Some college students indulge in studying. Some indulge in activities. Others indulge in drinking, drugs, and parties. There’s not too many of us who indulge in sports cards to compliment our study and class time.

Collecting on campus isn’t the easiest task. If you are like me and have a large collection, it is impossible to bring all your cards to your college dorm room. I have a hard enough time storing the five 3,200 count boxes that I have my cards for sale in.

Set building becomes more difficult because you aren’t able to put any new cards in the pages or boxes with the rest of your set until you go home for a weekend or break. Of course, lists become helpful, but no one is perfect and we all sometimes forget to mark cards off as we get them. Having your sets with you helps prevent this because it is easier for me to get motivated to mark off cards on a list as I am sorting them in.

If you trade and buy cards, it is also difficult to store your personal collection at college. The only piece of my personal collection I keep in my dorm is my Omar Jacobs cards because they only take up half an 800 count box at this time.

One thing that is very important to a college card collector is online trading, buying, and selling. This is because the likelihood of finding another trader on campus who has their cards is highly unlikely. The only way that would happen is if another collector was dealing in person or online. However, if most college campuses are like mine, it is impossible to find someone else who trades cards (or it could be because I go to school in the middle of nowhere). Many college towns are too small for a card shop too.

One good thing about coming to college and being a card collector is that you are likely to have several new players to collect. When I came to Bowling Green, I began to collect all of BG’s professional athletes including Orel Hershiser and Burke Badenhop in baseball; Omar Jacobs, Josh Harris, and P.J. Pope in football; and Antonio Daniels and Nate Thurmond in basketball. There are several hockey players, but I just can’t get into hockey or hockey cards.

So if you haven’t gone to college, but still want to have some cards with you, make sure you are specific with the cards you bring. Dorm rooms and apartments are small, so stroing thousands upon thousands of cards isn’t feasible. I bring the cards I have for trade and for sell, and a minimal piece of my personal collection.

What do you or do you think you would bring to college?