By Joe Simanis aka GHCHambone

In the trading card collecting world there are many different card manufacturers to choose from. That is part of what makes this hobby so great, the variety of different products out there to choose from. Choosing a favorite card manufacturer is difficult due to the number of choices and great companies out there, but to me there is one that stands out: In The Game. They consistently produce fun, unique sets that deliver a great value.


One of the reasons In The Game is my favorite manufacturer is the fact that they make many specific sets that cater to a majority of collectors’ desires. Sets such as the recently released Decades are what really set In The Game apart from others. This set is an all hits set featuring cards from the 1980s, one of the best decades for hockey (in my opinion of course). One Decades box features nine cards. You receive one rookie card, featuring a player that debuted in the 1980s. The next card features a non-memorabilia insert, which captures something great from the 1980s such as the Edmonton Oilers and New York Islanders dynasties. The third card in this box is entitled “100 Years of Collecting”. This is a very unique card featuring an 80s player, except it is a drawing of the player in an old uniform and designed to look like a hockey card from the early days of trading cards. The next three hits in the box are game used memorabilia cards. There are standard jersey cards as well as cards with themes (and dual and quad swatches!) such as Trophy Winners and Rivalries. The final three cards in the box are hard signed autographs again featuring players from this great decade of hockey. One very special feature of this set is that they have included autograph cards from all twenty members of the 1980 United States Olympic Hockey team! Along with these players, over 100 more different autographs are available in the set. Even though a box of Decades guarantees three game used jersey cards and three autograph cards, the price for a box is still fairly reasonable. The Decades Set is an example of the unique and hit after hit sets that In The Game produces.


One of In The Game’s most well known products is the Heroes and Prospect sets. The chance to pull a jersey card or an auto from a possible future NHL superstar makes this a fun box to break. The cards are always designed well with big swatches and nice looking layouts. Along with these young prospects, cards featuring past hockey heroes are also included. Having the combination of both past (usually from their junior hockey days as well) and future stars really makes this an interesting set. Yes, there is an element of gamble by possibly pulling a prospect who will never make it in the big leagues, but you may also pull a future super star!


In The Game also produced Enshrined, a set featuring the best of the best, the legendary hockey players who have made it to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Only 7,000 boxes were made, and each box features five base cards (serial numbered out of 175) and one insert card. These insert cards are where this set really shines. These inserts can be: a hard-signed autograph featuring a hall of famer, a memorabilia card featuring a piece of stick, emblem, or even a card featuring four different pieces of a players uniform, or a cut signature. The cut signature cards feature autographs from hockey greats of long ago such as Ace Bailey, Conn Smythe, Clarence Campbell, or even Lord Stanley himself. This set features cards that will be the cornerstones of many personal collections.


Overall, In The Game has to be my favorite card manufacturer. They produce unique and memorable sets and really put out some nice cards. I like that they make specific sets, such as the Decades set featuring players from the 1980s and Enshrined which contains players that have been elected to hockey’s highest honor, the Hall of Fame. In The Game makes fun and innovative hockey cards and that is why they are my favorite trading card manufacturer.


(Information about these card sets was found on In The Game’s website: