /1000
  1003. Lf:michael jordan spx 96-97 promotions autograph
  1004. Derrick Rose x2 FS or FT for High End Football
  1005. Mid to higher end FT
  1006. 05-06 Chris Paul Deron Williams Rookie Dual Auto 7/25 FT/FS
  1007. FS: Jerry West Exquisite Enshrinements Auto /25 - $95 OBO
  1008. Shopping this -Rare High End- Kobe INSERT (BV$100) for a Stockton auto...
  1009. 1984-84 STAR Set Jordan RC, Stockton RC, Barkley RC COMPLETE!!!
  1010. Shawn Kemp Auto F/t
  1011. FS: MAIN Bucket: Attempting Nationals!!!
  1012. Does anyone have this card FOR TRADE?
  1013. Dennis Rodman UD Black Quad Jersey Auto Gold #/10
  1014. First come first served: Kevin Durant Postmarks RC Auto /10
  1015. LF: Kevin Durant 07-08 Ultimate RC /150
  1016. Opinions on a few auctions (Lebron, Wade, Durant)
  1017. Still looking to shop these two around. LeBron and Elway
  1018. 2 High end baseball autos ft. Ryan braun Clayton Kershaw
  1019. Wtb nate thurmond cards
  1020. Scottie Pippen Gold Standard 14 Karat Gold card /8 For Trade!
  1021. looking for michael jordan rc
  1022. Will trade this Ted Williams auto or any of my FB BB BKB for High End Jordan
  1023. High end and low end michael jordan 90's inserts for s/t
  1024. Lf:michael jordan auto
  1025. highend Aaron Rodgers for Jordan RC
  1026. Lf michael jordan & lebron autos
  1027. Kobe Bryant Gold Standard Hornets Auto/49 on card
  1028. LF Rodney Stuckey exquisite emblems of endorsement
  1029. Gold Standard Kobe patch auto 8/24 FS/FT
  1030. Couple of Football for Basketball
  1031. kobe Jordan jersey patch psa 10 for trade
  1032. My 03/04 Kobe ultimate signatures for your 06/07 version.
  1033. Looking for John Stockton Legends Auto
  1034. High end basketall for trade / for sale
  1035. WANTED: Michael Jordan and Lebron James Autos! Trading Logoman, Exquisite, Lebron!
  1036. Pujols LOGO Patch AU /5, Tebow/Dez/Matthews/Gronk 1/1, Aikman/MJD AU
  1037. Durant SPA, LeBron SPA, Rose Topps + Others
  1038. Kobe Bryant Auto /25 FS/FT
  1039. Jordan Auto, Wade Auto Rookie, Russell Auto, and more
  1040. Looking to Move this OJ Mayo RC Auto Patch /25
  1041. Selling Equisite autos and topps triple threads look at my bucket
  1042. Kobe, Gordon, DeRozan, Pierce!
  1043. Albert Pujols Logo Patch Auto /5 FOR BLAKE GRIFFIN
  1044. FS/FT - Carmelo Anthony & Al Horford 07 08 Exquisite # Pieces /15
  1045. mj rc and lebron auto for highend vick or lots of vick
  1046. Gordon Chrome AU BGS 9.5, Superfractor, Westbrook dual, Tyreke Absolute /25
  1047. Lebron rookie refractor,jordan psa10 and pippen auto for trade
  1048. FS/FT: Kevin Durant Autos
  1049. WTB: ALL Lebron autos
  1050. Still looking for a nice Blake Griffin Auto... HIGHEND BASEBALL AND FOOTBALL
  1051. manny pacquiao allen and ginter sp auto
  1052. FS: On Card Kobe, Wall, more
  1053. 96/97 fleer thrill seekers... MJ
  1054. Derrick Rose Exquisite Auto Bulls Logo Patch Rose Ult AUto & Premier Jordan psa 7 RC
  1055. Lf 07/08 topps chrome kevin durant
  1056. Before they hit Ebay: Jordan, Kobe, Bird,Blake
  1057. FS/FT Kobe Gold Standard Patch/Auto Redem /24, 2 John Wall autos
  1058. high end for trade/sell kobe,jordan,lebron,exquisite......
  1059. WTB - Durant, Rose, Curry, Beasley AUTO RC
  1060. Trading Nice Adrian Petersons for High End Basketball
  1061. WTTF: Kobe Bryant Topps Chrome RC
  1062. High End trading.... at the National!
  1063. Selling ubaldo Jimenez 1 of diamond embedded
  1064. Absolute Wall And Ray Allen for trade or sale
  1065. LF: High end JJ Hickson
  1066. $375 to spend....Small deals or all $375 come inside
  1067. High End Basketball for Trade - LeBron SPA, Rose Topps RC Auto + More
  1068. want to trade for UD Michael Jordan autos (on card)
  1069. 2 Larry Bird Patches FT/FS
  1070. Kobe auto ft for durant auto
  1071. Gold Medalists Dual Auto Bogues/Flynn
  1072. I want a Kobe auto.
  1073. Bowman '48 patch autos
  1074. james auto for trade
  1075. FS/FT- Kobe 1/3, Nash/Wade, Lebron/Jordan, More
  1076. Michael Jordan Rockstar Refractor for sale
  1077. Blake Griffin RC auto patch graded
  1078. D Rose Collasol Patch FS
  1079. looking for a wall rc auto
  1080. WTB: 07-08 Chronology Canvas auto of KObe 81 pt. one
  1081. FT/FS Blake Griffin Crown Royale Auto RC #/399
  1082. mega trade thread ROSE and KOBE
  1083. Jordan Auto /15 + Bird Auto 1/1 FS/FT
  1084. Last chance on pippen auto!
  1085. Lf kobe autos!!!
  1086. Kobe Auto Ft
  1087. FT only!!-Westbrook CoSigners HyperSilver RC auto#/10- BGS 9.5 /10 auto WOW!!!L@@K!!!
  1088. LF: Blake Griffin true RC auto (on-card)
  1089. taking offers on Lebron 14k Gold rush
  1090. Lebron Auto FT
  1091. Looking for a walter payton auto for this on card auto
  1092. Kobe Gold Standard Auto FT
  1093. Need some quick paypal!
  1094. WTS/WTT John Stockton Auto
  1095. Kobe, Durant, Lebron, Exquisite Auto Patches FS/FT... looking for MJ Autos
  1096. michael jordan rc for mj auto or lebron exquisite auto
  1097. LF: Shawn Kemp Autos
  1098. Carmelo Anthony 03-04 UD Glass Autofocus Crystal Auto 1/25#d RC FT/FS
  1099. FS Video + YouTube sub contest!!!!
  1100. 2003-04 SPX FT....box for a card
  1101. All cards must go
  1102. John Wall Gold Standard Rookie Auto /25 for Trade!
  1103. Testing the water with Lebron James Ball Auto (W/COA)
  1104. Griffin Patch fs/ft
  1105. FT: Timeless Apprentices Wall/Turner AUTO 24/25
  1106. Ft/fs carmelo anthony exquisite patch auto 31/50
  1107. Cards in my bucket for sale
  1108. Looking to pick up a Blake Auto RC
  1109. Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant Rc BGS 9.5 FT/FS
  1110. Selling Panini Champions quad auto of Bill Russel Bob Cousy,John Havlicheck,K.C Jones
  1111. Selling John Wall Rookie Timeless Treasures gold 8/10
  1112. Buying Vince Carter autos and all high end vinces
  1113. FT Eric Gordon Spx Patch/Auto /25
  1114. LF: 2009-10 Extra Exquisite Patches /15
  1115. BUying VInce Carter Exquiste Logoman
  1116. FT: 2010 Exquisite Collection Sam Bradford /75 RC
  1117. Kicking the tires on my LeBron James spx rc gu/auto!
  1118. LF 2003-04 Exquisite Auto Patches /100
  1119. 1956 topps ted willams psa 8 for highend basketball
  1120. 2 high end derrick rose rookie autos for Jordan!
  1121. Kobe Bryant 24K Gold Standard Auto /49
  1122. Mid - High End basketball for Topps Sterling Baseball/Topps Magic Football
  1123. Couple New High-end items FT: Wade, Howard
  1124. FS three blake RC Autos
  1125. Dirk Nowitzki Logoman for Trade
  1126. FT: Kobe Bryant Absolute Auto #/99
  1127. michael jordan fleer rc for highend basketball
  1128. Blake Griffin 09-10 Limited auto jumbo GU RC
  1129. Kobe Bryant Timeless Treasures Auto /50
  1130. Looking for autographics
  1131. Looking for a Durant RC Auto
  1132. craving for 06 ultimate signatures
  1133. for trade: 2x lebron james on card ultimate and david robinson exquisite 10/10
  1134. FS/FT Larry Bird Au # 01/10
  1135. 98 Skybox David Robinson Autographics. Might Trade It For Rose Auto
  1136. High End Football for a Blake Griffin Patch Auto
  1137. NT W. Johnson and Pittman RC Patch Autos FT/FS
  1138. Lf wtb i pay top $$$
  1139. LOOKING FOR: Hi-End Jordan Inserts, BGS 9+ and PSA10 - Ungraded also
  1140. Selling Durant Classics auto /49
  1141. Scottie Pippen 05/06 SP Signature AUTO - FT/FS
  1142. Magic/Bird Dual Patch/Auto /25
  1143. any lakers fans ???
  1144. Kobe auto is now ft!
  1145. WTB Magic Johnson & Larry Bird auto, preferably Exquisite
  1146. 03-04 Ultimate Signatures Kobe auto FS
  1147. FT: HIGHEND Jordan, Rose, Bird, Pippen MUCH MORE - SCANS !
  1148. Fs:kevin durant 07/08 sp authentic auto bgs 9 mint
  1149. Michael Jordan 09/10 Exquisite Limited Logo /10 FT/FS
  1150. Selling Kevin garnett exquisite auto patch 40/50
  1151. TRADING FOR FOOTBALL - LeBron James SPA RC Auto
  1152. Rose/beasley/mayo bgs 9.5 au // walter payton auto rc bgs 9.5 // ap sp auto rc patch
  1153. Fs- John Wall Gold rookie auto #d 8/10
  1154. Mid & High-End Autos & Patches FS (Wilt, Kobe, LeBron+)
  1155. Looking for 03-04 Ultimate RC Auto Lebron James
  1156. Roy RC autos
  1157. LF 10-11 Classics RC Auto John Wall /199
  1158. Lebron gold /25 auto f/t
  1159. Kevin Durant Auto rookie psa 10 spx
  1160. Kevin durant spx rookie auto graded PSA 10 for football
  1161. 130 dlvd - 03/04 Kobe Ultimate Signatures
  1162. 1997 Flair legacy Michael jordan 90/100 made bgs 9.5
  1163. FS: Blake Griffin 2009-10 Timeless Treasures AU RC (BV $200)
  1164. Lttf dwyane wade bowman chrome rc auto
  1165. LeBron SPA, Westbrook SPA, Hansbrough NT + Others
  1166. Looking for Eric Gordon High Ends
  1167. MJ autos + High end for Tyreke, Jennings, Curry NT RPAs
  1168. John Stockton Timeless Patch Auto 1/5
  1169. High End! Griffin, Gordon, DeRozan, Peirce, Allen!
  1170. Dwight Howard Gold Standard 14k Gold 1/8 FT/FS
  1171. LF Lebron SPA RC Auto /500
  1172. Looking for an on-card Michael Jordan auto
  1173. Drose and Devin Ebanks autos
  1174. High end basketball cards for sale
  1175. high end cards for sale!!!!!!!Rose auto!
  1176. Attention Spurs Fans!!! NT Gary Neal RPM Gold /25 FT/FS
  1177. Jerry West patch/auto #1/10 FOR TRADE
  1178. AUTOS FT! Suh Rc, Ap Patch, E. Berry Letterman!!!
  1179. garnett carter hill exquisite triple logoman
  1180. Blake griffin hrx ft
  1181. Fielding offers on this Larry Bird/Magic Johnson UD BLACK patch auto /5
  1182. 04-05 Lebron James Hardcourt Jersey/Auto Set for Trade
  1183. Adrian Peterson auto 4/5 for trade looing for a kobe auto
  1184. Ft deron williams timeless rookie tag auto 9/9
  1185. FT: Jordan on card auto
  1186. Jordan Auto FT for a New Jordan Auto !
  1187. Looking for 90's jordan inserts!!!!
  1188. Larry Bird 2009-10 Bowman 48 Autograph (BGS 9.5 - 1/1)
  1189. Mid-High End available FT
  1190. BUying all vince carter exquisite auto patchs or logomam
  1191. Dirk Nowitzki 99-00 SP Authentic SOTT AUTO FT/FS
  1192. Derrick Rose triple auto
  1193. John Wall Auto 06/49 ft
  1194. Looking for Topps Chrome Kobe Ref Rc....Have a Few nice things to offer for it...
  1195. Lebron Auto FT! (Scans!)
  1196. Kobe, Lebron, Magic Auto's FS/FT
  1197. FT: 10/11 NT Kobe Bryant All-NBA AU
  1198. Some highend football FT for a Lebron auto!
  1199. Post-National High End Autograph Tradelist (multi sport)
  1200. Rocky Marciano Cut Auto 1/1
  1201. New highend up for offer
  1202. 2006-07 E-X Clearly 3-color Patch Autograph LeBron James
  1203. lets trade /mj/kobe/jennings/deron
  1204. LF: Kidd High ends, rare 90's inserts/parallels
  1205. Taking offers on this Jordan 1/1
  1206. LF 06/07 Exquisite Dual Number Pieces
  1207. High End FT
  1208. FS Blake Griffin Prestige RC Auto /50 PSA 10
  1209. Buying vince carter exquisite auto patches
  1210. Kobe Auto /24 FT/FS Looking for Verlander
  1211. FT: 2010-11 Certified Grant Hill Totally Gold /25 Purple Patch
  1212. up to $500 paypal or $20 finders fee!
  1213. LF: Pistol Pete or Wilt Autos or Game Used
  1214. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Sweet Spot Auto FT/FS! Take a look!
  1215. Highend Rose, Jabbar, Cousins FT, Looking for anything
  1216. High End FT/FS Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, Magic, Bird....
  1217. FT Blake Griffin, Lebron, Rodman, Peterson Autos mor
  1218. Lebron James SPX RC Auto GU
  1219. Kobes FT/FS
  1220. 08-09 UD Black Michael Jordan Auto #/23
  1221. 03 SPGU Scorecard Signatures Tiger Auto FT/FS for BBall
  1222. 86 Fleer Jordan BGS 9 !!!
  1223. High end stuff for trade for sale// jordan etc
  1224. FT 1980-81 Topps Bird/Magic/Erving #6 RC BCCG 10
  1225. Lebron James ROY Autograph Basketball FT/FS
  1226. LF rare cards & 1of1 on Terrell BRANDON + Cedric CEBALLOS
  1227. FT 07/08 Kobe Bryant Chronology Auto /99
  1228. FS/FT: Kobe, Lebron, Nash, Blake Griffin etc!!
  1229. High end stufff for sale check my bucket
  1230. Derrick rose and john wall auto's ft
  1231. Ft/fs: Mj 1986 fleer rc bgs 9
  1232. Looking to trade high end hockey cards for MJ autos
  1233. LF: Hall of Fame auto/game used
  1234. WTB: Niiice Russell Westbrook Rookie Auto For The PC
  1235. FT/FS - 03/04 exq. limited logos corey maggette
  1236. FT FS Mid High end
  1237. FS/FT 04-05 SP Authentic Dual Signatures Kobe Byrant Lamar Odom SP /10
  1238. derrick rose auto, john wall auto, limited next days, paul george
  1239. Looking for lebron autos
  1240. FT or FS MJ/Kobe On Card Dual
  1241. 2 cases of NT Basketball for trade for cards!
  1242. Redemption card montana/brady book card for mj auto!
  1243. Derrick Rose topps auto, Paypal$$$$ or trade
  1244. 2k in paypal for Ellis, Love, Wade, James, anthony, and holiday
  1245. LF High-End Deandre Jordan Autos and Patches
  1246. Trade for best offer
  1247. Seeing what's out there for a Kevin Durant Exquisite gold patch auto rc!!!!
  1248. LF On-Card autos of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players
  1249. Some Sick New Struff FT/FS
  1250. Anyone interested in Jordan auto for High End Football PLUS paypal?
  1251. Looking to trade high end for high end!!! look at my bucket
  1252. got a kobe graded 9 #d /25 auto ft for a durant or nice westbrook
  1253. Boxes
  1254. Brandon jennings 1/1 logo patch
  1255. Anthony Randolph Exquisite Auto Patch BGS 9.5 POP 1 (only one in the world)
  1256. Wilt Chamberlain auto BGS 9/10
  1257. WANTED: Chris Paul Exquisite RPA /99
  1258. LF Michael Jordan Autograph
  1259. Adrian Peterson Limited Auto Patch #ed 2/2 FT for Basketball
  1260. wtb: john wall
  1261. Magic Johnson UD Black auto /10
  1262. WTTF John wall, russell westbrook, kevin durant high end
  1263. New High-End Pickups! Rose, Lebron, Wall, Favors, Kobe
  1264. Looking for kevin durant sp authentic rc patch auto!
  1265. Who wants to trade?
  1266. O.J. Mayo Call
  1267. FT Derrick Rose Topps Chrome rc auto refractor /145
  1268. Durant, rose, wall auto rookies, limited next day autos, exquisite autos, bgs 9.5
  1269. have Kobe jersey auto, looking for durant or rose rookie auto's
  1270. Looking for: CHRIS PAUL UD Black Autos and Patches
  1271. 1994-00 Bleachers 23 Karat Gold #48 KOBE BRYANT RC #EX-2000/5000 WCG GEM MINT 10
  1272. kevin durant rc auto FT
  1273. 86 fleer full set /stickers ft
  1274. Dirk Nowitzki SP Authentic Sign of the Times AUTO FT/FS
  1275. looking to trade cut autos for mj autos! high end!
  1276. Michael Jordan 1999 Superstar signature AUTO!!BGS 9.5
  1277. Want a durant rookie auto...have Kobe auto jersey
  1278. FT LeBron James and Kevin Durant Autos
  1279. Anyone need this?
  1280. want to trade my LEBRON JAMES chronology timeless memories auto /99
  1281. Trading these 2 Durant autos
  1282. Looking for John Stockton Auto
  1283. FT/FS 2008-09 Rookie Threads Autos Set
  1284. WTT Kobe Sage AU for Rose or Durant AU
  1285. Alonzo mourning gold standard auto #'d 25,want durant rc refractor, auto, or nice jsy
  1286. WTT Sam Bradfords for basketball
  1287. Any Eric Gordon Collectors out there? PRISTINE...........
  1288. WTTF:Jordan/Lebron auto
  1289. 10 High end cards for trade , want a Michael Jordan auto in return
  1290. High end ft/s
  1291. StarQuest Micheal Jordan Gold Ultra Rare: Will Sell or Trade
  1292. FT: Kobe 24K GU/AUTO redemption /49
  1293. Michael Jordan auto's FT for Wilt Chamberlain BGS 9 or 9.5 auto
  1294. few high end cards for trade/sell
  1295. Shoping this Wall / Cousins Dual RC auto- Timeless Treasures #'d/25
  1296. Looking for calvin johnson autos, or cash
  1297. FT/FS: Michael Jordan Fleer RC PSA 8
  1298. LF Kobe On-Card Autos
  1299. LF: Wilt Chamberlain Auto/GU
  1300. Looking for NFL, NBA, MLB Logomen, Bat Barrels, Tags, Logo Patches !! Paypal ready
  1301. Bryce Harper Auto Purple /55 for Basketball
  1302. High End FT
  1303. Looking for a Kevin Durant rookie auto
  1304. 2010/11 michael jordan ultimate collection auto /23 for sale bv 700.00
  1305. Nice cards for sale, feel free to check them out
  1306. DWill Exquisite Auto, Kobe Auto Out on Offer Table
  1307. Brook lopez - high end
  1308. selling exquisite kg patch auto wall rookie aut and more
  1309. Trading this for high end basketball...
  1310. $450 delivered Deron Williams Exquisite RC
  1311. Buying John Wall Autos
  1312. Trading Mid-High end baseball for mid-high end basketball,football,and baseball
  1313. For sale high end! Durant auto, cousins patch /3, rose auto and more!
  1314. Selling John Wall Timeless Treasures rookie auto gold version #d 8/10
  1315. FS/FT: All cards from my bucket Griffin, Lebron, DRose, Durant - WANT Bradford NT RPA
  1316. LF: Bowman 48 Auto Locker Room/Jersey/Relic/Patch cards
  1317. 1997 SPX Shawn Kemp Promotion Auto FT
  1318. seeing what offers i get for my mini rose collection
  1319. 2 high end Blake Griffin Autos FT for FOOTBALL
  1320. High End Blake Griffin FT for FOOTBALL
  1321. LF My Holy Grails-hopefully you can help get some PC
  1322. WTB Tim Duncan Auto
  1323. Derrick Rose triple auto ft for football
  1324. John Wall(R) Auto 06/49 ft
  1325. Trading or selling High end
  1326. Trading or Selling this Highend
  1327. High end cards ft - durant rc auto & hof booklet - LF Jordan
  1328. WTB WTTF: Rookie Auto's Of Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook & Brandon Jennings
  1329. High End Auto's for trade
  1330. LF 10-11 Elite Black Box Private Signings Dirk Nowitzki /51
  1331. Taking offers on all these cards!
  1332. Russell / Havilcek / Baylor Triple Autograph #ed/10
  1333. Looking to deal Durants duals.
  1334. Mid/High End FT/FS SCANS
  1335. WTB Magic Johnson & Larry Bird Exquisite Auto Patches
  1336. Looking for Monta ellis Exquisite, Jrue holiday NT and other highend exquisite or NT
  1337. New (Top 10 wantlists) anyone can help ??
  1338. 2 Cases of NT 2010/11 for Trade!
  1339. John Wall Logoman RC auto National Treasures FT/FS
  1340. john wall auto for trade
  1341. john wall auto for trade
  1342. High-End Football for ROSE RC AUTO
  1343. Monta ellis!!!!! Looking for High end ellis!!!1
  1344. Looking to trade for Elvis cards!
  1345. WTB one more Jordan auto.......
  1346. WTS Rajon Rondo RC AUTO Exquisite + OKAFOR Logoman
  1347. LF: Demarcus Cousins National Treasures RPA, LMK! Thanks!
  1348. Trading or selling High end
  1349. FT / FS - 03/04 Lebron James RC Finite /200
  1350. LF: KIDDS - 90's, Exquisites
  1351. Michael Jordan Fleer rookie BGS 8.5 (.5 from a 9) FT
  1352. John Wall Limited Next day auto!
  1354. WTTF Ryan Anderson High End Rc Auto's
  1355. FS/T Kobe and Duncan patches, Jordan Fleer, autos of Billups, Gay, and Davis..Wade Gu
  1356. Ft: Bgs 9.5 jordan auto for fb or bb...
  1357. WTTF - Wall RAP Auto
  1358. WTTF Basketball: A.J. Green Topps Platinum Gold Refractor Auto/Prime Patch #ed 9/10
  1359. WTTF Dwyane Wade Bowman Chrome
  1360. Selling NT quad auto #d 3/5 of Bill Russel, Bob Cousy, John Hvalicheck, and K.c Jones
  1361. FT/FS - UD Black 50 Greatest and 50th Ann. Auto
  1362. WTB: John Wall Autos...
  1363. Jerry West 1/1 & Autograph
  1364. Sweet Nickname Dual Auto #'d 4/5
  1365. John Wall(R) Auto 06/49 ft Bv 200
  1366. Magic Johnson UD Black auto /10 FT
  1367. WTB Kevin Durant Rookie Auto/Patch/Jersey
  1368. WTTF Kobe Topps Chrome RC
  1369. High End FT + National Treasures!
  1370. WTTF: 97-98 Metal Universe Platinum Portraits Michael Jordan
  1371. LF 03-04 SPA RC Auto Wade,Carmelo and Bosh
  1372. Looking to move this 6 auto card...Bird/Parish/Walton/Johnson/Abdul-Jabbar/Worthy
  1373. FT Kareem NT Patch Auto #1/5, & Possibly a Jordan Auto
  1374. delete
  1375. Anyone need a John Wall (R) auto
  1376. Trading mid-high end PC Kobe Griffin Rose Durant Nash etc
  1377. Looking for ROSE sp authentic patch auto and durant sp authentic patch auto!!!!!
  1378. Looking to sell or trade up theses cards for more high end.
  1379. Still looking to trade or sell my jordan 1/1 auto
  1380. For sale or trade.
  1381. fs Durant auto rc lot
  1382. FT 09/10 Jordan/Erving Ultimate Auto 6/25
  1383. 6/10 James Harden
  1384. Buying vince carter exquisite auto patches or logoman
  1385. Eric maynor and monta ellis
  1386. Eric Gordon 2008/9 SP Authentic Retail RC Auto FS/FT
  1387. Durant sp authentic patch auto or exquisite!
  1388. Come get some! (MID END - HIGH END)
  1389. 2008-09 SP Rookie Threads Authorization Michael Jordan AUTO
  1390. looking to trade 1/1 tim tebow rookie patch auto for high end basketball
  1391. that sick 6 autos
  1392. Derrick Rose Jumbo Exquisite Jersey FS and Rose/Beasley Dual Auto SPX
  1393. 1/1 tim tebow RAP for high end basketball
  1394. $275 dlvd durant rc auto
  1395. 08/09 Spx Patch Gold #/25 Eric Gordon and OJ Mayo FT
  1396. Any Reasonably Priced Blake Griffin Rookie Autos Out There????
  1397. $145 dlvd Lebron James Chronology Timeless Memories Auto #/99
  1398. FT: SICK Steve Nash Patch/Auto 2/3 & Monta Ellis Auto /5
  1399. Durant, Griffin, Rose, Lebron autos - looking to trade for Sam Bradford Autos
  1400. WTT Tim Tebow 2010 Playoff Contenders RC Auto for Exquisite player.
  1401. Still looking for this card....
  1402. POSSIBLY FT: Blake Griffin National Convention 1/1 Auto with Panini Seal
  1403. NEED $300 PayPal Tonight! Clearing OUT Bucket!!! RC AUTOs, 90s Jordan + INSANE DEALS
  1404. Looking for Iverson autos
  1405. Derrick Rose Rookie Threads Auto UD Black Auto
  1406. Durant rookie lot (auto's, gu) FS
  1407. New Jordan pickups!!!!
  1408. Feeling out offers on my Michael Jordan Collection
  1409. High End PC for Sale...Rose, Durant, Jordan,Exquisite, UD Black
  1410. Durant Threads Auto /199 RC
  1411. FT/FS 2001 GOTG Coach K. Mike Krzyzewski Autograph
  1412. Testing the waters on a Michael Jordan Ultimate auto for football!
  1413. High end baseball for jordan autos
  1414. durant spa/exq/high end!
