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  1. Got a 1/1, show it off...
  2. Jersey Number cards, show them off...
  3. Just wanted to show off my Lee Evans PC!
  4. My entire Bronko Nagurski collection
  5. My entire Red Grange collection
  6. My entire Jim Thorpe collection
  7. My #d 264/xxx SPx collection...
  8. Show off your "Same Card" Collections
  9. Figured I would show you what I got, and tell u what I need, thanks!!
  10. My Leon Washington Collection
  11. My Jerry Rice Collection
  12. Rabs's Official Mail Thread
  13. Chicago Bears Mailday
  14. Big Shoutout Part Tres - Hazeofgreen (GOAT!)
  15. AWESOME PC Mailday!!! Milestone!
  16. new pickups today
  17. Some recent mail... aka my 08 lcm emerald set
  19. Brandon Williams RC Collection (Badgers)
  20. Some Matt Hasselbeck wins!
  21. In Honor of Steve McNair cards, Please post your favorite Card/Item here
  22. Update on my HOF auto set
  23. Show your Barry Sanders Cards!
  24. Felix jones collection with updates
  25. ****My Kevin Kolb Personal Collection****
  26. Ed reed thread
  27. my official darrius heyward bey pc w/ updates
  28. DHB Thread
  29. Show off your Triple (or more) Autos
  30. ****My Tony Romo Super PC**with updates**
  31. Take a Look At My National Treasures PC...
  32. 2007 FOTG NFL Die Cut Set Running Thread
  33. 2009 Absolute Icons prime jersey set thread
  34. my cut auto collection so far....its ok i need more
  35. Panini Redemption Replacement
  36. Showing My Brian Calhoun Collection!!
  37. Recent Ebay wins! What do you think?
  38. Added another 1/1 to my super collection
  39. A few GameDay wins.. How'd I do
  41. Romo PC Mail Week Sick!
  42. Some new panthers, patches, printing plate
  43. Mailday!! 2 New AMAZING Crabtree Cards!!
  44. Tradebait Mailday(Steelers & Colts)
  45. This is what i call a steal!!!!!!
  46. First piece of laurinaitis pc
  47. Showing off my 49ers collection
  48. Finally! I finished the Rainbow!
  49. "60 minutes" Steeler mail 1/1 nfl tag style
  50. NFL Logo Mailday!
  51. First addition to TO collection
  52. pretty rainbow mail lcm style and h.o.f+more
  53. huge props to road_runner_1964!!!
  54. 3 Football Card Mail day... Favre...
  55. WOW!!! I think I finally got a legit steal!!
  56. COMPLETE SET 2008 Leaf Limited Patch/Auto
  57. A Few Maildays To Share
  58. Couple new picksups...
  59. Fantastic Mailday!...SPx spectrum/25, Mirror Gold/10
  60. Ray Rice Mailday....
  61. SICK mailday!
  62. awesome 6 card mailday!!!!! best mailday ever. take a peek!
  63. Decent WVU mailday
  64. My Bengals PC pickups...
  65. Recent Mailday
  66. Been picking up a few 09 Certifed jersey/Stamp/Auto RC's
  67. The Minister of Defense mailday
  68. 2 Card Mailday Best Mailday For MY PC 1/1 Style!!!
  69. Mail W/ White
  70. ATM Sportscards DOES IT AGAIN!! $20.00 AP Auto!!
  71. Huge win for me
  72. Not a huge fan of Vince Young but I couldn't pass this up
  73. Halloween Haul, Plus Mail Day
  74. Jason Hill auto collection
  75. Finally got my Bucket started ... Tell me what you think so far ...
  76. One nice card in this weekends mail
  77. 09 LCM Box Break
  78. Sweet Mirror Black 1/1 Mail
  79. Sportscardforum and Ebay Mailday!!
  80. Nice mail- more absolute patches+some autos
  81. Pretty sweet Mailday auto wise gimme 5 minutes
  82. Todays Mail
  83. My Titans PC
  84. Latest addition to TO collection
  85. Bought some REAL NASTY stuff from some fellow SCF members...HIGH END, take a look....
  86. Oct. 30th-Nov. 2nd (Sick Mailweekend)
  87. 2 new Giants for the PC...
  88. Todays mail..........
  89. 1997 Upper Deck Legends Complete Auto Set
  90. First Reggie Bush auto
  91. A Sweet, SWEET Mailday!!!
  92. Sweet Ebay Win!!! HIgh End!!!
  93. Reggie Bush 06 Ultra Lucky 13 Platinum RC
  94. Been a really long time.......
  95. just got one of the best hits ive ever gotten in a group break!!!
  96. Nice win for Running-Back PC.....
  97. 2008 SP Authentic DeSEAN JACKSON RC AUTO 4-Color /999
  98. 1955 Topps All-American Otto Graham PSA 10
  99. My last two months of mail
  100. More WVU and PC mailday
  101. Another Sweet Mirror Black Mail!
  102. Check it out New PC i picked up..WOW!!!!!!
  103. 2009 Magic Box Break from Blowout
  104. a couple of pick ups this week before the show
  105. 1 Card mailday but its a good 1 Card
  106. Calvin 1/1 auto tag plus other mail from the past few weeks
  107. NFL LOGO Mailday
  108. *EBAY BUST* FAKE POLAMALU *Steelers*
  109. A Super Sweet Bills PC Mailday!!!
  110. sweet spot by the letter 10x12 auto letter+card
  111. Some more Jarett Dillard
  112. Former Louisville Cardinals PC scan heavy
  113. 2 Days of mail, 2 NFL Logo Shields
  114. John Lynch Deal of the day! (Low End)
  115. Steelers fans come in ........... Sweet win
  116. Got my Panini Redemption
  117. 3 new National Treasures...
  118. So I acquired a Jon Beason Collection
  119. A sweet DHB limited patch auto win
  120. Another Sweet Flacco Addition!! 1/1 LOGO Shield!
  121. New scans mainly phins PC but a few nice non pc
  122. Knute Rockne for PC
  123. NT Win! Good Deal IMO!
  124. Funny Redemption
  125. Topps Premire pickups! Maclin and Moreno STEALS
  126. Carson Palmer NFL Logo Mailday
  127. Barry Exq triple Au & Sjax addition to my set...
  128. Mailday from the past couple weeks
  129. 1 card Mailday, Awesome Patch
  130. Imagine forgetting about....
  131. 2 new DHB pickups
  132. Lots of PC, NICE Traders!
  133. Got this for $5?!?!?!?!?!
  134. Anybody know what this redemption card will be numbered out of? JOSH FREEMAN!
  135. alot of new stuff with a sweet ap
  136. Sick shady pick-up!!!! Great pc add!!!!
  137. Last month's mail. Sanchez, McNabb, Schaub, Manning & more!
  138. recent Panther pickups
  139. An awesome new DHB win, my fave card of him
  140. Newest addition to TO auto collection
  141. Just got this in - Lebron Laundry Tag /10
  142. Another NASTY DHB win, look at this patch!!!!
  143. Hilarious fake 1/1 logo on ebay
  144. Sweet Mailday
  145. Aaron Rodgers 1/1 NFL Shield Mailday!!!
  146. Huge Mailday, Team Collector Guy Comes through again
  147. Chris Johnson = best RB in football. Let's see your CJ board
  148. Stoked about this ebay win
  149. My Shonn Greene PC
  150. Big Monday Steeler NFL shield mailday
  151. Nice TO mailday
  152. My Current PSA 10 Dan Marino Collection
  153. One Of My BEST Maildays...
  154. What do you think of this deal?
  155. My first Pro Line auto
  156. Another Great Mailday
  157. Wow, look at my UD mail today..........
  158. Small Collection milestone, my 50th Auto
  159. Have I lost touch with reality?
  160. After 14 MONTHS & 1 week, 08 UD Icons finally arrive
  161. Super 1/1 maildays
  162. Carson Palmer Stuff
  163. New Crabtree Mail!!
  164. Cool Story and Pickup
  165. My First 1/1!
  166. met ray rice got auto`ed jersey+lcs sale pics
  167. One of the biggest steals.....ever?
  168. Biggest Pick-up Ever
  169. 2008 leaf limited set pickups...
  170. After two years of waiting.................
  171. Finally complete !!
  172. Chris Chambers Steal
  173. HUGE Mailday today
  174. Sweet 1/1 Today and a couple others
  175. Harvin patch auto /10 plus more
  176. mail new ray rice lcm+more
  177. Steal Forte
  178. SICK SICK PATCHY Mailday!! EAGLES FANS....plz dont drool LOL!!
  179. Mailday Harvin AP Cutler
  180. Nice longhorns win
  181. DeSean Jackson Pickup
  182. Percy Harvin- Donruss Certified Rainbow!!!
  183. How sad that I found this last night? Jim Brown RC
  184. Huge HOF RC Birthday Present from the Wife
  185. Recent Pickups- Bledsoe 1/1's, Hasselbeck Logos, Oh my!
  186. Steeler Fans - Check this out!
  187. My Jarett Dillard PC
  188. 2008 Icons Favre Letter Mailday
  189. My first Dwill NFL logo
  190. Recent mail
  191. Recent PC wins mailday...
  192. a nice Donald Brown win!!!!
  193. 2 Card Mailday for the PC!!!
  194. Moreno Letterman Patch 5/8 won for only $35...
  195. Jamaal Charles Mail Week...
  196. reggie pc pickup thread
  197. Manning/Ryan Mailday
  198. Panini Redemption Mailday - Ceritfied Maclin
  199. Ladainian Tomlinson 1/1 Pick Up
  200. Box of 07 Sweet Spot Scans!
  201. Donruss/Playoff/Panini Replacement Mail !!!
  202. Saints-rams game- more game used
  203. Fresh update on Texas Longhorns PC
  204. Not a bad find mixed in my rookie commons box
  205. Drew Brees Mailday
  206. my BEST mailday ever!!!
  207. 1 card PC mailday
  208. Cornerstone of the Beanie PC...1 down, 4 to go...
  209. Percy Harvin 1/1 Xfractor LOGO Auto RC...
  210. Palmer, Garcia, Montana, Stabler quad for $100! What an odd find!
  211. Sweet eBay pickup! Eagles Logo Patch Style!
  212. Longhorns 1/1 arrived
  213. AWESOME Mail Day.....Some NASTY Brees Rc's, Harvin jersey#, Rivers Rc auto and more..
  214. Pretty good deal on 6/6 Moreno letterman!
  215. Maclin ebay Steal!
  216. Rate my Stephen McGee Collection
  217. Logo Patch Collection
  218. My Andre Brown PC-Need acouple finest cards
  219. Superfractor mailday!
  220. Past cpl maildays
  221. cunningham auto and some reed refs #ed 5.....
  222. Recent TO maildays
  223. sweet mailday today a few 1/1s
  224. Is that a Rocket in my Pocket or am I just excited about this Mailday...MUST SEE!!!!
  225. 2 New Crabtree Autos For The PC
  226. A Few Sweet Tuesday Night Pickups
  227. I have swine flu. Entertain me by showing me your favorite 2009 Rookie cards!
  228. HOF pick up triple patch awesome deal!!!
  229. a nice marion barber patch win
  230. Awesome maildays!!!! Three 1/1s!
  231. my best DHB win ever, OMG 1/1 auto MOJO
  232. Bought 6 packs of 09-10 Mayo Football Retail @ Wal-Mart
  233. Just picked this up!! LeSean McCoy
  234. Mail Day!! Nice Stuff!
  235. Barry Sanders Mailday
  236. MAIL - Colts PC stuff and others
  237. Whats Your #1 PC Card? Show Me!
  238. Last few days of mail. Logorific
  239. More leaf limited patch autos
  240. Another Limited RC Auto/NFL Logo Patch 1/1
  241. Jim Brown Patch Auto /5
  242. a new Heyward Bey reebok logo auto win!!!
  243. MY Panini Ravens probowl patches pc
  244. One Card Mailday...Triple Patch/Auto
  245. PC Mailday (nice)
  246. Mailweek
  247. It's NOT a logo or 1/1. It is one of my top 3 Bledsoe cards though!
  248. Nice Mailday with an AWESOME ebay win
  249. Nice win, steal?
  250. Falcons Mailweek........
  251. You guys think i overpaid??
  252. Another 1/1 in the mail today :)
  253. A few Recent pickups :)
  254. Mail from the past week or so, Chad 1 of 1 and more
  255. 09 Donruss Limited autos mail
  256. Newest PC Addition...
  257. Big Old Trade Bait Mail day
  258. Patrick Willis Pro Bowl
  259. 49ers & Titans Mail Day
  260. Need Help with this card?
  261. Only 1 card in the mail but It was a SICK MAILDAY..1/1 NFL logo Rc auto..LOOK INSIDE!
  262. 2 more for the pc!
  263. Big PC Mailday! Reebok Patch!
  264. A few Javon Ringers pickups...
  265. This weeks Longhorns mail
  266. Show off your favorite "Project" set
  267. #4 All-Time Rusher PC
  268. Nice Jets Mail week
  269. an EPIC DHB mailday!!!!
  270. New stuff, another KS 1/1
  271. Tittle / Hornung auto /15
  273. mailday,card shop pick up, box break (some mojo)
  274. Panini replacement mailday!
  275. Finally got back my replaced card!
  276. After a Long Time Finally!!!!!
  277. an awesome Patrick Crayton STEAL!
  278. Moreno Mailday
  279. Got this for $5!!!!! Awesome!!
  280. Month of stuff - Printing Plates & Autos + more Kordells for the PC
  281. CardShow PC Pickups Sick!!
  282. This weeks mail - GO COLTS!
  283. Sweet Ebay WIN for the PC!!!!!!!!!!!!
  284. I hate the word, but the SICKEST almost free cards ever!
  285. oops why did i get rid of those??
  286. This is the reason my WIFE opens the boxes!!!!!!!!
  287. I thought i lost this card! But i found it!
  288. Mendy Mailday..............:)
  289. My 1st carson Palmer rookie Auto Sick!!!!
  290. Sammie Stroughter PC...Finally found the Letter "H"
  291. last couple of mail days
  292. Awesome mailday! And got my 12th Dillard 1/1 Pic of all Inside :)
  293. new cowboys pickups
  294. One Of My Best Pulls-Percy Harvin #1/1
  295. Nice Mailday + Nice Non PC Addition
  296. Trying to get an auto of all 1972 dolphins!
  297. Good deal? Ebay? Moreno BGS 9.5 Chrome Auto
  298. Finally picked my player and got my new favorite card!
  299. BARRY SANDERS Mailday!!!
  300. Mailweek! Wayne, Rodgers, Brees, Moreno
  301. Trip to the card shop today
  302. I know everybody hates it but.....show off your favorite Press Pass auto!
  303. Few New Pickups. NO Dolphins
  304. (2) logo 1/1 mailday plus others
  305. do you think this is a good deal?
  306. ud by the letter redemption replacements
  307. What a GREAT Mailday....awesome PC cards, Both Mannings, Mendenhall, Brees, ect......
  308. Check out this STEAL - amazing investment piece!!
  309. Nice MJD Mailday
  310. more of that gold, and some emerald
  311. nice PC win for me!
  312. NICE M.Ryan Mailday!!!
  313. Marino Collection {must see}
  314. 08 UD Premier Mailday
  315. 2009 Threads CHAD OCHOCINCO Auto BENGALS 1/5 !! SP
  316. todays mail a nice logo 1/1 amongst others
  317. OJ Simpson Rookie Ebay Win
  318. Ted Ginn SPA Mailday
  319. My recent pick ups
  320. Bo Jackson Triple Threads Auto 5/9
  321. Reggie wayne 1/1 PC pickup
  322. Jarett Dillard Chrome Rainbow Complete!
  323. More SICK Stuff, McCoy's, and Brees Rc autos....PC stuff...take a look...
  324. holy moly do i have some show and tell
  325. Was this worth 15 bucks?
  326. another 99. patch steal! hofer!!
  327. HUGE addition to my Steeler 16x20 photo
  328. Nice mail day......Auto....
  329. small mail
  330. Todays visit to the shop and an IP signing
  331. Maildays from the last 2 months NICE VERY SICK Fellow Eagle FANS LOOK!!!!!!!
  332. some of my pc for view
  333. 1 Card Mailday....But a Very Nice one!
  334. Show Pick-ups
  335. Back from college for a few days...Found a few sweet packages on my desk
  336. Back from college for a few days...Found a few sweet packages on my desk
  337. No Greater Mailday Exists!
  338. Maily maily daayyyyyy LsuOperGfracOtor 1/1 styleeee
  339. Jamaal Charles Mailday
  340. My Brandon Pettigrew PC :)
  341. 2009 Eagles Pick-ups
  342. Mail Days
  343. Nice PC/Tradebait mailday
  344. Got my card!
  345. More Nasty PC members, Brees, McCoy and Big Beanie Wells!!!
  346. Very Colorful Kevin Jones PC Mailday
  347. Nice Mailday Today...
  348. New centerpiece of my Nate Davis collection
  349. official cowboys pickups
  350. Aren't these hard to pull?
  351. new bucket
  352. Very Nice ebay win!! One of my top priority cards wanted!
  353. Woooo!!! Awesome pc pick up!!!
  354. Don't see this too often
  355. a sick Marion Barber steal /10!!!
  356. My 2008 Sp Authentic Leatherheads set is COMPLETE!
  357. Show Off your BGS RC's
  358. Sweet MailWEEK! All For Trade!
  359. HOF Mailday!!!!!!!
  360. Big mailday- lil bit of everything and some ravens logos
  361. LCS Chad/Housh/Jennings/Someone Named Favre??
  362. Small Mail weekend
  363. My Dwayne Bowe Auto Collection
  364. My BEST mailday eva!
  365. 2 patch auto mailday, both #'d 4/10
  366. dual shield mailday
  367. Santa Came early! Shout Out to WilliW@anker
  368. ODD CARD! What a great addition to my inscription collection!
  369. Busted a couple boxes
  370. First Ever 1/1!! And others...
  371. Yesterday's Auburn haul
  372. Wow awesome win on ebay!!!!
  373. Knowshon Moreno Mailday!
  374. Just updated my bucket let me know how it looks
  375. Started a new autograph set.
  376. Couple weeks Moreno & Brandstater mail
  377. Peyton Manning AU
  378. mail scans- with letterman
  379. Bgs piggyback order: Fb/bb/bsktb/hoc
  380. Check this SWEET Drew Brees Auto RC
  381. Forte Win
  382. Moore and Moore mail......lot's Moore.
  383. I think this was a steal!
  384. Patrick Willis Collection
  385. Got Some Nice Ones In Yesterday
  386. Quentin Groves National Treasures RC
  387. Mailweek Beanie Wells Logos and only 1 Steeler
  388. 2009 Leaf Limited LaDainian Tomlinson NFL Patch 1/1
  389. Awesome PC Mailday ! 10/10 Auto!
  390. Pull from a Pack from enigma
  391. One Card Mail Day 4 Autos
  392. Ebay Win
  393. Dolphins Mail
  394. Peyton Manning 1/1 3 color patch
  395. Sweet redemption!
  396. Nice Ebay WIN for PC!!LMK what u think
  397. ray lewis helmet card mail- + the rest of my rays
  398. Can u say DHB 1/1 NFL LOGOSHIELD FOR under $100!!!!1
  399. 1 Card Mailday but with a surprise!
  400. Jamaal Charles Mailday!
  401. A few more SICK Brees Rc. autos for the PC and some NICE Peyton on card autos.......
  403. Nice little PC pickups!
  404. Load of 1/1s and Logos!
  405. Scans of the first half of my 09 pc
  406. The other half of my 09 pc
  407. Today's LSU Patchy Mailday
  408. Great Mailweek!
  409. pretty sweet logo mailday!!!!!!
  410. Nice PC Mail week...
  411. December PC Mail Week (Falcons)
  412. Sweet SPA Mailday! STOKED!
  413. Recent pickups and mail, brees rc auto / witten rc 1/1!!
  414. Nice Win for the HOF Rookie PC
  415. Big Texas win
  416. Montana UDA Full Size Helmet
  417. great week of mail (non cowboys)
  418. This weeks cowboys pickups
  419. Nice Brady Pull From 2 Packs of Sterling
  420. Peyton Manning collection just got better.
  421. 09 LL case break take
  422. First Mailday in awhile! Exquisite RC Patch & AP RC Auto!
  423. Patience pays off
  424. Sick Moreno hit in case break!!
  425. Louis Murphy win
  426. Sick Manning...just sick
  427. 1 Card MAILDAY.........Not too shabby!
  428. Past cpl days mail, scans
  429. 2 Card Eagles Mailday!
  430. Nice mailday! thx to patsfan52, zas667, and WVcoltsfan!
  431. Maroney Mailday
  432. not a bad way to start off the week.....redemp finally here
  433. Card Room.
  434. Nice Henne auto from last years Exquisite
  435. Quentin Groves Collection
  436. May not be worthwhile to most...
  437. Philip Rivers Auto RC
  438. Steelers toy drive autos
  439. Great McCoy pull but damaged-What to do?
  440. PULLED MY FIRST 1/1 ****scan inside*****
  441. I love it when ebay sellers don't list right........
  442. Nice Drew Brees rc steal?
  443. Check out this steal!!!
  444. Check out these sick maclin/mccoy added to pc!!!!
  445. 1/1 pc mailday....
  446. these type of threads are overrated, but.. i got a pc steal!
  447. Tomlinson/Sayers/Grant Steal?
  448. Mailweek so far......
  449. 09 Classics Box Break plus
  450. A few nice pick-ups
  451. This is what the holidays are all about....
  452. New cards for the PC
  453. Pretty cool pick up dual auto style !!
  454. Nice box breaks + Cut auto
  455. A couple new Jersey # Rc patch/autos that are SICK and i just 1 back from BGS........
  456. Latest Matt Forte Wins
  457. Decent eBay steal.
  458. My first Matt Ryan Auto :)
  459. Peyton Manning RC
  460. My LCM completed mirror runs
  461. Couple days worth of mail!
  462. 2 Months of Mail, Set Completion & Toronto Expo Pickups!
  463. *STEELERS MAIL* we may be out, but I got these cards!!!
  464. New PC Pickups
  465. FANTASTIC Mail Week - 1st Montana Auto!!
  466. Limited Group break pulls
  467. my shield and 1/1 pc so far
  468. Nice 4 CLR Freeman AUTO GU and 4 CLR GU
  469. My New Pickups for this week, some sick cards!!
  470. Real nice PC mailday
  471. 2008 Certified Rashard Mendenhall Auto w/ two shields!
  472. Todays mail, Nothing special but a nice ap and harvin rcs!!
  473. Manning Mailday!!
  474. My Second PC, Lance Briggs
  475. Some New PC this week :)
  476. Added this TD Auto jersey to my PC
  477. HUGE PC Pickup!! Six time the greatness!!
  478. mail- with a another master set done and its SICK
  479. WOW check out this MJD patch
  480. Mailday!!!!
  481. Dinky card show pick-ups
  482. Yamon Figurs pc
  483. Last 2 Days Worth the Mail
  484. Recent Mail
  485. Mohamed Massaquoi LRS Two Color Jersey
  486. Barry and MJD Mailday
  487. Barry Sanders Score RC Reprint auto win
  488. card show pick ups and breaks....lots of goodies...
  489. Nice Mail Couple of sweet Palmers
  490. More Playoff Contender cards
  491. Drew Brees rookie auto pick up
  492. Nice Win for the HOF Rookie PC
  493. Thomas Edward "Tom" Brady, Jr.
  494. Week 14 cowboys pickups
  495. One of my best pulls ever (Flashback!)
  496. Win for my Defensive Back PC
  497. Heres my latest Pickups for Show and Tell time
  498. a sick new Marion Barber patch for under $7
  499. Very Sick Romo PC Pick Up!!
  500. Nice Steal for My HOF Rookie PC
  501. Steal?? Your opinion?
  502. Awesome recent & future mail days!!!
  503. Dinky Card Show Grabs
  504. Barry nice LOGO mail.....
  505. Nice Matt Ryan Mailday
  506. Hakeem Nicks /10 AUTO (I have ?'s)
  507. Chris Johnson RC AUTO GU /15
  508. Percy Harvin NFL Logo Mailday
  509. NY Giants MAILDAY!!!! Come and DROOL!! LOL!!
  510. Nice mail day, little bit of everything lol
  511. 11Eleven11, time and time again, so very generous!
  512. Really awesome mail day
  513. pretty fun mailday some nice ravens
  514. Nice 1/1 Today!
  515. New addition to TO autograph collection
  516. Nice one card mail day!
  517. Quad Patch! My first ever patch card!
  518. Topps Redemption Mailday - MOJO!
  519. 2 nice fabrics of the game
  520. Fantastic Patch Mailday!
  521. Sweeeet Percy Harvin day!!
  522. 2 Nice PC Ronnie Lott pickups
  523. 2 More Wins For the HOF PC
  524. Really Nice Graded Deal +1 I picked up
  525. My Michigan Wolverines collection
  526. Collection going crazy
  527. Awesome mailday!! Video inside!!
  528. another mailday 1/1 styleee
  529. DeSean Jackson redemption mail
  530. Another Great Week of Mail With a Freebie From Wheeler281
  531. Another Nice Mail Day!! HOF Style!
  532. More for my Mike thomas PC in todays mail
  533. Mail days....
  534. Tomlinson Pick up - auto/jersey /5
  535. My Small Colts PC Not for trade or sale.
  536. Just won a TON of Felix Jones patch/autos
  537. Most Recent Nastiness
  538. Awesome Pick Ups!!!
  539. Nice Stafford War Room Patch
  540. Mike Wallace Certified Stamp
  541. One Card Mailday
  542. definitely a GREAT ray lewis pc week! jumbo patch, dual auto etc.
  543. Upper Deck Facebook contest WINNER!!! Auto'd FS '09 rookie helmet!!!
  544. Awesome Troy Smith PC Win!
  545. Some non PC mail!
  546. i promised scans so here are my pickups from my show
  547. after 3 days of mail,heres my 09 Jaguar rookie pc to date
  548. a few recent ebay wins another 1/1
  549. Decided to start a WR PC
  550. Low end steal? Mendenhall Auto UD RC for Under $6?
  551. Bob Griese 1/1 patch
  552. i just bought one of the centerpeices to my ray lewis pc! SICK!
  553. A Gem Mint Beast Mailday
  554. trade mail...
  555. Sad day for the family, but great mail day
  556. Brady, Montana, Bradshaw AUTO!!!
  557. My first booklet!!! PC addition!!
  558. Steal or no?
  559. AP collectors/dealers come in!!
  560. Elite black status 1/1!!!
  561. TONIGHT'S WIN: Jennings AU PATCH...1/25
  562. Brady Moss Pickup and other stuff
  563. 09 Triple Threads Break Marry X-mas 2 ME MOJO!!!!!!
  564. Football Mail Call... Aikman Love!!!
  565. Nice McCoy and Gibson Pull
  566. 2007 Limited Replacement Mail Day
  567. Another greta addition to the PC!!!
  568. Cpl cards in today
  569. 2001 XFL and 2001 AFL COMPLETE MASTER SETS
  570. 2008 SPA Patch/Auto set finally complete!
  571. start of my new pc(rookie autos)
  572. Snowed in= Ebay pick up!! :)
  573. Vols PC Pickup
  574. Past few maildays!
  575. Joe Flacco SP Authentic Patch Mailday!
  576. New mail, some Irons, some tradebait
  577. Big milestone!! Check it out
  579. Hines Ward Ebay pickup...STEAL??
  580. Nice McCoy Patch and McGee Logo
  581. Picked up these 2 Harvins at the show today!!
  582. Steal or Deal?
  583. Nice Crabtree TTT Auto 1/1 Steal!!
  584. Won this wow!!!!!
  585. Weekend Show Pickups & Box Breaks! Scan Heavy!
  586. Updates on the HOF Rookie PC!
  587. Knowshon Moreno PC
  588. One Card Set Mailday- Marino Style
  589. Patrick Willis PC just starting off
  590. Sport Cards Mail Day #2
  591. Cowboys Mail
  592. Troy Aikman Fans Come on in!
  593. My first booklet Mailday!!!
  594. Few days of mail, Elway Gore!
  595. O and d monster mail day
  596. Mail w/ a old school auto
  597. Sweet ebay win wish me luck!!!!
  598. An awesome DHB 1/1 auto win, WHITE WHALE!!!!!
  599. Just A One Card PC Mailday...
  600. my Knowshon Moreno PC w/ Updates
  601. WOW Christmas Eve Eve Mailday!!!
  602. HOF Rookie PC Milestone!
  603. PC Mail Day
  604. nice hof mailday
  605. nice hof mailday
  606. Some Pre-Christmas mail! :-)
  607. Official Matthew Stafford Collection Thread
  608. Christmas Eve Mailday!! Autos, Patches and More!!
  609. THE tom brandstater PC
  610. mailweek...
  611. Cowboys Pick Ups
  612. RAINBOW Complete!
  613. Just Completed UD Black Flag Dallas Cowboys team set!
  614. Christmas Eve Mailday
  615. Sick Joe Flacco Patch
  616. SICK Christmas cards!!
  617. One card pickup
  618. 2 card Moreno mailday.
  619. Just One Card, And Patches
  620. The Day Before and The Day After Christmas Mail- With a Huge Shoutout to Hazeofgreen
  621. MIKE ALSTOTT pickup at the LCS
  622. My up to date Mike Thomas auto/jsy PC.
  623. ray lewis beauties in! dual patch, reebok patch and DIE CUT AUTO /25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  624. Brooks Foster 2009 Bowman Chrome Rainbow
  625. Mailweek
  626. Mailweek - Sweet Patches and Autos
  627. Milestone reached in my Texas PC
  628. A couple more nice pieces, One more Brees for the PC and another NASTY LeSean McCoy..
  629. SICK pull from a Magic blaster!!!
  630. My Official Warrick Dunn PC! Take a looksy!
  631. Look What I Won For $ .99 shipped !!
  632. Bednarik Collection Keeps Getting Better
  633. SWEEEET Cardshow day!!!
  634. STEVE VAN BUREN 2000 Greats of the Game gold border autograph
  635. Pulled This Redemption Today!!!!
  636. 2004 Topps Signature Philip Rivers rookie auto
  637. HOF Christmas Haul
  638. Michael Crabtree Mailday!!!
  639. Patrick Willis Mailday
  640. Sea Otter Place, Carlsbad CA
  641. Lots of new stuff
  642. Is my Maurice Jones-Drew collection insane enough? You tell me...
  643. If youre an iowa hawk fan you must check this out
  644. Holiday mail
  645. was this a good deal??
