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01-01-2011, 09:12 AM
Welcome to the Baseball High End Trading Forum!

The High End Forum was created to give high-end collectors a forum to display their cards and wants without having to sort through all the lower-end product posts found in the regular Trading Forum. The definition of what constitutes a high-end card varies according to different collectors, and there has been considerable discussion in order to come up with a set of criteria that will allow collectors to clearly understand the rules we have established for this Forum. We recognize that many members trade by book value, others by recent sales, and so forth—these can all lead to different conclusions about what is a high-end card. Book Value is far from perfect, but it still the most comprehensive resource in the hobby. Sale Value (derived from sites such as eBay) is another contentious method of deciding a card’s worth, and we have incorporated that into the criteria as well.

Below are the criteria that SCF members will utilize when determining whether a card should be posted in the High End Baseball Trading Forum. If a card meets one or more of these criteria, it is acceptable to post it in the High End Forum:

1. A card with a "book value" of at least $100.
2. A card with an average Sale Value of at least $50.
3. A card that is Not Priced Due to Scarcity (NPDTS) due to a print run of 10 or less.
4. A card from a high-end product that is NPDTS due to a print run of 19 or less. Examples: Topps Sterling, UD Exquisite, Topps Triple Threads, UD Ultimate Collection. As new product lines are created by the manufacturers, sets in this echelon will be added to the list. This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of what type of price point the bar is set at for a high-end release.

SCF Staff recognize that there are cards with a "book value" over $100 that do not sell for at least $50, and that there are cards that regularly sell for more than $50 that do not have a "book value" of $100. In order to maximize participation in the High End Forum, we have allowed for members to use their discretion – so long as you can demonstrate that your card meets one or more of the criteria listed above, it belongs in this Forum. Common sense rules apply: if the card has sold once for $50 but regularly sells in the $40 range, please take that sales fluctuation into account and post the card in the regular Trading and/or Buying/Selling Forum.

If your card meets the criteria above, these are the rules & guidelines specific to the High End Baseball Forum for posting new threads:

1. This is the High End TRADING Forum. Please do not post cards that are For Sale only or that you are only looking to Buy in this Forum. Please make such posts in the Buying/Selling Forum. You may list that your cards are for trade as well as for sale, or that you are looking to trade or buy for your wanted cards, but members should PM each other with asking prices and leave the main focus of responses to trade discussions.
2. High end cards listed in this Forum must have supporting evidence that they meet one of the criteria above, be it posting the "book value" or an average SV or NPDTS. They must have an accompanying photo posted with them, or at least a link to your High End section of your Photobucket or other resource. No general links to your entire Photobucket will be permitted; if members want to see your low end cards, they can still view that link in your signature. Provide as much detail as you can about the card; i.e. 1986-87 O-Pee-Chee Patrick Roy RC BV $150
3a. If you have a specific want list (i.e. for a set project, a particular team/player PC need) we ask that you post your thread in the same format as cards for trade. Cards on the list must meet high-end criteria; if this standard is not met your thread will be moved to the regular trading forum without notice.
3b. If you have a general high-end want list (i.e. you collect shields/Logomen, or your team/player PC has numerous high-end cards) we will allow you to be somewhat vague. We understand that there's a lot of superstar players that have a lot of high-end cards and that typing out a full list can be cumbersome. We do ask that responses to such threads only include high-end cards.
4. Multi-sport high end trade lists are not permitted. This Forum is for cards of this sport only. You may post that you are looking for other sports in return, but please take into consideration that many collectors are only looking for cards from a single sport when they use this Forum.

Threads that do not follow these guidelines will be moved to the regular Trading or Buying/Selling Forum, or deleted at Staff’s discretion. If it becomes a problem that a person is regularly posting cards that do not meet one of the four criteria and/or the four rules, warnings and infractions may come as a consequence. If you are in doubt as to whether your cards should be posted in this Forum, do not hesitate to contact a Staff member and they will be happy to assist you. If you find that a thread has been removed from the High End Forum, reference the criteria and rules here, and if you believe the thread should be allowed to remain, please contact a Staff member to politely discuss the matter.

In addition to these High End Forum specific rules, some general site trading rule reminders:

1. Any cards you post for trade/sale here must be in your possession. You may discuss trading incoming cards, but you cannot finalize a deal in the Trade Manager until the card is in-hand. It is expected that all deals will be posted in the Trade Manager and will follow the SCF Rules for trading. If you choose to make side deals that are not entered in the Trade Manager, the SCF Dispute Team will not be able to assist you in the event of a bad transaction.
2. Please do not post multiple threads for the same content. Utilize the 8-hour bumping rule so that the existing topic remains relevant, and edit the thread as necessary to remove any cards that may be traded. If a thread becomes irrelevant (if you’ve traded the card, for example) please post in the thread that the card is gone and/or contact a Staff member, and we will archive it for you.
3. Please do not create a new thread for each card you are looking to trade. Put all your High End cards into a single list – this will allow as many members as possible an equal opportunity to have their threads viewed on the first page, rather than having a single member dominate the forum with individual threads for individual cards. You may have one “want” and one “for trade” thread simultaneously, so long as they meet the Forum-specific criteria and rules.
4. When trading think about the other person you are trading with, and treat the cards you are sending through the mail as if you were receiving them. This is all the more important when it comes to high end cards. No one appreciates receiving damaged cards, particularly when they are worth a considerable amount of money.

If you have any questions at all about this Forum, please feel free to contact any of the members of the Baseball Team and they will be happy to assist you. Thank you very much, and Happy Trading!

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Please see rule change regarding want list threads.