By Bulldogboy07 aka Will McCullough

My Most Memorable Christmas…

I slide into bed on the night before Christmas. I’m so excited I can’t fall asleep. I roll out of the covers, and I creep into the kitchen like a church mouse. I drink the delicious glass of milk as I glare at our colorful tree. I dash back into bed, my stomach full of milk, and I drift into a slumber. While I’m asleep I dream of what Santa will bring me. I was different than most kids. Most kids wanted the new action figure or a new machine to play with. That wasn’t me. I was one that only wanted and felt at the time I NEEDED cards.

I awake from my short sleep to the smell of Christmas. The smell of the chill in the air, it seems like every snowflake yells “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”,”MERRY CHRISTMAS!” I finally come out of my daze realizing that it’s Christmas. I sprint as fast as a roadrunner to our family Christmas tree. I feel warm inside knowing that the time that I’ve been waiting for a whole year has finally come. I stalk my presents like a lion does to a gazelle. I glance at my dad in his large chair with a coffee in his lap and my mom smiling from ear to ear as she encourages me to open her gift first. I was wondering why she wanted me to but I can tell…I started off with her present and it was a dummy gift, a pair of pearly white underwear. I give her a giggle as I’m hoping the next present is a lot better.

I now open my dad’s and my grandparent’s looking for the box of cards that I’ve wanted so badly. I look through and there’s nothing. I got 2 action figures and some cool looking clothes. I’m not hopeless yet due to seeing Santa has 3 wrapped presents under the tree. I thank my parents for the gifts while in my mind I’m thinking “I wish you got me a box though!” I tear the light red paper and find a Pack of 2000 Topps and I about jump straight out of my socks. I tore open the pack and pulled a cool Brian Urlacher rookie and a few base cards of no-name players. Now my heart was racing thinking what could be next. The next package was another silly gift, which was a pet rock. My mom always talked about how she loved hers so I thought she told Santa to get it for me. The last wrapped gift. I glare at it like a piece of delicious chocolate. I rip open the wrapping and find the box I wanted. I got a 2000 Bowman Chrome hobby box. I leaped through the roof! I hugged and kissed my parents like I had just won the lottery. I stared at it for it seemed like ever, and then tore open the golden and glittery silver package.

It was the first hobby box I’ve ever owned. I dragged my sweet box over to the kitchen table where I laid it. Out of nowhere, I see my bratty, stinky, pimple faced brother wake up almost a good 30 minutes after I did. He looked at me and with a slight flame in his eyes he yelled “Why does Will get a box!! I want one too!” I shook my head as he approached the table. “Gimme!” he bellowed as he grappled my box with his sausage-like fingers. “NO WAY” I shouted back as I tackled him. I took back my box as I pinned his face against our dark blue rug. “MINE” he screamed. I still don’t understand why my parents didn’t say anything when he clearly tried to steal my most prized possession…

 I felt like this was an AWESOME Christmas. I mean, think about it. I got to beat up my brother, get a pack of Topps, and get a super cool box of 2000 Bowman Chrome. You cannot beat that. I ended up pulling a Tim Rattay and a few other good rookies. Nothing much as you could probably see but I really just remember the reaction I had to getting the awesome box. Have you ever had a memorable hobby Christmas? It is a wonderful feeling when you can open the box you’ve wanted and it brings so much joy. Many people never get to experience the feeling of ripping the plastic and looking to see what they’ll find. It is really weird how we pay for boxes and packs but we don’t even really know what we’ll get. This is why I guess Forest Gump made this actually smart statement: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”.