Description The 2007-2008 Hockey edition of the popular SP Game Used brand features a rather sober base set which is in my view, not an improvement over last years’ outing. On all the base cards, there is a picture of the player in action which takes up most of the space, the background of the rest of the card is mainly white apart from a spot of colour on the right of the card which is of the dominant colour of the team of the player pictured and two coloured triangles as displayed below. This does make for a somewhat classy look but it is far from eye catching.

The box contains 6 packs and each pack contains 3 cards as well as a thick decoy which serves the sole purpose of fooling the pack searchers out there. Upper Deck would do well to take a leaf out of In The Game’s book and introduce some sort of reward/redemption program. In our box, we pulled 13 base cards out of the 100 included in the set, three Authentic Fabrics memorabilia cards, one Authentic Fabrics rainbow parallel with a print run of 100, one dual Authentic Fabric memorabilia card, one rookie exclusive autographed card and two rookie cards.

Box details

Packs per box: 6

Cards per pack: 3 on average

Base set: 100 cards

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Parallels Checklist

All of the cards below were pulled during the box break and represent a fair sample of what you can expect shall you decide to buy a box.

Memorabilia Inserts

As is rather obvious from the product’s name, there is a lot of memorabilia in those packs, in fact you have either one autographed card or one memorabilia card guaranteed per pack. While some people will enjoy this, it does however mean that the game used jersey are not particularly highly valued, unless you pull a parallel or some of the legendary fabrics. In our box, we pulled the following:

Chris Higgins AF-CH /100 Rainbow Parallel

Marian Gaborik AF-MG

Miroslav Satan AF-MS

Andrew Raycroft AF-RA

Markus Naslund – Mattias Ohlund AF-VC /100


The SP rookies are really what you want to hit here, but there is only 10 of them with a print run of 99. We were not that lucky, however, and we had to make do with the two following rookies numbered to 999.

#182 Milan Lucic

#131 Andy Greene

Rookie Exclusives Autograph

Frans Nielsen RE-FN

Overall, this was a rather disappointing break. None of the cards were numbered to less than 100, and as previously said, a lot of the game used card are not highly valued in this set. Also, with only six packs and three cards per pack on average, completing the base set could required a substantial investment as we only got 13 out of a 100 cards in this break and each box of this product is likely to cost you at least $180. According to Beckett’s new release pricing, the cards pulled did not cover the cost of the box. I will however admit that busting a box of SP GU has got a special thrill to it. It’s a big gamble, but you could get the case hit which could be one of the By the Letter, Letter Marks or the new Number Mark inserts. Would I recommend buying a box of this? Well it depends how confident you are in your luck!