Every month, Sports Card Forum announces two monthly awards for outstanding members: Trader of the Month (TOTM) and Member of the Month (MOTM). The TOTM is the member who completes the most trade each month, and the MOTM is awarded to any member who does a lot of good things for the SCF community.

 For April, the TOTM was DAVE30 with 73 trades.

Dave Keifer got helped to this number by trading for his two main interests: Carmelo Anthony and Michigan Wolverines.

I know, you want to know why he doesn’t collect a Michigan basketball player like Chris Webber. Well, it turns out that he thinks Anthony is one of the best players in all of the NBA.

And while he collects Michigan University, his most valuable card hails from a different Michigan team: the Detroit Lions. His 9.5 GAI 1989 Score Barry Sanders RC lists for $200! But, this isn’t his favorite card. That card is his Anthony Sweet Spot autograph.

Dave can be seen around SCF pretty frequently because it is his favorite forum.

“The people for the most part are more friendly here than on other [forums] that I have traded on,” Dave said through PM. ”There are a lot more trades here also.”

Do you have a card Dave might want that is too expensive for his trading tastes? Well, maybe you can convince him to do some lawn work for you in exchange as he has been doing that for a living for 11 years.

Sports Card Forum’s MOTM for April was reoddai.

Matthew is a hockey kind of guy and can be seen around the SCF hockey forums on a regular basis.

His main focus is hockey sets because his dad started him in on them back in the 1988-89 season. He also likes goaltenders because he admires the position.

He owns a Sidney Crosby SP Authentic autograph rookie but considers his favorite card to be a BGS 7 1986-87 OPC Patrick Roy RC. The 1988-89 OPC Mario Lemieux and Shanahan RC also stand among his favorites.

Matthew has watched his collection grow the more he uses the SCF Hockey Forum, which he considers one of the top in the online trading card industry.

“After I became a member, I stayed because I felt that this forum was one of the most active in hockey trading,” Matthew said through a PM. ”I stay because of the good community, and the desire to keep good traders.”

I would strongly suggest giving Matthew what he wants if he offers you a trade because this chemical engineering Ph.D student may just cook up a deadly chemical concoction if you get on his bad side (editor’s note: I’m sure Matthew is really a nice guy!).

A big thanks to both of you from the SCF staff for making Sports Card Forum the ultimate in sports card trading and discussion.