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  1. SCF vs TR Fantasy Football
  2. Anybody want to join my fantasy leage?
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  4. Who Should I have kept?? Portis, Forte, Jones Drew..??
  5. Looking for a few more to join a free yahoo fantasy football league
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  7. In the 11th Round of the Draft and have a question!
  8. Rate my Fantasy Team
  9. Rate my FFL Team
  10. Did my $200 league yesterday and got 1st pick
  11. Better Tight End: Visanthe Shiancoe Or Zach Miller?
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  14. My Team in a 10 team IDP league, whatcha think?
  15. fantasy football league
  16. 2nd ff team
  17. Rate My Team
  18. Thoughts on this QB situation
  19. Fantasy Football League
  20. Please rate my dads team!
  21. 1st Fantasy Draft this year..Need thoughts on my team!!!
  22. Auction League Drafting Today - 9/1 - At 2PM EST! JOIN!!!
  23. 1st Fantasy Team of the year!
  24. Last Fantasy Draft
  25. Heres the Fantasy Team.
  26. How many Fantasy Leagues are you apart of?
  27. ok,heres my situation
  28. Rate my team!
  29. HELP with ESPN league
  30. Stephen Jackson or Chris Johnson?
  31. Rate my fantasy squad! CARDBOARD EDITION!!
  32. How'd I do - 1st draft EVER! 20 Picks
  33. Last Year In A Base Scoring Espn League....
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  35. Why not rate my draft(s) as well
  36. 16 Team Fantasy Football League In Need Of Players.
  37. My live draft results....
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  39. SCF Exclusive Draft! Serious players only!
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  43. Michael Turner?
  44. Whats your take on James Davis RB/ Knowshon Moreno RB
  45. Free Agent Pick Opinions Needed
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  49. How I do?
  50. Draft strategy??
  51. Yahoo - H2H - Draft Today 3:45 EST
  52. Facebook Draft - How'd I Do?
  53. who to start as my flex?
  54. Who's your top5 WR to draft?
  55. Dwayne Bowe
  56. FF draft today...
  57. what fantasy football team yall think is better?
  58. I googled draft strategy and saw this.
  59. I need some help guys...
  60. My fantasy fb team.. gurus what you think
  61. what would you give up for wes welker
  62. 1 owner needed for espn keeper league
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  67. SCF Basketball Forum Fantasey League Team
  68. Week 1 WR help needed
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  70. Survival anyone?
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  72. What do you think about my starters this week!!?
  73. Carson Palmer or Matt Ryan Week 1?
  74. My Fanatsy Team. What you think.
  75. My fantasy team. pls tell me what you think.
  76. just had my draft here is my team
  77. Fantasy football team. what ya think to do.
  78. Who should I start week 1
  79. 8-team league draft tonite...10:30p CST
  80. My keeper league draft results
  81. which QB WR combo to start this week
  82. Fantasy Help! Royal or Ginn Jr. ?
  83. Rate my fiendish trade!!
  84. How's my Team?
  85. Should I try trading Derrick Ward?
  86. Yahoo NFL Pickem Survival league
  87. CBS Sports Free Pick 'Em League
  88. Advice on my team and draft
  89. who should be my 2nd WR
  90. This team is bringing home the championship!!!
  91. My Fantasy Team is Pretty Sweet!
  92. QB Advice: Who should I start?
  93. fox sports fantasy football needs some more owners please join
  94. Fantasy trade help!!!
  95. Who would you start at RB
  96. Who should I start?
  97. Should I make a trade?
  98. What RB to start
  99. whats your take on Pierre Thomas
  100. Need some help on who to start at RB and WR
  101. Gettin close to Sunday...need some advice!!!
  102. I am thinking about using Fred jackson as my flex?
  103. I need some help here...
  104. My keeper team
  105. Should I try to trade Derrick Ward for Pierre Thomas
  106. Need to start a 3rd WR...
  107. Who would win this matchup??
  108. How I do?
  109. Rate My Tema
  110. Is Anquan Boldin a Go??
  111. I just made a trade
  112. Breaston, Braylon, or Moreno? Quick please!
  113. First fantasy blunder of the year
  114. my team stunk this week, I got killed
  115. Which QB?
  116. I now have 2 TE who should I keep
  117. In a rock and a hard place. Need some help.
  118. Need some week 2 help please.
  119. Another trade scenario
  120. How did you do in Week 1?
  121. Which WR to start for week 2??
  122. 3 Questions!
