Dual autos, triple autos, quad autos, quad game-used, and now we even see double-quad game-used.

It’s like a disease spreading, munching away at the hobby. It started quite harmless many years ago, but today it has reached monstrous proportions. Have you pulled one of those multiplayer cards lately out of a pack? I’m sure you have, and some makes sense. For a team collector it must be a thrill to hold a card in your hand with 8 of your team’s players. If you’re a fan of a specific playertype (guard, goaltender, scorers, whatever it may be) it might also be thrilling to get several goaltenders on one card. But it has started to become ridicoulous and troublesome.

What if you collect a certain player and one of your “enemy team” is on the same card?

What if you collect a certain player and the other player(s) on the card is of such star quality it increase the value to enormous amounts and thus makes it impossible for you to get hold of?

And most important, what if the combination simply are idiotic? Let’s look at some examples:

05-06 SP Game Used Significance Extra Dual auto Iginla/Hejduk. Why are Iginla and Hejduk on the same card? It’s not the same nationality, and they certainly don’t have the same playing style or anything else to connect them. They haven’t even met each other in a Stanley Cup final.

Here’s another one: 05-06 SP Game-Used Fabrics Triple: Brodeur/St. Louis/Iginla. Now that is so weird I won’t even comment on it.

Or how about 03-04 ITG Ultimate Dual jersey Peter Forsberg/Bobby Orr. An ambitious attempt to bring together two of the game’s greatest maybe, but they have as much in common as George Bush and Barack Obama. They may play the same game but in completely different lanes. To me, it just feels plain bizarre to look at that card. Forsberg? Orr? On the same card? Why?

There are even more extreme examples today, most recent that comes to mind is the newly released (hockey) SP Game Used, with seven players on the same card. Exciting maybe, but it could just as well be hair-pulling if one of the players is a person you can’t stand. Naturally hot players like Crosby are bunched up with others. Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you indeed do use seven game-used pieces, but with one player? It’s been done, but it can be done more. Imagine seven, preferably multicolored, pieces of game-used on one card of Sidney Crosby. Limited to three. If you’re a Crosby collector you’ll die and go to heaven straight away. Instead we’re sitting with a card with a bunch of players, some retired, some soon-to-be retired, some changing teams, and some you just don’t like.

Card manufactures: If you insist on putting several players on one card, please use careful logics and make your choices wisely. Don’t just throw together any bunch in hope of catching more buyers. It’s desperate, pathetic, and ugly.