  1415. $250 PayPal and ready to buy!
  1416. Ft kevin durant 07/08 ud black 2 clr jsy auto
  1417. FT: Blake Griffin 1/1 Auto
  1418. looking for jordans high end or low end pics of what i have for trade inside
  1419. looking to trade mj for high end kevin durant rookie autos
  1420. High end hockey for jordan autos!
  1421. FT Kevin Durant Sp Rookie Threads Auto /199
  1422. Looking for Kevin Durant Exquisite /99 pr /35
  1423. On card jordan auto #d23 for Rose or Durant
  1424. Just Put my Trade/Sell list on steroids lol... over $10,000 added!
  1425. Lebron Lucky 13 Rc
  1426. Some htg card to trade or sell
  1427. some new cards for sell & trade with High ends
  1428. Clearing out bucket high end for sale
  1429. FT/FS Michael Jordan Booklet Auto #/15
  1430. $490 in paypal to spend....Show me some SICK DURANTS
  1431. FT: 08-09 Russell Westbrook SPA RETAIL AUTO for FB
  1432. 10-11 NT Hakeem On Card AU
  1433. WANT TO BUY Michael Jordan Rookie Card BGS
  1434. Ft only 1986-1987 fleer mj rookie
  1435. My football/Baseball for your high end Durant
  1436. My High End List (Kobe, Durant, Reggie, Magic, Pierce)
  1437. Mj in single card rookie trade of 400 dollar sale value
  1438. Default CLEARING OUT MY BUCKET: Football/Basketball FT HIGHEND ONLY
  1439. Any trade? 2 cases of national treasure 10/11
  1440. High End FT.. Barkley Autographics Jordan Kobe Patch auto +
  1441. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird Dual Auto FT/FS
  1442. LTB Derrick Rose Topps McDonalds Auto
  1443. Selling/trading high end.
  1444. FT : My logoman collection for on card Michael Jordan AU
  1445. Eric Gordon Ultimate/Exquisite/Treasury RC Autos FT
  1446. 1951 Scott's Lakers - how rare are these cards?
  1447. Looking to buy high end Derrick rose
  1448. FT/FS: By the Letter Legend D. Rose Auto/Patch Redemption
  1449. Most likely last chance for some offers on this Michael Jordan 1/1 auto
  1450. Anyone with any real nice high end???
  1451. FS: Wilt, Maravich, LeBron, Kobe, Kareem, Shaq, etc (patches & autos)
  1452. Kobe auto #81/199 possibly FT
  1453. $500 available for Card(s)!!!
  1454. FS/FT: 2010 Ultimate Julius Erving Lebron James Magic Johnson Larry Bird QUAD AUTO 2/
  1455. 2010 SP Authentic SotT Sign of the Times Michael Jordan AUTO
  1456. FS/FT: 2007-08 Topps Letterman Bill Russell SUPER REFRACTOR AUTO TRUE 1/1 "L"
  1457. 2005-06 SP Authentic Julius Erving Bill Russell Larry Bird TRIPLE AUTO 7/10
  1458. 2007-08 UD Black Bill Russell Larry Bird Paul Pierce TRIPLE AUTO 3/15
  1459. 2004-05 UD Trilogy Bill Russell Larry Bird Paul Pierce TRIPLE AUTO 10/10
  1460. 2008-09 UD Black Julius Dr J. Erving 50th Anniversary PATCH AUTO 2/10
  1461. 2010-11 National Treasures Kevin Durant Signature Patches AUTO 19/25
  1462. 2010-11 UD Greats Illustrious Signatures Julius Dr. J Erving AUTO 2/3
  1463. 2007-08 Topps Luxury Box Bill Russell Elgin Baylor JERSEY AUTO /10
  1464. FS/FT: 2005 Topps eTopps Classic Bill Russell AUTO
  1465. 1996-97 Topps George Mikan Rookie RC Reprint AUTO
  1466. 2010-11 Panini Black Box Elite KOBE BRYANT Crusade AUTO 48/149
  1467. ** High End MICHAEL JORDAN Cards!!!! **
  1468. New Pickups: Kareem Epic Sig Gold, Wilt Jersey...
  1469. Tyreke Evans NT 09-10 GOLD RPA College Jersey Auto /25 FT/FS
  1470. FS Rajon Rondo 06-07 Bowman Elevation Rookie Writings Red Auto /69
  1471. Durant rc auto's and a lot of jsy's FS!!!
  1472. Selling EVERYTHING: Jordan, auto, and alot more
  1473. Larry Bird auto #/4 FT
  1474. 2006-07 UD Black Chris Paul Deron Williams RPA FT/FS
  1475. Sweet HOF Auto/Patch Lot FS
  1476. Lebron ultimate auto bgs 9.
  1477. Kobe Bryant 2009-2010 timeless treasures patch auto /25 for trade/sale
  1478. Buying Jordan auto patch. $1000 Paypal.
  1479. High end cards for sale Michael Jordan, Magic, Bird Etc..
  1480. Mid/High-End List FS possibly FT!
  1481. LF 03-04 SP Authentic RC Auto C.Anthony and C.Bosh
  1482. Nate thurmond
  1483. Have this for trade for a nice Kevin Durant or Lebron!
  1484. FS: Blake Griffin Jsy/Au Rc /25!!!
  1485. fs/ft andre iguodala timeless treasures rookie year logoman patch 1/1
  1486. Lebron James Rookies BGS 9.5 FT/FS
  1487. John Wall NT Logoman RC Auto BGS 9.5 FS or Trade
  1488. melo gu /5
  1489. $100 for the best card!
  1490. Kobe Bryant Topps Letterman "T" 1/1!!!!!!!
  1491. Greg monroe national treasures rpa/99 for sale of trade!
  1492. Magic Johnson Dual Jersey Auto FT
  1493. A large amount of highend for trade
  1494. Brandon Roy Exquisite Ft/Fs
  1495. anyone has High end Richard Hamilton / D.Mutombo / J.Terry for trade ??
  1496. WTTF/WTB: 09/10 HOF Scottie Pippen Dream Team AU /49
  1497. 98-99 karl malone skybox autographics century marks karl malone auto/50
  1498. derrick Rose 2008-09 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor RC BGS 9.5 FS/FT
  1499. FT: Lakers Triple Auto Bryant, Magic, Jabbar
  1500. anyone has a Michael Jordan auto for trade ??
  1501. FT/FS Derrick Rose Hot Prospects auto patch
  1502. FT: (2)Nook Color WiFi Tablet for Hi End Basketball
  1503. My High End Bucket FT Some Nice Stuff
  1504. FT: Kobe/Baylor and Kobe 1/1 14K
  1505. 2009-10 Panini Classics Blake Griffin AU RC BGS 9.5
  1506. 03-04 SPX Flashback Fabrics Michael jordan GU/Auto /23 For Sale
  1507. FS/FT 2010 Blake Griffin National Treasures NBA gear RPA BGS 9 #3/5!!!!
  1508. Jordan on card auto for trade!!! Scan inside!!! Come big!!!
  1509. any really highend cards for sale.
  1510. Lf kevin durant 07/08 exquisite rpa/99 3 colors
  1511. Kevin Durant SP Authentic 2 clr RAP auto & Rose Chronology FT
  1512. 58 card lot for single card deal
  1513. WTB Demarcus Cousins National Treasures RPA /99
  1514. Everything is for sale, no trade unless durant spa
  1515. wtb deron williams and ray allen stuff
  1516. O.J. Mayo Call
  1517. FS 2011-12 SP Authentic Lebron and Riley
  1518. WTTF/Buy Nice Kobe Auto!
  1519. Michael Jordan SPA Auto for DURANT
  1520. Looking for Michael Jordan cards, high end will buy or trade
  1521. WTTF Lew Alcindor RC
  1522. Lf 97-98 ex jambalaya inserts
  1523. kicking the tires on my Russell Westbrook stuff
  1524. Selling my bucket including high end exquisites and more
  1525. HIGHEND FS with Prices
  1526. FS/FT very high end autos from players like wall, kobe, calvin and more
  1527. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, John stockton autos FT
  1528. Looking for 08/09 Exquisite Rookie Triple Autos
  1529. High End Trade Thread (SCANS)
  1530. Buying John Wall Autos
  1531. Kevin Love BGS 9 Exquisite RPA for Trade
  1532. Buying Vince carter exqusiites
  1533. 98/99 Metal Universe Patrick Ewing PMG /50 FS
  1534. some football for basketball
  1535. Court Kings 5x7 Box Topper Autos (20) Lot FS/FT!!
  1536. Looking for a 1992 Wilt UD Heros Autograph. PayPal ready.
  1537. FS.. Jordan 94 Ref PSA 10, 87 SGC 9 + Inserts
  1538. WTTF Dwyane Wade RC auto
  1539. 310 paypal for the best card
  1540. Does anyone have any high end Reggie Miller cards?
  1541. FT: Javale McGee Exquisite Rookie auto -- Looking for Eric Gordon / Gordon Hayward
  1542. 2 Michael Jordan Autos FT
  1543. Bird/Magic Dual Auto
  1544. Looking to trade for Jordan Auto
  1545. FT/FS 97-98 Jordan 1st day Issue
  1546. Jordan auto /25 FT for Brady and Rodgers autos
  1547. FT/S: 10/11 Ultimate Magic/West/Goodrich AU /25
  1548. I have decided to expand my high-end collection to all 4 sports! Baseball for trade!!
  1549. Lebron, Stockton/MAgic Dual, Durant, KG 5/10 L@@K
  1550. Huge PC Clearout! Lots of High End - Logoman, Griffin, Durant, Rose Autos!
  1551. high end lot for sale or trade wall kobe calvin and more
  1552. FS/FT... High End Multi Sport Jordan Auto Patch, Inserts, Kobe NT Patch Auto++++
  1553. High End FT - durant exq gold, cousins logoman, lebron SP
  1554. baseball and football ft for highend bkb: Lincecum, hanley, mays, cj, dez, more SCANS
  1555. Come get some! (MID END - HIGH END)
  1556. $600 Paypal ready for Rose, Jordan, Kobe autographs!
  1557. Lebron dual patch/auto and durant rc auto for nice drose rc jsy/auto
  1558. High-end Derrick Rose UD Ultimate, UD Black, Topps Chrome, Lebron Refractor RC + More
  1559. Looking to trade my durant spa 3clr up/ card cash deal for something big
  1560. High-End Baseball to trade for basketball!
  1561. Shopping this Durant Exquisite Noble Nameplates
  1562. FT: Rose SPA
  1563. FT:2007 Triple Threads triple patch Arenas/Oneal/Mcgrady 2/3
  1564. Buying Exquisite
  1565. Bring Me a Jordan Auto!
  1566. FS/FT (4)HI END 90's Jordan insert, Kobe Metal 1:288 Exquisite Stockton/Wall RC Autos
  1567. high end autos for sale 1/1's, star player rc autos, national treasures and more
  1568. FS/FT 2008-09 Exquisite Prime Patches
  1569. 2 sweet high end football for MJ auto!
  1570. Rare barely seen JOrdan Stat Tracker Auto Jersey 5x MVP Bulls #/23!
  1571. Durant Auto for Cam Auto...
  1572. fs/ft:logoman auto,carter exquisite,o'neal drob russell auto,lj auto....
  1573. Shaq autos and Hamilton Exquisite
  1574. Looking to deal meeks gold NT rpa and toney douglas nt logo man /5
  1575. FT - UD All-Time Greats Magic/West Auto Booklet /5
  1576. Looking for Panani Dream Team Autos
  1577. Wttf Michael Jordan auto
  1578. Looking for drose sp authentic patch auto!
  1579. Michael Jordan 1996 Record Breakers Auto #/250 Hand #ed BGS 8.5 (9.5 9 9 7.5 subs)
  1580. High end cards FOR TRADE! Bird,magic,Carmelo more
  1581. Hi-end Durant Exq RC, Cousins Logo, Iverson Epic Gold Au, Lebron SP RC Au, Jordan Au
  1582. I got 115 paypal for best card
  1583. Im Looking For A Jordan 1986 fleer rc
  1584. BVG 6 Pistol Pete Maravich RC FT
  1585. Bowman Lebron James Rookie Graded 9 ft
  1586. Looking for Curry & Monta Exquisite RPA...
  1587. WTTF Kobe Bryant Topps Chrome RC
  1588. FT Derrick Rose Ultimate Collection Jersey/Auto RC /150
  1589. FT: Rose SPA Kareem Epic Gold,MJ 23/23,C-Webb & G.Hill Auto
  1590. FT 08/09 Derrick Rose Ultimate Collection Jersey/Auto RC /150
  1591. Eric Gordon Treasury Gold Version RC Auto /10 FS Only
  1592. High end basketball for miguel sano!
  1593. $100 pp plus trade for Derrick Rose Jsy auto RC
  1594. Kobe Longevity auto #/24 FS
  1595. Jmarsili trade/sell list-Please Read
  1596. Looking for Exquisite Autos/Auto Patches.. High end multi for trade kobe Jordan Ryan
  1597. Highend Derrick Rose For Sale/For Trade
  1598. Michael Jordan 1997-98 Topps Rock Stars Reg & Refractor
  1599. WTB: 03-04 Michael Jordan Exquisite Base Card +++ other years
  1600. 3 High-End Autos FT Jordan, Kobe, Rose
  1601. MJ on card Auto FT...Looking only to trade towards 05 Contenders Aaron Rodgers
  1602. Looking for a LeBron rookie autograph!
  1603. Trading LeBron James auto #1/5 for LeBron James exquisite auto...anyone?
  1604. 2000-01 Ultimate Collection set
  1605. 2001-02 Ultimate Collection
  1606. 2002-03 ultimate collection
  1607. WTTF: High-End Derrick Rose/Kevin Durant RCs | Have: LeBron James, John Wall +more FT
  1608. High end cards ft/fs kobe/jorda/lebron/durant
  1609. 1/1 quad logo FT
  1610. Jordan Exqusite Patch Jersey Kobe Lebron For Sale CRAZY!
  1611. Magic Johnson/Kareem Dual auto /25 on card
  1612. John Wall 2011 Panini Black Friday AU /10
  1613. 09-10 rookies & stars Kobe auto ft
  1614. 08 Triple threads White Whale Melo, Wade, Bosh triple auto 1/1
  1615. FT 08/09 Derrick Rose Ultimate Collection Jersey/Auto RC /150
  1616. Please someone bring me some high end jordan auto or fleer rookie!!
  1617. Westbrook SP Authentic RC Auto/Patch 2 Color /299 RC
  1618. 2007-2008 sp authentic patch auto set. I can't find a checklist, please help
  1619. LTB John Wall autos or low numbered rookies
  1620. bring me jason hey ward high end autos!!
  1621. FT/FS: Hi-end Derrick Rose, John Wall, LeBron, Durant & more | UD Black/Ultimate Coll
  1622. Michael Jordan 05-06 Limited Logo auto with 3 colour patch.
  1623. Michael jordan auto for trade or sale!
  1624. FT: Jordan Rookie UDA Jersey | Lebron in return
  1625. Want Trade Mid End High End
  1626. PSA 7 Jordan Fleer RC FT/S
  1627. WTTF/WTB: High End of Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Durant, Griffin, and Wall ($3K available)
  1628. Magic Johnson/Kareem Dual auto /25 on card
  1629. WANTED: Lebron James On-Card auto - Have MJ, Drose, Durant to trade
  1630. Want to buy / trade for LeBron autographs
  1631. LTB Cousins NT RPA
  1632. my football for basktball. Cam/locker/gabbert triple /10
  1633. Paypal for Larry Bird/Bill Russell/Rajon Rondo/Ray Allen Autos
  1634. LF: Epic, Legends, or Signature Autos of Robinson, Sam Jones, Ewing, Stockton +more
  1635. looking for exquisite auto patches..limited logos...etc
  1636. looking for exquisite auto patches..limited logos...etc
  1637. looking for exquisite auto patches..limited logos...etc
  1638. High End
  1639. looking for exquisite auto patches..limited logos...etc
  1640. looking for exquisite auto patches..limited logos...etc
  1641. looking for exquisite auto patches..limited logos...etc
  1643. WANTED: Blake Griffin RC autos - Have MJ, Durant, DRose, Logomen to trade!
  1644. Michael Jordan/Bill Russell Dual auto FOR TRADE!
  1645. Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer RC PSA 5.5 undergraded Today Only!
  1646. Highend D-Rose For Trade For Wade/Lebron/Jordan/Aaron Rodgers/Brady
  1647. 11-12 SPA Lebron Auto fs/ft
  1648. FS/FT High End Jordan auto/Inserts Kobe Rodman++... looking for Exquisite
  1649. Huge lot of 06-07 ultimate signatures
  1650. Curious to see what 1969 Lew Alcindor Topps Rookie would go for
  1651. WTTF or buy Lebron James Auto or jersey
  1652. Durant Auto FT
  1653. One Time Michael Jordan Collection for sale, GREAT CARDS!
  1654. Looking to trade for Exquisite autos
  1655. WTB: Maravich Jersey Patch...LBJ/MJ Dual Auto
  1656. FS: Kobe Bryant Chronology 81 pts
  1657. WTTF: mid to hi-end Drant/Rose/LeBron/griffin/kobe RCs/Autos | Have: Hi-end DRose,LBJ
  1658. Trading These AUTOS for Durant & LeBron Topps Chrome RC
  1659. FS: BGS 10 and BGS 9.5 Kevin Durant Rc's
  1660. WTB: Rose or Durant Premier Rc auto
  1661. 1986-87 fleer michael jordan rookie rc #57 bgs bccg 9 no reserve.
  1662. LF: Kobe, Rose, Wade, Durant, Curry, Gordon, Love
  1663. My Russell Westbrook Topps Chrome RC Auto + DRose Bowman 48 Auto for your Lebron Auto
  1664. LF Paul George and Stephen Curry Start new side PC
  1665. My offerings...
  1666. Allen Iverson High End Auto GU FT
  1667. FT: Blake Griffin Autos & a LeBron Auto
  1668. Lebron/Luke Dual Auto FT
  1669. (2) Durant RC dual autos /25 FOR TRADE!
  1670. Lebron james kobe bryant sp signature dual auto /25!
  1671. 2011-12 SPA Jordan Auto Floor FT
  1672. Lebron james kobe bryant sp signature dual auto /25! No reserve.
  1673. Huge PC Clearout! MJ, Durant, DRose, Griffin autos, Logomen, DCuz RPA!
  1674. looking for wade and or rose auto rc
  1675. Lf:anfernee hardaway 97-98 ud3 season ticket auto
  1676. 2 sweet mj autos bgs 9 must see
  1677. FT 07/08 Kevin Durant Sp Authentic Jersey/Auto RC /299!
  1678. Michael Jordan Auto FT/FS
  1679. Michael Jordan 1986 fleer#57 PSA 9 MINT!!F/S
  1680. Last few 50 Greatest PC-Please help
  1681. Durant autos /25 for trade!
  1682. Stockton Autos and Graded Star RC FT/FS
  1683. Shawn Kemp Auto /250 For Trade!!! Rare!!
  1684. HIGH END Football FT for Basketball
  1685. 2K Cash show me some high end.
  1686. Looking to buy or trade for high end autographics!
  1687. WANTED: Tyreke Evans National Treasures RPA /99
  1688. WTTF: 05-06 Exquisite Chris Paul Patch Auto /99
  1689. FT: BGS 9.5 Topps Chrome Derrick Rose RCs
  1690. Bird, Magic, Erving, Duncan autos + more
  1691. this football auto quad for
  1692. If anyone has Phillip rivers highend show me!
  1693. FT Charles Barkley Auto
  1694. Got something I'm keeping an eye on. Need some paypal The prices are listed in my bu
  1695. Bunch of High End FT. Scan Heavy. Lets TRADE!
  1696. Aaron Rodgers rc auto for Durant, Jordan
  1697. Any Chris Paul Auto RC's out there?
  1698. Kevin Durant RC Auto FS, Larry Bird Auto
  1699. Looking For Exquisite... High End for Trade/Sale Jordan Autos Kobe +
  1700. High-end basketball For trade! Durant,Bird,Magic,Shaq,more!
  1701. FT Stockton Patch/Auto 1/1, Rose XFractor BGS 9.5, Bird Magic Patch/Auto /25
  1702. TOO MANY Derrick Rose/LeBron/Michael Beasley Rookies | NEED Jordan, Durant, Griffin!
  1703. Looking for Bird Exquisite. Lots of Highend FT
  1704. for trade/sale: Wade/Odom UD Dual auto
  1705. UD Black 50 Greatest Jerry West Auto
  1706. 350 paypal available
  1707. Football RCs FT (Stafford, Cam, LeSean, Tebow, Freeman) for Basketball
  1708. High End Scans for FT/FS
  1709. Toney douglas Nt rpa logoman / 5
  1710. B Roy 06-07 exquisite patch auto /100
  1711. WTTF high end Kevin Love rc autos
  1712. Fielding offers on this hand signed rose card AUTHENTIC
  1713. i need a blake griffin letter I or R!!!!! i have lotsa paypal and some nice cards
  1714. KD chrono auto /99 & BRoy exqu patch auto /100 FS
  1715. Russell Westbrook Topps Signature rc 1/1 FT/FS!!!!
  1716. Whole bucket of Kobe for an MJ auto
  1717. WTTF High End Russell Westbrook
  1718. Magic Auto /25 and a wild redemption story
  1719. FS: Gem Mint Topps Chrome Derrick Rose RC [Only 1 left ~ below eBay prices]
  1720. MJ ON CARD AUTO, Vick SPA PATCH AUTO RC, Calvin Johnson, Peterson, + PAYPAL AVAILABLE
  1721. Topps Co-signers Marbury/Jared Jordan #5/5 FT/FS
  1722. $1000 for high end card!
  1723. Looking to do a big trade, moving rose and durant spa.
  1724. 1961 Fleer Oscar Robertson RC BVG 8
  1725. Wanted: one 09 Blake Griffin True RC Auto
  1726. Got my Magic Johnson Auto 23/25 FT
  1727. FS... Kobe Jordan Rodman Durant J Crawford Exquisite +
  1728. tom brady auto ft 4 griffin kobe lebron rose mj durant
  1729. VHTG LeBron/Jordan Dual Auto /50 COME HUGE
  1730. Derrick Rose RC
  1731. Wanted: one Jordan Bulls auto
  1732. Kobe Bryant Limited Auto 25/25 FT!!!!
  1733. FT for Stephen Curry National Treasures RPA /99
  1734. Kobe Auto Logo, Bird auto patch, Lebron auto patch, Durant 1/1 auto & more...
  1735. Welcome back NBA-Sell/Trade List w/ prices-Please Read
  1736. Looking to trade, let me know
  1737. john wall auto f/t
  1738. Looking to buy a Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie Card
  1739. FS: Kobe Brynant 24k Jersey-Auto /49 On-card
  1740. Durant rc auto #/20
  1741. Help!!! Just pulled Kenny Smith College pride patch auto 10/10, whats it worth??
  1742. Have aroun $400 PayPal! Looking for high end durant!
  1743. Looking to sell this Toney Douglas Nt logo man /5, and more photos are inside
  1744. FS: Magic Johnson / Pat Riley 2007-08 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Dual
  1745. WTTF: High End Deandre Jordan and other Clipper cards!
  1746. Kobe for Trade. NT /10 patch au and /99 gu au
  1747. 400 for the best rose/durant/Rubio/curry/wall/Jordan auto
  1748. Anyone has John Wall Rc autos for trade ?
  1749. FS: 2005-06 SPx Winning Materials Autographs #CP Chris Paul /50
  1750. WTTF CP3 Griffin32
  1751. My Michael Jordan Supreme Court Floor Card (rare) + some paypal for blake griffin
  1752. Jordan auto FT, looking for hockey
  1753. Wttf: Derrick rose auto
  1754. trying to trade up on my rare rose cards plus magic johnson auto and rare MJ inserts
  1755. high end for trade/sell
  1756. WTTF: Derrick Rose sp authentic and Kevin durant sp authentic
  1757. CLEARING OUT Bucket For Sale CHEAP! JORDAN PC Open For A Short Time!
  1758. high end autos for trade or sale!!!SCANS inside
  1759. Want Trade
  1760. Shawn Kemp Auto /250 FT/FS
  1761. fs 04-05 michael jordan exquisite auto patch 3 col
  1762. New stuff
  1763. Looking To Buy Or Trade For a Durant RC Auto
  1764. High-end Christmas eve trading anyone?
  1765. Aaron Rodgers RC Autos FT...looking for mid to high end basketball rc's!
  1766. Paypal/Trading for Blake Griffin autos
  1767. FT/FS NT RPA D.Cousins & J.Crawford
  1768. blake griffin patch and kobe/jordan dual FT
  1769. Looking for Lebron/Durant (rookie) patch autos || $400 & drose rookie autos available
  1770. Looking to buy: Walter payton, johnny unitas, tom brady!
  1771. Looking for wilt chamberlain and pete maravich
  1772. Looking for a Cheap Lebron Rookie Year Auto
  1773. Christmas Day Trade Thread Scans
  1774. Blake Griffin Classics rc auto BGS 9.5
  1775. Looking to buy John Wall Nt rpa /99
  1776. David Robinson Green Precious Metal Gems Possibly For Sale
  1777. Lots of new cards for trade!
  1778. 2004-05 Chris Paul (3) card Finest Refractor Rookie Lot!