  646. Mailday!
  647. Texas Rainbow Complete
  648. Attack of the Staffords
  649. New Stafford Pick Up!
  650. My Mini Peyton Manning Exquisite Rainbow
  651. Garcon Auto as replacement
  652. Michael Turner wins
  653. Awesome cards that you have to see!!!
  654. Yesterday's Awesome Post Christmas Mail!
  655. Triple Threads Group Break Mail...
  656. Past week to 10 days of Christmas mail nfl logo 1/1 included
  657. When Romo needs a big play...you dial 911!
  658. New Beck
  659. Another Trent Edwards 09 TTT
  660. Nice Hard Signed Namath 2000 SOTT
  661. 2 PC cards from a friend
  662. Show Off Your Favorite Cards HERE!!!!!!!!
  663. Moreno, Maclin and Britt Mailday!! What a patch!!!
  664. ADRIAN PETERSON Mailday!!
  665. XMAS Mail!!!
  666. Sweet Card Shop Pull and Buys
  667. Devin Aromashodu
  668. SICK SICK SICK cards from a Secret Santa
  669. Another Dillard Mailday!! 1/1 :)
  670. Steal or deal??? Unitas Auto for $15.50
  671. Some recent pick ups.
  672. Real Nice Maclin and Williams Hit From Gridiron
  673. More More More.
  674. A Sticker Auto and My Holy Grail...
  675. Cards I picked up at last show - Dec 13th
  676. couple of free cards, shoutout to sethyarkony!
  677. These Fresham Fabrics are prerry nice - Moreno
  678. PANINI Redemption - GREAT Customer Service!
  679. My recent acquisitons
  680. Kinda threw this card into the no value pile, but maybe it does have value?
  681. just got-wow!
  682. 2 Days worth of mail.......
  683. Jim Brown 2009 Limited Jumbo Jerseys Autographs Jersey Number Prime Jim Brown #/5
  684. My 2008 and 2009 Leaf/Donruss Limited Patch Auto sets
  685. Well i got my card in a nice ebay win tonight
  686. a sweet DHB contenders auto win!!!
  687. "Cush"
  688. Only a 1 card mailday but it is one of the BEST CARDS in my collection....Must See!!!
  689. How many people kept this card from `91
  690. Kinda Bored
  691. a sweet Marion Barber rc auto win
  692. Big Pc Update!!!
  693. Nice Brandon Marshall gu auto steal
  694. Carson Palmer pick up..
  695. Finally completed this set after like 2 years lol
  696. Jay Cutler 2006 Ultra Lucky 13 RC AUTO # /25 Graded BGS 9!!!
  697. a sick Marion Barber on football auto win
  698. Really nice last few days of mail...check it out!
  699. 2009 Year in Review, my BEST Pulls
  700. Some Shonn Greene Pick-ups and Pulls
  701. New additions to the Jeremy Maclin PC
  702. 2 Days of Mail....
  703. Wow another sick patch for the PC!!!
  704. Updated 2008 rookie running-back PC!!!
  705. 2009 Limited Redemption Mailday
  706. Panini Redemption Mail Day!!! (Josh Freeman)
  707. Great trip to the lcs today wow
  708. 1st *STEELERS MAIL* startin off right!
  709. Santa came late-but boy didhe come heavy!!!
  710. Patrick Willis Mailday- Starting Off the New Yr Right!
  711. Another ebay win-my Mike thomas pc is getting sweeter!
  712. One Card Mailday...ALL DAY
  713. 1st card of the new year
  714. Sweet Early doucet in the mailbox
  715. Precy Harvin Limited auto redemption in from Panini
  716. some new cowboys and other pc pickups
  717. Check Out my Owen Schmitt PC!
  718. 2 more sweet Cowboys pc wins
  719. 1st Mailday of 2010
  720. First HOF Rookie of the New Year! One of My Nicest
  721. My HOF RC collection
  722. My Football HOF RC collection
  723. would you call 2 hof autos for under 40 a steal
  724. Check out these recent pickups. Some of my personal favorites
  725. Triple auto/Moreno/Wells/McCoy and more!!!
  726. FINALLY completed Nate Davis name plate
  727. SICK L.T patch
  728. Joe Montana Laundry Tag
  729. First Mailday of 2010! And it is SWEET!!!
  730. Panini harvin redemption /25 mail !! And a Dmac
  731. pretty big mailday- big michigan pick up
  732. Got my Westbrook Mayo Rip card in... now what?
  733. Pretty sweet mailday
  734. Awesome mailday!!!!
  735. What? Did I really win this? Wow.. How the mighty have fallen..!
  736. My side PC
  737. 07-08 UD Replacement Card
  738. Up to 20 Bears GU/Auto!
  739. I picked a good one for my PC!
  740. Recent EBay win, Need trade value estimation
  741. Reggie Bush 06 Ultra Lucky 13 Platinum RC AUTO # /25
  742. Starting Football collecting - mailday
  743. Nice wins off the bay form yesterday !!!
  744. Hits from a box of Magic
  745. Another 1/1 Beauty For The PC
  746. 2 more sweeeeeeet Cowboys pc pickups, Barber exquisite auto, and a contenders rc auto
  747. John Phillips contenders rc auto win!
  748. Mailday With Set Addition!
  749. COMC Pickup, Jamarcus Russell
  750. not the best but I like them!!
  751. Adrian Peterson Auto Mailday!!!
  752. My Georgia Bulldog PC....so far
  753. Ice Ice Baby....Matty Ice
  754. Pics of my last few maildays!
  755. NFL LOGO mailday, but something seems Shady about it!!!
  756. Too much for this???
  757. Big Mailday(Pretty Big, but not my Biggest) NO 56K
  758. My sweet 10 dollar Mike thomas mail
  759. Very Nice Mailday
  760. STOLE this Ozzie Newsome Auto off the bay - $1.32!!!
  761. My Brees Rainbow
  762. My David Harris PC!!!
  763. Check out these 2008 NT College Patches just in
  764. Percy Harvin Bowman Chrome Rainbow
  765. An addition to my Georgia Bulldog collection...
  766. LL 09 Break... Harvin and Maclin Patches
  767. Few PC additions
  769. Matt ryan pc
  770. McNabb steal
  771. It's Here!!! Michael Vick Sp Authentic Patch Auto /250
  772. Sweet Raiders 1/1
  773. 3 Package Mailday! Nice Maclin Patch Auto!
  774. Brady RC collection
  775. Nice PC mailday !!!
  776. Yet another great mail day!
  777. Bought another 2009 Bowman Draft picks box
  778. My DeSean Jackson PC
  779. The week in mail
  780. 2 new brady autos and sick sick dual auto!!
  781. Poker was very good to me this so I decided to treat myself
  782. Dolphins Mail Week.
  783. My Rashad jennings auto pc so far
  784. One card PC Mailday....HOF Style!!!
  785. Got my 18th Jarett Dillard 1/1 Scan of all inside!!!
  786. Mailday from Friday, 1/9/10
  787. A sweet National Treasures set completed!
  788. Sweet PC mailday !!!
  789. My Cowboys PC w/ Constant Updates
  790. old school ravens mail
  791. REDEMPTION Mailday from PANINI!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!
  792. Show-Off your Barry Sanders Autos!
  793. Packers pc!
  794. AP SUPERFRACTOR RC AUTO mailday!!!!
  795. Great first Postseason Game --> Show off your Sanchez's
  796. my cowboys stuff
  797. Umpy9's official Randy Moss show-off thread
  798. Barry and Emmitt Mailday
  799. this week 1 mini box break and cowboys pickups
  800. Last weeks Football Mail Run...
  801. Recent Burner Turner Mail
  802. Found this Len Dawson in my pile of vintage, ever seen one?
  803. PC Win for Nothing MAJOR SWEETNESS for me
  804. My 2 best Ebay wins ever !!!! Im so pumped!!!!
  805. HOF Raider Wins
  806. Nice mailday PC & trade bait !!
  807. Moreno, Wells, Nicks, Crabtree SCAN HEAVY MAILDAY!!
  808. Colorful Mailday
  809. Few 1/1's
  810. I Think Im Gonna Start My Own Ray Lewis Pc Thread
  811. Percy Harvin 1/1 Mailday from Panini- Must Watch!
  812. Falcons Mailday (Michael Turner/Matt Ryan)
  813. Multi card mail today-NICE!
  814. My first mailday
  815. Mailday - Contenders style.
  816. FINALLY got my white whales! Gotta share!
  817. Percy Harvin Mailday!
  818. Finally completed it! 2002 Gridiron Cuts
  819. My 2009 College letter/logo Patch collection
  820. AP Red Refractor Autos
  821. recent additions to my football pc
  822. a couple Contenders Buys, Great Prices? Or Deals?
  823. More HOF Raiders
  824. SICK Limited Patch Pick ups from LCS /10 Sanchez!!
  825. My Michael crabtree PC so far
  826. Super Bowl XXIX Tickets
  827. Lions PC ebay wins
  828. Nice Beanie Wells Pickup!
  829. Awesome High End Mail!
  830. Awesome 4 card mailday!!!!!
  831. LCS Pickup - Patrick Willis
  832. The Latest Greatest PC Mailday!
  833. Panini Replacement Mailday
  834. Recent Cowboys Mail
  835. Check out this bad boy I got today from a redemption
  836. 4X NFL MVP AUTOGRAPH & his favorite target Mail!!
  837. Couple of nice hits from 3 packs of Bowman Sterling
  838. I love maildays!!! Moreno, Wells, Mendenhall and more!!!
  839. mail week...a ROY, a bronco and a brownie
  840. 1 YEAR on SCF!!!!!! and ANOTHER AWESOME Mailday!!!!
  841. The Begining Of the Knox PC
  842. Nice start to my HOFer RC collection PSA!
  843. Recent additions to the Little OL' PC
  844. Nice little 2 day mailday...
  845. Little mail
  846. Fred jackson pc
  847. Dunn Keeps Coming!
  848. I now own the Entire Print Run!!
  849. Mail with autos.
  850. Well, at least it's not your typical game used card - I guess that's a good thing
  851. My Ray Rice Collection
  852. new steve smith auto. :)
  853. Im Gonna Lock This Card in my Tool Shed!
  854. My Chris Johnson PC (so far)
  855. PC Mail, with a very nice HOF auto
  856. Maildays like this take my mind off my tough times.
  857. Very Very Sweet Mailday !!!!
  858. Brian Orakpo Limited Gold AUTO # 1/5!!!
  859. Just won this AP national treasures rc auto!
  860. A few recent pickups
  861. Snake RC win
  862. randall cunningham patch auto pickup!
  863. Mailday items a nice PC card
  864. Some more Jarett Dillard's including a 1/1
  865. Wes Welker 1/1 Printing Plate from UD
  866. Some High End Show n Tell 1/1
  867. More HOF Rookie Pickups!
  868. In honor of tonights game.....Sick Mailday
  869. 2 AWESOME, 1 NASTY Triple Threads MAILDAY!!!!
  870. NEW OSU PC-1 month Later
  871. For old time Cowboy fans...
  872. Nice show and mail day! 1/1 and more
  873. Updated some of my PC w/ some recent purchases...
  874. Brand new GU's
  875. pretty decent buy Bush patch style
  876. Just scanned my Christmas Cowboys NT Logo/Exquisite Mail!
  877. HAWAII name plate!
  878. Scans of HOF Rookie PC!
  879. My Saturday mail!
  880. My LCS Pick ups
  881. This weeks mail call... Autos and Game used mostly...
  882. $6 well spent at the flea market today!!
  883. Going to see Minnesota vs. New Orleans to see the Legend. Show your Favres
  884. Big time wins for the HOFer vintage RC collection..Baseball
  885. Went back to the Card show
  886. Lots of mail this week!!
  887. My Winter mail.
  888. This is funny....
  889. Vikings Personal Collection
  890. Upper Deck: Redemption Is Served
  891. Santonio Holmes LCS pickup
  892. Anyone for a Turn of the Century collection?
  893. Dustin Keller Pickups
  894. Leinart 06 Contenders auto for $29???
  895. Picked this up for $69.........pretty good.
  896. Adrian Peterson Auto and PC addition!!!
  897. Mailday...
  898. Some Nice Pickups For the Star PC
  899. CONTENDERS SP MaILDAY..........no, not the $1,000 one
  900. Some Pick ups for my Terrell Davis PC.
  901. 2 new cards to help my "project"......
  902. This weeks mail and some PC stuff!
  903. nice mailday
  904. small mailday, HOF style
  905. Just a Crazy Couple of Maildays and Retail Break
  906. One card mailday....contest prize
  907. 9 Package Mailday!!!
  908. Excellent start to MJD PC.
  909. brian urlacher patch auto pickup, i hope xxnamyeknomxx will like it!
  910. Keller PC Pickups!
  911. Horrable Season is a PC collectors best friend. Beefed up the PC crazy this year.
  912. some nasty freebies from jasonluckydog17/milestone mailday
  913. Sick PC Mail!
  914. Hopefully they win this week....
  915. What do you guys think?
  916. Had to share this amazing patch with you
  917. Great Hockey/FB/BBALL/BB Trade day Scan Heavy
  918. 2 sweet pickups
  919. My SPA RC Auto PC Mailday
  920. Nice PC win & A 4 Card Mailday!
  921. Roddy white pc pics!!!!!!!!!!!
  922. Elite Die-Cuts
  923. Bowman Chrome rainbow
  924. Awesome PC Mailday!! 1/1
  925. I love how cheap Brandon Pettigrew cards are :)
  926. lorenze neal 2 color gu
  927. got this 1/1 in today
  928. Picked up this nice Harvin yesterday.
  929. Awesome HOF Rookie PC Pickup!
  930. Big Irons Mailday, Thanks NYJets and a couple others
  931. DECENT 3 card MAILDAY
  932. Shady McCoy Nasty Patch Mailday!!!
  933. My best H.D. 83 by far!!!!
  934. McClain spa,Reed upgrade and a GOOSE...?
  935. 1/1 and another
  936. BGS Mailday, 10 - SPx 264s for the PC, 2 - 03 SPx Tony Romo RC BGS 9.5 FT
  937. First big buy of 2010 - pretty excited
  938. Excellent maildays
  939. Is this a steal
  940. How'd I do? SPA style!
  941. Couple autos in the mail this week
  942. Fran Tarkenton
  943. Awesome mailday!! Love it!!
  944. TODAYS MAIL Brought TO YOU BY The LETTER "A" and the numbers 1/1!!!!!!!!
  945. Another Stabler Mail Day
  946. 2 detroit lion supefractors
  947. 2003 SPx WM Patch Auto PC....Need just two more..
  948. Redskins - Malcolm Kelly NT Auto/Patch Redemptions Came In!
  949. 09 Leaf Limited phenoms /149 2clr+ set (not done yet)
  950. Couple of nice pick ups (last couple weeks)
  951. A good buy??
  952. aikman stuff finally scanned NON CARDS
  953. NICE Tradebait Mail!!!!!
  954. Latest Additions..Dickerson, Colston, DHB, more...
  955. M. Kelly Contenders auto and Kelly/Brennan dual came in!
  956. Stafford, Sanchez and a Dual Auto!!
  957. Hats off to Panini, Nice little mail day!!
  958. First Rainbow, finally a Gator I like
  959. I Have No Tradebait!
  960. **LETS SEE SOME EXQUISITE** post'em here
  961. 1950 Bowman Set - 80% Complete
  962. Brett Favre NFL Logo/Auto
  963. Best mailday i every had!!!!!!
  964. Holy Mailday!
  965. Nice little 4 card mailday
  966. First CardShow! Nice Pick-Ups! *LOOK*
  967. TTT Bad Collation Three 1/1's
  968. 2 more cards for the Shady collection!!!
  969. one sick day at the card show, just wow, on card autos of star rc's and more!!!!!
  970. Local Card Show, pickup this 1 card
  971. A little aaron curry gold love
  972. Afew for my PC
  973. Latest Ebay Wins
  974. 2 New PC cards
  975. Holy 2 weeks of cowboys
  976. Football Mail for this week! Emmitt Smith/Dorsett Auto + Freeman Hat auto...
  977. Card Shop Pick-ups!
  978. Rest of last week's maildays... UD Black Rookie Autos and more
  979. PC Mail Day..
  980. Finished Nameplate and probably the best pickup I've ever made at a show!!!
  981. Decent HOF Rookie PC Steal
  982. Picked up some nice FB, BB, and BBALL - Scans inside
  983. Well I just applied for Supercollector thanks to mail
  984. *STEELERS MAIL* A couple weeks....
  985. Return from Upper Deck Super Fast!!!
  986. 1 More LCS Pickup
  987. Doucet Mailday!
  988. 2 Cards i Picked up BOTH NICE MCCOY PC and A SICK PATCH!!!!! CHECK IT
  989. My Son's Name in Letter Patches
  990. The Full Nate Davis Topps Chrome Rainbow (Scan Heavy)
  991. Maurice Jones-Drew...1/1 style
  992. Anyone ever seen these before? From Pacific Trading Cards
  993. Decent Future HOF Rookie Win
  994. finally can knock 1 more brady rc off my list
  995. Another nice mailday most for trade
  996. New Henne pc maildays
  997. 2 new Peyton autos and a Tennessee legend signed check
  998. mirror elmerlad patch #ed 5 steal, Nat t patch #ed 24 and more
  999. Nice PC Mailday
  1000. A nice Greene to go with my Harvin...
  1001. Nice Mailday
  1002. id say it was a good mail day
  1003. Won This Bad Boy!
  1004. 2 more PC pickups and some tradebait in the mail
  1005. Manning, Wayne and AP Mail Day!!
  1006. Nice '09 Absolute Hits
  1007. Huge PC win
  1008. A SWEET Addition To The PC...
  1009. Official Razorback's PC Thread!
  1010. Very happy mailday!
  1011. I've added quite a few to the Football : Patch/Auto PC ...
  1012. Nice Wins To Start Steve Johnson PC
  1013. Flacco, Bush and Letterman mailday
  1014. Flacco and Sanchez Mailday
  1015. 2 card PC mail !!!!
  1016. UGA Alumni PC...awesome stuff!
  1017. Meet the newest member of my 09 rookie pc.
  1018. Massaquoi PC--Autos, GU, Rc--SCANS
  1019. Two new adds to mccoy pc!!!!!
  1020. had a pretty decent MAILDAY!!!!!!
  1021. MJDpc pickup logo shield style
  1022. Show Off Your Most Valuable Prized possesion(football related!!)
  1023. A very nice mailday for my brandon pettigrew pc!!! 1/1's
  1024. Steve Johnson PC Progress
  1025. 09 Classics School Colors auto's from my PC
  1026. Thoughts on this?
  1027. 1/1 NFL Shield And Emmitt Smith Auto Mail
  1029. Sweet Saints Mailday!!!!!!!!!!!
  1030. New 2008 PC item.....
  1031. The Super Official Jwman92 Brian Leonard PC Thread!
  1032. Mail Week - Redskins Contenders Autos, Limited Duals and More
  1033. All i see is tens!!!!!!!!!!
  1034. Thursday/Friday Maildays
  1035. Last couple of mail days...
  1036. Very Nice Mailday!!!
  1037. This weeks mail-3 autos
  1038. 09 NATIONAL TREASURES Mailday!!!!!
  1039. 1/1 smitty mailday!
  1040. Another sweet Michigan mailday !!!!
  1041. My urlacher spx rc's
  1042. nice 1/1 and triple patch mail
  1043. Nice HOF Rookie Wins!
  1044. My Mohamed Massaquoi collection
  1045. My Andre Caldwell Collection
  1046. Weekend mailday and pick ups!
  1047. Football - Mail Week... January 24th-30th
  1048. Reggie Badness
  1049. Two weeks of worth of Cowpokes---scan heavy!
  1050. Twinsfest Haul!
  1051. My First 1/1 completes Sammie Stroughter Chrome Rainbow
  1052. My Brian Robiskie stash
  1053. Added a lot to my NFT section
  1054. Couple of new PC cards...
  1055. my latest ebay buy.....
  1056. week 4 of 2010 cowboys haul
  1057. My Terrell Davis PC
  1058. 5 years in the waiting!!!!!
  1059. Card Show pickups and some mail.
  1060. HOF Rookie PC Progress!
  1061. 1 Card pickup
  1062. finally got a knox auto
  1063. Pro bowl mvp: 2010 to be huge
  1064. Recent PC Mail
  1065. It's cloudy in Wisconsin today, but I did see a RAINBOW! (CM3 Style)
  1066. Two nice autos in the mail today!!
  1067. Lethal injection to the MJDpc.
  1068. Early Valentine's Day Gifts!
  1069. National Treasures GROUP BREAK Mail Day!!!
  1070. Panini redemption replacement mailday
  1071. New PC pickup.
  1072. Check these out!!!!!!!! I got these cheap very nice!
  1073. A Few Nice Ones In The Mail Today...
  1074. Latest Limited Prime Pairings Additions
  1075. Another 1/1 pettigrew pc mailday!!!!!
  1076. SICK Derrick Williams Patch
  1077. Pretty stoked about the lot i just won!
  1078. 1 Super Mail Day
  1079. Great PC Addition!!!
  1080. My ongoing Bednarik Hunt
  1081. Did I over pay on this?
  1082. My Dolphins PC
  1083. 3clr patch and 1/1 mailday
  1084. Lots of mail!
  1085. Newest addition to HOFer Vintage RC PC
  1086. Mail from Monday and Tuesday!!!
  1087. Good buy or no?
  1088. Won this for 12.49!!!!!!!!!!!!!sick!!!
  1089. New pc mailday!! Lesean mccoy!!!
  1090. New Here! Please Check out My Personal Collections!!
  1091. Colgate Football Collection
  1092. Mailday!!! national treasures style
  1093. Ridiculous Andre Johnson Mailday
  1094. Check these out
  1095. so now Im whale chasing... (Harvin letterman auto)
  1096. Another Pickup 1/1 style!!
  1097. The nastiness that is my Shady Mailday ;)
  1098. National Treasures Mailday
  1099. Share YOUR Matt Ryan's HERE!!!!
  1100. "Rowdy" Roddy White mailday!
  1101. Nice Beanie Wells Patch/Auto
  1102. Got his beauty in a few weeks ago
  1103. Decent mailday
  1104. Another Very NICE WIN!!!!!
  1105. Big Trade/Sale Day
  1106. Absolute Huge PC Adddition!!!
  1107. My First 1/1!!! 2009 Topps Chrome Football
  1108. Show me the Birds!
  1109. An amazing but also dissapointing mailday :(
  1110. 2008 Leaf Limited Patch/Auto FINISHED!!!
  1111. My Brady Quinn collection
  1112. Great Upper Deck Redemption Replacement!!!
  1113. Pc mailday!!! And i need an opinion!!!!!!
  1114. Nice mailday today!!!
  1115. Recent mailday & 3 packs of Topps Platinum
  1116. More PC pidkups
  1117. Some sweet cardboard, w/ a new KJ.....
  1118. Sweet Jerry Rice PC
  1119. Brett Favre
  1120. 2 nice Finest auto`s
  1121. #1/1 Santonio Holmes
  1122. A Few New HOF/Future HOF Rookies
  1123. a good mail week this week
  1124. Packers PC pickup !!!!
  1125. FREE Mailday! Sweet PC Additions!
  1126. Sweet MAILDAY!!!!!!!!! CHECK IT VERY NICE!
  1127. Mail from the past week or so
  1128. Mirror Black Josh Freeman!
  1129. my new favorite stewart!
  1130. Today's Big Show Pickup- Emmitt Smith auto #1/22!
  1131. Nice Roddy White auto pulled today...
  1132. 2 Orakpo Pickups
  1133. San Diego Super Chargers PC
  1134. HOF'er Rookies and NFL Greats
  1135. Mail This FB!!! week of 2/1 - 2/6... Some serious HOF love!!!
  1136. it was a coffee kind of day
  1137. Very nice RC quad jersey mail day
  1138. Last Couple Of Maildays...
  1139. Lets see everyones 3 favorite cards
  1140. A. Manning/Fouts dual and more...
  1141. WOW!! I'll take this for $23 shipped anyday!!!
  1142. This Week's Goodies...
  1143. A nice Tradebait mailday..
  1144. Long awaited mailday!
  1145. AVJP87 presents! Another Shady Mailday!!!
  1146. MaILDAY!!!!!!
  1147. Legendary mailday!
  1148. 2 card Mailday NICES 1s i think!!
  1149. Recent pickups!!
  1150. Todays mail for the pc
  1151. Not a killer deal but one step closer
  1152. 2001 Topps Rookie Photoshoot Drew Brees BGS 9.5
  1153. My collection of Absolute-visit if you have time.
  1154. another GREAT "ran. cunningham" steal!
  1155. Great replacement from UD
  1156. Frank Gore PC...
  1157. Nice start to the new Aaron Curry PC!
  1158. just won this beauty!!!!!!!!!
  1159. just got this one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1160. last win of the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1161. Scans of My 2000 Donruss Pen Pals Set- My favorite PC Item
  1162. BREES Auto Steal?
  1163. Another logo shield for the MJDpc
  1164. Just wanted to show off my Maurice Jones-Drew PC. Opinions Welcomed
  1165. Michael Turner Mail
  1166. my last buy from insanity for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1167. Nice Mail Weekend!!
  1168. Post-SB wins: Brees, Peyton, Colston
  1169. Upper Deck Actually did well on my Replacement SHOCKING!!
  1170. SWEET MAILDAY!!!!!!!! REALLY NICE for 2.24!!!
  1171. Just got this in the mail for $100...
  1172. Center Pieces to My Collection!
  1173. the real colts BALTIMORE COLTS mail/thread
  1174. Best Seahawks Mailday yet (Jaw Droping Patch)
  1175. Recent Dillard Pick Ups
  1176. Sweet new colts pickup
  1177. Nice Tradebait Mailday!!!
  1178. Tiki and Ronde Barber find
  1179. One Card Mailday - First Topps Platinum
  1180. Sick Crabtree patch auto in mail /25
  1181. P. Manning rookie steal...
  1182. My collection of Bowman Sterling-visit if you have time...
  1183. Happy Mailday !!!!
  1185. Todays mail, Nice stuff!!
  1186. Stafford/Levy Dual Auto Win
  1187. 1990's Wild Card stripes (examples)
  1188. Just One Little PC Card...
  1189. How Bout some Logo Mail Maclin Holmes etc
  1190. Its hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! All daaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy 1/1!! Must see
  1191. Marino NFL logo mailday
  1192. Newest Peyton Manning auto
  1193. Lots of PC Dolphins mail
  1194. Need to pay more attention - Javon Ringer 1/1!
  1195. So nice, gotta have it twice!
  1196. NT Retired Numbers Mailday
  1197. Recent Cowboy PC mail
  1198. DWAYNE BOWE collection some new adds check it!!
  1199. First 2009 SPA pickups, patch autoes
  1200. 1st Mailday in Two Days!!!
  1201. Some Nice Treasures
  1202. Finally a Nick Barnett Auto added to my PC
  1203. Nice mailday today!!
  1204. Stephen McGee / Dustin Keller / James Casey
  1205. Mailday : I am LUCKY !
  1206. Fred Davis Rc Auto Collection, Some Orakpo, and Some Graded!!!
  1207. Recent Massaquoi PC additions!
  1208. Cards in from latest NT group breaks!
  1209. My new PC Packer pick-ups...
  1210. 90's Action Packed
  1211. got this bad boy!!!!!!!!!!!
  1212. SP Authentic Shady McCoy Steal!!!!
  1213. pulled my first 1/1 auto tonight
  1214. Mail from the past week or so
  1215. Nice HOF By the Letter from SP Authentic
  1216. SPA Pickups/Redskins NT
  1217. Nice Mailday!!! Come check it out.
  1218. Show your favorite card bv $50 or under !!!!
  1219. building my etopps slowly but surely!!!!!!!!!!
  1220. Lovin my PC right now!!!...
  1221. Saturday Mailday!! More Shady McCoys!!
  1222. Super Bowl Mailday
  1223. Recent Maildays-including lots of Alan Page for my son's PC
  1224. Harvin, Crabtree and Maclin mail day!!
  1225. snow shorten mail week
  1226. my BEST mailday ever!!!
  1227. So so mail week, show today and a 3 box SPA box break
  1228. Awesome Show Pickups and Mail!!
  1229. 2008 SPA RC Patch Auto Complete Set
  1230. My Travis Taylor PC...Check it out!
  1231. Awesome 4 color SP Athentic Shady patch- the eye of the eagle.
  1232. Crabby SPA Patch/Auto
  1233. My newest venture..prospecting! pickups...
  1234. Awesome Additions To Steve Johnson PC!
  1235. Check out the Mailday and a SICK card incoming absolutley NASTY!
  1236. My one and only Football card....
  1237. some pulls
  1238. Paid too much, but.......
  1239. finally a great aikman week with rubies and 1/1
  1240. Mail Week... 2/8 - 2/13 w/AP, Marino, Montana, etc...
  1241. Just a few more.
  1242. Is this a steal? Nice Brees auto
  1243. good deal?
  1244. Recent Pickups!!!
  1245. 2009 SP Authentic Case Break
  1246. Card Show Pickups Sweet Patches
  1248. Look what I just pulled from a RETAIL pack of '09 UD!
  1249. Scans of my PC inside-nearly done with my collecting journey
  1250. Pretty Sweet Steal IMO!!
  1251. Check my home page of me bucket for the #1 Shonn Greene on the market (no joke)
  1252. Nice new Seahawk Pickup
  1253. PC and Tradebait mailday
  1254. My Kevin Smith PC
  1255. howd i do?
  1256. This is what we do with those decoys laying everwhere
  1257. Mail day - ANDRE BROWN TIME~!
  1258. new absolute patch 2day+the old ones cause they rule
  1259. Justin Tuck 1/1 PC Mailday
  1260. pretty huge mail day come see this!!!
  1261. pretty big trade day check it out
  1262. check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1263. Bunch o' recent mail
  1264. My 09 DCM Mirror Gold Set Thread
  1265. My 09 DCM Mirror Emerald Set Thread
  1266. Mailday With a PC Milestone upcoming!
  1267. Usually kill UD, but have to give them their props!
  1268. thenext54....Thank You!
  1269. I shake my fist at the 1CLR Patch Autos!!!!!
  1270. Wow...got a steal on a brand new HOT product of a HOT player!!!
  1271. My Last Grail is Complete Brady SPA BGS 10
  1272. Treasures Jim Brown Mailday
  1273. More Steve Johnson Wins!
  1274. AP Mailday
  1275. Complete 2006 Rookie Futures Auto Graded Set
  1276. Nice New HOF Rookie Stuff
  1277. Best mail days ever
  1278. Mail! SPA Style
  1279. LeSean McCoy NFL LOGO SHIELD!!!!
  1280. Nice mailday!!! New Cushings and two very nice autos!!!
  1281. Huge mail week - 1/1 cut auto + more
  1282. Got a pretty sweet redemption in from Panini and a bunch of other mail
  1283. Cowboy PC mail and Lettermen Project
  1284. cool small mailday
  1285. Topps replacement
  1286. Percy Harvin redemption in from Panini
  1287. Major pc mailday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1288. Steve Johnson PC Pickup!
  1289. nice PC mailday
  1290. cut auto just in..............
  1291. Crabtree Contenders RRC Black Auto 03/10 replaced with...
  1292. Redemption back. Percy Harvin Mojo
  1293. whatwhatwhatt!!! panini came through!!
