Upper Deck’s 2008 Draft Edition Football Puts the Spotlight on NFL’s New Rookie Talent

Brohm Woodson

Get ‘em before they’re hot; averaging five rookie autographs per box!

With the annual NFL Draft kickoff less than two weeks away, Upper Deck is once again garnering gridiron attention as it features all of the league’s top future talent in one exciting trading card release: 2008 NFL UD Draft Edition. The 250-card
collection showcases each of the projected top rookies in the upcoming NFL Draft (April 26-27) in their collegiate uniforms and includes rare, dual-signed autograph cards from some of college football’s best players.

“With our NFL Draft Edition release, Upper Deck provides collectors with a nice head start on this year’s top rookies,” said Brandon Miller, Upper Deck’s Football brand manager. “We’ve included the best crop of collegiate talent – from Rashard Mendenhall and Andre Woodson to Darren McFadden, Matt Ryan and Chris Long. But we’ve also provided a look at several NFL veterans by showcasing them as well. If you love football, you’ll love this set.”

Beyond spotlighting the top projected rookies from this year’s fast-approaching NFL Draft, Upper Deck has included plenty of insert bells and whistles in its latest gridiron effort. Besides securing up to five rookie autographs per box, collectors will no doubt be scrambling for the serially numbered “Rookie Exclusive” parallels, which fall at an average of two per box. What’s more, Upper Deck has inserted ultra-rare, 1-of-1, dual-signed autograph combo cards of outstanding duos like quarterback standouts Andre Woodson (Kentucky) and Brian Brohm (Louisville) as well as hard-driving running backs Darren McFadden and Felix Jones (both from Arkansas).

Other key autographed insert parallels include “Pigskin Pairings,” “Conference Clashes,” “Campus Combos” and “Franchise Foundations.” The regular dual-signed versions are numbered to 25, while the Gold and Platinum levels are numbered to 10 and one, respectively.

And to cover the entire football field, Upper Deck has even included up to 100 “NFL Veterans” cards featuring grizzled superstars such as Tom Brady, Eli Manning, LaDainian Tomlinson and Tony Romo. The inserted “Alumni Association” combos featuring the likes of former Michigan standouts Tom Brady and Braylon Edwards as well as USC alum Reggie Bush
and Matt Leinart are also keepers.

Upper Deck’s 2008 NFL UD Draft Edition carries a suggested retail price of $5.99 per 10-card pack with 16 packs per box. The product will be available on store shelves starting Tuesday, April 22.

Rashard Mendenhal Rookie Card


  • The first cards featuring members of the 2008 Rookie Class.
  • Find five rookie autograph cards in every box on average!
  • Look for serial numbered ‘ROOKIE EXCLUSIVE’ parallels falling two per box on average!
  • Search out rare 1-of-1 dual autograph cards.
  • Special 2008 rookie pairings highlighting unique rookie connections.
  • Collect the entire 250-card set!


Autograph and Autograph Parallel Cards: (five per box on average)

  • Regular Autographs
  • Red Autographs Parallel (# to 125)
  • Blue Autographs Parallel (# to 75)
  • Black Autographs Parallel (# to 50)
  • Gold Autographs Parallel (# to 25)
  • Platinum Autographs Parallel (# to 1)
  • Alumni Association Autographs Parallel (# to 25)
  • Pigskin Pairings Autographs Parallel (# to 25)
  • Conference Clashes Autographs Parallel (# to 25)
  • Campus Combos Autographs Parallel (# to 25)
  • Franchise Foundations Autographs Parallel (# to 25)
  • Alumni Association Gold Autographs Parallel (# to 10)
  • Pigskin Pairings Gold Autographs Parallel (# to 10)
  • Conference Clashes Gold Autographs Parallel (# to 10)
  • Campus Combos Gold Autographs Parallel (# to 10)
  • Franchise Foundations Gold Autographs Parallel (# to 10)
  • Alumni Association Platinum Autographs Parallel (# to 1)
  • Pigskin Pairings Platinum Autographs Parallel (# to 1)
  • Conference Clashes Platinum Autographs Parallel (# to 1)
  • Campus Combos Platinum Autographs Parallel (# to 1)
  • Franchise Foundations Platinum Autographs Parallel (# to 1)

Matt Ryan Autograph

Subsets and Numbered Parallels:

  • Regular Cards Parallels (6 versions)
  • Alumni Association Parallels (6 versions)
  • Pigskin Pairings Parallels (6 versions)
  • Conference Clashes Parallels (6 versions)
  • Campus Combos Parallels (6 versions)
  • Franchise Foundations Parallels (6 versions)

Regular and Rookie Cards:

  • 100 Regular Rookie Cards
  • 100 NFL Veteran Cards