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  1. Card Shops Directory - Let's make a list!
  2. Case Break Talk thread
  3. - 08/09 UD Masterpieces Sketches -
  4. Two "8/9" Kipruso"f"f produced?
  5. Does anyone know Wayne's Sport Cards in Edmonton, Alberta! Lets help out Wayne!
  6. 08-09 Artifacts redemptions??
  7. Crap box of series 2...upper deck strikes again
  8. Champs Mini Info
  9. Age old question........best/worst hockey signatures?
  10. build or sell?
  11. 05-06 ud series 2 question
  12. Habs Inks Insanity
  13. Need Help finding a card!
  14. Wanting to trade for a box...
  15. Steal of the year!!!!!!!
  16. Little BAP Player's Club Platinum 1/1
  17. The funniest sports card ever made???
  18. Pet Peeve
  19. Any Reason to suspect these Gretzky RC?
  20. 24K Parkhurst Patrick Roy 1995 Card
  21. A little perspective!
  22. ITG Superlative Franchise (Leafs version!)
  23. Big un' outta SPA
  24. From the good of UD to the bad.
  25. Best Hockey Base Set for TTM?
  26. Which Card Do I have?....
  27. Anyone Here In Winnipeg???
  28. how much value do you add for a three color patch with stitching?
  29. Al Montoya's first game?
  30. Any one else collect Jordan Staal...lets see those buckets!
  31. Will this work? I need input
  32. Please help me with this Poll
  33. 06-07 Rookie Poll
  34. 08-09 Rookie Poll
  35. SPA,BTP or else???
  36. Wicked Bergeron Patch
  37. Mason. HOLD or SELL
  38. vezina pad / olaf kolzig 2000 bap
  39. SP Authentic
  40. Limited cards
  41. QUestion to you Hockey gurus ....
  42. I'm new to hockey, help me out (if you don't mind)...
  43. Ebay auction - can't find this card in beckett
  44. We Have a Kostitsyn Whale Sighting!
  45. I need members to help provide cards images for SCF promotion video
  46. 07-08 sp authentic Rask
  47. Habs Centennial error?
  48. Sidney Crosby WAL1
  49. how many patches per case in spa
  50. 1992 Score Bobby Orr Auto..is it Real???
  51. Another UD boo boo.........
  52. 2003 Topps Fan Favorites? Any Info?
  53. 08-09 Upper Deck ultimate Preview
  54. McDonalds Mini Helmets
  55. If you charge $15 for shipping, it should NOT take 3 weeks!
  56. Some guys just have the luck.....
  57. What is it worth? HELP!!!
  58. 08-09 Ice Pride Of Canada Inserts
  59. SP Authentic
  60. When you spot your holy grail but know you can't get it...
  61. My all time favorite hockey Topps PACK design!! What's yours??
  62. Luca Sbisa Black Lettermen Redemption?
  63. Best Patrick Roy card in existense?
  64. Come on does anybody really use beckett magazine to trade
  65. anyone have money to lend me?
  66. raptor pm me asap
  67. Question for the experts... (finding cards)
  68. Red back Tiger Woods has been pulled
  69. Yup...another what box to get thread!
  70. Possibly getting rid of one player collection....please help
  71. Best way to ship these??
  72. please give your opinion
  73. 07-08 sp authentic set
  74. 08-09 SPA Marks of Distinction
  75. ICE rookies
  76. UD Exclusives YG??
  77. got to hear this
  78. $100... What would YOU get?
  79. Need Help From You Jersey Hunters!!!
  80. I'm Color Blind with Champs Minis Help Me
  81. 08/09 opc blank backs?
  82. Sanborn Show/Trading Night 4/8/09
  83. anyone else encountered this?
  84. Identical 1/1 cards?!? W'sup!
  85. Jordan Staal Mini Champs Auto Brown Back?
  86. Lemieux rookie question
  87. That 1 card you SHOULD have bought.....
  88. UD Black fans help
  89. Contests
  90. The best card inventory software???
  91. Newb getting back into the hobby-recommendations please
  92. SPa Case break question
  93. International shipping help?
  94. This is the stupidest listing on eBay
  95. UPPER DECK NPN's Lately?
  96. 2008-09 Champs Hockey is a Paleontologists Dream
  97. Ohio Hockey Celebration
  98. PA Card show in May!!! Autograph guests!!
  99. spa 2 stamkos in every box?
  100. Habs Centennial Box
  101. blank triple sott??
  102. Black Diamond Question
  103. Who Are The "Major" Young Guns In UD Series 2?
  104. can you identify this butch goring patch ?
  105. What to do with these cards??
  106. How come no one has bought this Roy 1/1
  107. Crosby SOTT Question...
  108. Calgary card stores
  109. Favorite Box to Bust?
  110. Wow...
  111. What To Buy: 2008-09 Upper Deck Series 1 or Series 2???
  112. Help!!! What to buy
  113. Players you wanted to see in 'newer sets'
  114. Top Ten Defenseman in NHL history..........
  115. Finally!!!!
  116. What is the point of Manufactured patches?
  117. Confusion about Rookie Card designation
  118. 06-07 SPGU Lettermarks... actual nameplates, or manufactured?
  119. Where can I find a list of how many and what cards a single player has??
  120. The Cup 2009
  121. Blues Fans and Experts, Please Weigh In
  122. Just My Thoughts.....(Crosby)
  123. OPC Update Release Date?
  124. Email from UD today
  125. Newsletter on ITG (Plans for the Spring Expol Unveiled).
  126. I can't make the expo need help
  127. Anyone going to any big card shows?
  128. Really need your opinion!
  129. What so I do with this damaged card?
  130. What To Do??
  131. Please Grade my Wayne Gretzky RC
  132. do i have an error card?
  133. best box to buy / best value in return
  134. Hey Fake Patch Police.......MUST SEE
  135. BTP Super Sized Pad Cards
  136. 09 Price SOTT
  137. Thoughts on THIS patch
  138. How do you inventory your cards?
  139. Victory Black ??????
  140. Just ran across a Hockey Collection... Any interest?
  141. Who lays down the best ink
  142. can anyone help me ?
  143. Sports Card Show - Leaside Gardens Toronto April 19th, 2009
  144. Does this look funny to anyone? Or am i missing something lol
  145. how can I get cc???
  146. Any Prince Edward Island collectors here?
  147. SCF staff help
  148. Quad Jersey /Auto Question ?
  149. champs pricing
  150. Artifacts Rookie Redemptions
  151. 78-79 OPC...Biggest 'stache I have ever seen
  152. 08-09 Trilogy??? Need Info
  153. SoCal/Inland Empire Traders?
  154. opc update metal x?
  155. Upper Deck NPN.
  156. Toronto Expo 2009
  157. cheap boxes
  158. Luca Sbisa BD Rookie misprint?
  159. Hit 100 Trades Woohooo!
  160. Book Value Not Always Correct
  161. can someone help me with this - 96/97 pinnacle mint coin card
  162. ITG Announces a "Stimulus" for H&P Update Set
  163. ANY1 have a beckett
  164. can you still get decent hits in retail boxes?
  165. 07-08 MVP Rookie Redemption
  166. Ebay Talk (Do you know what a buyer's premium is?)
  167. Pricing on ud champs
  168. Anyone recommend my next Box Break ?
  169. Card show questions
  170. Pics from the Toronto Card Show - April 19, 2009
  171. Pc whale spotted
  172. A bit out of touch with reality?
  173. Halifax Card Show???
  174. is it just me or is this price nuts
  175. help....quick
  176. help problem trade
  177. Nanaimo Card and Collectables Show May 2nd on Vancouver Island
  178. Fake Ovechkin Cup Rookie!
  179. Mario Lemieux Exclusive Question???
  180. aside from ebay - any other hockey card auction sites out there?
  181. Pack Wars????
  182. another good ebay one: it's staal gu 12/15
  183. Two years for a redemtion? Let's see what Upper Deck has to say......
  184. need some advise
  185. Hockey Cards with Awesome Mustache's!
  186. Is this guy serious?
  187. Help please.
  188. Info on 06-07 Parkhurst dual auto's
  189. Did anyone else redeem Champs fossils?
  190. Steve Mason /99 Spxcitement
  191. Possible Fake Carey Price Auto
  192. Anyone hear anything on Artifacts Wild Red.????
  193. Finding Value...
  194. 08/09 BTP question
  195. Pack wars
  196. How many!
  197. DOES ANY 1 Know prices on these cards????
  198. going to buy some packs tonight - best bang for the buck?
  199. Will UD follow through??????
  200. I seem to always run into the same problem...
  201. looking for 07 08 bap autos and dual autos and triples autos
  202. How has the economy affected your collecting?
  203. Upper Deck at the Toronto Expo
  204. What is the best site for boxes?
  205. Artifacts Redemptions Shipping!
  206. 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee Parallel Guide
  207. 1980-81 topps WAYNE GRETZKY printing error question
  208. Wow! Ud actually emailed back!
  209. Dumb question but I want to know
  210. Mini card show romoeville, il fri-sun (sw of chicago i-55)
  211. Ebay help
  212. who do i ask for a contest
  213. What is this lot worth?
  214. Best Box Value
  215. Need price check for UD Gatorade cards
  216. Question, ALL MY TRADERS LOOK!, Anyone Else
  217. If you had to choose...
  218. I have Mmy 250 points for the BTP redemption does anyone else???
  219. Question about books value
  220. Hockey Card Shops in Montreal area??
  221. Product left to release for 08-09
  222. Does Anyone Know What These 4 Cards Are Worth???
  223. advice on a steve mason yg
  224. help on ebay
  225. Anybody have extra base cards, I need 20,000+
  226. OT: ebay fees
  227. So, Beckett is destroying the hobby...
  228. Good Price for box of 07/08 SP Authentic Hobby?
  229. Ebay seller hattricksports
  230. My last card show
  231. 08/09 Trilogy Set
  232. I Need Some Advice.....any Help Appriciated
  233. why
  234. Why do you collect who you do?
  235. Video of a In Person trade with SCF member.
  236. UD SP Authentic Hockey Has Autograph Appeal
  237. What to Do With My Complete Black Diamond Set?
  238. Ultimate Collection is LIVE!
  239. Are you kidding me? Ebay amazing but true-
  240. The Artifacts RC Redemption checklist is out!!!
  241. 2008-09 Upper Deck Victory Black
  242. champs mini top loaders
  243. Some people
  244. Upper Deck on Facebook
  245. Champs Fossils - Sneak Peak
  246. Ultimate checklist is up
  247. Going on a short vacation!!!
  248. Mark Messier Hall of fame bound
  249. Anywhere to buy packs online?
  250. is this right?? damage?
  251. Good Deal?
  252. New and need help
  253. My UD done me wrong thread
  254. Artifacts Redemption Checklist
  255. Official The Cup Release Date? June?
  256. Who's Going to the Expo?!
  257. Can anyone share thoughts on BTP?
  258. Geting one pack of spa later today
  259. Simeon Varlamov
  260. wow!
  261. Top Loader/Thickness Question
  262. crosby autograph - ebay - what do you think sketchy?
  263. Hey.
  264. I See What's Going On... Champs Fossils :)
  265. Question about Ultimate
  266. Am I beeing paranoid??????
  267. More Champs Mini Auto info from UD Facebook
  268. Ovechkin Autos to Return Soon?
  269. ITG Game Used Peter Stastny 1/1, what's it worth?
  270. Finally!! I'm so excited :)
  271. Somebody as BVG must not like me....
  272. Question about auto INK colors...
  273. Potential OPC Premier Case break
  274. any interest in a BAP Signatures Case break?
  275. Expo 1/1s....What do you think
  276. 2008-09 UD Ice
  277. Giroux
  278. champs mini auto sp list srtaight form ud
  279. ultimate collection patch
  280. Is a card /10 really /10
  281. Champs Hall of Legends GU Question
  282. 2006-07 Flair Showcase
  283. Wow.... Now this is strange
  284. NEW GROUP: NHL Team Traders
  285. Grading question...
  286. WOW, Unreal James Neal Sale
  287. How much
  288. check out these hobby box prices from p.g. b.c.
  289. Lemieux 06-07 Beehive Photographs?
  290. UD Black Diamond or UD Artifact?
  291. New ebay seller needing help
  292. Amazing Opportunity.. Help Me Decide!
  293. Does anyone collect Radulov anymore ?
  294. Vintage Hockey cards
  295. 4 - questions (regarding UD the Cup and protecting my purchases)
  296. Return to sender??
  297. questio about UD champs natural history collection
  298. 07/08 ice redemptions?
  299. Got my first NPN today.
  300. Vanek Collectors
  301. Ice Script
  302. Bizarre auction................
  303. Tradres with SkidDTL -
  304. Shipping cards in bulk
  305. Help
  306. Ud Centennial question
  307. pucks signigns?!?!?
  308. 2009 Montreal Canadiens Centennial Coincidence?
  309. Vbay Card Cash Auctions
  310. Can someone answer this question for me
  311. Upper Deck Question
  312. eBay HALL OF SHAME Lemiex RC NRMT?
  313. Chris Drury Collectors
  314. Anyone Know When 08/09 BAP Comes Out?
  315. Hmm....ITG 1/1? Is this legit?
  316. Case Question
  317. Super glove question
  318. Help please. Cam Neely lettermarks
  319. Auction question... why is this going so high?
  320. Second Chance Offers Minutes after losing Auctions
  321. How do I uploade a tradelist?
  322. 1 OF 1 Shield
  323. OPC Update - Metal vs Metal X
  324. The attack of Newbies!
  325. 07/08 UD Series 2 Question.....HELP!!!!!
  326. Has Anybody Seen A Ryan Stone YG HG or Ice Premiers Auto Patch??
  327. Question About UD Black Zach Bogosian AU/Patch /99
  328. SP Authentic Patch Question
  329. Why we'd rather sell here, not eBay
  330. Toronto Expo - my visit, thoughts, and what did I purchase...
  331. The Cup!
  332. Just finished my SPA Break ... Opinions on next
  333. OPC Update Brings You Up to Speed!
  334. Our week end at th expo
  335. BTP Damaged Cards
  336. More 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee Premier Hockey Scans
  337. Just want to say Thank You to everyone i've dealt with thus far
  338. A big thank you for post 4,500!
  339. artifacts redemption rookies
  340. Damaged Ovy Young Gun Will UD Come Through
  341. starting a new pc collection and would like some opinions
  342. Is there a limit on the length of a trade list?
  343. Question about RCs
  344. The Cup Patch RC question
  345. Are people spending to much?
  346. Wow. Just Wow.
  347. Jordan Staal Press Plate BLACK 2006-07 Artifacts Rookie Redeemed
  348. Steve Mason's hobby potential
  349. Are these players any good? (im a baseball collector so idk)
  350. What do your friends/relatives think of the hobby?
  351. Ebay All-Star!!!!!!!!!!!
  352. what are the best general rookie cards to get of a guy?
  353. Ebay Newbie Question
  354. Sea otter alert!!!
  355. Do any of you use an ebay store?
  356. 500th Post
  357. Cup Black Rainbow Question
  358. The "shipping to canada" topic again
  359. Are you looking to start a new collection?
  360. What's up with Varlamov's Card Pricing ?
  361. The Cup Update
  362. question - 07-08 Fleer Ultra or 08/09 OPC Blaster?
  363. Andrei Kostitsyn Victory Black ?!Price?!
  364. Hockey Card Stores in and around Toronto
  365. Between the Pipes
  366. Off to the show....
  367. Hockey card question
  368. Philly area hobby shops w/ hockey????
  369. The last Sanborn show of the year!
  370. What Retail Blaster Box would you rather have?
  371. Question on UD Legends Blue Brustrokes Auto
  372. Redemption Cards
  373. The Cup Rumor, it this really true??
  374. Become a fan of Upper Deck on Facebook!!
  375. hockey player checklists! where to find
  376. Card shops in Courtenay area?
  377. 08-09 bap rookies 1/1
  378. Who has the biggest Crosby collection?
  379. Need help with a 1999-2000 Topps card
  380. My 17,000,000th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  381. The Cup - rookie/jersey/autos /249 - is it worth it if it's only two colors?
  382. Topps card
  383. Does Anybody Have this card!?!?!?!
  384. ud redemption?
  385. Is there a checklist for OPC Premier yet?
  386. Has Anybody Seen A Ryan Stone YG HG or Ice Premiers Auto Patch??
  387. A selfish hobby
  388. Dried out and Wrinkled up
  389. 07/08 BTP Point Redemption cards
  390. 08-09 Victory Black
  391. Who is in your PC these days
  392. What can I do to increase the chance?...
  393. Remember when a jersey was enough?
  394. Who to Collect?
  395. Odd Shipping Practices
  396. question about 08-09 be a player
  397. Bring some cheese for my Whine hehe!
  398. Redemptions Questions
  399. Question on Book Values and Sell Values
  400. Cool.. One Year!
  401. SCF Hockey Base Exchange Group
  402. check out this ebayer - he's bidding on one of my cards - eek
  403. Is this fair? Help please!
  404. Epic Fail
  405. This DOESNT make sense
  406. As I reach 100 trades on SCF
  407. Pittsburgh xxxi spring classic national sports card & memorabilia show
  408. Do you guys think I overpaid for this?
  409. Is this Upper Deck’s secret weapon?
  410. Combined shipping on ebay?
  411. Interesting 08-09 SPA SOTT-fives (goalies) on Ebay!
  412. UD too slow with redemptions in stock ?
  413. take a look at this ebay listing 100 for shipping in canada wow
  414. Yea! Finally made the most watched list!
  415. Case Break Talk: 05-06 Products?
  416. How Rare? 99/00 UD Authentics Gretzky AU (Blues uni)
  417. Hmmmmm???
  418. Need help
  419. Crazy thought! If you ran a card company
  420. Artifacts Wild Card redemtions are up!!!!!
  421. What the... Is this allowed?
  422. Anybody in the Montreal Area Going to the Canadiens Equipment Sale?
  423. Want to start collecting again
  424. SCORE Decoder Card? Anyone?
  425. Need help with ITG Superlative
  426. Canadiens Centennial Grand Prizes (yes, plural!)
  427. I will never Understand the Laziness of US eBay Sellers
  428. 08-09 Artifacts Crosby
  429. Kind of card talk.....
  430. Upper Deck DEL cards - Who are these guys???
  431. More Redemptions....When will it end???
  432. Good Deal Or Bad Deal
  433. What would you rather have? Insert or Parallel or Numbered?
  434. Seeking place to buy Swedish League packs/boxes in USA
  435. Bought a couple 08-09 SPA packs
  436. Input on new PC...
  437. What should I do???
  438. Press Plate Question
  439. Anyone heard from Portis???
  440. Question on the best Hockey Insert set there is
  441. BTP Points cards
  442. Crosby Victory Rookie Update
  443. UD reemption Replacement I think i Did Good
  444. what value would you put on a 1/1
  445. Upper Deck is kicking out the new products and info!
  446. Gretzky Retro OPChee Variants
  447. Where can I find Champs mini auto print runs.
  448. 08-09 The Cup-First look...
  449. How Much is BAP in Your Area?
  450. Mike Richards BAP Signature - Why so much?
  451. Displaying the PC
  452. 2005-06 Rookie Update Redemption
  453. hard times
  454. need help on packs
  455. 1997-98 SPX steel and silver - which is which
  456. What Is This!?!?!?!??!
  457. Question about 1990-91 and 1991-92 OPC packs
  458. QUICK Question............
  459. sooooo.... anyone for a $1000 that I can borrow?
  460. Why can't I collect a team in it's entirety?
  461. UD BAP Signature Series Still Brings IT
  462. Pricing Question... looking for input
  463. How can one collect a single player when its like this.....
  464. Emailed UD
  465. Hahahaha - Who will be a fool to get this card????
  466. 03-04 BAP Memorabilia Draft Redemptions
  467. Card Show-Ottawa Civic Center-May 31
  468. Am I missing something in this auction?
  469. Which year should I invest in?!?!
  470. Lost Cards
  471. look at all the 07-08 cup plates
  472. 08-09 BAP Values
  473. Maurice Richard Autos
  474. Whats a "Used Choise Cadr"?
  475. Anyone here feels Evgeni Malkin's cards are ...
  476. Question on 05-06 Frozen Fabrics
  477. I dropped the ball or should I say puck at the local flea mkt
  478. Worst day of my life....
  479. Difference between opc metal and opc metal x
  480. The Official "What the..." Auction Thread
  481. OPC Premier delayed?
  482. Woolly Rhino, woolly Penguin- auctions for Cancer!!
  483. Because OPC Premier got pushed......
  484. What box or boxes to buy? (150-200 to spend)
  485. 08-09 UD Ultimate Rookies: Blue vs Black Autos
  486. Has Sidney Crosby BV fallin?
  487. What box should I buy?
  488. 09/10 UD Black
  489. How do I remove an item off of Ebay?
  490. Gretzky Ultimate 09 Logo Shield has been found
  491. 2009-10 Upper Deck Black Hockey Card Preview
  492. I'm in Beckett!!!
  493. 20 Trade Rating!!!
  494. Question for team collectors
  495. Difference between Metal and Metal X?
  496. Tuff Stuff Wants To Hear About Your "Hobby Horrors"
  497. BAP Rookies /99 and /10?
  498. Question About Trader Rating
  499. Newbie question on Top Loaders
  500. I know its just a matter of opinion but...
  501. Canadian Dollar Surging - Will It Impact Your Buying?
  502. UD mistake - Steve Mason
  503. 07-08 UD Ice Question(Hope I can get some info on this)
  504. Halifax Card Show Today
  505. Can anyone tell me the difference between the OPC metal & the metal X Help!!!
  506. Eric Lindros collection
  507. Wayne Gretzky collection
  508. a rookie pc...which one???
  509. Good for a laugh!
  510. What box should I get?
  511. Which one do you prefer?
  512. 08/09 BAP Beckett Online Pricing Now available
  513. price for the cup in canada
  514. Card shows??
  515. Hockey card store in New York
  516. Full '66 NHL Card collection
  517. Is this auction for a blaster?
  518. OPC Premier this week????
  519. Card Shops in St.Louis
  520. Artifacts Redemptions
  521. New Record for Guy Lapointe Habs Inks SP
  522. The Upper Deck Exclusive - Best thing for the Hockey Card hobby?
  523. Which rookie card to invest in?
  524. No Ovechkin in OPCP/The Cup this year..
  525. Need Help and Tip!!!!
  526. whats a fair trading value for this card?
  527. Need Advice
  528. Kinda sneaky Ebay wording!
  529. 07-08 SPA Sign of the times short prints?
  530. Fake Sticker Autos- A Video Response to SCU
  531. A Huge Thanks to Everybody for Helping Me to the Century Club!
  532. How do you spend Card Cash?
  533. Upper Deck: their unchecklisted cards and issues of integrity in our hobby.
  534. Looking to buy a 08-09 box
  535. Is this fake?
  536. 09-10 Rookies
  537. Champs redemption I need information please
  538. 08-09 UD Legends Masterpieces Auto Set
  539. If a 1/1 card is damaged, does it actually lower the value?
  540. Artifacts Redemptions Shipped
  541. best site to buy signed pucks?
  542. Worst Fake Ever ?
  543. '99 Topps Gold Label question
  544. OPC Premier Checklist is Up!
  545. 2008-09 OPC Premier LIVE!!!
  546. Question about autos
  547. New Beckett pricing...?
  548. Tuff Stuff Needs You...
  549. Best 05/06 Box for value (and Crosby)
  550. Black diamond ruby and gold problem ?
  551. Question about custom cards
  552. Went Fishing, Got a steal of a deal!
  553. What the heck is this?
  554. should i buy 2006/07 MVP?
  555. Opc question
  556. Fake Auto Poll (Leave it up or take it down).
  557. Wow look at the Patches on this 1 of 1
  558. Mini Jersey question
  559. Fake Patch
  560. 2008-09 OPC Update - How do you tell the difference??
  561. Is there really any way to stop patch forgers if.....
  562. Need your opinions here ..
  563. I need a quick answer
  564. 3 more ebay steals! (IMO) pics
  565. Graded card POP report question
  566. $70 for a DiPietro patch?
  567. 1954-55 Ebay Win (HABS FANS COME IN)
  568. Did I get a good deal?
  569. i think i just got a deal on this brunnstrom
  570. Very interesting "thing" on Ebay
  571. Ultimate Collection delivers for UD
  572. Plans for the 09-10 collecting season
  573. Malkin Young Gun Check List??? Wierd..
  574. Is this anything exciting?
  575. 08-09 Artifacts box....good or bad idea?
  576. Paul Stastny Black Diamond JSY error
  577. Update on the unsigned Gagner Ice card
  578. Question - 00/01 Black Diamond Fuhr Pad?
  579. Extremely Easy Way to Identify OPC Gold/Metal/Metal-X
  580. Question about shipping to Canada
  581. Question on SPA FW Patches. Why are some non-existent?
  582. Another case of Dropping the Ball or puck if you will
  583. Another edited card??
  584. 1993 Lemieux..."BUY IT NOW" $30,000??!!
  585. About half my collection (finally)
  586. Show Report: Toronto Card Show 06/07/09
  587. Need Advice
  588. Edmonton need your help
  589. Question about putting these cards on eBay
  590. Let's Play a Game of Spot the Difference
  591. 2001-02 O-Pee-Chee Redemption Card ???
  592. question about 08/09 YG
  593. they really wanted this Brind'Amour
  594. Why even answer a question if you have no clue what the answer is???....
  595. 08/09 the cup!!!!!
  596. 2008-09 The Cup Hockey Card Preview Part 2
  597. A Malkin Young Gun for only $16!
  598. 08/09 btp
  599. My Threads
  600. those who i have traded with
  601. What are your 3 best pulls ever?
  602. Toews and Kane Limited Logo ..... need opinions
  603. Question on 08/09 ICE Brodeur Stanley Cup Foundations
  604. 09-10 Stanley Cup Champs Inserts
  605. Who gained hobby love after the playoffs?
  606. Going for Jordan Staal Super Collector!!!
  607. Viktor TIkhonov Error Card!!!
  608. Anyone have an official list of 08-09 Spx Winning Materials?
  609. Thinking about collecting hockey, need your guy's help though
  610. Anyone interested in a Crosby Cup RC Plate??
  611. how about these Radulov Limited Logos (patches)
  612. didn't know i had this, but wich one is it?00-01 topps gold label class3 lemieux
  613. i think i just sniped another deal - okposo ud black /15
  614. card info help needed
  615. Looks like I got a GREAT deal on my Bogosian Victory Black!
  616. BV Help
  617. 08/09 Upper Deck BE A PLAYER - Rookie Redemption Cards?
  618. Another Big Step For Me In This Hobby... Ordered My First Case!
  619. Fan Pak question
  620. THE definitive hockey card list
  621. DO NOT Pass on this Gretzky Rookie Card
  622. New ITG Superbox - Draft Special!
  623. Just was given an offer to buy a guy out, what do you think?
  624. Wow..and I thought my copy had nice patches...
  625. The Fake Patch-Watch Continues
  626. Real or Fake
  627. I might have to leave my first Negative Feedback on Ebay!
  628. I really need some advice
  629. what should I do?!
  630. Is this a fair deal?
  631. What is your favourite card?
  632. Not sure where to put this but...
  633. Need some advice on which cards to go with...
  634. 08/09 The Cup Patch Archive Fund: Please contribute!
  635. I think my local shop pack searches..
  636. Ack! What do I do?
  637. Not to sure about this one....Take a Peek
  638. 08/09 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Trios Lemieux/Messier/Bourque (/25)
  639. Who believes UD is using fake stuff?
  640. Real or fake "the cup" card?
  641. Who wants to sell my collection?
  642. So is 08/09 The Cup released on July 7th or what????
  643. Hockey Card Database?
  644. What's the best box I can get for $80-130?
  645. UD fails again: Gretzky / Messier Dual Auto Shield
  646. 1974-1975 O Pee Chee Set WHA
  647. Is there anywhere that sells "common" GU cards in bulk?
  648. Is there going to be a Card Show at the Draft? How many card shops are in Montreal?
  649. itg between pipes 1/1 questions?
  650. Want to Buy/Packs Box..which one???
  651. selling a card on the bay question
  652. Sweet Pair of Signature Swatches
  653. 97-98 Black Diamond Premium Cut Quadruple Diamond Horizontal
  654. any ideas for selling singles in Prince George B.C. ...