  123. Is anyone going to be on here tonight around 8pm
  124. Trade Help!
  125. More trade help
  126. Laurent Robinson, Devery Henderson, or Devin Hester Week 2?
  127. Who do you like better?...WR Help
  128. Who is Laurent Robinson
  129. I just made a trade
  130. Radio Contest Brain-fart
  131. week 2 who to start/flex
  132. Which QB to start?
  133. WR .. pick 3
  134. what QB should i start???
  135. Week 2 adjustments! 4 leagues your input please!
  136. Which 2 RBs to Start
  137. Who will win this matchup??
  138. Me vs my opponent (who has a better team)
  139. Week 2 WR?
  140. Fantasy Football Help
  141. Week 2, need to make a choice at RB
  142. Who Will Win this matchup
  143. Week 2 WRs who should I start?
  144. fantasy help
  145. ray rice or ryan grant- i usally hate these threads
  146. Need quick help! Which WRs to start?
  147. Hate: Chris Johnson RB Titans
  148. Fantasy Help
  149. I have Calvin Johnson For trade in my fantasy league and santana moss...
  150. what do you think of this trade
  151. Who do I drop to pick up Brandon Marshall?
  152. Your Thoughts are needed!
  153. Thoughts on Shonn Greene?
  154. Thoughts on dropping Carlson for Celek
  155. Another Which WR to start thread
  156. Should I trust Brandon Marshall?
  157. Should I do this trade
  158. Opinions on this Trade....
  159. Who would win this matchup????
  160. week 3 starts? WR SUCKAGE!!!
  161. Week 3 who should be my flex player
  162. Should i trade Larry Fitzgerald for Andre Johnson?
  163. Tony Romo for Trent Edwards?
  164. Week 3 Lineup...opinions
  165. Flex start help.
  166. HELP! Flex spot....
  167. Rb help please
  168. need help on some starts
  169. Was this a good move?
  170. Chad Pennington ??
  171. J. Cotchery was a stud
  172. WHo to pickup for back up QB (starting week 5)
  173. trade help!!!
  174. My God ... do I actually sit Tom Brady?
  175. What are your records so far?
  176. Would you make this trade?
  177. Should I offer this trade?
  178. Trade help.. Need some advice quick!!
  179. How was this trade?
  180. Which three receivers do I use out of these four?
  181. week 4 advice
  182. I have to brag a little...while I can
  183. Should I drop Delhomme for Henne?
  184. D. Bowe ??
  185. Trade offer Help
  186. What do you think about my starters this week!!?
  187. Willie Parker??
  188. Am I over playing matchups with my starts this week.
  189. Should I consider this trade
  190. Do I drop Ray Rice for Mendenhall?
  191. Need A RB?? Who to pick up???
  192. Need help with who to start out of 3 good backs....please help
  193. James Davis RB Browns out for season.
  194. Campbell or Garrard? Immediate advice needed!
  195. Tough Questions!
  196. Quick!! Which WR do I bench??
  197. one last time before kickoff Brady or Cutler?
  198. Jerome Harrison RB Browns was a stud this week
  199. Biggest Fantasy Surprise to this point?
  200. Bye week QB starter options
  201. Tough matchup this week what to do
  202. Mike Sims-Walker??
  203. Should I ride with Jerome Harrison and play him week 5
  204. Crabtree: if he signs, does he have a fantasy impact?
  205. WHats your take on Mohamed Massaquoi WR Browns
  206. WR help
  207. Favre @ STL or Garrard @ SEA?
  208. Possible Trade....LMK your feedback
  209. RB's week 5 .. pick 3!
  210. Do I take this trade?
  211. Need a WR to pick up. Who's the best option
  212. B. Edwards inpact on the Jets
  213. fantasy help... who do i start.
  214. Should I start a TE this week (I need answer asap thanks)
  215. 1-3.... need help!
