By John Jimenez aka gmoney168

In the past two months four members have stood out above the rest. Their actions have made the site better by helping other members in various ways. Without further adieu here are the traders and members of the month for the past two months.

First we start with one of the most recognized and decorated members of Sports Card Forum. If you ask about anyone on the site if they have ever made a trade or talked to Dan (gladdyontherise) then the answer would probably be yes. He has earned over 1200 feedback in his 20 months on SCF, including over 100 in June which allowed him to win trader of the month. His remarkably high feedback in such a short time could probably be attributed to the fact that he doesn’t even know how many hours he spends on SCF because the number would be too high for his own good. If he knew anybody else besides people online who collected cards then he could probably spend time off the site but nobody near him collects. However he has still managed to make friends online through SCF and even met some of them at the 2009 Nationals. Over the course of his many trades this past month he made the most in baseball while making others in basketball and football. The sport he trades most in varies monthly but you can usually count on Dan to be near the top of the trade leaderboard. Although some people seem to think otherwise, this was the first time he won the award since July of 08. If you have anything Detroit cards be sure to let him know because he would love to add another trade to his total!

Our member of the month for June was Mike (rmgibson2000). He has been one of the longest active board members since he joined in late 2004. In June he had a Michael Jordan auto show up from a trade that took place over four months ago and never thought was coming. Instead of not letting anyone know and keeping it for free, he contacted a staff member so that he could send out his end of the trade to the other member. This was true to Mike’s idea of always trying to be honest from start to finish. Some of his favorite trades are where he fills one of his needs and the other person gets something they need. He also likes dealing with kdavvy and rogersdad and enjoyed a trade with 51carddeck where Mike received a Tiger Woods auto and the other member received a huge PC card. Although Mike’s time can sometimes be limited on SCF because of his work schedule, he always finds ways to make everyone happy! To make him happy try working out a trade with him tso that he can get some cards of the Seahawks, Cowboys, Redskins, Steelers, Eagles, Mariners, Phillies, 76ers, Jordan, LeBron and Kobe. Mike is one member you really will have fun trading with!

In July we had a second-time winner of the trader of the month award in Joey (jpc879). He won the award last year with 97 trades but this time wanted to get the Century Badge (100 trades) as well as his second title. After the dust had settled, he wound up with more than enough trades to get the Century Badge. Of course this came at a cost as Joey spent more than $150 in shipping costs. But all of it is worth it as he has made friends online through SCF and has met many of them in person at card shows. Over the past seven  years he has enjoyed collecting his Vancouver Canucks and he still enjoys collecting them today. While spending over 20 hours a week on SCF and over 10 outside of SCF at shows and hobby shops, he has positively impacted this hobby for many people. As he nears the immortal rank of 1000 feedback he has made most of his trades in baseball, barely edging out football, with most of the rest coming from hockey. If you want you can send Joey a message letting him know what Canucks cards you have. He won’t disappoint you in the trade!

Last but certainly not least is our member of the month for July, Woody (schwood). He is one of the most humble guys around the forum, always looking to put others before himself. He earned this title by sending Dan (gladdyontherise) 2300 card cash to buy a PC card from the card cash store only because Dan always was a pleasure to trade with and he always went above what was asked in the trade. This is the equivalent of sending more than $20 to someone online and, despite this, Woody just views himself as a normal guy who likes to trade rather than a good person for doing something completely not asked for. This was only one of the good things he does for the site. Woody has donated hundreds of dollars in cards to the card cash store on the site and still continues to today. He also looks for cards that members want at card shows so that he can trade with them to fill both of their needs, something he loves doing. In addition to those actions he also runs a popular football trading group and sends more than what is listed in the trade manager for all trades. He feels that this makes the process easier and shows that people can be trusted in online trading. Woody is so giving that his favorite trade was one where he didn’t want anything back for the cards he sent.. He sent one member a bunch of PC cards and got him all pumped up to add to his PC. It was instances like these that gave Woody more backing for member of the month. If you want to make Woody happy then try trading him some Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins cards. He is also looking to complete a Boston letterman alphabet and only needs five more cards. If you have a J, Q, R, U or Z letterman of a Boston player then let him know! He would prefer that they are Bruins players but would love the card even if they were of another Boston team. If you couldn’t already tell, Woody definitely won’t disappoint you!

There you have it folks! Those are some of our quality members right there that you should get to know! Be sure to check back in a few weeks to see who the next winners are!