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  3. Signs?MEME's and the like!
  4. Who are your favorite columnists?
  5. Alec Baldwin agrees to host MSNBC show
  6. Yet Another High School Killing
  7. Food Stamp Fraud: Beneficiaries Illegally Sell EBT Cards On Craigslist, Social Media
  8. "Pro-Lifers" gave out GRAPHIC material to kids with candy on Halloween in NM...
  9. Three 20-year-old programmers build a working Obamacare website in just days
  10. Republican wins election in inner city Houston after PRETENDING to be black
  11. Dearborn Heights, MI Homicide
  12. Russian lawmaker wants to outlaw U.S. dollar, calls it a Ponzi scheme
  13. $150 MILLION in US contracts with Afghan companies have gone to anti US terrorists
  14. Right wing cyber attacks on Healthcare.gov website confirmed
  15. New Scientology building in FL has floor where members get "super powers"
  16. House votes to let Americans keep health plans; 39 Dems defy Obama
  17. Woman received $47,000 in Medicaid benefits while living in $2.4 million mansion
  18. (Wisconsin) Assembly approves changes to voting hours, ID law
  19. Evidence vs. Faith.
  20. Gang of teens playing 'knock out the Jew' terrifies Brooklyn community
  21. DC mayor signs immigrant driver's license bill
  22. Judge won't allow Holder appeal now in contempt case
  23. Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report
  24. Republican Rep. Trey Radel charged with cocaine possession
  25. Son brutally stabs his Virginia state senator father before committing suicide?
  26. Woman Hailed by President as Obamacare Success Story Now Can't Afford Obamacare
  27. Utah Town Forgets to Hold Election
  28. Rep. Meng robbed near Capitol Hill
  29. FBI trying to find Iraqi terrorists living in the US on benefits as 'war refugees'
  30. "Scientific proof".
