Guest article by: Pheebs888

So as per usual, I bought a New Release Price Guide on because I like to know the value of what I am trading for. I purchased the SPx 2007-2008 Hockey NRP, and I thought it was a little bit shocking to say the least. I know that rookie cards are normally quite valuable especially if they include memorablia and/or autographs, but I think this time it is a bit over the top…

I love the Habs so of course this year I am eager to get my hands on anything Carey Price, and while I think the guy has got potential, I wouldn’t say that he has the same kind of potential as say “Sid the Kid.” And yet, his rookie jersey auto, according to Beckett, books at $225 which is strangely enough the same as Crosby’s rookie jersey auto. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that generally people would be willing to pay much more money for a Crosby auto than a Price one. My one consolation however was to see that Roy books at $350, some respect for accomplishments I thought! But then upon closer look I saw that Mario Lemieux’s auto jersey booked at $250 and yes both Roy and Lemieux are short print so that cannot explain the difference…

To me, this doesn’t make much sense really there doesn’t seem to be any consistency. What does Beckett use to set their price guides? Looking on eBay right now and a Price rookie auto jersey just sold for $125 compared to a Crosby flashback fabrics which is already up to $120 with three days to go. Is it me or does the rest of the world also seem to think that Crosby is worth more than Price?

I know it is easy to criticize, but I think very few people would argue on the fact that Crosby is the priciest gem to get in any hockey collection. However, for true collectors does this really matter? How much importance do we really give to the BV of a card? I personally get the prices off Beckett mainly for trading purposes, but the fact is, to me, when I really want a card or when I am really passionate about a player, the value doesn’t really come in the equation.

I pulled a Patrick Kane YG this year, and not for a minute did I think I was going to keep it for the PC. Of course I was aware of its value, but to me it had trade bait written all over it. I hung on to it for a couple of months until the right offer came along, but in the end I got a double patch Roy/Bourque with both swatches being multicoloured. And I think that was worth the wait!

Funniest thing is as well, I will not be kicking myself if Kane becomes the next Gretzky and the value of his cards go through the roof because its not what its all about. If I am ever lucky enough to get a Sid auto out of a pack, you can be sure it won’t go to my PC, it will be trade bait which I will use to improve my Roy or possibly Brodeur collection because this is what it’s all about; my passion.