By Andrew Farn aka MasonRaymond0320

With thousands and thousands of cards hitting the trading card market, each and every year, it is difficult to pinpoint one single PC card that you will go after, for a certain period of time. I know that for me, it has been a challenge to pick one particular card to chase, as there are just so many and too many options to keep you occupied. But after you have narrowed it down, it is always difficult with so many collectors these days. Anyone could have that particular PC card that you have been dying to get your hands on.

In my opinion, I think that to be a super collector, you need to be a die-hard fan. A fan that may not have hundreds of cards, of one player, but a fan that truly enjoys collecting, the sport they collect and the unique designs of each and every card. It isn’t just about picking out every single card of that particular player, as some people may think it is. If you are just picking out cards, simply for the sake of it, then I don’t think it is worth it. In other words, why spend $10 on a card when you are not even going to enjoy it, treasure it, or look at it? It is simply just a waste of money. You should pick out cards that you think are fun to chase, and hunt down. Although it may become frustrating, at times, it will be all worth it in the end, because you will have accomplished something that you were aiming to complete all along, and I think that is the most fun part of collecting.

I do not necessarily think that you should pick out every card, because that really defeats the whole purpose of this great hobby. Card collecting is not a second job, neither is it an obligation. It is a hobby for one to enjoy, and it is a one-of-a-kind hobby of helping hands, and great surprises. And it most definitely is not a hobby of greed and selfishness, in trying to obtain stacks and stacks of cards that are just there for no reason at all except to help you to become a super-collector. To become a super-collector-THE man of a particular player- you have got to be dedicated solely on the player. Although the last few sentences may sound a little bit cheesy, I just believe that is what makes a super collector. I do not accept the fact, that to become a super collector, you need a whole lot of cash and time. I just think that if you put some effort into your personal collection, you are a die-hard fan of the game, and you are dedicated enough to save up for “whales” (also known as HUGE PC pickups), then you are a super collector.
Speaking of die-hard fans, and changing the subject slightly, I think Stanley Cup game-used cards would be a huge hit especially amongst the die-hards. You watch every second of every game, watching your team win or lose. They make it to the playoffs aiming for the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup. And you can just imagine yourself being at a Stanley Cup playoff game, the thrill and the excitement of the crowd. I mean, the Stanley Cup playoffs are what all of the teams aim to make.
I can picture game-used Stanley Cup memorabilia cards being a hit, after someone on SCF mentioned about the much discussed idea today. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the most anticipated time of the year, for any hockey fan. I think it would be really neat, just knowing that your piece of game-used jersey was used in one of the largest sporting events in the world, the playoffs…aiming for the world’s greatest trophy, the Stanley Cup.
As for trying to prevent any fraud game-used patch sellers, I think it will be extremely difficult, but not impossible. I am really fond of Dr. Price’s methods in Ultimate Memorabilia. He uses these special cases that will seal the card from harm’s way. Obviously, that will not happen in lower end products such as Artifacts and Certified though, but it leads to many other creative ideas.
I really like Upper Deck Ice’s idea of the transparent signature swatch card though (the signature swatch card has a jersey piece and a sheet of transparent glass with the autograph on top of the jersey piece). I think that if they could somehow enclose the card in a sheet of glass, then anyone that wanted to patch forge would have to break open the glass, therefore destroying the authenticity of the jersey/patch piece. Anything is possible. Forgers could find a way into opening up the glass, but it would just be another obstacle, and I believe that is what card companies need. They need one more obstacle, into eliminating forgers. I am not saying that they would be gone for good, but there definitely would not be as many as there used to be, possibly and probably lifting weights off the shoulders of dedicated collectors, the collectors that will risk so much into a multicolored patch.