By: Will McCullough aka Bulldogboy07

I know that you’re thinking “How will they even win their division when the big bad Phillies are in there” Well I know how. Pitching will be up against us, but the Phillies losing Jason Werth will have a huge effect on them. I think the braves have it all because we made some good pick-ups in the off-season, the braves have a rotation that is very well put together, and batting will diffidently not be a problem.

I cannot remember the last time the Braves had a great off-season. Well, this year I think our luck has changed! To kick off, what was one of the Braves’ weakness last year? Ah ha! The second base position! That is going to be filled with former Marlin slugger Dan Uggla. I think this is a fantastic fit because Martin Prado was a good player but that’s it, just good. Uggla has put up 30+ home runs for four years straight! That is huge! Uggla has also put up a career high 105 RBIs last year. Look out for him to make a huge impact. Next, another off-season pick-up that was another big acquisition is Alex Gonzalez. He brought another element to the Braves’ defense. He played solid for what seemed like every game as a Brave. I love the way he plays and we picked him up for only a 2.5 million-bargain agreement. Lastly, there’s a guy that most people would diffidently not know unless you’re a die hard Indians or Braves fan. His name is Jose Constanza. This guy may be an unknown hero for the Braves. This guy brings lightning fast speed to an explosive Braves offense. He has an 81% stolen base rating. 81%!!! He played in AAA last year so I’m not sure if he will play AAA for us or go straight to the majors. This will make speed a factor along with power (Dan Uggla or Brian McCann.) This year’s pick-ups have got me excited!

The next thing that the Braves bring to the table is that they have a good pitching staff. A pitching staff can take you quite a long way (just ask the Giants.) First, you have the old timers who have great experience but dominate on the field, Derek Lowe (1973) and Tim Hudson (1975). These are two fantastic starters that will lead the Braves far. Lowe led the Braves to 16 wins with a 4.0 ERA. I think that type of performance will pull the Braves to the World Series. Tim Hudson led the Braves to 17 wins with a 2.83 ERA. Another quick fact is that he only lost 9 games. Keeping it under single digits is very good in my opinion. Next, The braves have a bunch of youngsters that will lead them far. They include Tommy Hanson (1986), Mike Minor (1987), and Minor League superstar Julio Teheran (1991). These guys will be very important on the Braves’ road to the title. Tommy Hanson is a proven star and he led the Braves to 10 wins with had a 3.33 ERA. Coming off a disappointing year, having lost 11 games Hanson will need to play well for the Braves to win. Mike Minor is a young star that we just called up this past year. He has played very well leading the Braves to 3 wins and 2 losses in the total of 8 starts. He’s no Strasburg but I think he will be very good this season for the braves. Julio Teheran was a SUPERSTAR that will be the future off brave’s baseball. He is ranked No. 2 for RHP coming out last year in A+ ball Julio Teheran put up a astonishing 1.14 ERA. The Braves have a future star on their hands. They have set some good roots, so that is why I think that the Braves will be great and I even think that they will win it all.

The last thing the Braves have is a solid batting attack. The Braves previously never had the power game that most teams would have. First, the Braves already had Brian McCann who was their “Power” player. Unfortunately, in my eyes if you can’t put up 30+ home runs then you’re not a true power slugger. This will be resolved with super slugger Dan Uggla who has gotten 30+ home runs for the past four years of his career. I think that that was the Braves’ main problem but it has been almost resolved. Next, the Braves are a team with high batting average. There are many teams that cannot hit the ball to save their lives. I think that this is no an issue for the Braves. They have 6 out of 11 players with a batting average of over .200  in the divisional playoffs. Now, I know that doesn’t seem like much but compared to other teams, this is a very high average. Finally, the Braves pitching staff gets into the batting action. There is pitcher Tim Hudson who has a .500 batting average with only two runs in the NL divisional series. Two runs can determine who wins the division or even who makes the playoffs (Giants vs. Padres). This is one fantastic reason why I believe the Braves will win the World Series.

In Conclusion, you may say that I am crazy, or stupid but I believe that I have the facts that make you think that there is a chance. The Braves have kind of fell off the map but I think that this year can be the year. The Phillies losing Jason Werth just makes me chant GO BRAVES! The only time I have cringed this year was when Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies. If they ever had a shot again, then this would be the best time. What do you think about the Braves’ Chances? Who do you think will win the World Series?