  1779. High-end for trade, all sports!
  1780. PC Sale! Paul George NT RPA, Kobe, Durant, Drose, Griffin autos!
  1781. looking for highend autos
  1782. Dwyane Wade 1/1 Letter
  1783. Durant Auto...
  1784. FT: RC AU of DRose, Wade, Rondo + AU of CP3, Kidd, Jabbar
  1785. selling/trading eric gordon 08 sp redfoil
  1786. Updated Bucket trade/Sale- With Scans!
  1787. FT/FS Kobe, Pippen patch autos. KD, Howard etc
  1788. I Got $100+ for a Derrick Rose Auto
  1789. FS.....Many Exquisite Auto / Auto Patches
  1790. LF: 2008-09 SPX Russell Westbrook Jersey Auto /99
  1791. Jordan 90's inserts for trade!
  1792. Toney Douglas National Treasures Logoman /5
  1793. FS: High-end John Wall Rookie Auto Patch Lot (/99 & /199)
  1794. Looking For A Blake Griffin Rookie Auto
  1795. John Wall Patch/Auto # 1/10!!!
  1796. Rare Magic Johnson AU FS
  1797. 6 Auto...Magic, Bird, Worthy, Abdul-Jabbar, Parish, Walton, /10
  1798. 5 boxes FT - Some nice sealed boxes
  1799. Derrick Rose Sp authentic Patch auto slight three color /299 for sale.
  1800. RARE Dirk Auto FT/FS
  1801. Looking for 2010 Emerald Green Absolute...
  1802. have a kobe auto /25 and a calvin johnson contenders autos ne one have a durant auto
  1803. Some random High End cards for trade
  1804. FS: High Ends (Autos, Patches, Exquisite, Chris Paul,...)
  1805. Rubio FT!
  1806. ft/fs:02-03 spa jordan/kobe/kg triple auto
  1807. Looking for Mid-Highend lebron
  1808. FT: Chris Paul SPA rookie auto
  1809. anyone trading down on...
  1810. Bgs graded cam newton autos for durant spa
  1811. Trading a Dwight Howard Signed Jersey PSA/DNA...Wants Inside
  1812. 2010 Century Collection Cal Ripken AUto
  1813. My Chris Paul PC is up for grabs
  1814. Walter Payton National Treasures auto for basketball
  1815. Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Howard, O'Neal, Gervin 6-Swatch Card for Trade!
  1816. WTB Ricky Rubio Autos/Refractor RCs!
  1817. Tyreke Evans RC Auto jersey numbered x 2
  1818. Rodgers,Newton and more for Griffin,Rose,Durant
  1819. Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Howard, O'Neal, Gervin 6-Swatch Card for Trade!
  1820. WTTF Lebron RC auto
  1821. Magic johnson spectrum true 1 of 1 ft/fs
  1822. Lebron James Topps Chrome Black Refractor
  1823. Looking to trade my basketball and baseball for Kevin Love
  1824. WTB: Michael Jordan auto
  1825. for trade d.robinson green pmg for michael jordan high end
  1826. Want trade
  1827. Last few 50 Greatest PC-Please help
  1828. WTT/S Reggie Miller Autographed Jersey #8/15
  1829. Looking to Buy and Trade for Exquisite and 90's Star Auto
  1830. 350 paypal available
  1831. 97-98 Metal Universe CHAUNCEY BILLUPS PMG RC /50 FT/FS
  1832. High-end Quad Tags for sale including big names
  1833. Wtb 2010-11 totally certified kobe bryant panini hrx
  1834. Derrick Rose Auto /10 FT or FS.
  1835. Anyone with High end lebron???
  1836. Jrue Holiday Rookies and Stars 4clr logo patch Jersey Number 11/50 for sale or trade.
  1837. LF Michael Jordan Bulls on card Auto
  1838. HUGE Lot of Autos, Game Used, Refractors for Trade!!!
  1839. HUGE Lot of Autos, Game Used, Refractors for Trade!!!
  1840. FS David Robinson 97-98 Green Precious Metal Gems
  1841. [Jan 2012 Update] FT: D. Rose, LeBron, Durant, Griffin, Wall, Rubio | HQ photos added
  1842. Jordan auto for football
  1843. FT Derrick Rose Triple RC Auto /15 looking for Durant,B.Griffin or other Rose auto
  1844. Pc cards for sell
  1845. (fs)05/06 Ultimate Michael Jordan / LeBron James on card Auto /25
  1846. Wtb 1/1 logoman logos patches even base
  1847. John Wall (R) auto /49 ft
  1848. Durant RC autos FT
  1849. Buying: HIGH-End DeMar DeRozans
  1850. Bill Russell, Reggie Miller jersey autos inside here ft
  1851. Kevin Durant Sp Threads Gold jersey auto BGS 9
  1852. FS/FT: Kobe Bryant National Treasures LOGOMAN
  1853. Looking for all of these. Paypal ready
  1854. Blake Griffin Contenders RC Auto BGS 9 - $225
  1855. Larry Bird UD Black Auto /10 f/t
  1856. Albert Pujols Auto FT for Durant Auto RC, Lebron Auto, Blake Griffin Auto Rc
  1857. FS-FT: K.Durant 3 colors patch /10
  1858. Andrea Bargnani EXQUISITE AUTO/PATCH RC FT!!!!!
  1859. FT: Blake Griffin Crown Royale, Classics, Studio RC Autos & LeBron James Auto PSA 10
  1860. Huge Exquisite Patch Auto Sale before Ebay
  1861. F/S MJ auto 07-08 Trophy!!!
  1862. NEED TONY PARKER HIGH END LMK What you have
  1863. Looking for high end monta ellis!
  1864. Sunday Trade Thread! Scans!
  1865. Massive James Harden PC Sale
  1866. Looking for Reggie Jackson RC SP Authentic Autos
  1867. Bring me your lebron rookie cards! Moving rose sp authentic 3clr and more for lebron!
  1868. Looking for lebron (Rookie) Patch Auto... $ to spend
  1869. 2 Sidney Crosby Auto Hardsigned /50 + other for MJ Auto ?
  1870. LTB Kobe Bryant RC Refractors / Jordan Autos/RC
  1871. FT: Jordan auto
  1872. Looking to Buy Autographs of NBA's 50 Greatest Players List Inside Please Help !!
  1873. WTB/WTTF Michael Jordan Autographs Please Help !!
  1874. MJ 90s Insert Kobe/KG/Pierce/Gasol Quad #/25 Auto FT/FS
  1875. Moving Rose sp authentic and more for lebron, scans inside!
  1876. Steve Nash/ Jason Kidd 10-11 gold standard gold mining dual auto numbered to 10.
  1877. Looking to trade these up! Durant, Griffin, DRose, Westbrook Exquisite,Paul George NT
  1878. FS: Michael Jordan, Kobe autos
  1879. Walter Payton PSA 7 RC for bbal
  1880. Trading this High End Football card for Basketball
  1881. 2011-2012 SP Authentic Tristan Thompson GOLD rc auto /25 FT
  1882. FS/FT ten high end cards with price
  1883. High-End and/or Low # DJ White cards...
  1884. Trading! Let's Do This! CMB and LMK
  1885. High End to trade! Wilkins, Durant, Shaq, Magic, More!
  1886. FS/FT 2010-11 Contenders Patches Blake Griffin Auto
  1887. Have $3000 Available!!! BUYING EVERYTHING!!!
  1888. Looking to buy Derrick Rose/Rubio Auto RC
  1889. have these cards plus $100 PP to move for a low grade Jordan RC/Jordan auto
  1890. LF Melo & Cp3 oncard Autos
  1891. 3 Kobe Bryant Autos FS/FT
  1892. WTT football for basketball
  1893. Need John Stockton, Abdul Jabbar, Barkley, Willis Reed autos !!
  1894. Bird, Havilcek, Worthy ft
  1895. More Exquisite Patch Autos For Sale! Lebron Bird Melo VC CP3 MJ
  1896. LF: Kevin Durant AU (Thunder Uniform)
  1897. Looking to Trade Jordan for Jordan+extra.
  1898. Trading for a nice Kobe!
  1899. Trading part of my NBA's 50 Greatest Signed Cuts, Photos For Their Autographed Cards
  1900. WTB: High end Rajon Rondo
  1901. Any Exquisite Limited Logos FS/FT?
  1902. 06/07 UD Ultimate GU/Auto
  1903. Rare Kevin Love's for trade
  1904. Wttf: Dwight Howard
  1905. Looking to sell or trade! Brand new basketball/ football tradelist! Scans inside!
  1906. Reggie Miller, Bill Russell auto jersey cards. dual jsy auto, on card 2 clr jersey
  1907. looking for a d'rose spa
  1908. FS: Blake Griffin RC Autos & LeBron James Auto.
  1909. What do you think is the value on this Kobe Auto
  1910. Does Anyone Have A 1986 Jordan RC FT
  1911. Taking offers on this kobe patch auto, and lebron rc auto bgs 9.5!!!
  1912. Anyone like the celtics? High-end Marcus Banks and Avery Bradley FT!
  1913. 200 cash or MO for best Blake Griffin rc auto
  1914. Need highend monta ellis!
  1915. Michael Jordan
  1916. Anyone want to move hardens??
  1917. Wall & Cousins FT
  1918. Hi End Football FT for Basketball
  1919. Looking for Derrick Rose Rookie autos
  1920. Trading My Baseball For Highend Cards From all Sports!
  1921. FS/FT 10-11 Kobe Bryant National Treasures Century Signature Auto /99
  1922. looking for blake griffin elite rc auto fs or ft
  1923. drose auto /10 ft/fs?
  1924. Aaron Rodgers TC gold refractor rc auto ft
  1925. Looking for Ricky Rubio auto's!! EXQUISITE!!
  1926. Dwight Howard Bowman 48 Auto FT, Scan
  1927. So bored! Got plenty of paypal!!!!
  1928. $120 Paypal for BEST CARD!!!
  1929. Shawn Kemp Auto /250 FT
  1930. Like new xbox 360 FT for cards
  1931. Up to $550 for a MJ Auto in a Bulls Uni!
  1932. Larry Bird Exquisite Noble Nameplate
  1933. Blake Griffin RPA #21/25
  1934. Larry Bird /Kevin Love dual auto #4/5
  1935. Shawn Kemp Auto for FB
  1936. High end cards FT Durant,Rose,Manning,Jeter,Dimaggio,Puckett,Lemieux ,Tebow,Peterson +
  1937. Javale McGee Exquisite Rookie auto for trade
  1938. Looking to trade malkin & crosby rc for mj auto
  1939. High End Want List
  1940. Need Maravich and Bing to complete 50 Greatest PC
  1941. Russell Westbrook
  1942. Air jordan 11 concord retro brand new sz 13 for kobe/mj auto
  1943. Buying BILL RUSSELL!!!
  1944. Marino Auto /50 FT for Kobe Auto
  1945. Fresh New bucket! Looking to Move rose spa 3clr and more!
  1946. Wanted: 04-05 Black Diamond Michael Jordan Gemography AU - FINDERS FEE!!!
  1947. Wanted: Howard, Rose & Durant
  1948. Wes Johnson NT Logo Patch /99 For sale!
  1949. 11th hour trading before life changes- LF MJ and Durant!!! Lots of high end available
  1950. A few Highenders FT
  1951. kobe on card auto from STUDIO for trade
  1952. Couple High End Westbrook!! Scans INSIDE!
  1953. Buying Ricky Rubio Exquisite Auto /99!
  1954. fs/ft kobe auto patch,exquisite,logoman auto....
  1955. LeBron / Carmelo Dual Auto Jersey /10
  1956. 11-12 SPA Larry Legend Bird Auto /5 ! FT/FS
  1957. Ricky Rubio Exquisite AUTO
  1958. Bowman '48 patch autos - WTB: Money no object!
  1959. 875 obo for this rose sp authentic 3clr.
  1960. Unique trade offer! USA Only!
  1961. Trading race used patch cards forther sports!
  1962. 2001-02 SP Authentic SOTT KOBE/K-MART Dual Auto
  1963. KEVIN GARNETT Autos FT
  1964. CHRIS WEBBER Co-Signers Dual Auto
  1965. 1985-86 Star #117 Michael Jordan bgs 9.5 f/t
  1966. Looking for the Granger logoman auto!!!
  1967. Buying/Trading for high end Granger autos and patches
  1968. 03/04 SP Signature Edition Marquee Marks Bron/Dmiles auto FOR SALE
  1969. RARE Michael Jordan Gold Framed Auto w/COA for Sale/Trade!
  1970. Just looking to trade for some high end!
  1971. Let's Trade! High End Cards!
  1972. Michael Jordan Limited Edition Bulls Auto /1000 (4) Card Porcelain Set UDA Certified
  1973. Looking for Highend D-Wade
  1974. 08-09 Derrick Rose Rc Mini auto BGS 9.5
  1975. Few jordan bryant garnett auto cards for sale
  1976. FS John Wall NT RAP Gold 11/25 BGS 9.5
  1977. some new cards for sell (will trade) including 1/1 , Panini Totally Certified 5s etc
  1978. Need all of these paypal ready.
  1979. high end trades wanted-check my bucket!!
  1980. ft for basketball: Demarco Murray Crystal atomic rc auto /50
  1981. looking to trade this awesome jordan card..
  1982. Kevin Love RC Auto FT/FS
  1983. for sale: Exquisite Limited Logos 07/08 Lot
  1984. High end FT rose auto#/10, jordan rc looking for durant
  1985. i need a blake griffin letter I. will buy or trade
  1986. Want list!!
  1987. looking to buy a jordan auto FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!
  1988. Few jordan bryant garnett auto cards for sale
  1989. WTB LOGOMAN 09-10 SP Game Used LOGO MEN
  1990. NBA Legends Autos Wilt Chamberlain, Russell, Magic, Bird, Ewing, Worthy, Lucas More++
  1991. Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love & Julius Erving Autos & Flynn/Ellington Dual Tag /5
  1992. John Wall (R) auto f/t for topps triple threads
  1993. Eli Manning Contenders RC Auto - Trading for Basketball
  1994. Lebron James/Dominique/Thompson/Dawkins Quad Auto 04/39 for sale!
  1995. IM trading For A 1986 Fleer Jordan RC
  1996. Kobe Treasures 1/10 on card Auto
  1997. Trading for Kevin Love, got Derozan NT RAP, Eric Gordon, Tyreke, Rose
  1998. LF - LeBron James RC Auto - SPA, SPX, Ultimate etc...
  1999. FT/S - DeMarcus Cousins Jersey #'d dual auto w/ John Wall
  2000. WTB $270 PP Ready!
  2001. Mid/High Football for Basketball
  2002. 2010 Rookies and Stars Team Patch Auto Complete Set FT/FS!!!!
  2003. Mixed lot of high end cards for mj autos!!TAKE A LOOK!!
  2004. Trading Marquee Koufax Museum Auto for High End Baskeball
  2005. looking to POSSIBLY trade these Westbrooks up
  2006. Tons of Noah Rc autos FS
  2007. CLEARING OUT Bucket, CHEAP! JORDAN PC Open For A Short Time!
  2008. durant and derrick rose autos ft
  2009. WTB: Michael Jordan Auto
  2010. I want to trade for any high end you have!
  2011. Money/Paypal ready for these
  2012. 1986-87 Fleer Sticker #8 PSA 8
  2013. updated my game used bucket Michael Jordan Lebron James
  2014. Quad Auto /10 psa 9 Lebron, Carmello, Bosh, Barbosa
  2015. kobe & pau wanna trade b4 show
  2016. LF: Westbrook Rookie Auto
  2017. I need kobe gold standard 24k prime patch autos /24
  2018. Trade my mj exquisite auto for your mj auto?
  2019. Rubio draft /249 auto
  2020. High End Scans for FT
  2021. Derrick Rose sp authentic slight 3 color.
  2022. Looking for first Jordan auto. Help me out...
  2024. putting this dual jabbar and dr j out there.
  2025. Autos FS/FT (Kobe, Wade, CP3)
  2026. 07-08 Exquisite Triple Patches James,Wade,Anthony #d/10
  2027. Need 3 cards. Rose SPA/Rose Exquisite/Durant SPA
  2028. MJ/Kobe/KG auto 5/10 BGS 9.5/10
  2029. Looking for 10-11 NT RAP's...what do u have
  2030. FS: Some PC items w/ scans & prices (Jordan, Stockton, Kidd, HOFers, etc)
  2031. lf lbj rc auto
  2032. Patrick Ewing 1992 NBA Hoops Autographed Ltd. ed card /1992 with COA
  2033. Trading Wall Certified Red AU & Hill NT AU for Baseball Prospects
  2034. Couple highend BGS 9.5 autos FT (Wall/Griffin)
  2035. QUESTION!!! Is this card fake??
  2036. IM looking for MJ Baseball Autos, Game used And some inserts
  2037. WTTF a Derrick Rose Auto RC
  2038. LF: Totally Certified Green Patch/Auto Rondo
  2039. $50 finders fee!!!
  2040. looking for one westbrook card
  2041. FS: LA Lakers Patches Booklet (Bryant, Odom, Fisher, Bynum)
  2042. Any high-end beasley out there?
  2043. Chris Webber Printing Plate 1/1 FS/FT!
  2044. Kicking tires on this
  2045. Anyone got a nice LeBron auto for sale? Got paypal available!
  2046. Basketball Autos for sale and more++++ Kobe Jordan Wall Evans and more
  2047. BILL RUSSELL Auto for trade
  2048. Looking for high end lebron!
  2049. Looking for a Blake Griffin Exquisite Rc
  2050. I Got Paypal, You Have High End Cards and 1/1, Logoman,etc--Lets Trade?
  2051. Anyone have a danny granger exquisite RPA?
  2052. LF: UD Exquisite cards (list included)
  2053. Ekpe Udoh NT Tag Logoman /5
  2054. Kobe Bryant 10-11 Gold Standard Gold Bars Patch Auto 01/10 F/S
  2055. Selling most of my collection
  2056. Extra Exquisites Gold /25 Co-signers Auto Jersey FT/FS
  2057. Looking for Grievis Vasquez National Treasures ARP/99
  2058. F/T - High End Durant & Rose Rookie Year Exquisites
  2059. FS/FT Yao Ming RC Auto /1500
  2060. Wanting to Buy Jordan Lots
  2061. Wtb only crown royale majestic signatures
  2062. NIce John Wall dual auto f/t
  2063. 110 paypal for auto
  2064. Rookies FT/FS, Kobe Chrome, CP3 Greats, Westbrook SPA, and more
  2065. 600 paypal for best MJ on card auto
  2066. Michael jordan 06/07 exquisite enshrinements 4/25
  2067. Shawn Kemp Auto /250 For Trade!!
  2068. Looking to trade!
  2069. does anybody want to trade for these
  2070. Buying high end Rondo..
  2071. Ricky Rubio AU for Sale!
  2072. Buying High End Jeremy Lin!
  2073. Mid Hi Football FT for Basketball
  2074. Need Stockton, Barkley, Erving, Mikan, Russell, Robertson + autos
  2075. Some Highend FT
  2076. 4 high-end HoF to trade
  2077. Anyone have an 09/10 HOF Dream Team Scottie Pippen AU /49?
  2078. Looking for a D Rose RC auto! Please help!
  2079. WTB 2010/11 Elite Black box John Wall Rookie Auto
  2080. FT: Durant Ultimate Gold Autograph /50
  2081. SP Authentic Cam Newton Auto ft/fs for hoops
  2082. FT: LeBron James Signed Jersey UDA for High End Autos and 1/1's !!!
  2083. Wanted- D.Robinson high ends, autos
  2084. high end for trade
  2085. WTB: Rondo Auto/Patches/Numbered
  2086. cam newton triple threads rc auto /99 multi colored logo patch ft...
  2087. Michael Jordan On Card Bulls Auto FT/FS
  2088. Wanted T.Duncan high ends
  2089. LTB these, paypal ready
  2090. WTB: Pete Maravich Auto
  2091. Ft lbj spa auto!!
  2092. 10-11 Jeremy Lin Absoute Rookie Auto + D Rose Orange Topps Chrome Rookie FS/FT
  2093. 02-03 spgu kobe bryant patch auto /50 - fs $600
  2094. Any WEEMS or Toney Douglas?
  2095. Looking to make some HUGE Trades
  2096. Jeremy Lin fs/ft
  2097. WTB: Lebron James All Time Greats auto
  2098. LF Jermey Lin
  2099. SP Authentic A.j. Green RPA /299 for basketball
  2100. F/S RC's!!! autos!!!ROSE, Durant, KOBE
  2101. Jeremy Lin Contenders Rookie Ticket
  2102. 2010 Panini Limited Masterpiece 1/1 black Raja Bell (Jazz) for trade or sell
  2103. LF: Logoman Patches, Tag Patches, Worn Letters, 1/1 Logos Paypal ready !!
  2104. High End Duke Players
  2105. Wanted jeremy lin! Buying!!
  2106. Who wants a jeremy lin auto??
  2107. FT: NHL Scoring Leader-Evgeni Malkin SPX Rookie Auto for basketball
  2108. FS Jeremy Lin Classics ON CARD Auto
  2109. Michael Jordan 06/07 Ultimate Signatures
  2110. 2009-10 Michael Jordan Exquisite GU FT/FS
  2111. High End Blake Griffin Auto FT!
  2112. LF: 04-05 Exquisite Enshrinements
  2113. Highend thread: Cp3, Rubio, Paul George, Gold Refs Autos Photoshoots SCANS
  2114. VERY NICE Michael Jordan graded collection AVAILABLE!
  2115. Kobe/mj dual g/u for trade
  2116. lot kobe auto patch ft/fs
  2117. OHIO BUCKEYE BUCKEYES Letterman 19 total all /10 or less FT
  2118. Griffey Jr./ Jeter Exquisite /20 FT
  2119. $500 in paypal for best Kobe/Jordan/Duncan
  2120. Lin auto's FT
  2121. Rare J.Erving auto signed "Dr.J", Rick Barry 1/1 auto + Wade & ZO autos FT
  2122. kobe bryant UD black allstar patch
  2123. 86-87 Fleer Michael Jordan...
  2124. Kobe 10-11 totally Certified red on card auto f/s
  2125. LF: Ekpe Udoh NT ARP/99 with 3 colours!
  2126. REGGIE MILLER 1997 SPX Grand Finale 39/50 !!!
  2127. LF: John Wall Certified AU
  2128. FT/FS High end hoops..... Kobe Durant Dirk Blake D Rose Dominique
  2129. FT/FS Jeremy Lin Contenders rc ticket Auto
  2130. Wtb: Mid-High End Lebron James
  2131. can we talk highend basketball ?
  2132. Jerry West Classics auto patch /10 FT! Come Big!
  2133. Jeremy lin auto /699 up ft
  2134. Kobe Auto ft/fs
  2135. FT for HIGH END Basketball: 2011 SP Authentic CAM NEWTON RC EMERALD AUTO!!!!
  2136. LF 07/08 Chronology MICHAEL JORDAN Auto
  2137. Any high-end sellers in Hong Kong this weekend?
  2138. LeBron James SwwetShot 07=08 auto FT for Kobe/Durant/Melo/Magic Johnson
  2139. Looking for D rose rc auto
  2140. looking to trade my bryce harper blue rc auto /250
  2141. FS/FT - Derrick Rose JSY/AUTO RC
  2142. WTB Landry Fields Treasures Autos!!
  2143. (Multisport) Shaking up the PC...showing the big guns =P
  2144. 2010 black box Bill Russell, Sam Jones, KC Jones triple auto 10/10 FS/FT
  2145. FT: Rondo Totally Certified Green 2/5
  2146. Anyone wanna have some fun and buy/trade? High End Cards!
  2147. High End Trade List With scans! LOOOOKKKK
  2148. Im looking to move this card /5
  2150. LeBron Auto FT for a Durant Auto
  2151. Have paypal for these new wants
  2152. derrick rose draft day auto jersey /75
  2153. Any Interest in These 2 high end basketball autos? DURANT, GRIFFIN!
  2154. Trading Adrian Peterson High end for Basketball
  2155. Looking for Lin Rc autos!!! High end Lebron and Chris Paul FT
  2156. fs/ft:jermey lin national treasures auto
  2157. FS/FT Bill Russell Autos
  2158. looking for any high end michael jordan cards FT
  2159. Andy Dalton Contenders Auto for jeremy Lin
  2160. David Robinson 03-04 Sweet Shot 3 point shot jersey auto for trade
  2161. opening buckett
  2162. Ongoing Wantlist...Often updated..Please read
  2163. Considering trading this Eric gordon treasury auto /25
  2164. Looking to find a nice Durant rookie auto
  2165. Want a Michael Jordan auto !!
  2166. lebron auto #/25 for Lin auto
  2167. fs/ft Derrick Rose SP Authentic 3 color
  2168. Looking for all Mario Chalmers cards
  2169. Check This Madness
  2170. Got this Cam Newton GG Auto/Jsy /50 for D ROSE
  2171. FT/FS: CP3 SPA and SPx Auto RC's
  2172. ft/fs:kein love spa,evans nt,tag auto....
  2173. 07/08 Exquisite Kevin Durant Number Pieces AU /35
  2174. Need high-end Elliot Williams and Brandan Wright
  2175. 2006 UD Premier Steve Nash Triple Patch Auto Sickk /5 !!!
  2176. 2002/03 Exquisite Patches Yao Ming 7 Color Logo Patch Auto /100 !!
  2177. Some High End Basketball for High End Football
  2178. have some new cards for trade (for my friends' need)
  2179. My High End Everything for Your High End Basketball
  2180. Peyton Manning Exqusite patch auto
  2181. Looking for Jordan Auto or Nice 90s Jordan Insert
  2182. Nice Autos FT!!!
  2183. FT/FS Kobe Chrome RC, Bill Russell Auto/5, D Rose Orange Ref Chrome RC!!
  2184. Mj anybody for the last time ?
  2185. Kevin love rookie year auto 12 lot
  2186. UFC For Basketball?
  2187. Looking for Blake Griffin 2010-11 NBA Gear Jersey Auto.
  2188. M j gu cards for trade
  2189. Devin Harris 1/1 Game Used Letterman FS/FT
  2190. WTB- Michael Jordan Auto. Paypal Ready
  2191. WTTF: Kevin Durant Autos!!!
  2192. FT-FS Totally certified black 1/1 Javale Mcgee
  2193. 3 gold standard 14k dwight howards ft
  2194. Updated Bucket trade/Sale- With Scans-low-high end
  2195. Cam Newton Contenders Auto FT for NICE Durant Auto RC
  2196. 3 point champion-kevin love rookie auto lot
  2197. kobe bryant box topper auto /75 ft/fs
  2198. Michael Jordan 1/1
  2199. VHTG Jordan/LeBron Dual Auto /50 FOR Mickey Mantle
  2200. Ft: Dwight howard triple threads ww 1/1 and 08-09 shane battier hot prospects 1/5
  2201. LF: Shaq AU ???
  2202. Durant Auto Wanted
  2203. FT for Basketball- Cam Auto /50, Flacco Auto /5 and Flacco Patch/Auto /10
  2204. Jeremy Lin Autographed 8th Grade Yearbook !! Trading for Massive High-End Jordan etc.
  2205. 2010 r&s jeremy lin rc auto fs /499....hot hot hot!!