  1294. Recent MJDpc pickups
  1295. Killer PC Mailday!!!
  1296. Redemtion, logo, 1/1, Emerald Kevins........
  1297. pretty decent mailday
  1298. Chris Johnson mailday!
  1299. Great Mailday! NT, SPA & HOFers
  1300. Steve Young 1/1 Mojo
  1301. a very nice pc mailday!!!! pettigrew and delmas!!!
  1302. Brooks Foster 2009 Bowman Chrome AUTO Rainbow
  1303. Lot's of mail with a new Ozzy auto..
  1304. Good Week for my Pc
  1305. Nice week of mail!
  1306. 08 NT Group Break( Bears and Vikes) thanks atmsportscards
  1307. And todays mail is
  1308. 3 Complete Chrome Rainbows, Chrome Autos, almost there
  1309. Saturday shady mailday!!
  1310. Two Week's worth of Mail! Shoutout to TrollRobb!
  1311. Just One Little PC Card...
  1312. Few weeks worth of mail- including the new King of my RCs
  1313. Check it out! Patriots, UVA, UCONN......
  1314. Holy Cow!!! My first football 1/1 Logo style
  1315. Actually had these tucked away as commons ....
  1316. Best six QBs on a single card?
  1317. 2009 SP Authentic Stafford Auto/NFL Logo 1/1
  1318. Nice Weeks mail. Certified black quad auto Logo included
  1319. Hey Gators Fan Check my Bucket...I finally Made one...
  1320. Today's Show pulls & pickups!!!
  1321. show pick-ups
  1322. Football Mancave Pics
  1323. Mail Week 2/16 - 2/20... Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Percy Havin, etc...
  1324. Panini Replacement mailday!!! FTW!
  1325. A Couple Weeks Worth Of Mail
  1326. mail scans
  1327. Mailday! 1/1 and Sick Spa Rookie Patch Auto!
  1328. Got in one of my favorite cards for my Ravens PC plus a hof auto
  1329. its a good thing im a ray lewis nerd :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!
  1330. A Sweet, SWEET Mailday!!!
  1331. 1st Super Rainbow longhorn style
  1332. Trying to finish/improve this set! 2004 UD Ultimate Patch #/150
  1333. Recent Pickups... Derrick Williams SPA, Massaquoi NT, Redskins...
  1334. HOF'er PC Additions
  1335. Got in my 2nd group break ever!
  1336. Tons of stuff.
  1337. Are you kidding?!?! $17 for this?!?! WOAH!!!
  1338. Finally Hunted Down My Last Top Priority Card....
  1339. Past Week's Mail
  1340. leasean mccoy sp authentic steal?
  1341. Mailday! Another Cheap Ebay buy and PC Additions!
  1342. What were your 3 favorite pc pulls this year
  1343. Just got my second walter payton PC!!!!!!!!!! Very nice.
  1344. won this off ebay
  1345. RIP Chris Henry - Some Finest Autos
  1346. Pumped about this eBay win.
  1347. PC Mailday
  1349. been collecting jerome harrison for about 2 months
  1350. Couple of nice Crabtrees + others
  1351. quad patch ebay win
  1352. Not my auction but ...
  1353. Mailday...
  1354. My Recent Maildays all PC items
  1355. Todays Mailday, Crabtree style
  1356. AMAZING Mailday from Upper Deck!!!!
  1357. Todays Maclin mail!!!
  1358. mailday..spa style
  1359. Staubach Navy NT, Massaquoi SPA and Emmitt/Tiki Dual
  1360. BIG MAILDAY!!! Courtesy of SCF Members!!!
  1361. THANK YOU JOHN (trains978)
  1362. Awesome PC Mailday! Thanks rchurchward!!
  1363. Hey Everyone...
  1364. miami hurricanes/turn of the century update
  1365. Superfractor sweet
  1366. 2003 Ultimate Collection Patch Cards +Gold
  1367. One Card Mailday!
  1368. Catching up on Mail - lots of SPA, Platinum and Contenders!
  1369. Past couple weeks - Unitas Jersey #'d to 25 & more Kordell.
  1370. Awesome Memorabilia Addition!
  1371. Great Mail Week! Crabtree, Harvin & Wells
  1372. No kidding Around...One Of The Best Barry Sanders PC Known To Exist :)
  1373. 1/1 for my PC
  1374. Showing off my Donald Brown PC
  1375. MY Vick PC!
  1376. Few PC adds !!!!
  1377. Some sweet Mike Wallace's Added
  1378. 3 Nice PC Additions From Yesterday...
  1379. A small, but Shady Mailday!!!
  1380. Redskins Mail Day
  1381. huge pick up- Hank aaron/ Willie mays dual auto
  1382. Mailday- 2 fb and 1 hockey
  1383. 1/1 ed reed nfl logo has landed home
  1384. Very Nice Mailday Today
  1385. Nice mail week!
  1386. PC Mailday
  1387. My Eli manning PC
  1388. Saturday Morning Mail!!!
  1389. Newest Lions Pickups
  1390. Mail scan
  1391. Nice HOF mailday :)
  1392. Nice Steeler 1/1 Logorific mailday
  1393. Sweet Brandon Pettigrew 1/1 Today!
  1394. 2007 Sweet Spot break + an extra scan
  1395. WOW!!!, Sick HOF on Card Auto STEAL!!!!!!
  1396. Sweet mail today
  1397. hahaha is this ebay dude serious?!?!?!
  1398. FOTG 2009 NFL patches
  1399. Sweet Trade Day Pickups
  1400. New pickup for my HOF/Future HOF patch Collection
  1401. One more down, only 10 to go!!!
  1402. Awesome mailday! Manning auto!
  1403. 1 box of Ultimate-six nice patches-Legends
  1404. 2 Card Mailday!
  1405. my latest etopps pc addition!!!!!!!!!!!
  1406. my offical josh freeman pc
  1407. another great week of cowboys pickups
  1408. Big Ben Pickup!
  1409. nice ebay win for me
  1410. WOW! check ou last win before i take a break from collecting!CENTERPEICE OF LEWIS PC!
  1411. Retired Numbers PC Addition
  1412. Another Week, another handful of PC cards
  1413. Some nice FB and BBALL pick-ups from the show
  1414. Recent SPA Pickups!!!
  1415. Brian Hartline PC
  1416. Love this ROETHLISBERGER NT #/5 auto
  1417. SPA and Treasures mailday
  1418. Nice 3 Package Mailday! Logo Patch :)
  1419. Unveiling..... Delmas PC
  1420. awesome mailday
  1421. Great PC mailday!!!!
  1422. Monday Mailday
  1423. ok wanted to show of my recent harvin pc
  1424. I wont 2nd place in the Player of the Day contest.
  1425. nice little mailday for me :)
  1426. Another Ultmate box-What a Moreno Patch!!!
  1427. New all-time favorite card
  1428. another ebay win
  1429. Best National Treasure Sanchez Patch/Auto EVER
  1430. Josh Freeman PC additions
  1431. Newest Cushing PC Additions!!!
  1432. Pretty Sweet Mailday!!
  1433. My LeSean McCoy PC!!!
  1434. Anyone have any personalized items from one of the players you supercollect.
  1435. 3 Card Mailday
  1436. New Pickup For the Clay Matthews PC!
  1437. Three nice hits today-2 SPA-1 Ultimate
  1438. Awesome Carnell Williams 3 Color Patch Take a Look =)
  1439. Nice Ebay PC Win! Little Damage+PC Card= Nice Addtion
  1440. Not gonna lie, this is an uneventful mailday!!!
  1441. My HOF Gems Personal Collection!
  1442. Some Nice Ebay PC Pick ups!!!!
  1443. Today was a good day!
  1444. Take a look at my pc!!!!!
  1445. Camarillo day.... GU non card
  1446. PC Mail Day
  1447. G Mo's AP PC...
  1448. Anyone ever get equipment at football games?
  1449. Sportscard Show Steal
  1450. Nice Win for the HOF Rookie PC
  1451. Most Latest ebay win
  1452. Nnamdi Asomugh auto, Lesean Mccoy patch/auto
  1453. 2009 Ultimate Collection PC Mailday
  1454. Chrome Autos, some tradebait
  1455. Filthy Ronnie Lott Mailday
  1456. Pat White 1/1 Redemption In Today!
  1457. Fins Mailday!!
  1458. Nate Davis Mail + Pick Up
  1459. Ryne Robinson 1/1 Mailday
  1460. Huge Mike thomas mail adds
  1461. Small Matt Ryan mailday.....
  1462. Another PC Mailday
  1463. Jamall Charles PC
  1464. Massaquoi 1/1 Mail Day.
  1465. SWEET Mailday
  1466. Latest Kevin Smiths, TTT 6 jers booklet & a B. Pett.
  1467. Really Sick Win For HOF Rookie Registry!
  1468. Awesome mailday!
  1469. It was sunny out today, but the mailday was shady!
  1470. 09 Donruss Limited autos Panini mailday
  1471. Last few mail days- SPA + Exquisite
  1472. Few nice pick-ups from LCS.....
  1473. One card Mailday -Brees RC Patch
  1474. Nice little PC Mailday
  1475. PC mailday, harvin, and ud replacement!
  1476. One card mailday- Manning dual auto
  1477. Great mailday....but it smells like cigarettes!!!
  1478. Past few mail days!! Wish every week was like this
  1479. Omg spa hits!!!!
  1480. Resent additions to my Baltimore Colts PC- absolutely insane patch card!!!
  1481. So so mail week.
  1482. Nice panini PC mailday
  1483. Amazing PC Mailday!!!!
  1484. 2009 contenders on-card pc so far
  1485. Awesome Packers PC Mailday All Favre and Rodgers
  1486. sweet new DON PERKINS auto win for the 'Boys PC!, and a nice steal for the rc auto pc
  1487. A Real Nice Mailday - First Percy Harvin!
  1488. The last months mail!!!!
  1489. New NT and SPA Cards from Group Breaks and Ebay
  1490. BEST MAILDAY! EVER! (Heavy Scan)
  1491. Matt Moore SPX Gold auto 1/5
  1492. Nice cheap early doucet win
  1493. another HOF`er to my collection.....
  1494. Nice Patchy Mailday :)
  1495. The center piece of my Matt Ryan PC.......
  1496. More awesome Massaquoi PC Additions!
  1497. Awesome week of mail with scans!
  1498. Nice Day of Mail!!
  1499. Epic Mail Week 3/1 - 3/6 Post #3
  1500. Contenders PC with updates
  1501. New Packers Mailweek!!
  1502. Pulled this today-nice card and number but.........
  1503. Parents brought home a nice surprise!
  1504. I did it.. the new centerpiece of the Aaron Curry PC! Nameplate?!
  1505. National Treasures PC... Thought it Was Time to Share With my SCF People..
  1506. Yesterday Mail
  1507. awesome new cowboys pc wins!
  1508. Complete UD Black Rookie Auto set
  1509. Nice Win For My Registry!
  1510. I am the best malcolm kelly collector on scf.....(I think)
  1511. Lets see how old you guys are-remember these
  1512. 2 Shady Patch Pick Ups for only $10!!!!
  1513. won this monster on ebay
  1514. Another Steal for My Registry!!
  1515. Sweet patches in the mail today!!!
  1516. nice Boldin mailday & Vick ebay win!!!
  1517. So Panini Filled some old Redmptions from 99/03...in today
  1518. My first mailmonth in years...im back into collecting now!!!
  1519. Gradkowski Exquisite Mailday...
  1520. Great Mailday!! Coffee, Wells, McCoy, Harvin, & Crabtree
  1521. A couple of nice hits from ultimate today......
  1522. Bowe Mailday for the PC!
  1523. mail scans- mike irvin- jim parker- flacco rc`s tommy z letters
  1524. Mail! SPA- NT- Bowman Chrome Gold- Thanks!
  1525. My 2 Newest and BIGGEST Favre Pickups!!
  1526. HOF'er Rookies
  1527. One Of The Best Maildays Ive Had In Forever!!! Wow
  1528. Just wanna show off my MIKE THOMAS PC collection so far
  1529. Back to the LCS-2 nice hits from box of SPA......
  1530. Jamaal Charles PC!!! Please Comment/Help...
  1531. 2 Weeks worth of mail!
  1532. Deangelo Hall Mailday
  1533. My Best PC Mailweek Ever!!!
  1534. In From UD: Hakeem Nicks SP Authentic
  1535. Upper deck redemption is in
  1536. Another UD mailday!
  1537. SP Authentic Patch Auto Mail Day
  1538. The best of my Jarett Dillard collection.
  1539. Unveiling my month old Mini PC
  1540. This Just In: Pat White SPA Redemption
  1541. HUGE PC additions this week!
  1542. More patchy goodness in the mail
  1543. My Best mailday Yet...
  1544. Finally got some of my Mike Thomas SPA redemptions back!!
  1545. 2 card mail!!!
  1546. last couple weeks of freeman maildays
  1547. Lions Pickups: 99 to 09
  1548. big mailday
  1549. Women's Professional FB GU Mailday!!!
  1550. New Staubach and Jurgensen pickups
  1551. Steal or no steal?
  1552. Big LCS SPA pull today
  1553. My Tony Romo Super Collection With Updates!
  1554. Another sweet ebay win :)
  1555. Finally!! I Got A Nice Redemption From SPA
  1556. How bout sick ebay win!!!
  1557. Nice E-bay pick up.....
  1558. nice mailday !!
  1559. 10 New HOF Autos
  1560. Huge Ebay win for me, plus my collection
  1561. 2 card mailweek
  1562. My Updated Kevin Smith PC
  1563. A Lion in the mail today
  1564. I like my Maildays nice and rare
  1565. WOW, sick DHB ebay win, my 2nd best card of him by Far!
  1566. Pretty cool mailday- Great additions the Ravens and Michigan pc
  1567. The mailman was good to me today
  1568. Huge Kevin Jones PC Mailweek! My Best in a While!
  1569. Nice mail week- moon- b-more colts- friend for one of my cards
  1570. Jeremy Maclin mail, One of these is just Nasty lol!!
  1571. Today's Mailday
  1572. 1 card mail....
  1573. How about this deal?
  1574. 1 Card PC Mailday
  1575. awesome new win, Colts WR steal!
  1576. Dolphins mail
  1577. Small PC Mailday...
  1578. OMG! Got this in the mail today...then turn on tv and he's dead!
  1579. Recent pickups
  1580. 2000 Greats of the Game MASTER SET COMPLETE
  1581. Absolutely love my new dual auto...
  1582. Some recent mail for the PC. (Scan Heavy)
  1583. Finally Done!
  1584. Awesome pc pull from 2010 sage hit!!!!
  1585. Nice Mailday: Lesean Jumbo- S. Rice NT- Start of new set +
  1586. Tickets Display
  1587. My Kordell Stewart PC
  1588. Barry Sanders & Joe Montana Mail
  1589. Bettis, Roethlisberger Holmes - STEELERS 1/1's
  1590. Gorgeous mail week! Logo Style Maclin, Holmes, Wallace
  1591. panini black box
  1592. Friday Mailday!!! Cheered me up :)
  1593. My DBO Collection Thread...
  1594. New Cards to my PC (and some old favorites)
  1595. Sweet 3 card mailday.
  1596. card show pickups and box breaks non cowboys
  1597. Past 2 Maildays
  1598. Iconic Cuts auto!
  1599. cowboys pickups from shows and online
  1600. Some mail items :) SICK JB!!
  1601. newest maildays
  1602. Another Platinum filled mailday
  1603. Just One Little PC Card...
  1604. Nice Mailday...Couple of Beasts
  1605. my mail for the last 2 days
  1606. Insane patch & spa redemption mailday
  1607. Gotta show these off....Beason Leaf Limited auto set.
  1608. You guys like patches???? I do :)
  1609. Jim Thorpe 2009 Topps Sterling Authentic CUT Auto 1/1
  1610. Mailday from Topps & eBay
  1611. MONSTER ADDS to my VICK PC!
  1612. Couple of nice Ultimate hits today- soon to be HOF`er
  1613. Completed 09 Topps Chrome Copper Refractor Set
  1614. New Pick-ups - Starr & Hornung GU'd and Mendenhall Auto
  1615. Show all your Mike Thomas cards HERE!!!
  1616. My Marques Colston PC!!!!
  1617. card shop pick ups
  1618. Drew Brees Auto finally arrived!
  1619. Mail Week 3/8-3/13 some cool stuff this week... HOF, Vets, & RC Autos & Patches!!!
  1620. Back from the Valley Forge Convention Center Show
  1621. Nice mail week!
  1622. SWEET PC pickup off the bay!!!
  1623. Football Guys buys Ace tennis ball...HUGE HIT!
  1624. Nice cards for $13 in packs
  1625. Mail and the big set almost complete
  1626. nice sanchez in the mail today
  1627. SPA Patch Auto Mailday
  1628. Just another Binky mailday-- 1/1 Nfl shield!
  1629. WOW! Completely Forgot About This Redemption!
  1630. CJ + Stafford Auto Mailday!
  1631. Mike Thomas Mailday... 1/1 Style!!!
  1632. Huge Dolphins Mailday And A Stafford Too
  1633. So My Luck Continues
  1634. More SPA Patches!
  1635. My Pat White PC so far
  1636. Monday Mailday + Weekend Card Show Pickups
  1637. Great Day Of Mail: SPA & NT
  1638. Some sweet Ted Ginn pickups
  1639. UD Redemption Day - SPA Britt-Style
  1641. The new raven boldin
  1642. Past couple maildays
  1643. Awesome Pickups at LCS today: Reebok, 4 Color Patches, RPM, etc
  1644. Stephen McGee pickups for the PC
  1645. Dustin Keller PC pickups - Thanks for looking!
  1646. Higgins pc up close
  1647. The Bednarik PC Grows!!
  1648. Some recent Eagles Wins/pulls/ and trades
  1649. Some new Lineman Collection wins
  1650. 5 HOF Autos And 2 SPA Rookie Autos But Only 4 Cards
  1651. My Best HOF Rookie Yet!!
  1652. Mail: Set pick ups- 09 NT Timeline- Some nice ones!
  1653. Best Mailday Ive had in awhile!
  1654. McCoy & Rice Mailday!
  1655. Exquisite TRIO PatchMailday.SWEEEET!!!!!
  1656. Beanie Wells SPA Came in Today!!!! Yay!!!
  1657. Pretty Nice Mailday Today
  1658. Nice mailday! Moreno and 2010 Sage Autos
  1659. A nice little Platinum mailday
  1660. In-SANE Seahawks Mailday!!!
  1661. SPA box highights & another K. Smith 1/1
  1662. my brady 1/1 is in!!!!
  1663. Another HOF Rookie Win!!
  1664. From Gaming to Sports Cards
  1665. So 3 days I bought 3 packs of cards each with 2 hits
  1666. A few cards for the PC
  1667. Few PC adds !!!!
  1668. Hugeeeee mailday :)
  1669. Another SWEEEET mailday for me,Both came today!!!!
  1670. Just 1 card in today but i like it
  1671. Some nice mail/pack pull stuff today
  1672. Completed my first major offseason project
  1673. My second Generations 6 patch from Ultimate...
  1674. Sweet Mail! 6 cards...1/1, ROY, Set Needs- Trade Bait...Check it!
  1675. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE MAIL DAY!!! Shout out to my uncle!!!
  1676. Manning Unique Jumbo autos 6/10 & 9/10
  1677. My Andre Johnson Multi-Colored Patch Collection
  1678. Another nice mailday
  1679. totally updated my josh freeman pc
  1680. Just had to show this off-sorry!
  1681. Minor CM eBay Buy!
  1682. Recent eBay Pickups....
  1683. Great deal!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1684. Knox Collection
  1685. A Dual Jersey # card for my collection
  1686. A Pretty Good Vintage Card Day for Me
  1687. Another Platastic mailday
  1688. One More Mailday
  1689. My latest pc pickup!
  1690. Big Mail Day
  1691. B-E-A-UTIFUL Incoming and Card Show Pickups 1/1's and more!!!!
  1692. more mail!
  1693. Maildays for March
  1694. Another INSANE Patch Mailday + Others!
  1695. Some new Dillards and 2010 Sage Autos
  1696. 09 NT set progress, pic's
  1697. Exquisite Black & Gold Redemption PC MOJO!!!!!!!
  1698. 2009 Platinum patch/autos
  1699. Probably my best Mail Month ever
  1700. got these 3 freemans in the other day
  1701. Misson: Complete
  1702. Recent PC additions
  1703. Another one bites the dust!! 9 Left!!
  1704. Mail Week - 3/15 - 3/20 Autographs & Patches!!! HOF & RC
  1705. Really?
  1706. patriots mailweek and pulls
  1707. Best trading weekend in history! BIG TIME STUFF LOOOK AND give me feedback
  1708. Trade day treasures
  1709. Few PC adds.
  1710. Since I can't afford the Contenders, this Manning Auto RC will have to suffice!
  1711. 4 auctions, $5.75 DLVD for all inside (Scans...)
  1712. 2 Show Pickups - Maclin and McCoy
  1713. 3 card mail....
  1714. Another SPA RPA Mailday...Goldtastic
  1715. Just a disgusting mail day!
  1716. 22 Adrian Peterson GU LOT (14 rc, 8 2008) FS
  1717. SOME MORE NEW RAVEN- boldin
  1718. Sick Josh Freeman Patch auto, Look at that patch!!!
  1719. My first 1/1 Logo Patch
  1720. Mondays Mail!
  1721. AMAZING Clay Matthews Mail Day
  1722. Recent mail days
  1723. Yet another Platinum filled mailday
  1724. 1 Card Mail- Nice PC Pick Up Forte Logo Style
  1725. Recent PC Pickups!!!!
  1726. Major mojo from ud premier box!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1727. Couple Weeks Worth of COLTS Maildays Scan Heavy!!
  1728. RIce, CJ, & Stafford Mailday
  1729. just got this triple auto in for my freeman pc
  1730. NIce mailday!
  1731. my new favorite DeAngelo Williams
  1732. Mike thomas mailday
  1733. Sweet Exquisite Logo Mailday and other puurrrty cards
  1734. marvin harrison 1/1 mailday
  1735. Another Colts Mailday and Pick-Ups!!
  1736. Finally got all of these scanned and felt like I should show them off lol
  1737. SPA Super mailday
  1738. HUGE Packers PC Mailweek! Check it out! Scan HEAVY!
  1739. Wow a HUGE mailday!!! Have a lot more to come!!
  1740. My Appalachian State PC
  1741. Another nice mailday
  1742. Spx Mailday!!!
  1743. Sammie Stroughter PC updated. Couple of Rainbows
  1744. Couple of Recent Pickups
  1745. Another Fake Matt Stafford on EBAY!!!!
  1746. A Few Days Worth of Mail- some pretty nasty patches
  1747. randy moss auto
  1748. The only football singles I've bought since 2001...
  1749. *BROKEN* Steve Young PSA 8 RC
  1751. campbell mailday
  1752. Nice SPA Mail!!
  1753. My official Gridiron Graphs set building thread!
  1754. Mail day!
  1755. Derrick Williams PC
  1756. Back From The Cruise, Just A Few PC Cards...
  1757. Couple of nice pick-ups. No fake patches here..
  1758. Matt shaub chrome colored show bgs
  1759. One Card Mailday- One of My Nicest HOF Cards i Own
  1760. A couple days of mail
  1761. New Stuff and a long awaited find.
  1762. Jeremy Maclin mail!!
  1763. Picked this up at a card store today!!look!!
  1764. Another Platinum Filled Mailday YAY
  1765. Some Dolphins Love
  1766. A few Packers pc & non pc cards !!!!
  1767. Hit a nice Super Patch today in SPA
  1768. PC mailweek!! LT, ocho cinco contenders and more
  1769. Few week's worth of mail, not as pretty as Wheeler's mail though, makes me sad
  1770. Sat mail
  1771. My CJ PC So Far
  1772. 3 Card SPA Mailday!
  1773. Card Show Pick-up! NEW HOLY GRAIL
  1774. Some pc mail today
  1775. Newbie just introducing myself
  1776. Mail from the past few
  1777. Amazing ebay steal!!!!!!!
  1778. 3pk local card shop hits
  1779. Gotta love those card shows!!
  1780. Mail Week 3/22 - 3/27 w/Franco Harris Auto, etc...
  1781. trouble uploading pics
  1782. 300+ Serial #'d 1/???? cards...
  1783. The lowest of the lowend: Miami Dolphins Patches
  1784. My Steelers and Football Auto HOF collections
  1785. Some New Stuff in
  1786. $127 well spent. best card in my PC
  1787. My 5 year search is finally over
  1788. Sweet Card Show Pickups! CJ, Staubach, Bradshaw, Logos
  1789. Some Marvin Harrison as of late.....
  1790. Pancakes!!!!!!, awesome new DHB win
  1791. Panini Redemption Mailday+MORE
  1792. My newest Patriots PC additions...
  1793. 3 More SPA Mail!
  1794. 3 Pack SPA Hits!!
  1795. a few maildays for me here
  1796. Time to Brag...Show off your top 5
  1797. Nice 3 card Platinum mailday
  1798. Your opinion welcome, won a card from ebay recently...
  1799. HOF Rookie Win!
  1800. My Best Football Box Break
  1801. One of the best maildays I've had in a long time!!!
  1802. Mail Dolphins style HENNE!!!
  1803. New HOF Autos
  1804. Great Sunday at the LCS
  1805. Matt Ryan/Tony Romo & Percy Harvin
  1806. PC mail
  1807. HOF'er and Future HOF'er Rookie PC Additions
  1808. My Mail Week so far...
  1809. Small Dan Marino auto & patch collection
  1810. 1/1 Pick up and that sums it all up and a pic of completed set!!
  1811. INSANE mail day!!!!!!!!
  1812. First out of MANY suh auto's
  1813. Orakpo Exquisite AUTO # 1/5!!!
  1814. Kenny Britt SPA Mail!!
  1815. Big PC add...mailday
  1816. Mail... Dolphins :)
  1817. mail scans warner + hawk
  1818. Another HOF Rookie Pickup!
  1819. New
  1820. Lots of new pickups - Card Show + SCF!
  1821. My little Playoff Contenders PC - small but growing!
  1822. Short but very Sweet mailday!!!!
  1823. 2 nice new wins to start off the 2010 PSU PC
  1824. Canfield Autos are mine...muahahaha!
  1825. Reggie White win!
  1826. PC Additions
  1827. really bored so showing what people call the PC
  1828. made my own PC card! haha
  1829. Nice Little PC Mailday Yesterday
  1830. My Exquisite collection- Go Bills
  1831. 4 Card PC Mailday!
  1832. Show off your cool 90's inserts!
  1833. Small HOF Rookie Pickup!
  1834. Awsome Mailday!
  1835. New Dolphins add... Not a card.
  1836. Awesome PC Mailday + Set Needs Mailday!
  1837. Getting frustrated looking for the last card... so I will show off what I have.
  1838. A nice week of PC mail. (Lots O Scans)
  1839. Some recent stuff, haven't shown anything off in a while
  1840. 2008 National Treasures College Signature Patches
  1841. Randy Moss "steal"... (overused term)
  1842. new cowboys pickups
  1843. Wow what a sweet mailday!!
  1844. Sanchez mailday
  1845. 4 Card SPA Mailday!!
  1846. Great Football Mail Day!!
  1847. check out this 1/1 i got for my malcolm kelly pc
  1848. 2003 SPx WM Patch Auto Spectrum Set....received one today...last one I need is Moss
  1849. Awesome day at the LCS...Plus another big PC add
  1850. My sweet mailday!!
  1851. Just got this dream card for my Gridiron Graphs set!
  1852. Finnally Done with My Sweets Spot team set
  1853. Complete 2009 Topps Chrome Autos
  1854. My Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley PC.....So Far
  1855. I broke the bank and bought my holy grail on eBay!
  1856. 2009 Platinum Progess
  1857. Nice exqusite pickup!
  1858. awesome add for my MATT WARE pc!
  1859. Matt Ware Supercollection Monthly Update thread!
  1860. todays mail-Favre
  1861. new Cowboys exquisite win for the PC
  1862. Nice Dallas Cowboy auto-soon to be HOF`er pull from Ultimate
  1863. Golden PC Must SEE!
  1864. Donruss Redemption Received!
  1865. Just got another sick nickname auto for my Gridiron Graphs set!
  1866. One Set Down! Eight To Go!
  1867. 2 More For The PC Today...
  1868. Darrius Heyward Bey EXQUISITE rc patch auto /99 Steal
  1869. Card Show Pick-Ups....
  1870. Sweet Nicks for my PC!!
  1871. TTM autos back..
  1872. My Newest and BIGGEST Favre item yet has arrived!!
  1873. Steven Jackson Contenders RC and one more Stroughter card
  1874. Ultimate McCoy Mailday!!!!
  1875. This doesn't suck....
  1876. My OFFICIAL 2010 Texas Longhorns Draft Class PC Thread - HOOK 'EM!!!
  1877. Sick Drew Brees patch mailday
  1878. Recent Cowboys National Treasures/Exquisite PC Pickups
  1879. Mike Wallace Steelers Logo Mailday
  1880. My 3rd Peyton Unique Jumbo Patch Auto /10!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1881. Major Props!! Other users and cards!!
  1882. Latest Pickups My First 1/1
  1883. Big Colts Mailday & Pick-ups Scan Heavy
  1884. Nice and surprising eBay mailday!
  1885. Lots of SPA Mail!!
  1886. Sweet Ed Reed pickup for my Canes collection
  1887. the start of my jermaine gresham pc
  1888. A Bunch of New Additions to the Kevin Jones PC!
  1889. Mail Days! Including some CM!
  1890. a super script mailday today yay
  1891. Percy Harvin 3clr patches collection
  1892. my best bucs pc mailday ever
  1893. Jonathan Stewart - Maildays etc. (Scan Heavy)
  1894. New HOF Rookie!
  1895. Incoming Pick ups NT, Exquisite and More!!!
  1896. 3 Weeks Worth Of Mail SPAs, 1/1s, Etc.
  1897. Heisman Additions to my PC, Husker Style.
  1898. Exquisite Group Break Mailday
  1899. PC / Supercollection Mail
  1900. mail- anoter master set- dual auto +h.o.f gu
  1901. New Dolphins : TTM & sick Patch.
  1902. Just Hit 300 Ohio State Autos...Showing them off
  1903. Walter Payton 1/1 Auto
  1904. Barry RC
  1905. I hate the steelers picked this 1/1 up anyway
  1906. Sweet Shady McCoy pick up on ebay :)
  1907. I just got another 07 Contenders Auto!!!Only need 5 more!!!
  1908. Ocho day! +other nicer!
  1909. Shoutout to shamrock77s! The rest of my mail from last few days
  1910. Mailday HOF style
  1911. Dallas Cowboys Contenders Rookie auto Set
  1912. Mailday from UD and ebay!
  1913. Some mail for the week and a Platinum update
  1914. Showoff Your Man Room!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1915. Finally...This is a long time coming. Manning Montage.
