By Joe Mosley aka LGB Cards

If I had the chance to run a contest and determine what kind of contest it would be I would chose to do the Who Wants It More contest. A contest that the prize is a nice card from a certain player or if there’s more than one card divide the contest into submissions for each card. The contest will reward the biggest fan with a card of the player that he admires the most. The idea is that a part of our hobby is preservation like grading but also protecting the card for years to come. There are some people on these hobby sites that collect as a business and then some on here who collect for themselves. This contest would reward one person with a nice or limited card of their favorite player which would ensure that the card is going to go to a collector who would likely cherish the card for years to come and not just go to someone who would sell or trade it as quick as they get it. For once, run a contest that would reward the biggest fan of a player with a nice or rare card of that favorite player.

The contest would be fairly simple but would require things that couldn’t get gathered in a day. Make up a thread to explain and show why you should receive the prize and what makes you a bigger fan. There would be four different things that would be asked for to allow judgement. Firstly, an essay talking about what makes this person your favorite player like how long have you been a fan of this person, do you go to games or watch them, how aggressive are you when collecting this player, and things of that nature, just basically what makes you a super fan.

Next, providing pictures of your personal card collection of that player, the nicest stuff you have and preferably pictures of the entire collection including base cards with a text summary of what you have, game used, autographs, limited, and so on. Also showing off you team memorabilia, any player memorabilia you have as well as just general team memorabilia, anything outside of you card collection. For extra credit submit any graphics that have been originally created by the participant that he has done simply because he is a huge fan and also any real life game pictures that you have of games you have attended or pictures with the athlete themselves.

The contest would be judged in four categories, written piece, card collection, memorabilia, and extra credit items. Each category would hold its own amount of equal points but would be ranked as to what will demonstrate the participant being the biggest fan. As an example, if a different person won each category then other rankings in the other categories would be weighed in but if there was an overall tie the article submission shouldn’t hold as much significance as someone who was spent thousands on a collection or someone who travels out of state to see their favorite player play.

Unlike a lot of contests that are just luck or the more common who pays the most competitions this would would be a rarity that would reward the biggest fan. The idea would be for a company that makes money and is active in the card collecting hobby to reward someone for the good of the hobby. Give the card a good home for the sake of preservation. Instead of the card just being a money making tool for some random person make it a true reward for being a fan which is the one thing that does bring us all here. This contest could provide a family relic that will be passed down from generation to generation and more than likely preserved the best that it can be. We all know as time passes things happen that will make those cards not be in the future, this will likely eliminate that by placing this relic of card collecting in the hands of a person who will make sure that it lives on for years to come instead of going to the highest bidder for years to come.