Description The 2007-2008 offering of SP Authentic includes 100 base cards, 60 SP notables cards, 30 Rookie Future Watch cards and 60 autographed Rookie Future Watch cards. Each card features a picture of the player in action against a white background apart from the area immediately around the player which looks like a greyish ice surface. The sides of the card have a hint of the player’s team colour. Unlike many of its other releases, Upper Deck did not grace us with an array of parallel cards in this set, I bet the set collectors will be glad to hear this. However, there is a parallel edition of cards #191 to #250 which are autographed patch variation of the rookie cards. On the insert front, there is a new interesting set this year: the Holoview FX. This includes 42 cards of the biggest stars of the league (scroll down to see pictures of the cards). Other inserts sets include the popular Sign of the Times autographs (of 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 8 players), Rookie Review Auto Patches, SP Chirography and Prestigious Pairings.

The box contains 24 packs and each of these includes five cards. After breaking one box, we have completed the base set of cards #1 to #100 and pulled a few duplicates. If you are aiming to complete some of the insert sets however, you will need to purchase a lot more. On that front, we found one FW Rookie, one FW Rookie auto, two Holoview FX, three SP Notables and two SOTT autos. Notice the absence of any memorabilia cards, so if game used cards are your main focus, this product could be a bit of a gamble.

Box Details
Packs per box: 24
Cards per pack: 5
Base Set: 100 cards
Check out Upper Deck’s Set Information

Price: $104.99 to $116.99


- Base

- SP Notables Print Run 1999

- Future Watch Print Run 999

- Autographed Future Watch Print Run 999

- Future Watch Autographed Limited Patch Variation Print Run 100

- Holoview FX

- SP Chirography Print Run 75

- Prestigious Pairings Print Run 100

- Rookie Review Auto Patch Print Run 100

- Sign of the Times Auto

- Sign of the Times – Duals

- Sign of the Time – Triples Print Run 25

- Sign of the Times – Quads Print Run 10

- Sign of the Times – 5 Players Print Run 6

- Sign of the Times – 6 Players Print Run 5

- Sign of the Times – 8 players Print Run 3

All of the cards below were pulled during our box break and represent a fair sample of what you can expect if you decided to buy a box.

Sign of the Times

ST-MS Marc Savard

ST-AF Alexander Frolov

Holoview FX

FX40 Carey Price

FX9 Henrik Zetterberg

SP Notables

147 Bobby Hul


102 Markus Naslund

128 Zach Parise

Future Watch

180 Ryan O’Byrne

Future Watch Auto

210 Matt Niskanen

Final Ratings
Overall Design: 4/5
Value: 3/5
Fun: 3/5
Rebuy: 3/5
Variety: 4/5

Final Grade: 68%

Overall, I would say that this break was disappointing. By the end of the box, I was almost bored. It included a lot of base and for the box value, you would expect to get more hits, be it in the form of memorabilia of more rookies. When you think that in the average Upper Deck box you can get six Young Guns, as many inserts as we got here and two game used cards, you wonder if this is worth its price. Granted you wouldn’t get autographs in the basic Upper Deck, but the value of the Sign of the Times auto is hardly something to write home about. Needless to say, I will not be spending anymore money on this product, and I would advise anyone who is tempted to do so to opt for SPx instead.