  655. Victory Black...
  656. Chance of being published in Tuff Stuff
  657. Does this sound like a good plan for buying boxes???
  658. UD Redemptions
  659. DR Evil must be selling this card.
  660. 08/09 UD BLACK 2008 Rookie Letterman Redemptions HELP PLEASE!
  661. Same Player RCs from Different Years
  662. Anyone ever deal with this ebay buyer: hockeybro2q93 ?
  663. Need some Trade Advice..
  664. are there any card shops in Portland,Maine??
  665. Advice for buying online
  666. 07-08 Hot Prospect Hobby vs Retail!?!
  667. Any superstitions out there?
  668. Any insight on what kind of value I should put on this Bobby Hull /25?
  669. anyone trade tunrda tandems toews thorton patces # 10
  670. Wow imagine owning this lot
  671. o pee chee metal and metal x
  672. How to be sure my Mario Lemieux Rc is not a fake?
  673. to funny I had to share!!!
  674. 1 Year anniversary on SCF
  675. Champs mini rookie question
  676. How long has SCF been around?
  677. 98-99 Aurora Front Line Ice Blue /15
  678. 08-09 OPC 79-80 Retro Parallels in OPC Baseball?
  679. 2010 winter classic doubleheader
  680. Upper Deck Inks Special Autograph Appearance by Derick Brassard at this Weekend’s NHL
  681. 08-09 OPC Blank Back
  682. 07/08 Fleer Hot Prospects
  683. Chance to win a box of 08/09 OPC Premier
  684. 08-09 OPC...how do I tell the difference
  685. Interview with Upper Deck
  686. my own craigslist seller story - in light of the baseball card guy
  687. Has anyone else seen this?
  688. UD Replacement Story !
  689. Beckett - keeping track of different coloured inks?
  690. Places to find SP & limited cards?
  691. how do patch color multipliers work?
  692. 2009 NHL Draft - nice event but very small card show
  693. what are some of your best retail pulls
  694. nice bidding war on john tavares victor hedman itg card
  695. love the oldies
  696. Anyone have $50,000.00 ???
  697. Olympic Hockey question
  698. WTT for UDU wrapper codes from Upper Deck Hockey packs.
  699. Need advice on shipping trades fro US to Canada...
  700. Showoff your best patch!
  701. Hahahaha - Who would be so foolish
  702. So...what to do
  703. when is the cup coming out??
  704. gonna get some packs
  705. Is SCF now the #1 Hockey Card Forum on internet?
  706. Stuff getting lost in the mail
  707. What is the difference??
  708. Any Tips for New eBay sellers?
  709. Question for Box/case breakers
  710. Anyone buy from this Ebay seller?
  711. Darn you eBay!!!!!!
  712. 100 trades
  713. Check out this steal (Sabres fans?)
  714. How long do replacements take with UD?
  715. Who did you collect as a kid?
  716. anyone had a good laugh with some trade offers lately?
  717. Please be on the lookout
  718. Wich player still alive are the rarest autograph to find?
  719. Wabt to buy a CASE of hockey cards
  720. Anybody Else's Bucket Undergoing a Major Overhaul?
  721. I am missing something here on this Sakic?
  722. Btp
  723. bv help
  724. is it worth it?
  725. my free july giveaway is up! come pick a slot!
  726. Victory Update Black and Gold BVs?
  727. Ouch... got a Steve Mason YG, but....
  728. Low on traders, what should I break?
  729. a few questions about redemptions
  730. Question on 08/09 Rookie Class Autos
  731. Question about Future Watch Patches
  732. Need Opinions ASAP!
  733. Any card stores in or around Kitchener/Guelph area?
  734. **ebay seller & buyer beware**
  735. Sportkings VIP cards and Redemption Program for the Nationals
  736. Jordan Staal- One of the greatest of all time!
  737. Jonathan Toews- By the Letter
  738. Box
  739. Look at this beauty
  740. If Money was not an issue, what card would you desire/create??
  741. This a fair trade??
  742. Sunday July 12, Sports Card Show @ Leaside Gardens Toronto
  743. I need help !Good Tradebait or no?
  744. Does anyone know how to get Team Bags that fit PSA cards snug?
  745. PWE shipper
  746. Sticker vs. Hard Signed Autographs
  747. need to know when next ottawa card show?
  748. Gaaah, stop taping magnetic holders
  749. question about OPC update
  750. Cup this week or end of the month?????
  751. Bored....
  752. Ottawa Card Shows? Do they exist?
  753. who here collects ITG / BTP emblems/superlative/memorabilia/autos...
  754. looking for this lost/stolen card
  755. Schenn BAP
  756. where to sell common cards?
  757. Unreal eBay auction
  758. Card Stores in Oshawa Ontario
  759. Numbered cards. How far can we go???
  760. 2009-10 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey Card Preview
  761. Artifacts Tundra Tandems
  762. 08 sp authentic
  764. 2009 GOODWIN CHAMPIONS (some hockey).
  765. Help - UD
  766. tundra tandems 5/5 question
  767. Taylor Hall Hobby Love Already
  768. Any news on the cup release date???
  769. Has anyone seen any UD Premier Zetterberg RCs /99, /15 around?
  770. Grading??
  771. Is this an Error???
  772. Help me decide!!!
  773. Incredile Franzen Collection!
  774. Printing Press cards question.
  775. So is anybody interested in the new ITG product??
  776. This one or that one?? and did you ever take the WRONG one?
  777. Question on my box break-DAMAGED
  778. Just your average ebay item that didnt sell
  779. I though I saw it all on Craig's list Idiots but this one is priceless....
  780. Unusual Ice Script
  781. Can anyone tell me if this is Die cut or not?
  782. Question about graded cards
  783. SCF Case Break of The Cup????? Any interest?
  784. Bucket Organizing
  785. Cards for Cancer
  786. 1st UD Redemption Problem
  787. Quick Question...
  788. Ridiculous shipping time
  789. Is the Hockey Card Hobby Healthy?
  790. Player Collectors Poll: What would you hate the least...
  791. Do you guys think this is a good trade?
  792. Good Deal or Not Good Deal??
  793. worst champs blaster box ever!
  794. caulcualte
  795. Is displaying a PC a must have?
  796. What's wrong with KSA?
  797. Need Help to list collection need advice
  798. 07-08 ITG Superlative Famous Fabrics Calder Winners Ray Bourque /9 - trade value?
  799. How do i post up a picture in a thread??
  800. Plastic case to protect holders?
  801. Misprint
  802. Are you part of the movement
  803. 08/09 The Cup Photos
  804. Anybody know anything about UD The Cup?
  805. 200-300$ CAN to spend
  806. Dual card with a twist
  807. /50 ultimate autod???
  808. Economic Crunch has hit Hockey !!!!
  809. Who Is The Most Under-Rated Player In The NHL???
  810. Can someone
  811. The Cup pushed back... delayed again
  812. 99-00 BAP Memorabilia Silver Parallels
  813. Reason behind release delay of 08/09 The Cup .
  814. Advice..
  815. UD Redemptions: Why do they exist?
  816. BTP/H&P Points Selling for Weird Ebay prices?
  817. Imagine an 8 sport auto card
  818. It is a bad day for me
  819. rookie card list
  820. Pet Peeves about the hobby!
  821. UD Redemption Replacement
  822. 03-04 Prism
  823. UD Habs centennial -series 2?
  824. 08 09 bap crosby card
  825. is there an oshie opcp rc?
  826. New Any tips for me
  827. The most entertaining you tube break ever?
  828. Upper Deck can take a page out of Press Pass
  829. 02-03 ud series 1 break?
  830. odd colored jersey swatches?
  831. Count boxes
  832. Ovechkin YG Auto Graded with no Auto? Haha
  833. 2008-09 BAP rookie redemptions
  834. Estimated How Much???
  835. best product of 08/09 (your opinion counts)
  836. Any store owners that sell supplies????
  837. Champs MINI toploaders
  838. Surpassed Noob Status with 20th completed trade!!!
  840. Image sizing
  841. Future watch autos - Urgent
  842. Anyone seen this card...does it exist? lol
  843. UD Masterpiece Original Art For Sale
  844. Desperately Seeking...
  845. ITG - 1972: the Year in Hockey
  846. Packs to the People: The Cup Preview Photos
  847. This could be goodbye
  848. What do you expect from a break?
  849. Is this a good deal???L@@K
  850. Ebay sellers beware!!!!!
  851. What do you think about the Canadiens Centennial Update Checklist ?
  852. Just received my UD ice 08-09 frozen foursome
  853. Pelle Lindbergh ITG
  854. 1000th Post
  855. 2008/09 opc
  856. don't miss this malkin young gun !
  857. 2005/06 Upper Deck Rookie Update Hockey Hobby Box ???
  858. What is a good price to buy a yzerman rc
  859. Check Out This Sick Card!
  860. Need help
  861. Missed Your Auction?? Helpful Resource
  862. What Do You Make of This E-Bayer?
  863. 246 BTP HSHS POINTS I NEED 4 MORE! (how do i ship these things??)
  864. In need of a Becketts...
  865. Info about 08/09 The Cup...
  866. The most of the same card in your PC ?
  867. Just Flippin' the (Big) Bird
  868. ITG 72: Bobby Orr Galore!
  869. Who here lives in the Toronto area?
  870. Let's hear some advice..
  871. Quick Vent
  872. 07/08 Artifacts RC redemption list?
  873. 2009-10 UD Series 1 Hockey Preview
  874. The Big Crosby Auction is Back
  875. which one is more valuable
  876. Darren Helm Auto Question - Blue ink??
  877. Which Card Is the better buy????
  878. What Should I get?????Better Buy
  879. Starting new pc,but who,please help.
  880. Who wins this trade?
  881. Should I go for another BTP HSHS redemption?
  882. ??? Help ???
  883. Case Break discussion... 06-07 Heroes and Prospects
  884. Help needed ASAP
  885. check out this 1/1 opc premier
  886. can't upload photo HELP!!!
  887. Sending cards to PSA?
  888. Black Sidney Crosby auto
  889. 09-10 Rookie Crop - Who Are You Excited to Start Collecting?
  890. Opening a card business.
  891. GOOD OLE' EBAY, at it again
  892. a little update
  893. Checklist for 08/09 SP Authentic Sign of the Times
  894. Someone please help me out!
  895. Which case is the better buy?
  896. Need help
  897. buying a box this friday.. which box?
  898. where were you in '72 case break
  899. McFarlane Centennial 2-Packs Cancelled?
  900. Cards shops in Kingston, ON?
  901. Did i get a couple lucky bidding duels? Opinions please
  902. How does this look??
  903. Anyone know anything about this card?
  904. Quick blast.........money grubbers come on in!
  905. What other trading sites are out there?
  906. Need some box breaking advice
  907. * Packs to the People brings you... More The Cup Pics! *
  908. What to do...
  909. Sports Illustrated 1st Edition
  910. Black Diamond Semin GU
  911. Help Please US Citizens
  912. 08/09 Victory
  913. What one card/box/pack would you buy at the National?
  914. People Going to National
  915. Going to New York next month, what card shops are out there?
  916. People at National...
  917. 08/09 The Cup release date August 6th ????????
  918. Wouldn't this be SWEET to own???
  919. crud ud product
  920. The Cup RC Checklist
  921. 08-09 UD Ice Frozen Fabrics question
  922. Tough decision, opinions needed
  923. my free giveaway for august!
  924. Had Itch, Will Scratch Soon!
  925. Who can get lists of all of one players cards?
  926. Team Collectors Group
  927. Upper deck replacement!!!
  928. What Set Is This Card From?
  929. anyone going to the tronoto expo in nov
  930. My own Craigslist guy - no information !!!
  931. Help!!!!! what to do!!!
  932. Steve Shutt Frozen Fabric Question
  933. QUESTION: which year of BE A PLAYER has a Gretzky AUTO in a St Louis Blues uniform??
  934. 2009/10 victory
  935. How To Spot A Fake 1951 Parkhurst?
  936. Card Shops St. Johns Newfoundland
  937. Card Show
  938. Who has Beckett online?
  939. Gretzky Black Diamond - Is this an error?
  940. Player checklists
  941. Rookie collector contest???????
  942. SP Authentic 06-07 boxes
  943. Hockey By The Letter - Bruins?
  944. UD Black Lettermen RED103
  945. reliable ebay sellers
  946. First for everything =( =( =(
  947. Anyone have $700?
  948. Think I have a chance to be a Super Collector?
  949. 08/09 The Cup Checklist is UP!
  950. Anyone familiar with 97/98 U.D. Ice champions
  951. Base cards
  952. Habs Centennial Collectors - I Need Your Help!
  953. UD did it right here............
  954. Is it inappropriate to post "wannabe" supercollector threads?
  955. Who among us will be busting "The Cup"?
  956. Idea.
  957. BTP Goaltending Evolution SP´s ???
  958. Tracker threads
  959. The Cup Black Rookies /1 Tracker Thread
  960. Live from eBay: Heeeeerreee's Stammy!
  961. Patch Question
  962. Where to buy?
  963. im confused
  964. 07-08 Glacial Graphs List?
  965. Recent Ebay purchase question!
  966. What is your Holy Grail of collecting?
  967. could someone please explain
  968. triple hof auto
  969. UD patch scanning for The Cup
  970. First 09 Cup Error
  971. Look at this patch
  972. Question???
  973. 08/09 The Cup Dual Shields (+Autograph) 1/1 Tracker Thread
  974. 08/09 OPC Marquee Rookies Mikkel Boedker - Worth Anything
  975. What to do?
  976. Sabres The Cup sale, maybe a surprising one?
  977. checklist help
  978. 08-09 OPCP Quad Patch 1 of 1 (Price, Turco, Miller, Lehtonen)
  979. To break or not to break
  980. Bobby Orr 08-09 UD PDC
  981. East Coast National ??? Anyone coming ?
  982. Brand New
  983. Nova Scotia Card Shops
  984. Question about Paypal
  985. Customer that pulled the Crosby penguin head patch auto from cup, pulled this
  986. 05-06 UD Victory Silver Parallel
  987. Card Show this Weekend
  988. Upper Deck Replacements (Finally)
  989. Redemption Question
  990. Helpp!!!
  991. UD Creates Replacements?
  992. what was the WORST tin of 08/09 The Cup you have seen
  993. Ebay typo or moron??
  994. This is just awful
  995. Question about The Cup
  996. How do I ship my BTP Points?
  997. hmmmmm
  998. Ty Conklin card
  999. 2008-09 BAP Crosby PLAYERS CLUB Auto /15
  1000. zetterberg 08/09 SOTT redemption - are these signed & ready to go ?
  1001. Toploads or 1 touch that fit draft boards??
  1002. Need help in finding a decent guy to collect!
  1003. Fake patch?
  1004. Best Value boxes if you don't like a lot of base?
  1005. Apologize
  1006. SPGU 07-08 Set??
  1007. Steve Gatzos?
  1008. UD messed up again on a plate from the cup
  1009. Mind-boggling Limited Logos Sale
  1010. Toronto Card Show at Leaside Gardens Sunday August 16th.
  1011. Question: Michael Del Zotto?
  1012. BIG Bogosian
  1013. Wanna Go To Upper Deck Corporate?
  1014. Where can u find a list of every card a player has?
  1015. 08/09 SPGU 8-Patch Card 1 of 1
  1016. Card shops in the Maritimes?
  1017. BIG THANKS!! - and I'm naming names!
  1018. Hockey Hall of Fame Collection / Carleton McDiarmid
  1019. Was Going to Buy 08/09 The Cup
  1020. Ray Bourque BTLs?
  1021. Single Ruby BD
  1022. Who wants more pics of UD Black?
  1023. Anyone have a One Touch for Draft Boards?
  1024. One BTP Redemption shipped!
  1025. Is 06-07 ITG Heroes & Prospects Worth Busting..?
  1026. Now this is how an /5 card should look
  1027. I'm ready for more cheap stuff!!!!!
  1028. If They Only Acted Sooner !
  1029. 05/06 UD CUP Redemptions have expired
  1030. 2 Redemption Mail day 1 replacement
  1031. Has anyone seen the redeemed Cup Uncut Sheets from last year?
  1032. Bruins BTLs?
  1033. bobby orr value help
  1034. Feedback on the CUP
  1035. EBAY help
  1036. trading for this card.. need help.. what value would u give it?
  1037. Good or bad deal
  1038. Johan Franzen 05-06 Rookie Thread
  1039. Showing your Centennial SP's?
  1040. 09-10 Victory Black..... actual print runs?
  1041. Who's "THE man"?: A discussion of the top player collectors in the world!
  1042. Upper Deck redemption issues - need advice
  1044. plz help question regarding stamkos gold rc/91
  1045. Lost Cards!!!
  1046. Box buying help
  1047. THE CUP 1/1 Shields REDEMPTION????
  1048. Does anyone else want to punch Ilya Zubov in the face.....
  1049. BAP Triple Auto question..
  1050. Buyer Beware
  1051. The Collegiate Licensing Company Agrees to Exclusive Trading Card License with The Up
  1052. Anyone notice anything about this Bucyk The Cup?
  1053. Player select help needed
  1054. Wow, I'm a little surprised by the Cup Plates SV
  1055. Upper Deck Inks Alexander Ovechkin to Exclusive Deal
  1056. 2007-08 Upper Deck Hockey Series 1 Hobby Box
  1057. To all the people I've traded with in the past couple of weeks...
  1058. Can Someone Confirm This Is A Real Patch From The Cup
  1059. Going To The Hobby Shop....
  1060. Upper Deck Inks Reigning NHL MVP Alexander Ovechkin to an Exclusive Deal
  1061. OPC Premier 08-09 Case
  1062. Need help on a Brodeur auto
  1063. 08-09 The Cup Question
  1064. 2007-08 Dual Auto/Shield Roy/Fuhr Card
  1065. MAJOR EBay scam
  1066. Which Hockey Player "Haunts" Your Box Breaks?
  1067. Terrible News =(
  1068. The Cup or not The Cup.... for PC?
  1069. 08-09 Champs Question
  1070. 08/09 artifacts nhl rc justin pogge wild card red-301
  1071. UD you really gotta.........
  1072. Interesting Gaborik Cup Error card
  1073. I need an answer tonight PLEASE...
  1074. Do you think that this years cup #99 RC are sell at low prices?
  1075. Good luck selling this!
  1076. NHL Shield change years?
  1077. What would you do?
  1078. the cup 09?
  1079. The time has come to leave...
  1080. Make your own cards (Custom made)
  1081. Another eBay Shipping from US to Canada Nightmare
  1082. Still any interest in a The Cup group break?
  1083. 08-09 The Cup rcs/99
  1084. copied cards?
  1085. pc
  1086. I honestly think this might be the nastiest card I've ever seen
  1087. For all those that have opened Victory.....
  1088. Best hobby boxes and retailers?
  1089. Question on Ordering Hobby Boxes
  1090. Legendary Red Wings Center Steve Yzerman Re-Ups with Upper Deck
  1091. favorite sets
  1092. Youtube question
  1093. Yzerman signs deal with Upper Deck
  1094. Very Weird!
  1095. Best set to worst
  1096. Patrick Roy PC Milestone Reached!
  1097. Where is this patch from?
  1098. Another UD Cup Patch Error
  1099. Bobby Orr trickster!!
  1100. Perfect for IPA?
  1101. When is the scf price guide going to be available??
  1102. Diamond Club Exclusive Packs...Info???
  1103. Box of the 08/09 Cup or 3 boxes 06/07 SPA
  1104. 08-09 OPCP Penmanship with no serial numbering?
  1105. 09-10 Ultra is Live
  1106. Any interest in a card show in Belleville, Ontario?
  1107. Is This Bergeron Card Worth Much...?
  1108. 09-10 Black Diamond Checklist
  1109. 08-09 OPC Metal Question
  1110. Gretzky rookie card ??
  1111. ttms
  1112. Hit 4000!!!!!!
  1113. what would a fair trade value be on this ??
  1114. Patrick Roy rookie ungraded
  1115. ????
  1116. 09/10 Fleer Ultra Checklist
  1117. UD just announced that 2009/10 UD Artifacts Hockey is sold out at the factory
  1118. case help
  1119. 88-89 Topps/OPC Question
  1120. 2006/07 ITG International Ice Signature Series Hockey Hobby Box
  1121. Finally Got a Scanner!!!
  1122. My paypal - hockey cards rant
  1123. Olympic price bump?
  1124. Complete Player Checklist
  1125. Carey Price Artifacts Redemption Roulette
  1126. Upper Deck Customer Service Emails
  1127. Black Diamond Rookie Cards
  1128. Hobby boxes vs. Retail boxes vs. Booster boxes
  1129. Ideas for creating a card database??
  1130. Next years Cup rookies /99
  1131. Need help establishing value for 06/07 BD Zetterberg Gold Jersey # 06/10
  1132. Another nood question...this time about BV
  1133. RB21 Card Holders for The Cup Draft Boards
  1134. Card shops in Ottawa
  1135. Odd cards...
  1136. Error Cards...
  1137. I Need Some Help Please..?
  1138. Where is my redemtion UD?
  1139. Card shops in GTA - Brampton and Mississauga?
  1140. $70 to spend on a box
  1141. OLD Hockey Cards... Need Some Help!
  1142. best place to buy case's/box's
  1143. Information Search
  1144. OPC Blank Backs
  1145. Why? Why? Why? Did i do that!!! Please tell us!!
  1146. 05-06 The Cup box
  1147. Am I wrong here?
  1148. how do you create your want list?
  1149. What a shame
  1150. 08-09 The Cup
  1151. Error Card
  1152. Cases for CUP DRAFT BOARDS - who has them?
  1153. Sweet Shot : 06/07 or 07/08 ?
  1154. Collectors in Wilmington DE/ Philadelphia PA area
  1155. cup question
  1156. Question on BV for SPGU Number Marks Patch
  1157. No more paypal fees
  1158. Looking for Member
  1159. Beside Hobby Shops where are your guys favourite haunts?
  1160. Thinking about starting a Hockey collection
  1161. which set should i start
  1162. Fair Sale Prices
  1163. Hockey card magazine...?
  1164. What would you do??
  1165. Question about vintage cards
  1166. Rookie Collections Competed!
  1167. Topps Puck Attax NHL Hockey preview
  1168. Anybody On Twitter?
  1169. WARNING TO ALL card sellers on EBAY
  1170. 96-97 Select Certified Question
  1171. The topps company hits the ice with the upcoming launch of puck attax
  1172. Websites to buy from...
  1173. Which box?
  1174. Can someone explain how to use Beckett's forums to me?
  1175. Beckett Going and Gone
  1176. TEch ?. Why do pics come as links or actual pics sometimes?
  1177. Do you use ATLANTA SPORTSCARDS
  1178. The cup case break please help me with this question
  1179. Hull signed number card, redeemed?
  1180. Would you or would you not.........
  1181. Any one else collect Signed Jerseys?
  1182. Ebay make a offer
  1183. Montreal Collectors International - October 23,24,25
  1184. Which Would you Take? Stamkos or Gretzky/Messier
  1185. where to buy singles online
  1186. Filatov Draft Boards - pic of all 25
  1187. 07-08 Fleer Redepmtion
  1188. toronto card shops?
  1189. Upper Deck Redemption
  1190. 09-10 ovation
  1191. BAP Steve Mason Rookie Question
  1192. Many Thanks to BBallcardheaven, please read
  1193. Cup /99 Image Archives Updated, help requested
  1194. OPC Update Gold
  1195. fleer ultra 08-09 master set?
  1196. My First Cards!!!!!!
  1197. The Cup Draft Boards Sales On Ebay
  1198. Question about a zetterberg cup card
  1199. The Cup Black 1/1 Question
  1200. DO NOT bid on this!
  1201. How much would you pay?
  1202. Anyone know eBay ID Greatmuta2 ??
  1203. 2009-10 ITG 1972: The Year in Hockey Preview
  1204. what can i buy...??
  1205. Check out these patches!!
  1206. Prized Cards
  1207. 2009/10 O-Pee-Chee OPC Hockey Delayed a Week
  1208. How can you tell if your jersey is game worn?
  1209. Just hit 100!
  1210. 09/10 OPC checklist is up
  1211. 1999-00 SP Authentic
  1212. Mystery Package
  1213. Upper Deck is getting worse !! this is horrible
  1214. Anyone here interested in the kovy lot on ebay?
  1215. Question about 07mears07
  1216. Anyone hear of this? (CUP question)
  1217. Wandering Thought: Pens/Obama "44" jry = SPGU???
  1218. Ottawa Card Show Sept.13
  1219. 09-10 UD Black????
  1220. 2008/09 Upper Deck Champs - The T-Rex Tooth Revealed!
  1221. first box for me?
  1222. What Bv do you put on the 2 cards here please?
  1223. 07-08 The Cup Auto Rc Patch/249 Queston--help!
  1224. Rack Packs...
  1225. How rare are these?
  1226. E-bay dilema
  1227. kill me.....huge pull.....expired redemption
  1228. What Should I Do? Please Help!
  1229. Gorgeous Gretzky Auto Patch
  1230. Does SCF Do Group Breaks?
  1231. Pretty expensive if you ask me
  1232. Gretzky Patch/Auto
  1233. Going to the card store right now, what should I get?
  1234. www.torontocardshow.com presents another Leaside Gardens Show Sunday Sept 20, 2009
  1235. Check this patch out
  1236. Damaged Card
  1237. itg 1972 blank backs print run
  1238. Graded card collectors!!!
  1239. Paypal Issues with Sending Money!! Anyone else??
  1240. Where can a person find a complete list of cards for a player???
  1241. This cup card look fishy to u guys?
  1242. Come Join Me In The SCF Hockey Chat Room!! - Monday evening
  1243. Hockey Guys, Help Me out!
  1244. Anyone buy from local01?
  1245. ebay again problem
  1246. Anyone know the person with this photobucket ID
  1247. Graded hockey card question
  1248. Question for those familiar with the ITG redemption program.
  1249. What Happen to quecan
  1250. 2008-09 FAKE PATCH ALERT Drew Doughty 55/99
  1251. Just a little about e-bay
  1252. 2009-10 SPx Hockey Card Preview
  1253. Buying a case of something looking for opinions
  1254. Made to Order - What to do...
  1255. My card Arrived in today's mail!
  1256. making new bucket need info
  1257. 08/09 The Cup Dual Autographed Shields Redmeptions: Questions?
  1258. w00t
  1259. Magnetic Card Holder
  1260. the cup rookie
  1261. Places to buy cases in Canada ???
  1262. A noob asking questions
  1263. My MOJO Pull!
  1264. UD does it again..
  1265. Gretzky Kings Card
  1266. Cup Price
  1267. is there a difference
  1268. What card is this really??
  1269. Amazing Tretiak on the bay!
  1270. everyone who trades please take a look
  1271. Is it just me or....
  1272. Question about 2008-09 Black Diamond
  1273. Auction Fever Strikes Again
  1274. Has anyone seen 08-09 UD Ice Glacial Graph MA Fleury?
  1275. ud mailing adyy
  1276. can some one help me find this
  1277. Best Bang for my Buck?
  1278. New Checklist's out
  1279. 2008-2009 1972 The Year In Hockey "He Shoots, He Scores" Redemptions announced!!!!
  1280. Tuukka Rask cards
  1281. SportsCardExpo in Toronto, Ontario 11.13/14/15.2009
  1282. Card shops without hockey?
  1283. HearthStone Manor Cardshow Recap
  1284. E-bay seller alert
  1285. Recently got some hand-me-downs...
  1286. Card shows around toronto
  1287. How you store your cards?
  1288. ITG "1972" Blank Backs?
  1289. Card Show at Ruby Foo (Montreal)
  1290. How do I sell high-end wax I got in trade?
  1291. Kinda funny
  1292. What to buy?
  1293. 2000-01 Rookie Update
  1294. UD No Purchase Neccessary?
  1295. The Official Fake Patch Thread
  1296. Live Show?
  1297. What case to buy??? Recommendations
  1298. How much paypal is fair please for this Okposo and Bailey?
  1299. display case?