  1916. Thank you Wheeler281, this was long overdue!
  1917. Almost had a super sick Chris Johnson 1/1, but had to settle for this...
  1918. My Man Room!!
  1919. Busy EBAY nite...6 patches & 2 Packer lots
  1920. Steelers SB Autos & random mail stuff
  1921. Nice day at the Card Shop - SCANS
  1922. Defensive HOF'ers and Star Rookies
  1923. FSU Seminoles collection
  1924. couple days of decent mail
  1925. My 2006 Maurice Jones Drew Collection
  1926. My Demaryius Thomas auto pc thread, constant updates
  1927. Mailday with shoutout to mr. Wheeler281
  1928. Greay 1/1 pc mail...
  1929. New hakeem nicks for the pc!!
  1930. super nice mail- trip auto+6 piece gu+auto/gu,ect
  1931. Recent Wells PC pickups and a new rainbow
  1932. Cross off a few more names on my HOF list...
  1933. The grail has arrived!!!!!!!!!!
  1934. Opus 'Dre (the Andre Johnson PC)
  1935. small ou sooner pc mailday
  1936. I know he's terrible.....but I think I got a deal!
  1937. New Jim Brown Button Card
  1938. New Helmet Cards
  1939. How Did I Do on These Pickups?
  1940. Would you consider this a steal?
  1941. Sweet Nebraska PC Addition!
  1942. HUGE PC mail!
  1943. A very SHADY mailday
  1944. Mail, Show Pick Ups, SPA Break- Check it out!
  1945. Couple LCS Pick-ups today
  1946. One more National Treasures 1/1
  1947. this weeks of pickups and freebies from Gosman
  1948. Patriots Celebrity Basketball ....
  1949. New Addition to the PSU PC
  1950. Mail Week
  1951. last 2 weeks worth
  1952. Flea Market finds
  1953. Dan LeFevour Card Show Pick-ups
  1954. The Sammie Stroughter and Sean Canfield Supercollection thread
  1955. The best Jerry Rice Non-Auto Patch in my collection...
  1956. Wow great deals I think!
  1957. I suppose some more Marvin Harrison......
  1958. Personal White Whale Spotted and Slain! I think it's a steal too
  1960. Logo Patch, Dual Auto and Exquisite mailday!!!
  1961. Another Nice Mailday!!
  1962. pc mail + more Steeler fans will like!
  1963. LCS Pickups today-Barry-Greene-McGee........
  1964. Amazing Freebie from IOWA49erfan!
  1965. My 09 NT Rookie Patch Auto Set!!!
  1966. 09 Limited RC Patch Auto Set
  1967. Exquisite eight patches - Troy Polamalu PC!!
  1968. New Dillard 1/1 in. Up to 22 now.
  1969. Some nice cards on COMC
  1970. Maildayyyy logos...exquisite.....1/1 styleeee
  1971. NT Nike Logo Patch Mailday
  1972. Exquisite Colts Mailday!!! Literally
  1973. Lets see your sick patches.
  1974. PSU Pickups & a dolphin
  1975. Nice NT Logo 1 card LCS pickup for my PC!
  1976. My SPA patch auto set with scans
  1977. One card mailday, but it's now my best card!!
  1978. My mail.
  1979. Mailday Topps Unique Patch Style
  1980. Exquisite Mailday (Scans)
  1981. 2 Card Mail Day
  1982. My FARVE mailday!!!!!!!!!!!
  1983. Anyone ever heard of the Senior Standouts?
  1984. Week or so worth of mail.pretty insane stuff and a huge shout out to tolrobb!!!
  1985. Last Week's Maildays
  1986. My friend Robbies new Favre!!
  1987. My Favre Mailday
  1988. Back to collecting Mail Week!
  1989. A Killer PC Mailday!!!
  1990. New here Showing off Favre Collection
  1991. New Steeler pickups and some great redemptions!!!!
  1992. Cowboys PC and Supercollection mail
  1993. 1/1 mailday courtesy of Trains975!
  1994. Almost done..... looking for the last two patches!
  1995. 3 Card Pick Up VERY NICE Patch/Auto, Inscription Auto!!!!
  1996. I never buy cards for investment, but this was an exception....
  1997. Small Mailday
  1998. Got my sp authentic Mike thomas today
  1999. My Last 2 weeks of mail..... PC!
  2000. Awesome 1/1 Mailday!
  2001. Just some random crud!
  2002. Inadvertent Player Collection?
  2003. Silly K. Smith week, freebie & set pickups
  2004. Last 2 maildays FULL of Mike Thomas! INSANE!!!
  2005. Mailday! 2 New KJ PC Additions
  2006. One More For The PC!!!
  2007. very exquisite mccoy mailday
  2008. Monster PC addition among some other nice stuff
  2009. mark clayton scans- new pick up mini master set
  2010. last lil maildays............
  2011. 1950 Bowman 79% Complete Set (PSA Graded)
  2012. Old Marino UDA 8x10
  2013. Mailday, Unitas Auto Stafford SPA, Cut Auto, Dual Auto
  2014. 2009 UD SPA Chris Wells Auto/Patch /25...from UD
  2015. Last few weeks of Pc stuff
  2016. Nice HOF Memorabilia Pickup
  2017. Johnny Knox PC collection (all of them,heavy scans))
  2018. 2 more for 2 different pcs!!!!
  2019. Letterific week of mail
  2020. So i spend 35.00 to get into a sp authentic group break
  2021. #1/1 TOPPS UNIQUE MIKE WALLACE *Steelers*
  2022. Hello from a Newbie
  2023. Fully updated mike thomas pc!!!!!
  2024. my josh freeman pc fully updated
  2025. Colts PC Pick ups & Mailday
  2026. Mail and Stuff
  2027. I did it...I finally did it!!!
  2028. Who ever it was that said I would never settle for 1 Sanders........
  2029. Andre Johnson Auto - Finally! Plus a mail week...
  2030. This Just in, from the past week
  2031. Card Show Pickups! - 2 Nice Iglesias + more!
  2032. Second Set Down!
  2033. RW34's Donald Brown Collection!!
  2034. Think I did great!
  2035. Very Nice Tony Romo NFL Logo/Tag Patches
  2036. Update of my Bowman Sterling Collection....
  2037. 1st addition to the Knowshon Moreno PC
  2038. PC & trade bait wins tonite!!!
  2039. Cowboys & a HOF'er
  2040. I don't remember if I shared this...
  2041. Some colorful Rice in my mailbox today...
  2042. JAMMED Mailbox today
  2043. Last two weeks of mail..Warning spa rpa's inside...
  2044. This will sick in my set!
  2045. Recent Pickups
  2046. Terrell Davis and Kordell Autos for the PC - #'d 1/3!
  2047. What are your 5 favorite pulls for 2009?
  2048. 30 New PC Additons, No Big Deal....
  2049. Dolphins Mail.... HOF Mail.
  2050. Did I get a steal here?
  2051. Added a bunch of Ickey Woods cards to my collection...
  2052. Mailday Nicks, Maclin 1/1 and a couple Wallace's
  2053. Show off your Logo patches.
  2054. Sweet mailday!
  2055. Just some little Curry stuff off the bay.
  2056. Curtis Martin pickup ruby red style
  2057. Malcolm Kelly PC-- Coming along quite well
  2058. Newest pickup for the Lions PC
  2059. nicks mailday!!!
  2060. Peterson logo Steal?
  2061. Drafts a day away, Show off your small 2010 Rookie PC's!
  2062. Recent Randy Moss PC mailday!
  2063. Show off your '09 Exquisite!
  2064. 20 superbowl rings on one card lol!!
  2065. Memorabilia Pickup!
  2066. The start of my Walter Payton PC- Check it out!
  2067. Few new dolphins on draft day.
  2068. NFL logo mail day!!!!
  2069. Huge mail day !!!
  2070. 2009 PLatinum progress
  2071. My Year/Size Tag Patch PC With Updates!!!!
  2072. O WOW!!! My new favorite card :)
  2073. Nice package came in the mail today
  2074. garage sale pick ups
  2075. mail week malcolm kelly oklahoma sooner pc style
  2076. Largest PC Mailday Ever?
  2077. my dez bryant supercollection w/ constant updates
  2078. Just pulled the 1/1 Aikman auto from '09 UD Heroes!
  2079. Two Exquisite Polamalu patches arrived today!
  2080. saints pick ups
  2081. HOF PC auto mailday!
  2082. Yesterdays Mail Day - Nice PC Stuff :)
  2083. Not football but im sure u guys will like it
  2084. Finally! 09 SP Authentic RPA Set Complete
  2085. 1st auto of new Rookie PC
  2086. This weeks Jeremy Maclin PC mail!!
  2087. Vacation Mail Week... What I missed when I was gone... Football...
  2088. Kenny Irons from the last few weeks
  2089. High End Show Pickups
  2090. Mohamed Massaqoui PC
  2091. Newest add to my HOF collection
  2092. Awesome 1/1 Mailday!
  2093. Week Worth Of Maildays
  2094. Todays mail!
  2095. Heil finding collector..
  2096. shonn greene mailday and redemptions
  2097. My first Auto Pull
  2098. My latest Leon Washington PC Pick-up
  2099. My 49ers Collection.
  2100. Picked up a nice NT Crabtree......
  2101. Back from Haiti...
  2102. Ebay Steal: Bears HOF Triple Auto
  2103. How'd I do?
  2104. Latest eBay win! How did I do?
  2105. My Aaron Curry PC (With updates?)
  2106. DHB 1/1 steal!, wow
  2107. Nice Romo redemption from UD....
  2108. Bored so decided to show off HOF PC. come check it out.
  2109. Finally finished my Fan Favorites Miami set
  2110. HOF'er Rookies for the PC
  2111. 1 card Sanchez mailday!
  2112. Tom Brady Autos
  2113. New Wall Display Case (cheap ftw). Show yours?
  2114. Aaron Rodgers Grail finally picked up
  2115. New Addition to my Patrick Willis Collection: His New Friends
  2116. newest EBAY wins
  2117. Rolando McClain PC Thread
  2118. Nicks, Mendy and of course Sanstonedio :)
  2119. NEW BEANIE On the Way: NT style
  2120. My latest Rainbow 09 DCM Style
  2121. Blast from the Past: TORRY HOLT LOGO Style
  2122. Check out my "Card Closet" lol
  2123. My nice Ebay kind of a steal.
  2124. Ryan Mathews SuperCollecting w/ Updates
  2125. Some Colts pc i've gotten through trades
  2126. Hakeem Nicks redemption from UD........
  2127. Very awesome mailday!!!
  2128. Group Break + new PC mail
  2129. HOF mailday additions
  2130. patches=logo-and some others
  2131. Nice 4 card mailday PC Style
  2132. Another PSU Mailday
  2133. Nice Mailday with a Surprise that winds up being one of my favorite PC cards!
  2134. Please help, does this look like a fake?
  2135. RW34's Oversized Donald Brown Collection!!
  2136. My 100th Signed Goal Line Art Card
  2137. brand new banner for my supercollection!
  2138. Dolphins PC thread. Take a look.
  2139. The Search Is Finally Over, Aaron Rodgers SPA!
  2140. Very Nice Mailday
  2141. Hit the century mark with todays mail!
  2142. some more HOF mailday PC
  2143. Got a lot in today..but this takes the cake ;)
  2144. Recent Mail
  2145. I think I did pretty well with this purchase...do you?
  2146. Awesomee Memorabilia Pickup!!
  2147. just had a Troy Polamalu banner made for my signature!
  2148. HOF'er PC Additions
  2149. My Aaron Brown Collection. (scans coming)
  2150. Johnny Knox mailday
  2151. New Donovan Warrens
  2152. Redemption Card Mail Day! Crabtree and Beanie style
  2154. Leaf Limited College Logo Patch Auto 1/1 Rookie QB Style
  2155. Newest HOF addition
  2156. Need some advice on how to pursue this.....
  2157. Nice 2 card Mailday
  2158. Check out my first Polamalu auto!
  2159. High End Trade Review - Comments very much welcomed
  2160. Recent Bears mail + 1 Schaub
  2161. NICE PC bears Mailday!!!!!!!!!!!
  2162. In-Hand BEanie Wells National Treasures RC Collection w/ Scan
  2163. Exquisite Mailday
  2164. Rest of my Oregon State collection
  2165. I don't say "steal" very much, but someone arrest me!
  2166. Three nice Absolute pulls at the lcs.......
  2167. 2010 SAGE Triple RB Auto
  2168. 2009 SP Authenitc Rookie Patch Auto Set Progress
  2169. This week's pick ups
  2170. I don't know much about Knowshon Moreno....was this a decent deal?
  2171. I just got another contenders auto!!!!What a steal!!!!!!!
  2172. Ray Rice rainbow anyone
  2173. Pretty rough mailday today.
  2174. My 2009 goal is almost done!scans
  2175. Last two weeks - Doleman & Mitchell Auto and of course, more Kordells
  2176. Check out my $1.04 win
  2177. Budding Skelton collection
  2178. My Year/Size Tag Patch PC with Updates!
  2179. Nice One Card Mailday
  2180. My small PC
  2181. Month's worth of TTM autos
  2182. Some of My SP Authentic Hits for My PC!!!
  2183. 1 card mailday
  2184. Couple of nice new Cowboys pickups...
  2185. awesome new cowboys pc win
  2186. PC Mailday and New Set Addition!
  2187. My Tracy Porter stuff
  2188. 2 Nice Pick Ups for teh PC, needed its own thread!!!
  2189. 75 Topps Uncut Sheet
  2190. My 1/1 pull from atmsportscards cowboys hof style)came today
  2191. mccoy pickups
  2192. PC Mailday
  2193. mail scans
  2194. Todays Awesome mailday. Walter Payton Cut auto
  2195. Official Demaryius Thomas Collection Thread
  2196. The greatest and expensive card in the world!!!
  2197. Past couple maildays
  2198. Today's Mail - National Treasures Style - Start of new PC?
  2199. Got my card back from Beckett grading today........
  2200. Mike Wallace 1/1 pickup!!!!!!!!!!!
  2201. Logo Patches, Patch Autos, 1/1.. No biggie. (Thanks Jeeptrader and Zas667!)
  2202. 3 Sweet Cards Today! Awsome Suh!
  2203. Nice Vintageish eBay Buy
  2204. Tons of Driver PC today(and a few Jennings)
  2205. Another Awesome Mailday 3 1/1 NFL Logos
  2206. Couple awesome additions to my Colts pc
  2207. Finally....the "R" came....
  2208. Weeks Worth Of Mail
  2209. this weeks mail
  2210. Sick mail week, Barry sanders, Mark Sanchez
  2211. Another card season starting up,post your fav PC cards
  2212. Walter Payton Auto
  2213. Got this sweet triple coming in!
  2214. Eric Decker Collection
  2215. Some more Chi Bears mail, possible steal, and another Schaub!
  2216. Barry and Walter Mail
  2217. card show pick ups and mail day
  2218. Triple Heisman Auto & 4 other sweet autos.
  2219. Darrius Heyward-Bey BGS PC
  2220. My Stanback Collection
  2221. sweet new lot win, possible steal???
  2222. 2 weeks of pc mail!!!!!! pettigrew and stafford!!!
  2223. Recent Beanie and Brown Pickups
  2224. Recent Additions to the Cris Carter PC w/ 1 of 1
  2225. A nice Knowshon win!
  2226. New Pickups just got pics up!!
  2227. Big Mailday: Contenders, NT & A Couple PC Items
  2228. Double National Treasures brand logo patch mailday!
  2229. 1 card mailday
  2230. Sanchez Auto Mailday :)
  2231. Got my white whale!!
  2232. sick new DHB red ref /5 win, only 4 more of my main wants to go!
  2233. Greenway Collection
  2234. HToutlaws Barry Sanders Collection...+
  2235. Found a ziploc of Football cards (1980) at Yard Sale store
  2236. Clark mail day + Addai goodness too!!
  2237. McFadden Superfractor 1/1 Mailday
  2238. 1:28 Cases Mailday!!!!! :)
  2239. Want List Romo Pick Up!!
  2240. RECENT MAILDAYS/WINS...Rodgers, Eli, Turner, Onesie outfit
  2241. 2009 Topps Platinum patch/auto set DONE-ish
  2242. TTM auto..HOF'er
  2243. My Iglesias Collection
  2244. My Cutler PC
  2245. More Wells PC pickups
  2246. UD replacements.. I'm happy with them. What do you think?
  2247. Big Addai mail day!
  2248. Exquisite Gold Ink Triple Auto Mailday!
  2249. Sanchez mailday
  2250. Mail scans
  2251. pc mailday
  2252. #1 Draft Picks Set
  2253. 2009 black KURT WARNER auto
  2254. Some recent mail
  2255. Tried some 2010 Prestige.....
  2256. Rod Smith Auto
  2258. Anyone else collect their fav. teams' coaches?
  2259. Sweet 1 card Seahawks mail!!!!
  2260. Newest Johnny Knox PC card (a nice one)
  2261. HUGE Mail Week!!! even for me... Football
  2262. Been Waiting on this 1/1 for a long time
  2263. Montario Hardesty pc
  2264. Double r mailday #ed 20 + skadsem freebie
  2265. Nice mail dail and Ebay win.....
  2266. MCS Maildays and Pickups, Football! with scans!
  2267. Dolphins PC non AU or GU - 490 different
  2268. New Adds to the PC!!
  2269. Won this Ray Rice National Treasures Auto RC tonight...how did I do?
  2270. Unique 1/1 Tag from the Show
  2271. 2 nice cards from a show today
  2272. HUGE Knowshon PC Addition
  2273. Some more Marvin Harrisons as of late.....
  2274. Check out my 12 year olds pc...AMAZING!!
  2275. My COMPLETED 2009 Absolute Patches Set...
  2276. SOLID Mailday 2 RC Auto Patches HIGH END!
  2277. My ongoing 2008 SP Rookie Threads Super Swatch Veteran Patch Set /10 Threads
  2278. Marinocollector's Dan Marino Collection
  2279. My Oregon Ducks Mailday Updates Thread!!!
  2280. Some sweet additions!!
  2281. Finally landed a long sought after Whale
  2282. **HUGE Month's Worth of Maildays** SCAN HEAVY
  2283. **HUGE Month's Worth of Maildays** SCAN HEAVY PART 2
  2284. Incredible Drew Brees BGS Psa 2001 Rookie Collection
  2285. Updating my Stephen McGee Collection
  2286. Brandon LaFell PC so far
  2287. Recent mail. 1 HUGE PC Item
  2288. Finally got it! Steelers fans, come on in (kind of long read)
  2289. one pack one hit
  2290. nice mailday
  2291. Help me spot a fake
  2292. mail scans- and my absolute patches
  2293. PC Polamalu card - best Ebay BIN steal EVER!!
  2294. Finally got my Bowman Sterling albun done as well as a few others..
  2295. Official Knowshon Moreno Collection Thread.
  2296. HOF'er Rookies & Stars
  2297. New Seminole Pickups, Topps Fail
  2298. Finally some Mail
  2299. West Coast Mail Day
  2300. Week of Mail: 2010 Michigan + A Lion
  2301. Mailday!+ 1 Step Closer to Completing my Set
  2302. My Josh Freeman PC
  2303. Was this a decent buy?
  2304. Last year Sterling Golds, This year SPA RPAs
  2305. A rather large mailday and a platinum update
  2306. a nice pc mailday!!! some lions and unique jumbo patch set!
  2307. the1mcjensen's 2010 nfl season ip autographs. it's scantastic
  2308. Got some Rice PSA submissions back
  2309. i think this is a steal what do u think?
  2310. Barry and Emmitt Treasures
  2311. Incomin' PC & trade bait
  2312. my Clausen collection..
  2313. Custom Nebraska Huskers Cards Signed
  2314. My latest Ebay win's.......
  2315. Half way there....2009 SP Signature Rookie Autos
  2316. New PC Additions... Stuff I need is just getting harder and harder to find
  2317. Ebay Steal? Rodgers/Romo Patch
  2318. huge pc mailday
  2319. Huge Packers and Michigan Mailweek! Thanks to everyone involved! Scan heavy!
  2320. Some Very nice Recent Mail
  2321. The start of my Fred "The Hammer" Williamson PC - 4 Autos
  2322. rate my new collection!!
  2323. Exquisite Seahawks
  2324. LCS and Mailday for the PC...nothing major
  2325. Recent DMac PC Pickups
  2326. Greenway PC addition
  2327. Last couple maildays (Super Nice)!!!!!!! Some PC Some F/T
  2328. Here is my updated Derek Hagan collection
  2329. Lots of Mail - Lazy I am, here's the past month or so...
  2330. Freebies again from 11eleven11!!
  2331. My Riley Cooper Supercollection Thread w/updates
  2332. my jermaine gresham pc with updates
  2333. opinions wanted...fake or legit?
  2334. My "bigger" pick ups of the last month
  2335. Finally!!
  2336. my new pc of mccluster to add with my other pc of freeman
  2337. First post in a long time here! Polamalu Rookie 1/1!
  2338. My Bills Memorabilia Pickups!
  2339. Trade day fun
  2340. Hall of Fame Class of '98
  2341. Card Show Pick-ups
  2342. Incomin' PC 12/15 TRIPLE THREADS COMBO
  2343. AWESOME PANINI Redemption REPLACEMENT!!!!!
  2344. 2010 Prestige Beason Xtra Points hobby set complete!
  2345. My 2 Card Mailday- Unitas auto!!!
  2346. I got myself a Sanchez auto!
  2347. Ebay steal?
  2348. Check out this patch,.,,
  2349. My Convention Mailday
  2350. A Real Nice Mailday!!!
  2351. Sweet eBay Steal. HOF Style and Set Filler!
  2352. UD Replacement FINALLY came in... pleasant surprise!
  2353. Got my Graded Cards back, Very, Very Happy!!
  2354. Blowout Mailday Day 1
  2355. Past month's PC additions
  2356. Haven't Posted One Of These In Awhile...Mail Call!!!
  2357. Rainbow Complete! 09 DCM Mirror Materials!!
  2358. Gift Exchange Mail!
  2359. Steeler & 49er HOF Mailday (Even 2 for my 06 NT Set!)
  2360. Sweet Mark Sanchez Mailday
  2361. Lets play a game! Count em up...
  2362. National Card Convention in Baltimore
  2363. 34RickyWilliams34 - Another Shoutout!!!
  2364. my first you tube video..nice mailday!
  2365. a couple more patchs for my unique jumbo patch set!!
  2366. It has been a nice mailweek! Tradebait and PC!!
  2367. My Mailday, Cut auto and and old school Ravens logo patch
  2368. Some New Manning and other stuff from a Garage sell
  2369. Sweeeeet Desean Exquisite!
  2370. A couple UGA autos
  2371. Michael Crabtree Mailday
  2372. Topps chrome sp`s-bowman chrome #ed25-thanks 2 k pop
  2373. My Mike Kafka PC with updates.
  2374. What is your COOLEST card(s)?
  2375. 2 Really nice cards from 2 boxes
  2376. Panini "GOOD WILL" Package and Damaged Card :(
  2377. AHHH Finally Bucked up and bought a Prime Time
  2378. Your PC Showoff Thread - It's by the Letter
  2379. Wells red refractor pickup
  2380. A neat logo patch from Prestige....
  2381. Dolphins/Ronnie Brown additions
  2382. Updates on the Jarett Dillard PC
  2383. Cool Autograph Pickup!
  2384. Nice Knowshon win on ebay cheap....
  2385. My very nice PC mail week! Take a look...
  2386. My HOF Brand Logo Patch Collection
  2387. A pretty nice week 'o mail
  2388. Another nice Logo for the PC
  2389. Recent Pickups
  2390. Nice Ebay Steal for my 2010 Prestige Snead PC
  2391. H.O.F dual auto
  2392. Busted a box of 2008 Leaf R &S!!!
  2393. Panini Redemption Replacement Card... Pleasantly Suprised!!!
  2394. Master Set Complete!
  2395. Pretty sweet berard scott win for me!!
  2396. Recent 49ers PC items & trade bait
  2397. Upper Deck replacement mail.
  2398. PC pickup..
  2399. Mailday! A little bit of everything
  2400. Deal?
  2401. Barry, Irvin, D. Thomas, and Rison Mail
  2402. The Most Insane Shady McCoy Patch Ever
  2403. manning+crabtree sp`s and some shiney blues
  2404. A very nice 2 card mailday for me :)
  2405. Finally Scanned my pickups!!
  2406. Mail day AP SPA 3 Color
  2407. 2003 SPx WM Patch Set...a new chase...anyone have any?
  2408. Vikings mailday!
  2409. Newest Additions....Bryant-Tate-Romo-Austin....more!
  2410. UD Sp Authentic Patch Auto Set Mailday!!
  2411. Just meet Fred Taylor....
  2412. Check out my incoming Marino auto!!!
  2413. 3 card mailday all ft
  2414. Mailday with a huge shoutout to Tolrobb! hof tag!
  2415. Care Package mailday from a SCF member
  2416. Group Break + 1
  2417. My bust collection
  2418. My 3rd HOF Brand Logo
  2419. Another Packer mail week... check it out!
  2420. 1 Card Mailday PC
  2421. New Pettigrew pickup.
  2422. Harvin SPA Patch Auto Redemption Mailday
  2423. Torry Holt JUMBO Patch Mailday :)
  2424. Sweet New Cowboys Pickup From The Show!
  2426. awesomne new DHB win, Jay-Z /3 ultimate auto
  2427. 07 classics ~ school colors ~ auto/25 set
  2428. How'd I do? (Steven Jackson)
  2429. Josh Cribbs Contenders Rookie Auto
  2430. New Greenways for the Collection
  2431. Polamalu mailday
  2432. My HOF/Future HOF NT Brand Logo PC with Updates!
  2433. Notre Dame PC addition and a shout out to member avjp87!!
  2434. A BEANIE MAILDAY: Last two Weeks
  2435. Shout out to 933homeplate!
  2436. Big addition to my Crabtree PC
  2437. MY Walter Payton NT Patch PC with Updates
  2438. My New UNC Autograph PC
  2439. Finally Got My Percy Harvin SPA
  2440. Lots of New Stuff!
  2441. check out my updated pc of josh freeman
  2442. Couple new pickups..PSA HOF RC's and one sweet dual!
  2443. Panini Redemption In!
  2444. Packs and Mail HUGE MAIL ITEM MUST SEE
  2445. I just dropped $1,000 on the DHB Item of my life OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2446. Panini Redemptions In - Kenny Britt x2
  2447. Decent Percy Harvin mail day
  2448. Ultimate Barry Mail
  2449. my randy moss/peyton manning/tom brady pc
  2450. A Few More Deceased HOFer Autos.
  2451. Ian Johnson Set Update
  2452. Upper Deck Redemptions Hook Me Up!!!
  2453. USPS and Fedex mail day!
  2454. It's HERE! Pitt U fans come in, shout out to clubhouse sports!
  2455. Dick Night Train Lane Steal!
  2456. Pretty Decent Willis 3 Card Mail Day
  2457. New Colts addition
  2458. My latest win.....
  2459. Got this in today.....
  2460. Mail Week of EPIC Proportions, Even If I Do Say So Myself!!!
  2461. 2009 Limited Patch/auto set almost done
  2462. Bradford Auto
  2463. Trip To The LCS Today Netted Me This :)
  2464. Harvin's Home,
  2465. Few pack breaks & Mail Pack MOJO
  2466. My five card mailweek!
  2467. Ryne Robinson PC Thread
  2468. The Darrius Heyward-Bey Thanksgiving Day gameworn jersey is now in my hands!!!!
  2469. Uc pc, boise pc, misc pc update
  2470. Finally finished it!!! Check the Unitas.
  2471. AWESOME CARD SHOW pickups!!!!
  2472. Carson Palmer Bengal patch and Ocho Cinco 2 color patch
  2473. My Ohio State and Minnesota PC
  2474. How'd I do?
  2475. Percy Harvin SPA Mail!
  2476. Vikings Fans Come on in!
  2477. sunday morning sweet pick-up
  2478. Football - Mail week... Not bad...
  2479. Massaquoi PC getting stronger!
  2480. 2 Weeks or so worth of PC mail
  2481. A new game...everyone pitch in!
  2482. My best mailday ever-- just have the see for yourself!
  2483. Latest 3 Oregon PC Ebay wins! 1/1!!
  2484. Thought id show how big my pc is getting
  2485. PC pickup 6-14-10
  2486. Just want to show off my new Nate Davis PC
  2487. Stack O' Cut HOF Autos Mailday
  2488. Upper Deck Mail
  2489. Multisport Mail Week!
  2490. 2009 Upper Deck Heroes 1/1 redemptions showed up today...
  2491. 2009 Legends of the Fall Autograph Set Filler Mailweek!
  2492. Last Few Mail Days
  2493. NEW super sweet banner! (thanks koes_one!)
  2494. Mailday finially here(jim brown national treasures)
  2495. Just pulled the 2009 Stafford Contenders Championship Ticket 1/1 AUTO!!!
  2496. UD Mailday!!
  2497. Finally finished my 2008 UD Team Colors Jersey set
  2498. G Mo's Misc Non-BS/AP PC - It continues to grow...!
  2499. Unexpected Care Package Mailday......WOW
  2500. Two Vintage Football Pickups!
  2501. Sweet 1/1 dual on card auto
  2502. Insane Mailday!
  2503. Super Nice Mailday! + Start of a New PC!!!
  2504. GREAT!!!! Marino PC Steal!!!!!!!
  2505. UD Sent me this HARVIN SPA...i guess its nice
  2506. My white whale speared! Cut auto style!
  2507. Here's My Updated Jamaal Charles PC
  2508. Jeremy Maclin PC
  2509. Unexpected Mailday!!!!
  2510. Another Set Pickup!
  2511. Nice 1/1 Brand Logo PC Pick up
  2512. My Justin Forsett PC is starting to shape up!
  2513. Recent SPA pickups
  2514. Mails scans
  2515. My Small (But Growing) Ryan Mathews PC
  2516. New pc pickups! My first randy moss (:
  2517. started my O'Connell PC back up...and some others
  2518. Shoutout to Brian Jensen!!
  2519. Great Boise Pickups
  2520. Bigtime Mail week
  2521. todays mailday
  2522. 2006 Jay cutler 3 color patch auto /20 opinion
  2523. Another set finished- 09 press pass game day gear
  2524. New Greenways From Trades on Here!
  2525. LCS Adds, Freeman and Spiller
  2526. Two more weeks worth of goodies!
  2527. Another 2009 Press Pass Legends of the Fall Autograph Mailday!
  2528. Another PC Set Complete.......Finally!
  2529. Dolphins TTM & PSU Take a look see
  2530. Percy Harvin Redemption!! No other around! Look!!
  2531. AWESOME NEW WIN, Dez Bryant elite TOTC auto /249!!!! for the PC!
  2532. Steal HOF auto style!
  2533. How about some Emmitt Smiths????
  2534. Mail week... Stafford, Harvin, etc...
  2535. Favre pc - logos, lettermen, autos
  2536. Walter Payton Patch PC pick up
  2537. Mailweek! and the New PC Continues to grow.....
  2538. My sir walter payton prime patch set :-)
  2539. What are YOU going to be collecting in the 2010 football season?
  2540. Next Round of Ryan Mathews Pick-ups
  2541. Dallas Cowboys HOF Auto Set
  2542. Got me a Johnny Unitas auto - Come see!
  2543. huge pc mailday
  2544. A Few nice cards in today
  2545. Showing some PC--Football/Baseball/Basketball
  2546. Percy Harvin Redemption!! No other around! Part 2! New Today!!!!
  2547. redemption came in 10/30
  2548. Upper Deck Redemptions - Coming Soon
  2549. My Official Steve Slaton PC Thread
  2550. Well my spa patch/auto took forever to come but pretty good result
  2551. some of my multi color patches...
