The wait is over for Upper Deck’s most anticipated football release, 2007 NFL Exquisite

Russell Adrian Peterson Auto

After a solid football season for trading card sales, Upper Deck ended it with a bang this past Friday with the release of 2007 NFL Exquisite. Many collectors enjoyed an “exquisite” weekend by opening the product or watching others open it at hobby shops across the nation. With a suggested retail price of $600 per six-card box, collectors’ expectations are high and 2007 NFL Exquisite has been delivering.

The investment collectors make when purchasing a box of 2007 NFL Exquisite leaves them with a bit of a quandary with whether to open the box or leave it sealed. Sealed boxes of the Exquisite product line have consistently held their value and, in most cases, appreciated over the years. The thrill of opening a box of cards like this is hard to be rivaled. With a minimum of three limited-edition signed cards, a jersey card and a patch card from the best names in the league, it’s easy to see why so many collectors are compelled to rip them open.

Continuing on the success of last year’s product, Upper Deck is randomly inserting 15 rare “Gold” boxes. Each of these boxes boasts gold writing on the outside, the box itself is sequentially numbered of 15 and every one of the six cards in these select boxes will be a coveted 1-of-1 card.

Rare signed and multi-signed cards from legends like Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Barry Sanders, Joe Theismann, Emmitt Smith and Brett Favre are gaining incredible momentum as collectors rush to add these rare cards to their collections. Meanwhile, rookie autograph patch cards from 2007 NFL Exquisite from players like Calvin Johnson, Brady Quinn, JaMarcus Russell, Kevin Kolb, Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson are on fire in the hobby right now.

Last year, the 2006 Exquisite rookie autograph patch card of Reggie Bush became the most expensive modern day NFL rookie card. Many experts in the industry believe the record could soon be broken by someone who knows a lot about breaking records: Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. Peterson did not have as much hype around him as Bush did
coming out of college, but he put up numbers that have made him one of the most-talked-about rookies in recent history.

“We continue to push the envelope with the Exquisite product line to provide high-end collectors with a truly special collecting experience,” said Gregg Kohn, Upper Deck NFL product manager. “Early responses to the line have been very positive because we stayed true to what makes this product great. Exquisite is consistently one of our best product lines
because of its limited production run, great autograph cards, exciting patches and the chance to find these rare gold boxes. And having rare autograph content from one of the most talented rookies in recent years in the mix certainly doesn’t hurt.”


  • 1 Exquisite Rookie Signature Card in Every Pack on average!
  • 1 Exquisite Rookie Signature Patch Card in Every Pack on average!
  • 1 Additional Exquisite Signature, Multi Signed, Autograph Memorabilia, or Legendary Cut Card in Every Pack on average!
  • 1 Exquisite Jersey Card in Every Pack on average!
  • 1 Exquisite Patch Card in Every Pack on average!
  • Look for Rare Gold Boxes with All Cards in the Box Containing 1-of-1 Content!



  • Regular Cards
  • Exquisite Rookie Signatures
  • Exquisite Rookie Signature Patch


  • Exquisite Rookie Signature Parallel (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Rookie Signature Patch Parallel (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Endorsements
  • Exquisite Endorsements Parallel (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Inscriptions
  • Exquisite Inscriptions Parallel (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Legendary Signatures
  • Exquisite Legendary Signatures Parallel (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Debut Signatures
  • Exquisite Debut Signatures Parallel (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Combo Signatures
  • Exquisite Trio Signatures
  • Exquisite Quad Signatures
  • Exquisite Ticket Match Up Signatures
  • Exquisite Signature Swatch
  • Exquisite Trophy Signature Swatch
  • Exquisite Dual Signature Swatch
  • Exquisite Quad Signature Swatch
  • Exquisite Signature Jersey Numbers
  • Exquisite Signature Patch
  • Exquisite Trophy Signature Patch
  • Exquisite Dual Signature Patch
  • Exquisite Maximum Jersey Signatures
  • Exquisite Rare Materials Signatures (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Dual Logo Signatures (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Quad Logo Signatures (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Dual Legendary Cuts (Hand-Numbered to 1)
  • Exquisite Quad Legendary Cuts (Hand-Numbered to 1)

Barry Sanders auto


  • Exquisite Maximum Jersey
  • Exquisite Maximum Jersey Parallel (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Maximum Patch
  • Exquisite Maximum Patch Parallel (# to 1)
  • Exquisite Patch
  • Exquisite Patch Parallel
  • Exquisite Combo Patch
  • Exquisite Trio Patch
  • Exquisite Quad Patch
  • Exquisite Maximum Jersey Parallel (# to 1)


  • Exquisite Regular Card Parallel (# to 1)