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  1. Member Photo Thread
  2. Which movie did you just watch?
  3. What did you just eat/drink?
  4. SCF Recruitment Zone - Banners, Fliers, etc
  5. Post Your Gamer Tags Here
  6. Happy BDAY to Carried
  7. Happy BDAY to CarrieO1
  8. happy BDAY to VladLevinsky
  9. Happy BDAY to SLPNTZ420
  10. Happy BDAY to Marshall Racing
  11. Happy BDAY to thekingpin
  12. Happy BDAY to jeet_yanks_2
  13. Scrowe80
  14. midnight_show
  15. xposipx
  16. 7/13/2010 Birthdays!
  17. 7/14/2010 Birthdays!
  18. paigow1
  19. dpono22
  20. arkaneinc
  21. hexthem4n
  22. ponyboy
  23. willnbeebs
  24. MrMojoRisin71
  25. jdio13
  26. Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA)
  27. gratzi
  28. softballa04
  29. DaveS
  30. -udx-
  31. ramman
  32. cspears22
  33. yankeefan1988
  34. Frantiic
  35. xfavre4lifex
  36. CrawfordFan13
  37. 3dalesrfan3
  38. sales6160
  39. redzfan11
  40. m-flo
  41. mdw260
  42. Chiefs Fan
  43. coendp
  44. champ1985
  45. BullsFan23
  46. nburton23
  47. DeWittFootball20
  48. kahnefan9
  49. fdgowin
  50. pa43fan
  51. Big Ben Fan
  52. twinsfan48
  53. Puckfrmcali
  54. qwas
  55. brosenjill
  56. Moleman727
  57. BettisCollector
  58. ajp2745
  59. gtdavelo
  60. wdwain
  61. markcw
  62. Olivertoxxin
  63. Spencer2986
  64. Samuwry7
  65. My 1st Grandchild Born Saturday 8-7-10!
  66. Big day !!! Birthday
  67. September 3rd.. NYFANCAM01'S 21st Birthday!!!
  68. Happy birthday to: (March 8th)
  69. new baby girl!!
  70. it's my birthday!
  71. My 1st Grandchild Born Saturday 8-7-10!
  72. b-day
  73. Happy 236th Bithday US Marine Corps
  74. RIP Dad- Thanks for everything
  75. READ: Improper Use of Profile Information
  76. mother-in-law
  77. Garage Sale Hunting! Tips, Hints and Advice
  78. Love you Pop!
  79. Tornado Relief Fund
  80. Count Up/Down Game
  81. RIP, Gage!!!
  82. Help Ethan go to Switzerland!!!
  83. SCF Memes
  84. RIP, Grandma!!!
  85. RIP Leftyshan
  86. Help My Students With One Simple Click
  87. b-day
  88. SCF Involvement with Charities?
  89. Local High School Baseball Teams Equipment Stolen
  90. Holloween
  91. Movember! It's Mo Time!
  92. Sea Shepherd
  93. 12/12/12
  94. Do you remember the 80's thread
  95. Cool Album Covers
  96. Official survivor caramoan thread
  97. What is in your cd player or Ipod?
  98. Great sports pics
  99. First look: 2013 Stars Wars Galactic Files Series 2
  100. New Zealand man catches record 42 pound brown trout
  101. For all of you who like Streakers and Sports
  102. Maybe I should emmigrate...
  103. Who uses Listia?
  104. Quality "Back Home" Music! Come check this out!
  105. My other hobby
  106. Any NES gamers?
  107. Hello, tin-foil, eh. A re-Think
  108. Who has Skype?
  109. Anybody play Modern Warfare 3 on xbox live?
  110. Any car stereo guys out there?
  111. Top 50 Singles (May 18, 2013)
  112. Fishing guide catches own monster wels catfish
  113. 32 Years Ago Today - Some Of The Music Died Forever, But The Lion Is Remembered.
  114. Hong Kong's 50 foot giant rubber ducky
  115. Georgia Man Offering His Coca-Cola Recipe for $5 million
  116. Friend issues. Any advice?
  117. German angler breaks world record for largest cod ever caught at 103 pounds
  118. Whos got youtube!!!!
  119. Where can I buy the cheapest Silver?
  120. What are you reading?
  121. whats on netflix??
