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Sports collectible’s company releases four versions of the Saint’s running back, based on ‘stylized realism’ found in comic book art

Upper Deck is bound to score points among collectors next week when the popular sports collectibles company goes live with their release of four All-Star Vinyl figures portraying the likeness of Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints. Bush
headlines the new 2007 Upper Deck football action figures, with LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Urlacher and Peyton Manning to follow. The new line up of football heroes will be the focal point of a targeted advertising campaign in Pro Football Weekly. The ad campaign was photographed on the field in the historic Los Angeles Coliseum, where Bush starred with the University of Southern California Trojans.

Bush’s vinyl figures will be available to collectors and fans alike in a black on black edition uniform (numbered to 1000), a black on gold version (numbered to 500), a white on gold version (number to 500) and of course, a coveted black edition (numbered to 250). The sleek all black figures have become the most highly anticipated variants of the All-Star Vinyl line of collectibles due to its unique look and limited availability.

The new figures are sure to be a fan favorite as the Saint’s running back and return specialist is a crowd favorite. While being so young in his NFL career, the former USC star has been honored with a number of prestigious accolades including 2005 Mr. Hussle Award, 2005 Walter Camp Award, 2005 Doak Walker Award, 2005 Heisman Memorial Trophy Award , beating out teammate Matt Leinart, who was the current title-holder. Additionally, the San Diego-native who proudly represented his area code of “619″ on his anti-glare tape ran his way to the AP Sportsman of the Year Award in 2005.

“Because of his college accomplishments and his crazy highlights as a pro Reggie Bush has established himself as the player to watch,” said Upper Deck Dave Sanders, Brand Manager for the All-Star Vinyl Line. “Reggie’s All-Star Vinyl figures show his intense stare with an aggressive Heisman-like stance. This, combined with his likeability as a player, will make this a highly sought-after figure.”

The new figures will run for $74.99, with the exception of the Black Edition, which is $99.99. Eager fans will be able to scoop up a dual pack featuring a black edition and a black on black version for $150.00. The figures will go live on October 30 at 9:25am PDT for members of the All-Star Vinyl Platinum club and will be available to the public at 9:25am PDT the following day.

More on Upper Deck’s All-Star Vinyl Action Figurines

At 11 inches and produced in the underground style of urban vinyl, Upper Deck’s All-Star Vinyl action figures are a combination of art and realism not typically found in sports licensed products. Adds Sanders, “in this medium, our designers are able to have fun by adding or playing up on player attributes and subtleties that give life to these athletes,
highlight their distinct features, playing style – design characteristics that make them highly unique in comparison to more
traditional based sports figures. Keeping with the comic book theme, the high end packaging and artwork was created by well-known comic artist Jeremy Madl.”

To offer more details on the All-Star Vinyls, Upper Deck has set up dedicated web site with a blog written by Sanders – It will also give consumers a first look at upcoming sports action figure launches throughout the year, giving insight into the athletes to be featured, as well as the artist and sculptor behind the piece.

History of Urban Vinyl Collectibles

The trend of urban vinyl collectibles originated in Hong Kong and Japan, recently becoming popular in the United States. A sign of its popularity: at the annual Toy Fair, in 2006 the industry officially recognized this trend with its own exhibit hall titled “Urban Bazaar: Indie Art Toys.”

Upper Deck is the first and only company to recognize the possibility of combining urban stylized figures with licensed sports leagues to create a heroic depiction of sports stars. Upper Deck has released figures of NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB players.

Urban vinyl figures, or designer toys, are thought of as not just toys, but as pieces of art. Usually made of soft roto-cast PVC, referred to by collectors as “vinyl,” many of the industry’s product launches are held at gallery openings or release parties where the toys are displayed side-by-side with paintings and other types of art.

Check out the Reggie Bush action figures on Ebay!