  31. Philadelphia becomes first U.S. city to ban 3D printed guns
  32. Jihadists cut down a 150 year old tree in Syria because locals started worshipping it
  33. Black Friday, American consumerism, and companies like Walmart.
  34. Oregon school principal says Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches are RACIST
  35. George Washington
  36. Homeland Security terrorist still hasn't been fired from his $115,000 a year job
  37. >>>3 Strikes Policy<<< EVERYONE READ
  38. Non human rights group sues to make primate a LEGAL PERSON in New York
  39. Gov. Walker Asks Parents to Give Him Money Instead of Buying Christmas Toys For Kids
  40. Former goldman sachs employee: Republicans forced detroit into bankruptcy on purpose
  41. Obama Doesn't Use iPhone For "Security Reasons"
  42. Govt. Says Use Less Gas, Then Raises Taxes Because You Do?
  43. Rep. Jim Cooper: End death pay to lawmaker spouses
  44. Dick Cheney didn't regret his vote AGAINST freeing Mandela...
  45. South Africa's Nelson Mandela dies in Johannesburg
  46. Unemployment rate hits five-year low
  47. Mandele
  48. Government pays spies to play computer games
  49. 1 in 4 who signed up for Obamacare early may not get insurance due to errors
  50. Why do people want "eternity" anyways?
  51. Anti-LGBT baker tells Fox News that Jesus ‘wants me’ to deny cakes to gay couples
  52. This guy would rather go to JAIL then bake a cake for a gay wedding....
  53. HA! Oklahoma how does a taste of your own medicine tastes? Satanists ROCK!
  54. Donate To Democrats, Get A Visa
  55. Deaf Community Offended By Today Show Joke
  56. Daily crime blotter back by popular demand
  57. Teen Kills 4; Judge LITERALLY Lets Him Off Because He is Rich!
  58. India has just made Homosexuality into a crime, Gays can be jailed for 10 years.
  59. Federal judge declares Utah polygamy law unconstitutional
  60. Bill Maher on the Controversial Ground Zero Cross: Remember Norway?
  61. US Getting in the Way of International Efforts to Make Clean Water a Basic Right
  62. PolitiFact Lie of the Year: "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it"
  63. Pew Poll about Christmas and religion....
  64. Duck Dynasty dude and his blatant homophobic comments...
  65. 1 in 200 Women Say They've Had a 'Virgin Pregnancy'
  66. P&R Contests
  67. The GOP Embraces Its Inner Grinch
  68. Men Should Serve on the House Women's Policy Committee
  69. Ghosts and such
  70. crazy new laws
  71. New Year
  72. Former mayoral candidate beaten up by 2 teenage girls after they stole his iPhone
  73. Poll: Majority of Republicans don't believe in evolution
  74. Essay: Intervention: The New Theory Muscling in on Evolution, Creation, Intelligent D
  75. Rand Paul launches class action law suit challenging constitutionality of NSA spying
  76. Boxer Evander Holyfield reprimanded by Big Brother after expressing homophobic views
  77. Constitution free zone in th U.S.
  78. Chicago's gun ban is unconstitutional says Obama-appointed federal judge
  79. O.J. Simpson has written a plea of clemency to Obama saying he has terminal cancer
  80. Atheism is NOT a Religion...just ignore the Ministers and churches.
  81. A repost from my facebook page. Very deep please read.
  82. A Year Without God - A Pastor Becoming Atheist For a Year
  83. update
  84. Poll: Independents hit record high
  85. Christie fires aide & apologizes for traffic jams
  86. Feds investigate Christie's use of Sandy relief funds
  87. Spanish Version Of Health Care Website Frustrates Spanish Speakers
  88. For the first time ever the majority of Congress are millionaires
  89. Senate report: Benghazi attackers tied to Al Qaeda groups
  90. NY politician steps down after female employees claim he sent them oral sex videos
  91. Why do you believe or NOT believe in God? And other theological questions.
  92. Can an atheist talk about God?
  93. Another Former Republican Governor Charged With Graft
  94. Florida Republican threatens President Obama on Twitter & Facebook
  95. Richard dawkins admits he may be an alien!
  96. Study: Providence & New Bedford are least "Bible minded" cities in the US
  97. You're poor; you have children: that's OK-as long as you aren't religious, apparently
  98. U.S. seeks death penalty against Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
  99. Senators trying to get rid of the NFL’s non-profit status
  100. White House Must Address Petition to Deport Justin Bieber
  101. Brooklyn school cuts gifted program for students because it isn't diverse enough
  102. Utah School Throws Out Lunches Of Students Who Had Past Due Bill
  103. 9/11 Truther Crashes Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith's Interview
  104. 2014 Budget Defecit To Drop To $514B, But...
  105. Scott Walker does what can't be done!
  106. Clay Aiken For Congress?
  107. Fed Judge Rules It's OK To Flash Headlights To Warn Of Police Speedtraps
  108. California's egg law challenged in Midwest lawsuit
  109. Biden "No Good Reason Not To Run (for President)
  110. CBO: Obamacare to cut work hours by equivalent of 2 million jobs
  111. Check this brother out, he's very deep
  112. Polygamy thrives in Utah
  113. Congressional Black Caucus upset because Obama has picked too many white judges
  114. Teen Held by State in Psych Ward
  115. God is NOT dead.
  116. For all my atheist friends on here
  117. Washington State Governor Imposes Moratorium On Executions
  118. Cop who murdered Kelly Thomas not welcome in Dennys restaurant
  119. Jordan Davis trial is starting to make me ashamed to be a Floridian, and an American.
  120. Will NFL star get off because he is famous????
  121. snake salvation pastor killed...by snake
  122. Kansas and gay segregation.....this makes Russia look like a gay friendly country.
  123. Voters in school board election in TX town bribed with drugs to vote for candidates
  124. Mother devastated after cop murders her unarmed soldier son
  125. Cop sentenced to death for murdering a woman and her unborn child
  126. Venezuela split by pro- and anti-Maduro protests
  127. Disgraced Democratic congressman arrested in Zimbabwe for making 100 dirty movies
  128. Amazing Vandana Shiva interview
  129. Is this racist HS wrestling team photo
  130. Amazing interview with Maya Angelou
  131. 101-Year-Old Man Announces Campaign For Congress
  132. The Cosmological Argument
  133. Millionaire given green light to pursue petition to split California into six states
  134. Tom Delay: "God wrote the Constitution" (This man was once the House Majority Leader)
  135. Oh everyone should enjoy this Kevin O'Leary moment
  136. Race, gender, and looks.....let's be real....they still matter.
  137. NFL to ban the N word but some sya it is ok to use????????????
  138. America's wealth gap is largest in cites like NYC, Atlanta and San Francisco
  139. NYC mayor caught violating traffic law days after he unveiled new traffic safety plan
  140. Fox News' Andrew Napolitano Says Lincoln should have never free'd the slaves....
  141. If Arizona legalizes discrimination....
  142. Name That President
  143. police;above the law
  144. Obamacare Reaches Milestone
  145. African slavery by the numbers
  146. Big vs small government
  147. Mormon Church reveals people do NOT get their own planets in the afterlife
  148. and the zealous atheists reply...