  122. was in ER today...vertigo diagnosis
  123. Ebay and taxes on my bank account
  124. My new card project - I need a help from USA passionate collectors
  125. Hunter uses bare hand to catch flying quail
  126. Let's play a game..predict top 5 MLB Draft Pick and win!
  127. Enhancing photos
  128. Giant ‘frankenfish’ caught in Virginia may be biggest ever
  129. Studio to comb N.M. landfill for bad Atari games
  130. Who is a computer expert?
  131. How do I print a postage label from USPS from a trade mde here?
  132. Any other single malt scotch appreciators out there?
  133. What kind of investments do you got going?
  134. Golf tournament with surprise former NFL star!
  135. My abstract artwork.
  136. How do I UPDATE my Mailing Address here?
  137. Anaheim CA
  138. What are you drinking? Adult Beverage Edition
  139. James Gandolfini has died of a heart attack
  140. Draftday
  141. Men's Wearhouse ousts founder, pitchman Zimmer
  142. Are you ready for Myspace 3.0?
  143. Martial Arts?
  144. My dog Sullivan
  145. Enjoy Doggy heaven Monroe.
  146. America's Worst Charities
  147. Catfish
  148. Best / Favorite Beer
  149. Anyone good with computers? Quick Question!
  150. Facebook 'upset and embarrassed' after bug exposed users' contact information
  151. Hernandez - Arrested & Charged With Murder. Patriots Get Rid Of Him
  152. Madden 13 Highlight Vid
  153. Hey Guys Ima Bee Gone From Saturday To Thursday
  154. What's some good basketball shoes?
  155. Breaking Amish stars make over
  156. Do you remember the 90s thread
  157. Fireworks
  158. Happy July 4th Everyone
  159. Post some of your favorite Movie/TV quotes!!!!
  160. Anybody playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out?
  161. Banned members
  162. Completely OT- My 1st Grandson is born today!!!!!!
  163. am i the only one on here that the enter button doesnt work
  164. Is anyone good with html, specifically tables?
  165. Actor Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson on Glee) Dies at 31
  166. American 100-meter record holder Tyson Gay tests positive for banned substance
  167. $120 White Tee
  168. Why the U.S. should never go to one man crews on trains
  169. Question About Penny Stocks. Anyone Ever Deal With Them?
  170. Your job, your likes, and your gripes
  171. Obamcare Data Hub
  172. Today In the World, It Is International Hot-Dog Day
  173. Anyone Collect Old Metal Trains?
  174. Quick question
  175. Which Browser do you use
  176. is there better option the photobucket????
