Donovan McNabb EaglesBy Justin Messer

Donovan McNabb plays with more determination than anyone that steps on the football field. Donovan McNabb is in his 10th year as the Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was selected the 2nd pick in the 1999 NFL draft. McNabb is a versatile QB he can throw and run better than anyone in the NFL. McNabb is more passion for this game than anyone I have ever seen play. He goes out there every game ready to thrash through the defense of the opposing team. He plays through anything he can he is determined to win the game for his football club. McNabb has been the starter for 10 straight years for the Eagles and it is going to stay that way as long as Andy Reid is there to coach him. McNabb has achieved so much in this 10 year career it is just unbelievable. He has Held some many records for the Eagles.

Donovan McNabb is my favorite player because he goes out there giving it his all no matter what it is. McNabb played high school ball at Mt. Carmel High School, where as a sophomore he led Mt. Carmel to a championship game in 1991.When he became a senior at Mt. Carmel he led them to another championship game in 1993. McNabb was not only a great QB at the school, but he also was doing really well in track where he did that over his 4 years. He was also on the basketball team with Antoine Walker. So McNabb was not only a great football athlete he could also run and he had some hops as well. After a great 4 years at Mt. Carmel 2 colleges offered him a scholarship to play football, The University of Syracuse and the University of Nebraska. He eventually choose Syracuse, because he wanted to show that he was a pocket passer and for academic reasons. He was a 4-year starter even his freshman year he was starting as their QB and he was on reserve for the basketball team as well. He was named the Big East Conference’s offensive player of the decade for the 1990’s. McNabb did not miss 1 game of his 4 year career when named the starter. He had only lost 14 games.

McNabb was picked over Rickey Williams in the 99 draft, because Andy thought that he would have a bigger impact for the eagles and he was right. McNabb played his first game against the Buccaneers unfortunately he lost the game he only played the 3rd/4th quarters. And just 5 years later as the starter for the Eagles he leads them to the Superbowl XXXIX. He played 1 tough game without Terrell Owens. He played against the New England Patriots 1 of the toughest team in the league this is there 3rd Superbowl in a row you know they are coming hard. McNabb gave it his all but it wasn’t enough against the team who won twice in a row. McNabb finished the game with 30 completions for 357 yards, the third highest total for both categories in Super Bowl history, and 3 touchdowns. The Eagles lost 24–21. He has the most wins as a QB.Donovan McNabb’s Best Football Cards

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