  2552. Mail, IP auto & packs.....
  2553. My favorite Brees yet
  2554. I'm not a big NFL collector, but had to get this...
  2555. Completed the Josh Freeman Letterman Nameplate RC Autos
  2556. More mail
  2557. Updated Man Cave
  2558. A few NICE cards in today
  2559. Mike Wallace PC
  2560. Harvin Nat'l Treasures maildays
  2561. Harvin UD Maildays, Exq, SPA, Ult
  2562. Not a dog person, but I like these Collie's!
  2563. Last weeks MAIL with a nice 1/1 Auto Rebok Patch
  2564. A couple of recent purchases
  2565. SuperCollecting Rob Gronkowski!!!!
  2566. 09 Football Heroes Silver Auto set in progress (scan heavy)
  2567. My Sergio Kindle Super Collection with weekly/daily Updates
  2568. My Jon Beason Supercollection with updates
  2569. Some cards that bring you back
  2570. single card spa dual red. mail day.......
  2571. My Mohamed Massaquoi PC!
  2572. Flacco killer patches mailday- + the rest of the Joe`s
  2573. Mailday- Nate Davis and Others
  2574. 2 card mailday
  2575. 2005 Gridiron Gear Performers Mailday!!
  2576. WOW!!! So happy! Years in the making!
  2577. 2009 Exquisite triple and quad patch updates plus more!
  2578. A Contenders kinda mailday...
  2579. Chris Johnson SP Authentic Steal!?
  2580. Upper Deck Replacement Mailday
  2581. Most of Saints PC Scanned
  2582. Eight great QBs autos on one card!
  2583. Nice additions to my HOF PC...Thanks to some fellow board members.
  2584. Recent ebay wins
  2585. Unc pc add & moreno auto
  2586. My Spoon collection........
  2587. Lee Evans 2005 LCM Rainbow - ALMOST!!!
  2588. jim brown mail day- and the rest of the jimmy`s
  2589. Lots of New Pc this week :-)
  2590. Stuff
  2591. Panini replacement mailday
  2592. My complete set ~ 2007 contenders rookie ticket auto's
  2593. Chibearsboy's ~ adrian peterson college collection ~ : )
  2594. {}-Grza's AARON CURRY Collection-{}
  2595. Show off your favorite rainbow...
  2596. Mail... I picked up a few Tebow Auto, and a few other nice cards this week.
  2597. Pick-ups this week...
  2598. My newly updated MIKE THOMAS PC collection!
  2599. More Wells PC pickups and a near rainbow
  2600. My 2009 Studio Rookies Patch Set!! Check it out!!
  2601. Flacco NT mail
  2602. 1 card pc mail day
  2603. PC Mailday
  2604. Got This Beauty In Today!!!
  2605. A fun set I decided to complete...
  2606. i`ve its been done before- but lets see those HELMET CARDS!!!
  2607. I think I got a steal on this. What do you think?
  2608. Hines Ward 1/1
  2609. Mailday(Marino PC)
  2610. Barry Sanders w/Emmitt - PC Mail
  2611. Official Kyle Wilson (Jets) PC Thread W/Updates
  2612. almost done!! 09 exquisite rare materials #ed to 35 pc set!!!
  2613. A few pulls
  2615. massive mail week/LCS attack
  2616. Nice Shady pickup-then mail.......
  2617. mail day scans- boosted my bears pc alil today
  2618. New addition to my Turn of the Century collection
  2619. Sweet 1970 BVG for my set
  2620. A card so nice it deserves it's own thread
  2621. I am an American Picker... of football cards
  2622. Recent 49ers PC Pickups
  2623. A few NT logos and an Urlacher
  2624. Unitas and Merlin Olsen Goal Line Art Adds + others
  2625. Awesome addition to the PC incoming!!
  2626. Fresh bay win!~ap college pc addition~oh heavens!
  2627. Pretty juiced about this ebay win.
  2628. Start of a new PC plus some recent pickups...
  2629. Not a steal but a deal
  2630. Crown jewel of my collection has arrived.....
  2631. Rohan Davey "Super"collection Updates and Pics of the whole thing!
  2632. mail scans
  2633. Nameplate Completed
  2634. Sweet 3-4 Weeks of mail! Wallace, Mendenhall Steelers etc
  2635. Nice Massaquoi PC Card
  2636. Buckeye HOF Press Pass Mailday
  2637. EXQUISITE Mailday!!
  2638. Just wanted to share my Brett Favre Autograph Collection
  2639. My steve slaton PC!
  2640. 2009 SPX Rookie Materials Patch/Auto set complete
  2641. 2009 SP Authentic Rookie Authentics Patch/Auto set complete
  2642. Dolphins Fans.... Is this a steal?!?!?!?
  2643. this weeks mail
  2644. Was this a deal?
  2645. My Jonathan Stewart auto and patch PC thread
  2646. How much of a happy dance should this elicit? Ryan Matthews
  2647. Check out this bad boy EXQUISITE card I got today!!
  2648. very nice mailday for me!!!
  2649. Group Break Results - Saints
  2650. Week of Mail... Not bad!?!? Topps Platinum Patch Auto set!!! +++
  2651. My Jerome Simpson PC thread
  2652. Sweet Sanders/AP Score!
  2653. 1st Montana gu. pack pulled.
  2654. WOW, awesome new DEZ BRYANT pc auto win!!!
  2655. You GOT to see this! Complete set of NFL Logos! My biggest PC accomplishment to date!
  2656. Pro Bowl Set #2... 1992...
  2657. Incredible Mailday Tomlinson PSA 10 Contenders
  2658. 4th of July Mail bag
  2659. i love my fiance here's my 1st fathers day gift
  2660. Finally finsish my set!!!!
  2661. Nice little pick up
  2662. Recent Pickups!
  2663. Latest Editions to my Cris Carter PC 7/5/2010
  2664. Press Pass inscriptions & SP list 2005- 2009
  2665. My last mail week before getting married!
  2666. Sick Mailday! Stafford!
  2667. Vikings special teams mailday
  2668. Some more mail cards
  2669. Set Finally Complete over 2 years in the making-Beware Scan Heavy!!
  2670. Check out this steal!
  2671. Official Ian Johnson PC With Updates
  2672. Last Few Mail Days
  2673. HEY EAGLES FANS!!!! Or ANY Football Fans for that matter!!!!
  2674. What a freaking steal!
  2675. Thumps up UD replacements
  2676. Mail- the mad backer- john mackey- ray rice-ect
  2677. I just got my first npn and it is AMAZING!!!!!
  2678. my first 1/1 mailday
  2679. Home from college today, and arrived to an awesome mailday!!
  2680. Mail and stuff
  2681. Mail Call! Another Card Closer to my Set and Very Big Additions to the New PC!
  2682. BGS Mail + A couple others
  2683. #11: Could not Resist: BEANIE WELLS STYLE
  2684. Big PC Mailday!
  2686. a few Ultimate eBay wins!
  2687. PC Mailday (Lots of Adds)
  2688. Anquan boldin pc thread
  2689. Kevin Kolb SP Authentic RC 1/1!!!!!!!!
  2690. Photobucket???
  2691. My football mail week
  2692. Recent mail for me!
  2693. My favorite pc card!!!!! Steelers fans come in!!!!
  2694. 3 Nice LCS Patch Pick-ups! BEANIE!
  2695. Got a few in the mail yesterday.
  2696. Should I apply for super collector status on here?
  2697. One of THE Best Maildays EVAHHH!!!
  2698. New High End FB, BB, and BBALL
  2699. My Sports Room
  2700. Mail Week... Montana Auto & a cool Favre card!!!
  2701. My Elite mail with a Kobe Bryant auto.
  2702. Huge shoutouts to Chibearsboy and Timb69!!!!!
  2703. Panini replacement auto
  2704. Just won this on Ebay....
  2705. Awesome card from CollinsFanatic
  2706. My Seahawks Collection
  2707. My Brother went to the Dulles Expo
  2708. My Misc. PC with Updates!
  2709. New PC Abound!!
  2710. Some Recent Maildays
  2711. mail scans- with a HUGE pc card that i didn`t know was made
  2712. Ocho Cinco Pickup
  2713. Ebay Ocho Cinco pickup
  2714. Another SWEET Mailday!!!
  2715. My J. Freeman PC is up to date! Let me know what you think..
  2716. A couple Bgs Maildays High end Must see Videos
  2717. Not bad for $20 bucks hey?
  2718. Recent ebay wins
  2719. My now offical linemen PC
  2720. The beanie national treasure stash
  2721. Mailday! Panini Replacements+ a Couple Nice PC Additions!
  2723. Huge PC Steal 2001 Cris Carter Quantum All Millennium Jersey Auto
  2724. Vikings PC Thread... (not including Moss)
  2725. Nice GU lot
  2726. pretty sweet mailday!!!!!!!
  2727. Jahvid Best PC Thread
  2728. Huge Mail Day!!
  2729. Click the link...
  2730. Awesome Mailday 9 Cards Football Baseball
  2731. Awesome 2 days of mail, 08 RB's!
  2732. Today's one card mail day = Joe Montana on card auto
  2733. Major PC mojo ebay win!!!
  2734. Incoming - Nice Earl Bennett Shoe card!!
  2735. Sensational Mailday Adrian Peterson Exquisite 3 Color Rc
  2736. Another SIERRA HOTEL Mailday!!!
  2737. Why I am Golden Schaub. Enjoy
  2738. Finally Some Mail Worth Showing Off
  2739. TCG Christmas in July package
  2740. Matt Leinart Bowman Chrome BGS 9.5 Rainbow COMPLETED!
  2741. Fansedge Card Show Pickups!!! Nice Paytons for the NT PC
  2742. Last couple maildays
  2743. Irons are harder and harder to find, Last few months
  2745. Month's collecting budget exhausted, but me happy
  2746. Sam Bradford-hard signed Elite.........
  2747. Mail w/ a ttm
  2748. My latest ebay wins...
  2749. Just got back from a local card show, here's what I found
  2750. Steelers/Jets mailday... Mendy heavy
  2751. 17 packs of 2010 elite: Here are the hits and inserts
  2752. My BVG vintage sets (1969, 1970 & 1971)
  2753. 49's ud redemption arrived today
  2754. Another SWEET Mailday...
  2755. few TTM's and another auto
  2756. 1 Card Nice Knox pc Auto down
  2757. A $17K Mail Day......
  2758. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, can you say #2 DHB Item in my PC????????????????????????????????????
  2759. Big Greenway Addition
  2760. New addition to my "PC"
  2761. Finally Completed!!
  2762. Greg's Harvin PC!!!!
  2763. shoutout to bolts21!!!
  2764. Small PC mailday
  2765. 20 Dolphins auto W/ HOF'ers
  2766. Andre Johnson PC
  2767. 2 years ud redemption wait is over
  2768. SWEET MAIlDAY!!!!
  2769. Picked up my jamal lewis SICK 16x20 today!!!
  2770. Biggest and Best Mailday Ever. I Believe...
  2771. Good pick on Ebay? I think so
  2772. my pc project 09 exquisite rare materials gold laundry tags and logo patchs!!
  2773. My Crabtree Pc
  2774. Small Mailday!
  2775. Clausen mailday
  2776. Newest Addition to the Dallas Clark PC, Very Happy with It!
  2777. My best high end card Emmit Smith!!!!
  2778. Very Nice day at the LCS!!!
  2779. More Cards - 11Eleven11 + Cwells Hookups!
  2780. Loads of Mail! Big Thanks to Raymor77 PC Trade Bait Box Breaks Results*LOTS OF SCANS*
  2781. My Massive Legends RC's and Autos for july
  2782. Sensation Mailday Adrian Peterson Sp Authentic Gold 3 Color
  2783. Post wedding/honeymoon mail week!
  2784. Check out my awesome Vernon Davis steal!!
  2785. A Friend Just Pulled This Ray Rice SUPER Mojo....
  2786. Possible steal? 07 Contenders RC AU #'ed/25 Paul Williams
  2787. My Coffee Pc
  2788. Latest mail day........All FT.....
  2789. My MJD and Mike Thomas official PC thread
  2790. Past Few Maildays-Lots of Patches!
  2791. B-R-E-E-S letter set COMPLETE!!
  2792. ray rice shoe- have 4 of 20+s.holmes ring of honor blue
  2793. Is this real or no show and tell
  2794. Tom Brady Auto Steal?
  2795. My first Rainbow!
  2796. Awesome mailday Brees Bgs Rc 9.5 Check it Out
  2797. Check out this new win
  2798. Yay - Finally a Harvin SPA
  2799. Some PC--Youtube Video
  2800. The new cornerstone of the collection
  2801. My Mcfadden Pc
  2802. New pickups today
  2803. My Seahawks PC
  2804. Lincoln Trip #2
  2805. My Percy Harvin Ebay Win
  2806. My Man Cave - Ready for Football Season w/ 5 Flatscreens
  2807. Check out my ebay win, I think I got a good deal!
  2808. Mail for me... check it out!
  2809. 2 Packs of Classics 2010 Hits
  2810. Great Lot Pickup Today
  2811. Sweet Mail day!!
  2812. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  2813. Mike Thomas 1/1 - how did I do?
  2814. A Nice Romo Auto Pikck Up, something funny but different lol
  2815. Good deal on this 2006 Reggie Bush rookie auto graded?
  2816. Good Mailday Today
  2817. Matt Schaub Gold: In transit BGS
  2818. 2010 Donruss Elite Rookie Set Complete!!!
  2819. FINALLY got a Paul Williams Exquisite for my PC Great deal too :)
  2820. My New Player PC Deon Butler...with a youtube of the Man Cave
  2821. 2010 Donruss Elite Base Rookie Set Complete!!
  2822. Icon sweet spot mini helmet set
  2823. Few TTM's and a auto'ed hat
  2824. Couple of 2010 Classic Football packs I opened
  2825. MailDay! Very Nice****
  2826. A White Whale Conquered !!
  2827. Two Weeks Of Mail - Gets A Little DIRTY
  2828. Showing off my incoming mail
  2829. This is MY MAN CAVE.......Not Really
  2830. This weeks mailday/pickups!!!
  2831. All my Auto's plus Gerhart PC's
  2832. mail- super bowl ball- sick quad #ed 25
  2833. I STRUCK GOLD....LITERALLY! Small whale
  2834. Couple card questions.
  2835. I hope I hope I hope
  2836. Very odd but Very Nice Addition to the Texas PC
  2837. Search is finally over....The greatest BUS card made
  2838. Start of a new PC
  2839. BGS Order Mailday: Gold Schaub
  2840. Wow i got a good deal
  2841. Some Nice stuff I just got in
  2842. wooooooooooooooooooo
  2843. How Cool is This? 1-4 of 4!
  2844. 2 more Knox autos to add to my collection!!!
  2845. Recent GU pickups
  2846. 2 Nice Bear cards - Olsen and Bennett
  2847. Refractor lot... Deal?
  2848. Nice card numbering on a box of Classics.....
  2849. small mailweek
  2850. 2 weeks of maildays
  2851. good or bad deal? i think i did pretty good.
  2852. Last 2 weeks of mail ... Might be worth looking over... Favre, Brady, Mannings, etc..
  2853. Some new Falcons.........
  2854. I luv my card shop after todats hits.......
  2855. Mailday! Pre Season Stars in 6 Days!
  2856. Huge Brees Mailday
  2857. Press Pass Redemptions and some goodies..
  2858. Got 2 Beauties In Yesterday...
  2859. Mike Wallace PC
  2860. HUGE PC Milestone-Nike Logo Patches and 1/1 NFL Logo Pickups!
  2861. some sick new ray lewis patches for the pc!!!!!!!
  2862. My Nate Davis PC thread
  2863. Bledose Pickups (Couldn't have done without SCF forums!)
  2864. Late 90's Uncut PROFLICK Sheet [Proof?]
  2865. Newly Update MIKE THOMAS PC!!!!!!!!!!
  2866. Pics of my Bears and Playoff Contenders PC
  2867. Bgs Prediction Order Video 7 Cards
  2868. Awesome day at training camp
  2869. 2008 Limited Cris Collinsworth Rainbow Completed
  2870. Just One For The PC Today
  2871. 2 more very nice Knox autos going into the PC
  2872. some more 09 exq rare materials only need 7 more and a few nfl laundry tag patchs!!!!
  2873. 49ers Training Camp Pics!!
  2874. day 1 NATIONALS HAUL
  2875. Last Couple Weeks Worth Of Mail
  2876. Latest Ebay win-2009 draft helmet w/10 autos
  2877. I'm a hockey guy, but got this today!!!
  2878. My Shonn Greene pickups for the last 2 wks
  2879. nationals haul day 2
  2880. My official Drew Brees PC Update Thread
  2881. Lesean McCoy Mailday
  2882. Sweet card...just picked it up for $100 FLAT
  2883. More HOF and Legends plus a big Texas win.
  2884. Weekly Mailday
  2885. Nice Card from RustyGreer Fan for the Beavers PC
  2886. Nationals Day 1 Pick Ups (Michigan heavy with a few Ravens)
  2887. Latest Derek Hagan Addition
  2888. Nicks SP Rookie Lettermen
  2889. Nice Bob Hayes 50th Anniversary Team patch...
  2890. Another awesome patch pulled today from Classic.....
  2891. Mail call... You guys went to the Nats, and I just bought enough to feel like I was
  2892. Updates on Beanie Wells and Donald Brown PC
  2893. day 3 nats
  2894. Cut autographs (custom made)
  2895. I Might Just Have The Best Wife In The World!!! Big additions To My Favre Collection
  2896. On-Site Grades from Nationals
  2897. back from the lions training camp
  2898. Nationals Day 2 pickups.
  2899. My Nationals pick ups and in person autos
  2900. My best pull ever!
  2901. 2010 Classics Flashback Fabrics Patch Set
  2902. Some of my Best Nationals Pick-Ups/Pulls...
  2903. 1 more nice knox pc auto and a SICK Urlacher patch
  2904. Nice PC Adds, With one Big One
  2905. Nice Dallas Throwbacks Dual Threads from Classics.........
  2906. My 09/10 Football Pulls!? Sell or hold?
  2907. My 2010 National Pickup Thread! Kobe, Tyreke, Favre, 1/1's, HOF'ers etc....
  2908. Aaron Brown RC Collection (Check it out, LMK if you have something I don't)
  2909. BGS Mailday WOW
  2910. Joe Money PC Wn!
  2911. figured id show this triple patch off!
  2912. A Couple New High End Videos National Baltimore
  2913. Pulled this nice Classic Triples today at the lcs......
  2914. Upper Deck HOOKED ME UP
  2915. Only Need 1 More Card
  2916. Games Underway! Pickups-Sanders Logo, Cunningham, Romo 1/1's, Patches, Autos, ETC!!
  2917. My Nationals Pickups
  2918. Contenders auto pickups
  2919. Chargers PC
  2920. 1/1 Superfractor Ringer PC Bowman Chrome...
  2921. Derrick Brooks and Jerry Rice Error cards
  2922. Rainy Mailday
  2923. Recent PC pick-ups... check it out!
  2924. 1/1 2009 UD Black Film Slides Kurt Warner auto 1/1
  2925. FINALLY!!!!! I reached 400+ Serial #'d 1/???? cards!!
  2926. Pickups from Nats
  2927. 2004 SP Authentic Rookie Patch Auto Set (Incomplete)
  2928. Two big Browns adds to the ol' PC...
  2929. Mailday with a Couple Big New PC Adds!
  2930. PC Mailday
  2931. Two weeks of Mail...Sanders - Montana - Koufax....Oh My!
  2932. Unique pick-up of a new Packer... Game-Used Gloves...
  2933. My mail with a damaged card and other cool stuff..1/1
  2934. Mail... With Ali, Kobe, Namath, Manning, Russell, Jordan, Stockton, CP3, etc...
  2935. Johnny knox bowman Chome autos / Mailday
  2936. The forgotten back- p.holmes ravens collection
  2937. Walter Payton Rookie Card!!! Holy Grail!!!
  2938. Marino Mailday
  2939. Lets see your MJD and MIKE THOMAS collection!!
  2940. My COMPLETE 09 SPA Patch Set!!
  2941. 1 Pack Luck! 2009 Donruss Threads
  2942. A month or so of mail - Marvin Harrison, Ricky Williams Autos
  2943. New addition to the Greene PC---exquisite dual patch auto/Sanchez...oh boy!
  2944. showing off my newest prospecting/pc pickups
  2945. Jerry Rice Rookie BGS 8.5 pickup!
  2946. The Matt Schaub Chrome Rainbow: DONE!
  2947. How did I do? (AP CJ DUAL Red Ink Auto)
  2948. Huge Bills Mailday - Scan Heavy
  2949. Matt Schaub Contenders Black Ink
  2950. AP eBay steal compliments of poor listing...
  2951. Lots of New Ones! Barry, Emmitt, Thurman, Gale and More!
  2952. Mailday! Elway, Herschel, and Deion!
  2953. PC Mailday wooo!
  2954. Huuge Mailweek or so Cris Carter, Faulk, Bettis etc
  2955. Sweet Ray Rice patch.
  2956. I normally don't chase parallels... BUT
  2957. My 2010 Elite Diecut set
  2958. Santonio Holmes Exquisite Auto
  2959. My HOF/Future HOF National Treasure Brand Logo PC! /w UPDATES
  2960. Awesome PSA mailday......
  2961. National Show Pickups
  2962. I wanna see your MIKE THOMAS collections!!
  2963. Recent Mail - Walter, Barry, & Emmitt
  2964. my wins the last few days
  2965. My 2010 Classics Dallas Cowboys 50TH Anniversary Prime Patch Single /25 Or Less
  2966. My Dallas Cowboys PC Pickup Thread, Daily Updates
  2967. Barry Sanders PC (Scan Heavy with updates)
  2968. Mailday! Ray Rice and Johnny Unitas
  2969. My newly updated MIKE THOMAS pc with some sick additions!!!
  2970. nice win for my Donovan Warren PC
  2971. Won a Jerry Rice Jersey cheap!
  2972. Steve Johnson PC Thread With Updates
  2973. My Carson Palmer PC
  2974. mail scans
  2975. More HOF and Legends plus a few Texas wins.
  2976. Sweet PC addition in the mail today!!
  2977. Nice gift from a friend at the LCS.....
  2978. ~~~~~dan lefevour pc.....(with scans and updates)~~~~~
  2979. Peyton Manning dual patch mail day from Panini
  2980. My mail week - a whole lotta on card autos
  2981. 2010 Panini: The Complete Rainbow Sets of Patrick Willis
  2982. 2010 Elite Taylor Mays (Complete Rainbow auto) and Navorro Bowman (Complete Rainbow)
  2983. Week in Review: New pick-ups this week (not all Packers)
  2984. Small ebay win..gilyard.
  2985. Starting a new set...
  2986. Gale Sayers HOF RB PC win, Exquisite
  2987. Lets See Some Buckeye PCs
  2988. Couple of nice patch pulls from the LCS today...
  2989. Went on an Ebay spree!
  2990. Now showing my bears full PC Cutler,Knox,Iglesias and more
  2991. Card Show pickups with a pretty nice 1/1!
  2992. "Golden" ebay purchase!!!
  2993. this weeks of pickups and freebies from Gosman
  2994. My Card Show Pickups (Methuen, MA) on 8/22/10
  2995. Philly Eagles Leaf Certified Pickups - McNabb Style
  2996. .99 pack from target yields auto!!
  2997. Mendenhall Mail and Help Needed.
  2998. Crazy Trading Day - Scan Heavy
  2999. My 50th Anniversary Signatures Collection so far
  3000. birthday mail and my boldins
  3001. MCS Football Patch Mailday
  3002. Pretty nice haul of HOFers
  3003. More High End Pick-Ups - ALL SPORTS
  3004. Finally a Lion in the Mail
  3005. Nice Ebay Wins for my PC
  3006. My Latest bradford win!!!!
  3007. Mail Days
  3008. My Earl Bennett autographed card collection
  3009. Nice PC win on the Bay.
  3010. Great Mailday Today!
  3011. My ongoing Arian Foster supercollection thread with updates!
  3012. My tribute to the best wideout in the game, the Andre Johnson auto PC!
  3014. Just showing some PC...
  3015. Post honeymoon maildays
  3016. COMPLETE 2009 SP Authentic Rookie Patch Auto Set
  3017. My SWEETNESS of a MailWeek!
  3018. Not Sure on this one...
  3019. RED GRANGE helmet
  3020. i figured id go with option # 2 since bradford might choke.
  3021. More Irons, More Irons, and More Irons
  3022. Dez Bryant Hit!!!
  3024. Raiders/Niners Pickups
  3025. Incoming bait: Rice & Johnson
  3026. Recent additions to the Shonn Greene PC
  3027. Jackpot Mailday
  3028. Some recent Slabs,autos etc
  3029. Cleveland Brown pc additons
  3030. Tradebait Mailday
  3031. Some nice pulls from Topps.....
  3032. 3 Card Mailday/Shop pick up!
  3033. Nice Tebow patch from LCS today........
  3034. Bought WAY to many boxes today - highlights inside
  3036. Updated Mancave Pics and Monthly Mail Pics
  3037. Newest Wells rainbow
  3038. A couple new PC projects.
  3039. A couple new PC projects.
  3040. My 2010 Press Pass Portraits Auto'd Mike Kafka Rainbow
  3041. Steal alert!!!!!!!! gerhart
  3042. Jahvid Best & Suh collection!
  3043. Matt Ryan 8x10
  3044. Yankeesfan24's HOF RB PC Thread
  3045. INCOMIN':Rice, Johnson, MJD, Forte, CJ, Slaton, Stewart, Montana
  3046. Just punched in some Topps redemptions--nice......
  3047. Lets see your 5 favorite 2010 pulls so far
  3048. Sean Taylor Miami 3 CLR Patch
  3049. Recent-ish PC mail! SCAN HEAVY!
  3050. Recent mail....been slow
  3051. Poor mans Rainbow.
  3052. First Ebay Win!
  3053. Panini Replacement Mailday
  3054. cj auto-ray lewis auto-ray rice rainbow
  3055. Jim Kyle Football Art / Card Art
  3056. Ryan Mathews Mailweek
  3057. My Michael Robinson / 49ers collection
  3058. I just had to pick these up at the lcs........
  3059. This Could be one of the Biggest Ebay Steals I've Ever Seen
  3060. The dexter jackson pc
  3061. Great Mailday!
  3062. Nice PC Mailday!!
  3063. patrick turner pc
  3064. Need Help to Feel Good About This Win
  3065. This weeks editions to the Shonn Greene (the best Greene collection in the world!)
  3066. Ainge collection Finally! 5% from supercollector
  3067. nice mailday, Finally got MY SPA! AWESOME TRADER!
  3068. My 2007 National Treasures Super Bowl Patch PC /w UPDATES!
  3069. Nice New Cards in......Scan heavy
  3070. 4 Package Mailday :)
  3071. With the Start of College Football Season....Showing my OSU PC
  3072. My updated collection: ABOUT $1600 BV
  3073. Good Mail Week!!
  3074. Scanning My Raider Collection! Week 1: Marcus Allen
  3075. this weeks cowboys pickups
  3076. Trade bait win...'09 Ultimate Legendary 6 JSYS
  3077. Another awesome mailday :)
  3078. Last Week Maildays (nice TC Gold auto)
  3079. Sick old school patchy mailday
  3080. Two More Weeks Of PC Mail!!
  3081. Finally completed this set!!!!
  3082. Recent Maildays
  3083. awesome 2 card mailday
  3084. My mail week
  3085. Won this C.Palmer auto!
  3086. Back for a while and need help IDing an auto on a new flea market pickup/steal.
  3088. THANKS armyrangers426!!! ~ my new Walter Payton patches
  3089. Nice double jersey-Tebow/Thomas.........
  3090. Gotta Show This Nasty Hakeem Nicks Off! SICK EBAY WIN!
  3091. 2 Weeks worth of Wonderful PC Mail! Tons of Scans!!
  3092. Ebay wins
  3093. HOF mojo ebay win
  3094. Music city miracle!!
  3095. First completed set
  3096. My Chicago Bears PC....UPDATES!
  3097. panini classics redemption
  3098. Call me Arab!!! ARRRGH!!!!
  3099. Early xmas present from my beautiful fiancee!!
  3100. PC Maildays from Friday through Today...whatcha think :)
  3101. 2 card mail day, 2 cards closer to finishing this set
  3102. Some recent PC pick-ups! My first SK and more! Check them out!
  3103. Dallas Clark PC Ebay Pick Up
  3104. Two jersey cards from two products-almost the same......
  3105. New Kenny Irons
  3106. New Panini Redemptions Cowboys 50th Autos
  3107. Show Off Tom Brady RC's
  3108. Schaub Sleeper RC auto:/120
  3109. 2 Adrian Peterson Pickups. Good Buys or not?
  3110. This Just In One Of The Holy Grails Of My Packers PC
  3111. James Laurinaitis PC card
  3112. Pretty Cool Story
  3113. New beginning to my card collection
  3114. Mailweek: More Rodgers and Grant... I need your help!
  3115. Some New Stuff!
  3116. Lots Of Pc stuff this week!! Check it out!
  3117. Greg's Joe Webb PC
  3118. (2) NFL old-timer(kind of) PC pickups
  3119. Figured it was time to scan this
  3120. EPIC mailday from BGS and for the PC, Best one i've had in my life + 1 box 10 threads
  3121. New Titans and Brandstater PC scans.
  3122. James Laurinaitis PC
  3123. my official cowboys pickups/pulls/show off thread
  3124. Andre Johnson Collection
  3125. Thought this was a nice ebay win :)
  3126. This is turning into a NICE mailweek! PC additions/Panini Replacement!
  3127. Mail scans- with a new top 5- gu pro bowl letter 1/1
  3128. Two really nice pulls from the same box of R&S.....
  3129. 3 national treasures nicknames autos pretty cool take a look
  3130. Third Set Down! 07 Gridiron Gear Pullout Hidden Gems!
  3131. Awsome Mailday Today
  3132. Best friend sold me my first AP auto!
  3133. too many redemptions :(
  3134. My Small Jamaal Charles PC
  3135. Jason Witten Collection with updates.
  3136. My latest bradford Ebay win!!!
  3137. I opened up my package today and a crab came out!
  3138. 1/1 Matt Ryan Logo Auto Panini Replacement!
