By Andrew Hoyler aka Andrew Hoyler

One Friday, I went to the Chantilly, VA card show with my uncle. I had just gotten paid in the morning, so I had a few extra bucks to spend. I got together the cards I needed to complete my sets for 2002 Topps and a few random other ones. I used the Inventory Manager on, which lessened my work! I love that thing. Anyways, I also got the list of Andrew Bailey cards I needed (which I left at home. Heh, oh well). I met my uncle there, before we went our separate ways.

I did my usual tour of the place to see what I was interested in. Friday was the first day the card show was there, and we were there pretty early, so there wasn’t too much. I found a few guys with thousands of random base cards, and noted where they were so I could come back to them. I finished up my circle, and headed to the first table.

It took me a matter of seconds to find the set I needed. 2002 Topps is outlined in gold, front and back. I got out my list, and then realized I also left my pen at home, probably right next to my Andrew Bailey list. Not off to a good start. I dug around a few piles of the bright cards and made a pile of the ones I needed. I knocked out about 80% of my wantlist, which was good. I still needed a pen, so I looked around for one. The second to last table I went to had a sharpie, which he let me have. I went to sit down and cross out the ones I just got.

Once that task was completed, I started my search again for the cards I needed. There were over 300 booths there, and people were blocking many of them, so this was not an easy task. I couldn’t find any more tables that had what I needed, but I still had a good amount of money. I started looking for Andrew Bailey cards, but also came up empty. I decided I would get a box to break since I couldn’t find anything else to get. I looked around for a good price, and saw a guy who I had bought from in previous shows. He gave me a good deal on a box of 2006 Upper Deck Artifacts. I bought it, thinking I could sell my hits later, and sat down to see what I got.

The box had ten packs and four cards in each. In the first pack I opened, I pulled an Eric Gagné GU /150. It brought back memories of Gagné in his prime a few years ago, but he pretty much disappeared. I continued opening, until I came to pack four. In that one, I pulled an Ian Kinsler auto /800.  I continued opening and got two more good cards; a Ken Griffey Jr GU and a Felipe Lopez GU. I was fairly happy in what I got.

I went to see my uncle, who wasn’t quite done yet. He said he only had a few more minutes to go, so I took one last look around to see if I missed anything. Sure enough, one of the tables had an Andrew Bailey card I needed for my personal collection! It was a Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor /25. I asked the dealer what the price of it was. He started out at thirty, but quickly changed to 25. The Box I had just bought had lowered my cash to about $14, which only would have been about half of what he was asking for. If I didn’t get the box, I would have had one of the nicest cards of Bailey to add to my collection.

I went to this card show looking to increase my PC of Andrew Bailey (which I did… by one base card) and to finish off some sets. I came out of the card show with much more than just cards.

I will never again buy something just to buy it. I was hoping the Artifacts would have gifted me with some nice, low-numbered cards that I could sell for a quick buck. Instead, I hurt my chances of quickly completing my Andrew Bailey super collection. Instead of getting a card I truly wanted, I “wasted” my money on cards that I am just trying to sell…