Just as it has the past years since the new MLBPA rookie card rules, 2008 Bowman baseball is formatted the same way.

Only players on the 40-man roster are allowed to be featured on base cards, but Bowman did find a way around it.

There will be 20 cards with the rookie card logo and 110 players in the Bowman Prospects insert set.

However, the best part of 2008 Bowman baseball is the new base design. Traditionally, the colors gray, black and blue are associated with the Bowman brand. This year, the set is graced with a bright red background which adds a new flavor to the set and may bring in new buyers.

But don’t let the new design fool you, you can still expect all your old favorites to be included in the new Bowman set when you pick your box on May 14.

2008 Bowman Hobby Box:

  • 24 packs, 10 cards per pack
  • Each pack has five base, two prospects, two Chrome prospects, and a gold parallel
  • One Bowman Chrome Autographed Prospect per box
  • Three autographs per HTA box

Base set:

  • 200 veterans
  • 20 rookie cards
  • 10 autographed rookies


  • Gold – One per pack (no autographs)
  • Blue /500
  • Orange /250
  • Red (Hobby only) /1

Prospects Base/Chrome:

  • Graced with “1st Bowman Card”
  • Numbered BP1-BP110
  • Chrome numbered BCP1-BCP110

Base Prospect Parallels:

  • Gold – 1:3 packs
  • Red /500
  • Orange /250
  • Red (Hobby only) /1

Chrome Prospect Parallels:

  • Refractors /599
  • Xfractors /275
  • Blue Refractors /150
  • Gold Refractors /50
  • Orange Refractors /25
  • Red Refractors (Hobby only) /5
  • Superfractors (Hobby only) /1


Bowman Scouts Autographs – 21 scouts who have signed the best players (Jeter, A-Rod, etc.) will be featured on their own autograph cards.

Signs of the Future Box Loader – Autographs of 35 top baseball prospects. HTA exclusives.

Bowman Chrome Prospects Autographs – 25 cards numbered BCP111-BCP135. Comes in Refractor /599, Xfractor /250, Blue Refractor /150, Gold Refractor /50, Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5 and Superfractor /1 parallels.

Printing Plates:

All 220 base cards and 220 prospects cards each have four printing plates available for a total of 1,760 unique printing plate cards. There are also 276 total autographed printing plates.