By Ricky Sigai aka rickysigai

This is an awesome tale about how cool the football collecting world can be. I was just featured in the March 2009 issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly. They have a special section for hardcore collectors called Super Collector. I collect each and every thing Ed Reed. I have been collecting him since 2002 his rookie year and haven’t stopped since. I really enjoy collection defensive players even though they aren’t as popular as Manning, Brady, Tomlinson or the new hot rookies. Reed can change a game in a second as he proved in the playoffs this year. It was nice to see him finally get the respect he was due. My collection is made up of 378 total cards (14 autographs, 80 game used and patches, 12 1/1`s, 52 cards numbered to 25 or less, autographed Pro Bowl jersey, an autographed Pro Bowl mini helmet, four autographed 8×10’s and a custom autographed McFarlane). As of now I have 95% of every card ever made .I collect it all. What I’m missing is pretty much 1/1’s, a few low numbered inserts and game-used. At the end of the article I asked if anyone had anything Ed Reed and to please email me at if they did. I got a few emails of guys telling me how cool it was to be in the magazine, how awesome my collection was, and wondering if any of my Reeds were for trade as well as people wanting to trade me their Reeds.

Then I got an email asking for my address. I gave it to what I thought was a grown man at the time. Well a week went by and I got a package in the mail. It wasn’t from a trade or anything I had bought off eBay. So I opened it up to find three Ed Reed cards. Topps Total , Upper Deck , and a Sports Illustrated For Kids. I didn’t even know Reed had a 2008 Sports Illustrated For Kids so I was happy I had a new card to add to the collection. Then I saw a note in the bubble mailer. The package was from an eleven-year-old boy! He said he was sorry the cards were a little beat up and hoped I could use them. He even drew a little Ravens bird head!

I do a lot of trading and posting on Sports Card Form so I made a post telling the guys what just happened. I scanned what he sent me and the letter. Just talked about how brilliant it was for an eleven year old to do this. I was still shocked it happened and how thoughtful he was. I made a statement that I was going to send him some stuff back. The floodgates opened. My private message box was stuffed with people wanting to help out. I emailed him back and asked who was his favorite player or team. He wrote me back in a few days and told me. I wrote to everyone who contacted me and posted in the thread back with my address, what he collected and said whatever you can give I’m sure he’ll love it. The outpouring was amazing! I got a ton of packages with base, rookies, inserts, game-used, patches, autos, auto patches and even an autographed mini helmet! I threw in a hat; cards and some other stuff packed it all in a big box and off it went. I haven’t heard if he gotten it yet, but I talked to his mom via email and told her to please let me know. I know it’s going to knock his socks off and hope it makes his day. It is just a great story of how wonderful this hobby can be. How people can come together for a good cause and help what will be the next generation of collectors out.
P.S- if you have any Ed Reed please email