By Stephen Duell aka Spuds1961

Yes I’ll admit it,I’m addicted to half price blasters whenever and wherever I find them. The only problem is I am a very disorganized person, I have this habit of opening the cards and then putting them in the plastic bag and putting the bag in a 33 gallon tub.

Herein lies my problem,I can remember pulling certain cards but finding them is another story. Whatt sparked this article is I bought a 2010 UD series 1 baseball blaster,which made me remember I had pulled a Posey RC from when this issue first cameout. Well I had the crazy notion to try and find it amongst the many bags inside the many tubs,being that the high BV is now 25 dollars.

I realized I buy way too many cards after going through tub number 5 and probably 100 bags with no luck,sure I found some other great cards,but when I’m looking for a certain card finding that card is the only thing that can ease my pain.

I had given up and started putting everything away, that’s when it hit me,I had just recently took all my rookies cards and put them in one of my toolboxes that hold about 1,000 cards. Search number 2 began.  You see I also have a bunch of tool boxes…Well consider that Posey a lost cause as I’ve given up after going through 3 toolboxes and thousands of cards still no Posey. I throw my hands up and surrender,you cards have just beaten me down and wasted 3 hours of my time. From this day on I vow to be more organized and buy less cards as if time is money these cards surely would’ve made me some today.

After giving up and resolving myself to the fact that card went into the great unknown I had some errands to run,which included a stop at my friendly Target. I dropped my son off at school got the oil in my car changed did some laundry and then was off to Target.

I did some shopping for things needed around the house and then hit the card aisle like I always do. While looking through their half price blasters what did I spy but a half price blaster of 2010 UD series 1 baseball for 9.99 …”what the heck, I’ll take a shot!” I told myself.

Well in the 2nd pack in to my startled wondering eyes the first card in the pack card # 28 in the set you guessed it,that same Buster Posey card I had spent the better part of 2 days looking for. Not only did I get the satisfaction of getting the Posey I also got to open 10 packs of cards with a guaranteed game-used card.

There will be no searching for this Posey in the future as it’s already in a soft sleeve and top loader and is on top of my mantle in the computer room, the cards might have beat me down yesterday,but I got buyer’s revenge today. In hindsight all’s well that ends well,plus the bonus of all the other cards I found during this search adds up to a happy ending.

Thanks for the read,take care!