For any of you that have not been to this show, this is something that you need to check out. Why do I say that? Lou has been adding to this show the last few months. The end results is trying to turn it into one of the best shows in Florida period. Let me just give you a few insights on this show and some of the things you need to think about from a dealer or collector perspective.

Tables Costs:

$150 is a decent fee for a two day show compared with what some mall shows charge. With that $150 dollars you get amenities that I have never heard of:

Loading and unloading service from your car to your card table. I have never heard of that anywhere in the nation and from testimonials that can be a nice feature.

Brunch served to you for Saturday and Sunday. What other card show do you know that you get food and valet service included in the table fee?

Customer Traffic:

At the last show, I think it was noted that 400 plus people attended the show. This is pretty good, considering Florida weather always means there is something to do. So when your competing with all the other venues in a few hours drive those are some pretty good numbers for a new show.

Dealer Assortment:

There are plenty of deals to be had and there are a few dealers that drive a few hours away (as far as from Georgia) to set up. So when you have a dealer from GA willing to set up, and the tables have been getting larger in number you know your doing something right. Lou even had the Florida Marlins set up last month and did a drive for new fans as they have one of the best young ball clubs in upcoming talent. If they work on keeping the club together they could be a formidable force in MLB in the future. They might not be a dealer, but when you look at the impact of the hobby its all circular as one feeds off the other. The more fans of the Marlins, the more fans of cardboard, which mean more people attending the shows in the future to feed that need.

Future Plans:

Lou has talked about getting more dealers in which should go up, but these dealers will specialize in non sports. Comics, Yu-Gi-Oh, coins, stamps, etc. that would make the show bigger with more foot traffic. So in essence, the show will grow if Lou is successful in getting this to take off. As we all know that the market in the non sport card market with the youngsters is bigger than the sportcards (sad to say).

Pictures- Here are a few pictures to share:


Hey, honey look at that. I want that card!!

Card tables lined up of goodies!!

Customers looking through my cards!!

More customers and dealers at their table!



This is a great to meet some friends and chat sports, cards, etc. a they have food, plasma TVs, and of course Ja Alai. As a collector goes you cannot beat this for a show. Hopefully, collectors around the area and within a hour or two drive will check it out in the future when they find time on their schedule.

Here a sweet clip of a PRIZE FROM THE SHOW:

$500 Danica card show shopping spree winner!

P.S. I know one member in particular has posted about this show, but I figured I give a shout out about the show and hit the members up in Florida in the future to let me know what they think about the show. If you been to the show would love to hear some thoughts on it.