Authentic autograph cards from famous deceased personalities have become favorites with collectors

Napoleon Bonaparte Mystery Cut Auto

One of Upper Deck’s most popular products of the year is SP Legendary Cuts Baseball. Collectors fell in love with the concept of pulling “cut” autograph cards from deceased Hall-of-Famers and baseball legends when the set debuted in 2001. Upper Deck added in additional chase cards with “Mystery Cuts” autograph exchange inserts for deceased personalities outside the world of baseball and that element has been met with tremendous excitement by collectors. With autograph cards from Hollywood celebrities, U.S. presidents and other historical personalities, it’s easy to see why.

For collectors, the program can be very exciting as they register their “Mystery Cuts” exchange cards with Upper Deck and then are shipped the cards randomly. Tracking down some of these rare signatures and having them authenticated takes a little time so Upper Deck sent these cards out to collectors in two waves, the first in November 2008 and the second just recently in February.

“When you have names like Thomas Edison, James Monroe and John Quincy Adams, it’s easy to understand why collectors get so excited to receive their ‘Mystery Cuts’ cards,” said Bernd Becker, Upper Deck’s vice president of Sports and Entertainment. “We source for the autographs through reputable and approved vendors. Upon receipt, we send the autographs out again to another third party for additional review and authentication. Some would call it overkill, but these are special cards and it’s important for collectors to know that Upper Deck takes the appropriate steps to confirm the authenticity of the autographs.”

Several of the “Mystery Cuts” have been creating a lot of interest in online auctions. One that has been drawing significant attentions is a “Mystery Cuts” card of Napoleon Bonaparte. This rare card is limited to only two copies and it includes a signature of the famous French military leader. The auction can be reviewed here.