Roy Williams Detroit Lions

By Daniel Prentice

My favorite player has to be wide receiver Roy Williams and I was very sad to see the Detroit Lions let him go to the Dallas Cowboys recently. I feel he had always kind of taken a back seat in the Lions organization. First, when they drafted Charles Rogers ahead of him and later when Calvin Johnson was drafted and immediately given priority. Being born and raised in Michigan, I have been a life-long Detroit Lions fan and was overjoyed with Williams selection in the draft as I have followed him all throughout his High School and college career.

Roy Williams has always shown so much versatility, and is just such a tough, physical player, I could never understand why he always seemed to get lost in the shuffle of other wide receivers whom I never felt could compare. Even in Permian High School in Odessa, Texas where Williams was born and raised,he was known as “The Legend’. There is no doubt how he earned that nickname..he excelled in track. In fact, it is simply unbelievable at the high school level of the standards he set for himself, almost superhuman. Check it out..In the spring of 2000, in high school track Roy Williams Dallas Cowboyscompetition, mind you. He won the long jump with a 25 foot, 6 inch jump and also got 2nd in high jump at 6 feet,10 inches, and 3rd in the 100 meter dash at 10.38 seconds. Those are world-class, Olympics type numbers…In HIGH SCHOOL!!! Simply amazing.

As you may be aware people are very intense about their sports in the state of Texas. You may remember the movie based on a real life story about the mother who murdered someone who was competing with her daughter for high-school cheerleader and there have been other bizarre stories like that, too. Roy Williams was always able to please the masses in Texas which is so hard to do and impress everyone with his athletic prowess from his high school days at Permian High straight on through to the college of his choice, Texas. It seems fitting that once the Lions parted ways…that he would wind up alongside Terrell Owens with the Dallas Cowboys. Of course, after such an impressive beginning in high school, he had no where to go but down, right? Texas Longhorns fans were no doubt pessimistic that he had already reached his peak,but his college statistics are right up there with the best of all-time. I am confident in my vote of Roy Williams being my favorite player for all of the above-stated reasons.

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