  216. Plain and simple, who should I start out of these 2?
  217. Cotchery
  218. QB Opinions...
  219. I am leaning torwards playing RB Jerome Harrison instead of my TE O. Danniels
  220. I am thinking of sitting Cotchery this week and playing Pierre Garcon
  221. need quick flex help
  222. I dont know who to start at QB Romo or Warner
  223. Who do I start.......Flacco or Ryan?
  224. Why had Portis and Bradshaw not scored TDs yet this year?
  225. My team kicked but this week
  226. trade offer
  227. I need a BIG night from David Harris LB Jets!
  228. One rough week!
  229. My "Bad Luck" season so far......
  230. Week 6 question
  231. Would this be a fair trade?
  232. I hate ronnie brown
  233. How did Everyones Fantasy Teams do Last Weekend?
  234. I finally have a starting dilemma - help me out!
  235. Week 6 start D. Bowe or N. Burleson
  236. Another trade offer
  237. rate my trade
  238. Bench Brady ?
  239. Who would you trade for Tashard Choice?
  240. Better WR Start??
  241. Do I dare start...........
  242. Eddie Royal question
  243. Ray Rice? do you play him over any of these matchups?
  244. Thoughts on David Clowney?
  245. Who to start at WR?
  246. Some advice?
  247. Trade advice
  248. Who to start at WR????
  249. fred jackson or D. Bowe who to start
  250. I am thinking of starting F. Jackson over D. Bowe
  251. Yes!!!
  252. Killer Fantasy Points Day
  253. I need 30 pts to win, I have 3 players tonight to play
  254. whats your thoughts on Austin Collie WR colts
  255. Would you make this trade
  256. WRs for this weekend
  257. My team got banged up this week and lost by 1 pt
  258. Marshall is on a bye who to fill in his spot?
  259. Another trade proposal. What do you think
  260. Start both DWill and JStewart??
  261. Tough Starting RB/WR Choice. Opinions?
  262. Good Trade or Bad Trade?
  263. Fantasy football trade opinions
  264. Who to start?
  265. WR issue?
  266. Tony Reali Fantasy Football Column
  267. Trade proposal?
  268. Are any of these a better play than Justin Fargas?
  269. Cotchery not playing this weekend
  270. Ok so my team just changed! whatcha think!
  271. Who will win??
  272. Darren sproles vs. KC or Steve slaton vs. SF
  273. What do you think of Jets backup RB Greene?
  274. Who should I drop on my team P. Garcon or J. Morgan
  275. FA drop Question
  276. Thoughts about playing a WR/TE when the guy you are playing has there QB???
  277. Should I trade Andre Johnson....
  278. Need a QB for 1 week!
  279. More Starting Dilemmas! Help!
  280. Thoughts on this trade offer
  281. I need a fantasy football suggestion.....
  282. Blockbuster Deal... Good or Bad???
  283. who to start...
  284. Who to play Cotchery, or A. Collie
  285. Shonn Greene or Jammal Charles
  286. Who to go with: McCoy or Charles?
  287. I have 4 good RB's but need to pick 3 to start
  288. Whatdya think of this trade offer?
  289. where do you get your ff info from
  290. Need some input: Who's the biggest draft flop?
  291. What to do with Frank Gore?
  292. Need help with who to start out of 3 good backs....please help
  293. Do I Dare?
  294. JStew and Dwill Kill me!!!
  295. my team stunk this week.
  296. I lost my TE O. Danniels for the season
  297. Official Thread of all Fantasy Football!!!
  298. I hate Reggie Wayne
  299. Will there be a R. Moats RB Texas craze?
  300. week 9 RB problems
  301. Week 9 RB problem
  302. TE who is better B. Watson or F. Davis
  303. Has anyone seen that Lions may go to 2 RB system
  304. Has anyone looked at this other website for football info.
  305. Need FF Advice
  306. RB J. Forsett Sea ??
  307. what qb should i start this week???