  2206. WTT: 2 Color SP Authentic 2005 KOBE BRYANT Patch /50
  2207. MIchael jordan wanted
  2208. Emmitt/LT dual auto/25 bv 400 FT for LeBron auto..
  2209. Kevin Durant rookie auto /25
  2210. Blake Griffing 2009 Nationals RC Auto FT!
  2211. LeBron/Jordan Dual Auto /50
  2212. Bored looking to do some highend trading.
  2213. WTTF Derrick Rose RC Auto
  2214. Lf exquisite limited logos
  2215. Looking to Trade or Buy any Andrew Bynum Rookie Autos
  2216. **FT- Aaron Rodgers Playoff Contenders RC Auto for a Jordan Auto!!**
  2217. FS/FT Derrick ROse Auto 3 Color Jersey /5
  2218. FT/FS 02-03 UD Glass Jordan/Kobe jersey BGS 9.5
  2219. lin lebron d rose durant
  2220. WTB Lebron James Ultimate RC Auto
  2222. Please someone bring me highend lebron
  2223. High End FT/FS: Kobe Rose Nique Westbrook Durant Wall Bird
  2224. Just a dual auto of some scrubs, dont bother looking...
  2225. 11-12 SPA Lebron James Rookie FX auto 1/3 ft
  2226. Kevin Love RC Autos FOR TRADE
  2227. LF high end exquisite any year gold,patches,etc
  2228. Need Bill Russell EXQUISITES
  2229. Babe Ruth bat card!! looking for lebron,jerry west and john wall
  2230. 3 Sport HighEnd FT
  2231. Albert Pujols spx auto rc ft!
  2232. Selective Swatch Anderson Varejao SICKK Cavaliers 1/1 Jumbo Logo Patch !!
  2233. FT: Durant Autofacts Auto
  2234. Buying/Trading For These Guys...
  2235. Wtb 09-10 Crown Royale Majestic Signatures
  2236. Nice Lebron FT need a DROSE RC jsy/patch auto in return
  2237. WTB High End Eric Gordon Rookies
  2238. Exquisite Dual Number Pieces 1/1 Rc Auto Patch
  2239. $178.74 in paypal burning a hole in my pocket
  2240. Looking for Michael Jordan Chronology Auto
  2241. High End Bucket For Trade Durant and Kobe Autos
  2242. WTTF Rajon Rondo
  2243. Lf:dwade bowman chrome auto rc & topps mark of execellence auto rc
  2244. Kobe Chrome, Lebron Rc autos Wade Rc autos
  2245. Michael Jordan/Julius Erving Dual Auto /10 FT!
  2246. Tiger Woods BGS 9.5 Auto /42 - looking to trade down
  2247. Looking for blake griffin
  2248. Buying Vince Carter exquisite
  2249. LF: Derrick Rose auto RCs
  2250. Wanted d. Robinson 97-98 championship precious metal gems
  2251. FS/FT Blake Griffin rc Auto
  2252. Anthony Davis poster
  2253. FS - Al Horford 08 09 Topps Treasury Mini Logoman 1/1 -
  2254. lots of KEVIN GARNETT autos for trade
  2255. SP Significance Russell/Frazier dual auto 1/1
  2256. 2 Sealed 2003-04 SPx Basketball boxes FT for 1-2 cards
  2257. Buying high end Wall...
  2258. Looking to trade highend.
  2259. Lf frenchie exquisite autos
  2260. 09-10 Blake Griffin Panini Threads RC Auto letter "N"
  2261. LF Lebron Exquisite Auto Patch
  2262. Looking for Logomen, 1/1 logos, game worn letter patches
  2263. TRUE 1/1 Daniel Orton Rookie Auto FT/FS w/SCANS!!!
  2264. Kevin Durant 07/08 Topps Chrome Ref BGS 9.5
  2265. WTB WTTF Andrew Bynum Rookie Autos
  2266. [March Update] High-End Durant/Drose/LeBron/Rubio/Griffin Rookie Autos FT
  2267. Ft: Sidney Crosby SPX rc!
  2268. Multi-Sport High End Thread FT!
  2269. FT: Shawn Kemp Auto /250
  2270. FT: 07/08 Ultimate Kevin Durant & Jeff Green Dual On-Card AUTO 22/25 (Green's JSY #)
  2271. Wade 3C 5 Break Hot Prospects RPA
  2272. 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie ft!!!!
  2273. Jordan Autos, Megatron Rc auto
  2274. Jumbo High End Multi-Sport Trade List! TONS OF NEW STUFF!
  2275. LF Clyde Drexler
  2276. Attn Bucks Collectors...trading Monta RC Autos
  2277. Updated bucket, looking to trade!
  2278. LF : 0405 Autofocus M.Jordan
  2279. Illustrious Signatures Michael Jordan on card auto /15
  2280. LeBron James Famous Fabrics GAME WORN Letter "J" Patch 1/1 SICK !!!
  2281. LTB Vince Carter exquisite
  2282. National Treasures Kobe Jersey Auto /20 FT
  2283. Looking for Michael Jordan Auto
  2284. FT National Treasures Kobe All NBA auto /99 BGS 9
  2285. high end auto for trade
  2286. WTB Kobe Court Kings 16x20 Lithos
  2287. FT: Dwyane Wade au/gu for a Peyton Manning au/gu
  2288. LTB Michael Jordan Bulls on card auto...best I can buy for $1500!!!
  2289. Looking for highend lebron!
  2290. My High End Bucket Is Overflowing And Wants To Be Dealt! COME IN AND TRADE!
  2291. FT Blake Griffin Classics RC Auto BGS 9.5
  2292. LF: Chris Paul Ultimate Collection RC AU
  2293. Michael jordan ultimate auto ft! looking for football
  2294. Eric Gordon Ultimate Collection RC AU Patch /150 FS/FT
  2295. Sunday Sale/Trade Thread (Scans)
  2296. Danilo Gallinari Exquisite GOLD rookie auto 38/44!!!
  2297. Any High End Mayo, Jennings, curry, tyreke, or josh and j.r. smith available
  2298. looking to move my cam newton 3 color patch rc auto /10
  2299. Russ Westbrook RC Auto
  2300. Looking for Dwight Howard Exquisite limited logos 08-09
  2301. LF: 90's HIGH END Grant Hill cards.
  2302. Lebron Autograph 23/23
  2303. Michael Jordan Hand Signed 1973 Babe Ruth Smithsonian card with COA and LOA !!
  2304. Need Exquisite autos of Melo,CP3,Noah,T.Parker & Kevin Love
  2305. 1998-99 ud ionix authentics auto penny hardaway /5??? For sale!
  2306. Testing Waters on Lebron Spx RC
  2307. FS/FT Jeremy Lin Timeless Treasures RC Auto /299
  2308. Haven't Traded in a LONG TIME. Looking for High-End
  2309. FT/FS Dwight Howard Topps Chrome Gold Refr RC /99 (BGS 9)
  2310. Bill Russell PSA Signed Rookie Card
  2311. John Wall Contenders auto patch FS
  2312. Does anyone have a graded Jordan rc!?
  2313. LeBron/Melo Dual Auto GU trading for Hockey !
  2314. lebron kobe durant rose high end ft
  2315. FT Kobe Bryant Elite Black Box Crusade AUTO /149
  2316. Buying / trading Kevin Love high end / SP authentic
  2317. 2006 topps big game Shaquille O'Neal auto/patch 17/25
  2318. LF UD Black
  2319. Rose spa 9.5, Durant squizz 9.0 ft for mj
  2320. Wtt: Highend football for highend bkb
  2321. Looking to buy 11/12 SP Authentic Autos Jordan,Lebron,Rose etc
  2322. Kobe auto FT
  2323. Kobe Bryant Bowmans Best Atomic Refractor PSA 10 GEM
  2324. Dirk Nowitzki TC Rookie Refractor FT/FS
  2325. Looking for durant
  2326. Ft/fs tyreke evans national treasures rookie auto patch /99
  2327. Want logomen !!
  2328. FS/FT 10-11 Contenders Jeremy Lin RC AUTO PATCH
  2329. WTT Highend Baseball Prospect Autos for a Kevin Love RC Auto
  2330. FT 2009 Absolute RC Mark Sanchez JUMBO PATCH/AUTO /10 (WTTF Basketball)
  2331. kobe patch 1/4
  2332. LeBron Auto, Printing Plate Set, and Black Ref. RC for SALE
  2333. want to test the water : Dirk Nowitzki Timeless Treasures auto patch 10/10 FT & FS
  2334. Looking for an MJ Titanium insert
  2335. LTB Durant SPA RPA
  2336. WTT: Baseball & Football for Highend Basketball! Kobe, MJ, Lebron, Rose
  2337. Adrian Peterson Exquisite Auto 1/5 FT - After A Kobe, among others
  2338. Kobe Bryant 01-02 Hardcourt Floor Auto FT
  2339. LF high end Westbrook RC's
  2340. Ft: Wall/griffin/cousins /10 auto
  2341. RARE Kobe Bryant NT Notable Nicknames 'MVP' Inscription
  2342. Lots of High-End Available; Want KD, MJ & Jeter RC
  2343. Looking for WESTBROOK autos!!!
  2344. 4 Star Signatures - Jordan/Bryant/James/Garnett
  2345. Looking to buy a Michael Jordan Auto
  2346. WTB rare Thunder Rookies - #ed 25 or lower!
  2347. Looking to make a splash with this stuff- show me some super high end
  2348. looking for these specific chronology autos...
  2349. Kevin Durant rc auto fs!!
  2350. Hobby boxes FT for high end Jeremy Lin RC autos possibly
  2351. 3 cards or less to help complete my sets plz help
  2352. Looking To Complete The Set 09-10 Crown Royale Majestic Signatures
  2353. WTTF: 1/1's, Jumbo patches, good autos, stuff you cant put a price on!
  2354. 08-09 UD Legacy MICHAEL JORDAN Game Used Jersey /23
  2355. 2 Lebron James autos FT For High End Anything
  2356. Kevin love gold for sale
  2357. 2 Kevin durant RC autos for sale
  2358. 03-04 Ultimate Michael Jordan Auto Gold #/23 FT/FS
  2359. Ty Lawson National Treasure Gold RPA 12 breaks!
  2360. Rose wanted...
  2361. looking for a kobe bryant topps chrome rookie
  2362. 2012 SPA Michael Jordan By the Letter UNC "L" Patch /23
  2363. Wilt Chamberlain, Patrick Ewing, LeBron Signed Memorabilia for High End Cards !!!
  2364. High end durant and love for trade
  2365. Want to buy Dwyane Wade Rookie Auto
  2366. Best Tom Brady Auto!
  2367. Lakers triple patch and dr.j FT for HOCKEY. Kobe, magic, kareem
  2368. Michael Jordan Exquisite Auto/23!!
  2369. Few hundred to spend on Jordan cards
  2370. FS/FT Jordan/Lebron Trilogy Dual Jersey Auto
  2371. WTT durant, Jeff green dual rc auto for nice Westbrook rc auto!!!
  2372. FS: Ekpe Udoh patch/auto 25/25, Derozan/Beaubois Dual /49, etc SCANS
  2373. michael jordan rc FT
  2374. Looking for a Nice Michael Jordan Auto -On Card Bulls Uni
  2375. WTB Derrick Rose/Kevin Durant RC Auto
  2376. FS/FT: (2) Tracy McGrady Topps Chrome Refractor RCs PSA 10 (POP 19)
  2377. Last Try Before Playoffs: Jordan/Lebron Dual Auto /50
  2378. Linsanity fs!!
  2379. $2000 Spend on jordan/kobe auto
  2380. Two Patch Booklets FS/FT
  2381. Looking for durant and rose sp authentic patch auto.
  2382. Entire (Very) High End Collection Available
  2383. WTT Shawn Marion Turkey red Suede jersey 3/3
  2384. Looking for any Gerald Green!!!
  2385. Michael Jordan 2012 Industry Summit SP Exclusive Auto /20 !!
  2386. Looking for K Love SPA and Rubio Autos
  2387. FS/FT CAM NEWTON AUTO RC 2011 SP Authentic Emerald
  2388. trading up for something higher end
  2389. Sweet Larry Bird Elite Black Box Patch Auto /5
  2390. Last try Harper Chrome ref auto
  2391. Ft/fs:grant hill preferred auto patch
  2392. Sell nearly complete Set UD Black Dual Materials !!
  2393. Basically Complete Set: 2009-2010 Panini Hall of Fame Famed Signatures
  2394. Jeff Teague National Treasures RPA FS
  2395. michael jordan auto /5 and luc longley pmg red
  2396. Possibly looking to trade this Magic Johnson for LeBron
  2397. Interested in Bird/Erving/Magic PSA 9 or 10 1980/81
  2398. derrick rose rookie 3 color patch #d/25
  2399. FS/FT: 2006/07 Reserve MICHAEL JORDAN & LEBRON JAMES Dual Auto /50 !!!
  2400. Looking to trade some mixed high end cards for mj autos!
  2401. Nice Melo /5 Auto
  2402. Looking for High End Durant and Westbrook!!!
  2403. Tons of high end in here. Dont miss out...Lebron, Rose, Gordon Exquisite.
  2404. Joe Alexander SPGU LOGOMAN for trade or sale !!!
  2405. High-End Durant,Lebron, ose, Magic, Bird, Kobe RC Autos FT || LF: Rookie Auto Patches
  2406. Trading only
  2407. FT - 93/94 Michael Jordan Scoring Kings
  2408. 11/12 SPA LeBron James Auto FT!!
  2409. WTB: Anyone have a Kobe Bryant National Treasures Prime Patch Auto?
  2410. Some Nice Highend FT
  2411. Devin Harris Game-Used Letterman FT/FS
  2412. Buying/Trading for Russell Westbrook
  2413. Jmarsili trade/sell list with scans
  2414. High end FT- Durant, Rose and Wade
  2415. FS/FT: 99-00 Andre Miller Star Rubies RC SP 25/25
  2416. granger 1/1 logoman ft! looking for a nice cam!
  2417. Jeremy Lin Hoops Auto For Trade!!! Knicks!!!
  2418. LF Brandon Jennings NT & OJ Mayo Exquisite
  2419. HEAT: Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Garnett /10_FT
  2420. FS/FT Dr. James Naismith UD Cut Auto
  2421. FT: Carmelo Anthony Gold Nugget AUTO 3/3
  2422. Super Rare MJ AUTO FT (Come Big)
  2423. Just Wanted To Kick These Around
  2424. Possibly FT/FS: ALL STAR BOOKLET Griffin/LeBron/Dirk/Wade/Melo/Rose/Durant /199
  2425. Griffin and LBJ autos wanted - Have Durant, DRose, Kobe, Paul George NT RPA available
  2426. High end RARE insert...94-95 SP Michael Jordan BGS 9.5 1:225 packs FT/FS +++
  2427. Cam Newton FT for B Ball
  2428. FT B.Griffin Auto /5!! 10-11 Gold Standard (LF Durant or LeBron)
  2429. Matt Kemp Chrome Blue Ref RC auto for Basketball
  2430. MICHAEL JORDAN & LEBRON JAMES UD Reserve Dual Auto /50 !!!
  2431. FT: 1997-98 Topps Finest #154 Michael Jordan Masters Gold BGS 9.5 Gem
  2432. Does Anyone Have A 1994 Holoview Michael Jordan Die Cut Baseball RC
  2433. Russell Westbrook SP Authentic Rookie Auto Patch
  2434. FT/FS Kobe Auto & Rudy Gay RC Patch Auto /10
  2435. High end basketall for trade / for sale
  2436. Buying: 1986-87 FLEER MICHAEL JORDAN ROOKIE RC #57 BGS 9.5 GEM MINT!
  2437. Please Help Complete Sets $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2438. FT: Super Cam Newton Auto Rc Patch #4/10 BGS 9.5 Sick!!!
  2439. FT/FS: Derrick Rose Radiance SPx Patch/Auto RC 04/25
  2440. Trading for kobe ON CARD autos that catch my eye.
  2441. Dwight Howard UDA Basketball rookie year FT for cards
  2442. i want a michael jordan auto
  2443. Been Gone Lately. Back And Ready To Deal All High End!
  2444. Andruw "SMASH" Bynum Dual Jersey Auto #/17 FT
  2445. for sell/trade jordan,bird,magic,dr j,kobe,metal gems....
  2446. Derrick Rose UD Black Gold patch auto /30 FT
  2447. Michael Jordan Hand Signed SP Authentic Bulls On-Card Auto !! UDA Hologram
  2448. Looking for Michael Jordan autos (Bulls or Wizards Uniform) has High end for trade
  2449. Robert Parish Logoman Auto 1/4 FS
  2450. Have these high end BKB for trade.
  2451. I need a Durant Exquisite
  2452. Alando Tucker RC 9/10, Shawn Marion Turkey red suede jersey 3/3 anybody need them
  2453. Looking to acquire a michael jordan auto
  2454. football jordan rc ft for jordan autos or lebron autos
  2455. Jerry Rice NT patch auto for basketball...
  2456. I have $$$ for MICHAEL JORDAN AUTO
  2457. Have These High End BKB FT/FS
  2458. 2009-10 Greats of the Game Team Pride Auto Derrick Rose /10
  2459. Exquisite 06-07 Autographed Patch LaMarcus Aldridge
  2460. Lebron james Significance Auto FS
  2461. Very Nice High-End FS! LeBron, Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Magic, Rose, CP3 || $2500+ SV
  2462. FT 10-11 National Treasures HOF Auto-Patch ISIAH THOMAS 11/25 JSY NR!! WOW STUNNING!!
  2463. Cam Newton For Michael Jordan
  2464. Kobe auto for LBJ auto
  2465. Anyone have a 09/10 Panini HOF Dream Team Patches or Scottie Pippen AU FT/FS?
  2466. Feilding Offers For This Rose and MJ Auto
  2467. Jameer Nelson 2004-05 Fleer Throwbacks RC 1/1 FT/FS
  2468. SP Signatures Jordan/Lebron/Magic/Garnett/Carmelo /10
  2469. HARPERs FOR TRADE for Jordan, Kobe or Lebron
  2470. FT Westbrook RC auto #'d to 25 + Ibaka RC auto #'d to 10 + Dr. J + Duncan + Kidd/Nash
  2471. Trying To Complete Set 09-10 Crown Royale Majestic Signatures
  2472. LF Michael Jordan patches
  2473. MJ UD Black All-Star Patch Auto /25
  2474. Anyone for a rare Brook Lopez auto /10?
  2475. High End BASKETBALL card block. New card every 24 hours!
  2476. durant and lebron autos for brady or aaron rodgers?
  2477. Blake Griffin Exquisite rc /225 FT
  2478. LF: Derrick rose auto for $300
  2479. Harden treasure 13 breaks.
  2480. The Help me cut weight before I fly on Tuesday Sale! Send Offers, Entire bucket avail
  2481. Seeing if theres any interest in this. 97 Kobe SP Profiles
  2482. 1996-97 Topps Mystery Finest Refractor set 22 Cards
  2483. Looking for football on this sweeet card
  2484. LeBron for LeBron?
  2485. FT--> Dwyane Wade Jersey,Patch,Auto & RC.
  2487. Wtt:football for john wall auto/patch
  2488. Wantlist...let me know if you have any leads for me
  2489. My Pujols BA-AP for your basketball autos
  2490. FT-FS Tyreke Nice Oncard Rc Auto
  2491. Larry Bird Gold Standard Patch Auto /10 FS/FT
  2492. Looking
  2493. EN FUEGO! Blake Griffin NT rc RAP, CP3 Ultimate GOLD, Durantula FT/FS
  2494. Trading these 2 Durants
  2495. LeBron Auto
  2496. Looking to trade this Rose rookie auto and MJ Auto For best 1 card i can get
  2497. BIG O Panini Preferred Oscar Robertson Crown Royale /10
  2498. Buying/trading high end for pacquiao auto
  2499. LF trade autos(include high end)
  2500. Putting my Monster up (Jordan Bird Booklet Auto /5) best trade or buy offer will win
  2501. Have These 0708 Chronology Autos FT/FS
  2502. Precision Cam gold auto /50 FT for LBJ Auto
  2503. Mikan 03-04 Legends Inscriptions **FT**
  2504. Tons of High-End Football and Basketball available !!
  2505. Vince Carter NT Laundry Tag 1/1 auto FT
  2506. Better Come Strong...Kobe Bryant Atomic BGS 9.5
  2507. kobe, griffin,parish auto's ft
  2508. last time im doing this MJ auto graded FT
  2509. LF Panini Past and present Gamers Jersey
  2510. Julian Wright SPx Rookie LOGOMAN Auto 1/1 Sickkkk !!
  2511. Possibly FT for Bball: BRYCE CHROME AUTO BGS 9.5/10
  2512. High End Julio Auto for your basketball???
  2513. Blake Griffin 09/10 Prestige Auto #20/50 FT
  2514. This Michael Jordan autographed gold auto 8x10 w/COA FT/FS!!!
  2515. LO/MD/HI END Dwyane Wade for Trade!
  2516. Russell Westbrook SP Authentic LOGO PATCH AUTO BGS 9.5/10
  2517. Opening Up the Bucket - All Durant/Westbrook/Lebrons F/T
  2518. Jeremy Lin contenders rc auto ft
  2519. Durants!! For trade
  2520. FT 08-09 B. Russell auto
  2521. Ultra High-End Exquisites FT! Paul Logo and Rose /99
  2522. Many High End FT! Old GU,High End Autos, All Sorts of Great Stuff!!!
  2523. Trading some Highend
  2524. Looking for these Chronology and 2000 Legends Autos
  2525. Michael Jordan SP Signature Auto Perfect Sig !!
  2526. Blake Griffin Stamped Next Day On-Card RC Auto FT/FS
  2527. Exquisite Rose, Dual HOF Autos, Kobe Auto, Bill Russell - FT
  2528. Lf melo,cp3 & frenchie exquisite autos
  2529. High End Lebron James /Derrick Rose dual auto 3/3!!!
  2530. 2008-09 UD Exquisite Lebron James Patch Proof Blank Back 1/1 Trade
  2531. Anfernee hardaway encore auto!
  2532. 2008-09 UD Exquisite Patch Proof 1/1 Lebron, Jordan, Durant, & More
  2533. DRose FT LF Bosh
  2534. Football Bucket FT for Lebron
  2535. Durant rc jsy auto #'d /25 FT or FS!!!
  2536. Anyone Have a Kevin Durant Auto FS!?!?!
  2537. Exquisite Dirk Nowitzki Jumbo 3 Color Patch /50 FT!!!
  2538. Michael Jordan Auto FT
  2539. Durant Rc auto FS!!!
  2540. 2003 Bogut True Rookie Auto #6/7 GEM 10
  2541. 2007 James Harden Topps Mcdonalds Rare SSP XRc Auto
  2542. 97-98 Flair Showcase Kobe Bryant #/250 BGS-9.5
  2543. Bring me Chronology Canvas autos
  2544. High End, Blake NT, Rose. Dwight & Stockton Exquisite + MORE...
  2545. Looking for Julius Erving Chronology
  2546. 2009-10 Durant Exquisite /199
  2547. GARNETT 5/10!!! and other High end Basketball FT FS
  2548. FT - Kevin Durant SP Authentic Rookie Auto Patch
  2549. my high end football for basketball
  2550. 06-07 Topps Co-Signers Larry Bird/ Adam Morrison dual auto FT
  2551. Anyone have Parker/Ginobili Auto?
  2552. Up on ebay for sale one day auction 24 hours durant spa 3clr and lebron ultimate auto
  2553. A Few Good Men
  2554. Michael Jordan Gold Auto 9x11 Plaque With COA FT for high end
  2555. FS: Lebron James UD Glass RC GU, Rus Westbrook topps chrome RC and REF RC
  2556. High End Hockey Cards for MJ Auto
  2557. Highend FT Durant SPa Auto Rc Rubio Ultimate Auto Rc +
  2558. World of Sports Derrick Rose SP Auto f/t
  2559. High End For Sale - Chronology, LeBron, Kobe, Durant Magic, Bird, Rose || Autos & RCs
  2560. Lebron James Auto FT
  2561. HE Racing FT- Looking for MJ/Kobe/Durant/Lebron auto
  2562. Fs/ft - high end - whats left of my former pc
  2563. Looking for decent Kevin Durant AUTO in THUNDER Uni!!!!
  2564. Bored. Made bucket. High end. Mid end. Lots of HoF!
  2565. WANTED: Dirk Nowitzki Auto
  2566. Would like to trade for Jordan and/or Lebron
  2567. Got my Harper BGS Auto Back! Possibly taking offers for HIGHEND BBALL!
  2568. One Very High End hockey for a Jordan Auto or Graded Rookie
  2569. Any LeBron Rookie Autos Out There?
  2570. CLEARING OUT Bucket, CHEAP! JORDAN PC Open For A Short Time!
  2571. Looking for 0304 Mickael Pietrus exquisite RC auto.
  2572. Kevin Durant PSA 10 Nationals Redemption Elite Status #/5
  2573. Durant rc auto
  2574. D.wade jumbo patch/10
  2575. Wall, Rose and LBJ possibly f/t
  2576. Will pay top dollar for any harden treasure and exquisite gold.
  2577. Michael Jordan G/U Lot of 6 for $200dlvd OBO
  2578. Looking for a Rondo Auto
  2579. Anfernee penny hardway rare auto for sale!
  2580. Michael Jordan Autographed Card! Excellent condition
  2581. Kevin Durant RC Auto /50 - UD Black
  2582. FS/FT Michael Jordan AUTOFOCUS bgs 9 w/10auto
  2583. John Stockton Elevation Auto Patch #/7
  2584. FT/FS Kevin Durant SP Authentic Auto Rc BGS 9/10 Last Chance
  2585. Anyone have durant rc autos for trade
  2586. Trading Jordan Auto for Durant RC Auto(s)
  2587. 03-04 Lebron James Spx auto jersey rookie
  2588. Ray Allen Absolute Patch Auto /5 FT/FS!!!
  2589. Looking for graded2 Durant/Lebron RC Auto's
  2590. Looking for 06/07 Ultimate Sig autos of Magic and Lebron
  2591. FT: High End Heat Autos Wade/Shaq
  2592. OKC FT!!! Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka + Kidd/Nash Dual auto+ Garnett RC (3 BGS 9.5s!!!!)