  177. Overdue library book returned to Kentucky college 150 YEARS after it was checked out
  178. Random thoughts
  179. More than 100,000 people want to fly to Mars in 2022 - and never come back
  180. Breaking bad final season thread
  181. Whats The best Thing About going to the beach Poll
  182. Huge night for men's softball team tonite(Thur)
  183. What apps do you use on your smartphone/tablet
  184. First look: James Bond Autographs & Relics Trading Cards
  185. Fisherman catches a 513 pound Halibut smashing the world record
  186. Ben Affleck Is the New Batman
  187. Man named Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop facing 5 years in prison on drugs charges
  188. A New, Fun Idea!
  189. Clan Johnston/e here
  190. 50 Shades of Grey cast set SOA star
  191. First Look: 2013 Topps 75th anniversary
  192. Rare Pokemon card attracts record-breaking $50k offers on eBay
  193. Local high school football player suffers severe concussion!!
  194. College Decision Help?
  195. Awesome experience for a friend of mine...who says being a server stinks?
  196. side project for work
  197. I'm mad
  198. May have spare ticket to GB/MIN Oct 27
  199. You Know What Today Is? C'mon - Do You Know What Today Is? Yes You Do
  200. Parents Of The Year Award - Some Decent Parenting Going On Here
  201. Paypal Scam? Someone seen anything like this?
  202. Asked the most importent question of my life last night
  203. I need a huge favor from someone
  204. Issues with PayPal
  205. Cryptozoic picks up Supernatural, Arrow, Scandal and Adventure Time licenses
  206. My morning rant.....
  207. New $100 bills could be worth up to $15,000
  208. QUESTION how do I post pictures on here of my collection?
  209. Touchdown!
  210. America's oldest settler? Pilgrim planted tree is still going strong afte 383 years
  211. I need Cuban Born Baseball Player cards
  212. Author Tom Clancy dies at age 66
  213. Random rant of the Day
  214. China causes cat cuteness overload with fluffy kitten Snoopybabe
  215. Bigfoot is REAL! Well, see for yourself....
  216. Which commercial is irritating you the most
  217. First-Generation iPhones Are Now Collector's Items Worth Thousands
  218. Anyone remeber this poem
  219. Anyone going to MIN/GB game? We are!! Maybe we can meet if you go!!!
  220. Fedex Smartpost
  221. Old safe given up for scrap filled with $2.5 million in gold & silver coins
  222. What's your take on the skittles commercial
  223. funny video watch
  224. Gerber baby photo contest
  225. Tiny figurine found in attic that was made by Faberge sells for $5.2 million
  226. I love chicken
  227. Question for Boxing fans.
  228. If your sending out xmas cards think of this please
  229. Mother defends her son's KKK Halloween costume
  230. Scientists accidentally kill a 507 year old shellfish, the world's oldest creature
  231. Jean-Claude Van Damme splits between moving Volvo semis, awesomely
  232. Batkid saves the day
  233. Can someone answer some basic questions about an Xbox?
  234. Emilia the pink lamborghini girl
  235. What is a good phone and provider?
  236. Rare albino wels catfish believed to be world record
  237. Weird items that sell well on eBay
  238. Who does health supplements?
  239. Bitcoins pass the $1000 mark
  240. Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker Dies In A Car Crash
  241. I need exercising & weight lifting tips
  242. A College Kid Made More Than $24,000 Just by Waving This Sign on ESPN
  243. How do I create a postage label on USPS.com?
  244. Movies that don't stand the test of time.
  245. Hard to believe.
  246. Clone versions of John Lennon & Elvis Presley will exist by 2040 says dentist
  247. Kind of a weird subject but this Video inspired me after my heart surgery!!!!
  248. 2 Packer trips this yr(pics included). Also have Christmas cards ready...want one?
  249. Card Cash
  250. Former stray cat lovingly guides blind dog
  251. X-mas
  252. Dyslexia
  253. Nirvana, KISS, and Peter Gabriel to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  254. Any Floridans? Good chance I'm going to Orlando.
  255. Wonderlic test
  256. Duck Dynasty Star Suspended Over Comments About Homosexuals
  257. George Zimmerman is a shiller
  258. Whoa !!!!
  259. Intelligence discussion
  260. Something from the video archives.
  261. Blowoutcards tribulation - oh the irony
  262. baseball dream
  263. United States postal rates going up
  264. Any Farmers?
  265. Wrote a baseball book! For sale now with great prizes!
  266. Your other hobbies/interests
  267. United States pay map for teachers
  268. I won a bet with my wife
  269. Early US bank notes found in drawer to sell for $5.7 million
  270. Opening acts better than main band.
  271. New years
  272. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air star James 'Uncle Phil' Avery dies aged 65
  273. Gary's song of the moment 1/1/14
  274. u.f.o's over califonia
  275. How cold is it where you are right now?
  276. UFO'S and politicians
  277. I need webite help, recommendations...which is best?
  278. Seventy-five Canadians make the first cut for one-way trip to Mars
  279. This Made I Larf
  280. Sex Sent me To The ER!
  281. Actor Russell Johnson who played the Professor on Gilligan's Island dies at 89
  282. One of the rarest NES games in the world just landed on eBay
  283. SCF reminiscing - thread for 8+ year vets
  284. Greatest song cover ever
  285. Iconic folk music crooner and activist Pete Seeger dies at age 94
  286. Block this eBay buyer immediately
  287. Philip Seymour Hoffman dead @ 46
  288. Congratulations seattle
  289. Just a great sim/gamer memorial video
  290. I'm thinking of moving to Charlotte, North Carolina - need help
  291. Subway to remove yoga mat chemical from its sandwiches after health complaints
  292. I need feedback for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  293. So what is the best way to protect your $?
  294. Crowbar Oz Card Trader
  295. De La Soul's entite music catalog available for free from their site
  296. Kate Upton poses in zero gravity conditions wearing a tiny gold bikini for SI
  297. Down syndrome kid scores 14 points in 2 minutes
  298. Arizona toddler with 160 IQ admitted to Mensa
  299. Artist Directory and Gallery
  300. Ghostbusters actor Harold Ramis dies at age 69
  301. Acetaminophen Use in Pregnancy Linked to Risk of ADHD
  302. California couple strikes gold after finding $10 million of 19th century coins
  303. Want to deal cards and are near Columbia,SC?
  304. May I try this
  305. Post office problem
  306. Moving to Charlotte, NC area....point me around
  307. Coming Back Strong!!!
  308. How do you test this for a fish tank......Marineland canister filter
  309. anyone on scf mine cryptocurrency?
