2010 SPx Baseball releases on 1 May, 2010 and will cost about $100 per hobby box. Each box will contain 18 packs with each pack having four cards. Collectors can expect five jersey cards (two which will be a Dual or Triple swatch card) and one autograph per hobby box. Collectors can also expect three patch cards, two rookie redemption cards, one SPx Shadow Box card and one Exquisite Regular or Patch card per case on average. Get the best price of 2010 SPx Baseball boxes on eBay and discuss this product on our baseball forum!

2010 SPx Baseball Breakdown

Regular Cards and Rookies
- Base Set – 100 cards
- SPx Materials- 50 cards
- SPx Rookie Autographs- 30 cards
- SPx Rookie Update autographs

Insert Cards
- 2000 Spx Rookie Update- numbered to 350
- 2000 Spx Rookie Update autos- Variable numbering

Autograph Cards: (One per Box)
- SPx Rookie Signatures- Variable numbering
- SPx Auto Materials- Variable numbering
- SPx Auto Patch Materials- Variable numbering
- Winning Materials Auto parallel- Variable numbering
- Flashback Fabrics Auto parallel- Variable numbering
- 2000 SPx Rookie Update Autographs- Variable numbering

Memorabilia Cards: (Five jersey cards per Box, of which two will be a dual or a triple swatch)
- SPx Materials
- Winning Materials
- Winning Combos
- Flashback Fabrics
- Winning Trios

Memorabilia Cards: (Three per Case)
- SPx Patch Materials-Variable numbering
- Winning Materials Jersey Patch parallel-Variable numbering
- Winning Combos Dual Patch-Variable numbering
- Flashback Fabrics Dual Patch-Variable numbering

Autograph Cards: (two per Case)
- SPx Rookie Signature Redemption

Shadow Box Cards: (One per Case)
- Shadow Box Stars
- Shadow Box Chase to 56

Exquisite Cards:
(One per Case)
- Exquisite regular or Patch cards-Variable numbering