  3139. Mailday w/ 2 HUGE PC Additions!! BC Gold Refractor,Rookie Premeire Red Ink AUTO!!
  3140. I picked this up!! Steelers fans look!
  3141. Replacement on its way
  3142. Amazing Mail Day 1/1 - Beckett says no value due to scaricity
  3143. My BEARS Collection...Payton, Sayers, Butkus, Singletary, Urlacher, Knox, Dent, etc..
  3144. My crown jewel <333333
  3145. My Jahvid Best Collection
  3146. THE Houston Texans Autograph Collection!!
  3147. Very Interesting PANINI Mailday......
  3148. 2010 Topps Jon Beason complete set!!
  3149. Another Steelers pickup, lol
  3150. Bengals PC pickups..
  3151. My new cowboys autographed helmet
  3152. A few nice pickupos and pull from lcs today....
  3153. my newest Walter"sweetness"Payton auto and patches
  3154. Pretty sweet mailday today
  3155. mailday, a sweet steal from ebay
  3156. My first C.J. Spiller Auto
  3157. Latest additions to my Dolphins PC...
  3158. My 2010 Classics HOF Signature Set..so far...
  3159. Nice Steal
  3160. SWEET Lynch AUTO in the mail box today! 15/15!!!
  3161. Hornung, Ed Reed and Steelers Autos
  3162. Some nice PC mail
  3163. Back from the show...Spent too much....
  3164. Dolphins Adds W/ a HUGE Pickup.
  3165. Small Mailday, but Randy Moss!
  3166. 2010 Topps at Dollar Tree
  3167. Incomin' PC & trade bait
  3168. Some Mail & Some Flea Market Pick-Ups...!!!
  3169. Picked Up The Best Card In My PC While I Was Gone (emmitt, sanders, etc)
  3170. 2 More Huge Pickups For My Packers PC
  3171. New Day New Dolphins & other stuff.
  3172. VERY nice new card......
  3173. Bravo Panini
  3174. Finally! 2 box breaks of Sweet Spot NCAA 2010 and one very rare mailday! SCANS!!
  3175. My 2009 Certified Immortals thread!!!
  3176. PC panini mail day!
  3177. Very First HOF Auto Pick-Up!!!!
  3178. 2009 Topps Chrome sp`s- Blue chicle +Blue cheerleader progress
  3179. Pulled the card of my LIFE tonite.....
  3180. Recent Mail - Patch + 2 autos
  3181. MAIL DAY:Jahvid Best 4-clr patch
  3182. Huge shout out to patriotsguy!!!
  3183. New PC Additions!
  3184. New Camcorder = Show & Tell Video
  3185. PC Adds: Dorsett Heisman Auto, Stephen McGee Pickups
  3186. Scans of my vacation hits
  3187. Got This Nice Beauty!
  3188. A TASTY triple Auto outta Platinum
  3189. Couple of nice pickups at lcs today.......
  3190. Won this Beautiful Card for the Packers PC!
  3191. SWEET 2 Card MAILDAY!!!!
  3192. my collection
  3193. Some new stuff incoming and new stuff already here
  3194. Absolute patches thread
  3195. Opened some Finest today-real nice patches........
  3196. My latest pickup from ebay
  3197. Last month or so of mail
  3198. Mailday - Dezzzzz
  3199. Some of my latest ebay wins..........
  3200. Is this Adrian P. card worth holding onto? Not found in Beckett
  3201. My newest pickup
  3202. FINALLY!!! COMPLETE 2008 Leaf Limited Patch/Auto Set
  3203. 2006 Bowman Chrome Master Set Finally Complete!
  3204. A STEAL... some FLIPPAGE... Gets me Marino In-pack Auto #50!!!!
  3205. New SWEETNESS..........from the card show!!! Scan Heavy
  3206. Some new Kenny Irons up to 862 cards, 509 different.
  3207. Andre Johnson Ultimate Collection Rookie Card Pickup!!!
  3208. had a great day at the card shop
  3209. HUGE story! WOW! I am offically Aaron Curry's #1 FAN!!!!
  3210. Pulled a couple of Big Time Barrys from SPA
  3211. Autos coming from everywhere!!!
  3212. Post your top 3 Football Cards!!
  3213. Recent mail
  3214. Just Added - FT!
  3215. Sweet PC Mailweek! Michigan and Packers Galore!
  3216. Card Show pickups!!!!
  3217. More Pick-Ups from the Card Show
  3218. Newest D. Bowe pickups
  3219. Cant remember if I showed this off before so here it is...........
  3220. Card show pick-ups and recent mail
  3221. Awesome Weekend Maildays!!!
  3222. Some recent PC mail for me! Check it out!
  3223. My 2nd Day at the Card Show got me These......
  3224. Some PC Adds. Henne.
  3225. Mail Day and Sick Patch I pulled.
  3226. Best Mailday Ever!
  3227. 2 More weeks...How did I do?
  3228. Group Break Results - Saints
  3229. Mon's mail day...FINLEY!!!
  3230. First Football Maildays
  3231. Nice PC lot... what do you think of the price?
  3232. Last Few Maildays
  3233. 2 BGS 10 Twins Separated At Birth, But Now Reunited After 12 years!!!!
  3234. My GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT in 25 years of collecting cards! Rarest HOF Master Set?!?!
  3235. Ray Rice 4 Color SP Authentic Rookie Patch Auto!!!
  3236. Time to Celebrate....
  3237. ****I Just Met Earl Bennett! Check Out the Pics!*****
  3238. HUGE MAIL DAY: Packers!!!
  3239. Last mailday 2010
  3240. Nice mail day: Joe Willie and a sick patch
  3241. The Jersey Aaron Curry Signed For Me. WARNING: SICK INSCRIPTION
  3242. Small Mailday
  3243. Finally mine.................
  3244. Mailday... Set Nearly Complete!! Huge Additon to put me only 2 cards Away!
  3245. Midweek Mail from my trip home
  3246. Good Mail Week!!
  3247. Pretty nice mailweek!
  3248. My fully updated MIKE THOMAS PC!!
  3249. MCS Mailday, New PC auto!
  3250. met a 6 foot 4 inch -349 pounder 2day and some mail
  3251. My Small But Satisfying Dolphins/Henne PC
  3252. My latest Ebay win.......
  3253. 2 Package Mailday Today!!
  3254. Handful of things for my 2010 rc pc this week
  3255. Nice Coffee MOJO
  3256. First of the UNC football collection
  3257. SP Authentic patch and auto/patch collection
  3258. a couple of decent pick ups
  3259. The greatest 1/1 out there!!!!
  3260. I Just Dropped $47 On A 1/1 Letter... Decent Deal?
  3261. Recent Pickups
  3262. Mailday - DA BEARS
  3263. Thanks Umpy9! Dan LeFevour PC Pickup!
  3264. Sweet Ebay win!!
  3265. New Stuff in from the mail - Big Ben auto /3 plus Patches
  3266. The Henne PC Just Got Very Sexy!!
  3267. Id have to say its Benn a Very Nice Benn mailweek!!
  3268. Small mailday - Ginn & Marino
  3269. Couple of nice Exquisite patches from lcs.......
  3270. Up to 445 Serial #'d 1/????
  3271. SICK PATCH!! Take a look..
  3272. Sweet LCS PC Pickup
  3273. Another sweet ebay steal
  3274. Lets see those Jahvid Best PCs!
  3275. dazzling new arrival, my best fb card yet
  3276. Dez Bryant Press Pass Redemption
  3277. My "White Whale" has arrived!!!
  3278. New YouTube Channel And a Mailday Vid!
  3279. How about these bright colors for a Flacco card....
  3280. SPA and jumbo patch maildays
  3281. Panini Mailday - Contenders SP Auto
  3282. Best mail in a while- 2 reebok patches + more
  3283. 1 card 6 hof qb 13 color patch mailday
  3284. Some New Stuff For The PC!!
  3285. 2007 nfl diecut chargers set........
  3286. Card Show Pickup 2007 Ultimate Rookie Adrian Peterson Auto Rookie
  3287. High end Pc mail from the latest Jag!
  3288. eBay win of the night
  3289. My Patch Thread....
  3290. Dolphins stuff
  3291. Pull of a LIFETIME....AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
  3292. 9 Days worth...beautiful weekend home, Lots of cool "variants"
  3293. New Mailday Vid!
  3294. 2010 Score "Target Exclusive" Jersey Cards
  3295. eBay wins lead to collecting milestone and historic set
  3296. Some Manning on Manning action
  3297. My James Starks PC
  3298. Card show and mail - 100 autos & HOF Jerseys
  3299. Ebay steal of the year! Jim Kelly PC MOJO
  3300. My First Joe Montana GU
  3301. latest pick ups
  3302. All new stuff scanned, craziness
  3303. Packers Collection Card Show Pickups
  3304. nothing spectacular, but a good win for me
  3305. Card show pickups vid! Plus HELP!!
  3306. Nice Hakeem Nicks rc dual......
  3307. Paid a lot more than I wanted to, but I had to get it!!
  3308. Pretty nice eBay win.
  3309. Vince Young PATCH Pickup 3 clr Jsy # !
  3310. Newbie to scf here are some of my football cards
  3311. dexter jackson pc pick ups
  3312. nice mailday
  3313. very Nice Mailday
  3314. Care package from Styles Clash(Justin)
  3315. replacement from UD
  3316. Latest ebay win wooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!
  3317. Mailday Vol: Holy Dynamic Duo!
  3318. sweet new boldin rc auto in 2day and the rest of the Q`s
  3319. new ebay pickup.. pretty hype (tom brady)
  3320. Get this guy a sharpie!!
  3321. Not a bad $0.99 Ebay win...
  3322. My nameplate collection
  3323. Rate My Brian Leonard PC!
  3324. A few more PC additions...
  3325. New High End in....1/1's and Patchs Galore......
  3326. Small Adrian Peterson PC
  3327. DONE - 2009 SP Authentic Rookie Master Set - A Must See
  3328. Sports Room/Mancave Photos
  3329. 2006 Gridiron Gear Hidden Gems Set Done!
  3330. Packers and Michigan PC Pickups Thread! Updated Often! Scan Happy!
  3331. Todays mail/Todays hits
  3332. One pack of Absolute at the LCS-WOW......
  3333. Cherry Broken
  3334. couple of Big Ben pick ups.
  3335. Couple of patch pick-ups this week
  3336. UPDATE: My Leon Washington PC Collection
  3337. 2 Big mail days back to back
  3338. My up to date 2010 rookie auto pc
  3339. Crazzyyy 45 mins at the card shop
  3340. 70 New Autographs!
  3341. Good Or Bad Buy? V. Young Super Patch..
  3342. Mail scans- kick butt patches
  3343. Just got these game used cleats from my favorite QB
  3344. Drew Brees Pick Ups.
  3345. My Andre Brown PC (so far and will update)
  3346. My Ben Tate Autograph/Jersey/Rookie Card PC, with updates as they come in
  3347. Nice KC pull-base card........
  3348. Reggie Bush Mailday!
  3349. Woah!! Why did this sell so high?!?!?!
  3350. My Kevin O'Connell PC
  3351. Pretty Sweet Ebay Win!
  3352. pretty nice steal for the pc
  3353. Trindon Holliday supercollector
  3354. Mail- jim brown, lenny moore- tim tewbow
  3355. Sweet Spot 32 team PC collection
  3356. i present to you Mathews 1/1 auto.....
  3357. My "GIGANTIC" Troy Polamalu pull today. Once in a lifetime.....
  3358. Start of my Easley pc. Attempting supercollector!
  3359. Eric Decker ebay pickup- 3 color Absolute patch auto /10
  3360. The nicest patch ive ever pulled!!
  3361. Donte' Stallworth PC
  3362. Panini Comes Through !!!!
  3363. Big ups to tollrobb for this awesome sweet card of Frank Gore
  3364. Dual auto mailday!
  3365. Just Picked up these Bums......
  3366. Wow!! What a Mailday!! Speechless
  3367. Last Few Maildays - Some "decent" Stuff...
  3368. My Vikes and Decker PC
  3369. newest colts pc additions
  3370. New member chat mail day.
  3371. Brees, Sanchez, and triple auto mailday
  3372. 20$ win no b.v sign sig platinum..........
  3373. Love catching cards for 1/2 SV!
  3374. First Adrian Peterson Auto!! eBay pick up..
  3375. 2010 Topps RC Variation SP Set.
  3376. Howd I do On These EBAY Pickups?
  3377. So I gotta ask. Was this a good pick up?
  3378. Finally, my massive Chris Johnson rainbow.
  3379. A Rare football show and tell bc I never buy football but...
  3380. Framed my Flashback Fabrics Patch Set!!
  3381. My Deangelo Hall PC
  3382. Nice steal - I just love bad titles and bad spelling
  3383. The "Holy Grail" of my Philadelphia Eagles PC
  3384. my first jermaine gresham 1/1
  3385. Dolphins Autos Mailday....
  3386. Eric Decker PC
  3387. When i pulled this,i thought who?
  3388. Monster Stallworth PC Steal!!!! BIN!!
  3389. Jumping on the Arian Foster bandwagon
  3390. Just got this from the post office
  3391. Colts PC Mailday
  3392. I dont know why but my 2nd football card in two days....
  3393. A very nice mailday for my new set im working on 2010 absolute jumbo patchs
  3394. Did I do well on this ebay win?
  3395. FINALLY Finished!! 2009 Sp Authentic Patch/Auto Set
  3396. Did I do okay on this lot(eBay)???
  3397. Traded a Sam Bradford for these two PC Cards
  3398. Walter Payton auto in off ebay
  3399. All my Pickups
  3400. 2008 & 2009 SP Authentic COMPLETE Sets - Finally done with 2008
  3401. Picked up an Exquisite RPA to add to my little collection
  3402. For those of you who like old school autos...
  3403. Latest addition to AP PC
  3404. Jerry Rice Exquisite patch auto!
  3405. Two new 1/1's in the mail today to add to my collection
  3406. 1 in 14,750 pulled hardest card 2 pull in topps chrome 2010
  3407. Is Jamaal Charles any good...Your Thoughts are welcomed..
  3408. Oregon Ducks Mailday!
  3409. Seems too good, I hope they follow through
  3410. MAIL DAYand Card Shop PICK UPS!! Scan HEAVY!!!
  3411. Shotout to Brpfan!!
  3412. Went a little nuts! Three Brady Autos!!
  3413. Jahvid Best PC stuff
  3414. Newest Set Complete Take a look!
  3415. SWEET CARD SHOW Pickups!!
  3416. McCoy & Maclin
  3417. Atomic Steal
  3418. Jamaal Charles Collection
  3419. topps finest FLACCO 1/1 PULL
  3420. October's Candy
  3421. Showing off my Jerry Rice collection
  3422. One pack pull !!!
  3423. Finally,a multiple package pc mailweek.
  3424. Starting my new PC
  3425. My hits from the College Trade Group
  3426. Showing Off My Gaines Adams PC!!!!
  3427. 2003 Contenders Autograph Variations
  3428. new redskins pc pieces
  3429. Nice Mailday Video
  3430. another very nice mailday for the 2010 absolute patch set im working on!!!
  3431. My 2010 rookie pc project so far.
  3433. My latest and greatest AP PC card for rainbow
  3434. UD SPX Replacement came in...
  3435. 2001 ud mvp campus classics set, almost finished
  3436. Upper Deck Replacement Mailday
  3437. SWEEEEET Favre 1991 Wild Card "STRIPE" win
  3438. Its Benn a while Mailday! + Now only 1 Card Away from Completing my first set!!
  3439. Past weeks worth of cards.
  3440. no internet for 5 days mail
  3441. Awsome pc add !!!! Sweetspot 8x10 rookie auto
  3442. Some nice breaks fomr Finest and R&S......
  3443. 2010 Platinum Patch Auto Set Progress
  3444. BGS Grades In!
  3445. Peterson Steal?
  3446. Old school insert mailday
  3447. My latest Dustin Keller PC ADD!
  3448. Post Your Cards of the NFL Network's Top 100 Greatest Players
  3449. Big Upgrade to my completed set, check this out!
  3450. Another eBay lot steal?
  3451. A few more pickups for the HOF collection.
  3452. Redemption Mailday
  3453. New pickups, some Bengals, More Irons
  3454. Went to to the LCS
  3455. Recent PC pick-ups... check it out!
  3456. terrell suggs GOLD thread #ed 25 [ side project ]
  3457. Show off your favorite Press Pass auto!!
  3458. Flea Market purchase
  3459. Nice McCoy rookie auto from Crown Royal....
  3460. 3 packs of platnium 2 packs of epix 1 nice trade and a late night on ebay
  3461. Sammie Stroughter & Sean Canfield Long overdue PC update
  3462. I overpaid but it goes well with my Maclin
  3463. Month worth of mail
  3464. Tebow/Elway GU replacement mail
  3465. Picked up my first Randy Moss auto
  3466. Nice Mailday!!!
  3467. My Rey Maualuga Collection
  3468. After todays mail-Heres my 2010 wr pc so far
  3469. Mailday - Fan Favorite Style
  3470. Great and Bad Maildays!!
  3471. Todays Mail: A Lion, A Wolverine, & A Patriot - Oh My
  3472. Todays mail day sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3473. awesome ebay deals this weekend. spent 400 bucks!!!!
  3474. Awesome PC haul.
  3475. Sweet Favre PC Additions
  3476. Glad I picked this up, way back when!
  3477. Mail Day Video Best/Suh
  3478. More Bills PC :)
  3479. New and Best UNC Football card i have
  3480. Nice 4 card mailday!
  3481. INSANE Calvin Johnson Ebay Win!!!
  3482. Ebay Steals?
  3483. Adrian Peterson Ultra Lucky 13 RC AUTO!
  3484. 2 More BEAUTIES For The Bills PC :)
  3485. My Other White Whale has been purchased!!!
  3486. sweet patch
  3487. My Larry Fitzgerald Personal Collection
  3488. I'm new cut me some slack!
  3489. My Roddy White PC
  3490. sick new unc card
  3491. Found Rice and Allen and After 5 long years I finally completed my favorite set
  3492. I think these 2 guys look really good together....
  3493. Big Mailweek!! All PC and Scans
  3494. New Addition to the family
  3495. Updated Rivers and Gronkowski Albums
  3496. mail scans some 1/1`s set needs ,patches-ect...
  3497. I just stole this Felix Jones RC auto jersey on eBay!!!
  3498. a couple sick adds to my dexter jackson pc
  3499. 4 More Chicago Bears...including a nice Forte triple patch!
  3500. Finished Another Set 2008 SP Rookie Super Swatch Patch
  3501. Recent pick-ups... with Rodgers 1/1!
  3502. SWEET 2 Card mail day!! UNC FANS will LOVE THIS!!!!
  3503. Lots of Mail!!! Lions-J BEST- E.BERRY PATCH
  3504. Variants..trade bait...an old friend Mailday
  3505. Topps Chrome Rack Pack MOJO! Scan Inside
  3506. 2 steps closer to completing this set and a request for help
  3507. Quad HOF auto
  3508. Up to 32 Bears GU/Autos so far! Took pics of them all!
  3509. Andre Johnson Contenders and Matt Ryan SPA
  3510. Jim Thorpe Mail Day
  3511. Pretty nice Monday mailday!
  3512. Jim Brown mail day + the rest of the jimmy`s
  3513. Mailday with more PC additions and Panini replacement!
  3514. Breaking Commandments with this Beast!
  3515. Jeremy Maclin 1/1 Patch Auto
  3516. 3 New Cards... "AWWEEESSSSOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!"
  3517. Best Suh Stafford Patch Rangers Inserts MAIL Video
  3518. Nice Upper Deck Replacement
  3519. New Dolphins W/ a 1/1
  3520. Best Mailday in awhile for me!
  3521. UD Redemption Replacement.. VERY NICE!
  3522. PC Ebay pickups!
  3523. A Couple of Peyton Manning Pick Ups
  3524. Really nice haul today
  3525. Couple new Vikings pick-ups
  3526. Randy Moss 2010 Topps Chrome Rainbow, BIG achievement for me!!!
  3527. Now that they are paid for, just picked up a number of Dustin Keller cards for the PC
  3528. Jahvid Best TTT /36 SUH LOT video
  3529. Finally, a new Ickey Woods "set"!!!
  3530. 2010 Platinum Black Thick REF 5/25 N. SUH
  3531. Couple of nice Certified hits........
  3532. Great Few Weeks Of Mail!
  3533. Two Nice Favre Pickups This Morning on eBay
  3534. Vet's Day Gift from Panini
  3535. My Joe Webb and Toby Gerhart PC So Far!
  3536. J Best Jumbo GU Graded 9.5 Beckett
  3537. My Steiner 16x20...Framed Locally.
  3538. One box of Absolute-AMAZING.......
  3539. Possible triple auto ebay steal
  3540. Awesome Favre Auto added to the PC :)
  3541. My attempt at my first rainbow.
  3542. My pick ups from the last month
  3543. Amazing Mailday! Scans Inside
  3544. My one card mailday... PC style!
  3545. Good Mailday for the Master Set chase.
  3546. The New Eagles PC
  3547. Card show hobby box hits
  3548. Some ABSOLUTELY NASTY (in a good way) Card Show pickups!!
  3549. My newest Flashback Fabrics pick-ups
  3550. Some nice pulls and pickups today....
  3551. A rather HOF heavy mailweek! (VERY Scan heavy!)
  3552. Past month of cards - lots of Steelers PC, TTM, and scan heavy
  3553. My first ebay win in months
  3554. One of the nicest cards pulled for my pc, just awesome.....
  3555. BGS RCR results
  3556. Nice Knowshon win on ebay cheap....
  3557. My Brian Urlacher PC
  3558. Huge Irons mailday, only 5 cards.....
  3559. Nice PC win
  3560. New FB from the show......Pretty good stuff!
  3561. My Evergrowing Lafell PC
  3562. Jumbo Patchtastic Mailday
  3563. Pulled the Platinum box out of 10' Certified!!
  3564. Panini Classics Curtis Martin Redemption Mailday
  3565. 8 Box Case of 2010 Certified & A Question
  3566. Mail...When your team sucks...
  3567. Jahvid Best Topps Almost Rainbow
  3568. Mail Day video Suh/25 Best lot
  3569. Last Few Days of Toby Gerhart and Joe Webb Mail!
  3570. LCS 1 pack and out...........
  3571. Mortz Percy Harvin PC
  3572. Couple things for my 2010 rookie pc from the mailbox
  3573. The Amari Spievey PC
  3574. The COMPLETE 2010 Panini Classics On Card HOF Auto Set!
  3575. Nice PC Mailday!
  3576. SWEET PC Mailday!!!
  3577. 1 package mailday!
  3578. latest ebay purchase
  3579. Couple cool Marino's at solid prices!
  3580. Eddie Royal Premier Quad Patch Auto
  3581. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Some mailday that I am thankful for (includes 1/1)
  3582. Another Vols PC eBay win
  3583. Thats my quarterback - TO. These are my quarterbacks : ) Feedback plz!
  3584. So i went on a splurge today
  3585. Big mailday for my 2010 rookie auto pc!
  3586. Got My Nicest Gerhart So Far!
  3587. Sweet CERTIFIED Mail W/Some DEZ And a 1/1 For Good Measures
  3588. FINALLY! After 19 years, it's COMPLETE!
  3589. Panini Redemption Mailday 08 Percy Harvin Patch Auto RC /25
  3590. did i get a good deal?
  3591. Redid my 2010 rookie auto pc thread-Scan heavy
  3592. Real Nice Mailday, Trades And Ebay Purchases
  3593. Drum roll- epic 2- 1/1 maildays scans !!!!!
  3594. Probably my best 1 card mailday....AP style!!
  3595. 2 Year Panini Replacement Mailday
  3596. My Top 4 Jeremy Maclin Patch/Autos
  3597. Post your favorite 2010 rookie patch/autos
  3598. My Tom Brady Patch PC
  3599. Nice Week of Mail
  3600. The Heart & Soul Of My PC!!
  3601. I've had a greatest mail day, but his is the greatest mail week EVER!!!
  3602. Tom Brady PC
  3603. SHOW THEM Matt Ryan Autographs.......
  3604. My RUST SMITH PC (2010 RC- QB, Titans) !!! Plz Comment & Help...........
  3605. Shady Steal!
  3606. Decker Chrome Rainbow
  3607. Brady Jersey # 12/
  3608. Thanks for letting me have this one RickySagai!!
  3609. 2010 Topps Sketch Card 1/1 Santana Moss
  3610. Some new pick ups and pulls
  3611. My future 500th Randy Moss card...
  3612. New Rodgers? Yep!
  3613. My first dual auto of my two favorite players!!!!
  3614. Jahvid Best Topps /20 VIDEO MAIL
  3615. Just 2 Cards Came In Today...
  3616. One Step Closer..
  3617. Got a heck of a deal on this Roddy White RC Auto!!!! Perhaps a steal?
  3618. My 2008 Tom Brady TOTT Patch Master set
  3619. My first Bronco mail week in a couple years
  3620. ebay high end stafford
  3621. 2 More BEAUTIES Came In Today...
  3623. Press Pass Redemption Mojo and Set Filler Mailday!
  3624. Recent adds to my Panthers PC
  3625. 1999-2007 Philly Eagles LCM Pickups Thread
  3626. myself and hof floyd little
  3627. I finally caught the attention of the wife
  3628. The most important rivaly...EVER !
  3629. low #d Raiders autograph/jersey/patch lot
  3630. small mailday but is a nasty one
  3631. Epic Mailday.....
  3632. Just Got These Back Today: First Ever Beckett Submissions
  3633. My Tim Brown PC
  3634. Just finished the Josh Freeman Letterman Patch Auto Nameplate
  3635. My latest Tebow PC win!!!!!!!!!!
  3636. Williamson Auto #'d 5, more Majestic Jerseys & Steelers, and
  3637. Another on bites the Dust!! 8 Left!!!
  3638. 2010 Certified 1 Box
  3639. My greatest pull..Press Pass you are #1
  3640. Just traded for this Superfractor. My best PC card to date...
  3641. Two more HUGE pickups for my Football HOF PC!
  3642. Very nice mailday!
  3643. Nice 1 card 2010 rookie pc mailday
  3644. Nice mail day - only 1 needed to complete this set
  3645. Just One In The Mail Today
  3646. Check out my new CJ Spiller JUMBO patch #/5... Clemson jersey piece!
  3647. My first Jeremy Maclin Exquisite RPA
  3648. New Bears Game Used
  3649. last couple of maildays
  3650. BEST PATCHES OF 2010 ~ MY 2010 FotG NFL PRIME SET
  3651. A couple weeks worth of Glorious PC Mail!!
  3652. I have been collecting for 20 years, today was my best Mailday Ever. Take a Look
  3653. A good start on another set building adventure. Check them out!
  3654. 127/134 in hand~2007 FotG NFL Die cut prime (needs)
  3655. TCG Secret Santa Package Dolphins Style
  3656. Topps Chrome GOLD /50 Stafford video sick!
  3657. /50 Cleveland browns.... could it be?
  3658. Group Break Results - Saints with a nice surprise
  3659. Picked as a Supercollector in Beckett Sports Card Monthly Magazine December 2010 Issu
  3660. Jeremy Maclin PC Mailday
  3661. More Mail, Logo Patch and Game Used Jersey Pink Captain Patch
  3662. Another solid Bronco mail week
  3663. Purchased my first Dez auto today
  3664. Calvin Johnson 4-clr patch
  3666. This weeks mail...
  3667. AMAZING Mail Week - PC and Traders!
  3668. Real Nice Mailday!!!
  3669. Sweet new addition to my PC
  3670. My rainbow is complete...
  3671. Progress on 2004 SPA rc auto set
  3672. Nice mail day today from grading....
  3673. Some Recent Football Pick-Ups
  3674. A STEAL 15 years in the making!
  3675. Awesmome 1 card mailday!!
  3676. Couple packs (nice hit) and a small week of mail
  3677. My biggest steal of 2010!! Flea market find!!! Mike vick!!!
  3678. Sick Pick-up incomin AP!
  3679. 2008 Contenders college auto BGS
  3680. Jeremy Maclin PC Thread
  3681. Nice mail day, AP and Manning
  3682. Show N Tell Misc pickups recent
  3683. SWEET HOF Mailday!!!
  3684. Completed my first set with this nice Randy Moss patch
  3685. Newest HOF Auto pickup
  3686. JUmbo Patchtastic Mailday
  3687. HUGE PC hits from NFL Certified
  3688. At least he played in a baseball movie / cut
  3689. Just pulled this Favre Jsy/Auto #/5
  3690. New mail
  3691. MJD MailDay
  3692. Recent Win: Christmas Gift
  3693. recent pick up , nice patches
  3694. Nice Mailday :)
  3695. Recent Ebay win....Jim Kelly style
  3696. no internet for 5 days mail
  3697. 2010 Platinum Patch Autos(SCAN HEAVY)
  3698. Crown Royale Rookie Die Cut jersey/auto
  3699. Another Groovey Mailday :)
  3700. Panini Replacement...I think I did well!
  3701. My Tennessee Vols PC
  3702. Recent Anthony Dixon Pickups & 1 SPA Pickup
  3703. 2 packs spx football, PC PULL!
  3704. JUCJ85's Notre Dame & 49ers PC Thread
  3705. BEST PATCHES OF 2010 ~ MY 2010 FotG NFL PRIME SET
  3706. Newest Ebay wins......
  3707. 2010 Certified Matt Ryan Mirror Gold Patches X4 - - Only 15 Made
  3708. New Mail: Rodgers and another Packer QB not named Favre...
  3709. 2 Amari Spievey Cards TC GOLD/BLUE REF Video Mail
  3710. Had a great time at the card show yesterday
  3711. Bought myself a Christmas present
  3712. Nice pickups at the local card show...
  3713. First big PC step in over a year
  3714. Nice Little PC Mailday
  3715. Umpy9's Randy Moss PC
  3716. Adrian Peterson mail day
  3717. Great One Card PC Mailday
  3718. A cool eBay lot pickup - Cowboys
  3719. My newest spx quad pull
  3720. First mailday on a long while
  3721. 2004 SP Authentic Rookie Patch Auto Set
  3722. Eli Manning PC Show off thread, scans inside
  3723. Hi! My first mailday on this site!
  3724. Paid too much but I had to have it - Cris Carter 1/1 NFL Logo
  3725. My UPDATED 2009 Sp Authentic patch/auto set
  3726. Secret Santa Package from rchurchward!!!
  3727. 2010 Classics JERRY RICE PRIME AUTO
  3728. 49ers PC & Matt Ryan PC Thread
  3729. recent maildays
  3730. My BGS Results for Dec
  3731. 1981 Topps Joe Montana Proof
  3732. Delmas big pc win!
  3733. Looking back: 2010 Best Pulls by Sport
  3734. Check Out My Collection
  3735. Certified 'Team Name' FOTGs /25
  3736. Got me a good Ebay deal.
  3737. Great old gift from my Father in-law
  3738. Gregs gronkowski PC
  3739. Very nice HOF Mailday including "The Chief"
  3740. bought a 05 ud sweet spot sweet panel sigs REGGIE WAYNE auto /15 for 20 bucks!