  310. What happened to the missing Malaysian jetliner?
  311. Need help asap on card price.
  312. Lady Gaga's charity took in $2 million but paid out just $5000 in 2012
  313. Tshirts...cheapest place?
  314. Asking For Help
  315. this a scam?
  316. Happiness Report - The World's 10 Happiest Countries
  317. SCF Memes
  318. This question is for the Men.
  319. [img] code off
  320. Oderus Urungus dead
  321. Went To Chicago Concert Saturday Evening
  322. Do you remember the70's thread
  323. Does anyone know what kind of Tablet PC this is?
  324. Bands that have overstayed their welcome.
  325. Poisoning from e-cigarettes on the rise
  326. Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney dies at age 93
  327. WWE Ultimate Warrior - Dead At 54
  328. It Was Just A Matter Of Time
  329. Stephen Colbert named to replace Letterman as new host of The Late Show
  330. Great live performances
  331. Anybody playing Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff?
  332. My New youtube vid from tkd tournament!
  333. What should I do with this eBayer?
  334. New Toys
  335. Game Of Thrones
  336. my mom what a shock
  337. Natural herbs
  338. Is this the worst Wheel of Fortune player of all time?
  339. Lenovo Laptops
  340. Pay-pal??
  341. Any Artist want to make a few bucks? paypal? cardcash?Cards? cash?
  342. Star Wars VII cast announced
  343. America v Australia
  344. Should I stay (in Georgia), or should I go?
  345. USA Execution Graph Timeline - By Means, By Date
  346. Anyone buying the WWE Network and need a referral?
  347. Problems charging my android smart phone
  348. Man behind Tony the Tiger's voice dies of esophageal cancer at 64
  349. Actual Panini Customer Service?
  350. Any Financial planners as members?
  351. Beyonce's sister beats up Jaz Z in an elevator
  352. Would you want to relive 10th grade? A 31-year-old fools school and do-gooders for si
  353. Commercials that irritate you the most.
  354. Softball started Thur night...defending 14 straight league titles!!
  355. Let's talk about the old AOL chat boards and rooms
  356. Need help with logo design
  357. What kind of picture helps you when buying lower end cards on eBay?
  358. Men's Softball...Week 2
  359. Have a great Memorial Day and think of those
  360. Useless fact....ANSWER:31,536,000
  361. Poet Maya Angelou dead at age 86
  362. Toddler badly burned by police device during Georgia drug raid
  363. Men's Softball...WEEK 3
  364. Discount traveling
  365. Brady Bunch housekeeper Ann B Davis dies at age 88
  366. Do you have what it takes to work at ESPN? Sports test given to applicants leaked
  367. Social Security....LIARS!!!
  368. Quebec Passes Landmark Dying With Dignity Bill Today
  369. How to get rid of/kill June Bugs?
  370. Post your sports card website
  371. Laptop help please
  372. Radio legend Casey Kasem dies aged 82
  373. anyone own/drive mid 2000's subaru outback?
  374. Need help buying a used vehicle
  375. Come see Comedian Gilbert Gottfried live! NJ/NY/Pa
  376. Coming to San Francisco
  377. Ttm
  378. Card show in Charlotte August 9/10th @ Metrolina Expo
  379. so i had a wreck this morning
  380. Laptop help needed
  381. Will your Canon printer/scanner scan without the ink printing cartridges?
  382. Children being forgotten in cars
  383. Parents wish to see terminally ill baby without tubes
  384. Trade rules regarding non-paypal transactions
  385. Living in a firestorm
  386. Word crimes
  387. 32-team salary cap league...which site(s) do I check out?
  388. Cleveland OH
  389. James Garner has passed away at the age of 86
  390. eBay selling strategy?
