Sports Card Forum ( is offering sports card writers the chance to earn some cash for their articles! All qualified writers will earn 50% “ad time” on their articles posted on the Sports Card Forum article area ( This means that when a reader views an article, 50% of all ad space will be reserved for the writer that produced that article. For example, if an article is viewed 100 times a day, the author will get ads served on 50 of the views. This reserved ad space can be used in two ways:

  1. The author can sign-up for Google Adsense and have relevant ads appear in and around their articles. Authors will earn money any time their ads are served and clicked on by a reader. Google allows for a maximum of three banners to show up per page.
  2. An author can find a sponsor to pay a monthly fee to “sponsor” their articles. For example, an author that writes about hockey can have a hockey related businesses pay a monthly sponsorship fee to have their banner ads served in that author’s articles. Each author is allowed three ad spots (supporting up to three sponsors). All sponsor money goes directly to the author.

So, what happens to the other 50% ad time? The Editor-in-Chief will receive 25% of all ad time and will receive the final 25%. In summary, the authors will receive 50%, the Editor-in-Chief will receive 25% and will receive 25% of all ad time.