  1300. Lets see your graded cards - vintage and new!!
  1301. SP much?
  1302. Venting: Oh My!
  1303. Edmonton Card Show Next Weekend (Summit show Oct 2-4, who's attending?)
  1304. McDonalds cards
  1305. This was a great steal for someone.... NOT ME :(
  1306. Moving day finds
  1307. Super Collectors: Where are you?
  1308. Versteeg?
  1309. Whats the UD response to damaged cards like?
  1310. ITG 1972 print run?
  1311. Legit Auction?
  1312. 2006-07 SPGU Lettermarks Redemptions: An Update from Chris Carlin at Upper Deck
  1313. Help with masterpieces collecting?
  1314. need some help with a nice mario card
  1315. Prove me wrong... I dare you!
  1316. Why Upper Deck's 08-09 NHL The Cup Hockey Was Delayed
  1317. fleer ultra 08-09 box?
  1318. Card store Banff
  1319. Need help with signature
  1320. Anyone have the 09-10 OPC checklist?
  1321. 1997-98 donruss studio question
  1322. Am I being gouged?
  1323. Old Hockey News
  1324. Any Secret Santa Interest?
  1325. Make your own PC Display
  1326. ITG heroes and prospects
  1327. Walmart Card Searching in Toronto Area...
  1328. card /5 sold versus trade value
  1329. itg bucyk auto sp?
  1330. toews the cup fake?
  1331. Hockey Cards: The Battle for Market Share
  1332. Need info on card
  1333. questions about ultra rookie redemptions
  1334. UD Redemption Question ...
  1335. any card shops in buffalo?
  1336. Either PSA has changed it's grading....
  1337. question for Ottawa fans
  1338. Where else do you trade???
  1339. Box Recommendation...Tell me what to buy!
  1340. What's Your 09-10 Agenda?
  1341. 2009-10 Rookies
  1342. OPC out this week??????
  1343. Hard to Find Multi-color jerseys
  1344. Salmela press plate
  1345. Looking for a Master check list of my Player..
  1346. Hinged, Snap or Slider
  1347. Are the regular 09-10OPC Legends Rainbow /100?
  1348. Ebay win?
  1349. Need some help please!
  1350. Toys R'Us - NHL Blasters $14.XX
  1351. What Product Should I Buy???
  1352. Any one in Sweden?
  1353. 2009/10 McDonald's - No More Jerseys Or Autos?
  1354. fleer redemptions?
  1355. UD Black Group Break?
  1356. The Cup cards magentic holders
  1357. Just Ordered An 08/09 Ultra Hobby Box
  1358. Summit Show in Edmonton: One Person's Review
  1359. Different Pavelec patch
  1360. artifacts redmetions?
  1361. Ottawa Card Shows?
  1362. Upper Deck Celebrates NHL Premiere Games in Europe
  1363. SOTT production runs?
  1364. Online wax
  1365. UD BLACK, Where is the checklist??
  1366. With 09-10, Let's reflect upon 08-09!
  1367. What Young Guns are SP?
  1368. Question about the next beckett... Please help!
  1369. OPC 09-10 RC variations????????
  1370. Hooray! another paypal/ebay problem
  1371. UD NHL Rookie Boot Camp Video
  1372. artifacts redemption?
  1373. My Original White Whale, Has Anybody Seen...
  1374. Help with 07-08 the cup rcs/249 protection!
  1375. 09-10 UD Black Hockey Release Date
  1376. Question about Masterpieces 5x7
  1377. 08-09 OPC Premier Duos Price/Roy
  1378. Cup Uncut Sheets
  1379. Postal Insurance What the Hey?
  1380. When will U/D get it right?
  1381. UD redemption question
  1382. Card Cash
  1383. is this a good price for the cup box 09
  1384. Holy patchy goodness batman!
  1385. Got a question for ITG? Here's your chance...
  1386. The Cup Setoguchi 1/1 Black RC
  1387. Need a value on this card quickly...
  1388. Venting Part 2
  1389. Halifax card show
  1390. Good buy?
  1391. When was the first year that UD started making the Young Guns insert sets?
  1392. anyone know of 09/10 Upper Deck series 1 group breaks
  1393. ? about opc buybacks sidney crosby
  1394. i am thinking of a replacement call... but am not sure if i should do it
  1395. Is this a good price?
  1396. Looking for James Neal scipted swacthes! need help!
  1397. Anyone go to the Mtlccexp this sunday?
  1398. Help with 1/1 trade value?
  1399. Help Finding: 08/09 Carey Price Draft Board
  1400. What are these players most valuable rookie card?
  1401. How great are ths SP rookies gonna be in 09-10 The Cup
  1402. Yzerman Autos, has anyone ever seen a sticker one?
  1403. Anyone seen this card?
  1404. Checklist for 09-10 Upper Deck Series 2 is out
  1405. Need help pricing a rare Fabian Brunnstrom
  1406. Add a Fleury auto to a Staal auto and it goes down $10 in BV?
  1407. between the pipes quesstioon?
  1408. UD replancement?
  1409. Erik Johnson variation in auto
  1410. UD replacement?
  1411. Alex Ovechkin 08/09 H&P Auto
  1412. too good to be true?
  1413. what is wrong with the card industry today?
  1414. Question on numbered cards
  1415. Which of these boxes?
  1416. Is this card a fake??
  1417. options for a card that is wrong per UD's COA on back
  1418. Damaged Card
  1419. Insurance?
  1420. Need a Favour
  1421. Autographs or Game Used - Which Do You Prefer?
  1422. Trading/buying question
  1423. Help 'pricing' this card?
  1424. 1 Year Anniversary
  1425. UD Black this week???????
  1426. 09-10 UD Black Checklist
  1427. Anyone else waiting on 07/08 Cup cards?
  1428. Mcdonalds question
  1429. 2009/10 UD Black Hockey Delayed - 3 Nov
  1430. Any idea of what this might be worth?? 1 of 1....
  1431. need help
  1432. What Pt. are the The Cup cards?
  1433. 200 Feedback - Thanks everyone
  1434. Flashback NHL rookies from NBA Exquisite?
  1435. Hockey cards at Costco?
  1436. Counterfeit?
  1437. ACA Grading - new holder - it looks a nice holder design - opinions?
  1438. Little adive needed on BGS Graded cards
  1439. Itg Ultimate 9 Checklist?
  1440. White Envelope!? Opinions Needed
  1441. Grading Cards?
  1442. 09-10 UD Young Guns checklist?
  1443. Artifacts 2008-09 question
  1444. OPC Blank Backs
  1445. bv?
  1446. Need Expert Advice Prior to HUGE ebay buy!
  1447. does anyone post 'trade advice' for non-listed cards?
  1448. Where are all the 08-09 SPA Filatov and Bailey FW Autos?
  1449. Sending 7 Cards To BGS To Get Graded!
  1450. Is your LCS owner nice?
  1451. 09-10 Ultra Ice Medallion Redemption...
  1452. The American Hockey Card Trader from Sotheastern CT
  1453. How does this multiplier work?
  1454. ebay explanation...
  1455. Where Should I Buy A Case Of 08-09 Black Diamond From?????
  1456. Have you seen me?
  1457. darkhorse goalies
  1458. The current "True" RC defination in this hobby sucks.
  1459. Help needed with ebay patch fake? Real?
  1460. BV opinion on Perry/Getz Dual AU
  1461. Question for experienced Expo-goers
  1462. 2009-10 rookie list
  1463. why why why
  1464. 08-09 UD Black Diamond jersey misprint???
  1465. Gem cards boxes
  1466. New here!
  1467. about e-bay shipping
  1468. 09/10 Ultra Ice medallion RC
  1469. HUGE SHOUT OUT to a couple Chris'
  1470. Customer Service...
  1471. Box Break ideas
  1472. ITG Ultimate 9th Checklist is out...
  1473. To all that I made trades with over the weekend
  1474. Question about identical 1 of 1 cards on ebay
  1475. UD Series 1 YG Checklist Posted
  1476. Cam Ward The cup patch
  1477. This is Dirty Pool
  1478. Oh If Only I Lived in Montreal....
  1479. expert opinion needed on gretzky/howe 2/3
  1480. Toronto Card Show - Sunday, October 25 - WIN a Hockey Vacation!
  1481. Anybody from Finland?? Need Help
  1482. My Patrice Bergeron Collection
  1483. Artifacts Checklist & Pictures Posted
  1484. Draft Boards - Have you seen me?
  1485. help best place to buy online
  1486. at the expo: UD vs ITG
  1487. One of the TOUGHEST Roy cards you'll ever see...........
  1488. Question on an older card
  1489. Montreal Card Show This Weekend
  1490. What box would you buy?
  1491. Whats the deal with these?
  1492. help regarding card cash
  1493. stupid questio
  1494. A question again (teambags)
  1495. High end buying decision
  1496. Best product of the year?
  1497. Dr. Price has outdone himself........again! ITG Ultimate 9 JUMBO 1/1's, WOW!
  1498. 09-10 Artifacts
  1499. New to Hockey have a ?
  1500. Whats a good price for 08-09 The Cup?
  1501. Can anyone confirm these O'Reilly's Exist?
  1502. Is anybody else besides me losing packages in the mail system
  1503. Card Error?
  1504. OPC Gold vs OPC Metal
  1505. Help choosing a box to buy.
  1506. Estimated multiplier for BD Onyx parallels?
  1507. 2000/01 BAP Memorabilia Rookie & Traded Update Set - Information?
  1508. Any other Coffey collectors
  1509. Sweet 1/1...
  1510. How are jersey cards created?
  1511. What does everyone want from your collection?
  1512. Crosby series in the game used?
  1513. Greats of the Game Auto?
  1514. Need Some Help...
  1515. need help on a card
  1516. SP anyone?
  1517. 06-07 SOTT dual ?
  1518. Ottawa Shows
  1519. BV's on 09-10 OPC are out
  1520. anybody else besides me buying some boxes of BLACK next week
  1521. How to Tell?
  1522. Help me choose!
  1523. Yup, thats right....another what box should I get!!!!!!
  1524. heres another thread about that lousy company we keep giving our money to
  1525. A Heads up to my trading friends.
  1526. SP game used 08-09 damaged five jerseys card Penguins
  1527. 2007-08 Ultra Fresh Ink
  1528. Heroes and Prospects
  1529. Question regarding 05-06 UD ICE RC /99's
  1530. photobucket question
  1531. Artifacts live on the Bay!!!!!!
  1532. C'mon Man!!!!!!
  1533. 1/1 Toews/Kane value?
  1534. Another Unlisted 2007/08 Ultimate Signatures Card Appears...
  1535. 09/10 New York Rangers Artifacts Rookie Redemptions
  1536. Thinking about selling some Lucic 1/1's....help me decide
  1537. Question???
  1538. First time
  1539. Best place to buy authentic hockey jerseys?
  1540. Why I can't wait to get artifacts
  1541. Pricing for Completed nameplates?
  1542. need some advise
  1543. 07/08 Hot prospects blasters
  1544. Trick or treat. Giving out base cards for Halloween.
  1545. Now this should be an Artifacts 1/1!!!!
  1546. Question regarding 09-10 Artifacts redemptions
  1547. 09-10 Ice Checklist
  1548. I want your opinion! Moving from UD S1 & S2 to...?
  1549. Ultra Rookie Redemptions List Announced
  1550. 08-09 Trilogy Rivals card, Question
  1551. quesion about ud champs
  1552. Do YOU have an 05-06 The Cup Gold Rookies Mike Richards /18? Let Me Know
  1553. malkin bap club auto /15 bv???????
  1554. Multi-color jersey swatches without seams?
  1555. My card isn't listed...
  1556. What BV would you put on this card
  1557. 2009-10 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey Card Preview
  1558. I'll never learn!
  1559. My Habs Patch Pieces Hopes Come True!
  1560. Pressing plate protection?
  1561. 236 pt (6mm) holders
  1562. Help on Bobby Orr auto /5
  1563. Opinions on Upper Deck products
  1564. Richards fake alert:
  1565. Hello - New to the Forum!
  1566. 09-10 Artifacts Question
  1567. This years Ice Medallion Rookies?
  1568. need answer for a paypal question
  1569. shipping PWE style
  1570. Photobucket question...I need help!
  1571. card pricing, i'm confused?????
  1572. Good trade???
  1573. anyone else collect jerseys here??
  1574. Crosby Ice RC /99..........
  1576. Please help!!! What is the best trade for me???
  1577. BTP question
  1578. Alright, alright, who's tracking this sweet card that ends tonight?
  1579. Canadiens centennial stamps very cool
  1580. You have all seen the card I'm talking about, now I need some opinions...
  1581. 09-10 O Pee Chee Canadian Heroes
  1582. A letterman Idea, and question.
  1583. UD Black Autographed Rookie Letterman Exchange Cards
  1584. 09/10 UD 1 Young Guns
  1585. Question about recent ebay sale vs BV
  1586. Anyone Picking Up ITG Ultimate 9???
  1587. 2009-10 UD Black Hockey - CC For your breaks!
  1588. Where to buy Artifacts 09/10
  1589. Artifacts RC parallels?
  1590. Steve Mason - Hobby value and 2009-10 stats
  1591. Where do you find out what player a redemption card is for?
  1592. I hate beckett!!!!!!!!!!
  1593. I need some help...
  1594. Kopitar & Malkin Custom
  1595. What to do with damaged card...
  1596. The First Look at the UD Black "Hinged" Cards
  1597. 2009 Fall Expo: November 13-15 (Toronto)
  1598. Don't forget your apostrophe!
  1599. When "Game Used" isn't from the player on the card :-\
  1600. Anyone like/collect Sabres, specifically Max Afinogenov?
  1601. What value would you put on this card???
  1602. 09-10 McDonalds - No more jerseys or patches?
  1603. Good trading value for packs of McDonalds.
  1604. Does any know what game used stick cost at their Arena's.
  1605. McDonalds Hockey Boxes - Are they legit?
  1606. Man has Jack Johnson's autograph deteriorated
  1607. UD Black 1 of 1 variations?
  1608. what box should i get?
  1609. Artifacts group break? (Prices now posted)
  1610. Mason and Price
  1611. First Look: 2009-10 Upper Deck Champ's Hockey
  1612. 2009-10 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Card Preview
  1613. toronto fall expo show who is going
  1614. fake patch question
  1615. Black Rookie Redemption List Released?
  1616. 2009-10 Upper Deck Champ’s Hockey Card Preview
  1617. Whats the official release date for Ultimate Memorabilia 9th and whos buying?????
  1618. The single greatest box you've ever broken?
  1619. The Toronto Card Show Kid's Drive - Fall Expo 2009
  1620. Edmonton Trade Nights
  1621. Trading/Shipping Issues forthcoming from the US to International locations
  1622. Should I contact UD?
  1623. They Still Love Saku Koivu
  1624. I'd like to ask. Jonathan Toews is became worse player?!
  1625. I'm saying it because it's the truth: Outstanding customer service from UD!
  1626. McD $
  1627. Most popular team/player/set collectibility wise
  1628. 2 Artifacts vs. 1 Black
  1629. Lafleur Anyone?? Does the Lafleur 08/09 Cup Programme of Excellence Auto #/10 Exist?
  1630. Black rc letterman ????
  1631. Target/Wal-mart box
  1632. Can you remove slabbed cards?
  1633. Is this the last year for the Mcdonalds cards
  1634. Player checklists
  1635. 09-10 Champs Checklist
  1636. ITG Ultimate 9th Edition - The Official "I Want It" Thread!
  1637. eBay Steal of the Week - Or, Is It Really?
  1638. question about 09-10 opee-chee
  1639. Join me in the Live Chat (hockey) room tonight! - Sunday Nov.8
  1640. A "Hamburger" RC?
  1641. MIA: 08/09 Cup Programme of Excellence Joe Thornton #1/10 Auto Card
  1642. Changing in my collecting habits
  1643. 2009-10 UD Series 1 is live!
  1644. real or fake patches????
  1645. is this Crosby/Malkin dual patch and error????
  1646. New guy : )
  1647. A couple questions about getting started
  1648. Any other Wings patch experts.....
  1649. Need Some Help...
  1650. Official UD1 Checklist Posted
  1651. McDonalds $
  1652. SPA Filatov Auto - what the ???
  1653. 09-10 UD Black already dropping in price (artifacts too)
  1654. 2009/10 Topps Puck Attax Hockey
  1655. Gordie Howe RC Auto ?
  1656. 09/10 OPC Rainbow Canadian Heroes
  1657. Please help educate me on ITG!
  1658. 08-09 OPC Retro question (Crosby #RM-1)
  1659. Any Expo attendee want to help my small WL
  1660. P.O. Box
  1661. Sanborn Card Show/Trade Night Recap:
  1662. Bernie Madoff Auction Hockey Cards
  1663. Setting up at Expo
  1664. Greetings. I'm going to start collecting Hockey cards again, I could use some Advice.
  1665. The cup rookie patches
  1666. Quick Question, need answer ASAP
  1667. Graders at the Expo?
  1668. 09-10 Ultra RED202 Matt Duchene What Kinda trade value?
  1669. LiVe Group Break at the expo?
  1670. Cards you wish you never traded
  1671. need some help on the value of this card!
  1672. Mcdonald Upper Deck
  1673. Anyone else besides me have a problem with this auction
  1674. 09-10 ud series 1 blasters
  1675. Question about 09/10 ITG Ultimate Patch Cards
  1676. Case A or Case B
  1677. 1 Year Anniversary on SCF!!!
  1678. rookie card choosing
  1679. 2009-10 UD Series 1 Clear Cut Trios
  1680. Selling/Trading at the Expo
  1681. McDonalds Checklists
  1682. Card not produced
  1683. Damaged card
  1684. MY DREAM CARD OF Oshie
  1685. Toronto Card Show booth at the Expo - Day 1
  1686. Best size toploader for "The Cup" cards?
  1687. Schenn Collectors...where are you?
  1688. Tavares Young Guns
  1689. OPG help
  1690. 09-10 OPC Blank Backs
  1691. 09-10 MVP Is it worth buying a case of it??????????????
  1692. Tavares Exclusives #91
  1693. Need some help from those going to expo...
  1694. Is this card legit?
  1695. Looking for info/id on 2002 the National promo cards
  1696. Everybody get your YG's together and check them over!!!!
  1697. Is there a way to get rid of smoke smell from cards???
  1698. Upper Deck Ice reviews?
  1699. Trilogy Hockey Master Set on Youtube
  1700. Card Shows
  1701. Redemption help
  1702. when does UD release the updates for 09/10 OPC?
  1703. MC dolands checklist?
  1704. Where else then Beckett for card info
  1705. HEllppp?
  1706. Anybody going to the Sun-Times show in Chicago this weekend
  1707. ITG Question
  1708. Sick sick upper deck trilogy hockey master set
  1709. Remember that Artifacts Price Patch I Showed Earlier?
  1710. are there any sweet shot baseball skin autos kicking around
  1711. Tales from the Expo!
  1712. OT:who here is from NY ?
  1713. Tavares YG values vs Stamkos YG values
  1714. Mission Accomplished!!!! I GOT EM' ALL
  1715. Priority signing checklist?
  1716. Upper deck u
  1717. Storage Question.. need advice
  1718. JT RC Roller Marks
  1719. Doughty Question
  1720. Selling a Big Lot of Recent GU/Patches/Autos Q
  1721. Varlamov
  1722. Will Pyatt (habs) get a RC this year?
  1723. Paypal Shipping Label
  1724. how do i post a picture??
  1725. going to zellers 2day
  1726. Base cards
  1727. New to Collecting - Some Questions
  1728. Though we could laugh a bit...I call it UsedEverywhere idiots
  1729. Young Guns? Future Watch? Spx Rc Auto GU?
  1730. Customs on a $20 card declaration? Seriously?!
  1731. Ultra or Artifacts Blaster?
  1732. Montreal Canadiens Game-Used Equipment Sale Tomorrow
  1733. Are these rare
  1734. Identifying Kraft cards
  1735. Received my 1000nd Jaromir Jagr card today
  1736. Team Bags
  1737. group break, or only break?
  1738. Artifacts on OPG
  1739. Is This Card Shortprinted?
  1740. Help with BV!!!
  1741. 09/10 Upper Deck Blasters?
  1742. Question about some cards?
  1743. BAP autos
  1744. What size Toploaders for Jersey/Mem cards?
  1745. Upper deck u free codes
  1746. Center Ice Soortscards in Tonawanda NY: Help from my Buffalo friends
  1747. One of these players is not like the other ......
  1748. What is CSC Inc. on a card??
  1749. Ahh... what to do, what to do......
  1750. How did you decide your PC player?
  1751. This is a Cup Black 1/1!
  1752. case help spa or cup?
  1753. Question on 08/09 Ice Premieres
  1754. Secret Santa Package In : )
  1755. 07/08 BAP redemption question
  1756. 07/08 BAP redemption question
  1757. Looking for suggestions...
  1758. What is ITG Ultimate?
  1759. IP autos authenication
  1760. NHL.com Sale on UD1 Boxes (Retail?)
  1761. 09/10 UD prices out yet via OPG
  1762. Crosby NHL Logo/Auto!
  1763. Identifiers for 02-03 OPC Rookie Reprints & Autos
  1764. Any one have any word on when the 09/10 Artifact redemptions will be announced
  1765. Champ's Museum Pieces
  1766. Why hello again...
  1767. Ebay frauder!!!
  1768. is the halifax card show this saturday the 28th
  1769. Could an American Member bid on this for me, Auction closes in 23 minutes
  1770. Happy Thanksgiving!
  1771. Ebay stores
  1772. 2009-10 MVP Checklist Posted
  1773. Nicest Looking Base Product Each Year?
  1774. Question about my Kane/Toews sick patch
  1775. SportsBuy.com
  1776. Where to buy a pack of ITG Ultimate?
  1777. WTH!!! Amazing auction!
  1778. 2008 Montreal Centennial Retail BOX Question
  1779. Anyone heard from this member lately(twotoekenn)?
  1780. how to sell cards?
  1781. Looking for Opinions
  1782. can anybody help me with this
  1783. WOW........Look at this BEAUTY
  1784. Why Does Benoit Pouliot Have Multiple RCs in Some Sets?
  1785. Victory Black and OPC Blanks, print runs?
  1786. New Hockey Collector here: Whats packs have the best ROI?
  1787. 300 Feedback
  1788. Boy do I love Avs patches!
  1789. Why Trilogy?
  1790. MVP vs Cup
  1791. Question about detroit jerseys with the C and the A
  1792. They need to do something about pack searchers...
  1793. A Look at the Sophomores
  1794. Does anyone have the new annual Beckett Guide?
  1796. How much does tracking cost?
  1797. Anyone know of a good hockey card shop near Wilmington NC?
  1798. Hope no one gets sucked in on this one.........
  1799. 2009-10 SP Authentic Preview
  1800. A Limited Logos Freebie! Am I lucky or what?
  1801. Is this an printing error?
  1802. BTP Help
  1803. Calling on SCF Members for Support: Hockey Dream Draw
  1804. Thank You from the Toronto Card Show
  1805. 2009-10 Heroes & Prospects
  1806. '05-'06 Hot Prospects
  1807. I'm back!
  1808. Basic Question on UD Set 1
  1809. 1994-95 Sp Authentic Question
  1810. Christmas is coming recomend a box for me
  1811. Is getting an entire print run out of 5 rare?
  1812. Experience with Upperdeck Customer Service?
  1813. Question: 03-04 BAP Ultimate Limited Autos Gold...
  1814. Bad Montreal Centennial Print Run, anyone else experience this?
  1815. Centennial Habs jerseys for sale?
  1816. How long is "too long" on ebay shipping
  1817. Best Place to Buy 08/09 BTP
  1818. What should I buy?
  1819. Heroes and Prospects Checklists Posted
  1820. The Cup and damaged cards??
  1821. shipping within Canada
  1822. Secret Easter Bunny (lol)
  1823. Anybody in Edmonton?
  1824. Can someone identify these?
  1825. A question about print run
  1826. Sweet! 09-10 SP Authentic Checklist
  1827. What to do with Tavares rookies....
  1828. 09-10 Champs Pre-Sell Price?
  1829. Hoarding entire print runs!
  1830. 2009-10 Upper Deck Champs Hockey Card Preview
  1831. Anyone else unable to access FreeWebs?
  1832. question OPC 09-10
  1833. Cracked the 1000 Jagr card barrier, and then some.
  1834. Does anyone have scans of these two cards?
  1835. Are there card holders for 5x7 cards?
  1836. So what should my next box pick up be?
  1837. Help on this auction
  1838. Relic Wear....has anyone seen this?
  1839. Nice Find!
  1840. Side loaders for thick cards like remnants and materials?
  1841. Card Shops in NYC?
  1842. Where to get ITG Superlatives & Ultimate BVs and other questions...
  1843. Next Year
  1844. Autographs help the value of the card?
  1845. Another Question About Signed Photos?!
  1846. NHL Center Ice Package
  1847. NC Card Shops
  1848. best way to get scans in thread
  1849. A few storage questions
  1850. Free Up North hockey player checklists
  1851. Is there value in breaking a set?
  1852. What happened to the '90s?
  1853. cup question
  1854. ITG Ultimate 9th Edition - "Made to Order" List Posted
  1855. Where can I send my cards to get graded?
  1856. 09-10 OPC Canadian Heros Autographs
  1857. UD priority signings
  1858. Question about paypal
  1859. Anyone know who won this?
  1860. 2009-10 upper deck pricing
  1861. Box for Xmas
  1862. ITG U9 MTO game--check it out--
  1863. 2007-08 SPA Redemptions
  1864. I Think I May Have Photomatched My Pelle Lindbergh Super-Sized Pad
  1865. 1/1's Is the Price right ?
  1866. new hockey card price guide?
  1867. Please watch out for this LOST/STOLEN card.
  1868. Advice for a Hockey Card Noob
  1869. how is this hockey card idea?
  1870. Question about the hockey Show & Tell
  1871. Where do you buy single packs online.
  1872. Good Box for $50 or less
  1873. Why is Gordie Howe always "Mr. Hockey"?
  1874. Why would this card book at $$ ?!?!?
  1875. Unredeemed cards
  1876. Updated UD 1 Pricing news
  1877. 08/09 SPx question
  1878. What is this patch from?
  1879. Selling with COD
  1880. Suggestions for Legends
  1881. We all were new traders once
  1882. Dont you just love false advertisement?
  1883. Question about selling 06/07 Parkhurst auto collection
  1884. 1 year on SCF
  1885. ITG superlative leafs or ultimate mem. 9ed?
  1886. Upper Deck Authenticated Skates into Hockey Memorabilia
  1887. 08-09 BAP Checklist
  1888. 07-08 SPA OR Hot Prospects
  1889. 08-09 ITG Martin Brodeur Record Breaking Super Box. Your thoughts...
  1890. shops in southern ont.
  1891. 09-10 mvp
  1892. Where's Bobby?
  1893. 09-10 Series 1 Checklist
  1894. Leaside Gardens Sports Card Show Sunday Dec 20th!
  1895. 2009-10 Black Diamond Delayed ?
  1896. WANTED - 2009-10 Medallion checklists
  1897. Best Product for $75????
  1898. UD Ice Level 4 RCs - Here Comes the Pain
  1899. Swearing off Blaster Boxes
  1900. Anyone knows if these cards exist
  1901. 08-09 Ultra redemption
  1902. How do you post an Excel Spreadsheet?
  1903. Is it just me or does the 09/10 SPX look terrible?
  1904. Expired Redemption Help?
  1905. Best sets to collect
  1906. Anyone else seen this video? (Miracle Speech)
  1907. Does topps want back in the hockey card market?
  1908. collectors opinion please!!!
  1909. Need Help On This
  1910. The Cup Question
  1911. Expired Redemptions? How can this be?
  1912. Need to know Hockey Card Values
  1913. Any card shops in Massachusetts?
  1914. 2008-09 UD Masterpieces Brushstrokes Brown #MBGH Gordie Howe
  1915. Look at the patches on this 1/1! Phew!
  1916. black diamond release only in a month??