  149. 33 dead & 130 injured by terrorists armed with knives in China
  150. Red Republican States take in more federal tax money than they produce...
  151. Proud to be American? What exactly does that mean?
  152. Polarization in the US?
  153. Crisis in Ukraine
  154. Florida Rep Alan Grayson accused of shoving wife
  155. School officials upset about gun image appearing ON SIGNS BANNING GUNS
  156. I hate Bush/Obama and this is why
  157. Why are Republicans seemingly so pro Coummnist Russia and anti America?!
  158. Cop kills girlfriend's puppy and takes picture of it
  159. Support for same sex marriage hits new high, sorry GOP and fundies...YOU LOST!
  160. It's OK To Upskirt In Massachusetts
  161. Now that the wannabe won't talk to me...
  162. Minnesota Rep. Pat Garofalo's tweet about NBA causes outcry
  163. The Founding Fathers view of religion in politics...
  164. Police chief to armed homeowners fight back: Youre not going to have time to dial 911
  165. Father shoots teenage boy in teenage girl's room
  166. hypothetical question
  167. Inspired by habs
  168. You gotta believe in god to be a moral person....according to Americans!
  169. What do you believe about God?
  170. Revolutionary Scientific Finding
  171. COSMOS....General discussion thread.
  172. House Democrats to Senate: Pass our bills
  173. How pathetic is the GOP? They are now Putin and Russian LOVERS and sympathizers!
  174. Here is a story that all the Pro and Anti Gun people can agree is stupid
  175. If you want to know what a word means...
  176. Which is a more reasonable source for a word definition?
  177. Westboro Baptist church founder Fred Phelps dies
  178. Hobby Lobby case goes to the supreme court....
  179. 2 dead in shooting on board US Navy destroyer
  180. Judge Awards ‘Permanent’ Custody Of Justina Pelletier To State
  181. Report: New York schools are the most racially segregated in the nation
  182. So, which states are MOST dependent on the Government? GOP States....OF COURSE!
  183. California state senator arrested in FBI sweep
  184. Tennessee....the new state trying to impose religious "rights".
  185. Your favorite president in your life time
  186. Seven things your colorblind racist friend may say
  187. Putin Telephones Obama
  188. how would you react if your s/o switched religions
  189. 14 year old finds a way for government to save $370 million a year by changing font
  190. Anti-abortion but at the same time Pro-individual rights.....not a contradiction.
  191. Saudi Arabia declares atheists terrorists under new law
  192. very interesting event
  193. Muslims against the Illuminate
  194. Breaking News: Another shooting at Fort Hood
  195. Mosque opponents say islam is not a religion
  196. Mosque opponents say islam is not a religion
  197. The globalist agenda behind Noah
  198. Greek Mythology and the Bible.
  199. Hobby Lobby IS OK with Abortions.....as long as they get money off of it!
  200. Woman gets slap on the wrist for sending man to jail on false rape claim
  201. Al Sharpton was a FBI informant that helped bring down the mafia?
  202. Gay teacher resigns after parents complain they didn't want him to teacher their kids
  203. Christian Republican caught pulling a John Edwards?
  204. 9 month old baby boy arrested for attempted murder
  205. 20 Wounded In Pittsburgh High Scholl Stabbing
  206. Study: More money spent on schools does NOT equal better results
  207. Mike Huckabee: "I'm not a hater, I'm not homophobic"....
  208. Tragedy at Fort Hood: Will violence increase as more war weary veterans return?
  209. Bible losing influence in America
  210. Woman throws shoe at Hillary Clinton during Las Vegas speech
  211. Tea party candidate says he wont pay taxes if blacks get reparations
  212. The Pagan Origins of Easter
  213. Dutch company to hire only white workers
  214. Fox News Host Accidentally Calls UCONN Basketball Team 'NAACP' Champions
  215. A real TERRORIST killed 3 Americans on Sunday....
  216. If your daughter....
  217. The Masons
  218. Why??
  219. Holiday Dinner
  220. The importance of Easter to this atheist
  221. Poll: Most say federal taxes too high
  222. Chelsea Clinton reveals she is pregnant with her first child
  223. Study: Untaxed U.S. corporate profits held overseas top $2.1 trillion