  308. What should I do with Steve Slaton?
  309. What to do, what to do...
  310. Whatdya think about this trade proposal?
  311. Where's the GB Fans? Fantasy Question ...
  312. Just made a blockbuster trade-how did I do?
  313. trade offer need your help should I do it or not
  314. who should I start TE F. Davis or WR A. Collie
  315. Would you make this trade?
  316. Boldin at less than 100% or Mike wallace?
  317. Quick WR help: Coles or Knox?
  318. M. Turner was a monster this week
  319. Week 10 who to start WR
  320. Matt Ryan or Carson Palmer Week 10?
  321. Percy Harvin or Johnny Knox?
  322. If you were me ....
  323. Help me pick my RBs and WRS
  324. who to start cotchery or D. Bowe
  325. Just made another trade how did I do?
  326. BOGUS Trade Alert - Opinions Welcome!
  327. Flacco against CLE or Rodgers against DAL?
  328. Is it time to drop Westbrook??
  329. Huge hit this weekend
  330. In honor of MJD going down at the 1, lets here some of your bogus Win/Loss stories.
  331. Ever Wonder what players want to say to their fantasy owners?
  332. Who plays better RB Snelling, or RB Forsett
  333. WR help
  334. How many players on your team have been hurt or out
  335. Thinking about playing RB F. Jackson good/bad move
  336. B-Marsh or Megatron?
  337. Need Iuput
  338. I'm perplexed...a little help w/QBs?
  339. Can't decide who to start at flex this week...help
  340. What are your thoughts on B. Scott RB Cin. vs Oak
  341. WR help for this week!!
  342. QB Quandry
  343. Would this be a fair trade I trade Cotchery for RB B. Jacobs
  344. Lineup help needed!
  345. Need to start ONE out of these 5 guys! Please help!
  346. Mike Bell, McFadden or Felix Jones in flex spot???
  347. thoughts on this trade offer?
  348. Help me pick some RBs? I'll give you a cookie!
  349. Anybody else still alive in the ESPN Eliminator Challenge?
  350. Anybody Else Having A Season Like Mine?
  351. Danny Ware RB Giants, Do you think he will be a good fill in this week
  352. Fantasy Help!!!!
  353. Starting help !!!!!
  354. If Turner, and B. Scott play should I sit Cotchery?
  355. Any STL fans know the deal with SJax this weekend?
  356. Big Decisions! Need to start 4 of these
  357. Week 13 who to start P. Harvin or J. Cotchery
  358. Week 13 who to start TE Z. Miller or F. Davis
  359. I totally have no idea who to start.
  360. What do you need to make the playoffs?
  361. Fantasy RB Help
  362. ESPN tv just said to play WR P. Garcon (Should I?)
  363. WR Help
  364. Need some rb advise
  365. Saints D should get the TD but Yahoo isn't showing it?
  366. Who's killing (killed) your playoff hopes?
  367. Have you ever decided to TANK your team to get better position for next years draft?
  368. Would RB F. Jackson be a good play this week VS KC
  369. WHo should I start at RB
  370. Help me in my push to a playoff spot! RB Question
  371. Pushing for first round bye what do you think of this matchup
  372. rb poser for this week
  373. Need a 3rd WR
  374. Its playoffs and my team blew up big time!
  375. I WISH I didn't have a bye this week!
  376. Playoffs who to start WR
  377. Who to play, who to play?!
  378. Who wins this matchup (team vs team?)
  379. Week 1 of Playoffs...who do I start?!?!?!?!?
  380. WR help
  381. C. Palmer or M. Cassell
  382. Another WR question? I don't know what to do.
  383. Lackluster RB who to start?
  384. Will Addia play the whole game this week?
  385. Week 15 Wr Thoughts Need.
  386. Starting 3 out of 4 RB's
  387. Colts--Running back help
  388. Jags vs. Colts. What effect does it have for your team??
  389. FF Discussion topic - Stat changes screw you over?
  390. Playoffs Week 1
  391. Brady or McNabb
  392. Will I make it to the Championship Game?
  393. Here we go baby!! Championship Game!!!
  394. How many Championship Games did you make?
  395. Gimme some Championship Game advice?
  396. Cassell, Palmer, or Ryan
  397. Championship Game Advice, please....
  398. Semi-Finals Roster whatya Think?
  399. My Fantasy Championship matchup. Opinions wanted
  400. Anyone else get really annoyed while watching yesterdays game??
  401. In the championship game...
  402. What do you need from MNF?
  403. Week 17 FF Help!!!
  404. Anyone else want to sulk with me after a heartbreaking loss??
  405. Think Strasburg will be in Yahoo! Fantasy player pool?
  406. Who wants to talk fantasy football with me
  407. SCF Fantasy Football League
  408. Okay, it was just a mock draft, but opinions welcome~
  409. Keeper question...
  410. Need some keeper Opinions
  411. 2 Teams, which one is to your liking?
  412. 2010 Fantasy League ESPN FREE Join NOW!
