Pack Searching By Jody Yarborough

Have you been to your local Retail Store lately and wondering what the guy with the pocket scale was doing or why all the packs were bent or damaged ? Two words Pack Searchers. These guys/losers are really ruining the hobby for the small time collectors and kids who cant afford to buy hobby boxes or cases. You wouldn’t believe the means that these people go through to find the “hits” out of these packs. Everything from weighing the boxes to “Finger Running”. ( Holding the pack with one hand and running a finger from the other trying to feel indications in the packs.) This is just so dishearten to see what some people will do and ruining the hobby for the rest of us. This now seems to be quite a popular practices used to find everything from game used cards to cut autos cards. What makes it even worst are now people are even making money by selling theses so called secrets of cheating on the internet to gain even more profit. So now the these cheats or teaching others how to become cheats and just ruining the hobby that some many people love.

Just the other day I was at the local Wal-Mart. There was a 40-year old man looking at the sports cards. Well I walked up and started to look at what they had and looked over at him to start a card conversation. Well to my amazement he had a small pocket scale in which he was weighing the blaster boxes right out in the open. I ask what he was doing and he was quick to brag to me about how he could determine what hits might be in a box by there weight. This really upset me since I had bought several blaster boxes here over the years and ask him “Didn’t he feel like he was cheating others who bought there cards there?” Well he didn’t answer me and keep on doing his thing. Well I decide that I would report him to management and hopefully they would take care of him. I didn’t stick around to see what the outcome was but hopefully he was so embarrassed by being caught that he wouldn’t try it again. I doubt it worked though and he probably just moved on to a different store.

Card Collecting is a tradition that is suppose to be enjoyed and loved by all people no matter there age, gender, or the amount of money they make. For those of us that don’t have the means to buy hobby boxes or don’t have a hobby store close around, the only thing we have are retail boxes/blaster boxes and packs. So for those who are out there pack searching or thinking about trying it please take in count for the others you are out there cheating out of there chance of pulling a hit. The chances of pulling a hit out of Retail are already tough enough with out others making it darn near impossible. So pack searchers next time you are out doing what you do try not to forget about the little man you are cheating out of there chance of a little bit of enjoyment.