  1917. 03-04 Premier Autos Question
  1918. Annoyed
  1919. Is it just me or...
  1920. Cam Neely 89/90 Topps ?
  1921. Quick Contest: Spot the Errors
  1922. Question about Young Guns?
  1923. Photobucket changes
  1924. Bernie Madoff was a hockey card collector??
  1925. Still undecided. Need your opinions, please...
  1926. YG rollermarks
  1927. Picture of your local card shop!
  1928. Will glossy cards or photos smudge?
  1929. 07/08 OPC Theo Fleury
  1930. 2010 National Hockey Card Day
  1931. Card show attendees: Looking for a card!
  1932. What Would be the Value 09-10 Exclusives
  1933. Guess someone really wanted this....
  1934. Team Name vs City?
  1935. Does it matter when to put cards on ebay
  1936. ravens_creed (Paul) is the defintion of this hobby
  1937. Wich one would you choose to keep
  1938. Artifacts redemption
  1939. 09-10 Black Diamond Checklist Info including RC Levels
  1940. Drew Stafford The Cup Rainbow
  1941. Price Difference for Cards Purhcased in Canada
  1942. Consignment cards
  1943. The Hockey Card Licensing Discussion Thread
  1944. Steve Shutt Habs Inks eBay Auction
  1945. Card shows in Southern Ontario
  1946. why is Mike Green a common card in the printed Beckett
  1947. Every Card A GEM MINT??
  1948. Ud black checklist ?
  1949. which crosby would you prefer ?
  1950. mvp 09-10 box
  1951. What was your first hit in the hobby?
  1952. What's next for the hobby?
  1953. best free online price guide?
  1954. 1,000 posts
  1955. This can't be legit...Even for an SP
  1956. Which blaster should I get?
  1957. Another problem with upperdeck
  1958. /999, but is there realy 999 cards?
  1959. I need some help please...
  1960. 09/10 Brodeur heroes set.
  1961. Need some thoughts on my PC!!!
  1962. Just a very short RANT
  1963. Since when do we trade base at book value?
  1964. Official SPx Checklist Posted
  1965. Merry Christmas SCF!!!!
  1966. What's with all the roller marks? 09/10 UD YG problems.
  1967. ebay seller to watch out for
  1968. 09-10 Collectors Choice Checklist Posted
  1969. What boxes do I get?
  1970. What are your best pulls for your money
  1971. Quick Question
  1972. question what to get
  1973. Stanley Cup Signatures Warning
  1974. Duncan Keith has some Hobby love
  1975. Has anyone opened any of these?
  1976. Set building question
  1977. sets
  1978. 02-03 Upper Deck Question
  1979. Any Halak Supercollectors or Collectors
  1980. artifacts redemtions
  1981. looking to buy a case of 09/10 black diamond where do i go to get it?
  1982. Good Deal?
  1983. Has Anyone Seen Any Of These Cards..
  1984. 2009-2010 UD1 Tins - $15 at Walmart
  1985. 09/10 Black Diamond Release?
  1986. POLL: Auto Set Building
  1987. card holders that fit the cup cards
  1988. Ebay Steal of the year?
  1989. REDEMPTION replacement
  1990. What box(s) should i buy?
  1991. Looking for Reprints
  1992. yes I know it's a SP but...
  1993. UD comes through for an 06-07 Parkie
  1994. 08/09 OPC Update Set
  1995. What pt size are UD Black cards?
  1996. Where to buy accessories only!
  1997. UD oversize card with defect!
  1998. Question about BD Horizontal Variations
  1999. 06/07 Flair showcase review worth it ?
  2000. New and revamped UD Hockey page
  2001. hometown heroes
  2002. My new cards website
  2003. Another set question
  2004. What should i buy???
  2005. trading time limit
  2006. another rollermark question
  2007. best way to show off your sets
  2008. Collector's Choic is live
  2009. Anyone have Grade 6 BGS Samples?
  2010. Dropping the gloves.
  2011. Is This a good price
  2012. eBay shipping from Canada question
  2013. Missing Cards
  2014. 2009-10 Series 2 Young Guns?
  2015. 08-09 Upper Deck S1 Blaster box question
  2016. What set should I do next?
  2017. i thinks its lost.
  2018. Does anyone have this card?
  2019. Has anybody heard from jrpic6
  2020. Stoopid Upper Deck
  2021. Can someone please explain this....
  2022. Canada Post Rate Increase Effective 1/11
  2023. 2009-10 Upper Deck Series 2 Young Guns Preview
  2024. My OPC Premier a weird one
  2025. will spx be released on time?
  2026. ***COLORADO SPRINGS Sports Card Show January 16th...
  2027. Damaged 09-10 BD cards: What will UD do?
  2028. Rainbow help
  2029. Has the 08-09 SPX Cory Schneider Auto/Patch /25 been produced?
  2030. What size magnetic for draft board?
  2031. Anyone ever....
  2032. got a case of 09/10 black diamond what do you guys need?
  2033. Anyone using Facebook?
  2034. Upper Deck Joins Forces with Sunkist® to Produce Special NHL® Trading Card Promotion
  2036. Older Upper Deck Price Lists?
  2037. What do you prefer to look at? photobucket or a trade list
  2038. Where to get an 09-10 Itg Heroes and Prospects case?
  2039. 09/10 OPC Update
  2040. 2010 Ultimate Collection
  2041. What cheap card REALLY turned out to be elusive or hard to find???
  2042. Card list?
  2043. seriously ?...is this for real ?
  2044. ebay problem help me out
  2045. New Collector, Want to Set Build Help!
  2046. Is Black Diamond the best pound for pound product?
  2047. when to buy a case on pre-sell
  2048. So I pondered this long enough....
  2049. Where does it end?
  2050. Edmonton Trade nights
  2051. What would you do?
  2052. SPX this week, next week, or ?????????
  2053. player collectors more than 1 or more of the same card
  2054. Over the Border Shipping Question!!! Post your Opinion
  2055. Made to Order Card
  2056. Leaside Gardens Card Show Sunday Jan 17th, 2010
  2057. does KSA do a good job grading
  2058. Opinions on this? Anyone seen any others of their player?
  2059. Years from OPC with Blank Backs
  2060. UD Young Guns Series card list
  2061. I need to vent anyone want to listen
  2062. Anyone I have traded with in the past month please read
  2063. Your top hobby additions of 2009?
  2064. Beckett just keeps making me angry
  2065. SPX 1/13 released?
  2066. Cheap Jersey's
  2067. Need help on price of Lidstrom card
  2068. 09-10 UD 1 "Roller Marks"
  2069. Pricing Help on 09/10 UD Black Diamond
  2070. Collecting Philosophy, Opinions Wanted
  2071. Upper Deck rookie card tracker
  2072. What OPC Card is this
  2073. 08/09 opc blank backs
  2074. Help me identify this Spezza card
  2075. Collectors Choice parallel ????
  2076. ITG H&P 6 hits per box & Class of 2010 Redemption Program
  2077. !!** Can anyone help with 2010 annual Price Guide? ** !!
  2078. How to clean some space?
  2079. Huge Card Show in Minneapolis coming!
  2080. Postage
  2081. beckett ????
  2082. Who will collect these?
  2083. Auto Cards w/o the Auto
  2084. 08/09 Champs Minis
  2085. What's up with Photobucket???
  2086. 09-10 OPC Metal?
  2087. Fake patch?
  2088. Pairse or Richards
  2089. Ultimate Memorabilia cards
  2090. Online Card Wholesalers located in Canada
  2091. any good box deals anywhere?
  2092. Does this ever happen to anyone else's player collection?
  2093. what bv should i ask for
  2094. PSA graded card protectors
  2095. Must see collection...
  2096. previous ebay auction price help please
  2097. Ultra redemptions
  2098. Cash Value - VS - Beckett Value
  2099. Padding bids on eBay ... this seller takes the cake
  2100. Just don't get it
  2101. How many get signed
  2102. Card shops recommended in Toronto Area
  2103. Can someone please give me some info on these cards! Thank you
  2104. carey price
  2105. Bidding Wars, do YOU have enough discipline?
  2106. 09-10 SPX: how many boxes will you break?
  2107. 07/08 victory black Luongo
  2108. 09/10 BD blisters
  2109. BD horizontal ??
  2110. New price guide magazine???
  2111. 2009-10 ud mvp quad two of two question?
  2112. 09-10 opc opinions?
  2113. Shave & a haircut, 2 goals!
  2114. Just hit 200 trades!!
  2115. TRUE Patrick Kane RC - must see, so funny
  2116. UD Ransom Note... I mean SPx is live on eBay
  2117. Do you like the look of the new SPx?
  2118. first SPX tavares sold $225
  2119. need your advice on what to do about a redemption card
  2120. Trade Night at One Stop Shop in Vancouver!!!
  2121. A little help on 2 hockey cards, please...
  2122. Need help with everyone with a Lapierre CUP ARP
  2123. Paypal question
  2124. 08/09 UD Champs Purple Auto's
  2125. What is your PC MUST HAVE card?
  2126. Can Someone PM me Please!! Dont think my PMs are working
  2127. Thats the SPX card I wanted to pull!!!!!
  2128. Artifacts and Be A Player Redemption Lists Announced
  2129. Beckett Online Pricing--Differentiations
  2130. 09/10 black diamond online pricing now available
  2131. My 1 year SCF Anniversary!
  2132. PWE.....the worst shipment option
  2133. MY American Forum Friends
  2134. Artifacts CBJ redemption?
  2135. Anyone see this Limited Logos? Pretty Sweet
  2136. Help Help need help finding the owner of a Black 1/1
  2137. Player Cardboard "Firsts"
  2138. One touch help
  2139. Help Needed: SPA Sign of the Times Sixes /5
  2140. Got a Question...
  2141. Website Name?
  2142. Tlusty /99
  2143. Most Annoying Player Combo's
  2144. Why are OPC retro rainbows hard to find?
  2145. Cool Hockey Card Video
  2146. Bernie Federko 1/1 Cup Rainbow Patch/Auto ended on Ebay last night...
  2147. Cards #'d /15 or lower - When should you sell them?
  2148. Alex Goligoski
  2149. Shipping to Canada
  2150. Giant Top Loaders: Where?
  2151. Black Diamond multiple jersey's 1 pack?
  2152. Tavares Question
  2153. Would you buy Hot Prospects?
  2154. Not a card, but working retail as its perks.
  2155. 08-09 The Cup Limited Logos Checklist
  2156. latendresse? card checklist?
  2157. Advice on an offer for the Al Montoya HUGE LOT???
  2158. Anyone else find that eBay 'related searches' have changed?
  2159. Need your guy's opinions again!
  2160. ATTN Player Collectors! Making FREE Player Checklists!
  2161. If you had to choose...
  2162. what gives with BD horizontal pricing??
  2163. Are these bubble mailers too big?
  2164. My new trading site.
  2165. Help Please!!! Does anyone know who this is??
  2166. UD and Hockey Cards: Where should they go or what should they do?
  2167. Upper Deck exclusive trading card manufacturer
  2168. 06/07 O-Pee-Chee swatches question.
  2169. Roller Marks on 09/10 Young Guns
  2170. Question about 2007-08 The Cup
  2171. Where to find these two older Hockey Card boxes?
  2172. How much do you spend a year?
  2173. Help with this card
  2174. I love my LCS!
  2175. How should i approach getting better trade bait and cards..
  2176. 2009 SPX pricing
  2177. Sports Card and Memorabilia Show January 30-31st Westminster Mall Colorado!
  2178. Customs..
  2179. Discussion Topic: Personal Case breaking
  2180. Anyone know Ebay id MRBAHAMAS?
  2181. What defines a Rookie Card?
  2182. Hockey Card Companies: Who else do (or don't) you want in the market and why?
  2183. UD Comes through for me again!
  2184. Hobby vs Retail release dates
  2185. What items should I get autographed
  2186. A touching story involving a good person this site
  2187. I have a display/master set of this years McDonalds hockey, what's it worth?
  2188. Really??
  2189. Buying older hobby boxes....any thoughts?
  2190. does this card exist?
  2191. A would-you-rather for Player Collectors
  2192. Who will be busting H&P?
  2193. 1991-92 Upper Deck World Junior QUESTION?
  2194. Need a reference: BRoach16
  2195. When Did This "Classic Confrontation" Take Place?
  2196. Shipping times from US to Canada, need help my Canadian Friends..
  2197. Make a set of autos
  2198. 09/10 H&P Question
  2199. bust or sit on boxes??
  2200. 2004 Pacific TIME WARPS, Where to find them?
  2201. Lets see that 20/20 vision help me on this one! 33-34 Red Horner RC
  2202. What In Person Autos do you Collect?
  2203. Should I buy this Malkin/Crosby/Lemieux??? HMMMMM
  2204. I guess I can kiss these goodbye!
  2205. Can't get my slabbed cards sharp on scanner...
  2206. Will the olympics have an effect on card prices?
  2207. Paypal echecks...
  2208. Who are the top RC's to get this year
  2209. Need to make an offer on this card, please help!
  2210. new eBay Fees have made maintaining my store unfeasible
  2211. Paypal ''pending'' money?
  2212. Need People For UD (well, kinda) Commercial in Southern California
  2213. Any idea what value to put on this Kadri card?
  2214. Need Help Pricing this Gretzky Auto
  2215. Jordan aka oilfan10 ROCKS!
  2216. Need help on this
  2217. Heroes and Prospects is going to kill me
  2218. Photobucket Organize Question
  2219. Help me identify this card.
  2220. Hockey Card Day?
  2221. Why Heroes & Prospects?
  2222. Trilogy checklist is out!
  2223. Looking for images of certain Hockey Cards
  2224. 09/10 bap
  2225. Print runs for H&P
  2226. How rare are these???
  2227. Olympic roster hlp please !
  2228. UD be careful what you wish for.
  2229. bap /99 or yg exclusives /100...
  2230. Need evaluation on these!
  2231. Heroes and Prospects Question
  2232. canada hockey card day.
  2233. I guess I can kiss these goodbye! ****Update****
  2234. Trading issue, what should I do.
  2235. QUESTION: cardshops or shows near Vancouver
  2236. Special National Hockey Card Day Insert
  2237. case question
  2238. Why is the Duchene SPx AU JSY RC /484?
  2239. Please Read: Trade Delays
  2240. How much for 09-10 H&P
  2241. BGS grading
  2242. The Cup question
  2243. odds on masterpieces retail boxes
  2244. anyone looking for hockey day cards......
  2245. jeresy question
  2246. Hero or Prospect?
  2247. Trilogy is Live!
  2248. Leafs Collectors: Come have a chat
  2249. Trilogy Price
  2250. I have 150 bucks to drop on some new product, what do you recommend?
  2251. hook'd on phoniks wercked four me!
  2252. How to tell if you have a "high gloss" card?
  2253. Full Set of 05-06 SPGU or Tavares SPx RC?
  2254. I need some 1993-94 Stadium Club Finest help
  2255. Jonas Hiller patch with an "A"
  2256. collectandsave.com----would NOT recommend purchasing from this company
  2257. 150 Trades Mark
  2258. 09-10 H&P Made To Order
  2259. ITG to sell limited edition cards...
  2260. National Hockey Card sets
  2261. Card Show this Saturday in Fargo ND
  2262. Deal or No Deal. Ebay Style.
  2263. Help me please - Aider-moi svp...
  2264. Hmmmmmm .... maybe I should throw my 4clr up .... WHY IS THIS SO HIGH!?
  2265. PIcked this up last night.....LOOKING FOR OPINIONS STEAL OR NO STEAL :)
  2266. Hockey Puck... where aren't thou?!
  2267. Delivery Confirmation Problems?
  2268. I hate paypal!!!!
  2269. Upper Deck Really HAS Run Out Of Ideas
  2270. Future BV question
  2271. what value before you use tracking/insurance
  2272. other auction sites???
  2273. I Have Reached The 100 Trade Mark!
  2274. Not Hard to Tell Dion Phaneuf is now a Leaf
  2275. SP Authentic not produced
  2276. artifacts redeptions?
  2277. Wouldn't it be nice if we had Reps??
  2278. National Trading Day sets
  2279. Bad traders
  2280. 2009-10 Heroes and Prospects Checklist
  2281. Ebay scam?????
  2282. Thinking on bidding on a stick: Thornton. Need SCF opinions
  2283. Montreal Trade Night March 11th
  2284. 2 questions on damaging cards.
  2285. Would you buy a dusty old 05-06 UD1 box....
  2286. 05-06 the cup
  2287. what is the best product to buy just 1 pack?
  2288. Would upper deck exchange this
  2289. Good deal or Not a good deal
  2290. 09-10 the cup release
  2291. Book Value
  2292. Leino taded, that screws up my PC!
  2293. Now that I no longer have MSF....
  2294. I didn't know where to put this Question.
  2295. Any Darcy Tucker collectors here on the boards?
  2296. new nhl collecter
  2297. Upper Deck Redemption Question
  2298. My 5000th Post on SCF!
  2299. Guess the final Price on this one (Toews)
  2300. What's THE patch you would dream to have?
  2301. What player has haunted you this year?
  2302. hey
  2303. Why is it so hard to get it right??????
  2304. So, which card do you think you get?
  2305. 50 Feedback already : )
  2306. Shipping Question Please
  2307. bit of an OT hockey card question
  2308. Where on Beckett site do i go to buy early pricing for BD and SPX???
  2309. Upper Deck Question
  2310. redemtion replacement
  2311. Good ol' Upper Deck, lol!
  2312. Hidden gem rookies out there?
  2313. Upper Deck and it's shenanigans
  2314. Upper Deck redemptions - Release Dates
  2315. 09-10 Big Playmakers
  2316. Question for the 'Foppa-razzi'
  2317. Kaberle/Bernier Question
  2318. Michigan Collectors?
  2319. **Box of 2007/08 ITG Between The Pipes - Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund Raffle**
  2320. Best way to get collection online?
  2321. POLL: What should the restrictions for Super Collector be?
  2322. Upper Deck 2 Checklist is out
  2323. What size magnetic for Sweet Spot Sigs Auto Baseball Skin!!? In the one-thouch
  2324. 2009/10 Between The Pipes - Memorabilia Card Preview!
  2325. I don't get it...
  2326. best pack for rookies
  2327. 05-06 Black Diamond Parallels
  2328. Taylor Hall ITG Future Star Auto/Patch 1/1
  2329. 09-10 Best bang for your buck set
  2330. P.K. Subban - Where to Put His Rookies?
  2331. 2008-09 Ultra Rookies
  2332. H&P Update Help
  2333. In The Game VIP (anyone going to utilize this)?
  2334. Hockey Card Trading Night in HALIFAX
  2335. 09-10 OPC Premier - first look
  2336. Could use some advice on Autographed Jerseys....
  2337. ITG Heroes & Prospects 1/1 cards!
  2338. BGS 9.5 or PSA 10?
  2339. want to make a want list any good sites
  2340. help please
  2341. UD Premier Question
  2342. Should I keep waiting for this redemption?
  2343. RC-Class this year: hyped but weak ?
  2344. calling in
  2345. Realistic Sale price for 09-10 Series 1 Young Guns
  2346. 5,000 posts!
  2347. ATTN JERSEY COLLECTORS! How do you display your jerseys?
  2348. WOO Tim Thomas
  2349. Anyone know if this set is worth anything?
  2350. Do you know who won this Cup Dual Auto Shield auction? REWARD!
  2351. Trilogy
  2352. Best box for abour $50-$80 ?
  2353. Anyone know what cards are considered these superstars best RC/RC auto?
  2354. How do you even find out if a card was made?
  2355. Poor Trilogy Collation
  2356. Here's one for the Sabres Mafia
  2357. It's All About Having a Good Time
  2358. Anyone hear about 'Famous Fabrics'
  2359. Hockey Fellas I need help!
  2360. HELP please
  2361. Looking for An Opinion or Two
  2362. Canada to USA shipping, Read This
  2363. Buying Boxes to break at card shows
  2364. 2009-10 MVP Quad Crosby/Malkin/Gaborik/Dubinsky
  2365. The Toronto Card Show at Leaside Gardens - Sunday, February 21st
  2366. Stupid qusetion about monster storage boxes....Help?
  2367. Another UD rant
  2368. To buy a Trilogy blister or not?
  2369. scanner?? what should I buy for scanning cards
  2370. UD YGs w/ Roller Marks
  2371. Ebay problem, what should I do?
  2372. Upper Deck Champs - Dinosaur bones?
  2373. Card Design & Photography
  2374. Is there any printing plate this year in series2?
  2375. Need a Little Help Please?!
  2376. Which players RC year cards are the toughest to find?
  2377. Question About 2007-08 Ultra
  2378. Question Ref 08/09 Artifacts
  2379. What would you be willing to give up for your DREAM card?
  2380. Will the Real Slim Shady please stand up?
  2381. 08-09 SP game used
  2382. This Victory black /5 is getting annoying...
  2383. Quick Fleer Ultra Question
  2384. 09/10 UD 2 Break
  2385. Ebay Stores
  2386. Need opinions on a set...
  2387. need help with magnetic case
  2388. Does everything look the same??
  2389. Should this card exsist?
  2390. Best Blaster "Hit"
  2391. Nice patch ..... but a little iffy in my opinion.
  2392. What is a fair price for a Malkin SPA FW patch auto /100?
  2393. Question :cards show near montreal and south shore?
  2394. Finally, my UD redemption is fulfilled!!!
  2395. Collecting on different budgets.
  2396. Your opinion on the value of this card?
  2397. Fake Patches
  2398. 2008-09 BAP Rookie Redemptions are LIVE!!!
  2399. Thanks for a great year SCF!!
  2400. question bout 08/09 SP Authentic Rookie Review card
  2401. BTP Info
  2402. Please let me know if my links work
  2403. For those who collect "B" list players
  2404. Links to ebay auctions
  2405. Price Check: Heroes and Prospects Patch / Auto
  2406. Ebay Headache: What to do?
  2407. Just for this week...........
  2408. Looking for help/advice with values
  2409. Need your help on values of my kane
  2410. Beckett Hockey Printing Mistake?
  2411. Ottawa Hobby Shops - Opinions?
  2412. Someones about to buy a FAKE Gretzky RC for 300$ISH! Report!
  2413. Value of a bad autograph
  2414. Card Database? Input appreciated
  2415. What do I take to a card show?
  2416. Fake Patch Card - Stamkos Cup 58/99
  2417. Toronto shops
  2418. Stolen Card - Crosby Cup RC 81/99
  2419. Not sure if this is where this thread belongs? McFarlane Canadian Olympic exclusives?
  2420. ITG HSHS Redemption question
  2421. Best Price on a case of UD S2?
  2422. BTP Checklists
  2423. 08/09 BAP Redemptions
  2424. Looking for some 1/1's on eBay and came across this....
  2425. pekka rinne best rookie?
  2426. i need urgent bv help
  2427. Card checklists
  2428. 09/10 UD Series 2 RB9 Tyler Myers
  2429. 08-09 SP Authentic Nikita Filatov FW AU RC/999
  2430. 2008-09 SPA Kyle Okposo FW Limited/100
  2431. Card shop in Montreal
  2432. 2010 Hockey Card Product Schedule and Previews
  2433. If you had to choose between 05/06 UD Game Used or 05/06 UD Authentic
  2434. Anyone have any idea what this card is worth??? 2009-10 MVP 2 of 2 Jersey
  2435. 100 Trades!
  2436. Collectors in Ottawa
  2437. A couple of questions...
  2438. Fraudulent PAtch Cards - Maybe something CAN be done!
  2439. Need your help, received a card..minor problem
  2440. UD Artifact Questions
  2441. Need vintage collectors help!
  2442. What are the chances of this?
  2443. Between the Pipes Check List
  2444. Advice Needed
  2445. This one is gonna go HUGE!
  2446. Okay SCF, I Need Some Help!
  2447. Olympic jersey's ?
  2448. "beckett raw card review"
  2449. jersey card prices
  2450. Any idea on what these are?
  2451. Card Show Tips Needed!
  2452. Crazy sale of HG #/10 Willie Mitchell
  2453. Your way of collecting...
  2454. Looking to Break some Hockey
  2455. Attendance for montreal trade night, please confirm
  2456. Amazing set FS (not mine)
  2457. since others are doing it, see if there is any interest in an oshawa trade night
  2458. 09/10 UD Champs Checklist/Setlist?
  2459. need you help with this
  2460. Ud 2
  2461. McFarlane Olympic figures Predicted Gold???
  2462. Has this ever been done?
  2463. Biggest regrets
  2464. Hockey Canada RPS 27: The Rock-Paper-Scissors Jigsaw Battle
  2465. What Players with 'vintage' RCs are still playing??
  2466. Maple Leaf Sports in Calgary
  2467. General concerns regarding shipping/card conditon/disputes
  2468. Need opinion before leaving negative feedback on e-Bay.
  2469. 200 trades
  2470. I'm confused with 99-00 Upper Deck 1
  2471. Peter Mueller - will the trade help/hurt his cards?
  2472. Ryan Whitney 05-06 The Cup Rookie-Produced?
  2473. where to find card show schedules
  2474. Where does this letter come from?
  2475. set collecting - what does it mean to you (help a newbie out!)
  2476. Montreal Show
  2477. Autograph Question
  2478. Group Box/Case Break Problems
  2479. Is this Legit?
  2480. Need info and value
  2481. UD Statement Regarding BAP Rookie Redemptions
  2482. One of a Kind Mistake?
  2483. Is my Gretzky OPC RC real
  2484. eBay noobs, pretty funny!
  2485. Caputi to Maple Leafs
  2486. Where to you send DAMAGED Upper Deck Cards??
  2487. Limited Logos Double Auto
  2488. Timonen HG - I know why it went so high
  2489. Redemption Trilogy Questions?
  2490. Question about grading
  2491. What Would "put your name here" Do? UD Replacement Question
  2492. Black Rainbow values
  2493. Ilya Kovalchuk rookie
  2494. I wonder what replacement is coming from UD for this?
  2495. ebay.ca VS ebay.com
  2496. I made it!!! 100 trades in slightly under a year
  2497. Superlative Question
  2498. h+p want to know what my card is #ed to
  2499. UD mistake 2000-09
  2500. Roller Marks Question
  2501. What 1 card would make you say "thats it, im done"
  2502. Whats Your Opinion? 51-52 Parkhurst
  2503. Can someone please explain to me...
  2504. mueller getting traded question
  2505. who should i start collecting
  2506. SPX Rookie Jersey/Auto ?
  2507. Artifacts Wild card RED!
  2508. Replacement
  2509. Did UD ever produce the 04-05 Legends Classics Neely/Esposito/O'reilly/Cashman /10?..
  2510. Is there a market for this stuff? Minor League Hockey stuff
  2511. Please Read this Upper Deck Blog!
  2512. hannu toivonen or Al Montoya
  2513. UD Victory vs UD Victory Update inserts
  2514. selling BIN/best offer question
  2515. Feelings about the hobby: I am SO jaded, how about you?
  2516. Upper Deck Makes Good...
  2517. Sick card 1/1 shield, how much will it go you think
  2518. Spx 08-09 should i or not?
  2519. A player checklist area?
  2520. masterpieces retail BOX
  2521. Another UD Champs Question
  2522. !! ** Upper Deck released new KHL sticker set - 400 stickers !!! **
  2523. Mail questions
  2524. Noticed something VERY interesting
  2525. Player Collection - Doing the Impossible
  2526. UD surprise!
  2527. 97-98 Donruss Canadian Ice National Pride
  2528. Fake Patch: Kovalchuk OPC Premier Quad Auto Remnants #4/5
  2529. BCCG or PSA?
  2530. One of Those eBay Listings That Makes You Go "Hmmm"
  2531. Just Want to Give a Big Thanks and Shoutout to charvey9!
  2532. 08-09 bap redemption rookies question
  2533. found these cards while cleaning my room..are these worth anything?
  2534. Dmitry Kulikov cards
  2535. Does anyone else see whats wrong with this listing?
  2536. Any leaf fans out there?
  2537. The Toronto Card Show Kid's Drive - Spring Expo 2010
  2538. Advice Needed.....
  2539. WOO and the Timonen HG goes to 130$ :D
  2540. going nuts with ebay anyone have an email address to contact them
  2541. Montreal trade night LIVE update
  2542. Does PSA Authenticate when they grade?
  2543. Can't Find this Frolov Card in Price Guide.....
  2544. Champs checklist
  2545. What's better OPC Premier Duals or SPA SOTT
  2546. Between The Pipes is soaring.
  2547. UD Black Rookie Redemptions LIVE
  2548. Would you attend a trade night in Trenton, Ontario?
  2549. Upper Deck Crowns Two Canadian Hobby Shops as ‘Hockey Card Heaven’
  2550. My favorite LCS, What about yours?
  2551. Question to Canadian Members (Please help)
  2552. Does anyone have info on this card?
  2553. 08 09 UD series 1 and 2 printing plates?
