Descrition The 2007-08 Edition of UD Sweet Shot Hockey Edition is now out, and I must say that it is a rather nice looking product. This year, each tin includes five cards unlike last year where there were only four cards per tin. Of course, more often than not, the supplementary card will turn out to be a base card, but with a set of this quality, even base cards are exciting to pull. Each base card depicts the player in action against a coloured background which varies depending on the team he plays for. The design is further enhance by a bronze, swirl on the card as pictured below.

One tin of Sweet Shot contains one pack including five cards. For the purpose of this review, we opened two tins which wielded four base cards, two Sweet Stitches game used cards, two Sweet Beginnings rookie GU cards, one autographed Sweet Beginnings rookie GU and one puck signing card. It will probably be of interest for the collectors to know that the autographs are hard signed and not a simple sticker put on the card.

Box Details
Pack per box: 1
Cards per pack: 5
Base set: 100
Price: $75 to $85
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- Base

- Signature Shots/Saves (puck)

- Signature Shots/Saves (ice signings)

   Print Run: 100

- Signature Shots/Saves (sticks)

   Print Run: 25

- Signature Sticks (Game used sticks)

   Print Run: 15

- Endorsed Equipment (goalie pads)

   Print Run: 15

- Sweet Spot Signatures (Baseball Skins)

- Sweet Stitches Triple Jersey (one player)

   Print Run: 299

- Sweet Beginnings Triple Jersey (not signed)

   Print Run: 599

- Sweet Beginnings Auto Triple Jersey

   Print Run: 100

Box Break
All the cards below were pulled from two tins of 2007-08 Sweet Shot Hockey. This should give you an idea of what you can expect from a tin if you decide to invest in one. The number in parenthesis is the tin the card came out of.

Base Cards

4. Bobby Orr (1)
35. Guy Lafleur (2)
58. Bobby Hull (2)
98. Vincent Lecavalier (1)

Sweet Beginnings Rookie Jersey

116. Nick Foligno 419/599 (1)

137. Ville Koistinen 457/599 (2)

Sweet Beginnings Rookie Jersey Autographed

148. Ryan Carter 57/100 (1)

Sweet Stitches

SST-EM Evgeni Malkin 153/299 (1)

SST-PH Dion Phaneuf 282/299 (2)

Signature Shots – Pucks Signings

SSP-JT Jonathan Toews (2)

Final Ratings

Overall Design: 5/5
Value: 4.5/5
Fun: 5/5
Rebuy: 4/5
Variety: 4/5

Final Grade: 90%

Overall, these were fun to break but of course, over too quickly. In the tin, the five cards are in a see trough plastic pack, I think Upper Deck could make the experience even more enjoyable if they put the cards in a pack with a pattern, saving all the surprise for when you have actually open the pack. If you have a look on eBay, you will see that some of these cards will be resold rather cheaply. However, if you pull a good rookie, you can expect to make your money back. These cards should be highly sought after by player collectors though, so chances are, they will make for great trade bait. I think I will be buying more tins of Sweet Shot shortly, unless I can be cured of my box busting addiction!