  413. I'm looking to join competitive yahoosports of cbssports fantasy football leagues
  414. Yahoo Fantasy Football League.
  415. Looking for an active ESPN league
  416. SCF Fantasy League
  417. Draft strategy thoughts
  418. Anyone wanna join my Yahoo fantasy Football League FREE!!
  419. **SCF Fantasy League Official Chat Thread**
  420. Check Out My Draft - It's Insane
  421. My first fantasy team of the year...
  422. 1st team of the year...my strangest ever...rate it
  423. Trade help...
  424. Grade my Draft please !!
  425. My first auction team...thoughts?
  426. Rate my Fantasy team!
  427. Vincent Jackson???
  428. Almost had my perfect draft for the last (#12) pick
  429. Yahoo free fantasy football league!! DEFENSIVE PLAYERS ONLY!
  430. If the Top 7 Are gone? Who do you draft?
  431. Another "Rate my team"...whatdyathink?
  432. Rate my SCfroum Fantasy Team
  433. First draft of the season (pick 10 out of 12)
  434. Bonus Pts awarded?
  435. Rate my team
  436. Who to keep??
  437. Anybody need another league? Unique line-up
  438. Need Active people for League Espn
  439. ESPN.com SCF Fantasy Football 2010
  440. Custom Yahoo League open to SCF members
  441. 12th pick in the draft. Which way do I go?
  442. Wes Welker or Steve Smith? (Trade Proposal)
  443. anybody want to join a espn fantasy league with me?
  444. Draft is finished - Lmk how I did
  445. Rate my team plz! Offense AND Defense!
  446. Steven Jackson for Michael Turner?
  447. Holy Moley! Am I seeing things or...
  448. What do you think of my team?
  449. Anyone Have A Spot For Me In A Yahoo League?
  450. Looking for a spot in a money league
  451. First draft of 2010 - 10 team league - Rate it!
  452. What are your fantasy team names?
  453. Rate my team!
  454. Ridiculous trade offers?
  455. Rate my team
  456. Number 1 pick!
  457. Just looking for opinions on #3 Pick - R. Rice or MJD?
  458. My fantasy team!!!
  459. My 2010 Fantasy Team
  460. Risky Fantasy Team? I think so.
  461. Thought's on my fantasy team?
  462. I need 2 bad mama jamas...you man enough?
  463. Calling a foul Yahoo. & my team
  464. C'mon folks - I need 2 owners - DRAFT TONIGHT!!
  465. Fantasy draft last night, how did I do??
  466. Had 1st draft last night 12 Team league
  467. Draft Help... Tough Selection, expert advice needed
  468. My first ever fantasy draft, how did I do?
  469. Fantasy Question.. Do I make this trade
  470. Fantasy pick question
  471. My $$ League draft took place today...opinions!
  472. Is my team good?
  473. How is my team?
  474. Big $$$ Draft done, how's my team?
  475. Second $$$ league - 12 teams - Rate it!
  476. My FF team...
  477. Rate the Teams in this fantasy football league
  478. Seeings as everyone else is doing it, heres my fantasy squad
  479. How do you like this trade?
  480. What trade would you make to get a good WR?
  481. Had my big fantasy draft. What do you think?
  482. My FF Team Spot #3 - Thoughts?
  483. Here is my Fantasy Football team
  484. I know it's over a week away, but help me sort out my starters
  485. My first fantasy draft of the year
  486. First IDP draft...how did I do?
  487. Need 4 for live draft this Saturday at 3 PM EST on ESPN
  488. Trying a new league format...the Ultimate Fantasy...you want in?
  489. Lets see some feedback for my draft
  490. what 2 rb's would u start?