  2554. 2006-07 Hot Prospects Redemptions just expired....how low will box prices go now?
  2555. Catch a Future Star with In The Game's Heroes & Prospects
  2556. paypal question
  2557. Any help with this MATT DUCHENE Jumbo auto Gold
  2558. jason spezza urgent check
  2559. Regehr Card Help
  2560. Paypal Credit Card question..
  2561. Brodeur Auto Emblem /9
  2562. Champs or Ice?
  2563. what is a good price for a actual game used jersey??
  2564. Siberian Issue 04/05 Hockey Cards
  2565. Need help from a US collector
  2566. question about hockey packs on Ebay
  2567. 09/10 Champs is Live
  2568. Help a football guy /w hockey price
  2569. Hockey Card shops in Vernon B.C.
  2570. wanting to buy a high end
  2571. Any hockey member interested in testing SCF new generation of card manager?
  2572. Selling my Bogosian PC
  2573. How much is this card worth?
  2574. Vancouver Bossa Card Show March 27th & 28th
  2575. Gretzky Base Parallel /10, input please
  2576. need some help
  2577. I love upper deck!!!!!
  2578. Monthly Sports Card And Memorabilia Show Colorado Springs March 27th,2010
  2579. legit ebay sellers list
  2580. Question about Champs....
  2581. Ud replacement
  2582. What?? Is this Really Authenticated?
  2583. Need Your Opinons
  2584. Ovechkin Stars
  2585. What would be a good offer
  2586. Anyone going to the Chantilly CSA show in Northern Virginia March 26th, 27th, 28th?
  2587. 2009-10 UD Trilogy Hockey Video Box Break Highlights
  2588. Halifax card show 3-27 , who's going?
  2589. Winnipeg card show March 20th, anybody going?
  2590. Hockey Replacement?
  2591. Checklist on UD 2007-08 p1 and p2 Game Jerseys wanted!!!
  2592. Secret Easter Bunny Results
  2593. 07-08 Ultra Rookie Redemptions Still Good?
  2594. The Sheer Ignorance Of People On eBay Never Ceases To Amaze Me.
  2595. PSA grading question
  2596. Players Adresses
  2597. I have a beckett online subscription and it isnt showing the 09/10 SPx Pricing. HELP!
  2598. Habs Legends Autograph Signing in Halifax - March 19
  2599. Anyone get their Artifacts Redemptions yet?
  2600. Questions About Champs Parallel Colours Thread
  2601. Do these sets count as rookie cards?
  2602. Upper Deck replacement - how did I do?`
  2603. I need you for a Upper Deck replacement
  2604. Need 98-99 OPC Chrome Help
  2605. Offer help please!
  2606. 2009-10 Upper Deck Champs Hockey Is Old School
  2607. Dan Marino in Champs?
  2608. Are those legit?
  2609. The Toronto Card Show at Leaside Gardens - TOMORROW! March 21
  2610. Stupid me
  2611. EBay Advice
  2612. Grading for a rookie card...
  2613. The Cup Shield Question...
  2614. What Should My New PC Player Be?
  2615. Whole collection VS single piece sell-off?
  2616. Calling All Newfies - Will We Ever Get a Card Show?
  2617. Is there a place on here to warn about bad ebay sellers?
  2618. The Top of YOUR Wantlist. My white whale thread!
  2619. Advice needed
  2620. So what should I do about this Stamkos YG?
  2621. Meet Me In The Live Chat
  2622. To all that I have trades with...
  2623. Question regarding SUPERcollector status
  2624. What box should I buy?
  2625. UD redemption troubles...advice please
  2626. Anyone know best way to "crack open" a graded card
  2627. what should I be paying for these boxes? - in BC
  2628. Levels of "Supercollector" status?
  2629. TTM Autos
  2630. 2nd edition Montreal Trade Night APRIL 15th 6:00PM
  2631. Champs checklist up, but
  2632. Official: UD & Panini Receive NHL/PA License for 2010-11 and Beyond
  2633. Help with trade expectations
  2634. Voracek The Cup RC 66/249 FAKE or REAL ?
  2635. 2008/09 Upper Deck Series 1 boxes
  2636. The License - What It Means and Where the Hobby Goes From Here
  2637. 06-07 Fleer Tiffany RCs
  2638. Andy (cnshockey), just cause I can.............
  2639. UD Solution to the BAP Redemptions
  2640. UD Premier Collection rookie patches
  2641. Yesterday: Say Day For Me
  2642. Trade #100 completed!! :-)
  2643. 09-10 Champs parallels
  2644. I need mini top loads for champs mini
  2645. Jordan Staal and Other Problems With the Hobby
  2646. Value of rare 1/5 cards
  2647. A question for all you LA Kings people.
  2648. Panini Awarded NHL and NHLPA Multi-Year License
  2649. Upper Deck Renews Trading Card License with the NHLPA and the NHL
  2650. Ebay is this fair ?
  2651. I'm new to all this.....
  2652. INSANE Glove card from BTP!
  2653. Let's Have Some Fun - If the Licensees Have a Cap...
  2654. Hockey sets
  2655. champs ancient fossil and artifact redemption cards
  2656. ITG card replacement
  2657. Someone with a Facebook...
  2658. Choices to make!
  2659. Which 1/1 is better?
  2660. Can Anybody in the Montreal (St. Hubert) Area Do Me a Huge Favour?
  2661. Help Me Choose My PC Guy
  2662. Show & Tell Contest Question: Change the ending date?
  2663. Shipping cards from the US to Canada...
  2664. What would you offer for
  2665. going under the knife
  2666. So many inserts...what to do?
  2667. Nice Deal for Someone? eBay typo
  2668. Ovechkin Beehive RC Question
  2669. Received my ud redemption
  2670. Help me finish an All-Time Team......
  2671. BTP Gold masked men question
  2672. I need opinions....
  2673. Pics from the Toronto Card Show - Sunday, March 21
  2674. Need help with this BTP card
  2675. What should a Gustavsson YG HG fetch?
  2676. Good deal? Also, a 1/1 question...
  2677. ITG Superlative Volume II
  2678. The cup artist proof
  2679. Panini vs. Upper Deck
  2680. To Bust or Not To Bust
  2681. UD Redemption, horrible experience
  2682. Been deciding for a while on a new PC
  2683. What Is The Best Hobby Publication, In Your Opinion?
  2684. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone!
  2685. Would it be courteous if...
  2686. WOW.. is this a good lot?
  2687. Collectors: We're a Fun Lot
  2688. Need Help With This Uncut Sheet 93-94-95 Topps Goal Scorers
  2689. Does anybody know PhillyCardsBucket?
  2690. Duchene is selling for more than Tavares in the Artifacts Redemption set.
  2691. anybody know what happened to Mikpaq77?
  2692. Little UD Rant
  2693. anyone know what mvp super scripts are numbered to?
  2694. Come meet me in live chat
  2695. Amazing What a Great Patch Can Do For a Card...
  2696. Rant against myself
  2697. Gretzky On Card Auto Question/Thoughts
  2698. BTP International Crease Question
  2699. Need some Opinions on John Tavares
  2700. Need to Input Guys and Girls...
  2701. has anyone on this site completed ultimate debut threads 08-09 set?
  2702. Need help on choosing a brand
  2703. 2009-10 MVP Case Hit?
  2704. Post office loses $5,000 in hockey cards
  2705. 1/1 Question
  2706. Does anyone collect Spencer Machacek?
  2707. good site to buy minor league cards?
  2708. UD Victory Black question
  2709. 1000 Cards for Carey Price
  2710. The Choice is Back on the Ice
  2711. Difference between Gold Metal & Metal X cards from 08-09 OPC
  2712. Does this look shady?
  2713. Swatches better than 1 of 1???
  2714. Quick Question
  2715. Would this be a good trade?
  2716. What happens after theres nomore UD YG rollers left
  2717. 2009-10 SP Authentic
  2718. BREAKING NEWS- This Just In- Kids Don't Buy Sports Cards
  2719. Do 08-09 Champs mini colored backs exist, lol.
  2720. Identify This Card
  2721. Missing Jersey/Thread card in 08-09 Champs
  2722. UD at it again with new SPGU!!!!!
  2723. So it's been about a year...
  2724. Pretty Sick SPGU on Ebay Tavares/Duchene 1/15
  2725. 07-08 Fleer Ultra Rookie Redemptions
  2726. Looney at par
  2727. Luck with pulling Tavares out of UD S1
  2728. Real or fake
  2729. wall display case?
  2730. mueller the cup auto jersey?
  2731. SPGU Question
  2732. 05-06 Ultimate question
  2733. 08-09 Ud rookie class auto
  2734. The Toronto Card Show at Leaside Gardens - Sunday April 11th, 2010
  2735. itg 09/10 H&P question
  2736. 2009-10 spgu, what do you think?
  2737. Outch, more bad news at Upper Deck.
  2738. Shill Bidding
  2739. Anyone bought from ebay seller accounter1717?
  2740. OPC Metal Cancelled....Sorta
  2741. Question abot 07-08 H&P
  2742. Don't you guys find this annoying?
  2743. Dark horse young players
  2744. new SPGU lol.. big mistake ?
  2745. Anybody in the Ashburn, VA area by the DC beltway? (meet up?)
  2746. Need advice on how to get rid of my cards.
  2747. champs mini question
  2748. What kind of bv for these cards
  2749. Price help
  2750. is ther sp in sp game used inked sweaters
  2751. 2009-10 SPGU Is a High Priced Gamble
  2752. how to tell if you should get a card graded
  2753. Why are some ebay seller's so clueless?
  2754. Cards you bought that smell like smoke.
  2755. 2009-10 Champs
  2756. Question regarding UD Redemptions
  2757. What Must Be Done In the Next 30 Days If Upper Deck Is to Survive
  2758. Even at his peak, Jaroslav Halak worth 25% of Carey Price; why?
  2759. Sending HSHS redemption points
  2760. Some input please ........
  2761. Another nice not so 1/1
  2762. Famous Fabrics 2010 1st Edition
  2763. 08/09 Be a Player Redempton resolution??
  2764. Need a few opinions in a hurry
  2765. What value to put on this Brandon Gormley 1/1?
  2766. Hoping Stamkos's Take a Big Jump
  2767. reasonable price
  2768. parkies reprints
  2769. Has anyone seen or heard of the 09-10 Trilogy Boston Quad /5 being pulled?
  2770. Need some quick help!
  2771. SP Game Used Gamer Gear card tracker!
  2772. 04-05 SPA Buyback autos
  2773. 07-08 Artifacts Question
  2774. tavares signatures
  2775. Don't know who else saw this...
  2776. UD Customer Service
  2777. Do These Exist?
  2778. Compare and Contrast - Have the Habs CHanged That Much in Two Years?
  2779. Fleer Ultra Rookie Redemptions have started to ship
  2780. What NHL Team, or Teams do you collect?
  2781. Attention!!!!!!!! Lansing,michigan area collectors!!!!!
  2782. Suggest a set for me to collect
  2783. Money must be tight, so is UD cutting corners?
  2784. Steve Yzerman Jersey
  2785. Lettermarks Redeemption
  2786. Decided to put it on the bay
  2787. free shipping on ebay auctions? CAREFUL!
  2788. Artifacts question
  2789. Live Chat
  2790. auction question
  2791. Help From a Gordie howe Collector
  2792. High End McCarty sale
  2793. High Gloss Rookie Cards
  2794. Bad time for UD redemption cards ?
  2795. Looking for a Gretzky checklist.
  2796. Make your own Facebook Hockey card
  2797. Any idea what the value of this is?
  2798. Who is Perttu Lindgren?????
  2799. Any idea what this triple patch with crosby goes for
  2800. What's the Gretzky auto-pen story?
  2801. has anyone bought any of these.
  2802. Kari lehtonen
  2803. E-mailed UD and...
  2804. Huh? Ebay question
  2805. 09/10 UD YG Rainbow GUSTAVSSON and orielly.
  2806. Anyone have any of these?
  2807. Post office v. paypal
  2808. Did you hear that flushing sound? UD is circling the drain......
  2809. Manon Rheaume Card
  2810. Tavares 1 of 1s
  2811. What set is this from?
  2812. Flashing Must Send First...?
  2813. Which Boxes to Buy?
  2814. Ebay insertion fee question....
  2815. What would you do? (Box buying)
  2816. have $1000 to spend just not sure what to spend it on please offer your opinions!
  2817. got any ideas for a new hockey card
  2818. got a 6 box case of 09/10 sp game used coming what do you guys need?
  2819. Just rolled the dice on my redemptions
  2820. My Future Player
  2821. All Star Redemption Cards
  2822. Canadians - a question about BGS and PSA...
  2823. 2010-2011 Panani
  2824. To Buy: SPGU or Black?
  2825. another bogus seller...
  2826. Hockey card sell value?
  2827. Upper Deck Young Guns??
  2828. Need opinions on BV and Sell values for these
  2829. 2009-10 ICE Hockey Delayed until 11 May
  2830. Ebay SPGU Boxes
  2831. What to get.
  2832. New York Card Shops...Any Recommendations?
  2833. In the world of Hockey where does the Maurice the Rocket Richard rate
  2834. Need your Advice on a investement
  2835. Game-Used Stick...What do you think is fair?
  2836. Full player checklist.
  2837. UD Masterpiece fans
  2838. Grou[p case breaks
  2839. ITG's Redemption Program at the 2010 Toronto Sportcard & Memorabilia Spring Expo
  2840. What BV would you put on this Orr card?
  2841. Does anyone on here live in the Phoenix area?
  2842. I'm no english major but.....
  2843. Champ's: anyone know the print runs?
  2844. Trade Advice - Vote for your favourite!
  2845. 09/10 SPA Question
  2846. SPGU BV incorrect for Niemi RC
  2847. Monthly spending on this hobby/habit?
  2848. Beckett's Score Football Preview - Harbinger of Things to Come?
  2849. wasnt ice supposed to come out on tuesday?
  2850. Make of it what you will....
  2851. 09-10 spxcitement question??
  2852. Price for Complete set of 03-04 SP SOTT (50 Auto's)
  2853. The Industry Really is Just a Good 'Ole Boys Club- Al Muir to Head Panini Hockey
  2854. ‘Game-Changing’ Plan Wows Summit Attendees
  2855. What cards do you get graded?
  2856. Any idea what this '10 SPGU Ovechkin JSY AUTO is worth?
  2857. Shout out to an awesome super collector
  2858. Banner Creation Request
  2859. Does a Beckett grading slab add to value?
  2860. Really, customs?
  2861. SPGU rookie card MUST HAVE from 09-10 surfaced
  2862. More then alittle stoked...
  2863. To Do List
  2864. Advice needed on Roy RC OPC...
  2865. Any good place to buy one touch magnetic holders?
  2866. Grading Question
  2867. need others help on a scammer from ebay
  2868. The Cup Property of pricing
  2869. dacardworld advertisement: The Cup is coming, april 30th
  2870. Whats the "Must Have" for a 08/09 Rookie?
  2871. can someone help please
  2872. Big Thanks to Everyone I've Traded With to Help Me Hit 200 Milestone!
  2873. Toronto Sport Card & Memorabilia Spring Expo
  2874. Ebay Steal!!
  2875. UD News...new?
  2876. What would you sell a Gilmour IP 8X10 auto picture for
  2877. counterfeit Mario RC's
  2878. Tuff Stuff now offering free memorabilia appraisals in new "What's It Worth?" feature
  2879. Help needed-anybody have $120 paypal?
  2880. Older hockey cards
  2881. New traders
  2882. HELP: How do you put pictures in your sig?
  2883. anyone help out with a price on this *mojo*
  2884. Burnaby Bonsor Show May 2/10
  2885. Need help with price, pls..
  2886. I turned 20 today, well acually 22.
  2887. Argh, photobucket >_<
  2888. Price Guide Websites
  2889. 08-09 SPX WC Radiance autos
  2890. Beckett Problem
  2891. review of card show in Mtl (Salon Expo Multicollections)
  2892. EXPO REMINDER: Toronto Card Show @ booth 1503
  2893. 2009-10 SP Game Used Marks of a Nation?
  2894. 2008-09 UD Champs Mini Signatures Print Run Information
  2895. MVP 2on2 Question
  2896. 07/08 SP Authentic Question
  2897. Thinking about buying a case of something, help me decide!
  2898. Ken Dryden
  2899. eBay: List seperately or as a lot?
  2900. What BV would you put on this card?
  2901. How many PC cards have you pulled?
  2902. 08-09 YGS or 09-10 YGS`
  2903. Value of this card?
  2904. need help with pricing
  2905. 09/10 Artifacts Redemptions
  2906. ITG again proves why they rock it!
  2907. No Idea what to do with H&P Made to Order Triple
  2908. Weird jersey/patch? on this card
  2909. Do you agree with this quote by NHLPA Adam Larry?
  2910. ITG Help on Superlative Emblem 1/1
  2911. A Little Help
  2912. Mail from United States to Canada.
  2913. need your thoughts
  2914. 7,000 posts!
  2915. Does This Happen To You?
  2916. shipping cards, is it really this hard?
  2917. How do you make a set map?
  2918. The "Expo Redemption" Stigma
  2919. Help with Masterpiece Sketch Card
  2920. 09-10 ITG Superlative Vol. II Emblem 1/1 Tracker
  2921. Can you post your own ebay auctions on scf???
  2922. Wednesday: Hockey Chat Trading Night!
  2923. sp authentic
  2924. Beckett's "Have you seen me?"
  2925. why isn't anyone bididng on this stuff
  2926. Question about a Seller
  2927. What is a Hobby Box price of 09/10 H&P
  2928. UD Black game night ticket cards
  2929. Does Gretzky have a St. Louis Blues Patch/Jersey card?
  2930. What is with the o-pee-chee updates?
  2931. 6K Milestone with the usual thanks!
  2932. Perron artifacts redemption rc /100 - ft/fs
  2933. Card price help (just getting back and not sure of product values) ovie 1/1 question
  2934. how did i do i think this was a steal lmk what you think
  2935. Card Question... hmm
  2936. Helmet cards ????
  2937. Need some quick advice..item ending soon!
  2938. heroes and prospects points??
  2939. UD Redemption question...
  2940. What grade would you give this Gretzky rc?
  2941. Even the most expensive upper deck series makes mistakes!! Scan inside
  2942. Need help choosing a box
  2943. 09/10 Between the pipes sold out!
  2944. What is the best box from $70-$90
  2945. Khabibulin Question
  2946. Help!!!decision time
  2947. To those of you who posted Superlative breaks
  2948. A thought about Superlative, would like some feedback
  2949. Alternatives to Photobucket?
  2950. Sweet Kopitar card, a tad different, would like opinions!
  2951. Sergei Kostitsyn Market = DEAD!
  2952. The things collectors think but do not say; I say them! Today's target, SPGU
  2953. decision on a few cards
  2954. SCF Super Collector Award
  2955. O-Pee-Chee Update
  2956. Let The Collector Have His Say
  2957. Seeking Advice: Pacific Printing Plates 1/1's
  2958. Returning Newb needs Help Please
  2959. Average weight of a package?
  2960. Quick Question on Blaster Boxes
  2961. Good place online to buy boxes in Canada?
  2962. The things collectors think but do not say; I say them! Are we getting the REAL deal?
  2963. UD lays off 119 workers...
  2964. eBay help!
  2965. Newbie looking for some advice.
  2966. Does anyone know how to barter?
  2967. Most packages sent at once?
  2968. Any idea?
  2969. Athlete committed to signing soon, please be patient
  2970. Anyone have this SCANNER!
  2971. To those of you who watch or follow the juniors.
  2972. Why so many different Rookie Cards....
  2973. 1992-93 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle Red?
  2974. Concerns over dealing with persons under 18
  2975. 68-69 Shirriff coins SP ?
  2976. how to delete threads
  2977. Is that Kenny?
  2978. is this a good deal?
  2979. 2009-10 upper deck hockey box
  2980. Anyone on here collect for the stats???
  2981. Accidental eBay purchase... Ever happen to anybody?
  2982. Best Blaster Box to BUY
  2983. 2009-10 Artifacts Box... is this a good deal?
  2984. What to do with separate COA when sending to BGS?
  2985. Just wanted to say Hello
  2986. Online Price Guides?
  2987. what do u think this card bv or sale value is?
  2988. What is considered the best product around $150?
  2989. I need some expert Avs Schooling - Purple in Colorado Jersey?
  2990. ?Rookie draft board one touch case?
  2991. How do you talk down an insane seller???? PC card spotted/Price out of wack
  2992. more NSA trash
  2993. Interested idea for TTM
  2994. Anyone Seen a Pogge YG High Gloss /10?
  2995. What Hockey boxes should I buy? higher end
  2996. Another one of those threads: Who's going to the Big Show in Ottawa
  2997. Better buy:Hedman
  2998. Need your honest opinion
  2999. UD Black fans, need some help
  3000. Any Sabres worth collecting???
  3001. what to do when card split in two!?
  3002. Autograph jersey??
  3003. YUP! Another one of those threads...
  3004. Superlative Stick Work
  3005. Ever offer a bounty for a card?
  3006. Artifacts redemptions "being packaged and shipped"
  3007. Are these ALL Rainbow w/ 2 jersey 09-10 OPC Updates common?
  3008. help identifying
  3009. 2009-10 bap
  3010. What do you think of In The Game
  3011. 09/10 OPC Update Rainbow Sets
  3012. Did the price of boxes just skyrocket? (specifically SPGU)
  3013. Good Deal or What????
  3014. Question
  3015. If you had $1,000...
  3016. Osgood Ultra Error card
  3017. ITG H&P HSHS Points
  3018. Opinions on 09/10 UD Ice?
  3019. can anyone help????
  3020. Card Pricing Questions
  3021. A question that might sound stupid but...
  3022. What packs should I get tomorrow ?
  3023. 07-08 ITG Heros and Prospects Question
  3024. Looking for opinions on ITG Between the Pipes boxes
  3025. Player Collector Question
  3026. Difficulty trading
  3027. Draft Pucks
  3028. Sports Card Stores In Southern Ontario
  3029. What do you love about this hobby, and what were your favorite experiences with it?
  3030. New collector here...
  3031. advise on collecting for my sons pc.
  3032. Please help me with this card
  3033. 2009/10 McDonalds hockey checklists - error?
  3034. What Pack is a good buy...
  3035. Well....I'm no longer worried about new products from UD!
  3036. Need Some Input
  3037. suggestions on hobby boxes
  3038. 09/10 Ice is Live
  3039. Anyone hungry?
  3040. VERY disappointing find in the new 2009-10 UD Ice
  3041. Can Anybody Tell Me an Updated List of "Semistars"
  3042. Question Regarding Victory Black 09/10
  3043. Champs problem
  3044. Looking to do a set
  3045. Another error of note in 09-10 Ice
  3046. 09-10 BTP Home Grown jerseys...
  3047. Question for anyone that can answer
  3048. I know, I know another thread about UD...just 1 complaint
  3049. 3rd edition Montreal trade night June 10th.
  3050. 09-10 OS-YG question
  3051. Need help determining value *clueless*
  3052. How would you label it as.....
  3053. TORONTO CARD SHOW: Leaside Gardens Sunday May 23rd!!!!!!
  3054. The things collectors think but do not say; I say them! What do YOU want in The Cup?
  3055. What do you dislike about this hobby, and what were your worst experiences with it?
  3056. Gretzky autos
  3057. Got my upper deck contest winnings today
  3058. Question About a Patch On a recent Pull from UD ICE
  3059. Simple question....83-84 OPC
  3060. Recchi autos
  3061. Free Memorabilia Evaluations Available With Tuff Stuff's "What's It Worth?" Feature
  3062. OPC Premier
  3063. Card Thickness
  3064. Signed Brett Hull and Phil Housley
  3065. Autogtaph Collecting Question???
  3066. Secret Summer Santa
  3067. Why do people do this?
  3068. Just an opinion on what you like.....
  3069. This ever happen to anyone?
  3070. 92/93 Los Angeles Kings team signed stick
  3071. Harder find?
  3072. A question on Matt Duchene cards
  3073. Is there a consenus release date on the upcoming products?
  3074. Started Collecting again. What packs to buy.
  3075. '95-'96 Fleer Metal
  3076. About the 2010 Playoffs?????
  3077. UD ice rookies /99
  3078. What Packs to Buy?
  3079. How much can I pay you NOT to sign these cards?
  3080. 2009-10 OPC Premier Checklist
  3081. Easily one of the finest cards I have ever seen!
  3082. Its ok to sell fakes on eBay
  3083. Quick Question
  3084. Money, Money, Money...........
  3085. Redemption lists.
  3086. 09-10 Champs: How many colors?
  3087. should i try a case of ice?
  3088. 2005-06 Ultimate Collection
  3089. What is the value of this Mario Glacial Graphs?
  3090. Good sites to purchase boxes from
  3091. Need 10 Mini Tobacco Size TopLoads
  3092. 03-04 UD Classic Portrait MINI Bust Question
  3093. 09-10 BAP Release Date?
  3094. ITG Ult. 8th gold base question
  3095. what do you think???
  3096. 96-97 UD Hart Hopefuls
  3097. premier collection archive
  3098. sickest box of spgu i've seen
  3099. Good sets to build
  3100. SPA Delayed Again
  3101. Who knew that Madoff collected hockey cards
  3102. VENTING eBay fees... boy am I late to the party
  3103. busting a case of ice on friday post your needs here
  3104. 20 FULL Sets
  3105. Upper Deck Video Confession
  3106. "Henderson has scored for Canada" - Game Jersey on the Auction Block
  3107. Canadiens End-of-Season Equipment Sale - May 29&30
  3108. Difference between 95-96 Topps SuperSkills and platinum
  3109. Buying from eBay - Customs Fees - Whos liable?
  3110. Stupid sticker autos...
  3111. Pack Prices: Are They Out Of Control?
  3112. BAP autos
  3113. Another spot the difference problem.
  3114. Question about Duchene BAP patch
  3115. Funny Upperdeck Commercial
  3116. Better Hobby Box to Buy?
  3117. More than one (colour) jersey cards
  3118. Buyer makes listing mistake ...
  3119. Gibralter trade center
  3120. Need a little help...
  3121. Chances of making back my money on a case of BAP?
  3122. What Do You Think I Should Trade For?
  3123. What Box to buy ??
  3124. can anyone help me out?
  3125. Live Chat Morning...Saturday May 29 at 8:00 PST (11:00 EST)
  3126. Pre-Sell Boxes
  3127. bad ebay seller, what do I do?
  3128. How many of you who sends cards Canada <---> USA use customs forms?
  3129. How Much Do You Spend On Cards?
  3130. Who has some BV knowledge?
  3131. Beckett!!!!
  3132. UD 2005 welcome back NHL cards
  3133. How does 95-96 Upper Deck All-Star Predicor cards look like?
  3134. i love hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3135. Which Boxes to Buy?
  3136. Collectors outside north america?
  3137. Need opinions on HOF GU PC...
  3138. Toews card going up wow
  3139. Good deal? What'd'ya think?
  3140. I would like Calgary resident collectors help
  3141. Sports Collectors Digest?
  3142. Advice needed bap or ice 09-10? Urgent
  3143. ITG H&P Question
  3144. Wow...check this out, too bad I'm still keeping mine...for now...
  3145. Upper Deck has a new President
  3146. I need your opinion about this card ...
  3147. Please help a newbie :)
  3148. This years Montreal Gamers For sale?
  3149. What boxes should i buy?
  3150. In my opinion, BVs actually slow down the trading process ...
  3151. While in Canada...
  3152. 09-10 SP Authenic Release Prediction Pool Prize
  3153. nice little find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3154. My first Ebay wins
  3155. Anyone familiar with this site...
  3156. Taylor hall auto..sell now or after draft???
  3157. Card Protectant Question: Oversized Cards
  3158. UD The Cup 09/10 NO ROOKIES!??
  3159. Anybody know??
  3160. Malkin BAP Auto is a 1/1...and other SP'S
  3161. Anyone have beckett handy
  3162. SPA Checklist?
  3163. What If Manufacturers Logged Patches on a Grid?
  3164. Anybody Feel Like Live Chat?
  3165. Help Please!! Need Trade Advice!
  3166. Recent trade...
  3167. Question about collecting
  3168. Too many hit or miss products?
  3169. Young Guns Question???
  3170. 90-91 Bowman question
  3171. ebid.net
  3172. Question on OPC Variations
  3173. Help Me Decide What Boxes to Buy/Rip Today
  3174. Thx for the trades!!!
  3175. Help me decide what case to rip
  3176. Removing tape residue from old cards
  3177. Worst Carey Price Signature Ever
  3178. Property of... (Sale Prices??)
  3179. 09-10 SP Game Used Brodeur Patch . . . Mistake? a Fake?
