Rooted deep in the history of The Topps Company are some of its very first sports products, which focused on the college football game.

In 1951, four years before the famed 1955 Topps College All-American Set was to be released, the company issued a 75-card set featuring the top collegiate football players in the land…TOPPS MAGIC. And 58 years later, a beautiful creation of one of Topps’ first ever releases returns!

2009 Topps Magic Football is fueled by one of Topps largest autograph sets to date. Collectors can find 250 different subjects such as Dan Marino (Pitt), John Elway (Stanford), Jim Brown (Syracuse), Terry Bradshaw (Louisiana Tech), Eric Dickerson (SMU) Bo Jackson (Auburn), Tony Romo (Eastern Illinois) and the list goes on…

2009 Topps Magic Football Eric Dickerson Autograph

Every hobby box guarantees 3 Autographs!

And now for a closer look at the rest of the MAGIC…

250 Base Cards

  • Mini Parallel (1 per pack)

Autographs (3 per box)

  • 250 Magic Autographs
  • 30 Alumni Duals (#’d to 25) Look for Michigan’s Brady / Edwards
  • 10 Alumni Triples (#’d to 25) Look for USC’s Bush/Sanchez/White
  • 10 ’48 Magic Autographs (#’d to 10) Designed after Topps first-ever football cards

Inserts (11 per box)

  • 25 All Americans / Designed after the 1955 Topps All-American set
  • 15 Alumni / Look for Texas’ Earl Campbell/Vince Young
  • 20 Magic Thrills / The great bowl games.
  • 15 ’48 Magic

Each 8-card pack carries a $4.00 SRP