Are you ready for the Boys of Summer? Topps Certainly is!  Returning after its first release in 1887 the Topps Gypsy Queen set is back with an all new look and line up! Colorful yet elegant cards which are sure to delight baseball cards fans. Collectors should be able to buy this new product on the 21st April and the presell price is around $100. A hobby box will contain 24 packs of 10 cards each and should deliver 2 autographs and 2 relics cards per box. Autographs chasers will also be happy to hear that the autographs are on-card and not sticker autos, that’s always a plus especially for a product that doesn’t come with a high-end price point. Get ready to bust some Topps this April and be sure to drop by SCF to show us your pulls!

Configuration:  24 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.
2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball
Topps updates N147 Gypsy Queen with vibrantly colored, elegantly designed base cards, relic and autograph cards, original art cards, printing plates, stamp relic cards, and a unique box loader concept!

Issued in 1887, the N174 Gypsy Queen baseball card set featured sepia images of over 130 baseball players of the era on elegantly designed cards.  Topps modernizes the original with vibrantly colored base cards, relic and autograph cards, original art cards, printing plates, and Gypsy Queen inserts!

Each 24-Count Hobby Box Contains
- 2 Autograph Cards
- 2 Relic Cards
- One 10-Card Mini Box Loader
BASE CARDS – 8 Per Pack
Veterans, Retired Players & Rookies – 400 subjects

Short-printed Variation Cards – 50 subjects
Stamp Relic Card – The entire 450 base set paralleled! Each card is highlighted with a stamp commemorating the player’s city/state/country of origin. Numbered to 10.

Framed Paper – All 450 base cards beautifully embellished with a paper frame overlay and numbered to 999 – 1 per Hobby Box!

Gold – 100 subjects from the base set daubed with bright UV coating and foil stamped “Gypsy Queen” – 1 per Pack!
MINI PARALLEL CARDS 1.4687″ x 2.6875″ – 1 Per Pack
Gypsy Queen Leather – The base set paralleled on diminutive, durable, simulated leather cards and numbered to 10. Hobby only!

Gypsy Queen Sepia Tone – A nod to the original as these sepia toned card fronts flaunt all 450 Gypsy Queen base card subjects. Numbered to 99.

Gypsy Queen Back – The historic Gypsy Queen logo highlights the card backs of this base card parallel.

Gypsy Queen Black Border – A black border surrounds these card fronts and backs.

Minis – The 450-card base set miniaturized!  1 per Pack!

Mini Variations – 100 players are selected and showcased on variation cards inserted exclusively in the mini box! – Hobby only!
Triple Autograph Relic Cards – These cards feature 3 players, 3 autographs and 3 game-used swatches. Ten cards in all and numbered to 10.

Dual Autograph Relic Cards – 2 players, 2 autographs and 2 game-used relics. Ten cards in all and numbered to 15.

Autograph Relic Cards – 20 players sign their name directly on each of these cards also displaying a game-used memento. Numbered to 25.

Autograph Mini Relic Cards – These framed minis exhibit both an on-card autograph and a relic from 20 players. Numbered to 25.

Autograph Cards – ON-CARD autographs from veterans, rookies and retired stars.

60th Anniversary Autographed Cards – Sixty players past and present have signed these cards along with an additional inscription wishing Topps a “Happy 60th!”  All autographs and inscriptions are signed directly on each card numbered to 60.  Three players’ cards will be inserted into each baseball product throughout 2011. Hobby Only!
Relic Cards – Game-used bats or jerseys from 30 veterans and legends enhance these cards.

Mini Relic Cards – Game-used bats or jerseys of veterans and retired stars enhance these framed cards.
Each of these 50 unique player portrait cards are hand-drawn and are ornamented with a game-used patch. One of One! Hobby only!
The Great Ones – Honoring 30 legends who have led the league in a statistical category.

Home Run Heroes – 25 veterans and retired stars who have lead the league in Home Runs or had game-changing Home Runs.

Future Stars – 20 promising up and comers.

All insert cards also appear as a mini parallel at a rate of 3 per mini box.
Printing Plates – One of One versions of the 450 card base set. Hobby Only!

Mini Printing Plates – 625 subjects from the base, short-prints, mini variations and insert card sets highlighted as One of One framed printing plates. Hobby Only!
6 mini parallels, 3 mini inserts and 1 exclusive mini variation card in every mini box.
Insert Cards – A colorful caravan of 20 mysterious Gypsy Queens

Autograph Cards – Personally inscribed by each intriguing Gypsy Queen

Jewel Cards – Each of the Gypsy Queens is featured with a magical talisman.