  3180. Who Wants to See Some Pics of The Cup?
  3181. Non-hockey in hockey releases. (a bit of a rant)
  3182. Steal?
  3183. Meet the Rookies error
  3184. Buying boxes on ebay?
  3185. Price check: E.Kane 09/10 H&P Number and AU ?
  3186. What the hell is this?
  3187. Where do i find a complete list of every card for a specific player
  3188. Big shout out to Wayne (waf)!
  3189. help contacting member
  3190. SP Authentic Checklist!
  3191. eBay 'Make an Offer' query
  3192. Good Deal on Boxes
  3193. Meet Me In the Live Chat On Friday Night At 6:30 PST (9:30 EST)
  3194. New hockey card thought....???
  3195. What date was 06-07 The Cup released?
  3196. Brand New Here, sharing question
  3197. Paul Stastny 09-10 BAP Signature SP?
  3198. Trade Help!
  3199. Does anyone else seem to pull the same player over and over again?
  3200. ITG questions for Dr. Price
  3201. Carey Price wearing a 2004-05 NHL jersey?
  3202. What boxes should i bust for 500$ ???
  3203. Couple questions (Artifacts, BAP, Ice...)
  3204. Which Product has been the best so far?
  3205. Where I can buy cards in Las Vegas ?
  3206. Is Beckett even following the hobby anymore?
  3207. Reserve Prices on Ebay?
  3208. Need help with viewing completed auctions on eBay
  3209. Patch or Jersey?
  3210. WHo can help with checklist on Topps 1988-89?
  3211. Ud error bap dual auto, wrong picture
  3212. Is it certain that SPA, UD Ultimate, OPC Premier, The Cup will even be released?
  3213. HST cheques = woohoo!
  3214. Ice skaters in ud ice
  3215. anyone heard from SutterRodney?
  3216. The One(s) That Got Away...
  3217. Can Anyone Help Me?
  3218. UD Improvement: Low #nd patches
  3219. Anyone seen this one??? WOW
  3220. Umm... Did I miss something here?
  3221. Malkin BAP Signatures 1/1
  3222. Better Box To Break????
  3223. Survey UD High-End product
  3224. Please help me decide which box to buy
  3225. Inserts vs Parallels
  3226. 08-09 Artifacts Redemption Parallel
  3227. question on the cup??
  3228. Looking for a 90s Oshawa Generals Team set: Know a dealer in Oshawa that might help?
  3229. Is it just me or is there still a lot of 08/09 products out there?
  3230. Card Supplies
  3231. UD Ice Glacial Graphs SPs, SSPs Announced
  3232. what's your pack busting ritual!!!!!
  3233. I'm going to Toronto soon and need some good shops/shows to go to!
  3234. Need help with 06/07 Parkhurst Autos checklist
  3235. eBay feedback advice...
  3236. Question about redemptions
  3237. 08-09 BAP Trio Sigs error Malkin/Staal/Fleury
  3238. how to buy a ebay gift certificate?
  3239. I'm shocked, astonished, dumbfounded - *Upper Deck !?!* really??
  3240. Habs Centennial Triple Auto Madness
  3241. SPA on ebay...SOTT Mystery Redemptions?!?!, UH OH!!!!
  3242. One-touch UV protection?
  3243. SPA from Blowout Ship Yet?
  3244. Top 09-10 SP Authentic Cards from Various Sources
  3245. Question about 09/10 SPA insert
  3246. Maurice Richard collection?
  3247. Soo frustrating!!!!!!
  3248. Toronto Card Show | Sunday, June 27 | Allan Bester & Ken Wregget Signing
  3249. 09/10 SOTT Dual Tracker - SPA Mystery Redemption, who are you?
  3250. Young Guns
  3251. Suggestions needed: Fishy box o' SP Auth
  3252. Seeking your opinion - what to do with SP Authentic Mystery Redemptions
  3253. Trusted Sites to buy BOXES
  3254. Are SP Authentic FW patch autos /100 true RC?
  3255. Very high-end collectors, your thoughts?
  3256. Card shops in Kitchener and London?
  3257. need help ovechkin sott
  3258. Stupid question of the day.
  3259. As odd or original as it sounds...
  3260. 2010 NHL Draft Project...contest
  3261. Helpfull suggestions about sources of BVs
  3262. The Hometown/Team Premium
  3263. What should I do with damaged 06/07 Parkhurst dual auto
  3264. Getting RCs Graded - Is it worth it???
  3265. Quick Question.....
  3266. /10 /5 #rd cards question
  3267. Pack Wars in Pittsburgh
  3268. Need pricing help
  3269. what # range do SPs usually fall?
  3270. Help:Box To Break ??
  3271. How should I spend my 250$?
  3272. Pack Sales from Tony aka Enigma
  3273. Ebay Pros, I need your advice!
  3274. Looking...
  3275. The Cup packed by dealers again this year???
  3276. Need a checklist, can someone help me out
  3277. 2008-09 The Cup (last year): Where to find a complete checklist?
  3278. 2010-2011 UD Artifacts
  3279. Artists Proof Cut Cards
  3280. Beckett Marketplace - First Bad Experience!
  3281. how to store ITG ultimate cards
  3282. Welcome to Hobby Significance: Nathan Horton
  3283. Idea for a new product: HHOF members
  3284. Panini Changing it up - Certified Comes First
  3285. One of our own shines on UD
  3286. Best overall set building products
  3287. Looking for product recommendations.
  3288. An idea for a possible UD release?
  3289. Quebec City
  3290. BGS grading - I give up!
  3291. With the draft coming up, don't forget your 2009-10 ITG H & P Class of 2010 cards
  3292. Is it worth sending vintage to BGS for grading?
  3293. 2009-10 SP Authentic Hockey Video
  3294. Like a slap in the face.
  3295. What Year?
  3296. Ebay help needed - Tim Horton
  3297. Stamkos 1/1 auto question
  3298. Chat room
  3299. UD Replacement..........comments neeeded
  3300. Hypothetical player collectors question
  3301. Switch PC players
  3302. 2010-11 Rookies: Who's Getting the Love?
  3303. Heroes and Prospects idea
  3304. I'm excited, just placed an order for some wax!
  3305. Toronto Card Show is Tomorrow! Sunday, June 27th | Allan Bester Signing
  3306. Poor collation???
  3307. Reporting an item on ebay...
  3308. Expired Redemptions
  3309. Price BV
  3310. Grading Preparation for cards, Suggestions?
  3311. It just seems to me....
  3312. 2005-06 product: why even bother?
  3313. what boxes to buy and a shipping question
  3314. question for those TTM experts
  3315. Does anyone know who owns, or pulled the Pisani/Torres Cup Dual Shields?
  3316. 2004-05 H&P Show-Stamped Cards
  3317. Beckett site downtime
  3318. 2001 Pre-Parkie Autographs
  3319. Need help from Sid experts
  3320. A idea for Shield Cards
  3321. Finally, got some boxes in
  3322. Is This For Real??
  3323. Players that follow collectors!
  3324. Question Ref Artifacts Tundrs Tandems
  3325. ebay question
  3326. the cup pushed further again!!!!
  3327. Meet Me In The Live Chat...
  3328. Cam Ward Green Patch...?
  3329. Insane Jeff Carter Auction
  3330. Ray Bourque Masterpiece Brushstroke
  3331. Has this ever happened to you?
  3332. Need feedback advice again....
  3333. ALS Society of Canada(lou Gehrig's Disease)
  3334. Seeing double
  3335. Just a quick question???
  3336. according to UD (facebook) there are no SUPER High End SPA Mystery Dual Redemptions
  3337. BAP Blaster - 2 Autos per - Should I go for it?
  3338. power seller
  3339. Now that Chicago has dismantled it's team...
  3340. Help with abbrevations plz!
  3341. Question about 97 Pinnacle Certified
  3342. Victory Question
  3343. International shipping cost
  3344. "Post it up." "No you."
  3345. What kind of hobby trader are you???
  3346. Massive shipping delay...should I open a dispute?
  3347. Welcome home gift
  3348. Set-Breaking
  3349. Ebay Question (are these legit ?)
  3350. ultimate collection on the bay
  3351. NEED HELP champions autos????
  3352. Beware Memorabilia Collectors.....
  3353. ITG Tavares Question
  3354. 2009-10 Ultra Ice Medallions
  3355. UD Card Error.....Funny Stuff!
  3356. 03/04 ITG Action NHL All-Star FANtasy AND Team Set? Same cards or different?
  3357. A Question That I Need Help With
  3358. Upper Deck Redemption
  3359. Card beating the famous UD 1991-92 Bure Rollerblades
  3360. Am I not liked?
  3361. Bozak Spa auto /999 redemption status?
  3362. Ultimate Collection
  3363. 2009-10 UD Redemption Tracker: To sign or not sign!
  3364. Ultimate: product of the year?
  3365. Honesty and Integrity issue: What would you do?
  3366. Trade Thoughts
  3367. New to collecting
  3368. 05-06 Ovechkin Rookie Showcase Question
  3369. Need paypal, help needed from a Canadian member!
  3370. NHL Shield Cards: What's your stance and opinions on the "gems" of the hobby?
  3371. No More McDonalds Cards
  3372. need ebay help please??
  3373. Neat find at the LCS.
  3374. Would LOVE some help
  3375. Question about 2009 Champs minis
  3376. Official 2009-10 UD Ultimate Shield Tracker
  3377. Ultimate Collection Checklist Is Up!
  3378. question on set lists
  3379. Roberto Luongo.. is it him or UD?
  3380. First Look: 2010-11 UD Series One!
  3381. Panini Certified Discussion Thread
  3382. Anyone ever seen these ITG Action Expos?
  3383. lol Bobby Hull
  3384. People Who Buy Collections
  3385. How do you define a high end card?
  3386. I don't know what to do, HELP NEEDED!
  3387. UD Redemptions
  3388. "Upper Deck's Volunteer Alliance"
  3389. Ebay Question
  3390. Beckett online
  3391. Quick Question- 09-10 Fleer Ultra EX Die-Cut Parallel?
  3392. Need help with a card value
  3393. Ritola or Hudler
  3394. need help on price range for btp logo card
  3395. John Scott
  3396. Thanks everyone!!! Please read!!
  3397. The CUP Uncut Sheets Cut-up
  3398. Ebay problem, opinions please.
  3399. Thinking about leaving the Hobby please read!
  3400. My 1 Year Anniversary on SCF
  3401. Vishnevskiy SPx Redemption ... wow.
  3402. Need help with price range for YG Exclusive?
  3403. Trying to find a Shield
  3404. Anyone Know Or Remember......
  3405. What does your LCS do?
  3406. goalie collection
  3407. cup versus itg?????
  3408. Crosby redemptions
  3409. Your favorite set?
  3410. Need big favour from a reliable member with a PP account
  3411. WHOOO! Finnaly!
  3412. hello, my name is jim and i'm ....................
  3413. Will there be a group break for the cup?
  3414. E-Bay Shipping Question
  3415. Stanley Cup Foundations-08-09 Ice
  3416. What would you do???
  3417. What Makes A Great Release?
  3418. Collecting Players in the Minors
  3419. What to do with multiple Series of Base cards?
  3420. Toronto Card Show - This Sunday, July 18
  3421. Value of a Gold Drew Doughty Collector's Choice RC
  3422. Collecting after your PC player has been traded
  3423. Wanted: LCS Owners
  3424. Backlund Ultimate Shield?
  3425. Best card store in Vancouver
  3426. UD Redemptions - All-England Edition?
  3427. Need help making a choice
  3428. New SCF Idea - Any interest???
  3429. Why Do I Keep Getting Lowballed on an SPA O'Reilly Patch auto /100 ?
  3430. Anybody Going to Gibralter this Weekend?
  3431. 08/09 UD Game Patch GJ-PB 8/15 Pierre Marc Bouchard
  3432. 2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Card Preview
  3433. 10/11 products?
  3434. Graded Card Question - Leave it or Break it???
  3435. Be-A-Player Jersey card redemptions Complete
  3436. Have You Seen Me???
  3437. Vegas....any cards stops to make?
  3438. Any interest...
  3439. Official Whale Hunters Thread
  3440. anyone need banners for thier sig
  3441. 08/09 Collectors Choice Prime Choice Reserve
  3442. This is getting out of hand.
  3443. 09-10 Be a player rookie redemption (help)
  3444. Not Priced due to Scarcity??
  3445. Any Good LCS in Seattle??
  3446. upperdeck the champions (hockey)
  3447. New Member
  3448. Need some help from the Chicago members.
  3449. Help - This Osgood Card Has Me Buffaloed
  3450. eBay completed listings question....
  3451. Question about two Max Talbot cards
  3452. Checklist to 10-11 Victory yet?
  3453. Does somebody know who has archived the cup rookies?
  3454. Paypal
  3455. Nice nash pickup.
  3456. Kingston, Ontario
  3457. PLEASE HELP is this a real or fake patch
  3458. Good Mailday for the Wishart PC, Sick Patches
  3459. Used bubble envelopes - What to do with them?
  3460. Quick question for everyone....
  3461. In The Game announces a Free Agent signing
  3462. Budget
  3463. PSA Graded Population report question.....
  3464. Weirdest thing ever?
  3465. 2010-11 Release Calendar
  3466. Hey guys i need some help for what boxes/cases to buy!!!
  3467. How should I organize my PC?
  3468. i miss the mag's!!!!!!!!!!!
  3469. Question about boxes (storage)
  3470. Crickets chirping........?????
  3471. Is this legit?
  3472. Should I Do Another Box Break/Free Giveaway Random Tournament Tonight (Wed.21st)??
  3473. Johnny Bower & Ken Wregget at the Toronto Card Show - August 15
  3474. Re-Newed collector here
  3475. UK Collectors - See here. Also a question for anyone.
  3476. In The Game Gets Stronger Up Front - Free Agent Signing 2
  3477. In The Game announces a Free Agent signing
  3478. General value of an expo card
  3479. Where did the search button go?
  3480. need help modano rookie review
  3481. Vacation Alert
  3482. My 4 redemptions have shipped
  3483. Buying Hot Packs
  3484. contemplating doing a new auto set
  3485. Should i cut it or not ?
  3486. 1980 - 81 Wayne Gretzky
  3487. would u buy this year's the CUP?
  3488. is this card legit?
  3489. Getting back...
  3490. Does Nick Lidstrom Not Sign a Lot?
  3491. Graded vintage card-blank backing
  3492. Garage sale gem you all dream of finding!!!!
  3493. Framing a set of auto cards.?
  3494. How do you organize your collection?
  3495. Ebay Feedback on PWE
  3496. Looking for a couple of Bogosian cards
  3497. Should I keep Cory Schneider PC?
  3498. Gary Roberts 08/09 ITG Superlative Stick
  3499. 05-06 ITG Heroes and Prospects S2
  3500. LCS Prices in Canada
  3501. Restraining Order
  3502. Superlative Get Real cards and reminder of Ultimate case break any minute now...
  3503. What would you say the BV is?
  3504. Whose cards do you see taking off this season?
  3505. Pack Searcher
  3506. First Preview - 2010-11 Panini Score
  3507. Questions Entering the Panini Era of Hockey Cards...
  3508. Thank you waf
  3509. beckett website issues
  3510. Game night ticket question
  3511. FYI: 2 more repatched The Cup Patrick Kane cards
  3512. Damaged Card Question......
  3513. RANT: 15 Year Yzerman Collecting Nightmare Is Over
  3514. Can somebody help me
  3515. High end products question
  3516. Canada Gold Project
  3517. Fake patches and their effect on the hobby
  3518. outstanding redemption
  3519. Time for me to start putting some fun back into the hobby!
  3520. Any group breaks planned?
  3521. Matt duchene value help
  3522. Donruss 93-94 special print 1 out of 20,000
  3523. How many cuts in a Game Used Jersey ?
  3524. Misleading auction?
  3525. just a quick hockey card question... redemption
  3526. I need a new username, suggestions???
  3527. New Panani Certified
  3528. What should I ask for from UD thread!
  3529. who collects?? and who doesn't??
  3530. Anyone know if they make...
  3531. Need a little input thinking about buying a case of Flair Showcase 06/07
  3532. eBay store idea
  3533. PREVIEW: 2010-2011 Black Diamond
  3534. 09/10 SPA FW Patch Question (fake?)
  3535. Vancouver Citizens
  3536. Custom Letter Mark Set
  3537. Player check list....
  3538. Victory Checklist is Posted on Facebook
  3539. patch check on this Malkin - urgent
  3540. Niemi waived - what hobby effect will it have?
  3541. Card shops in Denver?
  3542. what should i buy?
  3543. Is this a decent product?
  3544. ebay question
  3545. Would you make this deal?
  3546. New Victory Parallel - Red
  3547. 1950's counterfeit hockey cards-beware
  3548. Young stars and hobby love
  3549. Bobby Hull Auto Puck question....
  3550. Has This PSA Slab Been Tampered With? (Scan Heavy)
  3551. Fake Patch Question
  3552. Meet Me In the Live Chat
  3553. ebay question
  3554. Question for those who have submitted their ITG redemptions
  3555. OPC retro blank back value
  3556. display trouble need Help...
  3557. Depressing RC checklist....for me anyway!
  3558. PSA vs BGS
  3559. Damaged Card Advise
  3560. Advice On My Hobby Direction
  3561. which is a better buy?
  3562. Whats's your favorite product??
  3563. How do you sort your PB (Help)
  3564. Announcement: 2008-09 The Cup pack-out Patch Card Images
  3565. Anyone know where I can get those little baggies that toploaders go in?
  3566. Toronto Card Show - This Sunday! (Johnny Bower & Ken Wregget Signing)
  3567. Question about 2010-11 products
  3568. A New Website Launch! Mods: No worries, it's already linked to SCF ;)
  3569. How do you like to view someone's photobucket?
  3570. Open Discussion for 8/10: The Term "Case Hit"
  3571. 09/10 OPC Premier has hit the bay
  3572. 2010-11 Upper Deck Victory Hockey is Low Risk and Low Reward
  3573. PREVIEW: 2010-11 O-Pee-Chee
  3574. Those Amazing SOTT Redemptions
  3575. The Devil is in the Details
  3576. Orr The Cup AU RC to be produced???
  3577. Individual Box Break...Part 2
  3578. Daily discussion #2 08/11: The production or overproduction of 1/1's
  3579. Help Needed......Please
  3580. uploading card scans
  3581. Hocke Card Nomenclature
  3582. Story ideas for SEASON II of The Want List hockey card & memorabilia magazine
  3583. Virtual pack of 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee hockey cards
  3584. For those looking at picking up a box of the new 2010/11 Victory
  3585. Question about this year's OPCP
  3586. New Avatar
  3587. Time to clean outn those Victory Rack packs
  3588. New Username!!!
  3589. This guy faking ITG Ultimate patches?
  3590. Just getting into hockey
  3591. I hope Panini is not this bad with plain swatches!!!!
  3592. OPCP abreviations????
  3593. Best rates on The Cup
  3594. The return of "SCORE".....
  3595. What should I do?
  3596. sp game used??
  3597. Great....
  3598. good place to buy Base??
  3599. What If............?
  3600. To grade... or not to grade...
  3601. Cup pushed back a week, as expected!
  3602. Decision to make
  3603. Are 07-08 Artifacts Redemptions Still Active?
  3604. Has anyone seen this card???
  3605. OPC Premier Quad/Auto?Remnant card.......
  3606. Input needed
  3607. PC Update
  3608. Does anyone have the link to the 2003-04 MeiGray jersey list?
  3609. How much would you pay?
  3610. UD Website Down?
  3611. 8/16/10 - Live Chat - Now
  3612. Does anyone have this card???
  3613. Best way to sell a collection ?
  3614. For you Doughty and/or Schenn collectors out there....
  3615. QUALITY eBay listing!!!!!!
  3616. What is the best SNIPPING software
  3617. Hey, don't blame me, blame customs.
  3618. REALLLY ODD ebay listing....
  3619. Card Shops in Calgary
  3620. Worth sending in?
  3621. How Long Does Everyone Spend On Scf Each Day?
  3622. Panini
  3623. need some advise please
  3624. I need an Answer for this
  3625. Question about trades..... please help!!!!!
  3626. What's better one touch holders Or screw-down holders? whats better for cards and why
  3627. 09-10 Champ's Mini Signatures Super Short Print? Yao Ming
  3628. I Love Mom & pop shops
  3629. Calgary Flames Patch Question???
  3630. Rhode Island Card Shops
  3631. Is ebay's "buy it now" option worth it?
  3632. Are these RCs or not???
  3633. Holy Mackerel - Everyone Is Selling & Leaving Town !!
  3634. Doing the happy seller dance!!
  3635. sp authentic rookie review patches
  3636. Replacement Finally being sent
  3637. Grrr...can't get on Beckett Pricing!
  3638. Best title to sell an item on eBay.
  3639. Just a quick question to everyone out there
  3640. I need your advises about a card stolen
  3641. Getting more into Hockey
  3642. Ryan Miller best rookie card?
  3643. Need Advice On Shipping To Russia
  3644. A little hobby perspective.....
  3645. priced rite???
  3646. Good box to split?
  3647. Looking for someone!
  3648. Guessing values on low-numbered cards
  3649. Question About 10/11 Victory Red Cards....
  3650. To redeem or not to redeem?
  3651. need help??
  3652. Famous Fabrics website
  3653. Update about my stolen card.
  3654. One hundred dollars!!!
  3655. "Favorite Stores"
  3656. experiences with upper deck
  3657. My Problem With Some Bukkits
  3658. SCF store?
  3659. HELP! Need help with ebay seller stuff!
  3660. Lol - Who Is This Guy?
  3661. Suggestion on what to collect?
  3662. Budget Box Suggestions Please!
  3663. Need info on this Stamkos jersey
  3664. Kovalchuk Rookie question!
  3665. significance of serial numbers on hobby boxes?
  3666. It's been a rough two weeks...
  3667. 2009-10 UD Ice Question
  3668. 08/09 opc premier steve mason stolen!
  3669. 10/11 Victory Question....
  3670. Redemption Success Rate?
  3671. SCF new FREE Inventory Manager for all SCF members, ENJOY IT!
  3672. HELP need US bidder for auction ending soon
  3673. Off-season prices
  3674. 10/11 u/d mvp
  3675. about my card.....
  3676. 09-10 ITG Between the pipes question
  3677. Sunday RANT!!
  3678. Players you can't seem to shake off
  3679. Pet peeve....
  3680. Hands down what it is about
  3681. Good deal on Victory Rack Packs 10/11
  3682. 2008-09 OPC Gold? Metal? Metal-X?
  3683. 1/1 is only 1/1
  3684. My New Hockey Card Review Blog!
  3685. BV on an in person Walter Gretzky auto?
  3686. 1999-00 UD MVP Stanley Cup Edition
  3687. Card Shops
  3688. ITG Redemption
  3689. `08/`09 ultra set problem set builder needs assistance!!!
  3690. Wondering what you think this card is worth?
  3691. 2009-10 Ice Rinkside Signings - No Autograph on the card
  3692. Question about selling on ebay
  3693. ITG - Chosen Players
  3694. 08/09 BAP rookie redemption replacements have arrived.
  3695. Dion Phaneuf cup rc
  3696. Ultimate vs OPC Premier
  3697. Ebay Question
  3698. Interest in a live break tomorrow?
  3699. victory and rainbow question
  3700. Rookie Cards Comparing sets.
  3701. Box Break Bummer :(
  3702. So ya I been out of it for about a year... Maybe its because I'm a Pens fan
  3703. I need help with a Problem between me and my brother
  3704. Meeting Mason Raymond Next Week.....Need Opinion
  3705. COREY CRAWFORD best rookie
  3706. Blister Pack vs. Regular Packs from Boxes
  3707. Tom Wandell SPA FW Auto Redemption
  3708. Budgeting for cards
  3709. UD redemption swaps
  3710. Beckett Grading Group Submission?
  3711. Who is this redemption?
  3712. Victory Rack Packs in Non-Hockey Markets
  3713. What does the SP stand for?
  3714. Does this seller really expect to sell these? (Memoriesonice)
  3715. Attention London and Area Collectors!
  3716. 03-04 Premier Rookie Patch Auto Set.....Need some help!! REWARD if any found!!
  3717. How To Make a Set Map
  3718. Steve Yzerman Rements card a couple Questions.
  3719. My best damaged card.
  3720. does anyone know dkmsports30?
  3721. Has anyone seen these cards?
  3722. How do you store your player collection?
  3723. The "Ovechkin Eagle Head Patch - Real or Fake" Thread
  3724. auto fake?????
  3725. New Jersey Set Project
  3726. UD Replacement for 08-09 SPGU Fives: Pens (thoughts?)
  3727. I think I may need some help fom an American
  3728. i have often wondered about this..
  3729. need some input on the Tough Guys PC
  3730. These Legit or What?
  3731. UD The Cup patch question
  3732. Ebay Question...Is this allowed?
  3733. KSA grading...
  3734. who i collect....
  3735. Pack buying on auction sites: U have any luck?
  3736. anyone live in ct???
  3737. Are theese cards for real?
  3738. The Lack Of Vintage Collectors Is Depressing Rant
  3739. Toronto Card Show - Sunday, Sept 12 (Red Kelly & Bob Nevin Signing + Win Argos Tix)
  3740. 2010-11 NHL SP Game-Used Edition on UD Facebook page (Checklist posted 1/10)
  3741. Looking for someone
  3742. 09-10 the CUP released?
  3743. Carey Price Autograph Signing - October 17
  3744. 500 Feedback
  3745. Ebay question- What should I do?
  3746. HELP does anyone know who urbancardz is
  3747. Expo Cards? 1/1's or no
  3748. where abouts of this card..?
  3749. The Cup - Cut Sheets of Artist Proofs
  3750. Enforcer collectors rejoice...10-11 Donruss Preview - Tough Times!
  3751. Looking for 09-10 rookie list
  3752. I Was So Close!!!
  3753. Need help from someone who lives in USA!
  3754. 010/011 Victory Question
  3755. Victory Red PK Subban
  3756. 01-02 Fleer Legacy Auto Pucks..
  3757. Panini Fans Of The Game Set: What hockey fans do you want to see?
  3758. Question about collecting a certain player...
  3759. Panini's delay, Upper Deck's fault?!?
  3760. The Cup to be released October 1st
  3761. Artifacts?
  3762. Coming back to the hobby! :)
  3763. Need help : Break in: Stolen (toronto)
  3764. Anyone uy from this site...good or not so good?
  3765. grading packaging question..
  3766. Mid-90s Saku Koivu Insert
  3767. Helm PC, should I sell it?
  3768. 1972 points
  3769. Another "how to tell/what is this?" Question!
  3770. Victory black print runs
  3771. Q: Is Panini's "Certified" what used to be the old "Leaf" brand?
  3772. Derek Roy #5/15 patch
  3773. Ebay Actions that get pulled down
  3774. Interest
  3775. Pre-sell Case Price Fluctuation
  3776. Dryden Memorabilia - ITG Famous Fabrics
  3777. Another ebay question...
  3778. Need Help with this 06/07 BAP Stuff
  3779. Mail Slow
  3780. 07-08 Ice Fresh Threads
  3781. Vanguard / Pacific factory replacement?
  3782. Anyone Bought From This Site?
  3783. Players with too little/too much hobby love
  3784. Team Checklists
  3785. 1/1 hedjuk ultimate09/10
  3786. 05-06 Series 1
  3787. Need second opinion before giving bad feedback
  3788. Jeremy Morin
  3789. Updating bucket today
  3790. To good to be true ? Ultimate collection hockey
  3791. PWE Murders another PC Card
  3792. Meet Me In The Live Chat
  3793. Getting back into the hobby
  3794. UD's Tweet Re: The Cup
  3795. UD Facebook - Has begun packing out NHL The Cup
  3796. Shipping to Canada
  3797. Honestly, I just don't get it! (Another eBay seller rant)
  3798. 1933 V288 Hamilton Gum color variance?
