By Kyle Medeiros aka LBJ23213

There is no greater feeling than coming home after a long day and finding an unexpected package waiting for you. This happened to me one day earlier this summer. Usually I am aware of what to expect in the mail whether it is an eBay purchase or trade made with a board member. But on this day I was in for a major surprise.

On this particular day a friend of mine picked me up in his beat-up truck and told me he had to go inquire about a job before we could make our way to the beach, about a half an hour away from where we lived. As we made our way off of the highway down the exit ramp, we heard a loud, unsettling noise coming from underneath us. Seconds later, the truck shut off as we were turned onto a busy road. A spring had broken off and cut the fuel line completely in half, causing a half tank of gasoline to pour out all over the road. The truck had to be towed and we had to wait for someone to come down and pick us up. What started out as a normal day quickly turned sour as it took almost four hours before we made it back home.

Once home I collected the mail and was ready to relax after going through such a lengthy ordeal but noticed a rather large box sitting on the counter behind where the mail was previously placed. Upon inspection I saw that the box was addressed to me! I immediately began to think about what should have been in transit to me. I knew it was not a trade made on as I had not made one on there for weeks. I picked up the box and carried it into my room still pondering my recent eBay purchases. The only ones I could think of were two single baseball cards that would not have warranted such a large box.

I got to my room and placed the box down, noticing the label from it. The box was from a company I never heard of from somewhere in Massachusetts. The situation kept getting stranger and stranger. I reached into my desk and grabbed a small knife that I used to open mail and started to cut into the tape with the precision of a surgeon. Once the tape was removed I folded away the flaps and saw a baseball glove staring straight at me. My first thought was, “huh?” I already have a glove and wasn’t even in the market for one. I figured it was a mistake but I was wrong. I picked up the glove and noticed a few streaks of black sharpie on the thumb along with the words, “DUSTIN PEDROIA 2008 A.L. MVP.”

No way! How? Sweet! So many emotions were flying through my head. Then it all clicked after I looked under the Easton Professional Infielders glove. There at the bottom of the box was a certificate of authenticity from Sullivan Tires stating that the glove was personally signed by Dustin Pedroia. Underneath the certificate was a letter congratulating me on winning the glove in their “Be the MVP” promotion. I completely forgot that I had registered to win one of the gloves at the end of Spring Training! I hopped online to check the winner page and sure enough I was the first one to win the glove!

As a diehard Red Sox fan words could not express my elation. Dustin Pedroia is my favorite Red Sox player. He is the definition of a baseball warrior, overcoming a position change from shortstop to second base, a long swing and small body frame to become one of the best all-around players in Major League Baseball. This makes it very hard to collect anything of Mr. Pedroia because Red Sox fans are so passionate that they will spend whatever they can to collect this budding star. I am going into my junior year of college and do not currently have the money to spend on any type of Dustin Pedroia autographs. Living in the heart of Red Sox country means overpriced cards and memorabilia, especially those of the reigning MVP. His cards on eBay have also taken on a meteoric rise over the last few years. I missed the boat big time in collecting my favorite player.

The glove sits comfortably in my display case overlooking my room. I pass by it every day on my way out. It is pretty amazing to think that after the way that day early on in the summer started that it would have ended in such a positive way. Nothing beats an unexpected package, especially one of this magnitude for a Red Sox fan of my caliber.