This Monday the Cowboys played the Bills. Before the game you would have thought that the Cowboys would brush them by easily and move on to be 5 and 0. But after the game was over it left viewers speechless! The third play of the game Tony Romo had overthrown Jason Witten and it was intercepted and was ran back 25 yards for a touchdown. Now that is ok but if you throw 4 more it becomes a little out of hand. Romo also had a fumble! Now after about the third interception i began to think that Romo had some money on the game! Romo overall had 2 touchdowns and completed 29 out of 50 passes. But Tony Romo wasn’t the only one screwing up. Terrell Owens dropped two crucial balls. One was to tie and the other was to get them in good field goal position. Overall I think that the Cowboys had a bad night. But the rookie field goal kicker Nick Folk was unbelievable. He had to go for the winning field goal twice! The coach of the Bills called a timeout right before the snap. So he tried it again and made it again! It is crazy to see a rookie kicker make two kicks in a row from record distance. The reason that the Bills lost is because they could not capitalize on the turn overs. Well the Cowboys move 5 and 0 and play the Patriots next week. The final score of the game was 25 to 24. Here are some highlights of the game,