By Will McCullough aka Bulldogboy07

Do you remember the good old school stuff we all enjoyed? I would love to see manufacturers bring back the collectable sets. There are so many sets today that are almost impossible to collect. The cards for most sets are at least $2 a card. Now you multiply that by for example 200. That’s $400 to make ONE set!! I can’t believe it. I remember when I was young and I could make a set barely using $10. Isn’t that wild?!? I had a set of 1992 Topps baseball and I still look at each card every day. I say why make the cards so expensive when you get most of the fun out of sets. I just recently tried for the 2010 Topps Chrome ses. I tried and tried but I could only get about ¾ done before I had to throw in the towel. I mean a Bradford, and Tebow are $10 a piece. That’s $20 in two cards from the set! Also, you can rarely get them from boxes so it’s like if you get a pack, your chances to get one of them are low. This is in my opinion a way by which we can bring kids back to hobby.

Have you ever gotten a 25 cent pack and gotten a good player and went crazy? I can recall one time at my local Wally World I got a pack of ’92 Topps baseball (which was my set at the time) and I got a Cal Ripken jr. card and got really excited. I feel that people need to include more superstars instead of more Orioles backup players. Don’t you agree? I mean, have you ever felt that rush although the card is 10 cents? I Strolled back and forth through the card aisle then decided to get a pack of’92 score baseball. I took out my 25 cents and got the pack. When I got out of the store I ripped the pack open. I pulled practically nothing except a cool Will “The Thrill” Clark base card. I was so happy. I loved him!! My name is Will so my dad had already nicknamed me “Thrill” after him. I thought it was cool to get that specific card. I also believe that more superstar player base cards could interest many children and possibly revive our dying hobby.

What do you like about the back of your old school cards? Well, I know what I like. I like the TRIVIA! Isn’t the trivia fun? I was only 8 when I got my first trivia card. It was a Kurt Warner and the question said “What college football team’s nickname is the Bulldogs and their state name starts with G” I glared at it thinking of what it could be, the Georgia Bulldogs? I think as I grab my penny and start scratching off the cardboard for the answer: “THE GEORGIA BULLDOGS” with an angry, animated bulldog. “Wow, that’s so cool” I say to myself. I can still to this day remember a few of the fun cards I had and played around with. I think that if the manufacturers can bring back that small amount of joy that I’ve had, the children will try to collect as many as possible.

Why did most of us buy packs? Think about it. THE GUM!!! I used to beg my mom or dad to get me some of that juicy, delicious, pink gum. All of the products I’ve seen so far that still have it are Bazooka. Bazooka has been doing okay but the gum in it isn’t the best. I’m sure most people love eating that gum. I was only 6 when I had my first “card” gum. I remember specifically one day I woke up and I knew what I wanted. I knew my mother needed to return some clothes she thought she would wear. I decided I’ll run to the store for her if she gets me a pack. After a quick conversation I darted out of the door. When I got there I asked for a refund and after the long transaction I looked at the packs. I knew the majority had gum so I was looking for the ones with the label saying “GUM INCLUDED”. I decided on a pack that I remembered had the greatest gum ever. I bought the pack and right after I got out of the store I ripped it open, searched it like a hound dog, and grappled the delicious pink gum. I really think gum was important to the old day card collectors, or kids.

The reason why I wrote this is because many people are quitting the hobby and want to do something else. I used to love this hobby so much but I feel like it is starting to gradually die out. That is why I think we need to bring back some of the things we ALL used to enjoy. What do you think about the hobby now? Overpriced much?  I hope one day, some person will consider this idea and bring it back.

About the Author: I was born in Snellville, Georgia. I moved to West Palm Beach, FL for a few years for school and now I’m back. I love football!! It has always been a passion of mine. I like NFL, College, local high school…ALL! The most memorable event in my life was going down on the Atlanta Falcon Dome and running around in the turn as a young child. I also have a good time with my family and I love to sit around the fire. My favorite food is Kraft Macaroni and cheese (mainly because that’s the only thing I can make) and I like Boneless Chicken Wings from just about anywhere (especially KFC and Shane’s Rib Shack). I (my son) have one pet hamster. Her name is Hammy. I attended Stone Mountain High School and graduated from the University of Valdosta State.