Has anyone else figured out that whenever teams make the playoffs, their cards usually go up in sell value? Well I know this, and I’m sure many others do as well. For an example, the New York Giants were not talked about and no one really stood out besides Eli Manning, but when they won the Super Bowl, the players prices went up and had a bigger demand.

Sure Eli Manning has sold decent throughout his career, but players like Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, and even Amani Toomer are selling better than he has in a long time. Also, MLB and NBA are affected by the playoff times as well. Teams who are consistent such as the Detroit Pistons, New York Yankees, and Phoenix Suns always sell good during the playoffs because year after year, they are a threat to win there respective championships.

Rookies are the biggest price jumper if they make it into the playoffs though. When you have a very good rookie and are on a great team such as Glen Davis on the Boston Celtics, his prices are bound to get higher and demand on him will get better as he plays on a day-to-day basis on national television.

It’s not just the current year’s rookies though. In baseball, Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers has became an extremely well seller because of his great play and because the success he had during the playoffs. Now you can search his name and almost anything of his on eBay has bids on it.

Some might think that they sold well before the playoffs, so why would that make an impact on their cards? Well, for those who can’t watch a certain team because of time zones, or they don’t have access since it’s not a local team, when they watch the playoffs, they discover how good a certain player is or can be. I know myself living on the east coast, I never have the chance much to watch teams from California or any other team on the west coast because of the three hour time difference.

This makes a difference because even if they are not the best player, this is how many collectors will get into collecting a certain player for their personal collections. Or, when they open a pack of cards, they might remember “that’s the guy I watched during the playoffs,” or something else along those lines.

It also seems as playoff times come around that coach’s cards become very popular. One, because they don’t produce many cards of coaches to begin with, and second, they have autographed cards in certain sets which a lot of collectors think that’s really cool (including me).

The effect that card collecting and playoffs combined has is amazing to witness. For collectors, it’s a fun time to get cards of better teams, and for the teams, they get to see there picture on eBay a lot more than they typically would. The better question is though, who’s going to be the biggest playoff seller this year?