  2593. FS : 2002-03 SPx Carlos Boozer RC Auto/Jersey SPECTRUM #d /25
  2594. WTB: Lebron James on-card auto/s
  2595. Looking To Complete Set Crown Royale Majestic Signatures
  2596. Russell Westbrook SPX Home Jersey RC Auto /199 FT
  2597. HE Nascar FS/FT JJ/Jr/Gordon & One of a kind OHIO STATE BUCKEYES Letterman Panel
  2598. Hockey Cards for MJ Auto
  2599. Super High End LeBron & Wade FT/FS
  2600. Lf ty lawson high end
  2601. WTB: 03-04 Exquisite base and rcs BGS 9.5
  2602. Anyone Have a Lebron or Kobe AUTOFOCUS FS?
  2603. lebron
  2604. FT/FS: High End Durant, Westbrook, Wade
  2605. Unreal SP Rookie Threads Letterman Panel !! FS/FT
  2606. Trading Davy Jones Pop Century Auto /5 For High End Basketball
  2607. FT - MJ Limited Logos BGS 9 for 98-99 MJ SOTT Gold Auto
  2608. lebron james auto /15
  2609. WTT Mid/High FB for BBall
  2610. Durant Dual Patch Auto /5 & Kobe Scorboard Auto RC /325 FT/FS
  2612. MJ Bulls Auto /25 and other Higher End FT/FS
  2613. Michael Jordan Auto For Trade/Sell
  2614. Jordan AUTO FS/FT
  2615. FT - 3x Durant SPA Patch autos
  2616. 120$+ Paypal ready for 1 high end card!
  2617. Jordan/Rodman Exquisite auto /10.
  2618. WTTF: Reggie Miller High End Cards
  2619. Wheres the Michael Jordan 90s Inserts
  2620. Ft hoopla kevin durant jersey auto 1/1 1/25
  2621. Kevin Durant Goudey Sport Royalty SSP RC Auto BGS 9/10
  2622. High End Stuff Will Trade or Sell --- Lebron, Kobe, Westbrook, Rose
  2623. LF: Jason Kidd 90's - PAYPAL ready
  2624. High End Lebron Auto Rcs FS/FT
  2625. Anybody have a Barkley or Webber Autographics?
  2626. kobe bryant NBA finals game worn patch auto /5
  2627. Jeremy Lin 1/1 Auto FS/FT
  2628. Entire high end bucket fs/ft! Take it all!
  2629. high end Fb for BB
  2630. looking for a JORDAN auto
  2631. FEW RARE HOF AUTOGRAPHS! AUTO, Dual Autos, Triple Autos, QUAD AUTOS! *LOOK*
  2632. Looking for Derrick Rose RC on card auto
  2633. High End Graded 90s Jordan insert for grabs before I sell locally Metal Fusion 98-99
  2634. Some nice cards FT
  2635. Lebron rookie auto jersey exquisite noble nameplates /25
  2636. FT Kevin Durant Rookie on card Auto /50
  2637. Lebron James 04-05 Hardcourt Sigs Auto
  2638. Lebrons for sale or trade!
  2639. 1992 wild card errors
  2640. Few Dwyane Wades for trade
  2641. LBJ Sp auto f/t for football
  2642. LeBron 03-04 SPSE Auto RC PSA 10
  2643. Let's tradeTRADEtrade!
  2644. LF High END Melo,Cp,Frencies & Ty Lawson
  2645. LF: Bill Russell
  2646. LF: Kobe Jordan Dual Auto or Kobe Lebron Jordan Triple Auto
  2647. Michael Jordan AUTO FOCUS auto FS/FT
  2648. James harden nt rpa /25 13 breaks ft/fs
  2649. russell westbrook patch auto /6 FS
  2650. I got #'d/5 lebron auto & paypal for on card jordan auto.....look!!!
  2651. looking to sell my BLAKE GRIFFIN Court Kings ROOKIE AUTO
  2652. ALL Jordan Collectors Have to check this out! BGS 9.5 Star
  2653. Kevin Durant on card auto fs
  2654. Trading High End Football For Basketball
  2655. High End WADE Auto for sale!!!
  2656. Highend Crosby Rookie year auto for basketball
  2657. WTTF / WTB 2007-08 UD Black 50th Anniversary Autographs
  2658. Dwyane Wades FT maybe MJ & Bryce autos as well
  2659. FS/FT: MJ, K. Malone, Stockton, TMac, Magic, Nash, KG, DWade Autos
  2660. #/3 Dominique Wilkins, Vince Carter, Andre Iguodala triple auto triple jersey
  2661. FT: 2005-06 Bowman Chrome Amare Stoudemire SUPERFRACTOR #1/1!
  2662. FS Michael Jordan Rookie PSA 9, 8.5, and 7
  2663. Lf: High end!!!
  2664. Trading this lot of (8) NT RPA's for 1 high end card
  2665. Lebron James Auto /25 - $225 - Also trading for Griffin + Dirk Autos!
  2666. Anyone need this??
  2667. LF: High end Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, etc.
  2668. Help Me With My Hi-End Michael Jordan 1990s Insert Collection!
  2669. FS: 2 SICK Westbrooks, 10-11 NT LOGO Patch/Auto /6 & 09-10 TT Patch/Auto /25
  2670. Michael Jordan PC Open For A Short Time - PSA 10, BGS 9.5, Refractors etc
  2671. High end trading
  2672. Sellling: Dwyane Wade Fleer Authentix GOLD Rc Auto Card
  2673. Michael Jordan Auto For Trade
  2674. LF: Kevin Durant/Kobe Bryant LOGOMAN card
  2675. Lf high end melo,cp3,noah & ty lawson
  2676. High End Wade RC Autos FT
  2677. Michael jordan exquisite limited logos bgs 9 for sale
  2678. Jordan/LeBron Triple AU /8, Certified RC AU Wall /49, Dream Team Bird Patch jsy'ed
  2679. Can these HIGHEND Hockey get me a Jordan Autograph.
  2680. These cards available for a Michael Jordan auto (will also check buckets)
  2681. Robert Griffin III Press Pass next level ink! WILL TRADE FOR Durant,LeBron,Kobe,MJ3
  2682. Have Paypal, LF Rare/HighEnd Kobe 90s, Durant, Rose, EG, Jordan Auto, John Wall !!
  2683. LF: LeBron autos
  2684. Looking for LARRY BIRD auto`s
  2685. Looking for LeBron Autos!
  2686. Kobe Bryant Crown Royale Majestic Signatures Auto /199
  2687. Lebron UD Black Ticket Silver Auto /50!
  2688. 07/08 michael jordan exquisite enshrinements 1/25
  2689. Kevin Durant Logo Man Tag, Certified Green Prime and a 1/1 starting at $0.99!
  2690. Kobe Bryant Topps Chrome rc PSA 10 for trade
  2691. My Michael Jordan Game Used Wantlist PayPal Ready Need ASAP
  2692. 04-05 Sweet Shot Sig Shots Red Michael Jordan AU
  2693. $150-$200 Ben Wallace, J R Smith, Ibaka & Stuckey + set chases
  2694. Karl Malone Buyback Auto for Sale
  2695. 10/11 Panini HOF Famed Signatures Auto Set
  2696. 11-12 SP Authentic Autographs LeBron James
  2697. Some Cards FT or FS, Take a Look!
  2698. Some stuff Ft or FS
  2699. Im looking for Lebron, Kobe, Jordan...any high end basketball
  2700. Wtb d Robinson flair legacies & super raves top $$$$$$$
  2701. Paypal ready up to 5k for michael jordan auto from the 90's
  2702. I am back and have high end to trade!
  2703. Lebron and Wall autos......
  2704. 2010-11 Crown Royale Toni Kukoc auto/jersy /49
  2705. FS: Karl Malone/John Starks 97-98 Stadium Club Co-Signers Auto
  2706. FT: Kevin Garnett 03-04 EXQUISITE Auto/Patch
  2707. 10-11 SPA SOTT LeBron auto & 10-11 Absolute Spectrum Auto Blake Griffin /99 FT
  2708. Moving ALL of my Autos, Logomen, Patches and more !!
  2709. Griffin For trade Looking for a Nice Lebron
  2710. few nice high end jordans ft/fs
  2711. Blake Griffin National Treasures Rookie Patch /25
  2712. Anyone got any autographed vintage cards?
  2713. FS/FT: 2004-05 Exquisite Ray Allen Auto Patch 20/100
  2714. Want to trade my Exquisite Dual Auto/Jersey /10 Emmitt Smith/Barry Sanders for bball
  2715. Trading topps 2012 gypsy queen auto for basketball
  2716. Karl Malone UD Pros & Prospects Jersey Auto
  2717. metal gems,logoman,platium,rose auto....
  2718. LF: Bill Russell
  2719. Trading topps deron williams gold xfrac rc auto 20/39
  2720. looking for a Lebron auto
  2721. Looking to buy a Carmelo Anthony auto
  2722. FS/FT: 1984-85 Star Michael Jordan XRC BGS 8.5
  2723. High-end trading possible - Jordan Exquisite auto (box), Meigray game-worn jerseys...
  2724. SP Authentic Rajon Rondo RC Auto 9.5 FT/FS!
  2725. Just looking for a nice trade! (Got Westbrook, Rose, Griffin & more available!)
  2726. Wtb Exquisite Jordan Patch auto /50 or less. Lmk
  2727. looking for tags..nba logo tag, team logo tag BUYING WTB
  2728. Looking for MJ Graded RC: Jordan Auto, Johnny U Cut Auto, Bundy AFLAC
  2729. Lots of high end for trade - Lebron Exquisite, Durant, Griffin + More!
  2730. Looking for these Chronology Autos
  2731. Kevin Durant auto 2 card fs
  2732. Need to move these autos!!
  2733. WTTF/WTB Kevin Durant SPA RAP
  2734. Looking to Trade like Crazy! Tons of Highend Stuff for trade Multisport Carmelo, Bird
  2735. Durant Lebron DRose Kobe Autos and Refractors GUs etc
  2736. WTB: PSA 10 Basketball & Football Hall of Famers on-card autographed cards
  2737. WTB Stephen Curry Tag from NT
  2738. Looking to trade and sell--anything is available
  2739. Crazy trade thread! Trading all sports for any sports! Prospects-hof-high end!
  2740. David robinson 98 99 skybox autographics for trade.
  2741. High End FS/FT - BGS 9 CP3 Exq RPA, BGS 9.5 Jennings NT RPA, Dh 12 '04 Exq LL, + MORE
  2742. Looking to buy high end $500+ lots!
  2743. looking to trade this Kareem Abdul Jabbar Auto for Toni Kukoc
  2744. Looking for a MJ Auto...Looking to do a cash and tarde deal
  2745. allen iverson fans, please come in. 1/1 patch jersey name plates logos
  2746. wanting to buy Kobe Bryant Topps chrome refractor rookie card.
  2747. Kevin durant nt auto 10/10 ft
  2748. Anyone want to trade?
  2749. Anybody Interested in this Kobe Bryant On Card Auto FT/FS
  2750. Wayne Gretzky The Cup Dual Auto + Paypal for a Michael Jordan Auto?
  2751. LF: Elgin Baylor and Oscar Robertson RC
  2752. Fs/Ft: Logomen/nt plat rc's/Kobe auto +other rare cards!
  2753. Highend for Trade For a Michael Jordan Auto
  2754. WTT down on 2010-11 Limited Jumbo Signatures Kobe Bryant /25
  2755. (14) Derrick Rose Autos FT
  2756. Trading Basketball and other sports for Baseball Bob cousy auto summitt auto
  2757. 2 Super highend LEBRON JAMES RC AUTOS!!
  2758. Hahahaha i know nobody on here has a card like this >>>>haha
  2759. Have $200, Want KD rookie auto,Lebron,Kobe auto
  2760. High-End FT: Lebron/Kobe/Magic/Durant/Rose ~ RC Autos, Ultimate, Chrono., Youthquake
  2761. FT: Griffin/Harden/Thabeet RC Triple Auto /49
  2762. High-End Durant Auto BGS 9.5 FT/FS!
  2763. Michael Jordan 07-08 Portraits SP auto FT!
  2764. Jordan Finest Refractor FT!!!
  2765. High end autos for trade!
  2766. Sale: Derrick Rose Ultimate auto RC
  2767. Looking to trade high end cards for some MJ autos!
  2768. Trading My High-End Autos & 1/1 Logos for Signed Sports Memorabilia
  2769. who has High end Kobe or Lebron auto patch for trade ??
  2770. My basketball for your football - Lebron,Wade,Westbrook,Dwight,Webber,Mourning&More.
  2771. Andrew Luck 2012 Elite Series Auto /99 FT for Rose Durant Lebron etc
  2772. Trading Michael Jordan GU UNC Court Auto /5 for Andrew Luck Auto
  2773. FT: KG Exquisite LOT (03-04/07-08)
  2774. FS: High End Westbrook, Kevin Love Auto
  2775. WTT my Andrew Luck Elite Auto /99 for a Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant Rookie?
  2776. Tonight's search, trade me your 1/1 cards!
  2777. Ft: Scottie pippen noyz boyz insert
  2778. Looking for Kobe RC's BGS 9.5 and parallels...
  2779. High-End Aaron Rodgers Rookie Auto/100 BGS 9.5 Gem Mint POP 1
  2780. I`m looking for Michael Jordan and Lebron James dual autographs in a trade!
  2781. Ft: Shaq flair hot shots diecut rare insert
  2782. WTTF Bill Russell Auto
  2783. David Robinson Green PMG Rubies Credentials Spx Grand Fianle ++
  2784. Couple High End Autos FS/FT Patrick Ewing Kobe Bryant
  2785. if you got a michael jordan card rookie for sale i want it
  2786. Looking to trade Basketball for Football
  2787. LeBron Kobe MJ Bird Magic Autos FT or FS
  2788. Michael Jordan 07-08 Extra Exquisite Quad Jersey 10/25
  2789. 10-11 Ultimate All -Time Draft Michael Jordan Auto /25 FT for high end FB
  2790. Couple high end baseball for basketball Ichiro Harper
  2791. jordan rookie psa 10 best offer
  2792. high end jordan,kobe,metal gems,exquisite for sell/trade
  2793. High end hockey for basketball
  2794. WTB/WTTF: LBJ, KD, Kobe and MJ Autos/RCs
  2795. Trading high end mj/lebron dual autos for RC high end autos!!!!
  2796. Updated Bucket High End
  2797. FT Derrick Rose RC Auto for high-end football!
  2798. Durant High Ends All RC Year FS/FT
  2799. High End Dirk RC??
  2800. 10-11 spa michael jordan floor auto /5 FT for high end FB
  2801. Looking for a Lebron RC
  2802. Looking to Trade Up-My Baseball for your Kevin Durant cards
  2803. Best card for $608 Paypal!
  2804. FT Jeremy Lin RC Auto Contenders
  2805. Micheal jordan cards (2) with values of 200-400 each!
  2806. F/S F/T Mike Miller SP Game Used Logoman 1/1
  2807. WTTF high end K Love rookie autos
  2808. FS/FT: 2009/10 Limited Platinum Spotlight Ray Allen 1/1 BGS 9.5
  2809. New MJ's for my PC
  2810. FS/FT: Kobe auto/Dual GU
  2811. FT/FS: Lebron SP Sigs Auto
  2812. Rare black ink karl malone 98-99 skybox autographics
  2813. i want to tf a wesbrook exquisite
  2814. WTB 1997-98 UD Game jersey
  2815. psa 10 kevin love topps chrome youthquake refractor auto /3
  2816. Trading Kobe for either Football or Lebron James
  2817. Crosby RC Malkin RC Auto and other high end cards for MJ high End Autos!!!!
  2818. WTTF Michael Jordan auto
  2819. does anyone have a derrick rose chrome rc auto ft
  2820. BRYCE HARPER GAME WORN JERSEY w/ TEAM LOA for High End 1/1's, RC, Logos !!
  2821. Just got in the sweet kevin love
  2822. Dwyane Wade Limited Patch /10
  2823. 2003-04 UD Glass Jordan/Kobe Auto Jersey 10/10
  2824. Reggie Miller----Where are you?
  2825. high end for trade/sell,looking for fleer retro on card auto,metal gems
  2826. FT: High End HOF Autos and Game Used Cards (PC)
  2827. 03-04 Triple patch Dwade/Melo/Pietrus for D. Marino Auto
  2828. LeBron James Sweet Spot Baseball Silver Stitch Auto SICKK
  2829. LF Kevin Durant auto under $200
  2831. Looking for a Michael Jordan Auto!
  2832. WTT:High End Football for High End Basketball
  2833. looking for high end Jason Kidd
  2834. Who wants to trade?
  2835. Dwight Howard Exquisite for Ricky Rubio
  2836. Iphone 4 ft for highend.
  2837. Derrick Rose Black Rookie Auto FT
  2838. Ft jordan kobe exquisite ultimate au maravich
  2839. WTTF High End Kevin Love rc autos
  2840. Please HELP!!! I need Retro 98/99 Autographics Autos
  2841. Looking for jordan have rodgers exquisite and more for trade
  2842. Dennis Rodman 03/04 Exquisite Inscribed THE WORM
  2843. FT-Pat Summitt Legendary Signatures
  2844. WTTF: High End Kobe, Lebron, and Durant
  2845. Kobe FT for Derrick Rose
  2846. Super highend come in!
  2847. 2009 UD Spokesmen 8 way jsy FT/FS! Tiger, Gretzky, Jordan, Lebron, Mr Hockey etc!
  2848. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife im lookin for me some thai lawwwwwsoonnn!
  2849. Kevin Durant 10-11 NT ON CARD Auto FT/FS! numbered 10/10!!!!
  2850. Anthony Davis Prestige Auto - FS FT
  2851. FT: Eric Gordon Exquisite Throwback Logo Auto
  2852. Looking for Derrick Rose
  2853. Lebron autos, Kobe auto, Wall autos, and a few more for trade
  2854. Michael Jordan PMG Blue #/50 FT/FS
  2855. HIGH END PC FT, FS - Durant, Griffin, DRose, Bird, Paul George NT RPA + More!
  2856. 08-09 UD Starting Five auto For Trade
  2857. Dennis rodman green pmg jersey number 10/10
  2858. Derrick Rose authentic jersey auto PSA AUTHENTICATED ABSOLUTE SICKNESS!
  2859. Looking for high end rc autos!!
  2860. LF: Deandre Jordan High-End Exquisite, RC stuff, etc.
  2861. Need Anthony Randolph, Favors, Paul George and Greg Monroe
  2862. Hockey for Basketball!! Really High End Cards for Trade!!
  2863. Kobe Bryant auto 25 made!
  2864. LF (1) Highend Card $480 Paypal Available!
  2865. Looking for Kobe and D Rose!!!!
  2866. Any Michael Jordan Autos available for trade?
  2867. 1997/98 Upper Deck Game Jersey Jordan FT
  2868. Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant/Lebron James Triple GU #'d /125
  2869. ft/fs michael jordan high voltage /500,lebron james pmg red
  2870. Tons of High End FS/FT Jordan & Lebron Autos +++
  2871. Jordan Autos for Jordan Autos
  2872. LF: Bowman 48, Exquisite, UD Black, Chronology, etc. (Do you have anything I need?)
  2873. fleer Retro Penny Hardaway autographics for trade
  2874. Dr. J GS auto #9/25
  2875. Aaron Rodgers 4clr exquisite bgs 9 anyone want it!!
  2876. FT: Fleer Retro Flair Jordan BGS 9.5 (1 of only 2 graded a 9.5)
  2877. Grant Hill /10 Auto, High End Football/Baseball FT for High End Basketball! LetsTRADE
  2878. FS: Steve Nash Patch/Auto (10-11 Absolute) #'d /5
  2879. Rose, Kobe, Lin and more HIGHEND
  2880. Buying: Stephen CURRY RPA National Treasures
  2881. Looking for Kevin Durant and Lebron James Autos!
  2882. Wttf or buy high end 90s Jordan inserts!
  2883. Penny Quad Auto /15 for trade!
  2884. my Rg3 and Big Ben Contenders for Basketball
  2885. wtt my super high end football for your high end jordan inserts!!!
  2886. Looking for High End Reggie Mille--Star Rubies. Super Rave, Precious Gems, ESS. Cred
  2887. John Wall totally certified auto steal! $60 bucks or FT
  2888. LF Durant/Lebron auto
  2889. Looking Kobe National Treasures / Lebron / Durant / Rose autos (on card) hv Jordan FT
  2890. New Super High-end show pick-ups for trade!!! Come L@@K!!!
  2891. Michael Jordan Auto for High End Wayne Gretzky autos
  2892. High end baseball,football and basketball for trade for Kobe Bryant autos
  2893. Trade this PC Kobe chrome Rc psa 10
  2894. Looking for: Lebron rookie refractors and ultra-rare jordan inserts!!!! Buy or trade
  2895. Looking for Jonas Valanciunas Exquisite Auto or other autos
  2896. 97/98 Kobe Bryant Ultra Platinum Medallion #/100
  2897. WTB/™™™ Lebron Autos, Patches, Rcs. MJ Autos
  2898. High End Rose,Lebron, Durant, Magic, Kobe // Chronology, Ultimate RC Autos
  2899. Jordan Auto FT
  2900. Wilt Chamberlain On-Card Auto Card PSA/DNA Certified
  2902. Name your price and see what happens
  2903. 2 High end cards ft
  2904. Jeremy Lin Hoops Auto Graded 9.5 w/10 auto F/T for Football
  2905. Shaquille Autographics, Logoman, Wall Silohuette
  2906. Anyone have a Michael Jordan Masters Auto?
  2907. Blake Griffin HRX auto 2010 panni totally cetrfied fs
  2908. WTTF/WTB: High End Kobe, Lebron, Durant, & Irving
  2909. FT: 2011-12 Exquisite Endorsements Michael Jordan AUTO (30/50)
  2911. WTB: 2009-10 National Treasures RPA's
  2912. 97-98 Charles Barkley Skybox Autographics
  2913. Super highend bill russell up f/t -f/s
  2914. Freshly updated bucket! Looking for trades!
  2915. Buying: Stephen CURRY RPA National Treasures
  2916. Wiilt Chamberlain On-Card Auto Card PSA/DNA Certified
  2917. wtb/™™™ Kyrie Irving auto
  2918. Michael Jordan fleer rc and patrick Ewing fleer rc graded nm-mt 8
  2919. Back and ready to trade for your high end!
  2920. Looking for all RARE NT CARDS!!! Want football and basketball!! Logoman, Shields, 1/1
  2921. LeBron James 2010 Ultimate Collection on card auto "d 23/25 for trade...
  2922. Any one have Highend Basketball Shoes! Jordan's, Kobes lebrons!
  2923. Lf melo & cp3 exquisite
  2924. Trading 3 x Blake Griffin Dual RC Autos for 1-5 Nice Lakers cards
  2925. Ibaka 1/1 Gold Standard Solid Gold
  2926. Wtb 1997/98 ud game jersey anfernee hardaway away
  2927. Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant/Lebron James Triple GU #'d /125
  2928. TRADING HIGH END Westbrook Exq, Paul George RPA, Kevin Durant Auto, Lebron, DRose
  2929. 10-11 Timeless Treasure Pau gasol patch auto /5 f/s or f/t
  2930. Michael Jordan Fleer RC PSA 8 FT/FS
  2931. Anyone looking for KYRIE IRVING Threads Auto ?
  2932. anyone have damian lillard autos?
  2933. FS/FT Dennis Rodman 97-98 Skybox Autographics
  2934. Greg monroe Treasure rpa 3clr /99 9.5 FT or FS
  2936. Michael Jordan 07-08 UD Upper Deck Exquisite Extra Quad Jersey 10/25 EQ-MJ
  2937. Michael Jordan UD Exquisite Collection 07-08 04/25 jersey 3 color(s)
  2938. POSSIBLY FT: Michael Jordan Fleer RC PSA 8
  2939. ft/fs oj mayo auto lot include exquisite,spa,ud black....
  2940. Wade Patch /10 & Wade RC Auto
  2941. FS/FT: KYRIE IRVING Prestige Auto BGS 9.5
  2942. FT Tony Parker ultimate 1/1 logo man for your exquisites
  2943. Gasol, LBJ and wade f/s
  2944. Trading this UD Black All Star Patch Auto /25 for high-end rookie/s
  2945. For Trade: Lebron James/ Michael Jordan DUAL AUTO #/ 23!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!
  2946. $400 Paypal ready for Kobe auto or rare inserts!!
  2947. Any high end buckets for sale? BUYING OUT COLLECTIONS!
  2948. Kobe dual gu/suto FT/FS
  2949. DRose triple auto and LeBron Triple auto FT
  2950. Clayton Kershaw Signed Game Used 2007 Jersey for High End !!
  2951. Kareem Abdul-Jabaar Black Friday Panini cracked ice auto /5
  2952. Fleer MJ RC for possible trade...looking MJ inserts in return.
  2953. Sick Kobe autos - possible trade for MJ auto??
  2954. Shaq/Russell/Robinson triple auto FT
  2955. lot high end for trade/sell,plz have a look
  2956. I have Blake griffin contender auto rc
  2957. High End Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose Auto's for sale or trade
  2958. New high-end bucket...Pics inside...3 sports (BKB/HK/FB)
  2959. FS High End Autos (Exquisite,...)
  2960. 1986-87 fleer jordan rc beckett 9.5
  2961. Highend Football and Baseball For a Jordan Auto
  2962. high end bucket for trade/sell,please have a look
  2963. Tradelist Durant auto / Erving Auto/ Magic Auto / Batum Auto etc.
  2964. Fs/ft high-end kevin love rc psa 10 topps chrome auto ref /30
  2965. This High-End HOF dual Football auto for basketball...
  2966. exquisite jordan/magic dual patch auto ft/s
  2967. Two boxes, two big hits, one card shop, one afternoon.
  2968. ROBERT GRIFFEN lll topps prime 6 piece gu auto booklet 6/10
  2969. Derrick Rose/ Russell Westbrook / Michael Beasley/ OJ Mayo SP Quad auto for sale /50
  2970. Andrew Luck 2012 Leaf NFL Logo Shield Patch 1/1 for High End Basketball
  2971. 2004/05 SP Game Used Edition Lebron/Boozer dual gu auto FT
  2972. 12-13 Panini Prizm - Kyrie Irving Auto For Sale - Redemption
  2973. LF: John Wall, Ricky Rubio, Valanciunas Patches/Autos RC/Highends!
  2974. Highend FT: Jordan RC PSA 8, Bryce Harper Chrome Auto BGS 9.5, Plus MORE
  2975. Aaron Rodgers/Alex Smith rookies FT for basketball
  2976. WTT:Lebron Mo Williams Multi-Mark Auto... KABOOOM!
  2977. MJ/LeBron auto BGS 9.5/10 FT
  2978. Who wants to take this Kevin Love off my hands
  2979. Looking for high end chris paul
  2980. High End Jordan Inserts FT/FS
  2981. 1996-97 Upper Deck Autographs #A2 Shawn Kemp
  2982. Picked up some KOBE BRYANTS at my LCS today...SCANS
  2983. Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer Sticker RC SGC 98 Rare Gem Mint FS/FT
  2984. Looking for....
  2985. Looking for Jordan or Lebron Autos
  2986. High end cards for trade , have Lebron , Kobe , Bill Russell (auto / logoman / tag)
  2987. dbird3312....Your inbox is full!!
