The 2007-2008 edition of the goaltender dedicated product features a base set of 100 cards divided into four different subsets. Cards number 1 to 60 are dedicated to future stars, cards 61 to 74 to the stars of the game, cards 75 to 89 to the greats of the game and finally cards 90 to 100 to players who played in the “Rival League” the World Hockey Association. As in the previous years, the cards feature a simple yet enticing design and make for a goalie enthusiast delight. I personally love the way it has a “retro” feel to it, it’s not as flashy as an Upper Deck release but still looks great in my opinion.

Future Stars


Stars of the Game    


Greats of the Game        


Rival League

The box contains 24 packs and each contains five cards, although they count the redemption point card as a card in its own right. So in a pack, you will either get four regular cards and a redemption point card or four regular cards and one memorabilia card. The redemption cards are at least useful as if you collect 250 points you can redeem one of the 30 special memorabilia cards hand numbered to 20. The redemption offer is however only opened to US and Canada residents (excluding those residing in the province of Quebec). Out of the 100 cards included in the base set, we pulled 92 in our first box, missing eight to complete the set. After opening a second box we are still missing two cards to complete the base set. We also pulled a crease cut jersey, a complete jersey, an authentic goalie graph, a Mask insert and two The Future of Goaltending inserts.

Box details

Packs per box: 24

Cards per pack: 5 (4 cards and one redemption or 5 cards including a game used memorabilia card)

Base set: 100 cards

Check out ITG’s product information and Memorabilia insert numbers


All of the cards below were pulled during our box break and represent a fair sample of what you can expect shall you decide to buy a box.

Memorabilia Inserts

Between the Pipes is not a memorabilia orientated product, while you will get some memorabilia, it will not be in the same measure as with other releases. In this break we pulled two memorabilia inserts; a Crease Cut Jersey and a Complete Jersey. Other memorabilia insert set in the release are: Crease Cut Emblem, Crease Cut number, First Round Goalies, Tandem Threads, Mask Game-Used, Net Brawlers and Complete Logo. All crease cut sets include 64 cards, the jersey have a print run of 90 while both the emblems and numbers are limited to 10. There is also a very limited emerald parallel of each crease cut series with a print run of one. First Round Goalies and Tandem Threads both include 20 cards with a print run of 90 while Mask Game-Used includes the same number of cards but with a print run of 60. The Complete Jersey set includes 40 different cards with a print run of 10, making them a lot rarer and more valuable. The two sets for the true hunters amongst us are the Net Brawlers and the Complete Logo ones, the former counting 10 cards and the later 20, but each of these cards is a unique 1/1.

Richard Brodeur CJ-40

Jonathan Boutin CCJ-11

Non-Memorabilia Inserts

The different version of the product (hobby, arena and arena blasters) all include a different set of inserts respectively The Future of Goaltending, Flashback and Goaltending Traditions. Our box included two The Future of Goaltending inserts as well as one The Mask V insert. Interestingly, this year, The Mask set only includes masks of goaltenders who are currently active in the NHL, no point in hoping to pull a Roy Mask it is not going to happen.

Tuuka Rask FOG-04

Tyson Sexsmith FOG-10

Tim Thomas M-18


The autograph set includes 102 cards out of which 26 are classified as short print. On those cards, expect a picture of the goaltender in action only if he is not an NHL goalie as since the product is unlicensed you will not get say a Brodeur auto on which you can see the Devils’ uniform. Actual NHLer are likely to be depicted up close to avoid legal issues. Our box included one autographed card of a young up and coming goaltender.

Al Montoya A-AM

Overall, this was a very good break and we did not get a single duplicate in the whole box which is always a plus. However, as we have previously said, this is not really a memorabilia orientated set, so if that is your main interest in collecting, there are better options for you. For the goaltenders fanatics out there though, this definitely is the set for you, I particularly like the addition of the Rival League base subset which depicts a part of hockey history which is too often forgotten. The popular Mask series also makes for really nice looking cards and the fact that they have included a new Mask Game-Used set also reflects the reality that a lot of collectors are mainly seeking memorabilia these days.

Furthermore, with the insertion of new 1/1 memorabilia sets, every box break is exciting because of the possibility (however remote) to pull one of those little gem, which would probably fetch a lot of money on the market. I will definitely be getting more Between the Pipes boxes in the future…will you?