By Matthew Ferreira aka Ferrari5515


This isn’t the first time I’ve written an article for one of these contests. If you recall, a while ago I wrote an article about teen card collecting, and even though my article was passed the submission date, it still got tremendous feedback. Let me explain… I’m 15 years old and got heavily into card collecting in the last month. I was doing almost all TTMs, until I recently started to buy small packs and boxes. Recently I bought a box of Topps Chrome Blaster. I had high hopes for this box, as it was the first box I’ve basically ever opened and the only one I really could afford. Unfortunately, I finished with a ton of base, a couple refractors and two numbered cards. Just my luck… True, there was a small chance that I was going to pull an autograph anyway, but right now I sort of feel like I wasted the little money I have. I feel like I could have spent my money a lot better if I just bought cards and tried to resell them at a higher price.

Why didn’t I do this? Because of the sheer awesomeness of opening a box! I mean come on, who doesn’t love breaking a box of cards? I certainly don’t. So I guess, that is my only excuse for buying a box of cards and pretty much wasting my money. So this segues into my main point. Box prices need to go down! Why, you might ask? So we, kids of this sweet hobby,  can actually want to break these boxes!

This is somewhat like the article I wrote last time, then I wrote how the community needs to be more kid friendly. But this time I’m not taking it that far. I’m just proposing this. Maybe make a small cut to the price of the boxes, 10-20 percent or so. Maybe then, it could be possible for me to buy an actual box of Topps chrome instead of settling for a measly blaster box. Maybe, make it so if you buy a box you could actually make your money back?  That’s what I’m hoping for. I’m also hoping to get more of my friends to get more into the hobby of card collecting. Right now, I have maybe two friends out of everyone I know that are into card collecting. I bet if we made these slight changes to the box prices then I would gain about five more friends in this hobby. Let me just say it’s a lonely place in this hobby business without friends. Plus, this gives the card-collecting world a better future. Who wants a dead market where only a couple people are trading? Not me. When you have more and more people buying boxes, if my math is correct, then more and more people are going to want to trade. So this is my point/equation let me say:


Shrink Boxes By 10-20% + Increase hit % in cheap boxes by small amount= A huge increase in the amount of teenage kids in the card world.


So there we go. Now right now I’m at just around 530 words. So I’m just going to make another point here. This one isn’t going to be about teens or shrinking box prices, this is more of about my dream. It’s obviously not going to be THE dream, because THE dream is to grow up and have a job I love with a woman I love and have two to three kids I love as well. No this is more of a minor dream. This minor dream is to open a box of Triple Threads Baseball. I will admit, some nights I fall asleep and dream about finding a Nolan Ryan Quad Patch autograph out of triple threads. (Of course that’s never going to happen, but a boy can dream right?).  I’ve been working hard trying to make enough money to finally buy one, but it’s going to take a while. My question is; do any of you people have that kind of dreams of buying a really expensive box, or that’s just me?  Anyways I just wanted to tell you, the readers that little story and I really hope you enjoyed this article.  As of right now I have exactly no idea what I just wrote about…