  2988. Looking for Kobe
  2989. WTB:Raymond Felton 2005-06 UD Exquisite Auto Patch RC
  2990. Michael Jordan rookie BGS 8.5 possibly F/S or F/T
  2991. FS/FT High End SHAQ O'neal BGS BV $200 asking ONLY $60
  2992. Kareem auto 5/5 for trade or sell
  2993. FS/FT-Derrick Rose/Michael Beasley UD Black Auto
  2994. Kareem Abdul Jabbar /3 Gold Standard Black Gold Jumbo Patch FT!!!!
  2995. FT Dirk Nowitzki Limited Auto/Jsy, Reggie, Wade, Blake, Westbrook Autos & many more!!
  2996. FT Blake Griffin 10-11 Season Update Slam Dunk Champion AUTO /10!!
  2997. Looking to buy High End Jordan Crawford
  2998. Jordan By the letter "J" FT
  2999. Julius Erving RARE Ultimate Auto FT for football
  3000. Selling PSA Graded Michael Jordan Card! 10dollar starting auction
  3001. wtb topps chrome autos
  3002. Prizm Gold FS/FT
  3003. LTB Higher End Deron Williams
  3004. MJ Autos or Rookie Card
  3005. Selling My Entire Collection !
  3006. Trading my Cam Newtons for your Kyrie irvings
  3007. Blake griffin for kyrie irving
  3008. Looking for a Nice PC card
  3009. lebron variation shadow box auto exquiset ft
  3010. FS/FT High End Autos - Lebron, Durant, Kobe, DRose, Griffin, Westbrook EXQ, George NT
  3011. 1/1 Jerry west inscribed press pass auto red ink bgs 8.5 FT!!!
  3012. Fs/ft durant sp authentic sick patch auto! Scan inside!!1
  3013. Trading for...
  3014. Looking to just trade!!
  3015. Tons of new highend just added! Take a look! Only Available til January 1st!
  3016. FT 2009 Panini National Convention Blake Griffin Auto
  3017. Looking for High End Basketball RC's for my Football
  3018. Im Buying Michael Jordan Jersey Cards, Bulls UNI Only
  3019. WTTF KOBE BRYANT Autos, Lakers, Top Rookie Autos, LBJ auto MJ
  3020. Buying HIGH END/RARE Jason Kidd
  3021. Tom Brady contenders FT for........
  3022. Looking to Trade Anything in my Bucket Kobe, 1/1s, RC Auto's +++ More
  3023. WTTF Jeremy Lin rookie autos
  3024. LF Steph Curry RC AU
  3025. Serious Buyers: Looking to Sell Collection!
  3026. Kobe Ultimate Autograph /75 FT
  3027. Tony Parker Autos FS/FT
  3028. These two KOBE BRYANT PATCH cards for Adrian Peterson and RG 3 please... SCANS
  3030. Hakeem Olajuwon auto FT for High End Andre Johnson or Arian Foster
  3031. High end Trade Thread
  3032. WTT Aaron Rodgers/Alex Smith Bowman Chrome rookies for basketball
  3033. 09-10 Blake Griffin Absolute RC Jersey Auto /25
  3034. FS/FT: Kyrie Irving 12-13 Certified Green Patch 3/5
  3035. Who wants my: Nowitzki, Reggie Miller, D-Wade, B.Griffin, Westbrook, Havlicek autos!
  3036. looking to trade highend
  3037. Looking for a trade......Kobe, Honus Wagner, Exquisite Unopened Box, 1/1s, Peterson
  3039. looking for kyrie rc auto
  3040. Lf: Fleer retro pmg precious metal gems red
  3041. Looking for Kevin Durant auto rc
  3042. 12-13 Contenders Kevin Garnett Hall of Fame insert ssp f/t
  3043. WTB/™™™ Derrick Rose Autos, Patches, or Low #d Rcs
  3044. Case of 11/12 SPa Hobby Sealed FT
  3045. Fielding offers - Kobe Rookie Year Platinum, Rubies, Atomic and plenty more
  3046. Gold Standard Marks of the Hall Auto Scottie Pippen /25
  3047. Looking to move kevin love ultimate rc auto + durant sp rc auto #/50 *look*
  3048. Looking 4 Jordan Inserts.......Have Drew Brees Auto an A Rod Auto
  3049. Rajon Rondo SP Auto FS
  3050. 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie BGS 8 With great Subs FS/FT
  3051. 2007 Bowman Sterling Kevin Durant Red Refractor #/10
  3052. FS: 04-05 Exquisite Auto Patches Michael Jordan 3 Clr Patch /100!
  3053. FT/FS 05-06 Michael Jordan SP Signature Auto #/25
  3054. 2 Larry Bird Autos FT/FS
  3055. RGIII Strata Patch Auto Ft for Basketball
  3056. Lets make a deal!!
  3057. Nice RG3 Auto FT!!!!
  3058. Some nice cards available..MJ, Pippen, PMG's
  3059. Michael Jordan 1999 SPx Winning Materials 8/23
  3060. Possibly trading my MJ RC PSA 8 for highend LeBron
  3061. Ft:colin kaepernick 2011 topps chrome crystal atomic refractor rc auto sp /50
  3062. FT: Lebron/Howard Auto,John Wall Auto RC & Michael Jordan 90's inserts
  3063. 2009/10 Derozan National Treasure RAP for sale or trade
  3065. Highend For Trade w/ Scans Hobby Cases Jordan Kobe Bird + Football & Baseball
  3066. Need to move these Kobe patch cards. .High BV and Scans
  3067. Michael Jordan Signed 1997 Upper Deck 4-Time Champs Auto UDA /50 RARE
  3068. FT Michael Jordan & Larry Bird Exquisite UD Black Dual Auto Patch
  3069. FS/FT: PMG Lebron, Durant, Gordon, Gasol, Kidd, AI and more!
  3070. Lets trade high-end
  3071. first post in a while- HIGH END TRADE THREAD
  3072. Want To Trade On THIS MLK DAY
  3073. 95-96 SP Championship Champions of the Court Michael Jordan Die Cut
  3074. WTTF: lebron James and Kobe Bryant autos!
  3075. WTB: Greg Monroe
  3076. FT Ultimate All-Time Draft Signatures Gold Michael Jordan /25 BGS 9.5-w/10 on card AU
  3077. Taking Offers for RARE Kevin Durant RC Authorizations Auto!!
  3078. For trade only lebron auto/15
  3079. Ft:colin kaepernick 2011 topps chrome sp auto /50 for Durant Auto
  3080. Jordan Ultimate Auto FT and Magic Johnson Topps Auto FT - Scans
  3081. 2012 Limited Tom Brady Platinum Spotlight 1/1 FT/S basketball
  3082. (wanted) Kevin Durant RC Cards (only numbered and/or AU's on card)
  3083. MJ Flea Market Pick Ups FT
  3084. WTB 3 Rookie Autos of James, Durnat, and Rose!
  3085. WTTF/WTB High End Kevin Martin RC auto/patches
  3086. LF brandon roy exquisite patch/auto card with $100 ready to offer!
  3087. WTB M.Jordan patch card with $300 paypal ready to offer!
  3088. Tom Brady Contenders RC auto FT
  3089. 2 Highend cards ft
  3090. Lebron and Rodgers ft
  3092. Looking for Earl Boykins cards 1/1
  3093. Blake Griffin 2009 NSCC Promo Rookie Auto Clippers BGS 9.5 !!!
  3094. LF: Logomen, 1/1 Patches, Lebron autos, Kobe Autos
  3095. 1987-88 Fleer 59 Michael Jordan
  3096. Andrew Luck 1/1 NFL Logo Shield FT for basketball
  3097. Lebron USA Green Prizm Refractor
  3098. Shaq/Robinson/Russell triple auto FT
  3099. RG3 Patch Auto FT for Durant/James Auto
  3100. Some nice Stuff FT: JOrdan, Penny Lebron Kobe, Paul ...
  3101. Anyone up for some high end trading?
  3102. looking for a jordan auto, nice stuff ft
  3103. Kobe/Pau dual auto ft for Durant auto
  3104. Durant 2007-08 SP Authentic RPA FT
  3105. 1986-87 fleer michael jordan rookie bgs8 ft/fs
  3106. 08-09 Topps Treasury Larry Bird / Kevin Love Dual Auto Red Ink RC Auto #ed /5
  3107. High End Trade Bait????
  3108. Rare DERRICK ROSE Draft Day Postmarks Rookie Auto #/50 FT
  3109. looking to trade my durant rookie auto
  3110. I am looking for a Michael Jordan auto , wan to trade or (part sell part trade)
  3111. High end hockey for Michael Jordan autos
  3112. 2011 Playbook Football "ALL TIME" Patch Booklet Ft for Basketball
  3113. Fs/ft: Kobe premier auto, westbrook exquisite auto
  3114. trading football for bball
  3115. LF: Magic Johnson Exquisite Shadowbox Auto
  3116. Any Hockey Traders? Trading Hockey for James Harden and other basketball
  3117. Eli/Archie/Peyton Manning family triple auto /50 ft!
  3118. Kobe Pau Auto FT/FS
  3119. Blake Griffin, James Harden, Hasheem Thabeet 2009 Limited Trios Auto /49
  3120. Kobe Anthology on card auto /8 FT
  3122. Nice Lot for trade for a Lebron James auto
  3123. BULLS UD Portraits for Sale or Trade
  3124. High End Trading!!!! LeBron, Durant, Luck,Cam TRich Autos!!
  3125. LF FARIED AUTO! Nuggets
  3126. FT Russell Westbrook 2008/09 Hot Prospects auto /50 & Bob Knight Allen & Ginter auto
  3127. 2 kobe autos 4 trade
  3128. lebron or kobe
  3129. FT: 2008-09 Topps Co-Signers Westbrook/Love 1/1 Auto RC
  3130. LeBron/Kobe Chronology Stiches, Rose Ultimate RC Autos, Durant Topps Chrome Ref &more
  3131. RG3, Luck, Kaepernick ft for basketball
  3132. Cy Young 2013 Press Pass Platinum Cuts Signed Cut Auto 1/1 SICK L@@K
  3133. FT/FS Pete Maravich 1/1 Dwight Howard 1/1 plus more
  3134. Trading HIGH END KAEPERNICK for a Jordan Rookie
  3135. High End Wizards FS or FT
  3136. 1985 Star ROY Michael Jordan graded 9 FT for Kobe only
  3137. ft: MICHAEL JORDAN 1996-97 SPx AUTO!!! L@@K!!!
  3138. LF: Logomen, 1/1 Patches, Worn Letter Patches
  3139. Sicko cards to trade fo a durant auto
  3140. Trade my Kobe's for your MJ's
  3141. FT Kyrie Irving Prestige Inside the Numbers Patch /25 (sweet patch, part of letter)!!
  3143. high end multi sport for trade lets do some tradin
  3144. Cam Newton NT 2 color patch auto rc /99 possibly FT for basketball
  3145. Trades anyone??
  3146. Possible LeBron James AUTO For Trade....
  3147. Chris Bosh SPA & Dwyane Wade Auto Topps Chrome RCs FT/FS
  3148. Just picked up this on-card Kobe...looking to trade/sell
  3149. Trading this 9.5 Luck /40 Auto for kobe auto
  3150. FT : Kobe Bryant Absolute Star Gazing Jsy Auto /25
  3151. Some high end for trade
  3152. Damian Lillard autograph for trade
  3153. FT: Legends for Legends
  3154. 10-11 Ultimate Collection Triple Signatures Bird,Magic,Erving /25
  3155. Rose Ultimate RC Auto & Magic Johnson Chronology FT for 1 Jordan/Lebron/Rubio card
  3156. Michael Jordan UDA Alternate Jersey Auto FT
  3157. Looking for a nice melo
  3158. Huge bucket update...rookies, inserts, gu and autos.....lillard/blake/jennings/kobe
  3159. Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Mantle & more high end signed memorabilia for cards!
  3160. 1986-87 Michael Jordan Micthell & Ness Slam Dunk Jersey w/ COA #/500 FT
  3161. TONS of high end 1/1 Logos, autos, patches for trade !!
  3162. Unitas & more ft for bball
  3163. FT: Rare KOBE auto UD premier Penmanship
  3164. FS/FT Kobe Bryant Chrome RC PSA 9
  3165. Taking Trade offers on this Kyrie Irving
  3166. Huge high end trade list! SCANS!
  3167. Who's Trading? Got great stuff FT (Wade,Griffin,Love,DH12,S.Curry,Bosh,Bird & more!)
  3168. Gonna try my LUCK ... Looking for a Michael Jordan Auto
  3169. 97-98 Jordan Jambalaya BGS 9 FS
  3170. LF Russell Westbrook and James Harden
  3171. Looking for logoman jordan or lebron have big paypal
  3172. Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jersey Auto /25 FT/FS!
  3173. Kobe auto ft scan inside!!
  3174. 2011 UD College Legends Barry Sanders Auto SSP FT for Basketball!!
  3175. HIghend JOrdan, Kobe, Lebron, Magic, Erving
  3176. Anyone collect O.J. Mayo?
  3177. FOR TRADE: LeBron auto! Looking for an MJ auto or a nice highend MJ insert...SCAN
  3178. Looking for Current Nuggets
  3179. Kyrie Irving auto Rookie glass /299 ft
  3180. FT - LeBron James SP Authentic RC Auto
  3181. WTT football and paypal for a Lebron James auto
  3182. Stephen Curry Next Day Rookie Auto BGS 9 RARE for Trade
  3183. Larry Bird Gold Prizm #/10
  3184. FT: OJ Mayo Exquisite Nameplates
  3185. 07/08 upper deck mni jersey lebron james autograph very rare!! Htg
  3186. High end tradelist Mar 17
  3187. A few highend things for trade
  3188. kobe on card auto ft
  3189. LF: Magic Johnson Exquisite & Jsy# cards
  3190. Shopping these 2 MJ autos..........lets see if I move them.
  3191. fs/ft kobe chrome rc
  3192. looking to move this sick lakers legends quad auto!!!
  3193. Exquisite auto stuff : Jordan - Magic - Drexler
  3194. High End For Trade
  3195. Trading or selling individually ......
  3196. Kobe/jordan/erving/russell/nowitzki/lillard/griffin/harden/johnson/wall
  3197. For trade! Lebron exquisite auto! D-will! Jordan!
  3198. Kyrie Irving Panini Threads On Card Auto RC FT
  3200. FS/FT Derrick Rose Threads RC Auto
  3201. High End FS/FT 1/1 Logman Tag Jameer Nelson
  3202. FS/FT - 2003-04 Topps Chrome Carmelo Anthony RC Refractor BGS 9.5 Gem Mint
  3203. Wanted: ALL HIGh END LEBRON JAMES!!!!!
  3204. FT: 2007-08 Kevin Durant SP Authentic 3Clr Patch/ Auto!!! WHALE OF A CARD!!
  3205. Griffey Premier Logoman for Durant Rookie Patch Auto
  3206. FT : Kevin Garnett Exquisite Auto Patch
  3207. Want to trade?
  3208. Buying lots or buckets...paypal absolutely loaded...please look!
  3209. High end stuff avilable... Harden NT, CUrry, Love Exq, SUPER $$ stuff...check it out
  3210. FT 2011 UD All Time Greats Lebron James Auto Book /5
  3211. **High End FT** Stockton,Rose,Wall,Paul,Logo Patch /5
  3212. Stan Musial 2011 Topps Heritage Player Sample Auto BGS Slabbed.
  3213. Stan Musial 2011 Topps Heritage Player Sample Auto BGS Slabbed.
  3214. $675 Paypal Available for High-End Durant
  3215. WTT: 2012 Panini LeBron James Kings of the Round Table Die-Cut
  3216. My High End BASKETBALL (Rose/Lebron/MJ) For Your High End FOOTBALL
  3217. ft/fs ebron/jordan dual auto /23
  3218. Highend Trades
  3219. Looking to trade Basketball for Football
  3220. Russell Westbrook Select Green Prizm # 01/10; Wilt Chamberlain #7/10 FT/FS
  3221. FT : Kobe NT Auto /100
  3222. anyone jas High end cards of Mutombo / R.Hamilton / J.Terry for trade ?
  3223. Looking to move these High End for a Nice Kobe auto
  3224. 05-06 Michael Jordan SP Signature GOLD Auto /25 FT
  3225. Where are the DERON WILLIAMS collectors?
  3226. FT Magic Johnson Exquisite Auto /15
  3227. Looking for Fournier Nuggets cards
  3228. Kobe Bryant Select jersey auto available
  3230. HUGE list and Scan FT Lebron, Kobe, Jordan, Brees, Montana and more
  3231. ***Mid-HIGH end MICHAEL JORDAN inserts Dunk N Go Nuts, refractors, BGS 9.5 FT/FS***
  3232. FT: New High End, Rose, Howe, Luck, Wilkins, Donovan!
  3233. Damian Lillard Prizm Refracter For Trade
  3234. My 11 Cards: Bradys/Pujols/Griffey/Darish/ect for 1 Really highend Card LEBRON?
  3235. Paying full bv for the following sam perkins cards
  3236. will trade very high end nascar auto cards for a kobe or lebron james auto
  3237. Huge Multi-Sport Tradelist Darvish, Trout, Mays, Bird, RG3, Luck, Crosby, Eberle+++
  3238. Dr J Iguodala UD Exquisite Dual Enshrinements # /10
  3239. Panini Elite 1/1 O.J.Mayo for trade
  3240. 03--04 LeBron James Ultimate Signatures RC BGS 9/10 FT
  3241. FT Lebron, Davis, Luck, RG3+
  3242. High End FT Apr 12
  3243. Who wants LILLARD!?!?!?!?!? ALL SLABBED!!! ROY LOCK!!!
  3244. Vince carter trophy case patch auto /10 ft
  3245. FS/FT - LeBron James SP Authentic RC Autos
  3246. Looking for current nuggets autos!
  3247. Michael Jordan Master Collection Metal Universe /25 Championship?
  3248. fobe bryant auto available for ?
  3249. 2010-11 Panini Threads Kobe Bryant BGS 9.5/10 FT Looking For Aaron Rodgers
  3250. Trading High End Baseball for LeBron
  3251. FS/FT : Blake Griffin Gold Nuggets Jsy Auto /5
  3252. Lebron James UD All-Time Greats shining moments auto 1/5 FT!
  3253. ~~~Trading Kaepernick for Lebron~~~
  3254. FT: 2008-09 SP Authentic 4 Color Patch Auto Kevin Love Rookie /299
  3255. Bring me your current nuggets autos please!
  3256. LeBron James AU, Kobe Bryant AU & more FS only
  3257. Kobe 24k Auto $125dlvd
  3258. FT/FS [Apr. 25]
  3259. Jordan Master Collection Autos and Cards Looking for High End RG3, Moss, Griffey
  3260. anyone has Michael Jordan auto (Bulls or Wizard uniform) for trade ??
  3262. LeBron James Auto #/5 Inscribed "The King."
  3263. 2 IGR Grams of Gold for Kobe Auto
  3264. Need another Jordan Auto.....buying $$$$
  3265. Huge Tim Duncan PC for sale/trade
  3266. Harden Rookie Recruits 1/1, /10, /25, /299, or buy the set!
  3267. Super High End for Trade Walter Payton, Unitas, Jordan, also Davis, Bo, Dr. J
  3268. Jordan 86-87 Fleer RC BGS 9.5 FT/FS for cash nice high end LeBron Brady Manning Luck
  3269. Jordan Chronology & Durant SPA FT/FS
  3270. Kobe Bryant Limited Trophy Case Auto 25/25
  3271. Michael jordan sp short print dual jersey bv$100 fs/ft
  3272. LTB: MJ rookie
  3273. Mulit Sport bucket ft..Looking for high end Kyrie, Barnes, Lillard and more
  3274. (4) 1996 Topps Chrome Refractors Barkley/Miller/Malone/Stockton $130.00
  3275. Kobe Select auto for kyrie
  3276. ™™™ anthony davis rc auto and kyrie rc auto
  3277. Gretzky auto for high end basketball
  3278. Rare Aaron Rodgers Rc auto for trade!!
  3279. 08/09 UD Premier Derrick Rose Quad Jsy Auto Rc Gold /75 FT
  3280. Dimaggio dual cut auto/bat /20...hank aaron dual patch/bat auto /10 ft/fs
  3281. Couple Higher End Autos FT/FS---Dual Auto/Triple Auto
  3282. Trading MICHAEL JORDAN 2013 UD UNC Master Collection Championship Metal Gems #17/25
  3283. Two Michael Jordan autos available for trade (bulls and North Carolina uniform)
  3284. High End Baseball for a LeBron auto
  3285. Kyrie Select Auto Jersey /99 FT/FS
  3287. Have some high end Kobe / Lebron etc autos for trade MJ or FS
  3288. 47 2012 Panini Rookie Auto Lot!! Big Names Gilchrist, Waiters, Faried , Klay!
  3289. Looking for a lebron james auto
  3290. Any jarrett jack fans out there?
  3291. High End FT/FS - May 13
  3292. FT 2011 Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome Refractor Auto Rookie #/500! Looking for LeBron!
  3293. On Card Bron Auto FT
  3294. Harden National Treasures, Parker National Treasures, and Melo Rookie Auto FT/FS
  3295. shopping some rose and more
  3296. FT: LBJ EXQ AUTO PATCH, Looking for Silh. Prime
  3297. Nasty Preferred booklet for trade/sale!!
  3298. i need!!!:::: ALL HIGH END LEBRON JAMES PLEASE!!!!!
  3299. Looking For SPA LeBron RC
  3300. LF: High End Klay Thompson
  3301. Blake Griffin totally certified /5 GREEN auto ft
  3302. Football for Basketball?????
  3303. Some high end eye candy FS/FT (MJ Auto, Lebron RC autos, etc.)
  3304. Willing to Trade (card or cash-card deal) for a Klay Thompson Autograph!
  3305. Around $550 Paypal for nice Jordan Auto, Kobe RC High-end inserts or Kobe Auto's !!!
  3306. INSANE High End Trade List! 4 Sports, Ridiculous!
  3307. 1998 Jordan Auto Lebron Chrome refractor Durant ult /25 rc Kobe Hornets au kyrie priz
  3308. Dominique Wilkins leaf limited autograph 4 color patch 8/10 ft/s
  3309. Bill Russell Exquisite Autograph FT
  3311. JR SMITH PC FOR SALE (or trade)
  3312. trading these SUPER HIGH END LUCK AND RG3's for LEBRON AND PAUL GEORGE!!!!
  3313. Super-Highend Harper, Cespedes, Pujols for LBJ ROOKIE/HIGHEND Auto
  3314. FT Paul George 10-11 Contenders RC AUTO (SHORT PRINT!!)
  3315. Exquisite extra Lebron James rc jumbo jersey 24/75 and black diamond sp Auto FT/FS
  3316. FT Andrew Luck Crown Royale Purple Silhouette Patch Auto /25 for b ball
  3317. Kevin Durant Rookie Upper Deck Artifacts 02/50 RUBY
  3318. 12-13 Panini Prizm Damian Lillard Refractor FS
  3319. Magic johnson 11/12 precious metal gem green /10
  3320. Trading my high-end football for your Kyrie Irving auto
  3321. UD Portraits Bulls autos
  3322. FS/FT: Stephen Curry NT RPA RC #/99 BGS 9.5
  3323. Lebron SPA/SPx Rookie Autos FS/FT
  3324. David Lee Select Black Prizm 1/1
  3325. 2011 All Time Greats Michael Jordan 08/15 = 23 = Jersey Number =1/1
  3327. Jordan PSA RC partial pp/trade for LeBron
  3328. Bgs 9.5 Lebron topps chrome subs 9.5 9.5 10 10 ft fs
  3329. FT: D. Wade & B. Griffin On Card Auto's
  3330. FT: Durant SP Authentic RAP / Lebron Autos / Jordan Mitchell & Ness / Scarce Rodman
  3331. lebron autos ft
  3332. Moving everything for Lebron,Kobe and Jordan
  3333. New wants : 09-10 Exquisite Collection Autographs patches / 100
  3334. Another wants : 50 Greatest Players autos or GU
  3335. Preferred Silhouettes SWEET Patch #02/05 Come and Get it!
  3336. Trading a couple from Preferred: Grant Hill Silhouette /49 & Matchup Booklet /25
  3337. Weekend Sale and Trade Thread (Scans) High End
  3338. FT Colin Kaepernick Prime Signatures RC/AU 2011 01/49 Looking for nice Lebron AU
  3339. FT Aaron Rodgers, Rg3, Anthony Davis ++
  3340. Lebron and Dwade FT/FS Autos, TC PSA 10, etc.
  3341. FS/FT: 2013 SP Authentic Michael Jordan auto 14/23
  3342. WTTF 2003 Lebron Auto...Mickey Mantle Auto and Mike Trout Auto RC for trade
  3343. Amazing high end basketball fs / tr jordan lebron russell rose wade kobe griffin!
  3344. Any high end trading?
  3345. 09-10 National Treasures Rc auto patch lot for sell, might consider to trade for want
  3346. LF/WTB: Klay Thompson Downtown Bound Gold Prizm (and other autographs)!
  3347. Trading for Michael Jordan auto
  3348. Dirk Nowitski Panini Black Private Signing Auto #22/51 $300 SV
  3349. Bill Russell Signed 16x20 Photo PSA/DNA for high end basketball
  3350. WTT: Colin Kaepernick for Jordan or Kobe
  3351. LF/WTB/WTTF: Klay Thompson Autographs, Patches, and Refractors!
  3352. Couple of Super High end Shaquille Shaq o'neal cards For Trade! Come Huge!!!
  3353. LeBron James 2003/04 Topps Chrome RC BGS 9.5 for D Rose
  3354. FT Michael Jordan 2011-12 SP Authentic Letterman Auto #6/23
  3355. FT Kyrie Irving Prizm Auto
  3356. FT: Kobe Silhouette
  3357. Ft/fs 09-10 nt john havlicek bgs 9.5 auto
  3358. High end cards for trade or for sell
  3359. Trading: Lebron Auto + Exquisite for Michael Jordan Auto
  3360. Throwing this Jordan out again
  3361. FT LeBron / Kobe Patch /25, B.Russel/Melo/Magic/Blake AU, Jordan GU, Tag Team + More!
  3362. F/T - High End Lebron - 08-09 PMG Red, 06-07 Exquisite AU/3 Clr Patch /100
  3363. Kobe Auto, parallel /48, and Finest RC For Trade
  3364. Help w/ My PC? $$$ + High End Trade Available - Lebron Durant Bird *LOOK*
  3365. Anyone have a PSA or BGS Jordan Rookie FS?
  3366. Few mid/high FT scans
  3367. Some high end basketball for trade.
  3368. High End Cards (Jordan/LeBron/Frazier Triple AU /8, Wall Certified RC AU /49)
  3369. anyone willing to trade their basketball for hockey?