  3741. Panini Replacement Mailday - 2010 Threads
  3742. Nice Little Mailday :)
  3743. Shonn greene LT dual auto mojo!
  3744. Christmas eve Present
  3745. MCS Mailmonth December Happy Holidays
  3746. Wow awesome gift......
  3747. Christmas Eve Mailweek!!
  3748. Santa come early!! 1/1!!
  3749. Purchased this lot, feedback please
  3750. Showing off my Panthers PC
  3751. Huge Texas Longhorn Coll update
  3752. 1 card mail friday
  3753. A Merry Brady Christmas, Patriots style from the wifey!
  3754. Ebay win ROB GRONOWSKI
  3755. Some Bengals Christmas Stuff
  3756. Just pulled a sick Sam Bradford Triple Threads Reebok Patch 2/3 as a Xmas present!!!
  3757. Buildt a tradepage/site
  3758. Past Few Days Worth of Mail! PC AND TRADERS!
  3759. Christmas Pickups!!! w/ a nice ICE card
  3760. Eric Berry mailday
  3761. Great mailday!!
  3762. 2 weeks of mail - 1/1's, RC autos, etc, Great High End Stuff!!!
  3763. Finally Some Mail, Some Really Nice High End Stuff
  3764. 8 box Case of 2010 Gridiron Gear
  3765. topps triple threads redemption pc hit
  3766. Pulled a sick Olsen logo patch /5 + others
  3767. One nasty mailday. Thanks to Fighton27 & e-bay!
  3768. New Packers PC Additions
  3769. Awesome Ebay win for me
  3770. Greg Jennigns SP Authentic pickup
  3771. Hobby shop pick-up, how did I do?
  3772. 300 of the SAME CARD?!? what am I thinking?
  3773. Three new star QB patches!
  3774. Mailday and #123 and #124
  3775. Real nice C.J. Spiller patch from Sterling....
  3776. found an old buy
  3777. Few MONTHS of SEAHAWKS Mail Days --> Chrome'd Out! <--
  3778. Last 2 MailDays
  3779. Show & Tell - Fantasy Winnings
  3780. Show & Tell - Christmas Packages
  3781. "Secret" Santa Package for the Packers/Michigan PC!
  3782. My first ever 1 of 1!
  3783. Bo knows....
  3784. My first 1/1 no pics just bragging!
  3786. Mailday and trip to LCS
  3787. PC MAILDAY (Logos/Rookies/ 3 1/1's Woot)
  3788. Eagles Mailday Plus One PC
  3789. Look what my wife found
  3790. TCG Secret Santa Package!
  3791. recent pick-ups
  3792. Last Couple Maildays (NICE)
  3793. "Best" Mailday ever
  3794. Just Dug Out From Snow Storm.........
  3795. Sweet Tomlinson Pick-up!
  3796. Brett Favre - New Year - New PC - NFL Logo & Captain's Star...
  3797. Greg Jennings Topps Chrome Auto pickup!
  3798. Show Pickups
  3799. Big sell on Ebay..tell me what ya think
  3800. Recent Pull out of Topps Unrivaled
  3801. Nice Raider legend pick up.
  3802. Top 10 pick up from 2010
  3803. My kinda Mail day
  3804. When a PC guy blows up!
  3805. Greg Jennings Bowman Sterling Rookie Auto!!!
  3806. a whole lot of ray lewis pickups ! superfractors and patches galore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3807. Nice little PC Ebay win
  3808. Just bought my first Curry non-printing plate 1/1! Look!
  3809. 2010 Gridiron Gear 3 Box Break
  3810. New 1/1's and rare numbered cards for eye candy.
  3811. Pretty nice mail today!
  3812. After a umber of trades and buys-the foundation of my rebuilding effort is set-scans
  3813. Hated Mailday
  3814. Just in: 1/1 Exquisite. BOOM.
  3815. My Official Mailday Thread
  3816. mail scans some autos ,patches-ect...
  3817. Great Mailday with a Secret Santa package!
  3818. Great PC Pickups
  3819. Bowman Sterling hits-somebody likes the Lions there........
  3820. Recent maildays and GG box break
  3821. My Suh & Jahvid Best Collections!
  3822. PC win..5 min ago!!!!
  3823. 2010 Certified Fabric of the Game Team Set
  3824. Recent PC Mail Arrelious Benn Style!
  3825. Certified RC Master Project Set
  3826. Panther fans are the best...Big freebie box came in today.
  3827. Major PC pickup..... one of my HOLY GRAILS
  3828. Coach's Ebay Wins
  3829. Michael Vick rookie auto pick up
  3830. Nice 3 Card Mailday!
  3831. Possible Superbowl QB Matchup Mailday!
  3832. Last Few Maildays
  3833. Great Titans Mail Day!!!
  3834. Packers PC Mailday and Certified Box Break
  3835. My Earl Bennett collection is in the new beckett!
  3836. RAY LEWIS auto nameplate #2/3
  3837. First score after getting back in the hobby....
  3838. Huge mailday/week, big COMC package
  3839. Javon Ringer Red Refractor Auto Need 1 More...
  3840. Channing Crowder 1/1 pickups
  3841. Another Secret Santa PC Mailday! Packers, Michigan, AND TCU Mail!
  3842. Got This Beauty In Today...
  3843. A Ebay steal for sure a lot I have dreamed about...
  3844. My "Epic" mailweek - Carter, Sayers, Marino
  3845. PC Mailday & 1 More QB Auto!
  3846. Two new HOF additions.
  3847. Near complete 2010 Topps platinum patch auto set - Thanks phoenix23!!
  3848. My two favorite players on the same card!!!
  3849. Updated Gronkowski Album
  3850. Newly updated MIKE THOMAS collection!!!
  3851. My Bears Mailweek
  3852. Big Elvis Dumervil PC pickup win on Ebay
  3853. Nice Graded Mail Day
  3854. Giddy over these two cards i just picked up
  3855. My Reggie Bush PC
  3856. Hakeem Nicks /1
  3857. 2010 CERTIFIED~FotG NFL PRIME Diecut set
  3858. Help With Ozzie Newsome Press Pass Legends w/ Roll Tide Insc
  3859. 2010 Pullout Hidden Gems Set
  3860. absolute patches- thread
  3861. 1982 Fun Bag 30 packs........
  3862. Updated Phil Rivers PC
  3863. Show pick-ups 1/9
  3864. Ladainian Tomlinson 1/1 Printing Plate Pick-up
  3865. Nice mail for the pc today
  3866. Can i get a drum roll 4 this mail day
  3867. past couple months of mail
  3868. Gronk Mail Day
  3869. Finally!!! The card i have been wanting!!!
  3870. xmas and recent pc adds THANX EVERYONE!!
  3871. Last Weeks Mail 150 G/U & Auto's (Scan Heavy)
  3872. Today Mail Day
  3873. New Knox pick up
  3874. 2010 Certified Cris Carter Immortals Master
  3875. Packer PC wins tonite
  3876. Mailday: Green and Gold!
  3877. Kind of exciting mailday for me...
  3878. A couple Lions
  3879. Denver Broncos Ring of Fame
  3880. Recent Polish additions to the family
  3881. Ladainain Tomlinson Rookie Pick Up for $1
  3882. Sick Packers Mailday! Aaron Rodgers LOGO MOJO!
  3883. Some new additions to the PC!!!!
  3884. New SEAHAWKS pick-ups! Including some Exquisite and two more #1/1s!!
  3885. Sweet trade bait win..MIKE WALLACE!!!
  3887. Some of LATEST / GREATEST !!
  3889. LaDainian Tomlinson GOLD Winning Mats RC - #'d 20/20
  3890. recent purchase: 22-card mixed lot
  3891. 283 LTs and Counting!
  3892. Organized my Packer display, check it out
  3893. Recent Jahvid Best & Ndamukong Suh mail!
  3894. Just ONE Sweet Card Today...
  3895. why did i get this so cheap? LT
  3896. Offical Dan LeFevour PC Pickups Thread!
  3897. My new favorite card
  3898. here is what i picked up last 2 months on this site!!!!!!!
  3899. Pretty big couple of days mail!
  3900. Hey guys, been gone awhile and now im back with some new pc stuff!
  3901. Show off your Best Josh Freeman Autos and Patches!!!
  3902. SICK Drew Brees 11 Sterling Logo Patch Auto /25!!
  3903. It has been a good week for my cris caRter Collection!
  3904. Incomin' trade bait...Terrell Davis & Steve Smith(CAR)
  3905. Almost complete Platinum set. Weeks additions
  3906. 1/1 mailday for my pc!!!!!!!!!!!
  3907. My James Starks Collection!
  3908. Another "Best" Mailday ever
  3909. UNC pickups for Dec/Jan
  3910. Just want to share 2008 UD Premier Cut Auto - John Ritter 9/9
  3911. Recent maildays including some Largent PC, 1/1s, logo patches, and college Booty?
  3912. New Additions to the Arrelious Benn and Kenny Britt PC
  3913. Donkey Kong mail day
  3914. Beautiful NFL Logo/Auto Tomlinson
  3915. LCS Pickup Ryan Matthews !!!
  3916. Tomlinson Steal
  3917. Fleer Corporate Proof Card?
  3918. In honor of todays game.......
  3919. A Magical Birthday card.
  3920. Some Seahawks Mail 1/1s and then some...
  3921. Some new Aaron Curry pickups as of late.
  3922. favre dual autos
  3923. One Card Today
  3924. Gone but not forgotten!!!
  3925. Another LT Steal
  3926. Happy to Pull Out......
  3927. first football mailday in a while... lots of colors
  3928. Pulled a couple of nice Braylon Edwards-putting theem away found these.....
  3929. 3 Beauties In Today...
  3930. First Time Shown Antonio Brown Collection
  3931. PC Mailday and TWO Charles Woodson Rainbows Completed Today! Check It Out!
  3932. not a Competition, but who has a better bucket than I do??? hehe
  3933. Mike Williams(TBB) PC
  3934. My Emmitt Collection...
  3935. Todays card show find
  3936. Post your best card from the 4 teams that are left.
  3937. My Nate Allen Collection
  3938. Mailweek!
  3939. My best trade day ever!
  3940. Ebay win for me!!! well, the other way though
  3941. Couple of magic blasters, nice hit, and some mail
  3942. Newest PC Pick Up!
  3943. Talk About Finding Money in a Box: Aaron Rodgers
  3944. FINALLY completed 2010 platinum base patch auto set!!
  3945. Dez Bryant Press Pass Redemption Just In!
  3946. Small Redemption Mailday - Panini got some Ben Tate Stickers
  3947. eBay pickup....Drew Brees RC Auto
  3948. Sweet EBAY wins over the past wk or so
  3949. Working on Crown Royale Auto Set
  3950. Mailday
  3951. My latest addition...
  3952. Sharing My Gonk Collection
  3953. 2008 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto 99.99% Complete Set
  3954. After 10 months of waiting heres my Press pass mail
  3955. One card mailday!
  3956. 1/1 mailday
  3957. Awesome PC mailday!
  3958. Dez was not the only mail i had today
  3959. 2008 UD Ultimate Barry Sanders Auto Jersey 2/5
  3960. LCS Pickup AP UPGRADE!!!
  3961. My Victor Cruz PC
  3962. Past Few Maildays...
  3963. mail scans some REF,RC`S ,patches-ect...
  3964. My PC Thread
  3965. My Percy Harvin PC
  3966. Mailweek, a couple new 1/1's!
  3967. Nicest Mailday Ever (well for me)
  3968. Huge Card in Trade
  3969. What Should I be Able To Get For This Beaut?
  3970. Card Show Pickups 1-23-2011
  3971. I love bad descriptions and wrong pictures!
  3972. My Steve Smith (#89 bottom line) collection!
  3973. Aaron Rodgers PC Thread: Super Bowl Bound
  3974. Finally decide to ship my cards from COMC
  3975. My High End Marshall Faulk Collection
  3976. Pretty Decent Stafford PC Mailday! ( Sorry for Bad Pics!)
  3977. Long time since Ive posted mail - starting a new project
  3978. Nice Little Project FINALLY Completed!!!
  3979. My Hines Ward PC! Current Projects + Recent Mail!
  3980. Few Dolphins Pickups w/ a Jersey
  3981. Texas Longhorns PC pick ups
  3982. 2 Nice 08 NT Hits
  3983. My poorman's John Skelton Rainbow project
  3984. If no one SEE's them....Who will ?? PC
  3985. Two Card Mailday...DBO!
  3986. newest dexter jackson pc add
  3987. Upper Deck Mail Day
  3988. After todays mail heres the start of Josh johnson pc
  3989. Awesome mail from the past few days!!! Very Eagle dominant...
  3990. Double Shadowbox PC Mailday!
  3991. Highend Photobucket Update
  3992. My Carolina Panthers PC
  3993. Super Bowl Show Off Thread Lets See Your Packer And Steeler Cards
  3994. Custom Quad Cut Autograph Completed! Gotta Check This Out!
  3995. An LT 1/1 Self-Birthday Gift...
  3996. nice 1 card steal
  3997. Decided to start a set. 2010 Certified Shirt off my Back Patches!
  3998. One of my best mail days EVER!!
  3999. 1 in 4800 Boxes.... CHEERIO BOXES!!!!
  4000. Picked this up today from the shop!!!!
  4001. 3x Superbowl Champ auto
  4002. Recent Pickups
  4003. Redemption mojo mailday!!!!!
  4004. With SB coming up, pulled out some nice patches
  4005. Finally a Day Off! Time to Show Off All the Mail I Got!! Some Sick Rare PC Additions!
  4006. Ryan Moats PC
  4007. new favre pickups
  4008. My Official Jordan Shipley PC Thread
  4009. my tom brady rookie collection
  4010. Decent mailday
  4011. My Official "Letterman" & "Name Plate" Collection
  4012. This weeks mail
  4013. weekly mail
  4014. My Official Mailday Thread
  4015. Sweet pickup 4 cc !!
  4016. Aaron Rodgers Mail Day
  4017. Win of the day!
  4018. Mailday...Triple Auto
  4019. mail scans
  4020. Sick stuff from the Card Show
  4021. Updated Phil Rivers PC
  4022. Never thought i'd actually buy one of these!!!!!!!
  4023. awesome breaks and mailday
  4024. Panini Replacement Mailday - Great Card
  4025. Finally Complete !!
  4026. One Box of Topps Chrome 2 Big Hits
  4027. Updated Gronkowski Album
  4028. Another one bites the Dust, down to 7 !!!!
  4029. First Greg Jennins UD black cards
  4030. Picked up these PC in trades at the show today
  4031. Show Pickups
  4032. Sweet PC mail of an all-pro qb
  4033. jermaine grehsham nameplate complete
  4034. 1 Card Mailday
  4035. BGS Mailday
  4036. Sweet Packers/PC Mailweek!!!
  4037. Recent maildays
  4038. Card show adds.
  4039. Another Jennings mailday
  4040. This mail is so hot it will make you slap your momma! Freebies from Deimos!
  4041. Mail, Hits, and a couple FT cards
  4042. Recent buys- Deion, SB Coaches, Hester, Ray Lewis Autos
  4043. Recent buys- Deion, SB Coaches, Hester, Ray Lewis Autos
  4044. Started a new pc....
  4045. SHOW ME YOUR TOP 3 Favorite or BEST CARDS!!!!
  4046. Lots of new mail, PC wins left and right!!
  4047. Bart Starr Rookie Card PSA 6.5!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!
  4048. Small PC mailday
  4049. My Ray Lewis PC - GU Cards-Auto Cards-Memorabilia
  4050. 1/1 pick up for only 36 bucks!
  4051. Prob overpaid but owell!
  4052. mail scans
  4053. New Mail: NFL Shield 1/1 Edition
  4054. Awesome Mailday - Really nice PC additions!
  4055. AWESOME Early Valentine's Day gift from the wife! Syracuse PC!!!!
  4056. Got an early V-day Gift today!!!
  4057. sweet NAT TREASURES playmaker patch #ed 18
  4058. 2009 topps chrome BLUE chicle+cheerleader progress
  4059. Best Hit from a blaster yet.....Plus some mail
  4060. Just picked this up, I think I got a good deal - Big Ben
  4061. Major gold set progress,w/help from a great member!
  4062. Showing off all the PC cards
  4063. 2 Panini Redemption
  4064. My Mike McCarthy Variations
  4065. Snow day mail day
  4066. My latest ebay pick ups!
  4067. Last few weeks worth of Pick-Ups
  4068. Weeks maildays
  4069. couple mail pieces!
  4070. No! No! Nooooooooooooooo!
  4071. Nice pc replacement from Panini today.
  4072. 2007 National Treasures TimeLine PC..
  4073. Check it out...My Gridiron Gear PC So Far
  4074. SB weekend cleaning find
  4075. A Few Small Show Pick-Ups...
  4076. My 2011 NFL Experience Show and Tell Story with Pictures! Lots of Pictures! Come see!
  4077. Week's mail
  4078. Got this in this weekend :)
  4079. New High end and Patches in!!!
  4080. Another nice pc auto in the mail today
  4081. A Rainbow 11 years in the making
  4082. Bought out a collection, New highend pickups
  4083. 2 HUGE PC pick-ups
  4084. PC mail
  4085. Awesome mailday Jumbo style!!
  4086. Nice Mailday!
  4087. nice mailday
  4088. BearsFever! Mailday Thread
  4089. Pimetime mail day!
  4090. 08 chrome rice + flacco rainbows
  4091. Picture that shows a little bit of my collection...
  4092. Another jumbo /10
  4093. Mirror Gold/Black Refractor Auto Mailday!
  4094. Yay for Triple Auto Mail days!
  4095. Wanted to Share This Pull Cause I Think it's Purdy ;)
  4096. Redskins PC
  4097. Ebay Hardesty jumbo /10 Score!!
  4098. My First Logo Shield- Ballhawk Style!
  4099. Just a single card mailday, but a good one (to me)
  4100. Great PC addition incoming from eBay!
  4101. Group Break Results: Bills, Lions, & Ravens
  4102. Absolutely SICK Unrivaled Mailday!! Check it out!
  4103. Can anyone tell me about this Manning UD Signature Piece?
  4104. Canton QB's Triple Threads pull
  4105. Got the bradford rated rookie 9.5!
  4106. *** My Official Personal Collection Only Thread ***
  4107. my first 2 PC cards!
  4108. My New Scores for the Week !!!
  4109. MONSTER HIGH END Mailday! AP and Big Ben
  4110. Awesome Irons Mail, triple auto, 1/1, Quad and more
  4111. First thing I've bought in quite some time...
  4112. Glad I snagged this!
  4113. First Mail Day in awhile!! TOMLINSON
  4114. Best PC Mailweek Ive Had in a LONG TIME!! Reebok Logo Patch 1/1! + More!
  4115. Going through my "commons box" and found #85 of the SB XLV champs
  4116. Fairly large Taylor Price collection
  4117. Finally Landed my Ideal Jerry Rice Auto!
  4118. SICK Tomlinson Arrived today!!! /5 On Card Auto!!
  4119. LeSean McCoy PC Thread
  4120. One HUGE HIT From The Card Show Today
  4121. Jordy Nelson PC: Super Bowl XLV Champ
  4122. Titans Mailday
  4123. Todays Mailday; Frank Gore style
  4124. Rodgers SPA 3 Color Pickups
  4125. Charles Woodson Mailday
  4126. Nasty Box Of 2010 Certified Football
  4127. Card Show Pick-Ups
  4128. Barry Barry Barry
  4129. New PC Project - Packers Customs
  4130. Holy Bradford Day
  4131. Todays mail!
  4132. Another AWESOME Valentine's Day gift!!!!!!!
  4133. Incredible mailday today.
  4134. Some goodies I got over the weekend
  4135. new pickups and mail day
  4136. Nice mail- jumbo patches+ contenders auto rc
  4137. Mike Vick Mail from the past few days! 1/1 Inside
  4138. Panini Prize Pack
  4139. Topps Chrome Bradford
  4140. My Topps Football Un-opened Packs collection
  4141. MY Final Jeremy Maclin PC Thread
  4142. Nice 1 card mailday today
  4143. Nice Mailday some nice hits
  4144. Terrell Davis collection milestone reached.
  4145. For those of you who mentioned what the wife got U 4 Vday.
  4146. 1 New Pickup from the Mail
  4147. Another one bites the dust....
  4148. Pulled this nice Gerhart from Tribute today.....
  4149. A 1/1 Valentines Day Gift From My Girlfriend...
  4150. My First Mail Day Post
  4151. Nice Eagles Mailday...
  4152. Reggie Wayne found a new home
  4153. Another nice 1 card mailday
  4154. Mail scans- kick butt patches
  4155. Two HOF auto's and a great mail week!
  4156. Set Complete!! 2002 Fleer Throwbacks Greats of the Game Autos
  4157. Some Vacation Mail
  4158. Sellers Error Turns To My Gain...
  4159. Transformed Tebow into a Bart Starr auto!!!
  4160. Just One Little Old Card Today...
  4161. this weeks pickups with one huge pickup
  4162. Best card I've pulled from a Topps Chrome...
  4163. As much as contenders frustrates me this yr had to get the.......Bradford!
  4164. Recent Pickups
  4165. Drew Stanton - Mail Day!
  4166. Couple recent PC Pickups
  4167. Amazing Mail.....Pickup Day!! Scans, must see
  4168. Finally added a Marino Auto to the PC.
  4169. My new favorite James Starks card
  4170. Aaron Rodgers Mailday
  4171. My HOF collection...
  4172. Some Sexy Christmas Freebies from Mr. 11Eleven11!
  4173. Awesome Cowboys PC Mailday!
  4174. Matt ryan mail day!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4175. Saturday Showoff 2/19/11
  4176. My Gerald McCoy PC so far -show-n-tell
  4177. Trindon Holliday PC Thread w/ pics (still need some help)
  4178. Ray Lewis Dual Patch Auto 1/1!
  4179. Spa,Nt Mailday!!!!!!!!!
  4180. Pettigrew in the mail
  4181. 60 cards added to my bucket
  4182. Marinocollector's Sam Madison Collection
  4183. Card show pick ups. How'd I do?
  4184. Recent pickups
  4185. Aaron Curry Birthday Pickups (A SICK Inscription and 1/1)
  4186. 1/1 Seahawks Logo Shield mail
  4187. My Texans PC!
  4188. 2009 Exquisite Football Break
  4189. Set complete...2009 sp authentic rookie auto patch
  4190. Nice Pickups - Tebow/Ray Lewis/ 1/1
  4191. Contenders Mailday!
  4192. big new lot of sick ray lewis cards !!! autos,patches etc. !
  4193. 1 Card Mailday
  4194. This is gonna be the GREATEST mailweek ever!
  4195. 1/1 Seahawks mail day 2nd day in a row
  4196. Another nice add to the rebuilt pc today
  4197. My Unrivaled PC!! Let me know what you think
  4198. My win tonight!
  4199. Picked up Danny Woodhead Contenders /99 Rookie!!!
  4200. Golden Tate #1/1 Superduperfractor Auto! Plus...
  4201. A pop 1 crossover!
  4202. Ravens PC Starting to come together
  4203. New PC Win! Minister of Defense!
  4204. Couple nice packages today
  4205. my vday present
  4206. 1/1 Mirror Black NFL Logo RC...Huge PC Boost!!
  4207. 2 Beauties In Today
  4208. 20 Packages today :) Check it out!
  4209. Nice 2 Card Mailday
  4210. Huge James Starks mailday
  4211. Latest Mardy Gilyard pickups
  4212. Got These Beauties In Today
  4213. eBay steal? 2010 Topps Five Star Auto Booklet /10
  4214. My Official mailday thread! LOOK AT DAY 1!
  4215. Bradford Mojo!
  4216. Only 13 packages today :(
  4217. Sweet mailday today!
  4218. POKERSTARS winnings spent on high end
  4219. Small pickup, nothing major :)
  4220. One Card Mailday...But A Big Card!!! 6 COLTS ONE CARD!
  4221. Howie Long "Tha Raiders" inscription auto /10
  4222. Tons of mail today and still more on the way!!!
  4223. Awesome Mailday! Game Worn Cleats!
  4224. Some nice mail this weekv:)
  4225. New San Diego Chargers cards for my PC
  4226. Five Star Mailday!!
  4227. 2010 certified mirror black nfl logo shields mail day x3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4228. Mail DAY!!!!!!!!!
  4229. Saturday Showoff 2/26/11
  4230. Mailday and Topps Platinum Break
  4231. Mailday!!
  4232. My fresh start to collecting and my first purchase! Panthers panthers panthers!!!
  4233. 3 Lots FS...Autos and GU
  4234. New Seahawks True #1/1 Patch Auto!
  4235. D. Bowe patch/auto PC
  4236. A Ton of Weekend LCS Breaks/Pickups
  4237. Saturday Mailday
  4238. Some of my latest Ebay wins
  4239. My Laron Landry PC
  4240. My Maurice Jones Drew 2006 Personal Collection
  4241. another bradford PC auto
  4242. Check out my new steals for my PC
  4243. Ed Reed Topps Five Star Pickup
  4244. New PC 1/1 I got for a STEAL over the weekend
  4245. HUGE mailday with a lot of scans
  4246. My first mailday for my new project!
  4247. Heres the start of my new PC project
  4248. Newest Project - Ed Reed 5 Star Auto's & Patches
  4249. 1955 Don Hutson Rookie Card PSA 6 pick up!!!
  4250. My first Brees auto!
  4251. mail scans-player credit card??? and absolute patch
  4252. Because I can't wait to show off.,...
  4253. 2009 SPA harvin gold
  4254. Such a PAWty 1/1 Card...2 NFL Logos, Claw, and On-Card Auto...
  4255. Topps Mailday
  4256. My dan Lefevour PC
  4257. Some nice recent Seahawks pick ups part 1 scan heavy
  4258. 2 New Beauties In Today
  4259. awsome mailday
  4260. Mail Day Scans
  4261. Mailday for the new pc
  4262. sweet mailday!!
  4263. Havent broke any 09 SPA in a while so here you go!
  4264. New Mathews....
  4265. 1 Card Mailday....Biggest and Baddest I've gotten in awhile!!!!
  4266. My first ever Metal Rainbow!!
  4267. Another great ebay win!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4268. Holy PC Mail!! Lots of Stuff!
  4269. Matt Ryan 1 card mailday
  4270. Just traded for my first Peyton Manning auto!!!
  4271. PC Mailday!!!!
  4272. Nice Classic`s redemption in today--Frank Gore..........
  4273. Started my football collection.. First Haul!
  4274. Very Nice Mailday
  4275. My Rookie Project
  4276. Decent trade bait win /25...(AP/LT/LJ patch)
  4277. Topps Magic redemption mailday
  4278. Another nice add to the qb auto project today
  4279. Huge must see pc mail day
  4280. Just treated myself
  4281. My 1st 3 Big acquisitions since getting back in the Game!
  4282. The best C.J.Spiller RC in the world-my opinion.....
  4283. Nice mail day today...
  4284. LCS Pickup, Mailday and 1 NT Box (Scan Heavy)
  4285. Bradford SPA!
  4286. A Couple Of Steve Youngs
  4287. Some Nice Mail, Palmer, Magic, Irons
  4288. My Philly Card Show pick-ups
  4289. Nice Dolphins Update
  4290. Recent Eagles Additions
  4291. Mr. Rushmore of Football, today's pick up!!! Scans
  4292. Last three days or so worth of mail
  4293. Help with this Marshall Faulk 1994 Score RC
  4294. What a Golden Mail month.
  4295. Lots of game-used patch goodness lately
  4296. Mailday for My San Diego Chargers PC
  4297. my bradford pc
  4298. My Laron Landry PC
  4299. manning/brady spa's
  4300. unbelievable week of show stuff, mail, trading
  4301. WOW! Two of the best Bradfords--Im done buying till next year
  4302. A Weeks Worth Of Mail! Scan Heavy!
  4303. Last Couple Maildays and breaks (heavy scans)
  4304. 2 CJ Spillers in today!
  4305. Just picked up my first 1/1 for my Skelton PC!
  4306. Some Nice Stuff In Today...
  4307. Additions to my PC. 1/1!!
  4308. Todays mail day was such a Hassel !
  4309. Harvin Green Recieved!
  4310. Its here its here its here!!!!
  4311. another inscription added to the PC!
  4312. Oregon State PC Thread
  4313. A pretty Nice Mailday!!
  4314. Recent PC Pickups!!
  4315. Couple Mail Cards, Nice Ryan Rc
  4316. Newest Bradford to My Collection
  4317. Golden Ticket Mailday
  4318. One(4) of a kind Mail!!! One of my best Maildays ever!!!!
  4319. The "Best" Mailday This Week
  4320. My BEST Mailday ever!!
  4321. My Chiefs Collection w/ new pickups
  4322. Past Few Maildays-Some Big PC Stuff!!
  4323. Beginning of my new Press Pass project.....
  4324. 3 card mailday
  4325. 2 recent maildays
  4326. Rainy Mailday/Thanks USPS
  4327. Small 1 card mailday for the qb auto project today
  4328. 1 card mailday
  4329. True 1/1 Mailday.
  4330. Additions to my Tomlinson PC!
  4331. SCF Contest Win= Just Nasty
  4332. It has come....Triple HOF auto!!
  4333. The auto ive been waiting 27 years for
  4334. A "Classic" and very "Epic" mailweek for me.
  4335. Another 1/1 Mailday! SB MVP Style!!!
  4336. HUGE MUST SEE PC MAIL DAY- 1/1 letter !!!
  4337. Weeks Mail!
  4338. another great week of mail
  4339. Another Great Mailday!
  4340. Mailday and LCS
  4341. Oregon Ducks PC Thread
  4342. Some pretty nice mail...
  4343. Small Mailweek, Charles Woodson FOTG, CP and a nice SJAX!
  4344. First Wlater Payton Auto - IP & TTM Autos - Mail week
  4345. Some New Aaron Curry Pickups. (Inscriptions, 1/1, Autos, Patches)
  4346. Some sweet PC pickups this week
  4347. Aaron Rodgers auto added!
  4348. A few new pieces for my HOF Auto PC (Up to 198/267)
  4349. Showoff Sunday 3/13/11
  4350. Weekend Card Show
  4351. My updated qb auto pc.15 down!
  4352. They went all out on this /25
  4353. Results from the show........
  4354. couple wins tonight for the qb pc
  4355. Forte AU RC, Hawk/Forte DUAL JSY
  4356. Couple new cards in Mail....Sweet Ryan
  4357. Show Pickups - 1/1's, Ruth, Sanchez, Wooden, and more
  4358. Ryan Mathews Mailday!
  4359. Bradford Milestone Mailday, 8th Bradford!!!!
  4360. Got my 25th 1/1 today!
  4361. Mailweek...Freshman Fabric
  4362. Driver mailweek
  4363. My 1st PC 1/1 for my growing supercollection!
  4364. A few weekend pick ups
  4365. card show pickups
  4366. A few CJ Spillers in!
  4367. Finally ITS HERE!
  4368. Awesome new PC cards
  4369. Iglesias Letterman DOUBLE Auto!
  4370. New Bucs PC additions
  4371. Eric Berry Redemption is in
  4372. HUGE Mailday - My First Video Break!!!
  4373. 2 ebay items (continuous patch combo?)