  491. What do you think about this draft/team?
  492. Last Roster Spot: Louis Murphy or Jacoby Jones?
  493. Who get sthe better of this trade?
  494. Question about my auto pick team
  495. What can I do to improve my team?
  496. My other FF team.....
  497. My second team!!!
  498. Draft today at 3PM EST, have 7, need at least one more!
  499. Who to start in week 1?
  500. need 4 more teams for a draft tommorow
  501. Just need 2 more fantasy players!!!
  502. Need help on Week 1 starters!!!
  503. anyone have any more open spots for fantasy fball
  504. Small Money Fantasy Draft Results
  505. Big Money League!! 10 teams - Rate my team
  506. Fantasy Football League - 12 Team - H2H Scoring
  507. TE help
  508. Check out my team
  509. Just Drafted My Big Money League Team - What do you think???
  510. Football Pick Em Pool - Anyone interested?
  511. Family Football League: How'd I do?
  512. First ever fantasy team.. Help
  513. First draft of the season, How'd I do?
  514. Another Roster LMK what you think
  515. Larry Fitzgerald Fantasy Value - Kurt Warner + DA
  516. Rate my only FF team of the season
  517. MSW or Crabtree and Romo or Rivers?
  518. ESPN 20 team draft results
  519. Week 1: Favre or Flacco
  520. Which RB To Start Week 1
  521. I need RB starter help
  522. Which RB do i sit this week??
  523. Flacco/Stafford/McNabb??? Who to start Week 1
  524. Big Money Draft Results
  525. ESPN 10 Person Standard Rules League - SCF ONLY
  526. Looking for some RB/Flex help
  527. Who to play as Running Back-Fantasy
  528. Time for the first fantasy rant of the year...yes, already
  529. What a start!
  530. Which 2 RB's To Start For Week 2??
  531. Thoughts on a trade offer?
  532. Trade opinions needed
  533. Flex Player for this week
  534. Tough Flex Spot
  535. Who gets the better end of this trade?
  536. RB advice
  537. Who got the better end of this trade?
  538. Brandon Jackson or Lesean McCoy for flex option?? RB number 3
  539. how's my team??
  540. Brady or Vick
  541. Flex position help please
  542. LOL might be a good problem to have, but I wish I could get it right!!
  543. Trade Andre? (crazy talk right?)
  544. Anyone play in an actual competative 14 team league??
  545. Need Help on a trade! Quick please!
  546. Last time! trade help needed please!
  547. 5 player trade
  548. Week 3 QB Dilemma: Flacco or Favre?
  549. for you fantasy player
  550. Idiot fantasy trade rant
  551. Week 3: Which 2 Wr's & 1 RB??
  552. Week 3 WR & RB decisions! Help!!!
  553. Help!!! Who to start in week 3?
  554. Who should be my RBs and WRs for week 3?
  555. Looking for a little advice
  556. Who should I start this weekend??????
  557. Somemore help this week guys please
  558. mike tolbert or tim hightower
  559. NFL.com Fantasy draft in 20 mins
  560. trade help
  561. Do I statr Anquan Boldin?
  562. Help with RB starter
  563. Need a little RB help
  564. Need Help Fast!
  565. Quick RB help!!!!!!!!!
  566. Schaub or Vick??
  567. Who woulda thought......
  568. Do I accept this trade?
  569. Need a D for 1 week
  570. Fred Jackson?
  571. Need some RB advise for this week (week 5)
  572. Felix Jones or Louis Murphy?
  573. Who to start? Beanie Wells or Michael Bush?
  574. Flacco or brees
  575. Time to make a few moves but who???
  576. Who should I drop in fantasy to pick up a Defense, my Defense is on a bye???
  577. Sanchez or McNabb
  578. Week 6 WR's - Who would you choose and why?
  579. You gotta see this team....
  580. What do you think of this trade?
  581. Schaub or Big Ben
  582. Need some FLEX opinions. Calvin Johnson or Brandon Jackson
  583. Greg Jennings or Mike Willams?
  584. Was it dumb to trade Dwayne Bowe??
  585. Trade opinions needed
  586. Need starting QB help ASAP
  587. Need some WR help!
  588. B Jackson vs min or J Stewart vs SF
  589. The Cleveland Browns?!?!?!
  590. Am I going to win the 1st Place tie breaker tonight?!
  591. Will I win tonight?
  592. Some Help: QB and RB maybe DST
  593. Who would you start?
  594. A little trade help please!
  595. Would You Make This Trade?
  596. Who to keep for the season?
  597. Fantasy Start Question
  598. Thoughts on a couple of trades
  599. Thoughts on a RB start???
  600. Are any of these good pick ups over Best?
  601. Three trades this week and one add/drop. Which roster do you like best?
  602. Which bye week QB fill-in should I roll with?
  603. Trade Deadline Day - Evaluate this trade
  604. Can I vent?
  605. Early QB Help For Week
  606. RB starter help
  607. Need a little rb advise
  608. Need some advise Miles Austin or Dez Bryant or LT this week????
  609. Winslow or Pettigrew?
  610. Fantasy Trade Deadline Help!
  611. Need To Start One Of These WRs. Which One?
  612. UGGGGH.....Do I start Orton vs. STL or Roethlisberger at BUF this week???
  613. UGH!!! Who else lost Frank Gore?
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  623. barely made playoffs!! who do i start? depending on you guys lol
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  777. well i lost...need some help though ;)
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