This is the first year in which football cards have came out before the NFL draft, and it seems that the collectors love this more than you could possibly imagine. But why do they get this excitement? Sure you see your favorite college stars first printed cards out on the market, but are they falling trap to all the card companies?

The companies maybe will start to pick up the fact that there is a higher demand before the draft because football begins to be talked about a lot more often than they usually would.

So collectors go and purchase these boxes like they normally would, but when the Beckett comes out these prices will be completely in the air most likely for one very solid reason. These boxes are being purchased before the draft status of the player. Just imagine the possible price difference Troy Smith could’ve had in 2007 if he would’ve been a late first round pick instead of a middle of the third round pick. Or if Brady Quinn is a top five pick instead of going in the late first round to the Cleveland Browns.

So for all we know, there could be a major drop or gain on these prices, but it’s the collectors that are assuming the possibilities instead of waiting the couple extra weeks to then purchase after the draft happens.

The biggest part of this though is the starting prices of the boxes. The boxes will now start very high because of the so called “possibilities” of where a guy will get drafted that the companies have in there mind. But what if something happens that the companies find out after? Then they let the price start to drop, and the collectors are wasting money instead of waiting the extra weeks for the product they buy.

So the question stays, are you going to be impatient and spend the extra money only to be disappointed a few weeks later, or are you going to be happy with your purchase by waiting and saving the extra cash?