Is it really any coincidence that Upper Deck has chosen to use the Boston Red Sox celebrating the World Series as the featured painting for the corrected version of the Hillary Clinton Presidential Predictor card? I think not.

Upper Deck claims that the card was a result of their prediction as to who was going to win the Democratic nomination.

“The Presidential Predictor cards are both topical and objective,” said Stockholm. “With the momentum of the race changing almost every day, we wanted to wait as long as we could to represent the more likely scenario.”

This is the latest page in the saga that started in March of 2007 with a fun little Photoshop job done by Topps with a Derek Jeter card. Jeter is one of Upper Deck’s spokespeople. Later on that year, Upper Deck produced an * autograph card of 756, a play on Topps exclusive Barry Bonds.

Topps again poked back, placing Rudy Giuliani on some of the Boston Red Sox team cards in 2008 Topps Series One. But, it was like Upper Deck knew what was coming in order to steal the top headlines.

In the Presidential Predictor set from 2008 Upper Deck Series One, several political figures were represented as cartoons from famous baseball moments. However, the Hillary Clinton card portrayed her as Morganna The Kissing Bandit which Upper Deck decided last minute would be controversial and out of taste.

But, a few of these did make it onto the open market and initially sold for thousands of dollars each.

Now, the corrected version has played off of Topps’ Giuliani variation by using the Red Sox.

The only controversy that could come from this card is if Clinton pulls the upset and wins the Democratic nomination. Or perhaps people wondering why Clinton is celebrating with Barack Obama instead of sitting in the dugout with her head in her arms.

“This has been a challenging initiative because the race for the
Democratic nomination has been so, so close over the last few months,” said Kerri Stockholm, Upper Deck’s director of Sports Marketing. “It was difficult to predict the winner just a few weeks ago, and even more difficult when we started. Ultimately, we wanted to depict both candidates emerging from a hard-
fought race in a hopeful and positive manner.”

With Topps Series Two hitting stores tomorrow, it may be interesting to see if there is a new variation that will make headlines.