  3370. 11-12 Limited Glass Cleaners Jersey Auto Dirk Nowitzki /25
  3371. Who wants to do some multi sport high end trading?
  3372. (2) High-End Kevin Love Rookie Autos
  3373. Looking for Highend Jason Williams
  3374. Brandon Jennings 2010-11 Playoff Contenders Patches Championship Ticket 1/1 BGS 9 HOT
  3375. Panini Promo
  3376. Weekend Sale and Trade Thread (Scans) High End
  3377. 2007-08 Exquisite Scripted Swatches Garnett/Jefferson Dual Patch-Auto 1/5
  3378. FT Colin Kaepernick Prime Signatures 2011 01/49 - Looking for nice Lebron/AP AU.
  3379. Mantle 8x10 Auto for BKB
  3380. WTB: nice oncard JORDAN, LEBRON, KOBE, DURANT AUTO'S
  3381. WTT: 2012 Archives SSP Harper Auto 9.5, Pujols Auto and Cespedes /10 Auto FOR LBJ
  3382. Tradubg this Lot for 1-3 basketball cards take a look
  3383. Steve Nash Rookie
  3384. high end [july 4]
  3385. Kobe Trophy Case Auto/patch FT/ FS
  3386. Looking to buy
  3387. FS: High-End Rodman, Durant, Lebron, Rubio, Jordan Rose, Miller++)
  3388. High
  3389. Looking to buy MJ and LJ autos
  3390. Steve Nash Trophy Case Auto/Patch/10 & Dwyanw Wade rookie auto
  3391. ALI Auto FT
  3392. Michael Jordan Letter Auto /23 & 2 Jersey FT
  3393. FT Lebron Sweet Shot RC Auto, Derozan NT RAP,Tyreke Autos
  3394. 1953 Topps Whitey Ford BVG 8.5 POP 1 for high end basketball!
  3396. Aaron Rodgers 2005 Bowman Best Magenta Printing Plate Auto Rookie 1/1
  3397. FT for BBall Super Sick Verlander/Bondermann Dual MLB Logo Auto 1/1
  3398. ENTIRE BUCKET FOR TRADE-Legends, Lebron, Mid-High End
  3399. FS/FT - Jordan RC - BGS 8.5
  3400. CY YOUNG 1/1 Cut Auto w/ inscription for trade!
  3401. ANY D-ROSE FANS?! 2012 Crusades /25 INSANE PATCH
  3402. Looking to buy high end bgs 9 cards only please read
  3403. FS: DWYANE WADE Auto RC w/ NICE Custom Plaque
  3404. Looking for Anfernee Hardaway 90's inserts or auto
  3405. LeBron James SP Authentic Letterman Autographed 15 card set /23 only 1 set I know of!
  3406. I'm looking to buy MJ UD3 Season tickets !!!!!
  3407. looking to trade my durant sp rookie edition
  3408. WTT : 12 Fleer Retro Michael Jordan PMG /100
  3409. want to trade for 2012-13 UD Fleer Retro Molten Metal or Thrill Seekers
  3410. FS/FT: Durant SPA Rookie Auto Patch
  3411. hank aaron 1/1 lcm cut auto ft for BKB!
  3412. 12-13 Gold Standard Kyrie Irving Gold Standard Rookie Jsy Auto Looking for Spurs
  3413. Looking for Paul Pierce Fleer Retro KU Uni Cards!
  3414. Looking for UD BLACK
  3415. Yasiel Puig, Bryce Harper & Mike Trout Signed GEM MINT Baseballs for High End!
  3416. Wtb pc stuff
  3417. Ultimate High end Trade Thread! JORDAN,JETER,LUCK,TIGER+++
  3418. Exqusitie RG3 for Kyrie, Jordan, Lbj, Rose
  3419. FS:2006-07 SP Game Used Logoman and Letters! 1/1!!!
  3421. 2013 Upper Deck All-Time Greats Signatures Michael Jordan AU /45 FT
  3422. michael jordan on card auto /15 FT
  3423. Fs or trade game used auto
  3424. FS) Michael Jordan 03 Ultimate Auto BGS 9.5 AUTO 10 - $850 DLVD FEDEX
  3425. Allen Iverson signed/worn Detroit Pistons Answer XIIs & Reebok sleeve FT
  3426. High End Wednesday Trading Anyone? Tiger,Jeter,Jordan,Crosby,Luck,RG3,1/1++
  3427. Davis/Walton Exquisite dual Logoman auto for trade!
  3428. FT/FS Pippen Exquisite AU/Patch, Durant SPx RC AU, Kyrie RC AU, Silhouettes, UD Black
  3429. FT: Kyrie Irving auto /25 for baseball of football
  3430. 2013 Bowman Platinum Mike Trout 3 clr patch auto f/t, f/s for Kyrie
  3431. 14 D-Rose Autos FT!!!
  3432. Nice HIGH END Cards AVAILABLE along with some filler *LOOK*
  3433. high end cards for sell/trade,plz have a look
  3434. Dominique wilkins '86 fleer auto PSA/DNA slabbed
  3435. FS/FT: High end autos and patches - DRose, Grant Hill, Westbrook, Bill Russell autos
  3436. Trading for all HIGH END 1/1 cards!
  3437. Updated High End For Trade List! Trout/MJ/Rose/Luck/RG3/Crosby/Shields/Logoman!
  3438. Topps Magic Russell Wilson auto
  3439. Want to see what I can get for this...
  3440. Selling huge LM Aldridge Collection, 90's Inserts, MJ/Bron Triple AU and other stuff!
  3441. High end autos and patches...Bird, Robinson,Paul,Griffin,Kobe/LeBron patch and more.
  3442. Trading football for Michael Jordan
  3443. Taking offers and checking buckets for this NM Bird/Magic/Erving tri card Rookie!
  3444. LF Harrison Barnes Start new PC !!!!!!!
  3445. FT: 12/13 NT Draymond Green Logoman RPA 1/1
  3446. Andrew Luck 2012 Showcase Green Auto #5/5 FT
  3447. FT: High End autos Kobe, Durant,DRose, Dirk, Russell, Griffin, Wade, Hill, CP3 Autos
  3448. Want to Trade For/Buy Phil Jackson Bulls auto
  3449. FT 2012/13 National Treasures Kyrie Irving/ Anthony Davis dual auto /49
  3450. Andrew Luck 1/1 available for limited time
  3451. FT Grant Hill 98/99 Hoops SLAM bams #23/100 for 90's KOBE
  3452. 08-09 Topps Murad Set FT For One High End Card
  3454. LF 2007 Autographics Kobe Bryant Blue Ink
  3455. Post-Nationals High-End FT/FS: Jordan, Kobe, Exquisites, 90s Inserts . . . Oh My!
  3456. FT LOGOMAN(s), Superfractor, MVP Superscript
  3457. Looking To Trade Derrick Rose Radiance Auto Focus RC Auto
  3458. FS/FT Derrick Williams Lot.. 1/1, Cert Green/Gold Autos & Gamers Patch
  3459. James harden exquisite and 6 of 6 jersey letter autos
  3460. FT/FS - Kareem Abdul Jabbar Auto Jersey /10
  3461. High End Basketball For Trade! Jordan, Lebron, Shaq
  3462. Urgent high end basketball ft/fs thread! I wanna move these cards!
  3463. WTT: 12/13 Panini National Treasures TREVOR BOOKER Logoman Patch Auto #/3 LogoMan
  3464. Looking for these Chronology Canvas Timeless Memories Autos
  3465. The Big Guns are up for trade! High End Galore!
  3466. Looking for : Andre Drummond RAP /199
  3467. FT High End A Rodgers L Mccoy D Jackson Blake Griffin Payton NFL Shields
  3468. WTB/WTTF: Exquisite Base cards
  3469. high end for trade/sell pmg,logoman,nt rpa
  3470. *Bird Exquisite AU/PATCH /25, Bird Premier AU /33, B.Russell Exquisite AU /25 + MORE*
  3471. Higher End FT
  3472. Trading this Andrew Luck quad jrsy/auto toward a Lebron auto
  3473. Looking for High End JJ Redick Cards
  3474. Who wants to trade some basketball for other sports? Luck, RG3, Ichiro, 1/1, BGS AP
  3475. 2012/13 SPA Michael Jordan Auto FT
  3476. High End Booklet card ft
  3477. FS: Nice High-End Lot
  3478. High End Autos FT... Kyrie, Kobe, LeBron, Cam and more...
  3479. Any Durantula collectors?
  3480. Rg3 & Andrew Luck on card autos FT for BBall
  3481. College 4-Day Weekend! Looking to make some high end trades!
  3482. FS/FT: High end autos and patches - DRose, Grant Hill, Westbrook, Bill Russell autos
  3483. buying high end bgs 9 cards
  3484. Nt rpa,rc logoman,lebron1/1....lot of high end cards fs/ft
  3485. Anyone trading high end basketball for other sports?
  3486. LF Derrick Rose finest rc´s bgs 9.5
  3487. Any one have D.Wade Exquisite collection 1/1?
  3488. Shopping Rose Auto RCs for Jordan
  3489. FS/FT : Durant/Horford SPX Dual RC Jsy Auto /10
  3490. Calling all Duke fans!!
  3491. 2006/07 Exquisite Bill Walton & Baron Davis Dual Logoman Auto 1/1
  3492. tom brady 2000 contenders rc auto ft for jordan!!
  3493. FT: Chicago Bulls Preferred Patch Booklet
  3494. High end for trade Mccoy Roethlisberger Julio Kobe Desean Payton Miller Foligno
  3495. Who wants luck and griffin? Bring me kyrie, mj, lebron +++
  3496. Amazing vintage whitey ford for basketball!!
  3497. Wtt/b lebron auto!
  3498. FS/FT Select JIMMY BUTLER Rookie Jersey Gold Prizm Auto Redemption /10
  3499. Looking to make high end trades!!!
  3500. looking for a kobe and lebron auto for trade or sale
  3501. John Wall Certified 10/11 rookie /49 for trade
  3502. Buying/trading for michael jordan inserts or d rose rc year stuff
  3503. Few High End Cards FT! *Lebron, Kobe, Durant, Curry*
  3504. Kobe National Treasures Black Mamba auto for trade!!
  3505. Looking to buy: Need help
  3506. WANTED: Lebron James ATG/SPA/Ultimate Auto - Kobe. Rose, Griffin, CP3, NT RPA FT!
  3507. Amazing Multi-Sport HIGH END For Trade Thread! Vintage/Autos/Patches/NT/ LQQK
  3508. 2004-05 Ultimate Premium Patch set for sale
  3509. 2006-07 Ultimate Signature set for sale
  3510. 1999 ud slam *signature slams* auto set for sale
  3511. RARE HIGH END: Jordan, Erving, Durant, Wade, rare autos for SALE
  3512. Andrew Luck 2011 Press Pass Emerald Auto 5/5 FT for BBall
  3513. LF: High-end Bill Russell
  3514. 2007 Exquisite Noble Nameplates Kobe 05/25!!! FT
  3515. Rondo Essential Credentials RC Auto #/67
  3516. Kevin Love patch auto /49 for Football
  3517. High end for trade multi sport jordan cabrera jeffery gore jackson fitzgerald manu
  3518. High-End FT/FS [Oct. 3] -
  3519. Anyone Have an Allen Iverson auto FT/FS ??
  3520. FT 2003 SP Authentic Gold /50 Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony BGS 9.5/10
  3521. Matt Ryan auto lettermen rc #d 1/6,Shaq auto/jrsy,Green,Dalton lots more for a Lebron
  3522. 2012-13 Panini Intrigue Kevin Durant & Westbrook Dual Laundry Tag Patch #ed 1/1
  3523. SP Authentic Michael Jordan LeBron James Walt Frazier Triple AU /8
  3524. anyone has Camelo or Jason Kidd Exquisite auto or auto patch for trade?
  3525. 09/10 Bowman D.Rose auto
  3526. Wanting to make my first purchase! New to site!
  3527. 2008/09 Sp Authentic Eric Gordon Recruiting Class Auto Letterman 1/1
  3528. 02 Michael Jordan fab floor auto for trade
  3529. LeBron Autos FS/FT
  3530. RG3,Kaepernick,L.McCoy/Moreno Booklet,Martin,Kaep,Foles+more FT, for a Lebron auto
  3531. Full case, 6 sealed 2013 Marvel Retro Boxes for trade!
  3532. Nov 2 LA Lakers Game Tickets Great Seats
  3533. (3)KevinDurant 07ToppsChromeREFRACTORS & Peyton Manning RC FT for Lebron Rookies
  3534. 07 08 Shaq Beam Team Auto FT
  3535. Kaep 1/49AU or Montana AU/15 for a nice Lebron AU.
  3536. Jordan for trade
  3537. New High End Trade Thread! Huge Multi Sport Thread!
  3538. im looking for a jordan auto
  3539. want to sell some of my side PC (might consider partly sell / partly trade)
  3540. Jordan,jamas,magic triple auto and lot of high end for trade/sell
  3541. I'm looking for lebron auto I have football
  3542. HIGH and MID End Up FOR TRADE
  3543. Stephen Curry Exquistie AU RC FT LF: James Harden Exquisite
  3544. **2012-13 Panini Flawless Autos**
  3545. Derrick Rose Auto 3/5
  3546. Kyrie Irving Flawless On Card Auto 4/15 Encased Never Been Touched!!
  3547. High End FT/FS [Nov. 8]: Exquisite, Flawless, & Big Boys [+ some sales!] New Season!
  3548. Prestige Michael Carter Williams f/s f/t
  3549. anyone has High end George Gervin , Jason Kidd and Camelo autos for trade?
  3550. FT Daivid Robinson auto #/10
  3551. MJ Auto FT for MJ RC
  3552. LeBron/Bryce Harper Chrome BGS 9.5s ft
  3553. Looking for an INSANE Larry Bird or Dan Marino card. ROSE FT
  3554. Buying Michael Jordan patches , exquiste & ultimate ....
  3555. FT: Andrew Luck Black 2 color patch/auto rc #d/49
  3556. Flawless Kobe fot Football...
  3557. LF: NICE Flawless Gold Jumbo Patches!! Instant Paypal ready!!
  3558. Ft jim kelly 1/1 masterworks for
  3559. Mid/High End NBA FS/FT - Looking for a Kobe auto
  3560. LF Trade Immaculate RC Auto patch Reggie Jackson /25 Chinese red
  3561. Carmelo Antony Signed Game Worn Nuggets Jersey Steiner Cert for High End!!
  3562. High End Signed & Game Used Memorabilia for trade! LF High end NBA, NFL, MLB
  3563. Some National Treasures i would like to trade!
  3564. looking for George Gervin auto
  3565. Thanksgiving break is here! HIGH END FOR TRADE! W/ want list!
  3566. 2011 UD National Convention Auto LeBron James /15 AND 03-04 Topps Chrome BGS 9.5
  3567. Ultra High End Michael Jordan On Card Auto /23!
  3568. Nice Lebron And Kobe FT!!! Scans inside!!
  3569. FT: 2012-13 Flawless SCOTTIE PIPPEN Gold Dual Patch/Auto #6/10 (maybe sell)
  3570. MJ auto for possible trade.
  3571. dRose RC auto FT
  3572. FT Derrick Rose Topps Chrome Refractor auto /145
  3573. High End FT/FS [Nov. 23]: Exquisite, Flawless, & More
  3574. Looking for steve nash!!
  3575. Multisport high end FT/FS Crosby Lemieux Malkin Pacman A Rodgers and more!
  3576. high end for jordan auto
  3577. FT/FS NEW Tradelist!! NT RPA's, Rose, Kemba, Lillard + 09-10 up to 12-13 Rookies!!
  3578. FT/FS demarcus cousins NT rc dual tag auto ed 5/5
  3579. Michael Jordan Bulls AUTO Special - Just the next 12 hours
  3580. Dalls Fan must see
  3581. Michael Jordan for Lebron James RC Auto
  3582. Michael Jordan 12-13 SPA Home Court Auto FT.....Looking for high end FB
  3583. High-End FT/FS - [Dec 06] All Kinds of Goodies
  3584. Carmelo Anthony High End PC for sale
  3585. Other High End For sale
  3586. MASSIVE Multi-Sport High End FT Thread! ALL NEW STUFF!
  3587. FS/FT LeBron/KG Ultimate Dual Patch 23/25
  3588. Awesome LaMarcus Aldridge Collection
  3589. 1949 Leaf Babe Ruth #3 BVG for Michael Jordan
  3590. Super High End thread- Scans on scans on scans
  3591. WTB: 03-04 Exquisite base and rcs BGS 9.5
  3592. FS/FT Durant Limited Jsy Auto /25
  3593. WTT set of Studo Beats by Dre (sealed) for HE Kobe
  3594. high end for trade looking for a few wants
  3595. Hahahaha everybody says jordan >>but can you say bill russell 11 rings
  3596. Kobe SP Authentic Auto BGS 9.5 / Kobe Golden Touch FS
  3597. 13-14 Totally Certified Black 3-color Patch George Mikan 1/1
  3598. (2) Michael Jordan All Time Greats Signatures Auto /10
  3599. High-End FT/FS - [Dec 28]
  3600. John Wall Classics SP Autograph FT
  3601. FT Kyrie Irving & Michael Jordan Autos
  3602. High-End FT/FS Thread
  3603. Micheal Jordan quick strike insert skybox z force
  3604. High-end Autographs!
  3605. Kenneth Faried Immaculate Rookie Patch 4clr Logo Patch "3" /21
  3606. 04-05 Ultimate Premium Patch Michael Jordan for sale
  3607. FS: 08/09 Derrick Rose Murad Auto RC SP /25
  3608. Who has high end FS? Im buying
  3609. Super Sweet Kaepernick RC/AU # 1/49 PRIME SIGS ON CARD AUTO
  3610. FT THREAD: Kobe, Jeter, Lebron, Gretzky, Montana, Marino+++
  3611. 12-13 Exquisite Brid/Magic dual auto 02/15 IN HAND F/T 4 Bird
  3612. Looking for Harden Howard Olajuwan
  3613. 13-14 TT Pablo Prigioni Laundry Tag 1/1 f/t
  3614. Jordan skybox 1998 quick strike
  3615. Michael jordan PSA 10 - power in the key ( only 20 )
  3616. Looking to make some trades!
  3617. Football for trade looking for lebron or Jordan auto.
  3618. 1994 Upper Deck Mickey Mantle on card auto FT for BB
  3619. Michael Jordan Graded Cards - BGS & PSA
  3620. 2009/10 timeless treasures
  3621. high end for trade:lebron,durant,nt,logoman....
  3623. Flawless Kyrie inscriptions /15. Graded 7.5 f/t
  3624. FT/FS Carmelo Anthony 04-05 Exquisite Patch Auto On Card /100
  3625. (¯`•. Score your steals here! Lillard, Jrue, Monroe, Kemba, RPA's & More .•´¯)
  3626. I just pulled a 2013 Mariano Rivera 1993 Retro Baseballs Finest Refractor #'d 12/25.
  3627. FT/FS: 2007-08 TTT Rajon Rondo White Whale 1/1 Auto
  3628. FT 2008 SP Authentic Matt Ryan Gold sick patch auto /25
  3629. Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant signed baseball PSA UDA for high end
  3630. wanting to buy or trade for a Kevin Durant auto
  3631. Anyone have Durant Chronology Patch/AU? Paying over eBay
  3632. My Kobe Auto #/50 for your Totally Certified
  3633. Sick hit!!!!
  3634. FT 2005 Bowmans Best Aaron Rodgers Auto Printing Plate 1/1
  3635. 12-13 Exquisite Dimensions Auto Michael Jordan /70*
  3636. 12-13 TC Kevin Durant Gold 4/10 auto f/t
  3637. Looking for all Nate Robinson
  3638. 1928 Yankees, 1952 Yankees, 1997 Yankees Team Signed Baseballs JSA Ruth Gehrig Jeter
  3639. Carmelo Anthony Booklet Auto Logoman 1/1 Dual Patch FT!
  3640. My Basketball for your Football or $... SCAN HEAVY
  3641. Triple auto singature nba
  3642. FT: Scarce highend (chronology, exquisite, ud black, ultimate) for Lebron/Durant Ref
  3643. Jordan Legacy and Lebron Chrome Rc Refractor FT
  3644. Ultimate Collection Kobe Bryant Auto for your Tom Brady Auto!
  3645. High End Multi-Sport Trade Thread! HIGH END SCANS GALORE!
  3646. ft high end football basketball hockey baseball
  3647. Allen Iverson Signed Worn Shoes, Durant Signed 8x10 & 16x20 for high end!
  3648. 12-13 SPA Jordan By the letter /23 f/t
  3649. Updated Bucket Open For Trades! HIGH END!
  3650. my the great
  3651. FS/T 1986 Fleer Jordan rookie PSA 7
  3652. Kobe / Magic Dual On Card Autograph FT
  3653. Mike Trout auto ft for high end basketball auto
  3654. WTT: 2006 Exquisite Lebron Jordan Auto /23
  3655. 2010-11 paul george ud rc ultimate signatures 80/99
  3656. anyone willing to trade down on a michael jordan auto?
  3657. FT Kevin Durant Immaculate Patch Auto & Kobe Court Kings Auto
  3658. Ft only
  3659. GRIFFIN Immaculate Patch Auto
  3660. GRIFFIN Immaculate Patch Auto
  3661. Anyone interested in a Michael Jordan Big Men On Court Z-Peat, looking to resell
  3662. WTT:Dwyane Wade 2003-04 Flair Final Edition Auto RC #ACDWW #/10
  3663. High End FT Kaepernick Romo Kobe Garnett Jackson Martin
  3664. WTTF/WTB: 2001-02 MJ Upper Deck Tribute Autograph/UNC Jersey /23
  3665. Wtb: 1997-98 e-x2001 kevin garnett jambalaya
  3666. High end FT: Exquisite Jordan auto & (7) Kobe AU 's
  3667. FT My Football for Basketball Manuel Lacy
  3668. 96-97 Skybox premium Grant Hill Emerald auto RARE
  3669. HIGH END Multi-Sport Trade Thread! Rodgers, Kobe, Jordan, DiMaggio ++
  3670. Collection for sale
  3671. LeBron/Harper BGS highend FT
  3672. MULTI SPT Kendall marshall NT RPA, D.Waiters immaculate GA"GREEK FREAK"2 rc au's /99
  3673. allen iverson 1/1's come get it!!
  3674. Looking for Kyrie and Anthony Davis rc prizm autos
  3675. 1986 Fleer Set, 1-132 with the MJ Rookie
  3676. looking to buy Jordan auto in bulls uni
  3677. High End FT Kobe Garnett Profar Frazier Almora Ryan Jackson Hopkins Judge Martin
  3678. WTTF: Kyrie, Davis, Lillard, Leonard, or Duncan High End
  3679. lookig for lebron james rc auto from ultimate collection
  3680. Anybody got a Durant Auto for trade? Please!!
  3681. looking for kobe bryant , larry bird,magic johnson and shaquille o'neal autos
  3682. WTB: Flawless HOF SIGS David Robinson and McAdoo /10
  3683. high end card for trade paul george rpa /25 (scan) first post
  3684. Jordan/Lebron/Eving Triple Auto 15/15 FOR TRADE!
  3685. 2 High End Cards FT! 10/11 NT 9.5 Carmelo Anthony KNICKS Auto/ Silo Patch Auto 1/1
  3686. FT: Steph Curry 2010 National Treasures NBA Gear Auto
  3687. High-End FT/FS [Mar 17]
  3688. High End FT Frazier Gray Ryan Jackson Farve Kaepernick Johnson Martin Westbrook
  3689. MJ/Rodman Dual ud auto, KOBE/GERVIN dual quad jersey AUTO-KOBE jersey #, DIRK 24K AUT
  3690. Mikan AU / LeBron 1/1 / Rose AU Patch / Rubio / Wall/Griffin...
  3691. Wttf 2003-04 e-x #102 lebron james
  3693. Mike trout auto/jersey for Kevin durant auto!
  3694. 24hr sale - high-end - LeBron, Kobe, Durant, etc
  3695. Mid/Highend Multi-Sport FT for Basketball
  3696. WANTED Gold Standard MARKS OF THE HALL
  3697. LF Kevin Durant Topps Chrome rc refractor
  3698. Michael jordan fleer rookie bgs 8.5 for sale or trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3699. Looking for Derrick Rose Autos have Lebron, KD, Luck
  3700. LF 1986-87 Fleer Basketball Ungraded Set
  3701. Fs michael jordan high end autographed cards.
  3702. WTTF Jordan auto
  3703. FT- Colin Kaepernick Royale Silo RC Auto Patch for a nice Kobe auto
  3704. High End FT/FS [April 5]
  3705. charles barkley metal universe pmg green 3-100 rated an 86 on sgc
  3706. Damian Lillard 12-13 select WHITE HOT RC PRIZM /25 FS
  3707. RGIII for basketball
  3708. New HIGH-Miid End Trade Thread SCAN HEAVY
  3709. Lebron Penny Dr J Peyton Barry Sanders SCANS
  3710. i want jordan auto in bulls uni
  3711. Want to buy I got 170$ paypal!
  3712. WTTF/BUY Lebron Rookie
  3713. Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose Rookie, Patch, Autos for Trade
  3714. Created a website for my cards & memorabilia! Everything FS/FT check it out
  3715. For Trade: Gary Payton Flawless Greats Ruby Auto 14/15
  3716. 3 Paul George Rookie Autos for trade
  3717. LTB: 03-04 UD Exquisite Base
  3718. 06-07 Bowman Sterling Dwyane Wade Patch Auto Beckett 9 ft/fs
  3719. HIGH END FT/FS! Carmelo, Immaculate, Squizz!
  3720. anyone has these available for trade??
