here is my second edition of top orginizational prospects. in the future i plan to also make a prospect all-star team, and have a look back at some of the prospects from previous years to see where they are today!

The Future of Baseball (part 2)

As promised here’s the next segment of my top prospects for each week. This week I did the NL east and I’ll tell you it was much harder to do then the AL East, the choices were less concrete and a good candidate was hard to find for some teams, however I did find a few sleepers who aren’t big name guys but have put up good numbers and look like they could become good in the near future.

METS-Lastings Milledge (age 22)- I may get some criticism for not putting down Fernando Martinez, but the truth is he is only 18 so its kind of too soon to tell. Where as Milledge has played 59 games in the MLB (184 AB). In those 59 games Milledge batted .272, with 7 HR, and 29 RBI, along with 9 2B, and a OBP of .341. All of these numbers came at the end of the year amongst the playoff run of the Mets, Lastings hit a few key homeruns in this time. So the fact that Milledge performed during the playoff race even thought he rest of the Mets didn’t is what puts him ahead of F-mart.

PHILLIES-Adrian Cardenas (age 19)- When I first looked at this guys profile/stats I got this feeling that I had just found something exceedingly remarkable. I just have this feeling that this guys going to be a player. In High A ball Lakewood he played 127 games with 499 AB. During this time he hit .295,with 9 HR, 19 SB, 30 2B, and a very solid 95 RBI! All those doubles are also very impressive because it is said that doubles in the minor league can be transferred into homeruns in the big league. The only problem for Cardenas is placement. At shortstop the Phillies have MVP candidate Jimmy Rollins, and at second they have probably the best second baseman in the game Chase Utley. Perhaps they will teach Cardenas the outfield or third base, but whatever they do to get him into the starting lineup expect the Phillies to do it in the near future because this kid can play.

BRAVES- Yunel Escobar (age 24)- Its unsure whether this guy can still be considered a prospect as he’s already played almost a full season with the Braves this year. But regardless his age is still moderately young and his numbers are rock solid. In 94 games with the Braves this year (319 AB) he batted .326, with 5 HR, 28 RBI, and 25 2B. Escobar has proven he can be a solid number two guy in the batting order, the only place he needs to improve in is knocking in some more runs.

NATIONALS- Chris Marrero/Brandon Watson (ages 18 and 25)- the clear cut pick was obviously Marrero but I added Watson because he put up some good numbers and he‘ll have a more immediate impact on the Nationals because of his age. In A class Hagerstown and high A class Potomac combined, Marrero played in 125 games (477 AB) batting .275 with 23 HR, 88 RBI, and 25 2B. In AAA Columbus Watson played in 103 games (399 AB). He batted .313 with 2 HR, 29 RBI and 17 SB. Marrero along with Ryan Zimmerman will be the future of the Nationals organization, but Watson looks like he’ll be a good impact player next year, with both a good average and speed.

MARLINS- Brett Carroll (age 24)- Yes, I didn’t pick Chris Volstad or Brett Sinkbiel. But Carroll had a better year then either of those guys easily. In AAA Albuquerque he played 88 games (318 AB). In this time he batted .314 with 19 HR, and 70 RBI, he also hit 20 2B. I realize that this guy isn’t getting any younger as far as prospects go but hey you cant argue with those numbers. Although his natural position is 3B that spot is already claimed by perennial all-star Miguel Cabrera. However the Marlins may find a place for him in the outfield where he has played before in the minors.