  3799. A Change Of Pace on the PC Front
  3800. Mtl collector international expos guest
  3801. Boring patches
  3802. Should it stay or should it go?
  3803. Need input from Hockey collectors..
  3804. Somebody Wanted Tie Domi - Can't Remember Who It Is
  3805. found my whale!!!
  3806. I Cannot Find Any Info About This Hossa Card
  3807. 08-09 BAP checklist Wanted!
  3808. 1 case of the cup
  3809. First look at 10-11 SPx (Checklist Posted 1/12)
  3810. Redemption, the wait goes on
  3811. UD Exclusive NNO
  3812. OPC Premier Question.
  3813. What exactly is a 'Trap Pack'
  3814. Does anyone have any of these?
  3815. Upside Down Auto?
  3816. Brodeur GU Net pick up..anyone know any info on it?
  3817. Whoo the big 100!
  3818. State of the Hobby
  3819. Shows in Vegas???
  3820. Need a US Member's HELP!!!!
  3821. Shill(bidding up/setting a reserve)on your own card?
  3822. question about grading
  3823. The Cup Images
  3824. Important Note to Panini: Stickers have their place, but not in your top product!
  3825. UD Replacement question
  3826. Help me value this cards
  3827. Too many autos?
  3828. How much will this Filatov FW Auto RC go for?
  3829. Question about the 96/97 Donruss Rated Rookies Gold Set
  3830. 09/10 SP Authentic cheaping out.
  3831. Is SCF having a Cup group break?
  3832. How quickly will The Cup sell out?
  3833. UD replacement
  3834. too good to be true?
  3835. Good, reliable websites to buy base/singles?
  3836. What is the future of this hobby?
  3837. Hey Everybody, Come See Josh's Knob!
  3838. I got my 1st bad Feedback on ebay...
  3839. 04-05 Beehive Question ?
  3840. Ebay thief!!! Watch out!!!
  3841. 2009-10 NHL The Cup - Sidney Crosby Sneak Peak
  3842. 05-06 Sidney Crosby Icon Card?? Help Needed
  3843. should superlative cards be removed??
  3844. Question about a member?
  3845. 2010-2011 Heroes and Prospects
  3846. Rookie Card Question
  3847. Does this patch look fake to you?
  3848. Is Black Diamond & Ice now ONE ???
  3849. Video from UD Rookie Debut contest for a Lebron signed jersey
  3850. 08-09 O-Pee-Chee Signatures N Filatov
  3851. How thick are The Cup cards?
  3852. Holy Short Print - 48 1/1 FS - Just short of $100k
  3853. Does this Exist...?
  3854. Beckett
  3855. anybody order these???
  3856. Mailing graded cards
  3857. DAcw cup case question
  3858. Can someone with a Hockey Beckett please help? NOT LOOKING FOR PRICING...
  3859. Dr. Price: 7 Hockey Products From ITG This Year
  3860. new guy, new to hockey
  3861. BaP 2 pack box, 2 autos GT. Worth buying?
  3862. good luck to everyone!!!!!
  3863. Short Print Question
  3864. Guys who don't sign many autos
  3865. ITG VIP redemption card question.
  3866. The Cup release prices
  3867. sick of ud need opinions
  3868. Correct value ????
  3869. Bubble envelopes??
  3870. Roy jersey vs McDonald Jsy/AU
  3871. The Cup
  3872. Dear Upper Deck
  3873. 09/10 The Cup Hits E-bay
  3874. need you advice ( SCAM ALERT OR GOOD??)
  3875. Official 2009-10 The Cup Shield Tracker Thread
  3876. Paypal Question
  3877. Preview of Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Mystery Redemptions
  3878. Happy Cup day!!!!!!!!!
  3879. All Inclusive The Cup is LIVE Thread: Thoughts on EVERYTHING CUP!
  3880. Upper Deck Censoring Me? WTH? Ridiculous......
  3881. Official 2009-10 The Cup Black 1/1 Tracker Thread
  3882. 2010 THE CUP LeBron James Auto /10
  3883. Pricing Question
  3884. The 2009-10 Cup Checklist is up!
  3885. Does somebody know Evgeni Malkin personally?
  3886. Most likely the most expensive hockey card to exist... and it's on eBay...
  3887. Landed a Counterfeit OPC Roy on the Bay
  3888. Say you pull a major pc card worth $$$$$$: Sell it or Keep it?
  3889. 2009-10 THE CUP question
  3890. Oh boy. This is going to be a problem. UD purchased the wrong Howie Morenz auto
  3891. Huge trade I pulled off at a card show last month!!
  3892. UD The Cup pack giveaway
  3893. TTM Question
  3894. Strange Wings Swatch?
  3895. Pre 88' Hockey cards?
  3896. The Cup Checklist update (FOR REAL!)
  3897. 2005-06 Majestic Materials Manny Legace
  3898. *OFFICIAL* 2009-10 Upper Deck The Cup Checklist
  3899. ITG Announces New Products For 2010-11
  3900. Showcasing your collection
  3901. Where to buy THE CUP TIN in Montreal
  3902. how many cases/tins of the cup are produced
  3903. What do you consider a "Whale"?
  3904. The Cup Plates - is there 4 Colours for each?
  3905. Anybody from this site pull one of these?
  3906. Who says base cards are useless?!?! =D
  3907. The Cup Secondary Sales Not Impressing
  3908. The Cup Checklist
  3909. This has to be a shill
  3910. 2010 Razor Rookie Retro - What's This?
  3911. Who knows: GOHABSGOCARDS on Photobucket????
  3912. Gorgeous 09-10 Cup Card (Ray Bourque)
  3913. John Carlson RC
  3914. what are those...prrof cards opc
  3915. What to do with low end/Victory RC's?
  3916. # of cards a player has
  3917. Collecting printing plates?
  3918. Card Shops In Dallas/Arlington Texas?
  3919. ultra pro one touch question?
  3920. 2010-2011 Artifacts????
  3921. ovechkin property of and a question
  3922. The cup
  3923. quick Cup 'Enshrinements' question
  3924. Sportscard Shows in Alberta
  3925. 09 - 10 The Cup Tribute - ALMOST perfect,...
  3926. Missing: 04-05 ITG Franchises Jean Beliveau Auto.
  3927. Cup Timing
  3928. time to check ud's npn page!!
  3929. Cup Gretzky Card /5
  3930. Sooo...Ennis finally has some big ones...
  3931. Wow, $115 got me a 1680 card case.
  3932. 2010-11 Rookie Crop - Just Slightly Exciting!
  3933. Gretzky, Howe, & Orr..... still Exclusive to UD
  3934. Help identifying this card.....
  3935. Beckett Hockey pricing question
  3936. Confused about printing plates
  3937. Russian Hockey Card Website
  3938. Beware: Faulty Sellers With Positive "Buyer" Feedback
  3939. So will Crosby sign dual autos with Panini?
  3940. Sometimes the players mess up as well, not always UD.....
  3941. Looking for some feedback bout 05/0o6 Upper Deck Series 2
  3942. With a new season upon us, my new player PC is revealed
  3943. I want $$$ for my Paypal
  3944. 1 Tin left out of a case of The Cup, do you think the case is done ?
  3945. Keaton Ellerby The Cup RC (1 sold for 175$ and another for 2$) whats up there ???
  3946. Anyone Seen Crosby Tribute Dan Marino Auto from Cup?
  3947. anyone want an extras guy in the cbc fantasy pool? just made one?
  3948. Can someone explain this to me?
  3949. IDING These cards muy father gave me!
  3950. xpresspost help
  3951. Did anybody have ever seen one of these cards
  3952. Just getting back into the hobby, went out and bought...
  3953. Price Guide help
  3954. What is your Most Fave Low-Mid end product?
  3955. Artifacts
  3956. Need Help to buy an American item from an Ebay Idiot!
  3957. 10 Years Later....
  3958. 2010/11 Victory
  3959. Need help with a quick question!
  3960. New Hockey Card Forum Concept: Gauging interest, need feedback from YOU, the members!
  3961. Stumped With This Hockey Pool.....
  3962. new releases
  3963. The Cup and it's issues with player saturation driving down prices?
  3964. Real or Fake ?OPC Patrick Roy RC
  3965. Ebay Question
  3966. Which rookie should I collect?
  3967. Key First RCs Highlight 2010-11 Certified Hockey
  3968. Toronto Card Show - Sunday, October 17th
  3969. Official ITG Ultimate 10 Jumbo 1/1 Images Thread
  3970. More UM-10 News
  3971. Attention London Ontario Collectors Trade Night (Oct 13)
  3972. Has anyone delt with this ebayer?
  3973. Opinions on my next box buy?
  3974. This years Cup cards are thicker ?
  3975. Product of the Year
  3976. Has anyone else encountered this? Ebay shipping issues
  3977. your dream card...........
  3978. ultra pro one touch question?
  3979. Custom fee problem
  3980. Windsor Ontario Card SHow - Octobet 17th!
  3981. Patrick Roy Memorabilia Cards
  3982. More UM10 Pics
  3983. Odd Doughty Auctions
  3984. What do you consider to be inserts?
  3985. Meigray Question
  3986. My LCS has a very popular box for UNDER online prices
  3987. Hi my name is.... I collect... My favourite card is....
  3988. Congratulations PittPens8771!
  3989. Anyone ever seen this card...(found in checklist and in beckett...but never saw one)
  3990. And one last kick to the junk by UD on the way out...
  3991. Feedback: What do you want to see from Panini this year and beyond?
  3992. 08-09 artifacts rookie redemptions question??
  3993. Worst Beckett BV Discrepancies
  3994. Worst Product of the Year
  3995. Question about jersey cards
  3996. Oh. My. God.
  3997. Tell me what you think of 09/10 The Cup. My rant inside
  3998. Blast: Dear UD and EBay sellers RE: The Cup Artist Proofs / Uncut sheets
  3999. 2010-2011 Panini Limited Hockey
  4000. Panini Certified breaks?
  4001. Mcdonalds cards
  4002. Gretzky card question
  4003. Great place for hobby boxes?
  4004. Would you sell your cup case.
  4005. *sigh* Now That's a Card!
  4006. need help figuring this print run, links included
  4007. Upper Deck Series 2 Preview Posted (Checklist Posted 1/12)
  4008. Upper Deck Series 1 Young Guns Checklist
  4009. Posting Guidelines - MUST READ!
  4010. Anyone ever seen this card?
  4011. Has this patch been doctored?
  4012. The Pink Hat Auction Fundraiser
  4013. Stamkos RC's Most Desired Card on the market?
  4014. Where do I put a "beware of trader ____" thread?
  4015. Victory Rack packs in Canada
  4016. What Are Your Plans?
  4017. I need YOUR opinion, thanks!
  4018. (Al) Certified Promo Checklist
  4019. Where To Get Super Thick One Touch Cases
  4020. 08-09 Scripted Swatches question
  4021. Ud series 1 10-11 Pictures:)
  4022. Panini Certified Checklist
  4023. Another trade night/case break at Beyond the Pond in London
  4024. Certain Brands?
  4025. the cup question
  4026. Toronto Card Show Expo Update: Kids drive and Hockey Dream Draw!!
  4027. Panini Certified Live
  4028. Pannini RC Redemptions!
  4029. sid Panini patch/10
  4030. Question - Carey Price Jersey Material
  4031. Cardshow in Buffalo??
  4032. Just wondering if anyone can help out
  4033. The big difference between Panini Parallel's and UD Inserts
  4034. Ebay case filed against me after 12 days?!?!
  4035. How big of a steal did I just score?
  4036. Sell it while its HOT!!!
  4037. Hilarious Fan post on UD Facebook
  4038. More Ultimate Pics!
  4039. SCF store?
  4040. does anyone know who won this??
  4041. What a nice steal:) WOW IGINLA
  4042. "Hot Box"?
  4043. Release Dates
  4044. Upper Deck's Full 2010-11 Calendar Revealed
  4045. Priority Mail USPS Shipping
  4046. Coffey collection question
  4047. Ebay seller statifaction survery!
  4048. Wondering about a Q&A thread to post any questions?
  4049. Just purchased this!
  4050. Riemsdyk FW auto????
  4051. What to do? I bought 6 boxes and I am not sure if I want to open or sell.
  4052. player collections
  4053. The Panini America Blog is Live
  4054. 10/11 Certified for sale in the States??
  4055. Question on Certified cards
  4056. 2010 Secret Santa?
  4057. Luck sure is changing with Panini!!
  4058. Ebay probleme 101...neeed your advice
  4059. 2010 UD VIP PROMO National Wayne Gtrezky & Alexander Ovechkin
  4060. ITG Fall Expo Plans
  4061. rookie super collector?
  4062. Is 250 too much for a certified Dryden auto??
  4063. 2010-11 Panini Certified
  4064. Help With Buying A Case of 10/11 Series 1
  4065. "Game Used" On Front, "Event Used" On Back
  4066. Mtl card show
  4067. The official "Who's going to the Expo" thread?
  4068. Opinion on Upper Deck Mystery Cut
  4069. 10-11 Atifacts is live?
  4070. Anderson top auto in Donruss Hockey?
  4071. New Articles needed!
  4072. Hockey Die Cut
  4073. Anyone know of a shadowbox to display cards in?
  4074. Thoughts on a colourful rainbow to start on?
  4075. Quality Controling 2010-11 Score Hockey
  4076. how to see ended audtion sold price
  4077. Anyone know?
  4078. Your chance to tell Panini what you want to see from Score
  4079. Panini Certified And One Touch Toploaders
  4080. Help with this taylor hall first RC
  4081. Jason Arnott
  4082. Score Checklist is Posted!
  4083. UD @ NHL Fall Sports Card & Memorabilia Expo in Toronto
  4084. Help with value and eller question
  4085. Beckett's Shipping Prices
  4086. 08-09 Masterpieces 1/1 question
  4087. Artifacts rookie redemptions ?
  4088. UD Series 1 - Full Checklist?
  4089. Toronto Sports Card Expo
  4090. Panini Peek: Crown Royale
  4091. artifacts out in retail now?
  4092. Has Anyone...
  4093. New guy.
  4094. Score
  4095. Anybody else see something wrong here
  4096. Trying to find this card on a checklist
  4097. New with a few cards
  4098. A New Dawn for Hockey Collectors
  4099. Taylor Hall "Go Spits!" Certified auto/jersey pulled
  4100. ITG Superlative StickWork Question
  4101. 2010-11 artifacts autofacts
  4102. ebay hockey card question
  4103. 2010-11 Artifacts Checklist
  4104. Why??????
  4105. Panini Help?
  4106. Itg ultimate 10 checklist is up!
  4107. Damaged cards
  4108. Panini Fall Expo Redemption Program
  4109. Jonathan Bernier: Happy to see Panini enter the market
  4110. What to Do?
  4111. Wherefore Art Thou, Teemu?
  4112. Bgs garding question
  4113. LCS Vs. Ebay
  4114. Need some HELP from the SCF Hockey Community
  4115. Anyone going to Gibralter trade show in Mt. Clemens??
  4116. UM-10 Checklists Are Up
  4117. Looking for help from one our US members.
  4118. 10-11 Artifacts- "Autofacts".
  4119. PANINI HELP needed
  4120. Bringing back older brands?
  4121. It's a Funny World
  4122. Expired Redemption Help
  4123. Help! I Need Some Advice!
  4124. How many Hjalmarssons are in Score?
  4125. The Dreaded #2 RC
  4126. Which Direction to Take My SP Authentic Future Watch Collection?
  4127. Really Need Feedback With This Ebay/Paypal Problem
  4128. The PC nightmare of 2010-11
  4129. Alex Pietrangelo's signature is...improving? (Fill in your own word)
  4130. Sharing my Ebay frustration
  4131. Help a Newbie get Started
  4132. Marc Staal - 2009-10 UD Series 1 Jersey
  4133. pack sales thread
  4134. After a 20-Year Hiatus, Could The Rumours Be True?
  4135. How Should a Bucket be Organized?
  4136. Was thinking abouut busting a case of ud series 1 what do you guys think?
  4137. Goalie with the highest hobby love
  4138. Product Preview: ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 10
  4139. Multiples of the same card in player PCs
  4140. Someone help me OSHIE!
  4141. Score Blasters - Half Off - $5.97 at Toys R Us
  4142. How to find score french back.
  4143. Certified special effects ?
  4144. Artifacts Patch Card - E.Staal T.Ruutu
  4145. 2011 NHL Alumni Hockey Dream Draw
  4146. 2010-11 Artifacts card of irony?
  4147. Assistance on Sizing Please :)
  4148. ebay shill..again... How does ebay handle it?
  4149. For those who are going to the Expo
  4150. paypal dispute SNAD
  4151. Need help with some stuff. Exists?
  4152. Certified rc redemptions
  4153. Hi from....Calgary?
  4154. Potential STEAL of the year?!
  4155. eBay question (related searches)
  4156. Taylor Hall Score Rookie
  4157. The Name of the Game
  4158. BD - Double, Triple Diamond?
  4159. Fake jeff carter patch on ebay
  4160. Thoughts on 2010 products?
  4161. With the release of Panini...
  4162. this' what drives me crazy about pc cards
  4163. The End of “Parallel Hell”? A New Perspective on Parallel Cards
  4164. Product Preview: 2010-2011 Panini Limited
  4165. Real or Fake
  4166. Welcome Baseball, Football, Basketball & NASCAR Traders!!
  4167. Got an Artifacts Oilers Rookie Redemption...
  4168. Another trade night/case break at Beyond the Pond in London (UD 1)
  4169. First look at 10-11 SP Authentic
  4170. URGENT: HELP NEEDED! ebay thief.
  4171. 10-11 Artifacts
  4172. 20th Anniversary Score cards
  4173. LCS in Kitchner, Cambridge or Guelph?
  4174. Price checkin
  4175. New 10-11 Product
  4176. The Toronto Card Show at the Fall 2010 Expo
  4177. The best time to sell things on ebay?
  4178. Tavares SCF Cardlist updated with images
  4179. New Article Contest
  4180. My case of Upper Deck Series 1 has been shipped tell me what you need!
  4181. Ebay listings already appearing for 10-11 UD Ser 1
  4182. Check this out?!?
  4183. Inventory Manager?!? Help & Opinions please : )
  4184. Poll please voice your opinions for us : )
  4185. 20th Anniversary Young Guns..
  4186. Shady seller on eBay....johanmetman You'll get a chuckle out of this!!!
  4187. Question About 2010-2011 Score
  4188. Website issue
  4189. 10-11 Score odds
  4190. Going to the Expo
  4191. Just thought i would throw this out need some opions
  4192. 10-11 ud s1?
  4193. Still havent seen these S Mason cards from Panini
  4194. Old Beckett article involving none other then our Prime B!
  4195. 10/11 score errors + question about rookies
  4196. SPA Duchene Patch Auto Question
  4197. Don't you just love the first day of a new release?
  4198. Upper Deck Series 1 - By The Numbers
  4199. ITG UM 10 Best In Show Contest - Toronto Fall Expo
  4200. Certified blaster... $30!?
  4201. 2010/11 UD Series 1 Checklist
  4202. 10/11 UD1 Case Just Arrived!
  4203. I'm Going To The EXPO This Weekend - Want Me To Look For Your Cards For You?
  4204. Any Michigan Card Show Interest? (Besides Mt. Clemens)
  4205. Score Question
  4206. Wanna know why I'm so angry? Open this thread.
  4207. UD Series 1 High Gloss?
  4208. Certified Blaster
  4209. What happens now? Crosby Rookie Inspirations Auto Dual sale
  4210. Cup images
  4211. Whats the story with UD1 Heroes Header card
  4212. Price of Score
  4213. What is the difference between sp cards?
  4214. Need your guys opinions
  4215. Team sets?
  4216. Fellow PENGUINS collectors UNITE!!!
  4217. Kadri Hobby Love?
  4218. I Need Some 07-08 Artifacts Variation Help
  4219. Score misses the net with Parallels
  4220. 2010-2011 UD Young Guns 20th Anniversary Questions
  4221. Something to lol at
  4222. How did i do?
  4223. Friday at the expo
  4224. Fall '10 Expo
  4225. 2010-11 Toronto Sportscard Expo - Friday
  4226. Toronto Sexpo
  4227. Someone got a great steal!!
  4228. Who is the Best Crosby, Price, Ovechkin Collector?
  4229. 10/11 U/D question
  4230. Expo & Limited release
  4231. Question: Young Gun High Gloss
  4232. What a World...Lindros Score ReCollection Auto Sold
  4233. You Can Tell You're Retired When....
  4234. Thank you to KangoBass!!!
  4235. UK and europe collectors
  4236. How did you get started?
  4237. Young Guns ( Tavares VS Hall)
  4238. Need your opinion Ebay Problem....
  4239. New here
  4240. A Very Hobby Christmas
  4241. What Size Magnetic/One Touch for 09/10 The Cup Cards???
  4242. Does Anybody Know...
  4243. Trade Night - Blenheim, Ontario - Nov 17th
  4244. Where does everyone live?
  4245. What's the problem with base cards??!!
  4246. Updating Bucket
  4247. Need Anyone Knowing a lot about Panini HElp
  4248. My Collection - Adding items every day
  4249. my score review.
  4250. Updated Donruss Release Date
  4251. UD Retros....
  4252. Got a Big Question...Should i drop my pc...and change players..
  4253. An eBay shipping rate problem, what to do?
  4254. 2010-2011 Hockey Heroes
  4255. Where can I find OPC/Topps checklists? Please help!
  4256. Expos in Buffalo??
  4257. Question about pricing
  4258. Score ReCollection Collection
  4259. Custom vintage Pro Set cards
  4260. Photobucket 2.0 - What do you think of the changes?
  4261. What boxes to buy during the holidays?
  4262. Sick Upper Deck contest!!! Amazing prize for the awesome winners!
  4263. Win a UD priority signing card: Upper Deck Had Collectors in Toronto Smiling All Week
  4264. Easily the steal of the year!
  4265. UD 10/11 Question
  4266. Pulled a Jordan Eberle Freshman Fabric but....
  4267. Let's compare UD's and Panini's $1 per pack product.
  4268. ....Jaw Dropping...
  4269. Need Help getting a card on EBAY!!!!
  4270. Is There Such Thing As a Nice Blues Patch
  4271. 2010-11 Donruss
  4272. Windsor Ontario Card Show - Nov 21st...!
  4273. Need help to ID this Crosby card
  4274. Buybacks inserted in 10-11 UD1 Blasters?
  4275. Got a question for Brodeur collectors...
  4276. Score issue. Damaged cards & something disgusting.
  4277. 2010-2011 Score Rookie Card Question
  4278. Anyone Know About Any Black Friday Deals?
  4279. ITG Newsletter
  4280. Best rookie card?
  4281. Slyner77, Thank you!!!
  4282. No McDonalds cards this year???
  4283. ITG - Game Used or not Game Used
  4284. Too good to be true???
  4285. We've Got a Subban Bidding War!
  4286. Possible Set Idea..
  4287. Buying boxes of cards?
  4288. Frank Mahovlich Signing at the Toronto Card Show
  4289. Ebay pack sales
  4290. 10/11 Score Priced On Beckett And UD Series 1 Early Next Week!
  4291. Calling on SCF Members for Support: Hockey Dream Draw
  4292. Have to give props to Panini for this. Please pay attention UD & ITG...
  4293. 200 + feedback & 7,200+ posts
  4294. Jersey Swatch Suggestions
  4295. Did anyone open a French version series 1 10-11?
  4296. 2010-2011 Donruss Hockey Product Preview
  4297. My Favourite Product
  4298. Cards you want...but can't pull the trigger...
  4299. What set from this year?
  4300. Montreal Trade Night December 3rd
  4301. Need Some Help
  4302. Are the Certified FOTG cards numbered per design of jersey?
  4303. My expo experience... a little late
  4304. My Dream Set…
  4305. the things i would do for this card...
  4306. EA Sports Inserts In UD Series One Question
  4307. Don't you just hate the '90s?
  4308. potential fake patches on bay take a look
  4309. Paypal sucks!
  4310. Artifacts and certified blasters
  4311. Huge Hall steal!!! WOW!!! RU Kidding me???
  4312. Too good to be true
  4313. Ebay Question
  4314. Another fake Kings Patch......
  4315. Thoughts about a potential project
  4316. Another Ebay issue
  4317. Time for me to change course?
  4318. Need Some Help Re: Canucks OPC
  4319. ud series 1 question?
  4320. 15 Paypal for Helping Me Find This Guy-LOOK.....
  4321. questions about champs mini threads- HELP
  4322. Score 20th Anniversary Season Highlight Cards
  4323. ReCollection Collection Auto Print Runs
  4324. Difference between Glossy and Base?
  4325. Need help pricing a card. 02-03 Exclusive Gold Jersey
  4326. Can't find a set
  4327. Panini Redemptions
  4328. 2002 Premier Date Datsyuk replacement card - worth anything?
  4329. Looking for some opinions?
  4330. Alexander Ovechkin opens a pack of 2009-10 O-Pee-Chee Premier and pulls himself
  4331. Ebay "handling fee", lol
  4332. Champs Museum Pieces/ UD Customer Service
  4333. Can anyone identify the jersey the swatch came from for this card?
  4334. what do you do...when you get a double for you PC
  4335. Unreal Jordan Eberle Steal- A must see!!!!!!!!!
  4336. Damaged card received from White Envelopes
  4337. Certified 'Awaiting the Call' Autos - What Happened?
  4338. Question on Subban
  4339. Does anyone here know member go4man2k
  4340. Insuring your collection
  4341. Lemieux 600 Goal card question
  4342. Beckett Annual Hockey Price Guide - The BIG Book
  4343. Old Beckett guides
  4344. 10-11 UD Exclusives #'d to 100 - 2 versions?
  4345. Why do you collect?
  4346. please help me locate this Card:
  4347. Bossy Fight Strap ?
  4348. Got a question for individual player collectors
  4349. Need some help...any extra paypal out there?
  4350. Does it exist???
  4351. 10-11 donruss card on ebay
  4352. 10-11 Score Frenchbacks
  4353. Stamkos 1/1 what to do?
  4354. Nedved Check, Primeau Check, Ricci Check, The Terminator Che...WAIT A sec....
  4355. What would you pay for this card?
  4356. 2010-11 Panini Score Rookie Question
  4357. Should I sell my Stamkos SPA FW Auto?
  4358. Upper Deck Authenticated NHL Autographed Memorabilia
  4359. NHL Plays of the Night 11/23/10
  4360. 'Tis The Season
  4361. MY RANT vs those "Ebay" Buyers..
  4362. 10/11 Score SP Rookies
  4363. Does this make sense?
  4364. VOTING: ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Best in Show Voting
  4365. eBay Fee Question
  4366. Oh no...damage!
  4367. Gretzky 23k gold cards
  4368. Wondering If anyone has seen a 10/11 certified Crosby auto?
  4369. 10/11 Score Ratios
  4370. Did anybody out there win this one?
  4371. Let's try this again, contest time for all!
  4372. We've Got a Subban Bidding War! (Part 2)
  4373. Steal of the year or some kind of joke?
  4374. 2010-2011 ITG Heroes and Prospect Product Preview
  4375. Steal?
  4376. Dont Know If This Is Any Use To Artifacts Fans
  4377. ITG Customer Servince Question (shorted a hit)
  4378. Fit for a King: Panini is making the hobby legit again
  4379. Quick Ebay Question
  4380. 10-11 ITG Ultimate *Steal
  4381. Question about 10-11 UD blaster buybacks
  4382. how do i contact panini?
  4383. Is this a Steal or not???
  4384. Checklist for 2010 Certified Champions Inserts?
  4385. 200 bucks what to get
  4386. Goaltender Problems...
  4387. Score SPs ROOKIES
  4388. an Someone Identify This Subban For Me Please?