  391. Canon scanner question
  392. Tips for eBay selling?
  393. Anyone here do custom framing?
  394. Funny out of context comic book panels
  395. Help with tracking
  396. My new hobby
  397. Name about 3 things you do often that you just don't like too much
  398. How do you add a profile picture on this forum?
  399. Movie Recommendations?
  400. What is the most incredible college football play ever?
  401. Can anyone make me a signature?
  402. Robin Williams Found Dead in Possible Suicide
  403. Great videos of all kinds
  404. ATTN: Those on Facebook belonging to sports card groups
  405. Saturday Night Live's legendary announcer Don Pardo dies at 96
  406. What other Hobbies do you have?
  407. Need ideas
  408. I have a favor to ask...can someone help?
  409. pictures
  410. Has anybody bought a jersey from overseas?
  411. Rare copy of Superman comic book fetches $3.2 million on eBay
  412. Oh my?....what have I come across?
  413. Shoutout to Canada!
  414. Fake Cell Phone Towers
  415. Joan Rivers dies at age 81
  416. Check engine light Good or Bad.
  417. Are you in New Jersey and bored? Come see Rich Vos Oct 16th at Stanhope House!
  418. Asperger Syndrome
  419. How can one get a job in the sports card industry
  420. Bad charities/nonprofits
  421. Good charities/non profits
  422. Yea firefighters
  423. Are we allowed to talk guns here? Wanting to purchase .223 AR for HD & Fun
  424. Any Ex-Pats On SCF?
  425. HELP!!! Emailing music files(dumb question)
  426. What would you do about this?
  427. Hilarious signs from around the world that fail to grasp the English language
  428. Fantasy football victory on Fanduel...by a sliver!!
  429. Friend from hometown killed on the scene on I-94
  430. Need some help, easy vote
  431. Old photos show Halloween costumes were much creepier 100 years ago
  432. How do some Leftists keep their blinders on in the midst of obvious terror?
  433. freedom pop
  434. Would you buy a game used wallet?
  435. Our crazy cats.....no love from the sister!!!
  436. Graphic designers I need help with creating an eBay logo
  437. Swear words and groovy user names.
  438. I need general eBay selling help
  439. The best bicycle for me?
  440. MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!
  441. Comedy Show: Judy Gold 1 night only New Jersey
  442. How much is gas in your area?
  443. 23andme Ancestry Tests
  444. Did PETA steal a dog from a family and then kill it?
  445. Is Bill Cosby a serial rapist?
  446. Final Destination In Real Life?
  447. Need some people
  448. Any Clash of Clan players?
  449. Tis the season...a great friend indeed!!
  450. Happy Festivus Everyone
  451. How to use the SCF Chat/AJAX Chat???
  452. Some new music for y'all. Rap/hiphop.
  453. Share your color laser jet printers!
  454. McDonald's food still going strong after sitting for 2 years in a display
  455. At least they got those two gunmen!
  456. Thanks for deleting my post
  457. Idaho man catches a 28 pound rainbow trout
  458. Looking for part time "card sorters" in Columbia SC
  459. Instant replay inventor Tony Verna dies at 81
  460. Need some prayers,please
  461. Looking for Domincan Republic born Baseball player cards
  462. need help
  463. Posting photos
  464. Freeweb page help...
  465. New podcast
  466. Boston & Chicago Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo banned 2 years for doping
  467. Anyone provide help on installing HID conversion H11's on 2013 Silverado?
  468. Terminal boy wants cards and stickers for bday
  469. Jon Stewart announces he is leaving The Daily Show
  470. Man Buys a Rare Watch at Goodwill for $5.99 and Resells It for $35,000
  471. interesting songs youve heard
  472. i'm getting the microsoft/windows tech scam calls
  473. Meet the 33 Americans who are finalists for a one way trip to Mars
  474. New set's
  475. Italian man catches a nearly 9 foot catfish
  476. ESPN suspends Keith Olbermann
  477. Can't find??
  478. Ebay seller threatens to slander my name?
  479. Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy dies at age 83
  480. At a loss.. wanted to move this forward. "Total Fire Loss"
  481. Typing up long list of cards?
  482. Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon dies of colon cancer aged 59
  483. Miller High Life actor found dead at his LA home at the age of 36
  484. Anyone Else Watch Border Security?
  485. High School Baseball - wood bats
  486. PLEASE HELP! JL HD750 Mono amp not providing power/bass to 2 JLT10W3 Flat woofers?
  487. Texas coin collection expected to fetch $220 million at auction
  488. 14 foot 800 pound stingray caught in Thailand
  489. Account activity
  490. Inventor of the Pet Rock dies aged 78
  491. Nashville
  492. Just got notification that someone tried to access my account
  493. error accessing my threads/posts
  494. What sports do you currently play?
  495. American Idol
  496. Gardening while waiting for the 2015 season of Football
  497. WTH (what the heck) is this SCF Ebay Sellers stuff?
  498. B.B. King dies in Las Vegas aged 89
  499. FAO Schwarz's iconic New York toy store is closing