  3721. Bucket is LOCKED AND LOADED - Looking for a Durant Auto
  3722. Michael Jordan sp signature sp auto BGS 9.5 for trade/sell
  3723. LeBron James SICK Logo Patch /10 & Russell Westrbook Jumbo Patch with letters /25
  3724. Gary Payton 2011-12 Panini Limited Trophy Case 3 Color LOGO Patch Auto /25
  3725. Paul George Limited Rookie Auto Jersey #d 024/249 Jersey Number 1/1 BGS 9/10
  3726. 2008-09 Elite Extra Edition Derrick Rose Autograph RC #/99 BGS 9/10
  3727. kobe bryant auto for trade
  3728. 2012 TTT Luck RG3 Tannehill Blackmon Floyd Wright 6 way jersey auto FT for bball
  3729. LF Kylie Irving and Anthony Davis Select auto
  3730. Looking For Michael Jordan Bulls uniform patch or auto
  3731. harrison barnes rookie flawless auto 1/5 for trade or sale
  3732. WTTF/WTB 12-13 NT Knicks Quad Auto /5
  3733. dennis rodman auto shawn kemp auto
  3734. Anyone Checking Buckets? High-Mid-Low End
  3735. Few Basketball Autographs FT MJ, Kobe, Dr. J, Malone, Bird, Russell, Rose, LeBron
  3736. Looking for Lebron AU for this 01/49 Prime Sigs Kaepernick RC AU
  3737. & Durant for sale
  3738. LF Steven Adams Brook Lopez Roben Lopez Kahwhi Leornard RC's Have New Cards
  3739. 2009-10 Greats of the Game Autographs #44 Ricky Rubio PSA 9
  3740. High End FT/FS [May 16th] - Take a look!
  3741. Lebron on card auto and 120 in paypal for best card!
  3742. 2009-10 Upper Deck #237 Ricky Rubio SP RC AUTO PSA DNA
  3743. Looking for Jordan and James auto! $500+ paypal and high end hockey for trade!
  3744. 2010 SP Authentic sing of the times Lebron on card auto FT
  3745. FT 2012/13 Fleer Retro Lebron James BGS 9.5/10 Auto
  3746. FT: Premier Kobe Bryant/Tracey McGrady Dual On-card auto /25
  3747. CELTICS COLLECTORS CHECK IT-- SElling my whole collection BRO
  3748. FT Rajon Rondo 1/1 auto/triple jersey printing plate
  3749. Anthony Davis gold RC /25
  3750. Looking to make some trades
  3751. Kobe Bryant 09-10 TIMELESS TREASURES MATERIALS INK JERSEY #'D 16/100...BGS 8.5..AUTO
  3752. Looking to trade up on KD and Lebron on card autos.
  3753. KD and Bron on card autos for HOFers or BLAKE GRIFFIN!
  3754. Walter Payton cut auto for blake griffin or Jordan inserts
  3755. Looking for some new stuff: FT and have money to buy
  3756. Rare kobe dual auto /25 ft for blake griffin!
  3758. LeBron High-end Rookies available
  3759. Lebron James Exquisite Shadowbox ON card AUTO For Sale
  3760. FT: 2012/13 Immaculate Kobe Bryant Inscription Auto /99
  3761. Kobe, Durant, Kyrie, AD, Blake, Rose, and Wall Autos FT
  3762. 2 Kyrie Irving autos FS CHEAP My loss your gain
  3763. Late 90's high end scottie pippen insert!!!
  3764. Lebron 1/1 Upper Deck (pro uniform) Auto FT/FS
  3765. FT: John Wall Flight 16x20 Autograph Photo /50
  3766. 2003 Topps Chrome Lebron James Xfractor #40/220
  3767. Dwight Howard Black Prizm 1/1 + Jordan Bulls FT/FS
  3768. Michael jordan 1986-87 rc fleer rookie card #57 bgs graded for sale!!!
  3769. Any one like Patrick Ewing Sr???
  3770. 13-14 Retro Rondo Green PMG f/s f.t
  3771. Peyton Manning, Jose Abreu..more FT for basketball
  3772. High-end Available
  3773. LeBron James/Dwayne Wade/Chris Bosh Intrigue Terrific Trios Prime 1/1
  3774. Basketball FT Mid-Highend!
  3775. WTT: 1986 Fleer Jordan BGS 6
  3776. FT UD Michael Jordan "He's Back" #241/2345
  3777. Upper Deck Johnny Manziel Auto for trade for bball
  3778. 2013-14 Prestige KOBE REDEMPTION /50
  3779. 86-87 fleer michael jordan rookie bgs graded 8.5!!!
  3780. Michael Jordan Kevin Garnett 1of1 EXQUISITE AUTO LOGOMAN
  3781. Topps rulers 1969 chamberlain hayes west thurmond
  3782. WTTF Jordan auto
  3783. Bucket updated! Lets trade
  3784. For Sale - 1998-99 Skybox Premium Ninety Fine Ray Allen Star Rubies #37/50
  3785. High end list FT/FS
  3786. Star Jordan / Exquisite / UD Black / Rodman AUTO/25 / Bleachers Kobe & Jordan ...
  3787. Chronology Autos Wanted
  3788. 2005-06 Michael Jordan Exquisite LIMITED LOGOS AUTO PATCH /50 9.5/10 .5 PRISTINE
  3789. FT 2004 UDA LeBron James Oversized Commemorative Card Auto /23
  3790. Kevin Johnson 1997 Flair Showcase Masterpiece Row 1 # 77 One of One
  3791. High End for sell/trade:MJ auto,KD auto,Logoman.......
  3792. WTT: 13-14 Retro LeBron Exclamition Point
  3793. High End Rory Mcilroy RC auto /15 for Jordan auto, Kobe auto, or Jordan rookie
  3794. Soccer pay dirt! Cristiano Ronaldo auto
  3795. Trading Bron auto
  3796. FT: 1957 Topps Mickey Mantle #95
  3797. Trade or Sell---- Kobe Bryant 96-97 Skybox Premium Star Ruby RC BGS 9.5 Gem Mint
  3798. FT 2012/13 Select Damian Lillard White Hot Rookies Prizms /25 BGS 9.5
  3799. Super High End Jordan BGS 9.5 with 10 Auto For Trade or Sale
  3800. SP Authentic 13/14 - Sign of the Times Quad Signed - Jordan/Bird/Magic/Erving
  3801. 2011-12 Home Court Signatures Michael Jordan AUTO ft
  3802. 2004-05 Upper Deck Flight Team Michael Jordan Black Onyx #/23
  3803. two logomans for trade
  3804. Anyone has Lebron or Durant GU or auto for trade?
  3805. 2012-13 Exquisite Signatures Michael Jordan AU /99
  3806. Looking for current cavs cards
  3807. WTB: Lebron on card auto or "nasty" patch in Cavs Uniform. $500 Paypal to spend!!!
  3808. High End Basketball FT! List Let's Make Some Deals!
  3809. PSA 9 Mint Michael Jordan RC FT looking for Anything Awsome
  3810. Post-National High End FT/FS - You Won't Regret Browsing ^_^
  3811. Kevin Durant Chronology #/10 Auto RC FS/FT
  3812. Have less than 20 feedback? READ THIS
  3813. More High End Basketball FT/FS
  3814. WTTF: 09-10 National Treasures Notable Nickname Larry Bird auto and Kobe Bryant auto
  3815. FT: High-End Mariano Rivera #ed 10/10
  3816. Looking for Michael Jordan autos
  3817. David Robinson 1/1 Printing plate Goodwin Champions Mini
  3818. WTB: 03-04 Exquisite GOLD Base
  3819. Just Picked Up: Magic Johnsn Preferred 1/1 Auto
  3820. KOBE BRYANT Signed Game Worn Rookie Season SHOE !!! Photomatched JSA for trade
  3821. Jim Brown/Barry Sanders/Emmitt Smith Triple Auto FT for BBall
  3822. Anyone collect TONY SNELL?
  3823. 12-13 Exquisite Championship Trophy Auto Michael Jordan /50
  3824. Kobe Legacy + For Trade!!!
  3825. Russell Wilson Jersey Auto Ft
  3826. FT: 2013-14 National Treasures MICHAEL CARTER-WILLIAMS RPA Patch/Auto #14/99
  3827. Ft: Multi sport high end!! Manziel,rg3,michael carter-williams, bc color, jordan ro!
  3828. My Bucket Is Updated
  3829. Lets make some deals
  3830. For sale dual auto logoman exquisite garnett jordan 1/1
  3831. Kobe Game Used for trade x4
  3832. Lebron James 2004 UD collectibles 10 gem mint!rookie
  3833. FT: 2006-07 Exquisite Michael Jordan Autographed Patch Auto (38/100) BGS 9.5 10 Auto
  3834. FT 2003/04 UDA LeBron James Auto
  3835. Couple of high end basketball to trade
  3836. Multi-Sport MID-HIGH END for Giannis Antetokoumnpo RC autos
  3837. WTB: 2003 Ultimate Collection Lebron James
  3838. football for basketball
  3839. High End FT/FS [October 3rd] - Take a look!
  3840. Wtt/wts: Lebron james 2008-09 exquisite scripted swatch cavs patch auto /23!
  3841. Jordan, LeBron, Jerry West Autos For Trade
  3842. Great Derrick Rose / Chris Paul / Deron Williams Triple Patch /25 FT/FS
  3843. FT 2011/12 Preferred Derrick Rose Auto /15
  3844. Kobe Auto FT for Stephen Curry Auto
  3845. For Trade Huge Multi Sport list (Scan Heavy.) Opened up the PC!!!!
  3846. football for trade for hoops
  3847. Ud upper deck exquisite 12-13 endorsements dual auto michael jordan johnson 1/1
  3848. WTB Tim Duncan 97-98 premium star rubies
  3849. Trade against nice Kevin Love cards - HTG
  3850. Kyrie irving flawless ruby auto /15 2012/13
  3851. [ WTB / WTTF ] 2008 Exquisite Gold RC RPA [ WTB / WTTF ]
  3852. [ WTB / WTTF ] SkyBox 2008 PMG Green [ WTB / WTTF ]
  3853. Looking For : Kyrie Irving Auto GU RC
  3854. for trade kyrie and anthony davis auto 10/10
  3855. FT 2012/13 Totally Certified Kyrie Irving Rookie Roll Call Auto BGS 9.5/10
  3856. FT: 2014-15 Prestige Andrew Wiggins Autograph - WANTED: 2014-15 Hot Signatures Jabari
  3857. FT/FS: 2007-08 Exquisite Notable Nameplates Chris Paul Patch-Auto /25 BGS 9/10
  3858. WTTF: High End Anthony Davis
  3859. FT - Drew Brees 2007 Triple Threads Gold /9 auto for Basketball
  3860. possibly for trade.. Lebron and Jordan Autos
  3861. Hiatus sale, Drose RC auto, 1/1 and inserts
  3862. LTTF Jordan auto in Bulls uniform
  3863. 2013 Prizm Gold/Black
  3864. 2012-2013 Panini Crusade Quest ANthony Davis Rc AUto
  3865. Basketball High End FT/FS
  3866. Odel Beckam jr Topps chrome SP RC auto /75 for basketball
  3867. Kyrie 1/1 FT/FS
  3868. High End CP3 available
  3869. 97/98 autographics tracy mcgrady century marks
  3870. Graded psa bgs brady RCs LRS and bowman chrome refractor RCs for high end basketball
  3871. 12-13 anthony davis contenders auto for sale
  3872. My Biggest High End Multipart Trade Thread!!!!
  3873. }-High End-{ Durant Xfractor RC, Durant SPA, Lebron Chronology, Jordan/Lebron Dual
  3874. LTB - 2003-04 Exquisite Lebron Auto Patch #78 BGS 9.5
  3875. Allen iverson rookie auto 11/30
  3876. 14-15 prestige Tim Hardaway Jr. bonus shots #ed 1of1 true 1 of 1. Wow get it now.
  3877. Bill Russell 11-12 SP Authentic SSP Auto #ed /3 BGS 9.5/10 Auto
  3878. 2012 andrew luck contenders auto
  3879. 2009/10 UD Draft Edition Harden/Rubio/Curry triple auto FT..KD too
  3880. michael jordan and kevin durant autos for sale or trade
  3881. Looking to buy Steph Curry APR, Westbrook Exquisite APR and Rose APR, and Derozan APR
  3882. Looking for A nice jordan auto for this odell beckham flawless rpa /5
  3883. PSA Grade 7 Larrby Bird, Magic Johnson, Julius Erving Trio Card
  3884. high end bgs prospect color autos and tom brady for trade for michael jordan
  3885. Tiger woods auto for lebron or Jordan
  3886. lebron / dwight howRd dual auto
  3887. (Lot of 4) 03-04 UD Exquisite #3 Michael Jordan /225 1 BGS 9 - 1 BGS 8.5 - 2 Raw
  3888. new wants: 09-10 Panini Threads auto letter : I-S-A-A-C, Jane for my son & beloved
  3889. FT Kobe, Stockton, Bird auto cards (as well as Brees RC, RGIII, Big Ben RC autos)
  3890. Jordan autos for trade
  3891. Durant Sketches Swatches PRIME #'d /25 13-14 Court Kings - for Kobe
  3892. Anyone got Anthony Davis autos ft?
  3893. High End FS
  3894. ft thread
  3895. LTB: The following 03-04 Exquisite Gold/25 and Patches/10 for my sets.
  3896. Brady flawless pats logo patch auto /5 and sp authentic RC psa 10 ft for jordan only.
  3897. FT/FS Lebron SP Auto and Kobe/Lebron Dual Patch!
  3898. Kobe Auto FT for Derek Jeter Auto
  3899. Michael jordan fleer rookie & RED PMG - lebron all star rookie /23 shaq all star /23
  3900. High End FT/FS
  3901. LeBron 2003-03 Finest XRC PSA 9 & Kyrie Irving 2012-13 Prizm Auto RC BGS 9/10 FS/FT
  3902. LTB: Carmelo, Wade, and Bosh Exquisite RPA RCs/99
  3903. Trades anyone?
  3904. 97-98 Precious Metal Gem EMERALD Marcus Camby /10!!... for WESTBROOK cards!
  3905. FT: 00-01 Upper Deck Game JERSEY AUTOGRAPH Kenyon Martin RC #ed /6
  3906. Plenty of HIGH-END and Mid End FT.... Finally UPDATED BUCKET!!!
  3907. For Trade: 4xLogoman, Exquisite, Ultimate, Flawless...
  3908. FT: Wiggins Totally Certified AUTO + Patch /25 for Westbrook!
  3909. FT - 1996 Skybox Autographics Kevin Garnett auto (on card)
  3910. High End FT!! LBJ, KD, HOFer Autos Galore!
  3911. 2010 Donruss Elite Blake Griffin Mirror Black Autograph RC #d/25
  3912. Trades for my Antoine Walker Black Gold threads /7
  3913. 2003-04 Authentix Carmelo Anthony Patch Auto 3/5..
  3914. Gary Payton 13-14 Flaweless Emerald /5 - Nasty Patch auto
  3915. Ted Williams 1/1 Cut Auto for Jordan or Kobe
  3916. Magic / Erving / Bird 2005-06 Exquisite Triple Patch /10
  3917. Kobe on Card Auto FT for Michael Jordan Inserts or stuff
  3918. Antione Walker gold standard 2 color jumbo GU /7 FT
  3919. Michael Jordan Julius Erving Dual Auto Booklet 12-13 Exquisite FT/FS
  3920. Trade Larry Bird Masterpiece Autograph 1/1 For Baseball or Football
  3921. Wanted: James Harden ROOKIE AUTO
  3922. FT many nice cards...
  3923. WTT: 2003 SP Authentic Signatures LeBron James #AS-LJ PSA 10
  3924. FS 2014-15 Upper Deck Lettermen Karl Malone auto 3/3
  3925. Looking to trade Tim Duncan auto #d/75 for Football
  3926. Derozan ROOKIE AUTOS PATCHES /5 /10 $$$ High End Low Numbered!
  3927. FT 2010 Ultimate Collection LeBron/Penny/Rubio/Rose quad auto /15
  3928. 07/08 ud black dual auto of kobe bryant and jerry west. 22/25 for trade
  3929. Lebron exquisite football auto/49 Bgs 9.5/10 ft...
  3931. Michael Jordan auto FT - 2011 Exquisite Championship Bling /99 (BGS 8.5/10 graded)
  3932. FS Hi End Michael Jordan Inserts from 1990s! BGS 9.5 PSA 10 Refractors +
  3933. Anyone have some nikoli mirotic out there fs or tr
  3934. High end Vintage Musial rc PSA4 Koufax RC PSA 5 FT FOR BKB Jordan first but open
  3935. Selling: Very High End Autos & Patches FLAWLESS Curry Durant ALL BGS graded
  3936. Pair of High-End Lebrons FT! SPA auto PSA 10, Sweet Shot auto #d/23 BGS 9/10
  3937. Jabari Parker Gold Standard 14K Freshly Minted RC Gold Piece #01/20
  3938. Couple Andrew Luck rookie autos FT check the scans! looking for Lebron MJ Kobe Brady.
  3939. 03/04 Jordan exquisite /25 ft....
  3940. FT: Michael Jordan PSA/DNA Slabbed Auto Personal Check
  3941. Ray Allen High End (Logoman, Credentials, PMG, ...) and others
  3942. Brady and Romo Patch autos and Luck Valor RC auto FT
  3943. FT Tiger �� Woods Auto for Basketball
  3944. 2011-12 michael jordan exquisite legacy collection auto /23
  3945. entire bucket FS/FT look!!
  3946. FT 14-15 Immaculate Team Logos Patch Grant Hill 1/8
  3947. King Felix Hernandez logo patch auto ft for basketball...
  3948. WTTF Lebron Cavs uni auto - Curry, Lebron HS auto, Giannis, Davis FT
  3949. Wiggins FT/FS
  3950. LeBron James gold variation prizm 2014/15 - 5/10
  3951. kevin durant rookie auto for trade
  3952. LeBron James 14/15 Prizm Gold Variation 5/10!!!!!!
  3953. LeBron James 03-04 UD Hardcourt Signed Game Used Floor 1/1 FT
  3954. Lebron Topps Chrome RC refractor , Durant Rc , Peyton Manning RC and Shaq Golds FT/FS
  3955. Busted a Spectra and a Select - Kobe goodness
  3956. Anyone have any Earl Boykins cards for sale or trade?
  3957. Fielding Trade offers-- 2013 Michael Jordan 2013 UD ATG Gold 1/1 Auto BGS 9.5/10
  3958. LeBron James Prizm 14/15 GOLD VARIATION! 5/10!
  3959. Corey Seager 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft gem lot FT/FS
  3960. Does anyone have a Jordan Auto in Bulls Uni FT?
  3961. Lebron Cavs auto, KD more FT
  3962. WTB: 03-04 UD Exquisite Base Michael Jordan /225
  3963. Looking for Lasting Legacies Patch/Autos #/25- Malone, Chambers, Collison
  3964. LTB Jabari Parker immac RPA
  3965. LTTF high end Jordan or James
  3966. 2012-13 Prizm Gold Lebron FT
  3967. Looking for any graded Jordan rookies to buy
  3968. Trading Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis AUTOS for Carlos Correa Rookie Autos
  3969. Russell Westbrook UD Black RPA /50
  3970. Hi end jordan inserts
  3971. High End Basketball FT/FS
  3972. FT/FS Elite Andrew Wiggins auto /99 PSA 10
  3973. Flawless Westbrook and George FS/FT
  3974. Tim Duncan Autographs F/T
  3975. FT 1986/87 Fleer Michael Jordan RC BGS 8
  3976. Curry auto For trade
  3977. paypal ready Looking For a Kobe or Durante auto
  3978. Multi sport FT/FS autos!! Looking to make some deals. *SCAN HEAVY*
  3979. FT Malone/Green dual BLACK AUTO #/15!! Check it out.
  3980. Michael Jordan AUTO 14/15 SPX upper-deck #36
  3981. lebron James Exquisite game face autograph Booklet For trade.
  3982. Kiwhi Patch/Auto F/T for Jabari Parker Auto
  3983. anyone has Flair Hot Numbers Michael Jordan for trade ?
  3984. FT: Tom Brady 2014 Topps Five Star Auto
  3985. FT/FS Kobe, Shaq Patch Autos, NT&Immac
  3986. Kd35 ft
  3987. F/T Andrew Wiggins 4 Color RPA /25
  3988. Wiggins Rookie card auto to trade
  3989. Offering Air miles to travel anywhere in world & Cash/Paypal for HIGH END!!
  3990. Andrew Wigging RPA /199 (BGS 9/10 auto)
  3991. LF Game Use Earl Boykins
  3992. Legend , Stars , Flawless , GU + Auto for trade or FS
  3993. FT: High End Hockey (Cup) for Wiggins, LBJ, MJ, Durant
  3994. FT for Kobe Flawless Autos or nice Kobe auto patches
  3995. Possibly trading my Jordan auto - scan below
  3996. paypal ready its payday. Kwahi Leoanrd/Steph Curry/Anthony Davis ???
  3997. Jordan 1/1 Auto, Jordan Magic 1/1 Exquisite, Durant Limited Logos, Dual Logoman KG FS
  3998. New cards FT/FS , including Legend / High end / NT and Flawless
  3999. Football for a Jordan auto
  4000. I buy Earl Boykins Cards
  4001. Mid/High tradelist scans
  4002. Looking for multi colours / layers patch for the following players , anyone has FT?
  4003. Russell Westbrook Finest Green XRC BGS 9.5 .5 away from Pristine
  4004. High end ft
  4005. KD Auto Redemption FS/FT
  4006. WTTF: Anything Dwyane Wade!
  4007. wtt Curry auto for Tim Duncan auto
  4008. Ft 2003/04 Topps Chrome LeBron James RC PSA 10
  4009. 2 new logoman cards for trade
  4010. I'm back...nice cards available - Durant, Shaq, MJ, Kobe, Davis, etc.
  4011. Lebron Autograph FT
  4012. FS/FT Stephen Curry Select Jersey Auto Blue /20
  4013. Wanted: Vince Carter 98-99 UD Game Jersey
  4014. Steph Curry Topps RC FT
  4015. LTB Jimmer Logoman, have PayPal ready
  4016. Jordan rookie for super bowl 4 full ticket stub!
  4017. Exquisite and Flawless available for Chronology
  4018. Jordan 1/1 Auto Logoman Exquisite Magic Durant Garnett Dual Logoman POP1 BGS
  4019. 14-15 Steph Curry panini preferred auto ft/fs
  4020. Iverson/exquisite/immaculate
  4021. Jordan Auto FT for Curry Auto
  4022. Possibly FT: Lebron James Rookie
  4023. Exquisite 07-08 glen davis kevin garnett dual logoman auto patch 1/1 steal it!! 2500$ bin!!
  4024. WTT Kobe jsy/auto /99 for Andrew Wiggins
  4025. Love, Bird, Magic rc auto Topps Treasury 1/9
  4026. Football for 1996 Kobe Bryant, BGS or PSA Graded, Have Paypal as well.
  4027. 1996-97 Topps Chrome Refractors Kobe Bryant "Black Label" for Sale or Possibly Trade
  4028. $50 Finders Fee on this Kobe 03-04 UD Exquisite
  4029. FT: Derrick Coleman team USA Skybox auto
  4030. LTTF Lebron James Auto
  4031. Anthony Davis Absolute 9.5/10 + Football Ft
  4032. ft kobe auto on card 25/25 for pc items
  4033. Trading high end football - Winston etc
  4034. Stephen Curry 2013-14 Totally Certified Black True 1/1 for trade
  4035. Looking for Jordan rc. Curry exquisite to trade
  4036. Anyone interested in a Magic Johnson auto?
  4037. FT Curry lot NT Prizm
  4038. FT Kobe Bird Durant Kareem West High End
  4039. looking for Jordan Auto jersey/patch
  4040. Any Cavs/Duke fans??!! Nice Kyrie Irving RC auto here
  4041. Kobe's last game tonight 5/8 FT/FS
  4042. Porzingis Prestige Rc Auto #ed 299 BV-250!!!
  4043. FT for High end Basketball - 2003 UD Super Patch Ichiro /14
  4044. FS/FT Melo 9.5 Exquisite and Wade BGS Slabbed
  4045. 1991 Fleer Michael Jordan 3D Redemption Card #220
  4046. 2015/16 Panini Prizm Karl-Anthony Towns White Sparkle SSP for trade
  4047. 15-16 Select Gold Prizm Durant auto /10 and 15-16 Totally Certified gold mirror Shaq auto /10 ft
  4048. Looking for a nice lebron rc for this sweet BGS 9.5 Magic
  4049. FT Rare Andrew Wiggins Prizm Gold RC Auto /10
  4050. FS/FT Bill Russell 13-14 Exquisite Momumental Laces Auto /10
  4051. scottie Pippen auto FT/FS
  4052. Looking for Kat
  4053. couple nice autos FS/ft multi sport
  4054. Some 03-04 Exquisite Cards FS/FT
  4055. Andrew Wiggins Court Kings RC/5 FT
  4056. Wanted Vince Carter auto patch cards all teams
  4057. Kyrie Irving Rookie Auto FT