  4374. New Pickups Today
  4375. my adrian peterson PC scans---gettin better everyday!
  4376. SanDiego Super Chargers 1/1!
  4377. Jason Avant Mailday/BGS
  4378. Manning Big Boy Mailday
  4379. Mailday 2011
  4380. jsut got the sickest card for my PC!!!!
  4381. Nice PC Mail!
  4382. Hooray for new pickups!!
  4383. Got my 2 new qb autos today
  4384. My new ongoing "road to 50"qb auto pc
  4385. HUGE PC Mail week!!!!
  4386. The start of my new Vikings PC
  4387. --> My ROOKIE CARD Collection <--
  4388. Showoff Saturday 3/19/2011
  4389. 2003 SPx WM Patch Chase...Can you help?
  4390. Pulled this from a Card Shop in Colorado.....go figure.
  4391. 2010 Box Beak 2010 Topps Platinum
  4392. 2010 Topps Unrivaled Box Hits
  4393. 2010 Rookie Cards
  4394. Sharing My Andrew Quarless Collection
  4395. New Adds to my Reggie White PC
  4396. This weeks new pick-ups!
  4397. Show Pick-ups 3/20
  4398. Peyton Manning PC
  4399. 1 Card Saturday Mail...2010 NT 1/1 Style!!!
  4400. #1 Most Wanted has been captured
  4401. Lombardi Mailday
  4402. 2010 Limited Cunningham / Vick Dual Auto
  4403. Moss, Riggins, Namath and more!
  4404. New cards just came in the mail today!
  4405. Fred Williamson PC
  4406. Adrian Peterson RC auto /75
  4407. Panini Mail Day Rivers Patch AUTO
  4408. QB PC Pickups!!!! McCoy n Bradford
  4409. Rookie of the Year Mailday!!! 09 and 10
  4410. HUGE Packers NT Mailday
  4411. CJ / Tiger High End Mailday
  4412. Arian Foster.....he's my 1st
  4413. More Panini Mail Dallas Clark GU Auto
  4414. New card today!
  4415. The Galloping Ghost and The Canny Scot...
  4416. LT BGS 9.5 - Good Deal?
  4417. My Chiefs mail from this week
  4418. 2 Aaron Rodgers G/U, Jordy Nelson G/U, Greg Jennings G/u
  4419. PC Pickups: Watters, HOF's, Patches, etc.
  4420. Super nice Birthday Mailday!
  4421. Check my beginning collection :d
  4422. HOLY GRAIL OF 2010 RC Auto's!!!!! Plus more
  4423. Great Logo Patch mailday- Gridiron Gear Prime jersey set
  4424. Exquisite Flacco,Stewart Rpa /99 Good Deal?
  4425. My Rusty Smith 2010 Certified Autograph Rainbow Set !!!!!!!!!! Awesome !!!
  4426. Barry Sanders / Vikings NT Style Mailday
  4427. For you player number collectors....
  4428. NY Giants H.O.F. Cut Auto Purchase!
  4429. Huge bama pc day
  4430. Big Seahawk Mailday
  4431. Sam Bradford/Dez Bryant Triple Threads Platinum Booklet 1/1
  4432. It came it came! PC 1/1!
  4433. Last Couple Maildays (some nice ones and a 1/1)
  4434. D-Jack 4-CLR PATCH
  4435. 2010 Certified FOTG Jersey number autos set in progress
  4436. Maildays from the last couple weeks
  4437. This Weeks Mail!
  4438. Another "Epic" Mailday - Joe Namath
  4439. haven't posted a mailday before....so here are some new pickups!!
  4440. couple new pick ups
  4441. some random pickups with unitas cut
  4442. Mailday!!!
  4443. Sweet Dual Mailday
  4444. Non football auto redmp. pulled from 09 Icons
  4445. Bears Mailday
  4446. My first 1/1!
  4447. New pick-ups for the PC... take a look!
  4448. Spiller/Best/Matthews/Tate QUAD
  4449. Bears mini helmet collection
  4450. A Very Small Portion of my Packers PC!
  4451. Show pickups 3/27
  4452. Keiland Williams 2010 Contenders Championship Ticket Rc Auto 1/1 !!!
  4453. Mail & Show Pick-Ups For This Week
  4454. C.J. Spiller, Ryan Mathews, Jahvid Best, Ben Tate Quad Auto
  4455. SCF Writing Contest Prize ...box of 2010 NCAA Sweet Spot FB, the unvieling...
  4456. Just picked up this beauty........
  4457. Nice GU mailday
  4458. The Waiting game ended today....Look at this Redemption Beauty
  4459. Favre and ed reed PC pickup
  4460. Big Monday Mailday
  4461. Damian Williams PC Scans
  4462. My Ray Rice PC....Scans included.....
  4463. panini PC and hilis mailday!
  4464. Recent Bucs PC!!!
  4465. Recent Pickup...and Question
  4466. New Buffalo Bills Project, Take a look!
  4467. Huge Pc Pickups!!
  4468. My framed letter sets =)
  4469. mail scans
  4470. Awesome day at thee LCS!!
  4471. best products from 2008 and 2009?
  4472. AWSOME PC ADD thats not Ed Reed ;)
  4473. Recent stuff
  4474. Big Greenway PC Additions
  4475. Davis, Brady, AP, Charles
  4476. Stafford PC Mailday
  4477. Sweet PC Mail Week!
  4478. BGS Grading Results!!
  4479. Packers HOF Auto-SB MVP Auto + the Steelers 'The Chin'
  4480. Great pickups tonight!!
  4481. Pick up
  4482. My Rey Maualuga PC
  4483. Added a great ColtMcCoy/Jordan Shipley to my collection
  4484. Nice mini helmet check it out!!!!!!!
  4485. Heeeere's Barry. Sanders that is.
  4486. some more pickups
  4487. This Week Mail Exquisite Flacco,Rice,Stewart + More!!
  4488. PC Mailweek
  4489. Jason Witten steal?
  4490. here it is updated-----my sweet AP PC
  4491. PC Mailday - 264 "variants" overload
  4492. Legendary mail week... you will enjoy!
  4493. Awesome Packers/Michigan/TCU Mailweek! Check it out!
  4494. Awesome PC mailday :p
  4495. finally took a pic of my newest packer mini helmet auto!
  4496. Some sweet PC ebay wins tonight :p
  4497. Just for fun - Packers CUSTOM PC Project
  4498. mail scans
  4499. Nice auction win for my first 2011 auto
  4500. Couple Steeler 1/1s in the mail.....
  4501. Another PC Mailday
  4502. Super Nice Mail Day . Got a nice deal IMO
  4503. A few NICE maildays over the past couple weeks
  4504. Potential Player Mailday
  4505. Latest Pick ups!!!!!!!!
  4506. WWII Football Magazines & Pulps - Coleco game too!
  4507. Great AP and CJ mailday Beautiful patches
  4508. another favre addition!
  4509. Been a while but figured id show some new scans
  4510. my mike kafka pc thus far
  4511. Upgrade to my SP Threads Super Patch Set
  4512. ray rice / flacco rainbows tc- NICE STUFF
  4513. BGS Mailday
  4514. Mail Week Exquisite Freemans!!
  4515. Ed Reed 02 CHROME AUTO UNCIRCULATED Rookie!, and 5 Star Mail
  4516. David Gettis NAT Rc Auto 1/1 & Contenders Rc Auto 1/1
  4517. Couple decent wins tonight
  4518. Mail DAY!
  4519. my sons panini mail day
  4520. mail scans
  4521. [[[HUGE]]] Trent Edwards/Buffalo Bills WINS!
  4522. Hakeem Nicks Sterling and Tribute Help!
  4523. My Birthday Presents I Got Today
  4524. A new pickup and a first for me :)
  4525. A few new Seahawks with 3 1/1s
  4526. CJ Spiller pickups!
  4527. 2010 certified freshman fabric GOLD autos /25
  4528. Big PC Updates!
  4529. Look what panini sent me redemption wise
  4530. Some new stuff added to the PC
  4531. HUGE PC pickups! hillis/bowman
  4532. Certified Mail Weekend
  4533. Small mailday...
  4534. My Taylor Price eBay 1/1 collection
  4535. Big Monday Mailday!~
  4536. 2010 National Treasures Austin Collie Rainbow!
  4537. Tim Tebow & Sam Bradford Collection
  4538. Dez Bryant Absolute Prime Jersey Auto 3/10
  4539. Dez Bryant Redemption Mailday
  4540. Bought a card in January and it arrived today
  4541. Rob Gronkowski/Aaron Hernandez PC
  4542. 2004 SP Authentic patch auto set completed!!!
  4543. First SCF mailday!
  4544. Peyton Manning...the ongoing side-PC...
  4545. Jerry Rice / 49ers Mailweek. Autos/GU/Man Cave
  4546. Great PC Mailday - 5 Star Inscriptions
  4547. Awesome start to my jake delhomme super collecting!!!
  4548. All of my latest carolina panthers maildays!!!
  4549. Mail, Irons and Gilyard
  4550. Nice multi-auto mailday!
  4551. Massive PC Mailday! Some Super Rare Stuff! Some 4+ Years in Waiting!
  4552. My best hit so far...
  4553. My UVA PC thread
  4554. Just In From Panini!!:) Dez!
  4555. Jeremy Maclin Auto #2/5
  4556. Just finished another set - 2009 Contenders RPS Autos
  4557. o_O Munchies! Story + Randy Moss & Taylor Price Supercollections!
  4558. Picked up this nice Manning Auto in a trade
  4559. A "Classic" kind of mail week
  4560. Panini Redemption Mailday
  4561. My HOFer Autographed Jersey Card Collection
  4562. Mail Week Exquisite,Spa,NT
  4563. mail scans
  4564. Notre Dame UD Exquisite
  4565. Hardesty Redemption
  4566. Gronkowski collection
  4567. Awesome Haul Today
  4568. Huge Pickup, plus a few other
  4569. New PC Pickups over the last few weeks
  4570. An Absolute Steal!!!! Look at this
  4571. A fun poll for my SCF buddies...
  4572. i went to OUs red/white game on saturday. not a bad day!
  4573. Props to the Pops on this eBay steal
  4574. New guy with a Peyton Manning collection
  4575. 2001 Campus Classics set Completed!
  4576. Very nice mail recently... check it out!
  4577. Was this a good deal?
  4578. 2010 Flashback Fabrics Prime PC
  4579. ***HUGE*** Buffalo Bills PC Mailday!!!
  4580. Biggest pc pick up ever!!!
  4581. Here's my favorite football card right now. What's yours??
  4582. Nice Spiller in the Mail Yesterday!
  4583. Massive Taylor Price PC
  4584. Some new UC cards - Sweet Gilyard Patch
  4585. Newest Bronco PC Additions
  4586. Colt McCoy RC Collection
  4587. Trade night pickups
  4588. Finally!
  4589. Redemption Mailday with a Question
  4590. A good Raiders/Bills/etc. Mail Day
  4591. Cam Newton Auto
  4592. 2010 certified freshman fabric GOLD autos /25 ---
  4593. show pick ups+ mail
  4594. This weeks mail
  4595. One Package mailday with a shout out to a new SCF member ravenhead42!
  4596. on going Percy Harvin PC
  4597. My Beckett Order came in!!
  4598. My First Peyton Manning Auto
  4599. Football Pickups Today in Raleigh! Check Them Out!
  4600. Sweet Steve Young pick up
  4601. This is coming this week!!Shonn Greene
  4602. RECENT MAIL DAYS! Brady/Ryan Gold, Magic, 1/1, Dez, Rose, B.Griffin etc.
  4603. Recent PC Pickups!!!
  4604. My "Sick Patch PC" with Updates
  4605. One more reason I collect Bill Dudley
  4606. Mailday from some group breaks...AP sickness!!!!
  4607. A few andre roberts pc pick up ..
  4608. Charles Woodson Rainbow Mailday!
  4609. Nice Mirror Mailday!
  4610. 1 Measly card mailday... but its Ducks!!!!!
  4611. Got the start of my 2011 rookie pc in the mail today
  4612. Pretty nice mail day!
  4613. 1 Card Pickup
  4614. Buckeyes PC pickup
  4615. the REAL colts threads BALTIMORE COLTS
  4616. Really nice LaDainian Tomlinson Mailday for me :)
  4617. Big Ben pickup!!!
  4618. *** HOW TO Use This Forum - PLEASE READ! ***
  4619. Lots of Mail: UC and Irons including a 1/1
  4620. Sweet PC Mail! Talk About Variety! Logo Patch SIckness!
  4621. Adds to the ole' Press Pass collection!
  4622. Amazing mailday!!
  4623. Panini Redemption: Eddie George Logo Patch Auto
  4624. Ryan Mathews LCM Emerald Mailday
  4625. Killer Lot Just Came In From Ebay (SCAN HEAVY)
  4626. Cam Newton Steal
  4627. New mail for NFL Draft time! Good stuff!
  4628. Redemption mailday - Sayers & McKnight
  4629. UpperDeck Mailday!
  4630. Flea Market $1 bin pickups
  4631. More Bills Memorabilia In Yesterday
  4632. Two Little Envelopes With Some Nice Treasures Inside Them!
  4633. BGS Maill Week+ More Freeman!!
  4634. sickest dexter jackson pc addition to date
  4635. Brown envelopes w/ GOODIES in em'
  4636. Nice pick up for an actual football!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4637. Upgrade to this Great Set plus better scans!
  4638. Just updated my Campus Classics collection! Check it out!
  4639. I love my PC! (LeSean McCoy/and others)
  4640. Conner's Collection
  4641. My latest carolina panthers wins!
  4642. My first true 1/1!!!
  4643. mail day from ud nice emmitt
  4644. 3 Card Redemption Mail
  4645. White Whale! 1/1!!!
  4646. Andre Roberts LOGO Patch + New PC
  4647. PC Mailday
  4648. Just showing off a few things.
  4649. Sweet!!!
  4650. 1 Year of Collecting FB!
  4651. 2 National Treasures Redemptios just in NICE!!
  4652. Ebay Win
  4653. Outstanding!!!
  4654. A couple recent PC maildays!
  4655. 2010 Five Star 2 card Mail day
  4656. 4 More For The Buffalo Bills PC!!!
  4657. Best Card Day I ever had!!!
  4658. Jason Hill Autograph Collection
  4659. My best Mailday!
  4660. Maildays Since Theft
  4661. Couple Additions To My Gronk Collection
  4662. Nice mailday for the Bills Project
  4663. Hakeem Nicks NT Redemption Mailday
  4664. Mailday: New PC Card
  4665. mail scans
  4666. Matt Ryan mail today!!
  4667. Mail Week Exquisite Ryan,National Treasures Ryan
  4668. Adds to the Press Pass/Falcons collection
  4669. Green Bay Packers Cards I Got To Add To My PC Today!
  4670. Nice LT PC pick ups from Kencope!
  4671. What you guys think of my Dolphins collection..?
  4672. My Tony Romo 1/1 and Logo PC w/ Updates!
  4673. Ebay win of the day
  4674. SPA patch auto and 1/1 mail day #1 DP and ROY
  4675. My incoming 2011 lot-Finally!
  4676. Show me your Rams pc.
  4677. Finally got my Nicks Contenders Auto In
  4678. EBAY WIN! Barely! NT Auto
  4679. Pick up for my Steelers PC
  4680. Past few weeks of mail, Exquisite, SP Authentic and 1/1s
  4681. Ed reed mailday from topps 4 autos
  4682. One package mailday with a huge shoutout to SCF member DennisRSWanjr!
  4683. Couple of weeks of mail!
  4684. Some additions to my OSU PC
  4685. 2 decent wins-Emmitt/Barry, Hornung/Payton/sanders/AP/Johnson/Moreno
  4686. Just bought the BEST Favre Auto ever....IMO
  4687. TONS of pickups! 1/1s, patches, and prettiness!
  4688. Very sweet mailday today
  4689. Latest Addition To The Gronk Collection
  4690. Just added another CORNERSTONE to my collection! SUPER HIGH END!
  4691. Jordan Shipley NT NFL Logo Auto
  4692. Mailday From The Last Two Weeks...High-End...Scans Heavy...Take a Look !!!
  4693. Nice little mailday
  4694. Just Sharing : My Andrew Quarless PC
  4695. Brian Robiskie SUPERCOLLECTION...Heavy Scans...Take a Look !!!
  4696. UC and Irons Mail
  4697. INCREDIBLE PC Mailday
  4698. Recent PC Mail
  4699. Awesome Mike Williams PC Mailday!
  4700. Awesome mailday!!!
  4701. Lots of mail with some inscriptions! 'Wild' with Long Hair... ends strong!
  4702. Huge Colts Mailday! Collie/Wayne/Clark/Hart
  4703. Some More Seahawks 1/1 pick ups
  4704. Favorite card showoff!
  4705. My Birthday Card!!!
  4706. Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning....which do you like better???
  4707. Just hit 3,650!! Long list
  4708. Ebay/Show Pickups
  4709. Sweet Tomlinson Auto from Show and Mail
  4710. GREAT SHOW - Most sports accounted for on new pickups
  4711. Recent Spiller buys!
  4712. My Chris Long Autos
  4713. Absolute Jumbo Patch Multi Year Sets, **SCAN HEAVY**
  4714. Redemption Mail Day- Nice Suprise on 08 Iconic Cut
  4715. Show pickup!
  4716. Card show pickups and a 1/1
  4717. great mail week, and nice break
  4718. I have a problem...
  4719. Mail Week Exquisite Freeman,Mcfadden /25
  4720. Sweet New Purchases (3 Different McCoys)
  4721. Finally got the Holy Grail of my Eli PC
  4722. Big 2011 rookie auto pc mailday-2 high qb picks!
  4723. Mailday! My first Tom Brady rookie card.
  4724. Best Vikings pc addition
  4725. I finally got it!!!
  4726. Where im at right now in my quest for the 56
  4727. AN ALL-DAY QUADtastic Logo Auto Mailday...
  4728. Past Few Weeks Worth of Mail Scan Heavy ! ! !
  4729. Incoming
  4730. broke computer mail- awsome scans- dinner with H.O.Fer pic,superbowl ring-ect
  4731. Huge 2009 Contenders Pull!!!
  4732. Some Colorful Mail :) And Other Goodies!
  4733. inscriptions mail day
  4734. My Austin Collie Rookie Supercollection is ALMOST complete...
  4735. EbAy STEAL!!!!
  4736. My BEST 1 card Mail Day EVER!!!
  4737. Show off your 90's Insert/Para. Cards thread!
  4738. Awesome 1/1!!!!!
  4739. Nebraska Mail Week!!
  4740. LeSean McCoy Mailday
  4741. Newest addition to my Manning PC
  4742. mail scans
  4743. A lot of Marino cards at my LCS today
  4744. Dan Lefevour Base auto set!!!! Plus!!
  4745. Leopards40's Official Cameron Heyward PC Thread!!! LOOK!!
  4746. A Nice Redemption Day from UD
  4747. My Danieal Manning PC!!!
  4748. my suh chrome auto is on its way back from beckett.....
  4749. Great mail Day for my Pc today
  4750. paragon11's Mail Week (5/16 - 5/21)
  4751. My Chris Cooley PC...
  4752. Huge shout out to member jml20! Mike Williams PC Mailday
  4753. my patriots auto/patch pc scan heavy
  4754. Mail Day Scans
  4755. Pick-ups from the RMU show
  4756. 5/22/11 Cardshow Pickups!!!
  4757. Show Pick-ups 5/22/11 Bordentown, NJ
  4758. Win off of ebay! National Treasures
  4759. My Chris Henry PC
  4760. Some "Brad"tastic "Suh"per mail this week
  4761. Sick Greg jennings mailday
  4762. Awesome addition to my Carolina Panthers PC!!
  4763. Look Mark Sanchez RC LOGO from Rookies & Stars
  4764. My first 1/1 and collection (scans)
  4765. Completed My First Set!! Sweet! Scan Heavy!
  4766. Tandon Doss PC
  4767. Colt Mccoy Contenders WIN!
  4768. Last Week Worth Of Pick Ups
  4769. This week mailday! New vikings/harvin pc additions
  4770. 2010 Finest Mike Williams RC auto redemption
  4771. Press Pass Pack Wars at the LCS
  4772. Another Greg Jennings PC Mailday
  4773. My David Gettis Pc
  4774. My Myron Rolle Pc
  4775. What does everybody think of my FOTG set so far? Some real butes
  4776. Awesome Day At The Flea Market
  4777. MY 1st Superfractor Auto
  4778. Wanna show off my Mike Thomas PC!
  4779. Cant Miss Collection!
  4780. Finally
  4781. Holy steal!!!!!!!
  4782. Booklet #2 Win
  4783. Check this out!
  4784. Showing off Dolphins AUTO/GU collection...
  4785. Why So Serious Steve Johnson?
  4786. Nice Stafford Mail Day
  4787. First card of my new set!
  4788. One of the nicest Randall Cunninghams Ive seen for my PC
  4789. my mailday
  4790. Start of my Dez Bryant PC
  4791. Quad 1/1 PC Mailday :)
  4792. Tebow Mailday
  4793. Up to 17 different offensive leaf metal autos
  4794. Dan Marino Stuff i pick up
  4795. Official Packers, Michigan, and TCU PC Showoff Thread! Updated Often & Scan Heavy!!
  4796. My Official Andre Caldwell PC!! SCAN HEAVY!!!
  4797. Latest pick ups!!!!!!
  4798. Latest Pick Ups!!!
  4799. Dolphins and others Sweet Marino
  4800. John Lynch Super Collectors Look Here!!
  4801. The Beginning of the Titus Young PC
  4802. Showing off my Bullet Bill Dudley Collection
  4803. Marino Mail Day
  4804. Eternal Thread of Packers PC Maildays & Pickups
  4805. Few in need an opinion on 1 lmk thanks.
  4806. Check it out!!! PLEASE!!!
  4807. MUST SEE ray rice topps chrome rookie master set/+flacco
  4808. New pick-ups!
  4809. Kendall Hunter - Complete '11 UD Letterman
  4810. Past couple of mail days with MAJOR HI-END!
  4811. A Cornucopia Of Mail...Scan Heavy!!!
  4812. LCS Pickups, 2x Jahvid Best !!!
  4813. Some "Sweetness" Mailday!!!
  4814. Hey guys-i just got this crazy reggie bush card from my friend bee
  4815. PC Mailday
  4816. my mailday
  4817. Knowshon Moreno bowman chrome rainbow (sort of) complete!
  4818. Nice pick up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4819. Major pc
  4820. Ed reed rc auto steal from eBay.
  4821. Eric Decker PC
  4822. Nice little Chad Greenway rc auto pickup
  4823. 2 HUGE additions to the Bill Dudley Collection
  4824. 4 more Leaf metal autos checked off today
  4825. 21 of 56 leaf metal cards down,35 to go
  4826. Huge PC day(14 cards)
  4827. My Pats collection
  4828. Stafford /Lions/GA Bulldogs PC Mail Day thread
  4829. Full size jersey add
  4830. Another great Jennings mailday!!!
  4831. Yes! Newest pickup!
  4832. Awsome PC Mailday!!
  4833. 1/1 NFL Shield mailday.
  4834. LOOK N Suh Insert #'d 90/100 sweet
  4835. Check this out!!
  4836. Amazing Freebie from fellow member Lummox!
  4837. Mailday to Finish my First Rainbow!! :)
  4838. SET: 2009 NT Rookie Colossal Materials Reebok logos... pics inside with progress!!!
  4839. just won this!
  4840. Topps 5 Star Group Break Mailday
  4841. Newest 1/1!!! Outstanding!
  4842. My Joe McKnight PC
  4843. More leaf metal mail today
  4844. Divided on my High end Collection (1/1 vs. Exquisites)
  4845. AP/Demarco Murray Dual Auto #2/5
  4846. Updated Gronkowski PC
  4847. With more always incoming-my leaf metal collection
  4848. Matt Ryan pickup
  4849. showing off my collection of the "U"
  4850. Absolute patches thread
  4851. Nice Joe Montana & Steve Young auto i just got in...
  4852. Results from BGS- 1 football card- sweet grade larry fitzgerald!
  4853. New adds to the Press Pass auto collection
  4854. Pretty good ebay buy tonight
  4855. Hakeem Nicks Win!
  4856. Deion Sanders Lil PC
  4857. My Growing Mike Pouncey PC
  4858. Mail from the past month or so
  4859. I'm just going to go ahead and call it a steal
  4860. Mail Past Few Weeks!!
  4861. My first 1 of 1
  4862. Theft on Ebay!!!
  4863. My Growing Cameron Heyward PC!!!!!
  4864. My Favorite Sp Authentic PC Card is incoming!!
  4865. My Biggest Steal of the Year i was Shocked!!
  4866. Ravens fans!!! I've got something for you
  4867. My Marcus Trufant & other Seahawks additions thread
  4868. My Golden Tate PC Thread
  4869. mail scans
  4870. Todays old mailday
  4871. Bullet Biting Son of a Gun!
  4872. Jackpot!!!
  4873. The prize of my Rice and Young collection
  4874. pc pickup
  4875. mail scans
  4876. PC rebuilt....
  4877. New adds to Atlanta collections....
  4878. garage sale????? hay hit!!!!!!!
  4879. $1.50 or below steal thread
  4880. Awesome PC Pull!!!
  4881. Another pc addition!
  4882. Awesome Tony Romo Rookie pickup
  4883. Someones White Whale was found today.............
  4884. Card show Pick-Ups.......WOW
  4885. Thinking of Starting a Sam Bradford PC
  4886. Epic BGS / Group Break / Pack War / PC hits / mailday!
  4887. Couple Weeks of Maildays Colts only!!
  4888. Mail Day PC WINS!!!
  4889. Father's Day Flea Market pickups and some from this past week
  4890. 2009/2010 National Treasures Century prime jersey (starter)set.
  4891. National Treasures Win--22.5
  4892. 1986 Jerry Rice BGS 8.5 pickup!!!
  4893. Player PC pickup for me ... 1 of 1 style
  4894. Card Show Pick-ups
  4895. 2 Sweet Steeler Cards!!! Logo Patch auto, and Troy
  4896. nate clements pc w/updates!
  4897. Mail today-4 more leaf autos
  4898. 2011 Leaf rookie auto PC to date
  4899. First NPN card
  4900. 1976 Walter Payton BVG 7 pickup!!!
  4901. Chase Coffman collection
  4902. 2011 exquiste rookie Jersey #
  4903. Mail scans- kick butt patch
  4904. Jennings!!!!! lol
  4905. Recent JETS pick-ups...
  4906. Nicks redemption
  4907. My Jahvid Best PC thread..
  4908. Nice 3 Sport Mail Week (Babalicious)!!! Very Scan Heavy!!!
  4909. Jets Mailday
  4910. Waves HOF AUTO PC Thread
  4911. My Jets PC
  4912. My Official Greg Jennings Thread!!! Scan Heavy!
  4913. Nasty Mailday from Arfalc77 on youtube....
  4914. Some of my latest Ebay wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4915. New Exquisite triple in for the pc!
  4916. Is this a steal??????
  4917. Another Leaf auto today
  4918. Nice Calvin Johnson 2009 Exquisite pick up 4CLR
  4919. My ULTIMATE 1/1!
  4920. A Couple Exquisite Pickup's for my PC...
  4921. Best mailday yet!
  4922. Fathers day gift and pc sets
  4923. Last 5 Bills Jersey's In Today!
  4924. Donald Driver AU/25
  4925. ULTIMATE 1/1 auto mailday - sorry to bore you :)
  4926. mail scans
  4927. Sick Mail Day 08 NT Trios Brady/AP/TO..S Young CLR/25
  4928. MORE PC WINS TODAY!!! I love getting mail!
  4929. Started New HighEnd PC! Scans inside with Updates/New Mail
  4930. Scans of my FB mail
  4931. 2011 Tristar SignaCuts 3/5 BIG HIT!
  4932. Eli Manning
  4933. Another 10th ann. patch
  4934. Biggest $25 marino pickup ever!!!!
  4935. More more more! I'm addicted!
  4936. Huge Shoutout.....
  4937. New PC Pickups Finally Got Some Scans Done
  4938. NFL HOF/Star Rookie PC
  4939. updates to canes pc
  4940. Another huge shoutout to jml20 (Scan heavy)
  4941. Card Show Pick-up Holmdel, NJ 06/26/11
  4942. Check Out My MJD Collection!
  4943. Mailday! My new favorite Adrian Peterson!
  4945. The Most Interesting Win:
  4946. Steal or no?
  4947. Nice pc auto in the mail today!
  4948. eBay STEAL on a SICK Manning!!!
  4949. Nice Aaron Curry Win + Exciting News!!
  4950. Ebay Steal?
  4951. Is this a steal?
  4952. Big Ben mail day (2x autos) how did i do?
  4953. Lots of Pics - Huge Irons pickups, Bengals, TJ Housh, more
  4954. Joe Montana rookie card pickup! finally!
  4955. Really Nice Sp Authentic Gold Jumbo Rc Patch/Auto /25...Got it at a good price !!!
  4956. Ryan Mathews Project
  4957. 2009 Bowman Chrome Mike Goodson Rainbow (finally finished)
  4958. Hakeem Nicks Side PC
  4959. Derrick Williams PC
  4960. Aaron Curry PC. Updated Often!
  4961. John Elway rookie card BGS 8.5 pickup!!! steal?
  4962. Group Break Luck
  4963. I think I bought a fake...ERRRR!
  4964. Donruss Elite 11 Hobby Pull
  4965. Mike williams redemption
  4966. In Honor Of The 4th Of JULY My Mailbox Went KaBOOM Today!
  4967. My 1st 1/1--Donald Driver
  4968. Just Sharing 2010 Epix Campaing Auto Jersey /Patch Set Progress
  4969. 2010 National Treasures Ebay Steal
  4970. Michael Crabtree rookie refractors /25 complete? I hope so let me know thanks!
  4971. Best mailweek for me...2 great QBs
  4972. Finished my Elite crabtree rainbow
  4973. Finished My "Big 3" 2010 Exquisite RPA's
  4974. Take a guess! How many are there GU cards are pictured?!?
  4975. Another Weeks worth of Colts Mailday! Scan Heavy
  4976. HOF mail month
  4977. steal with funny story
  4978. Some nice premium auto/game-used pick ups
  4979. 1988 Topps Misprint
  4980. Scored an auto!
  4981. This week's Faulk, Tomlinson mail
  4982. pretty awesome mailday
  4983. Leaf metal set mailday,the one that has eluded me.
  4984. here is my pc
  4985. BIN steal?
  4986. It's Maahhhriooo! (Manningham, of course)
  4987. finally finished scanning my canes pc and mail
  4988. 07 spa marshawn lynch rpa
  4989. Last Few Maildays Pretty Sweet
  4990. 2010 SPx Football Jersey RC Autograph Set - Complete! - Finally!!!
  4991. My First GEM MINT!
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