2007 NFL rookies who is standing out?

Well this years NFL rookies have been pretty exciting! Who is really standing out thus far though? The weekly winners of NFL rookies of the week have been, Week 1 Patrick Willis, Week 2 Patrick Willis, Week 3 Dwayne Bowe, Week 4 Dwayne Bowe, Week 5 Nick Folk, Week 6 Adrian Peterson, and Week 7 Marshawn Lynch.A few rookies that stand out to me are,Adrian Peterson RB Vikings-Adrian peterson
He has had 670 yards this year and 5 touchdowns. I would say that he has made an awesome transition to the NFL. But he might do what Reggie bush did, have a great rookie year and then flop next year. His game at the Bears was amazing though. He had 224 yards with 3 touchdowns! He is by far one of the top if not the top running back this far.Dwayne Bowe WR Chiefs-Dwayne Bowe
He has had 500 yards and 3 touchdowns this year. He has been very helpful to the chiefs success this year. His highlight game came when they were playing the Chargers. He had 164 yards and a touchdown. He has only had 29 receptions and the Chiefs need to get the ball to him more. He is the top rookie wide receiver this far in the year.Marshawn Lynch RB Bills-Marshawn Lynch

He has had 457 yards and 4 touchdowns. I really think that he has a bright future in the NFL if he keeps getting the ball. I think that Buffalo has been putting the work load on him and their rookie quarterback Trent Edwards. Marshawn’s breakout game actually came game 1. He had 90 yards and a touchdown. He also has been used for a couple of passes. He proved that he was multi-talented when he brought down a nice 21 yard pass to move the chains!

Patrick Willis ILB 49ers-Patrick Willis
He has had 46 solo tackles and 17 assists. I think that the 49ers hit the jackpot with this guy. He is outstanding at getting a quick jump through the line. His break out game came last week when he tallied up 13 tackles. He also had a forced fumble. I will say I see an awesome future for this guy and I will also predict that he will be a future pro-bowler.

Nick Folk K Cowboys-Nick Folk
He had made 13 out of 15 field goals. His break out game came when the Cowboys were playing the Buffalo Bills. He made 4 out of 4 including a 53 yarder. What impresses me about this guy is that he has incredible composure. During the Buffalo Bills game he set up for a 53 yard field goal just before the ball was snapped the coach of the Bills called a time out but Folk still made the field goal so he had to do it again and he made it again. He had alot of pressure on him to win the game and that is the ultimate test for a kicker and he did great. I see pro-bowls to come for this guy.

So only time will tell if any more rookies will standout before the years ends!

Article created 10-28-07