  4389. 10 11 Black Diamond
  4390. Has anyone seen any of these?
  4391. Quality Controlling 2010-11 Donruss Hockey
  4392. Promotions Add Pop to Panini’s Official NFL, NHL Sticker & Album Collections
  4393. Have you seen me?
  4394. Hockey beckett? Today?
  4395. Thanks to TheIronHorse4
  4396. Time for a replacement?
  4397. 2002 Fleer Legacy?
  4398. Orr Rookie (is this real authentic) please help!
  4399. Receive first NPN today
  4400. quick question
  4401. Score Signature Marc Staal
  4402. My favorite card plus a few ?s *scans*
  4403. Want to start grading hockey cards, help?
  4404. 08-09 Masterpieces Blister Packs
  4405. 10/11 BD Checklist Is Up
  4406. A strange inventory co-indence...
  4407. Rare Kadri on ebay!!!
  4408. Taylor Hall Certified redemptions
  4409. My First Fake Patch Card.... I think?
  4410. Should the Rules Governing RC's Be Re-Evaluated?
  4411. mini top loaders?
  4412. Hockey: A Way of Life
  4413. I’m Not a Super Collector?!?
  4414. 1910-1911 C56 Set - To do or not to do that is the question? Info/Insight
  4415. Question about trade value
  4416. The Details are in the (New Jersey) Devil
  4417. Where are these?
  4418. Card Show in Saint John, New Brunswick!!!!
  4419. can someone please help me with regards to the inventory manager
  4420. certified confuses me
  4421. Black Diamond is Live!
  4422. Have you seen me? Reward available for helpful information!
  4423. Buyers beware - just a warning...
  4424. How do you determine which cards require toploaders & one touches
  4425. Attention, Certified Hockey Collectors: Which Would You Prefer?
  4426. What box of cards would you get for $80 or less.
  4427. How did i let this go....
  4428. The Future of the Hobby
  4429. 2010-2011 Famous Fabrics Ink – Hockey Product Preview
  4430. NBA/MLB/NFL Product Cross Over
  4431. 2010-11 Upper Deck Giroux error
  4432. Panini 2010-2011 Hockey Products
  4433. black diamond box
  4434. UD Purchase From Website Need Help..
  4435. fight strap question
  4436. eBay steal of the NIGHT???!!!
  4437. what does "bump" mean
  4438. Toronto Card Show - Sunday, December 12 – Frank Mahovlich Signing
  4439. Better jump on this one before its too late
  4440. Its that time again! case of Black diamond will be here Tuesday what do you need!
  4441. Vote on the Prize for the Custom Card Contest - SCF's Race for the Trio Leg 7
  4442. UD Game jersey collection 05-06?
  4443. 08-09 UD Victory Parallels Questions
  4444. Wowwwwwwww
  4445. No Hot Rookies Pulled in a box break
  4446. Breaking open cards for other people.
  4447. Someone was rebuilding a jersey from swatches?
  4448. Rookie or not Rookie, I need your opinon
  4449. Another fraudulent patch: Kopitar Cup Foundations circa 2006-07
  4450. 08-09 Ultimate Collection Set. Need your opinion
  4451. 401 Games trade night tommorow!
  4452. 09/10 rookies: what do YOU think?!
  4453. Panini Unwrapped: 2010-11 Donruss Hockey
  4454. gretzky auto
  4455. Couple Questions about 10-11 products
  4456. beckett opg down?
  4457. 10/11 Yzerman HH Header
  4458. Please help me...
  4459. Panini Donruss is Live on the Bay!
  4460. Donruss Checklist?
  4461. This is Sparta! (300!)
  4462. There Oughta Be A Law!
  4463. Sergei Bobrovski?
  4464. 10-11 UD Hockey SP's
  4465. People of Cape Cod
  4466. Is this Normal???
  4467. Black 1/1 ???
  4468. Pretty looking Certified
  4469. Worst box you ever opened.
  4470. HoloFX cards - yowzer!
  4471. What Issues Is Seguin Found This Year?
  4472. 2010-11 O-Pee-Chee Checklist Posted
  4473. Name The Player/Players That Made You a Bagholder
  4474. How do i set up a trade intrade manger?
  4475. A Milestone in My Josh Gorges Collection
  4476. How sweet are these?
  4477. Huge theft, please read, please help.
  4478. Ebay Keyword Spamming
  4479. 2012 national sports card convention site has been moved
  4480. Artifacts Rookie Redemption Revealed
  4481. Does Linus Omark /Oilers have a RC yet?
  4482. Panini Limited or SPGU
  4483. is this an error card evgeny dadonov score hot rookies
  4484. Stars of the Game question?
  4485. Does anyone sell boxes in Alberta online?
  4486. 2005-06 The Cup
  4487. Getzlaf Patch
  4488. help me please!!!
  4489. Question?
  4490. Which of my collections should I stop?
  4491. box topper question
  4492. Madness! Insanity! But I like it!
  4493. Question on Value of 4 of my "Big" Cards
  4494. my UD rant...!
  4495. 10-11 UD1 Variations of base cards?
  4496. Making money from cards
  4497. Upper Deck Q.A. and product replacement question (short-printed card)
  4498. Good night at the Casino = Another case of Black diamond post your needs here!
  4499. Prime Question...
  4500. Announcement: Posting Book Values on SCF (MUST READ!)
  4501. Rant on Event used for non-rookies.
  4502. Sweet, hard-signed autos in Limited
  4503. What? Panini using REPLICA jerseys?
  4504. Trade night in Calgary
  4505. Panini Redemption Help
  4506. Postseason GU jersey cards?
  4507. Artifacts rookies released
  4508. Fillers
  4509. Wrong Name listed
  4510. 2010-11 Pinnacle Discussion Thread
  4511. verifying a GU Zetty/Wings stick
  4512. 10-11 Ultimate Collection - Preview & Checklist Posted
  4513. Stuck on a Panini Certified hockey question?????
  4514. Gma grading questions/opinions
  4515. Donruss Boys of Winter Prime Scott Gomez /2
  4516. A couple of questions about collecting
  4517. Cases on ITG cards
  4518. OPC Premiere or Limited
  4519. How Do You Like The New Hockey Card Landscape?
  4520. 2010-11 Ice Rookies: RCs? Beckett Says No
  4521. A massive, gigantic bit of luck...
  4522. Habs Fans: Do You Collect the "Smurfs"?
  4523. I guess I'm just not a hardcore collector
  4524. Meet in live chat!
  4525. posting images into messages
  4526. OPC base parallels?
  4527. KSA Grading? Cases are Junk.
  4528. 10/11 Donruss Pull: Brayden Schenn Threads with NO GAME WORN PIECE!
  4529. 1994-1995 Team Pinnacle Dufex Back's
  4530. Where is Eberle's Ice RC?
  4531. Panini Limited Checklist
  4532. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  4533. new look at this product by panini
  4534. Sorry To Ask, Who's making Banners?
  4535. New Panini video break....$100 a box.
  4536. 400 Christmas eve Break
  4537. P.K. Subban Bidding Wars, Volume 3
  4538. Donruss Fans Of The Game Auto Redemption Missing Scratch Cover
  4539. First Panini Limited Shield pulled
  4540. Ebay question
  4541. Want to buy a car or this Stamkos lot?
  4542. where is the best place to buy boxes online?
  4543. Most YG's in a 10/11 UD box???
  4544. Beauty of the card important for you ?
  4545. Favorite release to break?
  4546. which is better - in your opinion..
  4547. Thread deleted why?
  4548. 2010-11 Limited Hockey
  4549. Between The Pipes - Have Your Say
  4550. Hockey Collectors Celebrate Christmas on Sports Card Forum thanks to Upper Deck
  4551. Question
  4552. 12/28 - Buffalo Convention Center for Hockeytowne USA Fanfest
  4553. News on next years Heroes and Prospects
  4554. 2010-2011 Artifacts Question
  4555. lol Panini collation
  4556. OPC Rookie parallels?
  4557. Anymore Slap Shot Autos planned?
  4558. Anyone collecto 06-07 UD Mini Jerseys?
  4559. 2011 National Hockey Card Day
  4560. Higher Price for a card on ebay ???
  4561. 2007/08 Upper Deck NHL Rookie Class Hockey Hobby Set (Box)
  4562. Merry Xmas everyone
  4563. Do you know alot about hockey, the trends of UD young guns
  4564. Panini redemptions?????????????
  4565. Merry Christmas from ITG
  4566. 250 dollars for Xmas what to get this time
  4567. Checklist Player Suggestions
  4568. 10/11 opc blank back
  4569. need help i have a question about a redemption
  4570. What are the odds of this?
  4571. Manufactured or GU?
  4572. More garbage nsa cards from kvadtech
  4573. should i redeem or not??? Eberle Jumbo Jersey num sig
  4574. Panini Limited - Calling all Captains vs Captains Courageous
  4575. What Are Your 2011 Hobby-Related Resolutions?
  4576. Ever thought "I have too many cards"
  4577. Black Diamond
  4578. Common buybacks in 2010-11 UD 1
  4579. Odds for the Score French backs?
  4580. In The "Boy I'm a Moron Category"
  4581. What Are Your Feeling On Stickers vs Cards?
  4582. Short Printed UD Gamejerseys
  4583. Pulled a 09/10 SPA SOTT Ovechkin/Malkin dual auto redemption???
  4584. Doing the math on your PC-I MAY NEED A BREAK :(
  4585. Best way to start sorting collection?
  4586. 11' spgu
  4587. Pelle Lindbergh Autograph Help Please
  4588. Your Best Purchase From Someone's Mistake !
  4589. Panini's Hockey Holiday
  4590. Is it really worth it?
  4591. ebay problem
  4592. Player who left NHL lost price ???
  4593. SCF need OPG/Inventory volonteers for the Hockey section
  4594. Top loaders
  4595. Panini Limited 10/11. Missing card in Box
  4596. One Touch cases
  4597. Need some help on a set.
  4598. If you had 5000$ to buy any boxes/cases
  4599. Got around 150-200 to spend
  4600. Sp Authentic Caputi
  4601. Cool Homemade Patch
  4602. Need Info..What Card Is Correct.
  4603. We Have a Winner! Congratulations to HammerHawks!
  4604. ITG Heroes and Prospects Discussion Thread
  4605. Challenge!! One game wonders who got a card
  4606. I know he has a following but...
  4607. Anyone want to take a stab at an estimate for this beauty?
  4608. Two of everything this year?
  4609. 2010-11 Panini Limited- Is Pricing on OPG Yet?
  4610. Looking for some opinions of grading options
  4611. Anyone in live chat for new year (GMT!)?
  4612. Players you might collect...
  4613. Gaborik fans...
  4614. scottkoz20's 2011 Resolution Thread
  4615. Another Habs Centennial Throwback Jersey Found!
  4616. Weird patch on MAF card
  4617. Is this a Sample Card or an Error Card.
  4618. UD redemption replacement, worth the wait!
  4619. Cansomeone help me with this card
  4620. Paypal selling question
  4621. Upper Deck Comes through
  4622. Now this is a funny redemption
  4623. What do you do when...
  4624. When traders are serious
  4625. I want your opinion: My homemade hockey cards
  4626. eBay chargeback question
  4627. top rookies from 05/06 - present
  4628. what case should i bust?
  4629. Help Placing This Bruins Patch?
  4630. How to find out how many cards were made for one player?!?!?!
  4631. Where do you guys buy your cards?
  4632. A funny ebay situation.. wwyd?
  4633. 90-91 Pro Set info? errors
  4634. Anyone know where I can buy a box 0f 08/09 Montreal Cenntennial?
  4635. Victory gold and black
  4636. I have a team set of the Islanders should I try to get it autographed
  4637. Need ebay advice..Please help!
  4638. 2011 McDonalds Canada Set
  4639. Devastated - I Hate Redemptions
  4640. Cup 2009-10 Case Advice
  4641. Cup Dual Scripted Swatches errors
  4642. Idea - to deter or stop patch forging!
  4643. For score 10/11 how many different varitation of the base are there
  4644. Need help with my collection
  4645. Mom and Dad always told me to use correct grammar and spelling..............
  4646. What 2 Cards should I send BGS?
  4647. 10-11 UD Ambassadors Question
  4648. Patrick Roy card /25. Input wanted!
  4649. What Bobby Ryan cards should I send to be Graded?
  4650. guess the value
  4651. OPC 10/11 retro question
  4652. Dryden game used stick
  4653. Is this out of line? Ebay related...
  4654. Another Ebay "We Don't Care" auctions
  4655. Pardon My Ignorance...But What Defines A Box or Case Hit.
  4656. Best way to sell on eBay--opinions wanted
  4657. 10/11 Panini Score Question
  4658. Looking forward to leaving a neg on ebay!
  4659. Panini Releases Early Pictures From Pinnacle Hockey, Contenders Hockey, National Trea
  4660. The Agony of Defeat: How Will Canada's Loss Affect Hobby Values?
  4661. Has anyone ever bought from Quecan before?
  4662. Price on these cards
  4663. 2010-11 SPGU hitting the Bay!!
  4664. OPC Update Box Set Announced
  4665. 2010-2011 Artifacts Rookie Redemptions
  4666. Buffalo area members!! Any interest??
  4667. what gu's set is easy to get?
  4668. The Zetterberg Blues: swatch error?
  4669. Anyone familiar with the Cannucks arena?
  4670. Panini VP Addresses The State of Redemptions
  4671. Looking for help - who would you choose?
  4672. A Redemption Happy Ending
  4673. 08-09 fleer ultra FACTORY MISTAKE!
  4674. question about certified
  4675. 2008-09 BTP Corey Crawford Help
  4676. Hockey Card Blog
  4677. where r u guys buying these??
  4678. upperdeck "test cards"?
  4679. Players with RC's 2 straight years?
  4680. 7 cards in limited box
  4681. Please spell check before lsiting on ebay!
  4682. This ebay seller is off their rocker
  4683. Any player suggestions for new PC
  4684. Zac Dalpe - Rookie Gem 1 of 1
  4685. 2010-11 SPGU Letter Marks Redemptions Question
  4686. What are some abbreviation used on these forums?
  4687. Question RE: 2001-02 Pacific Arena Exclusives
  4688. Question on a card value
  4689. When someone takes forever to answer...
  4690. The fall of Pacific Sports Cards *need help
  4691. Panini Adrenalyn Hockey
  4692. need your advice. is this a tavares steal???
  4693. Fake Patch?
  4694. NEW CPL QUESTIONS REG. Selling/Trading
  4695. The First Price/Subban Card Hits The Bay
  4696. Mario Lemieux - Letter of Distinction 1 of 1
  4697. Is there any other collectors of ROb Schremp on here?
  4698. upper deck french box question
  4699. Donruss Rated Rookie Checklist
  4700. wow UD after alost 2 years you finally got it..
  4701. 10-11 Certified Redemption From Active to Shipped.
  4702. Need Info On 10-11 Donruss Showcase Rookie Threads
  4703. Shipping question for fellow Canadians
  4704. Another Question on Card Value
  4705. $5 BIN with $80 ship on ebay auction??!!??
  4706. Champs Museum Pieces
  4707. price
  4708. A Master List of what players traders collect?
  4709. Restarting My Collecting
  4710. Shield sold prices?
  4711. Taylor Hall Now Signing Donruss Redemptions
  4713. What made you collect what you're collecting?
  4714. Contacting eBay Sellers?
  4715. Is it worth it to send your cards in to be graded?
  4716. Weebly updated of GabeMoltes
  4717. Is this a reasonable fair trade.
  4718. Not really an apology
  4719. Toronto Card Show - Sunday January 16th
  4720. Looking for some opinions on this card.
  4721. Someone from the US, Can you help me in the next 15min!
  4722. Upper deck Redemptions Question
  4723. Please Explain Topps / OPC Factory Set?
  4724. what has more value Limited or SPGU 2010-11
  4725. have a pretty stupid question but here it goes
  4726. Congrats to CSSports - UD Contest Winner!
  4727. Looking for help with a new Mike Richards project....
  4728. Anyone wanna give me the run down of OPC Parallels this year?
  4729. Anyone out there collect multiples of the same card?
  4730. A little UD rant (replacement request)
  4731. who needs ITG points
  4732. Limited Redemption Details?
  4733. Pick the Keeper: Dmitri Kulikov Edition
  4734. My New ''Hall Of Fame'' Card I Want.
  4735. 2010-11 Upper Deck French YGs - RCs or Not?
  4736. The disease is back
  4737. Can't decide between a 1/1 and a High gloss
  4738. Ebay.ca
  4739. opinion on sp game used
  4740. Oh Noes Certified!!! :(
  4741. 1/1 black rookie ovechkin wow
  4742. Target buys Zellers
  4743. Learning the Ropes
  4744. Need new Player to collect
  4745. Panini Peek: Contenders
  4746. Have a favour to ask...
  4747. How many have attempted/completed #'d sets?
  4748. question about scf
  4749. PC Card List
  4750. Zellers cards?
  4751. Black Diamond diamonds?
  4752. question about a break
  4753. 10-11 Products, hard signed vs. sticker
  4754. Yorkton Sask the dugout collectables?
  4755. Have a Few Questions About Protective Cases?
  4756. TTM question
  4757. players collecting cards
  4758. 2011 Toronto show schedule
  4759. Have a question about Cup shields
  4760. someone help with value
  4761. question about 10/11 Black Diamond gold rc Brandon Yip /10??
  4762. Player Collectors- What Are Your Ultimate goals?
  4763. Awesome Deal on a 1/1 Halak/Holtby !
  4764. Advice Needed for Selling Matt Moulson Printing Plates: Bundle or Separate?
  4765. Who can make me some customs?
  4766. ITG Believes in Miracles - Decades - 80s
  4767. how do people know this?
  4768. Straight up STEAL!
  4769. My fav. card now has a twin brother!
  4770. Card shows in Winnipeg
  4771. Hi SCF. Another immigrant from another site.
  4772. help me track these....
  4773. Whale found, sigh
  4774. Question
  4775. are you guys familiar with these
  4776. Need opinions on a BV
  4777. 10-11 SPGU question- Parallel of a non existing card, lol
  4778. Panini Question
  4779. Question RE: 2006 ITG Going For Gold Samples
  4780. What do you think offers the best return
  4781. Heroes and Prospects This Thursday
  4782. Live Chat Party....Please Read!
  4783. Horrible upper deck replacement...
  4784. Need some help from someone down south...
  4785. $1000 to spend on singles: What would you buy?
  4786. Info required on 03-04 Topps Prestine
  4787. Canadiens Promo Card / Turgeon
  4788. Question
  4789. Ud replacement/ ud sucks
  4790. Q: The National Cleveland stamp
  4791. Is this card a ssp????
  4792. What can I do now?
  4793. UD replacement
  4794. Redemption replacement arrived finally..........
  4795. How much is this card worth?
  4796. Rookie card parallel ??
  4797. International Shipping
  4798. Anniversary and French Score Highlights
  4799. What kind of Value Can I Get
  4800. Info on a 10-11 OPC card
  4801. Help!! 06/07 H&P Emblem Gold or Silver??
  4802. Ebay Pricing Fail
  4803. What's the most painfull expired redemption you have ever pulled?
  4804. anyone know what happened with ahhmygooch?
  4805. Does A Luke Adam RC Exist Yet?
  4806. Missing Mail
  4807. 2010-11 Adrenalyn
  4808. Question
  4809. Young Guns RC question...
  4810. Missed getting a graded 1975-76 OPC WHA Pack on ebay...
  4811. What's the best box?
  4812. Pick the Keeper: Keaton Ellerby Edition
  4813. Tax refund incoming...what to buy?
  4814. ITG VIP Program
  4815. Upper Deck Announces Wrapper Redemption Details for 2011 NHL® All-Star Fan Fair!
  4816. What's the score on "Score 2010/11" anyway?
  4817. Panini Contest: Win the All-Star Game MVP's Jersey!
  4818. anyone want spa base sets?
  4819. need some help with some value
  4820. UD comes through with a redemption replacement
  4821. Stolen: Patrick Roy Auto Shield 1/1
  4822. Surprise UD SP Game Used hit...guess ud is trying to get back into the vintage game..
  4823. No mail delivery has Toronto businesses fuming
  4824. PSA BGS Grading In Canada
  4825. what kind of selling value???
  4826. Question on Donruss Rookies
  4827. can anyone help me with my ITG card problem?
  4828. Card show
  4829. ITG 10/11 Points
  4830. new to this site.
  4831. Question on Topps C55 minis
  4832. Looking for some info on PSA
  4833. Poll: Best/Worst The Cup Autographed Shields Design of all time?
  4834. York peanut butter cards and transfers
  4835. 2003-04 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Gold DFBR Martin Brodeur Patrick Roy AU 02/21
  4836. 2010-2011 SPx?
  4837. Warning - Crosby Dual Autos in Certified (see bulldog24's response)
  4838. Pannini concerns...Warranted?
  4839. Panini Unveiling ASG Plans, Part 1, 2, and 3 (updated 1/26)
  4840. Pure Certified Bliss!
  4841. Taylor Hall Certified Emerald info??
  4842. On the Production Line: UV Coating, Serial Numbering, "Decoy" Cutting
  4843. Searchable Player Inventory
  4844. What a SWEET CARD !!!!
  4845. I listed a black diamond 10/11 complete set with tirples and quads.... Question?
  4846. How Much Did Everyone Pay for their Shields?
  4847. Gretzky rookie card question??
  4848. Selling Redemptions Question
  4849. some hockey hobby collecting questions ive had for awhile(worth the read)
  4850. What is your preference? Packs, Boxes & Cases
  4851. Shipping Policy
  4852. Need help how to spot the diffrence
  4853. How do you protect your pc?
  4854. How to get pics to show up in thread
  4855. Panini Certified Blaster?
  4856. Please test this out for me
  4857. 10-11 sgpu authentic fuhr produced?
  4858. Value of this Card? Cup Couture /5
  4859. UD Redemptions
  4860. Tv > bv
  4861. Three questions...
  4862. 10-11 H&P auto question
  4863. shipping compliance with paypal
  4864. Now That Is Just Plain Mean
  4865. Is it just me?
  4866. two questions
  4867. D'oh! Epic 1/1 Error
  4868. Adrenaline game
  4869. Would this be considered a rookie card?
  4870. Ok, I need a Patch Sanity check on this
  4871. Hurt by not shipping to Canada?
  4872. Need help buying an item from the US
  4873. Tom Fenton Makes the Bigs Again
  4874. Jeremy Roenick, and Hockey Dealer discuss cards
  4875. The next SPGU 8 Patch 1/1 has hit the bay ...... Canada VS USA
  4876. Anyone know what these are?
  4877. Holy Crap, Seguin is on FIRE
  4878. Who has facebook??
  4879. 2010-2011 OPC Parallel Cards Issue Questions
  4880. 2005-06 SPx .. should I buy?
  4881. Card Show 5 Feb 10 Sacramento, CA
  4882. Selling Value
  4883. Ok, I have the following coming in... I need advice
  4884. Questions about an autograph pickup
  4885. Really Upperdeck?
  4886. Question To Team Collectors Trying To Complete Full All-Time Roster
  4887. Panini and ITG player lists
  4888. What's a Card Collector's Favourite Type of Washing Machine?
  4889. Need info about these hockey cards
  4890. 05-06 spa questions
  4891. Whats is your method of madness for buying for your pc!
  4892. Panini Redemption Checklist
  4893. Possibly Stolen Card: Scan/Description and Needed Help!
  4894. Ebay question
  4895. Team Collectors?
  4896. Ranford/Fuhr Jersey Question
  4897. Canucks Cody Hodgson Ready to Debut || 2011-12 Card Collectors Watch
  4898. JSA/BGS Submission form
  4899. Thinking about hockey
  4900. Questions about auto authentication
  4901. SPX is live
  4902. Are my eyes deceiving me. . .
  4903. 08-09 Champs Mini Question ???
  4904. How to view your Panini redemptions?
  4905. serial/#d noob question
  4906. Hadfield /6 value?
  4907. Nice patches! Are they real?
  4908. Are you kidding me? Does a serial# matching a jersey number really add this much?
  4909. Looking for Toronto Maple Leaf tickets
  4910. If You're In Montreal on Friday...
  4911. lemuiex o pee chee rc
  4912. Ok, guess the date this is either filled or I ask for a replacement
  4913. Graded Gretzky RC Question
  4914. Show Inventory
  4915. What is your BEST/WORST trade?
  4916. Who won this Geoffrion???
  4917. If you could only break one product for the rest of your life...
  4918. Question about upper deck
  4919. UD World of Sports - Hockey
  4920. hi nedd help to decide for a trade help me
  4921. So how much would you guys pay?
  4922. 10-11 UD Buybacks
  4923. Whoever has been waiting on the Erik Karlsson Dual cup shield....
  4924. Need some box ripping advice!!
  4925. Need help with Sale Value of this beauty
  4926. Prices At Your LCS?
  4927. thoughts/opinions on 10-11 SPX
  4928. Question about shipping to Canada
  4929. Score Recollection Autos Canadian/American
  4930. How to price random commons?
  4931. Good News for 09-10 SPx Set Builders!
  4932. So, I've been making a lot of money recently.
  4933. Reactions To Box Openings
  4934. Who Is Stalking You? Player Card Affliction
  4935. Did anyone realize this.....
  4936. Strange Corey Perry patches from the Cup
  4937. Goalie rc cards
  4938. need help proving I'm right (I hope)
  4939. Advice needed: How to Display my PC
  4940. New User
  4941. Will Threads Be Making a Hockey Debut?
  4942. Where Have All The Rangers Traders Gone?
  4943. Question for traders living in any OHL/WHL/QMJHL city?
  4944. Outbid by 25$, Check this lot that couldve been broken
  4945. Help with price please
  4946. ud champs
  4947. Should you dump all of your Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin cards?
  4948. Can someone help?
  4949. SCF Hockey Crew- Blackberry Messenger Group.
  4950. Bucket Organizing
  4951. Subban SPx Finite 1/1 Pulled, Listed on the Bay
  4952. Gretzky auto rookie PSA/DNA Real or Fake??
  4953. New PC player to collect?
  4954. Looking for a good deal
  4955. 10-11 spx?
  4956. Does this look suspicious?
  4957. UK and Europe Collectors Thread 2011
  4958. Can I Get a Little Help Please?
  4959. Just gave first negative ebay feedback
  4960. New Player Collection
  4961. Possibly getting PSA/DNA, (question?)
  4962. Player Autograph Signings List
  4963. When is SP Authentic's release date
  4964. Have a serious question
  4965. Question For Al re: Be A Player
  4966. BGS, kind of a Joke?
  4967. Shocking news - Beckett updates site, still doesn't work
  4968. Donruss Rated Rookie Autographs?
  4969. Postage Due
  4970. Thoughts on my recent pickup
  4971. Need suggestions - got some bday money :D
  4972. JSA/BGS grading question
  4973. American Ebay Bidder Wanted
  4974. Looking to have a pack/box busting party in LIVE CHAT - 2/14/11 @ 7pm EST/6 CST
  4975. real Mario Lemieux RC vs reprint RC
  4976. Anyone know any good TTM players?
  4977. Found White Whale Swimming with Friends
  4978. What happens to unclaimed redemptions?
  4979. Anyone asked Panini for a replacement?
  4980. Hockey Day In Canada
  4981. Hawks Fans Scrambling To Grab Frolik Cards
  4982. Pittsburgh Residents
  4983. AM i getting ripped off badly seems like so...
  4984. to funny I had to share this on a Friday Morning!!!
  4985. 2010-11 O-Pee-Chee Parallel Guide
  4986. Has a Gretzky Autopen ever been found on an inserted auto?
  4987. Where's the Yzerman Jersey from?
  4988. Sam Gagner Signature Puck Auto's
  4989. Jambalaya Mario Lemieux
  4990. 3.5 x 5.0 Jumbo Card Binder Sleves
  4991. QUESTION!! about the prices!!
  4992. Happy National Hockey Card Day!
  4993. Curious about Patrick Sharp
  4994. Been out of it for quite a while...
  4995. Should I get my OPC blank backs graded?
  4996. Dedicated to ud
  4997. Grading Question
  4998. Someone got a steal on this one.
  4999. HESPELER CARD SHOW Feb 13/11
  5000. Quick question...might be stupid...concerning Hockey Card Day cards