Guest Article by gmoney168

Wal-Mart and Target are both great stores to pick up a few packs of sport cards or a blaster box quickly and conveniently, but they could be better. Just imagine walking into retail stores and finding some brand new hobby boxes, or at least, hobby packs. The main way most collectors currently pick up these items is through either their local hobby shop or online. However, there are some problems to this method. The harsh issues that individuals face include prices and inconvenience.

In hobby shops, the prices of most boxes are marked up way more than they should be. However, they do allow you to simply drive to the closest one and see what you want in person. On the flip side, there are less and less card shops that you can find, as the hobby has slowed down a bit. Another thing is that they might not just carry cards, but comics and action figures or other collectables as well. This tends to limit the card products and inventory that are carried. This does not help especially concerning the driving time is takes to get to the closest one. An example of the bad situation you find yourself in is this: It takes 15 minutes and 20 miles to get to your closest store that carries hobby boxes and packs. When you get there, the particular product that you are looking is $20 more than what you saw at an online store, and there happens to be none in stock. What is there to do next?

 There are similar issues with online card stores even though they tend to be a cheaper option. However, you usually end up paying that difference in shipping and handling charges. There are only about 3 online stores that have exceptional reputations and prices, but even they can charge outrageous shipping prices sometimes. Even the cheapest of shipping costs can get up to around $5-10, which is a lot considering the price of the box already quite a bit of money. When you consider how many boxes you normally buy online and you add all the shipping totals together, could have bought you another box. Another issue with buying boxes online is that once you order it, it can usually take another day to “process the order”. Since most of us don’t have the money to pay for two or three day shipping, this adds to the waiting time.

Both examples are why Wal-Mart and Target should begin a selling hobby boxes in their stores. As long as the prices are somewhere in the middle of the online stores and hobby shops, it would be perfect. You can cut out shipping costs, and at the same time, pay less money for gas and high hobby store prices. Almost everywhere you drive, there always seems to be a Wal-Mart or Target that is right off the road or highway. It would just be a quick stop in, and you would be right on your way with that box of hopeful MOJO!

Even with the hobby packs, most of the employees wouldn’t be into sports cards that much, so you could eliminate the possibility of pack searching from the sellers. This is another slight misfortune that you could have when buying single packs online or from your local hobby store. Most of the salespeople have a decent knowledge of the hobby and might be smart enough just to do a little feel of the pack before they are sent to you. Although this may, and probably will, never become a reality; just imagine how pleasant it would be.