2007-2008 Artifacts Hobby Box

Descrition: The 2007-2008 offering of UD Artifacts features a 100-card base set which includes both a  legends and a stars subset. The design of the cards is  sober yet efficient, with a picture of the player in action on a blue background including the Artifacts logo.  The base set includes 100 cards and there are two further subsets; Legends from #101 to #120 and Stars from #121 to #140. The set also includes rookies from #141 to #200 and rookie redemptions from #201 to #242. Finally it is worth mentioning that Artifacts takes the notion of parallel to new heights, on top of the standard base, there are six parallel versions of the set: silver, gold, blue, bronze, silver rainbow and gold rainbow auto.






The box contains 10 packs and each pack contains four cards. Which means that unlike sets such as ITG’s Between the Pipes in which you can almost complete the base set by buying a single box, your base set will be far from complete after busting a box. In one box we pulled 28 of the base cards, two Legends and two Stars and three rookies, one of which was a redemption.

Box Details

Packs per box: 10

Cards per pack: 4

Base set: 100 cards plus 20 Legends and 20 Stars

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Parallel Guide

With so many different versions, I thought it would be useful to have a guide of the print run attached to each so here goes:

Silver: 100

Gold: 50

Blue: 25

Bronze base: 10

Silver Rainbow: 1

Gold Rainbow: 1

Icy Blue: 25

Red: 10

Purple: 1

Black: 1

All of the cards below were pulled during the box break and represent a fair sample of what you can expect shall you decide to buy a box.

Memorabilia Inserts

Ed Belfour Treasured Swatches Red Parallel 9/10 TS-EB


Lanny McDonald Frozen Artifacts FA-LM 223/299

  Raycroft, Steen, Stajan Tundra Trios T3-RSS


 Frank Mahovlich Gold 14/50     



 Grant Fuhr


Mark Mancari


Ryan Callahan

Rookie Redemption

Wildcard #207 WASHINGTON (redeemed Nicklas Backstrom)



Denis Potvin


Overall this was a decent break, with a good amount of memorabilia, inserts and parallels. I think Artifacts is a great product although a bit on the pricey side considering how many cards you get in a box. My only issue with this set is the ridiculous amount of parallels, to me that just seems like a way to get collectors to spend more money by forcing them to buy a lot of boxes to get all versions of either the player they collect or to have all the completed parallel sets. This feeling seems to be shared by a lot of collectors as a quick scan on eBay easily demonstrates that they are not willing to spend ridiculous amount of money for a parallel patch numbered to 10 when it does not look any different than the one numbered to 25. For this reason, Artifacts looses points in my book. On the positive side of things however, I like the way this set was released in August, getting collectors ready for the new season and the inclusion of 42 rookie redemptions to ensure that all the new prospects would be included. To me, Artifacts is good trade bait, but it will never be the main focus of my collection.