By Don White aka Doniceage

Thanks to Jill at TRISTAR for sending SCF a hobby box of TNA Xtreme to review.

Release Date: 12/22/2010

SRP Price
Hobby Box (approx $70)
Retail Box (approx $20)

6 cards per pack
20 packs per box

Product Description:
7 Guaranteed Hits Per Box
2 Autograph Cards
1 TNA Authentic Event-Used Memorabilia Card
2 Parallel Cards
1 Jeff Hardy Art card
1 Exclusive Obak Card

Product Highlights:
Special card subsets:

- “Sting Speaks” – The Icon’s comments about individual TNA stars.
- “Pop Culture” – Which TV shows do TNA stars like to watch? Which fast food establishment is a favorite? What are their favorite sports teams? Find out these answers and more!
- Pay-Per-View highlights.
- “TNA Debut” cards of TNA newcomers including Mickie James, Robbie E, Cookie and more.
- TNA Autograph cards with hand-signed signatures. Look for dual, triple, quad and SIX autograph cards!
- TNA Authentic Action event-used memorabilia cards, featuring clothing right off the backs of top TNA stars, including Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Mickie James, Sting, Velvet Sky and many more. Look for XTREME size memorabilia swatches, which are bigger than ever before, plus authentic Sting Letter Cards and Velvet Sky Letter Cards.
- Sting Face Paint cards, including combo face paint / autograph cards, featuring for the first time RED and black face paint directly from Sting’s face. (Extremely limited.)
- First-ever Lovely Locks cards, each with authentic hair strands and a hand-signed autograph. (Extremely limited.)
- Vintage-style Obak cards, each a limited edition of only 310, featuring Van Dam, Hardy, Hogan, James, Sting, Dreamer, AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett.
- 1 of 1 printing plates, including plate cards with autographs.


Base- 99/110 (90%) 13 dupes
2 autograph cards- Jeremy Borash #’ed to 99, Kid Kash #’ed to 25
1 TNA Authentic Event-Used Memorabilia Card- Angelina Love & Velvet Skye Dual Event & Autograph Card #’ed to 50
2 Parallel Cards-Madison Rayne & Angelina Love both #’ed to 40
1 Jeff Hardy Art Card- 109
1 Exclusive Obak Card- Hulk Hogan X1
Base- 4/5
Design 4.5/5
Fun 5/5
Value 4.5/5
Rebuy 4.5/5

Total 22/25 (88%)

TNA Xtreme offers a nice base set with an added challenge for set collectors: the completion of the 10 Jeff Hardy Art Cards Set. As these are short print (seeded 1 per box), you will need to trade for them or open multiple boxes.

The parallel cards for the various sets are color oriented like all the TRISTAR products. So for some they will love the various parallels while other will say there are too many.

The cards have many subsets below such as “Sting Speaks” and “Pop Culture” and others that share facts with the fan. In my opinion this is great as wrestling fans are some of the most loyal and passionate fans.

I believe many fans will be happy with what they get out of the box. This could be from a collector standpoint for pc items of their favorite wrestler or diva or from a value standpoint by pulling something truly limited such as the autograph printing plates, the six autographs, or other rare cards.

As per the TRISTAR website there are a lot of nice cards to be pulled:

TNA XTREME Trading Card checklists, and all the product details, are available online at